Eric 9 (tt tb mt oral anal AP)

Important Note:This story part contains mature subject matter and some graphic descriptions of personal encounters. If you do not wish to read or might be offended by explicit language and/or descriptions, please use your browser's 'BACK' button now. The subject matter that follows may not be intended for those under 18. This is a work of fiction and the characters are not representative of any person living or dead.

Author's Note: This story contains elements of age regression in which a man is gradually made physically younger over time. Some parts of this story contain descriptions of sexual contact between this man and others as he is regressed into a Teen, a Boy and so on. If this sounds like something that might offend you, please read no further. Otherwise - enjoy!

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Eric continued to grow over the next week, and while he still had the occasional accident, soon enough he was out of diapers and back in training pants. By the weekend, Eric was physically at the level of a 5 or 6-year-old, and he was very proud of his newly regained ability to go potty like a big boy. Coach had already started to run the youngster through the drills and exercises that were going to hone his skills to a razor point and make him into the best athlete in the league. On Saturday, Coach took his two boys to see a youth league hockey game sponsored by the Flyers. It would be good for Eric to get a taste of the game before he started to play. And besides, it would be nice way for Coach to unwind for a few hours and just watch a game for a change. Eric was very excited, and was very interested in the game. But like any boy of five he overdid it a bit on the refreshments, and before too long he found that he had to pee pretty bad. Coach noticed the little guy grabbing at his crotch and turned to Brian.

"Eric has to take a leak...take him down to the men's room."

"Awww, c'mon Dad - we just got here," Brian protested.

"Nooooo Daddy," little Eric whined. "I can go by myself now. Please I wanna go by myself!"

Coach thought about it, and figured what the hell - the restrooms were pretty close, and it was a private rink - only guys from the hockey camp and families could get in. "Okay Eric, but don't be too long now."

Eric fairly jumped out of his seat, excited to be granted the first measure of independence. He rushed down to the end of the rink, and entered the men's room.

The room was silent and appeared to be vacant. There was a line of urinals along one wall, and two stalls on the other. At first, Eric thought he would go peepee in a urinal, but they looked too high for him. Eric entered one of two stalls, and latched the door behind him. He undid his little shorts and hopped up onto the seat - it was still high for him and his feet dangled above the floor. Before Eric was able to start peeing, however, he noticed something. Just above the toilet paper holder was a hole in the partition, and from where he sat on the toilet seat, he could look through the hole and see the man in the next stall. What he saw was a huge erect uncut cock - just like he used to have - with a single hand stroking it! It scared him a little, but it was also fascinating. It was soooo big, and little Eric could not take his eyes off of it. He absently dropped his own hand down to his little circumcised peanut and began to rub it, all thoughts of peeing forgotten for the moment as he watched the huge cock get jacked off.

Suddenly Eric heard a voice: "If you see anything you like, you might as well come in here and lend a hand."

Without a second though Eric jumped off the seat and bolted from the stall like a frightened little bunny, scared of what the big man might do to him. But Eric's pants were still down around his knees, and no sooner had he cleared the stall when he tripped and fell to the floor in a tangle. Eric looked wildly around the room - it was still empty, save himself and the man in the stall. Eric whimpered in terror as the stall's door swung open, and Eric's tiny peanut suddenly let loose a stream of peepee that puddled on the floor under him. As Eric looked up at the huge man emerging from the stall, he instantly recognized him. It was Terry, one of the assistant trainers on the team. Eric had never really liked the guy, a recent grad serving an internship with the Flyers. He was a skinny, faggy kid, no more than 21 or so, and Eric had always made sure someone else worked on him. And now this 'queer' was terrorizing him in the bathroom!

Terry approached the small child on the floor with some trepidation. One wrong move and his ass was grass. "Hey little fella," he said to the kid. "I didn't mean to scare you there." Eric was shaking in fear, fighting to hold back the tears. Terry bent over and grabbed the Eric by the shoulders and stood the pantsed little guy on his feet. "We better get you cleaned up, eh Buddy?" Eric stood there and said nothing. He unconsciously grabbed at his little peanut as Terry grabbed some paper towels. He squatted next to Eric and began to wipe the pee off of the little guy's tummy. "It's a good thing you had your pants down or you might have gotten them wet," he said as his hand moved down and began to wipe Eric's little peanut. Terry stared straight in Eric's eyes as he did it, a slight smile on his face. Eric didn't know what to think. He knew it was wrong for this man to be touching him - or was it - maybe he was only trying to help. But even more scary - Eric didn't want him to stop. It felt good, and even though Eric had never liked Terry before, he liked being touched by him now.

