Mr. Nott, Fashion Tist: Runway Slave (hypno)

Benny strolled into the modeling agency, whistling and happy as a clam. The guy who ran this place had "discovered" him last night in a bar. Now he was going to model on a runway as a try out. He'd always wanted to be one since he was a little kid. He walked up to the receptionist. She didn't look up form her magazine.

"Models to the right," she said.

Benny walked down the hallways she indicated. Wonder how she knew I was a model. Must be my looks, he thought. He saw a temporary sign on taped on a door: Runway model entrance. He knocked and stuck his head in the room.

"Benny! Why are you knockin'? C'mon it!" a rough voice called.

"Sure you still need me, Mr. Nott?" Benny asked sheepishly.

"Yeah, I'm sure. You'll be perfect out there, kid." Nott pointed to a dressing room. "You can change in there. I'll bring you the clothes you're supposed to be modeling."

Benny smiled again and headed into the dressing room. There was an annoying buzz, from the lights he guessed, but he didn't expect to get the best room his first time there. This is great. My big chance to get into... the biz, he thought as he began to undress.

Anyone watching Benny would have seen him gradually slow down as he took off his clothes. The buzzing from the speakers slowly got louder, and he got slower as it did.

Soon... I'll have... a dressing... room of... my own... and it... will.. be... the best. His brain slowed as his body did, becoming sluggish in the hypnotic buzzing. Gotta... un... dress... Mr.... Nott... 'll... be... back... got... ta... listen... lismundeh... he thought, stopping dead as his last piece of clothing came off, his brain filling with static and nonsense.

Mr. Nott entered the room with a loincloth, some accessories and an MP3 player. "Put these one," he ordered.

Benny put them on, his face impassive, his brain echoing with the order until it was completed.

Mr. Nott put the earphones in Benny's ears, strapped the player to the arm and hit Play. The buzzing started coming from the earphones, keeping Benny in a suggestible state. Nott hit a button and turned off the buzz from the room's speakers and took out the earplugs he had on.

"Never fails. Put them on auction as many times as you want, and they still think it's their first time. Still, you're a pretty kid. You'll sell this time for sure. Go through that door and walk the circuit until instructed again."

Benny marched through the door, walked to a raised platform in the center of the room and walked around and around, displaying himself for the auction, waiting for a buyer, a master, to choose how he would be brainwashed and taken home....


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