Eric 6 (tt tb mt oral anal AR)

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Author's Note: Read no further if you are offended by descriptions of gay sexual situations. Please note that the character Eric is an adult, regardless of his temporary physical condition.

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Eric felt bad. Not only was he in trouble, but he had gotten Brian in trouble too. That guilt, combined with the humiliation of being spanked in front of Brian, left him in a pretty fragile state. As the two boys went up to the bedroom, Eric continued to cry. "I'm real sorry I got you in trouble," he said softly.

"It's OK Eric," Brian told him. "It's not a big deal. Just make sure you do whatever you're told, and it won't happen again."

"No, I won't let it happen again, Brian - I swear. I'll do whatever you tell me to."

"Well, if you want to make it up to me..."

Eric was ecstatic to hear those words, because he really did want to make up for getting Brian in trouble, for disobeying him at the mall.

"Do you mean it Brian? Please, tell me what to do!"

Brian hesitated a moment, unsure what to say. Then slowly, a smile spread across his face. "Well," Brian said, anxious to see just how eager to please Eric had really become, "maybe you could take care of this for me?" He thrust his hips toward Eric. With a dawning realization of what Brian was really asking him to do, Eric's eyes slowly dropped to the bulge in Brian's pants, now eye level for him. There, right in front of him, Eric could see the hard-on the teen had been sporting ever since he had watched the first slap of his father's hand against Eric's bare little backside. Eric knew what Brian was asking him to do, but far from being repulsed by it, he wanted to do it! Although he couldn't understand it, he had an insatiable desire to see, hold, touch, taste and play with Brian's hard teen cock. It was enough to know that it was what Brian wanted, and that in itself made him more eager to do it.

Brian too realized that something had changed. Whereas before Eric had only been willing to do what he was told, he could now see in Eric's eyes now the need and desire to please. Carefully, with his tiny hands trembling with anticipation, Eric took hold of Brian's belt and started to undo it. Brian's pants dropped to the floor , and Eric's small fingers quickly slid the teen's boxers down, and without so much as a pause, he hungrily took Brian's cock into his mouth. He was so glad for the opportunity to do what Brain said, for the chance to obey and show that he really could be a good little boy. Brian smiled as he placed his hands on top of Eric's head and ran his fingers gently through his boyish tow hair. "Good boy, Eric...." Brian said softly, lovingly, almost like a master to his favorite pet, "That's my good little boy."

Hearing these words of praise from Brian, knowing he was pleasing him, gave Eric a glow of satisfaction inside such as he'd never experienced before. All of his successes and achievements, the awards he'd won, all his triumphs on the ice, none had given him such an deep sense of accomplishment, pride, or sheer joy, as he was now feeling. Deep down, however, he knew that something wasn't right - that something was happening to him, that this was all wrong somehow. But none of that mattered. What did matter was that Brian was happy.

Eric sucked Brian's cock for all he was worth, and when Brian came, Eric swallowed as much as he could, still eager to please, but some spilled out anyway and covered his little cheeks and ran down his chin. Eric sat back and looked up at Brian for his approval. Brian smiled and tussled his hair again. But Eric's little stiffy needed attention too. "Brian," he asked, "I thought maybe you could... uh - do me too."

"You want me to blow you?" Brian responded, incredulous. "Eric, I'm too big to suck on a little boy's peepee. I'm 14, for God's sake, and you're like what - 5? Think about it!" But Brian did want to show Eric his approval in some way, so as Eric rubbed his own little peanut, Brian gently caressed Eric's glowing ass cheeks. Later that night, however, when Eric was sure that Brian was sound asleep, he snuggled up against the boy he now thought of as a big brother, and rubbed his little peanut against the slumbering teens big cock. And as he lay there, rubbing against Brian, trying to cum like he used to, it again made it all too clear to Eric just how pathetic he had become.

Over the next couple of days, Eric continued to grow younger and even smaller, but it didn't matter to him now. All he cared about was trying to be a good little boy, and doing what he was told. He spent much of his time with Brian. Coach hadn't intended to dump a small child on his son for the summer, but a bond seemed to have formed between the two boys, and Brian was good with him. Besides, Eric was little more than a 3-year-old now, and there was little point in taking him down to the rink everyday until he started to grow up again. So while Coach was at work, Brian played games with Eric at home, children's games the Coach had designed to build the coordination he would need later.