Coach looked at his watch and noticed that Eric had been in the men's room for more then ten minutes now. "Brian, go down to the bathroom and see what's taking Eric so long."

"Aw, c'mon Dad, I don"t want to miss any of this!'

"Just go!" the Coach said finally.

Brian reluctantly left his seat and walked down to the restrooms. When he opened the door to the men's room, he saw Eric standing with his pants at his knees, and some guy from the team kneeling next to him wiping him off with paper towels.

"Hey. What's going on?"

Eric blushed deep red but said nothing. Terry blushed a little too, but kept cool. "Oh hi - it's Brian, right? Is this little fella with you? He had a bit of an accident trying to use the toilet like a big boy, didn't you little guy?"

Eric nodded silently, biting his lip. What Terry was saying wasn't true exactly, and he knew it made him look dumb - but he couldn't say what really happened.

"Jeez!" Brian said, "Can't you do anything right?"

Eric just shrugged as his upper lip began to quiver again. It wasn't fair for him to be so humiliated. This was all that faggot Terry's fault, but he also knew he could never say anything about it. He didn't want to cry - he wasn't a baby anymore - but he just couldn't stop himself. So as Brian took the little guy by the hand and walked him back to the seats, Eric continued to cry and sniffle.

"Hey!" said the Coach, "What's all this? Why all the tears, little guy?" Eric just sniffled and continued to cry. Brian explained about Eric having a little accident, and Terry helping him out. Coach rolled his eyes, but when Eric still didn't stop crying, Coach grabbed him by his little arm and shook him gently. "Hey! It's okay that you had an accident - it happens, but you have to start acting like a big boy now if you want to be treated like one. I was just thinking about moving you back up with Brian when you start acting like you're ready." Coach winked at Brian.

"Yeah," Brian replied, smiling, "you just said that Eric was big enough to sleep in a big boy bed again as soon as he stopped acting like a baby."

"Really!" Eric asked, his tears disappearing. "Can I for real?"

"I thought you were ready," Coach replied, ruffling Eric's blond hair.

"Oh please, Daddy!" Eric begged. "I'll be good - I can be a big boy!"

"Well, I guess if you promise to try..."

Eric could hardly sit still for the rest of the game. The pre-school sized athlete was elated. He couldn't wait for the game to end so he could move out of the 'baby room' he'd been sleeping in for all these weeks, and for his nightly fun with Brian to begin again! Finally, the game ended, and when Coach and the boys returned home, Coach moved Eric back up to bunk with Brian.

Eric continued mature. As he grew bigger and stronger, the Coach intensified his training. Eric spent much of each day drilling with the Coach and Brian. Coach also made him watch his old game films - he wanted Eric to see the subtleties of play that others had, and that he had lacked. This sort of comprehension would be critical for his rebuilding. Most little kids would have found this boring, but of course Eric was no ordinary boy. He found himself riveted to the screen, staring at the images of himself in full gear on the ice. Eric couldn't wait to be that big again, then he wouldn't have to worry about being a good boy anymore, and could do whatever HE wanted.

Soon enough, Eric was at the level of an 8-year-old. Still a small boy, he was growing up fast. Other than drilling and watching films, he spent just about every waking hour with Brian, and he pretty much followed his big brother around like a puppy dog. If Brian went to the den to watch TV, Eric would follow him. If he went to the kitchen to get a snack, Eric would do the same. Brian didn't seem to mind though. At bedtime, they continued the fun that Brian had initiated so many weeks ago. Every night Brian would climb into bed next to Eric, and Eric would burrow under the light summer sheets and up between Brian's long legs. Eric loved to suck Brian's cock, and really didn't expect anything in return other than his big brother's approval. So he would gently take his brother's cock into his mouth, and suck him off. Eric always felt a thrill of excitement as Brian's swollen cock began to jerk in his mouth. He drank hungrily of his brothers boy juice, as if drinking Brian's cum would allow him to cum like a big boy. He would continue to suck even after swallowing the very last of Brian's cum, and both boys drifted off to sleep like that every night - with Eric gently suckling at his big brothers deflating hose.

