Eric 3 (tt tb mt oral anal AR)

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Eric and Brian overslept the next morning. They had been up really late the night before, and didn't even have time to shower before leaving for the rink. On the ride to the rink, Eric noticed that his voice was starting to sound a little funny, like he was catching a cold or something. Whenever he raised his voice, it cracked.

A cold would also have explained why he had such a lousy day on the ice. It wasn't so much that he was making mistakes or anything. He just couldn't keep up with Brian, who played much more aggressively than the day before, really running Eric ragged and knocking him around. But Eric just couldn't admit to himself that Brian was outplaying him. To him, it seemed as if Brian was trying to make him look bad in front of the Coach, and that really pissed him off. By the end of the morning, Eric had had enough. The next time Brian checked him, Eric jumped him and a pretty good fight got going. The funny thing was that Eric seemed to be getting the worse of it. His punches were more or less ineffectual, and Brian was pounding the sh*t out of him. By the time the Coach got onto the ice to pull them apart, Eric was well on his way to getting the sh*t kicked out of him. It was clear to both boys that the balance of power was shifting.

Tempers were pretty hot, so the Coach decided to call it a day, and sent them to the showers early. Eric was still pretty pissed off as they walked into the locker room. "What's your problem, Brian?" he asked, his voice cracking. "Why were you playing me so tough today? Were you trying to make me look bad in front of your dad? I thought we were just going to have fun together like yesterday."

"Hey, I didn't do anything different," Brian answered, as the boys got undressed. "It was like you weren't even trying all morning. What's your problem, man?"

"What do you mean, I wasn't trying... I ran my ass off all morning, you just wouldn't cut me a break!"

"Oh, the big hockey star needs me to cut him some slack?" Brian mocked, as Eric stalked down to the showers, still in his underwear. Brian followed a minute or so later, and found Eric standing under the shower, facing the wall, head down, shoulders slumped. "Why are you just standing there like that?" Brian asked. Eric just stood there, not answering, not turning around. "What's wrong with you?" Brian asked. He walked over and grabbed Eric by the shoulder and spun him around. Eric still didn't say anything. He just stared down at his cock - his now hairless little peanut, no bigger than his finger, his little balls no bigger than marbles. There wasn't a trace of his washboard abs, just a chubby little boy tummy. Then he looked up sadly at Brian - UP! Eric couldn't believe that he had lost so much in so little time. I mean, just last night he was still pretty much a grown up. Now, all of the sudden, he was just a skinny kid.

But Eric already knew what it was like to suddenly find himself as the little boy in a world of men. All through grade school he had been one of the bigger kids in his class. Until he hit the 7th grade, that is. That's when all the other guys started to go through puberty. Eric had to watch as his classmates grew and matured, while he stayed the same. That year, he went from being one of the biggest kids in his class, to the very smallest. All his friends now had grown-up cocks, and were getting hairier and more muscular, while Eric would remain a skinny little boy for another year. It was hard for him, and his toughness as a player probably had probably been born there - a little boy, used to being the big kid, suddenly forced to defend himself against bigger kids at every turn. Then, around his 14th birthday, he finally hit puberty himself, and soon overtook his classmates in height, size, and maturity. From that point on, he would always be the big guy. Until now, that is. He had never forgotten what it felt like to be so little and helpless, which was why being smaller than Brian scared him so much now. He looked up at Brian, and knew that it was happening to him again! Brian, who only a few short days ago had been a hero-worshiping kid in Eric's eyes, was now the bigger, stronger, more mature of the two. He was a young man, but Eric was just a little boy now, with a little boy cock, and a skinny hairless little boy body. He just couldn't believe how the tables had turned on him like this.

Eric shuddered when he saw a grin spread across Brian's face as the teen looked down at the prepubescent hockey star. He knew that the change in their respective positions was not lost on Brian.

"Wow," Brian said. "I can't believe how little you got today. You're just a little kid now!"

