Kirthaven Gym: Reporting In (hypno)

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It was Hunter's first vacation in 5 years, and he was going to totally let loose. He always worked hard, both at his job and on his body, and now he was going to give himself a few weeks, just do maintenance in the hotel gym, and eat whatever. When he came back, he'd need to work even harder to get back on track, but it would be worth it. I'll get that out of the way early, he decided while he was eating breakfast, and headed over when his meal was done.

He walked into the surprisingly large hotel gym and surveyed it. There were only a few people here so early in the morning, so he had plenty of selections for machines. He picked one, plugged his headphones into his phone, and rocked out as he started the workout.

He was about halfway into his routine when Hunter noticed the odd guy guy next to him. Not that he looked odd. He was a buff, gym rat looking guy, even had a shirt advertising some private gym, Kirhaven's or something, so he wasn't out of place. It was just that he'd for some reason picked the machine right next to Hunter. There were plenty of open machines, and, just like bathroom etiquette, you didn't pick the machine right next to another guy unless you had to. The other thing was that he flailed around to whatever he was listening to alot as well. Hunter resolved to just ignore him and concentrate on getting done so he could get to his fun.

Suddenly, the music cut out of his headphones. "Oh, sorry dude!" the other guy said as he swung off his machine. "I caught your cord. Let me fix that for you!"

"No, it's fine. I can fix it." Hunter said, letting the weight down easy and taking his hands off his frame to plug back in. But the guy just kept coming. "Hey! Back off!" Hunter yelled as the guy grabbed his headphone cord and plugged it in. "I don't neeegguhhh..." Hunter's mind went suddenly soft as a weird vibrating harmonic started playing in his ears.

Musta.. plugged in ta... wrong phone... Hunter thought sluggishly. Something about the sound was making everything around him fuzzy and started to swirl. This is wha'... he was boppn' out ta?... Is not rully gud beat... an' he was dancn' round and around... and aroun'.. an' aroun'... anuhroun... Hunter's mind started to whirl with his surroundings, seeming to repeat his last thought. With an effort, he pulled back. Nuh.. somthin's wrong. Music... making... think hard. Gotta... stop.

And then a voice seemed to come out of the odd sound playing in his headphones. He really didn't hear it as much as felt the harmonic feed it to him. It said You don't want to stop this, though.

I...don't? Hunter was confused.

No, not at all. You like listening to the music. Just like the other man was, you can hear all the good things in this sound, can't you?

Yeah... It really is good.

Exactly. it helps you get rid of all those things that you don't need. Lets them all relax away. Like your worries and cares.

Uhuh, yeah, I'm on vacation. Don't need those things.

You don't need alot of things, do you? Like emotions and memories. Those can just drift off too.

Yes... Drift away...

And now your thoughts and will go away too. You're empty, and now all your thoughts...

Belong to you. The voice and Hunter thought in unison.

To the outside world, all of this had only lasted a few seconds. Hunter's face had shifted to an impassive blankness as the sound overtook his mind. And now he fulfilled the instructions. Going to the gym's mirrors, he used his phone to take a picture of himself, and then sent it to a new number he typed in, then stood and waited. A few minutes later a text came in from that same number. As he read it, the voice of the sound fed it into his mind, making it an order he had to obey. Follow Vinnie to his room and obey all his instructions. Not knowing who Vinnie was, he stood there, waiting, until the other guy walked up. "I'm Vinnie. Come with me. Lars has some plans for you." Hunter nodded and followed after Vinnie, off to have his phone reprogrammed and his mind permanently subjugated...


To be continued?