The summer neared it's final month and found Eric the size and appearance of a typical 12 year old boy. As the young hockey star neared puberty, his immersion into hockey was beginning to show. Coach continued to drill the boys together each day, and Eric's skills soon overtook his size. Brian was still much bigger than Eric, but while the older teen was still strong enough to physically force the issue, Eric was growing into a much more agile player. For the moment, the boys were more or less evenly matched. Soon though, Brian would be no match for Eric, and Coach had reached the conclusion that there really was nothing more to be gained in training them together. So, he sat his boys down together and explained that he had decided to send Brian to an exclusive hockey camp up in Canada for the last few weeks of the summer. This would be great for Brian, who was developing into a talented hockey player himself, but more so because it would free Eric from any distraction as he went through his last weeks with the Coach. Eric didn't let himself cry (what 12-year-old would?), but he was a little choked up and clearly upset to be losing Brian. He wondered whether he would ever see his big brother again.

During their last days together, Eric's desire to please his big brother grew stronger than ever. They were practically inseparable. On their last night, as Brian lay on his bed stroking his Eric's blonde curls, he looked down do see tears in his kid brother's eyes.

"Why do you have to go?" Eric asked. "I'm only gonna be here a couple more weeks."

"Dad's just doing what he thinks is best. You'll be okay though - Dad said he might have one of the guys from the team help out a bit - maybe that guy Terry..." Brian didn't see the fear flash across Eric's face at that news.

"In the meantime, Sport - howsabout you suck me off one last time for old time's sake?"

It was phrased as a question, but Eric didn't hear it that way. He heard it as a command, and he did not hesitate to obey. He quickly crawled between Brian's legs, and set to work on the teen's cock. He had developed some pretty amazing skills at sucking cock over the preceding weeks, and Brian was moaning in ecstasy in seconds. When Eric felt the cock in his mouth begin to jerk, he knew Brian was ready to cum. Eric always got excited when Brian started to shoot; it was like Brian's cum was his reward for being good. Brian shot his load down Eric's waiting throat, and Eric swallowed hungrily as he reached his own climax... But then something strange happened - Eric felt a warm wet feeling in his shorts. He couldn't believe it - he had pissed himself again! Eric quickly reached into his shorts, and felt the sticky mess on his belly and all over his little pecker. He hadn't peed his pants - he had cum! Eric had finally returned to the point where he could cum like a big boy - he was a man again!

Eric was so overcome by excitement that he grabbed Brian in a big bear hug and, much to his own surprise, planted a kiss on Brian's mouth. Brian roughly shoved the smaller boy away. "What the f*ck are you doing?" he demanded.

Eric turned bright red and hung his head in embarrassment. He didn't know why he had done it. I had just sort of happened. It must have been the excitement of shooting for the first time, he figured. "J-j-jeez, Brian," he stammered, "I g-g-guess I just got carried away. I'm sorry."

Eric stared at the floor, and couldn't see the smile creep across Brian's lips as he replied. "Well whatever... I don't go for that queer stuff - got it?" Eric nodded and bit his lip. Brian ruffled his hair - "C'mon, Eric - don't worry about it." He patted the bed next to him and Eric crawled up next to him. Eric drifted off to sleep, with the sticky mess still in his shorts, snuggling up against Brian's muscular shoulder.

The next morning when Eric awoke, he found the bed beside him empty. He jumped out of bed and ran to the window but he was too late - Brian was already climbing into the limo that would take him to the airport. Eric felt a lump form in the pit of his stomach. He could feel Brian's absence almost physically. One of Brian's old sweaty T-shirts was hanging over the back of a chair. Eric picked it up and held it to his face. It smelled like Brian, and as he inhaled, his little peanut began to swell instantly. Eric reached down and slowly began to jack himself off. As he rubbed his little stiffy, he noticed something. He looked down and there, above his little cock, were several light blonde hairs - his first pubic hairs! It was a bittersweet moment for him. Here he had taken two huge steps in regaining his manhood that Coach had taken away from him. He knew that it was only a matter of time until he got his old life back, but now he had lost his best friend Brian. He would get over it soon enough he was sure, but for now Eric had never felt so helpless and alone.

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