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Important Note:This story part contains mature subject matter and some graphic descriptions of personal encounters. If you do not wish to read or might be offended by explicit language and/or descriptions, please use your browser's 'BACK' button now. The subject matter that follows may not be intended for those under 18. This is a work of fiction and the characters are not representative of any person living or dead.

Author's Note: Please note that the character Eric is an adult, regardless of his temporary physical condition.

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In the days after the incident with Kevin, Eric found himself drawn more and more to Brian. His relationship with the Coach really hadn't changed all that much. Maybe the Coach was bossier than he usually was, and sort of treated Eric more like a kid than his star forward, but the dynamics of the relationship were still the same. With Brian, however, everything was different. Every day seemed to redefine their relationship. Eric now looked to Brian much as a little boy would his older brother.

Eric had gotten much smaller over the next few days, about the size of a 5 or 6 year old. It wasn't just his size that was changing, either. He had lost most of his adult teeth over the last day or so, and they were quickly replaced by new baby teeth. Only his adult front teeth remained, giving him the cute, toothy smile that kids that age often have. His hair had gotten lighter too, almost blonde. The funny thing was that while Eric had gotten smaller, his hair had stayed the same length, leaving him with shoulder length blonde curls.

None of Brian's old hand-me-downs fit Eric anymore, so the Coach drove him and Brian to the mall to get the little athlete some new clothes. "Eric, you pay attention to Brian," the Coach said."I don't want you to go wondering off and getting yourself into any trouble." Then he pulled Brian aside to give him some instructions that Eric couldn't hear, which pissed Eric off."You two behave yourselves. I'll meet you back here in 2 hours, and Eric, he said, turning to the diminished hockey star, you listen to Brian!" Eric nodded sullenly, angry and humiliated that Coach was treating him like such a little kid. He realized that it was probably hard for Coach to think of him as the 26-year-old man he actually was, considering how young he looked. But he did know that he was able to look out for himself, and didn't need Brian telling him what to do.

As the Coach drove off, the two boys walked into the mall and headed to the Gap Kids store. Brian asked the sales clerk for some help, saying he wasn't sure of sizes and stuff. As the sales clerk walked Eric across the store, he commented on his long eyelashes and pretty blonde curls." What's your name, little darlin'?" he asked cheerfully. Suddenly, Eric realized that the clerk had taken him into the girls department!

"Eric!" Eric spit back at him, "and I'm a boy!" This was the just too much for Eric to take, and he stormed angrily out of the store. He studied his reflection in the storefront. He DID look like a f*cking girl. Brian ran out after him a second later, and found Eric in tears.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" he demanded."Come on, now - Calm down! We need to go back and pick you out some clothes."

"No way! That guy thought I was a girl, and I'm not going back in there."

"I don't give a sh*t what you want - Dad said you have to listen to me."

"Please - just take me to get a haircut, and then you can go pick me out whatever you want." Eric begged. "I'll be good - I swear. I'll do whatever you say. Please!"

Brian agreed finally, and took him to the barbershop. Eric was seated right away, and began to tell the barber how he wanted his hair cut. Brian called the barber aside, though, and said, "Don't pay any attention to the kid. Just give him the same haircut you would give any 6-year-old." He came back over to Eric and told him that he would go pick up some clothes for him, and would meet him back there at the barbershop in an hour. Eric was to wait for him there. When the barber was finished, Eric sat there in the barber chair and looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn't believe the change a haircut could make. He looked even younger than before. The barber had given him a little kid's haircut - short on the back and sides, with cute little bangs on the front. Eric was pissed, but at least he looked like a little boy now, and not a girl.

Eric's haircut only took a half an hour, though. He waited around for a few minutes, but then decided to head out and find Brian himself. He went back to Gap Kids, but couldn't find Brian. Where else could he be? Eric ended up walking back and forth between the barbershop and Gap Kids, but still no Brian. The time that Brian was supposed to meet him came and went, and Eric was beginning to get worried. He finally figured he should just wait outside the barbershop, but on the way back, he spied a sporting goods store, and thought he would just cruise on in for a second to check things out. Besides, Brian might be in there. Eric asked where the ice hockey equipment was, and was directed to a back corner of the store. As he turned the corner, he was confronted with the image of a huge hockey player in full gear. It took him a few seconds to realize that he was actually looking at a life-size cutout of himself. Eric was awestruck. In his current diminished form, he barely came up to the waist of the cutout. He just couldn't believe how huge the cutout was - how big HE used to be - and how puny and pathetic he was now. Eric just stood there and stared for some time, unable to shake the sense of loss and frustration that gripped him. Why had the Coach done this to him?

