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Author's Note: This story contains elements of age regression in which a man is gradually made physically younger over time. Some parts of this story contain descriptions of sexual contact between this man and others as he is regressed into a Teen, a Boy and so on. If this sounds like something that might offend you, please read no further. Otherwise - enjoy!

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During his last weeks with the Coach, Eric lived and breathed hockey. He worked out all day on the ice, honing his skills to a razor edge. Coach spent almost his every waking hour with Eric, making sure he gave the growing athlete everything he would need to be the very best. When Eric wasn't on the ice or sitting through the Coach's lectures, he was working out in the Coach's gym, building his body into a finely tuned machine. From the day of Brian's departure, Eric had grown at an amazing pace. He had even passed through puberty in little more than a single day - with every passing hour Eric thrilled to notice new hair and new muscles. Between morning and night, the downy peach fuzz on his cheeks had become a dark 5 o'clock shadow, and his slender teen body had filled out. By the end of the day, for the first time in months, Eric looked more like the Flyers star player than a little boy. After that day his growth slowed down considerably, but his muscles continued to develop. He had soon regained the familiar bulk that made him such a terror on the ice.

When the season began, Eric took the league by storm. No one, not the fans, the press, his teammates - not even the Coach or Eric himself - was prepared for Eric's total domination of the game. He was like a machine - without rival - absolutely unbeatable. Even this early in the season, it was clear he would lead the Flyers to the Cup.

Off the ice too, Eric seemed to be a changed man. He was more approachable and friendly, and much more willing to talk to the press than he ever had been. His teammates noticed the change too. Eric, always something of a wild man before, suddenly had little interest in joining the guys for their regular post game partying. It seemed like he'd rather spend his time talking to the press and signing autographs for kids, instead of going out drinking and chasing women with his teammates like he used to. Now, after every game he spent as much as an hour signing autographs and talking to his young fans. It became sort of a ritual for him, and pretty soon Eric was being met by a dozen or so young boys at the players' entrance after every game. He also was much more willing to participate in the community service projects the team sponsored. Eric had always griped about these things, and participated only grudgingly. Now he went willingly, even eagerly, to almost any event that dealt with kids. Soon everyone was talking about the 'New Eric', and even the Coach was surprised by these changes. Of course, he just figured that this new maturity and responsibility was a direct result of the work he had done with Eric over the summer.

So the guys on the team pretty much left him alone, figuring he was in the 'zone' and that whatever he was doing was working for him. And Eric really didn't see anything strange in all this. Part of Coach's purpose over the summer had been to give Eric more focus. And it made sense that he related better to kids than he did before (he had been a kid himself not all that long ago). Besides, he wasn't the type to worry about stuff. All he knew was that he was playing the best hockey of his life, so everything that had happened over the summer had been worth it.

It was to come as a terrific shock when this illusion of normalcy was shattered. He didn't have to wait all that long either. It was still early in the season, and the 'Big E' had just led the Flyers to yet another lopsided victory. When his teammates asked him to go out with them to celebrate, Eric declined again good-naturedly. Not that they really expected him to join them anymore - he always hung out with the kids in the parking lot and then headed home alone. After chatting with the press for a few minutes, he slipped out the players' entrance, and was met, as usual, by a group of kids. There were only a few tonight, but Eric joked with them for some time, signing autographs and answering their questions. Then he noticed another kid - a latecomer to the post game ritual - approaching. He looked like he might have been a little older than the rest - maybe 14 or so. Eric studied him in the dim light, still unable to make out his face or understand why this kid struck him as familiar. The kid stopped, still in the shadows, and spoke.

"Great game, Eric," Brian said as he stepped into the pool of light and smiled. Eric was utterly stunned by Brain's unexpected appearance. He was speechless - just standing there staring with his jaw hanging agape. Suddenly, vivid memories began flooding back to him - things he hadn't actually forgotten, but rather had pushed from the forefront of his thoughts.

As these memories rushed forward, Eric was surprised to notice that he was getting aroused - not just from the memories, but from the young man standing in front of him. The young boys gathered about Eric must have realized that something was up, because their chatter abruptly ceased. The youngest boy - standing directly in front of Eric - suddenly broke into a fit of giggling. He had seen the rather obvious swelling in Eric's pants just a couple feet in front of his face. The other boys soon noticed the massive rod straining against Eric's fly and began to giggle at the embarrassed stud. Eric turned crimson, but still said nothing - he was too embarrassed to do or say anything at all.

Brian broke the silence. "You really played great, man - I guess the hard work you put in this summer really paid off!"

"T-t-thanks Brian," Eric finally stammered in response.

Brian then turned to the boys gathered around Eric. "Fellas," he said, "Eric and I go way back. I hate to break this up, but we have a lot of catching up to do.... Right, Eric?"

