Eric 2 (tt tb mt oral anal AR)

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On the ride home, Coach filled Eric in on some of the details. Eric would make some calls tonight, and tell everyone that he was taking an extended trip with some friends to the wilds of Northern Canada or something, and would be out of contact for most of the summer. He would arrange to have his mail collected and his bills paid by his business manager. For the rest of the summer, Eric would live with Coach, and work with him daily. He would be sharing a room with the Coach's 14-year-old son, Brian. The news that he would be bunking with a 14-year-old worried Eric. I mean, he'd shared a room with his younger brother Brett when they were growing up, but he had his own houses now. "Don't you have a guest room or something?" he asked. Coach laughed. "Yeah, but it's in my ex-wife's house. Brian's room is the guestroom, but he's here for the summer, so you two will just have to bunk up. You'll like Brian - he's a great kid, and a huge fan of yours. He knows what we're doing with you this summer, and he's eager to help."

Brian was a bit shy when he first met Eric. He was 14, just on the verge of manhood. At about 5'-5" with dark hair and deep blue eyes, he was a very good-looking young man. Eric had met him a couple times before, but he had always seemed like a little kid to him. He was a lot bigger now, not just taller, and he seemed to have filled out. Of course, Eric was smaller now himself, so that may have added to his impression. Brian extended his hand formally to Eric and said, "I'm real honored to have you staying with us this summer, sir." Eric shook Brian's hand, and despite the fact that his hand was much bigger than Brian's, he noted the boy's firm grip: "Please, it's Eric - and I'm grateful to you for sharing your room with me." When Brian took Eric upstairs to show him where everything was, he was surprised that there was only one bed. He also noted with embarrassment that Brian had a couple of Eric's posters up on his wall. After dinner, the Coach suggested that they hit the sack early, which was fine with Eric - he was exhausted from his day's activities. Eric and Brian climbed into the double bed, and they chatted for a few minutes. But Eric was tired, and Brian just wouldn't shut up. He was excited about having Eric there, and had a million questions. He just didn't understand how tired and frustrated Eric was. He kept talking and talking, until finally Eric couldn't take it anymore. "Would you shut the f*ck up!" he shouted. Brian's feelings were hurt pretty bad. Here he had been all excited about getting to spend time with his hero, really get to know him, and Eric had turned out to be just another bossy adult. Well, that would change soon enough...

The next few days at the rink went by pretty much as they had been for the last week - with Eric sucking out on the ice, and failing to perform to his expectations, much less the Coach's. At dinner one night later in the week, the Coach said that Brian would be coming to the rink the next day to help with Eric's workout. Eric got up early the next morning. He knew Brian would be coming to the rink, and he wanted to get into the shower and get dressed before him. As he ran his hands over his body in the shower, he marveled at the changes that had taken place. It was so strange. It was almost like he was feeling someone else's body. He wasn't skinny exactly, but he certainly wasn't a big muscular stud anymore. His once massive pecs, still firm, were now bare and much smaller, almost as if they had been deflated. His stomach didn't have the same 'six-pack' definition anymore, and was smooth but for the faint trail of fine hairs leading to his pubes, now just a small downy patch of hairs above his cock. Well, at least my cock hasn't changed any, he thought. Still fit in his hand the same way it always did. After all these years of work, building his body - he had lost so much - his hair, his muscles, much of his height. He was so glad he wasn't losing his cock too!

The funny thing was, he couldn't ever remember being so horny. He'd been walking around with this massive boner practically since he'd gotten to the Coach's house. He didn't like the idea of jerking off like some horny teenager, though. He hadn't really jerked off much since he was in junior hockey, and guys like him didn't need to. Eric could pick up a chick practically anytime he wanted to. But this was a little different. I mean, who could walk around with a hard-on for days and not do anything about it. So, as he stood there in the bathroom after his shower, he peeled back the foreskin from the head of his cock and slowly began to stroke it. It felt so f*cking good, too good for him to stop himself, even if he had really wanted to. He was surprised by how turned on he was getting, just looking at himself in the mirror. Eric began to run his free hand over his smooth pecs, and squeeze his sensitive nipples. He was really flogging his cock now. He couldn't remember ever feeling so hot! Just as he started to cum, covering his chest, shooting ropes of cum practically all over the bathroom, the door swung open and Brian walked in, undressed but for the towel over his shoulder. Brian's jaw dropped when he caught sight of his big hero, cock in one hand, the other rubbing his fresh cum all over his chest, face contorted in ecstasy. Eric was mortified - being caught red handed just like some kid! "Get the f*ck out of here!" he shouted. Brian couldn't believe it - I mean, this was his house. "You know, Eric," he said, "you talk awfully big for a guy whose dick isn't even as big as mine!" Eric hadn't realized it, but it was true. He had not given much thought lately to just how young he was going to get. He hadn't really noticed any changes the last couple days, and had assumed (hoped?) that he was done regressing. At any rate, he never even considered the possibility of his growing younger than Brian...until now. Eric suddenly realized that despite the fact that he was still bigger, Brian was clearly more sexually developed. Brian had more body hair, his cock and balls were bigger, and he had a more defined, mature build. Eric might have been taller and bigger, but there was a softness to his body now, almost as if a layer of baby fat were developing. Standing there with his cock in his hand, it occurred to him that he was losing his status as a grown up. Brian certainly did not see him that way anymore. In Brian's eyes, and now his own, he was little more than a skinny adolescent.

