Sidhe Slaves: The Door (hypno)

Continued from The Swamp

Slamming his car door, Timothy took the steps up to Mick' place two at a time. It was payday Friday, and Mick was finally out of whatever doldrums he'd been in for that past few weeks and wanted to go to the city and bar crawl, which suited Tim fine. He'd gone on his own a few times, but it just hadn't been the same. So when Mick had called, he'd gotten ready as quick as he could and headed over.

Tim was a little impatient, so when Mick didn't answer in a minute after the first knock, Tim knocked again. As he made his third knock, the door opened, and Mick was there, clad only in a towel and wet from the shower. "Damn, Tim, hold your horses. I know you want to get some tail, but you don't have to batter my door down."

"Sorry, Mick. I assume you're running late?"

"Yeah, but it shouldn't take me too long, why don't you come in and wait?" Mick stepped back from the door and gestured inside. Tim stepped into the apartment's living room while Mick went back to the bathroom.

For a few moments, something bothered Tim about the room he was in, and then he realized what it was. There was a new door, and even stranger, it was on the outside wall, meaning he should have seen it when he walked up. But there hadn't been one there at all. It was also different than the other doors, an ornate wood panel rather than the generic beige of the rest of the apartment. "Dude, what's with the new door?" Tim called.

"What new door?" was Mick's reply.

"The one in the outside wall that isn't on the other side!"

Mick put his head around the corner of the bathroom doorway. "What are you talking about?"

Tim pointed. "That door?"

"Uhh, that's the front door, Tim, you know, the one you came through. Have you started without me?"

Exasperated, Tim strode to the strange door. "No, this one you idiot. The one that doesn't-" but then Tim stopped in shock as he saw what was beyond the door. It was a bedroom, but different in style than the rest of Mick's place, with hardwood floors and white walls Logically, it shouldn't be there, but that wasn't what had stopped Tim.

In the center of the room stood a man, dressed in a white wife beater and black slacks. His muscular build, shining blond hair, and piercing hazel eyes made him one of the most beautiful men Tim had ever seen, but that wasn't what stopped Tim either. What stopped him was the man's erect cock sticking out of his pants. Tim couldn't keep his eyes from it.

"Yes, it is fascinating, isn't it." the man said, his voice silky smooth. "Why don't you come closer and get a better look."

Tim's mind was already starting to fog over. Even as he thought What am I doing?, his feet were already shuffling him forward, his eyes glued to the cut head. With each step, he found it harder and harder to think of anything else but the beautiful veiny rod, and he stopped a few steps away, his mouth hanging slightly open, his thoughts seeming to be swimming in fluff. The man smiled at Tim's blank expression and asked, "Would you like to worship it, Timothy?"

A small voice in the back of Tim's mind rebelled against the question, insisting that he wasn't gay, but his mind was to foggy to resist thew suggestion. He nodded slowly. "Then strip, kneel, and get to it, my boy." the man said as he smiled.

The small voice in the back of Tim's head was fighting hard, so his stripping was slow. But as he knelt, he came with an inch of the head, and his mind emptied and eyes dissolved into the spiral of the glamor. Tim put his hand on the beautiful, fascinating cock and then put it in his mouth. It tasted glorious, and as he began to take more and more of it in, he became completely oblivious to everything else other than making it cum.

Mick walked in as Tim began, and if Tim had been in a frame of mind to notice, he would have been shocked that his friend was also naked, and erect. Mick walked over to the man and bowed, saying "Master Tulane, have I brought you a suitable new servant?"

As Tim began to rhythmically suck, Tulane nodded. "Perfect, my boy. Both of you have enough sexual energy that, once you're both under control, I'll be able to glamor people outside of my demense. He's a little unskilled, but that's easy to fix." Tulane tapped the back of Tim's head, and suddenly he began to take the entire cock into his mouth, sucking like he had been doing it for years. Tim could already taste the Mas- the man's precum, and his mind swirled with the perfect way to worship the cock.

Suddenly the man came, and as Tim swallowed Tulane's cum, he could think again. Tim knew that he was Tulane's servant, as was mick, and that he would do anything for his Sidhe master. Licking the last of the cum from the tip, Tim stood and stepped to where Mick was waiting and then turned back, just as naked and hard as Mick was. "What is your bidding, Master?" Tim asked.

Tulane tucked his cock back in and zipped up as he gave instructions. "Both of you will get dressed and drive to Tim's place. There you will preform the ritual to connect it to my demense. Mick, you will bring the materials and instruct Tim on how to do it. Once you connect in, return here, strip, and await instructions."

"We obey." Mick and Tim responded, and turned in unison, leaving to carry out their master's orders...

The Door

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