Hypnodorm: Waking Up Tranced (hypno)

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Oscar cinched the final bungee cord around his waist, getting ready for a world record dive. The trees around the bridge seemed to quiet and still as he stepped out onto the board. The press photographers' flashbulbs were going off left and right, catching his eye and seeming to daze him for a moment.

There's something wrong with those, he thought. He shook it off, took a deep breath, and leapt off the baord. Down, down he fell, feeling the rush and exhiliration of the first and longest fall. And just as he felt the line start to grow taut at his back, the ground seemd to open and swallow him whole.

"What the hell?!" he screamed as he started falling down a long tunnel, the bungee jumping rig now gone from his waist. He fell further and further down the tunnel, when a light appeared at the end. The light seemed to race up the sides of the tunnel, striping it and starting to spin.

Oscar was now falling into a spiral. He stared dumbfounded for moment as he felt his mind starting to slow. He closed his eyes tight then, trying to break the lethargy and figure out what was happening.

The slap of ice cold water made him open his eyes in shock. He had

landed in a pool. He swam to the surface and looked around. There was a patio by the pool, but beyond that just seemed to be empty blackness. He swam to the side and pulled himself out of the pool. "This is getting really weird," he muttered to himself.

"Of course it is," a strange and otherworldly voice behind him said. "It's a dream."

Oscar whirled to find a figure standing behind him, seeming to be made out of sparkling gel and decidedly male.

"A dream?" Oscar replied dumbly, as looking at the figure's sparkles once again made his mind feel sluggish.

"Yeeeessss," the figure said, drawing out the word. "One you won't wake from until I control your mind, my slave. So just look at my body and driiift offff."

"Slave?!" The world shocked Oscar out of his reverie. "No! I'll never let you. You're just some figment of my imagination. Since it's my dream, I'll just wake up." Oscar closed his eyes again and tried hard to make himself wake up.

"If it was only your dream, maybe, but since I entered it, the strongest will controls it now since I have already eaten some of your will with the tunnel and the flashbulbs. Yes, that was all me, and I don't want you to leave, not until you're mine!"

Oscar once again felt a cold touch, and he opened his eyes to find the figure had grabbed him by the wrist. He tried to pull away, but the gel began to creep up his arm.

"Let go!" Oscar cried, and as he did, the blackness around the pool exploded into substance. Flashing lights, whirling spirals, swinging pendulums, dazzling colors were everywhere, making it so hard to think. "Nuh-no," he said weakly as he felt the gel accelerate, moving over his body. Wherever it touched he felt a prickling sensation in time with the sparkling. It rapidfly flowed around his chest, his other arm, down his legs, up his neck. Each passing second it covered more of him, and it became harder to think. Finally, as one spiral in the riot of sensations seemed to take over and become the only thing in existence, the gel engulfed his head.

Oscar stared at the spiral through the gel, which didn't seem to do anything to impair his vision. He felt his body soften and melt, and he joined the flow of the spiral, falling into the center. The center controled the spiral, and he was now part of the spiral. He had to reach it, it was so compelling. The closer he got to the center, the more he knew he must obey. Obey without question. Must reach the center. Must obey. Can't resist. Don't want to resist. Obey. Obey. Ob-

Oscar woke gently. He'd had such a weird dream. He tried to remember it, but the details seemed to just flit away and escape his mind. He got up slowly, trying to remember what he was supposed to do today. He knew it was important. As the dorm's resident advisor, he had duties to perform.

It came to him. He had to go see the master. He stepped out of his room, still in his pajama top and boxers, and stretched while he waited. Kelly from 306 walked up to him with a long coat in his arms and handed it to Oscar.

"Are you ready to go meet him?" Kelly asked.

"Yes," Oscar said as he on the coat and started walking to Kelly's car. He was off to see the man of (and in control of) his dreams...