"Shut up!" yelled Eric, his voice cracking. He tried to clear his throat. "I'm not a little kid!" he said as his voice cracked again. This time it remained at the higher register. "What's wrong with my voice?" he whined in a little boy's voice.

"Nothing's wrong, kid," Brian said, still wearing the devious grin on his face. "I guess your voice changed, is all. But, hey! Look at the bright side - at least now you have the voice to match that little pecker of yours!"

Eric was furious. "Oh, yeah," he said, "Well you just wait, Brian, 'cause I'll be bigger and stronger than you again soon, and I'll wipe that grin off you face!"

Brain continued to smile. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see." Finally, Brian could control himself no longer, and he burst out laughing. Eric turned beet red, and could feel his throat tighten up. He'd never felt so humiliated in his life. Afraid he might actually cry, he ran out of the shower room, the echoes of Brian's laughter following him all the way to the lockers. Later, as the two boys waited for the Coach to let them into the car, Brian called "Shotgun!" He roughly shoved Eric out of the way, and hopped into the front seat. Eric quietly climbed into the back of the car. He knew that Brian had the upper hand physically, and this was just the opening salvo.

Eric was quiet on the ride home. He was upset about everything that had happened to him today, and besides, he hated the sound of his high pitched voice. He hardly said a word at dinner that night, just stared down at his plate and played with his food. The Coach had to yell at him to finish his dinner (proper nutrition was important for a young boy). "You will not leave this table until you have cleaned your plate!" he said. Eric blushed and said nothing. He couldn't believe the Coach was treating him like some little kid, but he lowered his head and quietly finished his dinner. Eric sat with Brian and the Coach in the living room when he was finally done, watching a baseball game on TV. Then headed up to bed alone. He really wasn't in the mood for any more of Brian's sh*t, so he was already in bed and pretending to be asleep when Brian came up a little later. Brian went out of his way to be noisy as he got ready for bed, and jumped heavily into the bed with Eric.

"Ya know, Eric," Brian said, "It's not such a big deal. I mean, you know that you're going to get bigger again and all..." Eric said nothing.

Brian then eased over next to Eric, and laid a hand on his cock, just like he had the night before. Eric grabbed Brian's hand and threw it off, but Brian reached right back and grabbed Eric's little peanut again.

"Brian," Eric said in his new little boy voice, "This isn't a good idea. It was wrong for us to do it last night, and I really don't think we should do it again!" He rolled over and turned his back to Brian, but Brian squeezed up tight against his back, pressing his cock against Eric"s ass crack. He reached around and grabbed Eric again. "It wasn't a bad idea, Eric," he said. "You say that now, and that you don't want to do anything, but your little stiffy here is telling me something else!" Eric tried to get out of Brian's grasp, but Brian was too strong for him. He struggled anyway, and it became a wrestling match between the two boys. It was a battle even Eric had to know he couldn't win. By this point, Eric was only about the size and maturity level of a 12-year-old. All his body hair was gone. His shoulders were no longer broad, his once powerful arms were skinny and weak, and all of his muscle mass was now gone. He was a good 3 inches and 25 pounds smaller than Brian, and Eric knew that if Brian wanted to force him physically, he could do it. Eric soon found himself pinned against the bed, with Brian sitting on his chest. "Brian - get off of me!" he begged. "Please stop this..."

Brian smiled down at him. "I hate to tell you this, Eric, but you're not the one calling the shots anymore, and I really don't give a sh*t what you want. You just need to get used to doing what you're told, 'cause all that matters now is what I want... right?" Eric didn't answer. Instead he struggled, again without success, to get out from under his teen tormentor. Brian by this point had both of Eric's hands pinned with his one. "RIGHT?" he demanded, more menacingly this time. Eric still didn't answer. So, with his free hand, Brian smacked Eric hard across his face. Eric was shocked - this was the last thing he expected. Eric felt his face flush and his eyes begin to fill with tears.

"Right, Eric?"

Eric still said nothing, but when Brian raised his hand again, he suddenly blurted out: "Yeah, right - whatever you want, Brian. Anything you say..."