Eric nodded silently and stared at the pavement. He was too ashamed and embarrassed by the obvious rod in his pants to look Brian or the other boys in the eye. As the boys drifted off, laughing amongst themselves, Brian walked over to where Eric stood, and cuffed him affectionately on the shoulder. Eric couldn't believe how young Brian looked. All his memories were of a bigger, stronger, more mature man than himself, but the boy standing before him wasn't any of those things - he was just a skinny teenager. This made the humiliation sting all the worse. This skinny kid had turned Eric, a big stud athlete, into his sex slave for the entire summer. Eric felt like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Dad said I could come over to your place and maybe spend the weekend if it was cool with you. I told him you'd be into it. You are, aren't you, Eric?"

Eric suddenly felt himself go numb, his plans for the evening, such as they were, evaporating instantly at the prospect of spending time alone with Brian.

"S-s-sure, I'd really like that Bri!" Eric replied like a giddy kid, surprising himself with his eager tone, "That'd be so cool!"

Brian stared at him, studying Eric's expression for some clue. Yes - he though - the eagerness of the smile, the longing in the eyes. Was it love or lust, he wondered. He didn't really care. All he knew or needed to know was that whatever it was, it was his to control!

"Where's your car?" he asked. Eric motioned toward the expensive import he was famous for driving.

"Wow - awesome car, Man!" Brian said as they approached the car, an evil grin on his face. "I have an idea... why don't you let my drive?"

Eric started sweating. He knew he shouldn't let Brian drive - he clearly wasn't old enough. Besides, NOBODY drove his car but him! But he couldn't say no. He wanted to - but for reasons he did not yet understand, he had to do what Brian said.

Eric felt like he was out of control. "Sure, Brian," he said. "Anything you say." Eric reached out to hand the keys to his young friend.

Brian stared back at him, still wearing the devious grin on his face. "Nah - I just wanted to see what you'd say, but I guess you'd better drive. That's a good boy to let me drive your car though, Eric. That's a very good boy."

Eric felt a familiar chill shoot down his spine at hearing those words, and his knees begin to weaken. What was this kid up to, he wondered. Why was he playing with him like this? More importantly, why did Eric feel that he had to take it?

Eric and Brian climbed into the car, and soon they were racing toward home. Eric's head was swimming with the rush of memories and emotions. Everything from the summer - everything Brian had forced him to do - all came rushing back. He had done a pretty good job of fooling himself the last couple months, but now, with Brian sitting with him in the confines of his sports car, there was no denying it - Eric was turned on by this kid. As Eric looked into Brian's face, he couldn't help but notice how handsome he was: his soft skin, the peach fuzz dusting his cheeks, his soft gentle eyes. Eric could feel his cock begin to swell again. Brian must have noticed it because he suddenly reached over and grabbed Eric's cock through his pants. The jolt of pleasure nearly cost Eric control of the car. Eric felt, quite literally, out of control.

When they arrived at the house, Eric stood alone in the foyer while Brian checked out the huge living room. He stood beside Eric and pressed against his side. "Don't you want to take me up to the bedroom, Stud?"

Eric silently nodded. He led the way upstairs to his bedroom and just stood there dumbly until Brian spoke again.

"What do you want to do, Eric?" Brian asked. Eric shrugged.

"Tell me what you want, Eric."

"What's happening to me," Eric wondered to himself. But he already knew the answer, and he knew what he wanted. Eric licked his lips unconsciously. He swallowed hard and answered: "I want to suck your cock." He could hardly believe that he had actually uttered those words, and it dawned on him that somehow, he had been transformed. "Please..."

"Okay, Eric - if that's really what you want. Just come over here and get it..."

Eric stumbled toward Brian and sank to his knees. He knelt at Brian's feet, and looked up at him pleadingly. Brian's grin widened. "Go ahead, Eric - it's okay...'

Eric reached out tentatively and, hands trembling from nerves and anticipation, he unbuttoned Brian's shirt and removed it. He then carefully undid the teen's belt and fly, allowing his pants to drop to the floor. Eric leaned forward and began to nuzzle Brian's crotch though his white cotton briefs. Brian reached his hand down and stroked Eric's curls and gently rubbed his head. "That's my good little boy!" he cooed. At each repetition of those words, Eric's cock throbbed harder and harder. Brian couldn't believe how well it had worked. He had taken the biggest stud in the whole NHL and turned him into his own personal cocksucker!


Finally, Eric's hunger for what was straining against the white cotton became too much for him. He tore the white jockey shorts off of Brian's body, allowing the teen's cock to bounce free. Brian nodded his permission to Eric, who obediently and eagerly took the slender cock into his awaiting mouth. Nothing could have felt more natural to Eric. As he went down on Brian, he wondered how he had been able to survive the past weeks without this. He craved cock now, and not just any cock - young cock - BRIAN's cock. Eric was a big stud all right - he owned the NHL. But it was in this skinny teenager that Eric found what he needed. He needed Brian, needed to please him, pleasure him, serve him. He felt it deep inside. Eric had never fallen in love before so he didn't recognize the emotions, but he was stuck on young Brian in a bad way. He was totally under his control, and knew he would do anything to please his young master.


