Hypnoapp 2: Over the Shoulder (hypno)

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Coming out of the stall in the small side bathroom, Harvey was surprised to see that the man was still standing at the mirror, taking a selfie. Harvey had been surprised when the man had been in this small side bathroom when Harvey had come in. The sports arena's bathrooms always had a wait, but if you had worked here you found out about the tiny side bathroom management never bothered to puts signs up for, as it only had space for 2. Harvey had never seen this guy before, but he might have been an old employee, so it wasn't too weird.

Now, however, it was. Harvey had been in the bathroom for quite some time, and the guy was still standing in the same spot as he had been when Harvey had walked in. "Dude, are you okay?' Harvey asked as he walked over. No response, just staring at the phone raised to the mirror. Harvey looked at the phone, and that was his last mistake.

Because the man wasn't staring at a photo app, he was staring a whirling spiral. The spiral was spinning so fast, round and around and around, and it was hard for Harvey's eyes to catch up. He blinked a few times, trying to collect his thoughts. Why is this guy staring at this spiral? Harvey thought. It's really pretty, yeah, but not fascinating. Well, maybe the center is, kinda. Maybe that's the point, it's like a game or something. Getting to the center by tracing the outside lets you win, with the camera tracing your eye movement.

Harvey felt his arms and legs relax and begin to feel heavy. Ohhh, no, it's not a game, it's some sort of relaxation thing. You wants it and it helps you to relax. And I do want to relax. It's been a long, hard day, and I just want to take a little time for myself. The weight of his arms increased as the tension started to leave the rest of his body. This is a great app, I should get this for my phone. I'll have to ask what the name is. But after this. Once it's done. Just want to relax now. Let go of cares and worries. Those aren't important right now. Only the center is important. Need to reach the center. Fall into it's beautiful relaxing blankness. Falling in. Fall. Blank. Empty.

Harvey's eyes rolled as his mind emptied, but that wasn't important. He could still see the spiral in his head. A voice then came from the phone. Excellent, I don't have to give you text orders any more. State your names, both of you.

"Subject D, master." said the man in a dead tone.

"Subject H, master." said Harvey, mirroring the same tone.

"Good, good, any problems creating the new slave personas?"

They responded in deadpan unison. "No sir."

A chuckle came up from the phone. "Good thing I was watching through D's camera when you came in, H. Else he would already be on his way to me and you wouldn't know the joy of serving me."

"Good thing, yes." Harvey, now H, replied flatly.

"Now, first show me your chests so I can take a photo and then come to me. We'll get the hypnocamera update installed in your phone when you get here, H."

Neither man spoke as they lifted their shirts to show off for the mirror. They didn't need to, they just had to follow instructions. After a 10 count, they let their shirt d

op and started walking to their cars, a destination fix in their mind, but no other thought but obedience....

To be continued?