Hypnodorm: Hypnotic Spell

Ed walked down the hall to his dorm's showers, swinging his bath carry-all. He whistled, thinking of the date he was about to go on. He'd shave, showe and then... then... He didn't notice as his thoughts skipped a beat, as if he'd said what was next, without actually saying it.

Reaching the bathroom, he pulled out his razor, and quickly shaved, then stepped into the showers and stripped, waving at Joe and Mark, the two other guys in there at the time. Ed stepped under the shower and relaxed as the hot water hit his skin. As the water sluiced off him, his mind felt similarly cleaned, wiped away by the shower.

Whisper these words, a little voice in the back of his head said, and the emptiness in front couldn't stop it. He stood there under the shower, whispering.

"What's that you're saying, man?" Joe called back.

Oblivious, Ed whispered on. He felt energy gather in his hands, as the prompted words of power started the spell. The same voice in the back of his mind showed him how to draw his hands apart in a specific way. He did so, and a whirling red globe with a hypnotic mandala formed between his hands, throwing light to the walls.


"What the hell?" Joe looked over from this stall. His eyes immediately locked to the mandala. "What's... that..." he said, his voice slurring.

"What's what?" Mark asked, also turning and catching sight of the mandala, which began whirling and twisting and spinning even faster.

An unearthly voice came from Ed's lips. "This is my mind melter pattern. Anyone who sees it can't look away. You can't look away, can you?"

Mark responded immediately, his unsuspecting mind quickly trapped. "No."

Joe, on the other hand, thrashed, trying to turn his head away. It took a few extra seconds for him to struggle out. "N-n-no..."

"And those who can't look away fall into the center," Ed's unearthly voice continued. "Where are you falling?"

Mark and Joe were closer in timing now, as Joe's resistance flagged, so Joe was only a syllable or two behind when they both said, "Into the center."

"And in the center, the pattern is everywhere."

Joe's feeble mind gave up. In unison, he and Mark both responded, "Everywhere," and their eyes glowed with a red and white whirling spiral, mimicking the mandala's pattern, just as Ed's had been the moment he summoned the mandala.

"And if it's everywhere, then your mind melts, and you obey only this voice," the unearthly voice finished.

All three responded, "We hear and obey."

"Good, finish your showers, get dressed and Ed will drive you to me, my new slaves. I will show you how to do as Ed had done, and you will help him seize the mind of every man on campus. I need a big harem, and you all will be in it. Now, carry out my instructions."

Ed shuddered as the mystic presence left him. He closed the mandala, and the spiral faded from their eyes, but they remained blank and unfocused as they started drying themselves off, obeying their new lord.

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