Brian was getting too close to cumming too quickly though. He wasn't finished with his new boytoy yet. "That's all Eric - stop a second - okay?"


But Eric was so hungry for Brian's cock that he was oblivious to Brian's words, and Brian had to gently push Eric's head away. Eric's mouth strained toward the prize he suddenly was being denied, but he didn't dare disobey. "What?" Eric asked, looking up into Brian's eyes.


"I want you to strip, Eric - I want you to strip for me right now." It didn't make a whole lot of sense to him, but Eric had to do what Brian said. He needed that cock! Eric stood up and slowly removed his clothes. He stripped down to just his boxers, but Brian shook his head. "Everything," he said. Eric nodded and slid his boxers down too. Brian watched as Eric undressed. He marveled at Eric's massive chest and its coat of light brown hair that led down to his big cut dick. This was one awesome looking stud, he thought to himself.


Eric was really confused now. Why should Brian want him naked - just for a blowjob? He dropped to his knees, but then Brian pushed him to all fours. Brian moved behind him, and when Eric turned to see what he was doing, Brian was coating his cock with some sort of lube.


"W-w-what are you doing?" Eric asked.

"I'm going to f*ck you, Eric," he replied, and then rubbed some of the lube around Eric's exposed asshole. Eric couldn't believe this was happening, but he felt powerless to resist. When Brian made as if to mount him, Eric protested.

"W-w-w-wait a second, Brian," he whined, " you can't do this... Please don't do this to me!"

"Don't you want to be a good boy for me, Eric?" That was all it took. Eric, tears welling up in his green eyes, bit his trembling lip and nodded his head. Brian smiled broadly and ruffled Eric's hair as he mounted the hunky athlete. Eric yelped in pain at the first jabs from Brian's invading cock. Brian's cock was not as big as Eric's, but to his virgin asshole, it might as well have been a baseball bat. Eric whimpered freely at the assault, and became paralyzed with very confused sensations - sharp pain, of course, but slowly the pain gave way to strange feelings of pleasure, and an odd fulfillment. It was as if he actually liked having Brian inside of him, which he couldn't believe. Brian slowly f*cked the athlete's ass, and Eric began to moan at each thrust, more from the pleasure than the pain. Without even being aware that he was doing it, he started to thrust his hips and squeeze his ass in order to complement Brian's movements. Eric LOVED that Brian was f*cking him, filling him, getting pleasure from him.

Brian's breathing becoming heavier and more irregular. He thrust forward one last time, and his breath caught... "UHHHHNNNNNN!" he moaned in Eric's ear. Eric could feel it as Brian's cock exploded inside of him, filling him with the teen's boyjuice. At that instant, without event touching his own rock hard pole, it too exploded, spraying cum all over his hairy chest and stomach. Eric could not believe that getting f*cked was enough to make him cum, but it sure was. Now he knew - it was only through Brian's pleasure, Brian's satisfaction, that Eric would find fulfillment. From now on, Brian's pleasure would be his own.

Eric lay on the floor in a sticky mess, his own cum coating his chest, Brian's leaking from his ass. Brian, collapsed on Eric's back, gently pressed his lips against the hockey stars neck before he stood up and walked to the bathroom. As Eric watched Brian walk away from him, he felt a panic overcome him. The longing he felt for Brian was overwhelming. And then, it was suddenly clear to Eric that this was what John had been warning him about. Everything Eric had been going through - EVERYTHING - he could clearly see now was due to Brian's handiwork. All the while the Coach had been conditioning him and training him for Ice Hockey, Brian was doing the same thing. Only Brian was conditioning Eric for this very moment. The realization that Brian had intentionally done this too him changed nothing, however. He now saw that he had been fooling himself all along. He hadn't been able to admit to himself until this moment just how much he loved everything he had done with Brian. All he could think about now was how great it had been to be Brian's little brother, how much he had gotten off on pleasing him, how being a good boy and doing what Brian had said had been enough to make him happy. And as he looked at the slender youth standing in the bathroom, he realized to his surprise and humiliation that he still felt the same way about him - he knew he would do whatever Brian asked of him. Eric knew that his life would never be the same again now.

Eric heard the shower start. "Well," Brian called, "What are you waiting for? You wanna take a shower with me or not?" Eric's heart raced at the thrill of his teen master's summons. He bounded into the bathroom, and climbed into the shower with Brian. As he stood in front of the slender teen, his knees buckled. Eric sunk to the floor at Brian's feet, and grabbed him in his powerful embrace. Brian placed his hands on the athlete's shoulders.

"That's my good boy," Brian said softly.

Eric looked up, tears in his eyes. He was ready to begin his new life.