Kirthaven Gym: Deeply Motivated (hypno)

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Olaf was new to town, and so he had looked up workout spots that evening. He'd gotten the standard chains and fly by nights, but then found the notation for a new gym opening. It was apparently opening here in a new town, and the reviews from the other sites were all positive. It would probably be the best fit, mainly because a new gym wouldn't have any member drama.

So when he arrived he wasn't surprised to see that there were no customers. It was 9:00 at night of opening week in a new city with little advertizing. What surprised him though was the lack of trainers. Even that late there should be more than the scrawny guy setting up weight stands and the beefy guy behind the desk. Maybe he was wrong about the opening date. "You guys open?" he asked as he walked to the front.

The scrawny guy whirled around at Olaf's voice. "Oh, hello! Yes, we are, kinda. When I came to open this place up, I found that the sound system wasn't just right, so I sent myyy- employees home and we're just doing a demo week. It's just me and Vinne here. I'm the owner, Lars Kirthaven." He stuck out his hand.

"Olaf Magnusson. I was hoping I could join up and get a workout, but if you're not open..."

Lars laughed. "Nonsense! No one's here and I would be a fool to turn away someone as dedicated as you, Mr. Magnusson. Why don't you go change, and I'll give you a personal training session, free of charge so you can see how you like our style, since it's demo week. We can formalize a membership later if you enjoy it."

Olaf smiled and nodded, liking the little guy. He used the locker room and changed into his red sweats, then came out and went to a weight machine that Lars was standing by. "So what area would you like to work on Mr. Magnusson?"

"Olaf, please. My upper body is pretty good, just maintaining it really. But I think I could get my legs bulked more."

"Sounds like a plan. Lets do some upper body reps to warm you up and get the maintenance out of the way and then well blast those legs." Lars put a hand on Olaf's arm. "Hey man, you're feeling really tense."

Olaf raised his eyebrow. "I don't feel tense."

"But you are Olaf. Here, it's probably just a bit of subconscious discomfort from a new gym. Just a quick little rub down and and it'll clear up fast."

Olaf opened his mouth to protest when suddenly he felt pressure on either side of his spine, high up. It felt great, and so he just said "Oh, wow!" instead.

"Yeah, that's what they all say. Now I need you to follow my instructions here to clear this up. You feel my fingers going in little circles?"

Olaf's head was already floating on the sensation, so he moaned a little as he spoke. "Mmmmm, yeah."

"Good, good. What I want you to do is feel those circles going round and around. Each time they complete a circuit, the space that they affect grows larger. So right now they are relaxing your traps, but that feeling starts to spread to other muscles, doesn't it? Relaxing your delts, your pecs, down your arms, all feeling so good. The circles getting bigger as they go round, and around, and around. They're going deeper too, getting those deeper muscles and making them just release. That feels good, doesn't it?"

Olaf's mind was melting into the pleasure that the circle caused, making it hard to focus. "Uhhhh yeeeaaaaaahhhh." he sighed.

"Excellent, you're doing very well. You're following instructions exactly, and that what you should be doing. I'm here to help you. I'm you're trainer, and that's my job. And following my instructions just feels so good, doesn't it?" Olaf nodded, already too far gone to articulate words. "Exactly. You don't really need to think right now. You need to be focused. To be deeply focused on doing the exercises and not letting anything else in, so you can do your best. Your trainer can make the decisions for you during your workout. You just need to focus. Focus on his instructions so you can do them perfectly, isn't that right? Say yes."

Olaf's mind was spinning with the little circles, unable to think coherently anymore. But it could still follow instructions, so his mouth opened, and he said yes, even though he didn't know why.

"Say that you'll follow your trainer's instructions and do everything he says."

So that was why, Olaf thought. "I will follow my trainer's instructions and do everything you say."

Lars stopped massaging Olaf's back and came around, looking into the blank face of his newest acquisition. It hadn't taken alot to get him deep into trance, and with the speaker's not working he was risking memories. But that body was just too good to pass up. "Take off your shirt so your trainer may inspect you," he ordered.

Olaf stripped with alacrity, and stood there, deeply entranced, deeply motivated to follow instructions. "Very good." Lars said, and Olaf felt good he was doing a good job following his trainer. "Damn, I'm good. I net a new trainer even without my special music. Hey Vinnie, why don't you take Mr. Magnussen here and show him the orientation video? That should help keep him a permanent part of the team, don't you say?"

"Yes, sir."

"You will go with him and watch the video, Olaf. It will show you all you need to know about Kirthaven gym."

"Yes, trainer" Olaf turned, following Vinnie, his head ringing with the instructions of his soon to be master...


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