Sidhe Slaves: The Pact (hypno)

Continued from The Moot

Nuallain and his new puppet Allen strolled into Caine's bar. It had been simple for Nuallain to move them through the woods back to Allen's car once the bonding had been completed, and the drive had been relatively quick from there, which suited Nuallain fine. He and Tulane had always been minor rivals in the circles of the Wyldfae, but after their last tussle, Tulane had to pledge to share control of all mortals he ensnared as a price for Nuallain's mercy, and he was eager to collect.

The bar hummed with power, and Nuallain knew the Tulane's energy had grown much with all of his new servants. But the terms of the pledge meant this power would need to be shared with the control, which would keep Nuallain on an equal footing. So he smiled and lazily wandered over to the bartender, a strapping young man who was wearing glamoured clothing. Only fae or those under the power of one could see that he was actually naked, his tattoos glowing with the same ensnaring charm that adorned the walls, ensuring that food and drink would feed power into the mortals to capture them. "Don't eat or drink anything while we're here, boy." Nuallain whispered to Allen.

"Yes, my lord." Allen replied, looking with adoration on his newly established center.

Speaking up, Nuallain put on his most charming voice. "Tell your master that his good friend Nuallain is here to see him."

The bartender barked, then closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them again. "I'm sorry, lord, my excitement at finally meeting you. Master Tulane has been awaiting your arrival, and asks that you to go to the neutral space between your demenses so that power can be transferred."

Nuallain was suspicious at that. He had expected something from his rival, and this was far too easy. He conjured a door to his demense and guided Allen through, then left him there as he opened the door to the neutral courtyard the two had made to formalize their treaties. Tulane stood in the center of the stone walled courtyard there, smiling. "Hello, dear Nuallain. Come to collect?"

"As is the bonded law of our society, dear friend. Your pact binds you irrevocably to it's terms." Nuallain smiled back, but was wary, looking for the trap in this seeming acquiescence.

Tulane's smile widened. "Right. Under the pact, in return for your mercy, I was to share control of all mortals I ensnared." Tulane opened his palm, and a ball of hazel energy formed in his hand. "Well, here it is, as promised and pledged." Tulane threw the ball at Nuallain, which slammed into his gut.

Nuallain recognized the magics that had been thrown, but had been way enough to counter them. He laughed as he straightened from the blow. 'Trying to control me, eh? That was your game, Tulane? As if I would not have my shielding magics up while ensarem-" Nuallain's voice cut off, as suddenly the magic Tulane had thrown at him connected with something, allowing it to penetrate his defenses. His mind reeled, trying to set up new walls in his head, but whatever connection it had allowed Tulane's magic to penetrate those with the same ease.

"You're right, Nuallain, I knew you would shield yourself from controlling magics. No, you would not be that kind of a fool." Tulane walked up and gripped Nuallain's tunic and pulled it up, bearing his chest. "The kind of fool you are is an impatient one. So I made sure that the magics in my bar would infect any new mortal bond and transfer control to me. I knew that you would not wait to claim your part of the pact. Which made your new pet... Allen, was it?... mine as soon as he walked in the door. Now that he's reopened your demense to my bar, I'm seizing control of it and you."

Nuallain struggled to speak. "Can't... break... pact..."

Tulane laughed contemptuously. "No, you're right, I can't. But if you recall, I only offered joint control. Now, if you can turn that control into power as a fae would, you get the power. But if I steal your power and make you mortal, all you get is control." A glowing symbol formed into Tulane's hand, and he brought it against Nuallain's loins, forming a mark that branded Nuallain as belonging to Tulane. "Now, my friend, what's your name?"

"Nu- Nuh." Nuallain forced out, trying to speak. But as he did, wave upon wave of new memories flooded into him. His years as a fae were being replaced at a rapid rate, and he could not hold on to them. Have to stop, hold on to my power. I learned magics in Tir.. Ter.. Tennessee? Naw, he didn't learn magic, he learned to drive a truck. Was that right? Yeah, yeah, that's right. The tunic and breeches he was wearing suddenly shifted and became an oil stained t-shirt and jeans. But how did a truck driver like me get into all those fancy parties? I've eaten so many delicacies like... like... what was that stuff? Champagne and caviar? Naah, that stuff's for snobs. Beer and pretzels, that's what me an' the boys go for. His long flaming read hair shortened into a spiky frat boy cut, and darkened to a dirty blond. An' who is this stud in front of me? Oh right, this here's my pal Tully. Met him while I was truckin' parts into this town and stayed cause he's so hot. I just have to do what he says and I get to play with the townsfolk same as him. His eyes turned from green to grey as he thought this last, and the transformation was complete. "Why, I'm Neal, Tully. You know that." he said in a southern drawl.

Tulane smiled even wider, if that was possible. "Sorry Neal, I didn't recognize you." Tulane tugged on Neal's jeans.

Neal looked down. "Dayum, sorry. I was talkin' with them there factory people and plum fergot I wern't werin' that glamer stuff." He quickly stripped off his shirt and was about to do the same with his pants when Tulane stopped him with a gesture.

"Why don't you do that more slowly? Give me a show." Tulane said.

"Sure!" Neal enthusiastically replied. He let his face go more passive, like a stripper's as he unbuttoned and slowly slid off his pants for his lover, and new master...


To be continued