While he still had the mind of an adult, it was getting harder for Eric to think that way. He was beginning to think like a little kid, and often, when frustrated or confused, he would lose his temper. And with each passing day, he was getting more and more attached to Brian, whom he was now following around like a puppy dog. Brian, like any boy who became the subject of this sort of attention, grew weary of it from time to time. When he went off to the mall with a couple of buddies for a couple hours and wouldn't take Eric along, Eric cried and pouted the rest of the afternoon. Each night before bed, Brian would let Eric suck him off and, after he was sure Brian was asleep, Eric would again rub his little peanut against Brian's big teen cock.

One night, however, as Eric rubbed against Brian's cock, he suddenly felt a strange, warm, wet feeling down at his little peanut. For a moment, Eric actually believed that he was able to make cum like a big boy again, but it only took a second or two for reality set in: he had just pissed himself! Not only that, he had pissed all over Brian, too! Eric couldn't believe that this was happening to him. Brian woke suddenly and explosively. He looked down and saw the pee stain on his shirt and his boxers, and the soaked sheets in his bed. He screamed at Eric in a blind fury.

"I can't f*cking believe this. You pissed in my bed - you pissed all over me!" Poor little Eric was beside himself. He tried to tell Brian between sobs that he was sorry, that he hadn't meant to be a bad boy. The Coach, awakened by all the commotion, stormed into the room. He found Brian standing beside the bed with a wet stain on his underwear, and Eric lying in a wet tangle of sheets, his little jockey shorts soaked though. He realized immediately what had happened, and picked up Eric, carefully keeping the wet front of his little underpants away from him. He tried to comfort the crying little boy, but Eric was inconsolable. He just kept saying over and over that he was sorry, that is was an accident...

"It's okay, Eric," said the Coach, "We know you didn't do it on purpose." He turned to Brian and told him to calm down, that he was only making things worse. He cradled little Eric in his arms as he carried him downstairs to his den. "You're just too little to sleep in a big boy bed with Brian anymore. We have a special bed set up for you now in my den." When the Coach turned on the lights, Eric gasped. One whole side of the den was set up like a nursery, complete with a baby's crib, changing table, and playpen.

"Noooooo, Daddy!" cried Eric. "Don't make me sleep in a crib!"

"Now Eric," the Coach said in a patronizing tone, "it's for your own good. If a little guy like you were to fall out of Brian's bed, you could get hurt pretty bad." He laid Eric down gently on the changing table and fixed him with a very serious look.

"Eric, you aren't going to like this either, but you're going to have to wear a diaper to bed from now on. You've had one 'accident' and you're bound to have others. I can't just have you peeing your bed every night." Eric shuddered at these words. The thought of actually wearing a baby's diaper, not to mention being diapered by someone, almost made him physically sick. "Please no!" Eric protested - he wasn't really a baby, after all. "I promise I won't peepee in my pants, Daddy. I'll be a good boy!" But Eric knew that he had no choice and, at some level, he knew that the Coach was right. He couldn't be allowed to wet the bed every night. So as the Coach removed his sodden underpants, Eric's protestations diminished a little. Coach took out a package of baby wipes and started to wipe off Eric's ass and little peanut. It felt so good to be touched like that, that Eric couldn't help but get excited. When the Coach peeled back Eric's little foreskin, exposing the little pink head, Eric had never felt so naked and vulnerable before. The thrill of it sent shivers down his spine. At that moment Brian entered the room with the dirty sheets and dumped them in a pile by the door as his dad had asked him to. As little Eric looked over at him, Brian teasingly stripped off his own wet T-shirt and boxers and left them on the pile. Just weeks before, Eric probably would have viewed Brian's teenage cock as immature, just a kids smallish cock with a dusting of light pubes. Now, however, as he looked at his own hairless little peepee, so tiny in the Coach's big hands, Brian's cock and pubic bush made Eric shiver with envy and desire. And Eric's attention to Brian's cock didn't go unnoticed by the teen, who took his time, wiping his dick off very slowly. He knew Eric was watching him, and he got a kick out of teasing the little baby. With Brian in the room, Eric began to struggle again against the Coach's efforts to diaper him. Brian walked up to the changing table and watched as his dad got the little guy settled. He noticed Eric's little stiffy. "Hey," he said to Coach, "he's got a woody!"

