Alien Run 3 (scifi mc)

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The passenger walked into the bus station about an hour later. It was rather busy for a Sunday morning. He would get a ticket to some city, perhaps one of the bigger ones like New York or Chicago, where he could lose himself among the millions of humans. He could plan his next move from there.

The CTM had told him he needed money and identification for a bus ticket, but a wave of the person at the counter would fix that. The line for tickets was rather long and he made his way to back. As he stood, he looked around at the station. It was rather small in size, and only had a few food places scattered along the right side. His species didn't need food to sustain itself as long as its lifeforce was kept up. His encounter with Brett last night had given him plenty of energy, but he was already feeling like he needed more after the hour-long walk.

His eyes scanned to a television set above the front counter. A newsbreak was detailing an arrest made in a local park. The sound wasn't on but the passenger didn't need it to tell what the story was about. Officer Jacobs was shown being led out of the park in handcuffs. The caption below read: Decorated Officer Found Naked in Local Park. The passenger smiled. He would like to be there when the good officer tried to explain his way out of that one.

His eyes scanned down further to a bulletin board on the one side of the wall. Much of it was covered in small business cards humans had pinned up on it. He looked to the left of board when his eye caught a small poster. It was an advertisement for a local exercise place - Jim's Gym. The passenger's eyes widen as he looked closer. He got out of line and went up to the board.

"Jim's Gym: The Place Where the Bodybuilders Train!" the poster noted. Below the words was a bigger picture of the owner named Jim. He was in a bodybuilding pose, his hands behind his neck, his muscles flexed to show off their definition. Below his pic were eight other smaller pics each showing a different bodybuilding male, whom the passenger presumed were some of the clients at the place. Now these are the type of humans that more closely resembled the ones of his planet. His dick started to get semi-erect as he imaged being surrounded by these men servicing his body.

The poster also listed the Jim's hours of operation. On Sunday, the place closed early – around noon. The visitor looked up at the clock above the bulletin board. It was already 11:30. He really should be moving out of town quickly, just in case his planet had sent someone to look at him. But the more he looked at the men on the poster, the more he thought it wouldn't hurt to drop in at Jim's just right before closing time to see what or whom he could find. He could be in and out of there in like an hour, and be back in line for a bus. He turned around and looked at the existing line. It wasn't moving very quickly.

He sent the address of Jim's to the CTM. The place wasn't very far away, about six blocks. He looked at the line again and ran his hand over his dick that already had made a decision in the matter. He walked out of the bus station and headed down the main street.

* * *

Lito was having a bad day. He sat on a bench just outside the Starbucks in town and slowly slipped the large coffee he ordered a few minutes earlier. The caffeine was slowly have its desired effect of taking away his headache and making his mind seem a little clearer. Still, his thoughts were fuzzy. He woke up only two hours ago in his gang's little private shack. He had been naked and his nose immediately smelled the manscent that had permeated the room. His dick and balls had been covered in what was now dried cum. When he looked around the room, he got an ever bigger shock. His brother Johnny was passed out on the floor, also naked, and covered in the same dried cum. Their leader, Marco, was sleeping in a chair, his head down and his hand still loosely grasping his limp dick. Marco didn't just have a little bit of cum on him; his entire chest was matted with it.

Before the other two woke up, Lito grabbed his clothes and left. What kind of fuckin' drugs did they do earlier on? He couldn't find any signs of them around the room, but knew some kind of stimulant had to contribute to the wreckage. Maybe he would ask the other two later on – if they even remembered. He hoped not. In the meantime, he had to get the fuck out of there and get some caffeine in his system.

Lito sat on the bench with his coffee in one hand, his cell phone in the other. He checked his messages for any possible clue of what went on last night. Nothing. He looked up and his eyes caught a figure on the other side of the street. He was a big man – possibly 6 foot, 3 inches – but there was something else about him that caught his attention. The man walked steadily down the street towards the north side of town. Lito thought the man looked familiar but he didn't now why.

Getting up off the bench, Lito knew he had to follow the stranger. He crossed to the other side of the street, making sure to stay at least a half block away the guy. He looked pretty damn big. He could seriously punch the shit out of Lito if he caught him following him. After about four blocks, the stranger made a right down another street. Lito went up to corner and slowly peered down the street, hoping the stranger didn't catch his tail. When Lito looked, he saw the man stopped in front of a door to a business on the left of the street. The stranger looked up at the sign and looked at his wrist. Then he opened the door and went it.

