Sidhe Slaves: The Pet (hypno)

Continued from The Dock

For Caine, life was starting to get frustrating. He had known when he'd moved to this little town that it would be far too whitebread for him to be openly out, let alone as kinky as he liked, but he had assumed that there was someone. But New Carran seemed to be empty. Oh, there were men who came to his bar who he was sure were in the closet, but so deep in the closet that it would talk alot of work to coax them out. Jasper would probably be the easiest, but even that would take time.

Caine shook off the self pitying reverie as he arrived at his bar early in the day, ready to get set up. But when he came to the back door, he found it slightly ajar. He rushed inside, hoping to catch whoever was trying to steal the booze, but stopped in shock when he was inside. Naked men were in different parts of the bar, all working diligently. Three of them were working on the walls, either making small carvings of symbols on the wall, or carefully painting the inside of the symbols. The other two were behind the bar, seeming to fiddle with the lines leading to the beer taps. Caine's mind wobbled for a moment, trying to make sense of what he saw. "Wha? What the? Mick? Kieran? What are you-"

Suddenly, every nerve in Caine's body sang in white hot ecstasy as a hand reached out to touch his shoulder. Instantly hard, whatever thoughts had been in Caine's head scattered like so many frightened birds. He was in no condition to notice the twitch the others made as they were drained. All he did notice was a voice from behind him. "Now, now, my boy. Before you get all indignant, lets be properly introduced." The hand on Caine's shoulder pulled him around, and he found himself staring into a poerfect, beautiful face. If he hadn't already been painfully hard, the face would have make his cock twitch. And the eyes...

It was now already too late for Caine's free will. His mind, scrambled by the ecstasy of the touch now stared into hazel eyes already filled with a whirling spiral. The spiral grew rapidly, filling his vision and captivating his attention. From behind the spiral, a voice sounded. "My name is Tulane, barkeep. What's yours?"

Caine responded, his inhibitions gone. "Caine, you hot hunk of man. Why don't we go somewhere to get as naked as these guys. It's been so long for me-"

Caine felt a finger pressed against his lips and he stopped talking. "Well, this is a surprise. If I'd known you were this easy I wouldn't have bothered to capture Frank, Kieran, and Jasper first. Stand still, Caine, and let me look you over." Suddenly, as Tulane moved his eyes out of Caine's vision, he could see again. In his sight was Tim, carving the beautiful symbols into the wall that held him now that the spiral could not. Caine stood stupefied as Tulane pulled off Caine's shirt, pulled down his pants and then pulled out his cock, revealing his pierced cock. "So, it looks like you have experience, Caine. Good. I was afraid I'd never find someone different amongst these townspeople. Why don't you become MY PET...,"

Those words flashed across Caine's mind like hot fire. As it passed, knowledge was burned from his brain. He fell to the floor on all fours, no longer knowing how to walk upright. He suddenly no longer knew how to speak, only bark. His old life vanished, and all he could remember was being a obedient pup for his owner. He barked to show his master he was ready. "Good boy." Kieran pointed to his own rock hard cock. "Here's your bone boy, you know what to do."

Caine barked happily and then hungrily began to suck on his master's bone, unknowingly sealing his enthrallment while Tulane's other thralls transformed the bar into a place to capture the minds, hearts, and energy of every man who came in...


Continued in The Moot