Hypnodorm: Mind Control Touch

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Steve waited on the beach and fumed. He was waiting for his dorm buddy to return so they could get off the beach and get to the hotel, but his friend's seemingly long restroom break wasn't what was angering him. Steve was the richest kid in the dorm, and when it had come time to plan for Spring Break, he'd gotten his dad to pay for the a trip and offered his three best friends in the dorm a trip to the Virgin Islands for the break. They all accepted enthusiastically.

But over the last few months all three had changed. They still hung out with Steve on campus, but their weekend romps in clubs had been cut off to hang out with one of the other guys, Ed. Then, when two had just canceled, and then turned around and started iviting people to some guy's house in the woods for the break, Steve had been insulted. Of his friends, only Joe had stuck around.

Good riddance, Steve thought. If Mark and Kyle are such losers that they can't handle all the girls and booze that I bring, they'd just drag us down on this trip.

Steve continued to grumble for the next five minutes, leaning against a tree. Since they had reservations, he and Joe had hit the beach first. Joe had stuck close to Steve for most of the time, but now they needed to go to keep their reservations, he'd vanished.

Where there–. Suddenly, a hand snaked around the tree and clasped the back of Steve's head. An electric jolt passed through Steve's body, and he found he couldn't move. A black and green spiral appeared before his eyes, and an unearthly voice sounded in his ears.

"Hello Steve. I've been trying to meet you for some time, but you keep on avoiding our little get togethers. I finally had to ensorcell Joe with this spell and send him off with you. Hopefully it isn't too long into the trip that he found this opportunity to grasp your head."

"Who the hell are you?!" Steve screamed back, but only in his mind.

"Oh, I"m Mark and Joe and Kyle's new friend! Yours too soon, since you can't help looking at that spiral."

This was true. No matter which way Steve moved his eyes, the spiral was in the center of his vision. And now it began to grow.

"yes, just keep on staring at that spiral. You can feel it drawing you in, inexorably pulling you closer. It just keeps turning round and round and round, each turn a pull closer and closer and closer."

Steve's mind stared in awe as the spiral ate more and more of his field of view.

Steve and Joe

"It's incredible, isn't it? So interesting. So fascinating. So mesmerizing. Growing to envelop everything. Or is that is everything?"

The spiral filled Steve's vision now, and he found that he couldn't think of the existence of much else.

"There is nothing but the spiral. It is the most important thing. There's nothing else anywhere. Your mind is open to it. Your body is gone."

When that was said, Steve was cut off from all the sensations in his body. With no control getting through at all, his muscles relaxed toally. The voice continued.

"Your cares are gone. Your worries are gone. Your thoughts are gone. Your will is gone. Your midn is gone. My voice from the spiral is all that remains. You must have instructions, you must obey."

"I must have instructions. I await your instructions, master," Steve said in his head.

"Excellent," the voice replied.

Joe, who had instantly fallen under the voice's control when he'd seen the opportunity to recruit Steve, now could hear it too.

"You will find tickets waiting for you back at the airport. You will spend spring break with us at the retreat, then come back here to fly home. There are a couple other new guys from the dorm coming, so hurry back. I want to see all my new harem and have them for the whole glorious week."

"We hear and obey," Steve and Joe said in unison. Straightening from where he'd slumped in relaxation, Steve stood up, and together with Joe, they marched to the road for a taxi to the airport.

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