Hypnodorm: Sleeping in Class (hypno)

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Lecture was over, and Ethan was glad. His last class before a 3-day weekend, and boy, had it dragged. The class was in his major, so he liked it, but he had so wanted to get out that even that interest had been drowned. He'd even fallen asleep a couple of times. He trotted down the hallway, but instead of following his classmates, he started heading up the building's roof. He didn't seem to notice, his head lost in plans for the weekend.

Ethan had reached the rooftop and walked out onto it before he noticed where his feet were taking him.

What the? Why did I come here?

He looked around, then turned to go, and nearly jumped out of his skin. Jordan was behind him, but had been so quiet he hadn't heard him.

"Jesus, Jor, don't do that! What are you doing up here?"

Jordan didn't say anything, his face blank and impassive.

"Yo, Jordan, you there?" Ethan waved a hand in front of Jordan's face, and looked at his eyes, trying to to see if his friend was stoned. His eyes were normal, but Ethan found himself unable to look away.

Jordan finally spokie, in a distracted tone. "We're here because he had a meeting, E, don't you remember?"

Ethan raised an eyebrow. "We did? I don't remember that."

"It was in the lecture just now. You'd fallen asleep the first time, and asked me to let you grab my notes. I told you I was going to be gone the whole weekend, so we agreed to meet after class."

"I-I don't remember." A puzzled expression crossed Ethan's face, but he didn't take his eyes off of Jordan's.

"You were pretty groggy at the time. I can understand why you didn't consciously remember."

A wave of lethargy washed over Ethan. "I was?"

"Yeah, I watched you after we talked, and in no time your eyes were drooping. You were droopy, drowsy tired."

Ethan's eyes slid to half-mast. "Drow-sy?"

"Mm-hm. I could tell because your eyes started to blink for longer and longer. You know, that state where you just want to close your eyes and rest, so your blinks get longer and longer." Ethan's blinking became longer. "Exactly. Just like that. When you watch someone like that, you sometimes just want to tell them they shouldn't fight it. It's natural to just relax. Fighting just makes it stronger. Going with the flow just makes it faster. Either way, you can't win."

Ethan's eyes were slits, barely open, but still locked onto Jordan's. "Can't win."

"And you don't want to win in any case. Relaxing is so much better. Giving in is so much better. It gives you such pleasure." A dopey smiled quirked Ethan's mouth as his eyes lost the war and closed. "And when you go so deep, when you relax like this, it's easy to see why you can't remember anything. Your mind is in no shape to make memories. Or even decisions. Or thoughts. It's too relaxed. It just drifts in space, happy and empty."

"Happy and empty," Ethan replied, slightly slurring.

Jordan pulled a necklace out of his bag, a glittering white crystal at the end. Ethan just stood there with a blissful smile as Jordan put it over his neck. Ethan's eyes snapped open, glowing at the mystical connection was established, and an otherworldly voiced issued from Ethan's lips.

"Well done, my pet. Taking over the mind of a Psych major means I don't have to make all those hypnotizing charms, just control ones. It's a lot easier."

Ethan's arms moved to unbutton his shirt, and he pulled it open to display Ethan's chest. Then Jordan's eyes glowed as the mind control sorcerer took over his eyes to see his newest acquisition.


"Not bad at all." Jordan wrapped a scarf around Ethan's neck to hide the glowing crystal. "Three days to steamroller a new mind. I can't wait."

Jordan and Ethan turned, mechanically heading for a car, the hypno-house, and enslavement.

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