"That's pretty common, Brian. A lot of times a little baby boy will get aroused when you handle his little penis. It's normal." But Brian knew better - he knew that Eric, even as a little 2 and a half year old toddler, was hot for his teen cock, hungry for it, literally drooling over it. Coach noticed the drool collecting around Eric's mouth, and gently brushed his forefinger over Eric's upper lip to wipe it away. Eric felt shamed and humiliated by the Coach's babying him so obviously. He reached up to push the Coach's hand out of his face, but much to his own surprise, however, Eric didn't push it away. Rather, he found himself grabbing the Coach's finger in his tiny hands and pulling it into his mouth. Without even thinking about it, Eric was sucking on the Coach's finger. The Coach chuckled softly and smiled down at Eric. "Poor little Eric," he said mockingly. "You've come all the way back to this, haven't you?"

Brian looked confused by this. "Why did he do that?" he asked.

"I'm sure he couldn't help himself," Coach responded. "Babies have an instinct that makes them suck on things. Poor little Eric here is a real baby again, so he's developing a baby's need to put things in his mouth and suck."

This intrigued Brian. "Really? How come?"

"Well, that's how babies eat. Little babies need the instinct or they wouldn't know how to nurse from their mom. When they get a little older it becomes more of a comfort thing. When a baby is upset, giving them something to suck on will sometimes help them calm down. Tomorrow when I go into town, maybe I'll get little Eric here something to suck on so he won't be so upset all the time."

Brian loved this. "You're gonna get him a binky?"

"Well, yes, a pacifier. That will help us calm the little guy down if he gets too upset. See how much more relaxed he is now?"

And Eric did seem calmer. Despite his great humiliation, he continued to eagerly suck on Coach's thumb. Not only couldn't he make himself stop, but he realized that he did feel better now, comforted and relaxed without even understanding why. Finally, the Coach pulled his finger out of Eric's mouth with a little pop. As soon as Eric realized he had lost his pacifier, he started to fuss again. He didn't exactly know why he was so upset, but he couldn't control his emotions very well anymore. The Coach took Eric's little hand and made a little fist with the thumb sticking out. He guided it into Eric's little mouth, and he calmed down again as he sucked his thumb.

Coach had an early meeting with the team's owners in the morning, and really had to get back to sleep, so he lifted the tiny hockey star off the changing table and laid him gently in the crib. Eric pulled himself to his feet, holding onto the bars of the crib with both hands as he angrily cried out for attention. He couldn't believe they were going to leave him in a crib! Coach looked at Brian and said, "Don't worry about him. He'll cry himself to sleep before too long."

Brian looked down at the crying baby in the crib, and turned to his dad and said, "Do you think it'd be okay if I stayed down here with him for a little?"

"Sure, Brian. I think that would be really nice of you. I'd stay with him myself, but I need to get up early."

So the Coach headed off to bed leaving Brian alone with Eric. He picked up the little guy, still crying and struggling, and laid him gently on his side. Brian spoke comfortingly to Eric, and petted him on the back. Eric calmed down a little as Brian spoke to him, but he still squirmed uncomfortably. He needed something, but he just couldn't figure out what it was. "I know that this must be real hard for you Eric, and I'm sorry you're so upset. I'll talk to Dad tomorrow and see if we can move your crib back up to my room. Would that be better?" Eric nodded slightly, still frowning and sniffling.

"Maybe there's something I could do to make you feel better tonight ..." Brian suggested, as he pressed up against the crib. He stuck his cock through the bars, right in front of Eric's face. When Brian brushed the head of his cock against Eric's cheek, Eric instinctively turned his head toward it, and without even thinking about it, grabbed it in his little hands and pulled it into his mouth. Finally, with his cheek muscles working away, and Brian moaning out loud from the intense sensations he was getting from Eric's powerful sucking, Eric began to settle down. Still sucking steadily on Brian's cock, the tiny hockey star finally drifted off to sleep. His dreams were confused. He was on the ice again, and at his full 26 years of age and 6'-5", but other than his skates he was wearing only a diaper, and had a little binky in his mouth. And as he sucked away on his little binky, he was thinking what a poor substitute it made for a big, juicy cock.

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