He heard some voices coming up behind him - kids badmouthing him - the Flyers' star forward, not the puny kid gawking at the cutout." He's the most overrated guy on the team, ya know?" one of the kids said." Sure he's big and all, but he's got no speed. He's supposed to lead the team, but he really sucks!"

Eric spun around in anger. 'You guys don't know what the f*ck your talking about!" Eric shouted at the kids. 'He led the Flyers in goals last season, and he's probably the toughest player in the whole league!"

"Uh oh, looks like somebody's getting mad," one kid said to the other, smiling. Then he turned to Eric. "Did we hurt your feelings when we picked on your great big hewo, widdle boy?" he mocked. "If you love him THAT much, maybe you ought to give him a kiss!" As the two kids came closer, Eric realized that he had maybe made a mistake. They really loomed over him. They were much bigger than he first realized, and Eric was afraid. He looked around quickly. They were in a secluded corner of the store, and there didn't seem to be any grownups around. Eric tried to make a run for it, but the kids had no problem catching him. The bigger of the two - more than a head taller than Eric - grabbed him and painfully twisted his arm behind his back. He was powerless to resist as the big bully forced his face right up to the crotch of the cardboard cutout.

"Go ahead," the bully said, "give your hero's dick a big kiss, you little fairy!" Eric paused a second, but his arm was twisted even harder. He pressed his lips against the cardboard and kissed it. Eric barely noticed as the second boy pulled his shorts and underpants down around his ankles, and out from under his feet. Not that he could have done anything about it.

So there he was, half naked with his little peepee sticking out, kissing - really slobbering all over - the cardboard crotch of his own life-size image. As the reality of the situation dawned on him, he was overcome with humiliation and helplessness. Eric began to cry again, and as the tears ran down his cheeks, the big bully teased him, "Oh, look at the widdle boy crying. What's the matter, baby, you want your mommy?"

Finally, the bigger boy let go of Eric's arm, releasing the de-pantsed little athlete. "Hey! Gimme back my shorts!" Eric whined, rubbing his sore little arm.

"Oh, the widdle boy wants his widdle pants back," teased the boy holding Eric's shorts. He held them up in the air, but when Eric reached for them, the boy pulled them up out of his reach, then tossed them to the bigger boy. Eric found himself caught in a game of keep-away, the two bigger boys tossing his pants back and forth over his head and laughing as he tried vainly to jump up to retrieve them, his little peepee bouncing up and down, and his smooth little ass exposed. Suddenly, the two boys froze, and looked sort of scared themselves.

"What do you two little assholes think you're doing!" a voice bellowed from behind Eric. He turned around, and there was Brian! Eric was never so glad to see anyone in his whole life. He had really been scared that these bullies might really hurt him, but now Brian was here to save him. The two boys said nothing - they just hung their heads.

"Why don't you go pick on someone your own size?" Brian yelled."Now get the hell out of here before I beat the sh*t out of both of you!" He made a lunge at them, and they ran off like two scared little rabbits. This caused Eric to burn with an even deeper sense of humiliation, as he realized that the 'big boys' who had so intimidated him weren't big at all - Brian towered over them as much as they had towered over Eric. They couldn't have been older than 8 or 9, and the fact that Eric had been so much smaller than them, and so scared, drove home just how helpless and weak he had become.

"I thought told I you to wait for me at the barber's," Brian said.

"Yeah, but I got done early and. . ." Brian cut him off.

"Shut the f*ck up, Eric. . . and put your pants back on."

"Those kids had them when they ran away from you."

