Hypnoapp (hypno)

When his phone binged, Quinn didn't pay attention to it. He rarely did these days. It wasn't that he was trying to ignore anyone. It was just that he had lived with a smartphone for years, and the requirements for software updates were normal to him. So when the phone requested that the camera application be updated, he just accepted without thinking more about it. And so the hypnoapp lay quiescent, waiting for it's opportunity.

That came a few days later, as Quinn was getting ready for a party, and decided to take a seflie. He posed before his bathroom mirror, raised his phone, and hit the button. It seemed to take the picture, but then dissolved into a field of rapidly flashing black and white areas. The shutter sound also began repeating, a rolling series of clicks in time with the flashes.

Oh, what the hell is... wrong with... this thing now. Quinn thought, his mind already beginning to slow down. He didn't notice that slowness, nor that he was still holding the pose he'd taken the picture in. He just stared at the image, his face becoming more slack as the app took over his mind. Didn't this... just get... an update... Must be... bugged... somehow... Wonder... how... many... seen... this... watched... staring... pretty... flashes... watch... forever...

For five minutes Quinn stood, his mind empty, listening to the clicks and absorbing what they had to teach him. Then the app moved to stage 2, opening up communication. The clicks faded to a background as a voice sounded from the phone. “Connection established. Subject, stand up straight and identify.”

The words meant little to Quinn's addled brain, but another part clearly understood. His body moved without his control. Without taking his eyes off the flashing phone, his body stood up and said “Unit identified as Subject Q. Subject's body originally designated Quinn. Subject Q is alone and awaiting orders.” What was left of Quinn's mind was shocked at this. Orders... what...

“Excellent. Display chest for the camera, slave.”

As his hand went for the edge of his shirt, Quinn tried to stop it. No... not... slave... must... resist... He wasn't able to stop the arm from moving, but he was able to splay the fingers of his hand, trying to stop it from being able to grab the hem. Instead, the body just hooked his thumb under it and lifted.

The master in control of the Hypnoapp noticed this. “Hmm, it seems that Quinn is still awake a bit, eh? Well, I know what will loosen your grip. Subject Q, drop the shirt and display cock.” This order was accompanied by a intensification of the flashes on the phone. Quinn suddenly realized where the control was coming from, and changed his efforts to control the hand holding the phone. He didn't try to resist his body unzipping his shorts and pulling his hardening cock out.

Quinn was just starting to get some control of the hand when suddenly his cock fully hardened and plunged his mind into ecstasy. His body stayed perfectly still as his cock twitched, the program feeding all of the sensations to Quinn rather than Subject Q. Quinn tried valiantly to hold on amidst this stimulation, but the program expertly held him on the edge. Feels so good... No... going to... break this... gonna... get... free... gonna... cummmmm....

The last vestiges of Quinn's mind surrendered as he came, everything becoming Subject Q. Words popped into Subject Q's head. “Mind designated Quinn removed. Subject Q is blank and ready for programming”

“Excellent. Listen closely...” And as Subject Q stood there, his cock still dripping, his new master filled his mind with his new role...

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