Mr. Nott, Fashion Tist 2: Door to Door (hypno)

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The doorbell rang, and Eric went to answer it. He wasn't expecting anyone and opened the door warily to see a man standing on his front porch and wearing a brown suit and white shirt with a bolo tie with crystals at the end. The man seemed to fidget a lot, shifting on his feet.

Eric lifted an eyebrow. "Can I help you?"

The man continued to weave as he spoke. "Hello, yes, my name is Mr. Nott, and we're doing a survey on fashion and such, and we wanted to get feedback in the latest designs out there."

The man's bobbing and weaving were distracting, and it took Eric an extra second to respond. "No, I don't think I-"

Mr. Nott interrupted. "Oh, but sir, the flannel and jeans you're wearing put you just in the right bracket, Male Western Casual. I just need to get your opinion and a few items, like my tie."

Eric automatically looked at the tie. He had been flattered but still thought this was silly. He openen his mouth to respond when Mr. Nott spoke again in a deeper and more hushed tone.

"It's nice, isn't it, especially the crystals swaying. Just the thing to help after a tiring day."

Mr. Nott's swaying kept the crystals at the end of the tie swaying as well. Eric's mind became more foggy as the induction started to take hold.

Mr. Nott started swaying faster. "Yes, it's good to be able to relax, to watch the crystals go back and forth, forth and back. You need to concentrate on those if you're going to answer my question, don't you? And the best way to answer questions is to relax and observe."

Eric's eyes swung out of focus as they tried to track both. Seeing this, Mr. Nott stopped swaying, picked up the ends of his tie, and swung the crystals directly in front of Eric's eyes.

"Yes, that's the perfect way to answer any and all questions. Just... RELAX... and observe. You can RELAX so easily, watcing the crystals swing back and forth."

The fog in Eric's mind made it hard to respond. "Yeah," he said in a dreamy voice eventually.

"And while you're watching them, a deep heavy fog rolls over every part of your mind, helping you to RELAX. Taking away your cares. Your worries. Lost in the mist."

A goofy smile spread across Eric's face.

"But you're not RELAXed enough, but the fog knows what to do. To roll over your emtions. Lost in the mist. Still it goes on, helping that intense RELAXATION."

Eric's face slide into an impassive mask. "Relaxation," he repeated after Mr. Nott.

Mr. Nott smiled. "So it rolls over your memories. Lost in the mist, you don't miss them. Finally, your thoughts go the same way. You can just let them fall into that mist. RELAXing and observing, the answers will come to you, just as they are now. Through my voice."

Eric stood, the same impassive look on his face, staring off into space.

Mr. Nott spoke up, "Now to test it. You like my tie."

"I like your tie," Eric responded automatically.

"Let's try something else, shall we?" Mr. Nott grinned evilly. "Unbutton your shirt, let it hang open, and then unbuckle your belt, unzip your pants, and push them down a bit."

Without hesitation, Eric carried out his instructions. When Mr.. Nott saw the young man was going commando, he knew his quarry was under control.


"Perfect," he said, as Eric returned to his original pose, his shirt falling open. Mr. Nott walked inside Eric's house, pushing past the mesmerized hunk. "Come with me, my pet. We have much to discuss."

Eric turned to follow his new controller, the endless numbing fog keeping everything flat and empty, and his mind open and receptive and under total domination...

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