"Great," Brian said impatiently. "Just f*cking great. Get over here." Eric sheepishly obeyed, and Brian roughly grabbed him by the hand and dragged him up to the front of the store. Eric could have died from embarrassment. People were staring at him! He reached down with his free hand, partly to conceal the little stiffy he had thrown in all the excitement, but it was mainly the reflex that little boys have to grab their little peepees when they get scared. Brian dragged Eric to the very front of the store, right up to the sales counter and in front of everybody. "Excuse me," Brian said to the salesman. "My little brother got lost and wandered into your store. When I found him, he had somehow managed to lose his pants." At this point everybody laughed at Eric, who blushed deeply and grabbed his little peanut even tighter. "I had to leave my packages at Baby Gap to go look for him." ("Baby Gap?" thought Eric. ) Brian continued, "Do you have a little pair of shorts I could buy for him to wear out of here?" The sales clerk said they really didn't carry very much in children's sizes. The only thing they would have in Eric's size would be bathing suits. Brian said that would be fine. The clerk took Eric back to the dressing room, and got him fixed up in the little pair of Speedos while Brian went to pick up his packages. They treated him very nicely, but were very patronizing and made Eric feel like an idiot. When Brian returned, he laughed at how silly Eric looked in the little 'stars and stripes' Speedos, and walked the blushing little athlete out to meet the Coach.

The Coach was furious when Brian told him how Eric had disobeyed him and wandered off in the mall, and all the trouble that he had gotten himself into. Coach said practically nothing the entire ride, but when they got home, he took Brian and Eric straight to his study.

"Brian," he said, "I trusted you to keep an eye on Eric. Instead, you left him alone in the barber's while you were off fooling around in the mall. You know he isn't big enough to take care of himself. Eric should have waited for you like you told him, but that doesn't let you off the hook. You were supposed to be in charge, and you disappointed me today. I just hope you learned something." Then he turned to Eric. "And you, young man - you have to realize that you are not a grown-up anymore - you are a little boy, Eric, no matter what you may think. Brian is bigger than you now, and he knows better than you do what is good for you. I can't be around all the time, and Brian is helping me take care of you. So whatever he says, goes. Without question. Are we clear?" Eric nodded silently. "I wish I could take your word for it, but I can't. Believe me when I say that I never wanted it to come to this, but you don't really leave me any choice. You really need to learn some discipline and respect - this has been your problem all along. But let me tell you this -- it is going to end right here and now. From Now On You Do What You're Told!" With that, he roughly picked Eric up and laid him across his lap. Eric began to struggle and protest. The Coach pulled off the little Speedos and threw them aside as Eric ground his now stiff little peanut into the coach's lap and tried to get away.

"Coach - what are you doing? You can't. . ."

WHACK! Eric squealed as the Coach spanked his bare little ass. It really didn't hurt all that bad, but it was so humiliating. It was bad enough to be spanked like this, but for Brian to witness it was too much. And as Eric received an even dozen paddles, he lost the last shred of dignity he had. He cried and cried, begging the Coach to stop, promising between sobs that he would be a good boy - that he would listen to Coach and Brian and do whatever he was told. Finally, when Eric's ass glowed an angry red, the Coach stopped and lifted Eric back to his feet and stood him in front of him.

"There now," said the Coach, "I hope I've gotten the message through to you finally."

"Yes, Coach," the crying little boy responded.

"One more thing, Eric. I don't want you to call me 'Coach' anymore - you are too little and it will sound funny if anyone overhears. From now on I want you to call me 'Dad.' Are we clear?"

Eric looked up him. He had always stood taller than Coach. He could have had him fired if he had wanted. But all that was changed now. This man had now just turned Eric over his knee and spanked his naked little bottom. As he involuntarily rubbed his tiny hands over his sore little bottom he felt a lump in his throat as tears continued to run down his cheek. "Yes, Dad," Eric finally responded, realizing the full ramifications of this new relationship.

"Good. Now, I want the both of you to go on up to your room, and think about what you've learned today. Brian - you are in charge when I'm not around. Don't make me think I've misplaced my trust in you. Eric - all you need to remember is to do exactly what you're told." The Coach smiled as he watched his son place a hand on Eric's shoulder and lead the little athlete, half-naked and with shoulders slumped and eyes to the floor, from the room. He had broken Eric today.

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