Sidhe Slaves: The Moot (hypno)

Continued from The Pet

There were few left that could see the signs. So much of the older knowledge had been lost, ignored by a new generation that didn't believe. But Allen could see the signs, and was angered by them. New Carran had been invaded by the Sidhe, there was no other explanation for it. Men he'd known since he was a kid were now pulling away from their old friends and spending more and more time at Caine's Bar. Whats more, they were inviting others, urging them to come for fun nights, and those who went changed, just as those who had come before. The majority of those trapped were the newcomers, who didn't know better, but even some of the higher ups were falling to the insidious control.

Allen knew he had to do something. His family was the keeper of the agreement that kept the town safe from the Sidhe in exchange for a place to live with believers nearby to keep them strong. His father was too old to carry the burden, and so it fell to Allen. Which is why he trekked into the swamps near the lake. As he walked, he recited the chant that he had learned at his father's knee, the one that would call to the circles that dwelt here, heading for the moot.

But as he walled through the reeds, before he even made it to the moot's clearing, a man stepped from the underbrush. He was tall, handsome and with flaming hair, and even of he had not noticed the glint in his hazel eyes, Allen would have known he was Sidhe. He was dressed all in green, a woodsman's tunic and breeches, as if he'd stepped from another century. "Hail, mortal man. Where ye be bound, and whence have ye come?"

"I am bound for the Mootclear, Sidhe Lord. I am from New Carran, and bring news that will disturb the Circle of Seasons." Allen responded, careful to stay respectful.

The fae man nodded. "I see But where are my manners. I am known as Nuallain. Might I know your name?"

The shimmer of Nuallain's eyes distracted Allen, and he almost told the fae. But his father's warning screamed in his head, that his name given from his own lips would grant the Sidhe power, and Allen threw his arm across his eyes. "Wait, you're trying to put me under your control. That's against the pact."

Nuallain's voice dropped to a lower tone, almost a seductive whisper. "A pact? Who says that a fae breaks an agreement?"

"I do." Allen said, his anger burning away the compulsion in the voice. "The Circles agreed that none would use there power on those of the town. But someone has, and now you try to do the same with me!"

"Ahhhh." Nuallain cooed, seeming now to be whispering in Allen's ear. "But you see, I am not a part of that pact. I am of the wyldfae. I owe no allegiance to a Season. My kind was banned from hear for some time. But when the disbelievers ca,e to the town, the spirit of your compact with the Circle was broken. So they let us come to do as we will, just as you let the outsiders do the same. But hush now, you need not concern yourself with the business of your betters. Wouldn't it be easier to just let that pass?"

The fear that had momentarily gripped Allen seemed to dim as the whisper started to affect his mind. "N-no, I don't believe you." he struggled out, trying to keep his mind clear.

"Well, all you have to do, my boy, is to look at me. I can show you my symbol, which will verify that I am not of any circle." Nuallain's whisper sounded.

That voice seemed to come from all around Allen now. And a big part of him want to look. Allen had never seen a non Circle symbol before. And it was the only way that he could verify that this was the truth. It didn't have to be a long look, he just had to slip one eye out from behind his arm, and could whip it back into place rapidly. What harm could there be in a little look?

Allen tried as hard as he could, straining to push away the thoughts he knew were being seduced by Nuallain's voice. He could only spare enough strength to whisper "S-stop." through clenched teeth.

"Stop what my boy? I just want to show you my proof. What harm could there be in a little look?"

It was that last question that broke Allen's resistance. The temptation, so soon on the heels of Allen's own curiosity's urging slipped through, and before he could stop himself, he had moved his arm so that one eye showed. He found himself staring into Nuallain's eyes, but not as they had been. A hazel spiral spun rapidly, round and round, immediately disorienting Allen. "Good." Nuallain said, keeping his seductive tone but speaking louder. "Now, you never answered my question, boy. What's your name?"

Something tried to tug at Allen's consciousness, but he was too disoriented from the spinning spiral to clearly understand it. But he could understand the question, and so he answered it. "Allen, sir."

Nuallain smiled and the spinning spiral intensified, pushing the disoriented welter of Allen's thoughts further away. "Very good, Allen. It's good to be polite to your betters. Now, bring down that arm, so I can show you the whole of the symbol."

By now, Allen was too far gone to even remember trying to resist requests. "Yess, ssir." He brought his arm down, and could now see both of Nuallain's eyes. Filled with the pretty spiral symbol. Going round and round. Always drawing him into the center. The center. The centerrrrrr.

Allen's mouth hung open, his head empty, as Nuallain let his eyes return to normal. "Excellent, isn't that so much better? Now all that pesky rebelliousness is gone?" Allen nodded dumbly, knowing only that he should agree with whatever he was told. Now, tell me what's been happening to make you suspect?"

Slowly, Allen explained to his new master all he had seen. After he was done, Nuallain sighed. "Sounds like Tulane has been a naughty boy and not shared with his brethren as he should. Once you are bound to me, we'll pay him a little visit? Won't that be nice?" Allen nodded again, as Nuallain forced him to his knees, so he could accept the seed that would bind him irrevocably to the Sidhe's will...


To be continued