Brian lowered his hand. "That's a good boy, Eric..." He smiled and pulled down his boxers, freeing his stiff dick so it stood out in front of Eric's face. "...because what I want is for you to give me a blowjob."

Eric was stunned. He shuddered when he heard Brian speak those words. "No! Not that, Brian. Please not that!" he said.

"C'mon, Eric," Brian teased. "You just jerked me off last night, so what's the big deal. Don't be such a crybaby." He reached back into Eric's shorts and grabbed his stiff little peanut. "If you really weren't into this, your little pecker wouldn't be so hard." As Brian rubbed his little peanut between his fingers, Eric felt a shiver shoot down his spine. He moaned with pleasure despite himself. As little as his peanut now was, Brian's attentions to it sure felt good!

"Please, I can't do that. Please don't make me!" Eric was begging, squirming under the weight of the bigger boy. Brian wouldn't let up, though, and seemed to be getting off on it.

"You can do it, Eric. And you will. Don't you want to be a good little boy? All you have to do is open your mouth and relax. C'mon, just a little more..." He smacked his cock against Eric's face, and Eric... well, he did what he was told. He opened his mouth and Brian shifted forward, and slowly eased his cock into the reluctant little Flyer's mouth. Eric's throat closed up on him and he started to gag. He tried to pull away, but Brian grabbed his hair and pulled him back.

"Good boy, Eric. That feels real good." Brian moved his cock slowly in and out of Eric's mouth. "See now, that's not so bad, is it?"

And you know - it really wasn't so bad, Eric thought. He was starting to get pretty horny now too. His little dick now fully erect, and nothing could have shaken him more. At some level he must have been digging it. Brian reached over and began to jack off Eric's little tool, in rhythm with his own thrusts into the little athlete's mouth. He only needed a couple of fingers to do it. Brian's breathing became really heavy suddenly, and he thrust deeply into Eric's throat. An explosion of Brian's cum filled Eric's mouth, and spilled down his gullet. Eric reached his climax at the same moment, with Brian still pumping away on his tiny little cock. He felt his muscles contract and inhaled sharply as he came... But wait a second - something was wrong! Eric looked down at his cock. It looked so tiny and pathetic in Brian's hand. As Brian continued to rub Eric's little boy peanut between his thumb and fingers, Eric was shocked to see that it was dry - no cum, no pre-cum, no nothing. He hadn't had a real orgasm after all! The realization dawned on him that he had lost yet another part of what had made him a man - he couldn't cum anymore! And Eric knew - he was just a little boy now.

Brian pulled out of Eric's mouth abruptly and walked straight into the bathroom, not saying so much as a word to Eric, and leaving him all alone - naked and still tasting Brian's cum. He felt strange; an emptiness he couldn't understand, a loneliness he couldn't explain. Brian came back after a minute or so and hopped back into bed, coldly turning his back on Eric. Eric wanted to talk about the strange feelings and confused thoughts he was having. "Brian," he said quietly. Brian responded with a sleepy, impatient "Shhhhh!" Eric could feel the humiliation in the pit of his stomach. Nor was the irony of the situation lost on him. Eric had just a few nights before turned his back on Brian, and told him to shut up. Now the shoe was on the other foot.

Eric quietly went into the bathroom to clean himself up. When he came back to bed, he lay there in silence for some time. "Brian," he said finally. The only response from his slumbering tormentor was Brian's deep, rhythmic breathing. He just could not understand why he was feeling this way. Brian had just forced him to suck his cock - raped him more or less! Despite the burning humiliation he was feeling, Eric had an inexplicable desire to be close to Brian, to hold him, feel the warmth of his body. Eric felt so alone, so little and helpless; he needed to reach out. Slowly, so as not to shake the bed, he eased himself over next to Brian, and snuggled up against the small of his back. He laid his hand gently on Brian's much bigger arm, and then, like a child holding onto a big teddy bear, he drifted off to sleep.

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