Hypnodorm: Roomies (hypno)

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Enrique bounded down the corridor. It was just a few weeks till the end of term, he was going to have a good vacation, and he'd just found the perfect place to lease. He really liked his roommate Jordan, and they had become fast friends. They'd wanted to move in together after first year, get their own bachelor pad, and Enrique had found one. Mostly girl building, near campus (and sorority row) and spacious. This is going to be bitchin', he thought.

He charged into his dorm room, the door bouncing against the wall so hard that it slammed shut again behind him.

"Yo, Jor. Found us a great place, it's—" and he stopped. Enrique saw his roomie lying on the bed, looking fast asleep, totally relaxed... except for his eyes, which were wide and glowing, staring.

But what freaked him out more was seeing that rich boy Steve standing in the center of the room, naked to the waist, and dangling a glowing orange crystal.

"What the fuck!?" Enrique yelled, pushing Steve away and goin to check on his roommate. Enrique shook Jordan, but nothing seemed to rouse him out of that orange glow. Enrique rounded on Steve. "What the fuck did you do to him, you fucking sick prick!?! And what the hell is that?!" Enrique pointed at the still glowing crystal, its center seemingly a blinding point of light, so bright that he turned his eyes away from it.

An otherworldly voice emerged from Steve's lips. "I just showed him this pendant, Enrqiue, and he became so quiet." Steve lifted the pendant as the voice spoke, and Enrique's eyes went to it automatically. His last mistake as a free man.

"What is it?!? It looks totally... trashy... like play jewelry. How's... it.. glow..."

"Oh, very simple. It's enchanted with an attraction spell. First it attracts your attention. It's done that now, hasn't it?"

Steve swung the pendant back and forth a few times, as Enrique nodded dumbly, his eyes never leaving the glow.

"Once that happens, it starts to attract thoughts, so that it becomes your whole focal point. Your whole world. It's the only thing that's there. Everything else is not real. Only the pendant and its voice are real."

Enrique's eyes went blank and began to glow. His brain tried to resist, but the glow and the words and the swinging and the crystal chopped his thoughts into junk.

"Buh... what... ih... hap... inin... tuh... muh."

Having heard that before from other victims of this spell, the sorcerer possessing Steve easily translated. "I thought it would be obvious what was happening. We've moved on to where it attracts all the energy from you, totally relaxing your body."

Enrique felt his muscles weaken, but he was now too attracted to staring at the crystal to worry what it meant. He flopped on the bed, covering Jordan as they both limply stared at the crystal.


"And now for the longest part. Attracting the will and giving it to me so that whatever I want is what you will with all your heart, making you totally obedient slaves. I was about halfway done with sucking in Jordan's will when you busted in. Hmmm... that's actually a great idea, perfect for all my little Dorm Slaves. I'll go house hunting. After this."

The sorcerer possessing Steve then sat back and waited for all his new puppets' wills to be removed.

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