Eric and Brian spent all day on the ice together, and it turned out to be Eric's best day since this whole thing had started. He made hardly any dumb mistakes, and his play was much more focused. Maybe, he thought, this is finally where I start to go back to normal. But the real difference, of course, was that he was playing with someone. For the first time since the season had ended, Eric allowed himself to have fun on the ice. It was tough, but good-natured, and he and Brian had a great time, just like a couple of buddies would. Just like Eric and his brother Brett, or his friends from junior hockey when he was a kid. When they got home that night, Eric and Brian were still carrying on pretty bad - fighting over the remote, wrestling around like a couple of rambunctious teenagers. Finally, the Coach got tired of all the carrying on. "All right!" he said, "Why don't you boys take it up to bed. You have a long day on the ice tomorrow and need a good night's sleep."

Once they got to bed, they talked about everything. And unlike the past few nights, Eric did a lot of the talking himself. He talked about his family, growing up in Ontario, his experience coming up through junior hockey and the NHL. Brian talked about his parents' divorce, and how difficult it was making friends when he had to move around all the time, changing schools every time his dad changed jobs. They really seemed to have found some common ground. They talked for a long time before Brian got up the nerve to bring up something that had been bothering him all day.

"Eric," he said, "I'm sorry that I busted in on you in the bathroom this morning - I should have knocked or something... And I'm really sorry about what I said to you... I didn't mean to hurt your feelings or anything."

"That's OK, Brian. I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have yelled at you. This is your house, not mine - and it's not like it's your fault all this is happening to me. I shouldn't take it out on you."

Brian paused a moment. "Uhh, Eric...I do it too, you know... sometimes. Jerk-off, I mean."

"Everybody does, Brian. Don't worry about it - it's normal. I used to do it all the time when I was your age. Of course, I don't really do it so much anymore. I've just been so horny lately..."

Brian paused again, a little nervous about his next question. "Um... did you ever, ya know, when you were a kid, I mean...fool around with any of your friends?"

Eric exhaled loudly. He wasn't sure how to answer that. This was pretty personal stuff, and he had never talked to anyone about it before. But he was caught up in the moment, and really felt as though he and Brian were becoming friends or something, and that he ought to be honest with the kid, even if it made him a little uncomfortable. "Uhh... well, sure. I really think lots of guys do it when they are kids - ya know, experiment and all, and then they get over it. I guess it was when I was at hockey camp or something. I was probably like 13 or 14 when I did it... But it's normal, Brian. It's nothing for you to worry about."

"What sort of stuff did you do?"

Eric blushed. "Well, just jerked each other off, I guess - stuff like that. Like I said, it was a long time ago."

"I never really saw an uncircumcised dick before I saw yours," Brian said. "It looks really cool, man. It must be neat to have a foreskin and all."

Eric really hadn't thought about it that way for a while, but Brian was right. "Yeah," he said, "I guess it's pretty neat at that."

They lay there in silence for some time after that. Eric figured that there just really wasn't anything else to say. Then Brian suddenly reached over and put his hand on top of Eric's cock. Eric froze up. He didn't know what to do now. He thought that they had just been talking. He hadn't taken into account that Brian really didn't see him as a grown up anymore, but more or less as an equal. He knew that he should stop this right here and now, firmly tell Brian that this wasn't right. But he was really horny, and Brian's hand felt so good on his cock. He had done this when he was Brian's age, and he guessed that he was pretty much Brian's age again. So, why not, right? What was the harm? He liked Brian a lot - like a buddy, or even as a best friend - and it wasn't like he would be able to hook up with a chick anytime soon. So Eric, slowly, tentatively - almost reluctantly - reached his hand over and grabbed Brian's cock.

Brian finally allowed himself to breathe again when he felt Eric's touch. He hadn't been sure how Eric would react. It had been a long time since Eric had done this, but for Brian it was a totally new experience. So as Eric began to jack him off, Brian slowly reached inside Eric's shorts. He was so turned on by Eric's foreskin. He couldn't get enough of playing with it, pulling it back to expose the head. This all drove Eric wild - he really loved having his uncut dick played with like that. Brian couldn't believe how awesome it felt to have someone else touching his cock - especially his hero, the big hockey star (not so big in the cock department anymore, he noticed). Eric too was amazed that he felt so good about what he was doing. The thought of touching another man's cock would have disgusted him just days before, but here he was, jacking off a 14-year-old kid, and all he could think of was how good it felt, and how cool it really was. I mean, it really was like they were two friends fooling around together. Eric felt that he was building a bond of friendship with Brian. It wasn't 'queer' or anything, it was just, you know - cool....

Eric noticed that Brian's cock felt a little bigger in his hand than his own did, and that worried him. When he felt the teen's cock start to jerk a bit, he knew he was getting close to blowing his load. Eric was close too, and they came practically simultaneously. For Brian, it was without a doubt the most amazing orgasm he'd ever had. Eric also came explosively. He couldn't remember the last time he had felt anything so intense. It rocked his entire body, almost as though it was his first orgasm or something. Must be all the hormones, he thought. And although he didn't realize it yet, Eric would soon have good reason to remember this particular orgasm.

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