Sidhe Slaves: The Dock (hypno)

Continued from The Door

Tulane stepped out of Mick's front door with some trepidation. While he had done this kind of entrapping before, it had been quite some time. His demesne, where his power flowed through the air as easily as a scent, there he could be safe. But out in the world, he would have to focus tightly to keep that power going into the minds of his potential thralls. While the proximity of Mick and Tim would give him reserves, it was still risky.

As he and his thralls got into Mick's car, Tulane made a decision. "Mick, Tim, are there any of your friends who would be by the lake today?"

Mick spoke first, his mind having long since become used to service. "Yes, Master. Three of the men I work with spend their weekends inner tubing and fishing from a dock near town."

Perfect, Tulane thought. The Sidhe magics running from the lake would mean less power would leech into the already infected air, making it easier to ensnare minds. In fact, the ambient magic gave him an idea. "Then take me there. We will take the barman later."

"Yes, Master."

"Mick? What the hell are you doing here?" The short, curly haired one challenged the group as they drove up.

Mick smiled as the group walked onto the dock. "Whatever the hell I want to, you bossy prick. A cousin of mine has come to work the from out of town and I wanted him to meet some of you before his first shift. This is Tully, everyone. Tully, the short bossy one is Jasper, the one with he infectious grin is Frank, and the one you won't get four words out of while he's fishing is Kieran."

The other two nodded in acknowledgment, although Kieran did only grunt while Frank actually said a greeting. Tulane didn't notice very much, however. He was focusing on the ambient energy, siphoning some of his own into it, so that when the lovely boys breathed, more and more of his influence would seep in. Which is why he was slightly shocked when Jasper spoke up. "Bossy am I? Well, you know the rules, Mick. When it's time off, it's shirts off. Lose 'em."

The miasma shouldn't have affected him this fast! Tulane panicked slightly, but then saw the hidden predatory glance in Jasper's eye as Mick and Tim stripped off their shirts.. Oh, I see. Well, that will just make it easier, for both him and his friends. Tulane gladly stripped off his shirt, and the brief glimpse of hunger from Jasper made Tulane sure that he could twist him round to do what he wanted even without the magic. But then he couldn't tap into the energy he was sure this repressed small town man had.

Over the next fifteen minutes, Tulane worked to keep himself as close as he could to Kieran. Out of the three of them, Kieran's focus would make him the hardest to influence, so he had asked to watch him, claiming he had never fished in freshwater. Jasper had look a bit crestfallen at that, but hadn't made an issue of it. Not that it mattered. Mick and Tim would keep them talking, and slowly edge the two closer and closer, which Jasper was sure to enjoy.

By the time that everyone was pretty much standing next to Tulane, the magic had done it's work. Jasper was now unashamedly staring at Tulane's body with his tongue hanging out, Frank was losing track of sentences when Tulane caught his eye, and Kieran had half turned to Tulane, happily explaining the different techniques of fishing in lakes and streams, barely paying attention to his lure. So when a fish bit, it was a miracle that Kieran hooked him. Tulane stood next to the three while they watched Keiran reel him in, but he was sure that it wasn't necessary. As they turned, Kieran holding up his fish as a trophy to his new best friend Tully, Tulane spoke up. "So, Jasper, what is it that you want to do? You've been eyeing me for awhile."

Jasper's inhibitions had been tightly under control, but the magic overwhelmed them easily. He only hesitated for a moment before replying. "I want to run my mouth all over your hot body, you magnificent stud."

The expressions of the others twitched for a moment, but the magic held them too. They easily accepted that what Jasper had said was proper to want to do with Tully, even if another part of them resisted it. Tulane, though, just smiled. "All my body? I think there's one part that you want more then most my boy." He then popped his erect cock out of his shorts.

Jasper lost all control at that point. His knees slammed to the ground in front of Tulane, and he immediately began to deep throat his new master's cock. For a second time, the others faces twitched, unsure of what to think about this. Their magic-addled brains were trying to insist something was wrong, but Jasper's social position as de facto leader made it harder for them to gather their wills. Tulane, though signaled to Mick and Tim, who brought Frank and Kieran forward. Tulane gripped their chins and their expressions cleared, the flow of magic clearing away what little will they had gathered like a flock of spooked birds. "You'll want to do this for me next, won't you boys?" He nodded their heads for them. "Then watch and learn how, my boys. This one is very good." Tulane tilted their heads down and they watched Jasper suck, learning how to become the good thralls in Tulane's every growing circle...

The Dock

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