Lito walked down further and looked at the front of the business: Jim's Gym. Suddenly, he looked down at his phone. He had the urge to call Marco's phone and tell him what he saw. A voice on the other end, whom he knew wasn't Marco, answered. The man told him he had done a good job and to forget this conversation. Lito hung up. His eyes suddenly flashed and he looked around at the street.

"What the fuck am I doing here?" he said out loud. The last thing he remembered was sitting on a bench in front of Starbucks. Why the hell was he standing in front of a gym? He didn't work out and didn't want to watch a bunch of sweaty men do it. That was for faggots. He slowly walked up the street and back onto the main drag. Jesus, he thought, I must have done some serious drugs last night.

* * *

Jim's was located on the second floor of the building. The passenger slowly made his way up the steps, stopping along the way to look at the cutouts of various bodybuilders that lined the walls. He got to the top step and glanced inside. A guy, whom he recognized as Jim from the poster, was sitting at the front desk, his head down at the computer. The passenger pulled open the door and walked inside.

Jim's head immediately came up when he heard the door open. "Oh, we are closing in –-" his sentence cut off when he caught sight of the passenger. The man was huge. He could tell this guy was some type of professional bodybuilder just by the definition on his arms. He never saw him before but wasn't going to be too hasty to escort him out of the gym. If this guy is from the area, he never met him. Maybe he was looking for a gym to work out at? He would be a great addition to the place.

"Uhm, I'm sorry. I'm closing up in a few minutes," Jim said again. "Can I help you with something?"

The passenger stood at the front counter and looked down at Jim. His eyes glowed. Jim shook his head briefly as if in a daze. "Well, I saw your poster and I wanted to visit," the passenger said. "I think I might find something of interest here."

"Oh?," Jim asked. "Are you a professional? Do you compete?" The passenger wasn't quite sure what that meant and couldn't do a scan to find out. He would play it coy. "Well, let's just say I am considering it. I am new to this area."

Jim came out from behind the desk and shook the passenger's hand. The passenger smiled approvingly at him. The poster did him justice. Jim was wearing baggy warm-up pants and a cut-off shirt that read: "Bodybuilders Do It in the Gym." The irony of that phrase made the passenger smile even more. Jim was every bit as big as his pictures made him out to be, and the passenger couldn't help but notice what looked like a sizable cock flopping around in his pants.

"I just came to check out the place. I know it's late, but I was wondering if you could show me around?"

The owner looked elated. He would love to have this guy as one of his future bodybuilding stars that called his gym home. "Oh, definitely. Let's take a look around."

"I hope I am not keeping you. I'm not the last one here, am I?"

Jim shook his head. "No, no, still about eight guys here just getting in their last sets. I let them go a little after closing on a Sunday." The passenger was even more happy at the notion of other ones like Jim here.

They walked down a long hallway: to the right were the changing and locker rooms; to the left were vending machines dispensing the latest energy drinks and muscle mixes. At the end of the hallway, the place bared to the right. This led to the main gym floor. The two stood in the doorway and looked in. The passenger could see six other men working out on various equipment in the place. Two guys were busy loading plates on a leg press in the corner; two other ones were spotting each other on the weight bench; one guy was on the floor doing rapid sets of sit-ups; another was standing in front of a row of dumbbells doing curls while watching his arms pump up in the mirrors that lined the one side of the wall.

The passenger took a scan of the men. They were all about the size of Jim. These would do his life force quite nicely. I think you should introduce me to each of them, he waved Jim. The owner turned towards him, "Why don't I let you meet the guys," he said.

Jim and the passenger stopped next to the leg press, where Mike and Bobby, two local construction workers, were plating the machine with another 45 pound weight. The machine must have had over a thousand pounds on it by now. "Guys," Jim said. "I would like you to meet a potential new client to our gym." Mike, the red-haired guy with the white tank that could barely contain his 54-inch chest, looked over at the passenger's now glowing eyes. Mike shook his head. "Hey, how's it going?" he said. Bobby looked over at the passenger, not noticing his friend's temporary bewildered look. His eyes also caught sight of the passenger's eyes.

Then they went over to meet Tyrell and Big Damon, two hulking African-American bodybuilders, who were loading plates on the bench press. "Guys, I'd like you meet a new guy in town," Jim said. A few minutes later, they were both shaking their heads from the passengers stare. The passenger was especially intrigued by the guys' dark, smooth skin and glistening sweat on their bodies. There were no people of color on his planet; everyone looked very much the same. He loved the diversity of the planet and wanted to see the size of their huge, black cocks.

They finally met the last two: Frank, who paused long enough from his rest in between sets of sit-ups to get caught up in the passengers' spell; and Anthony, a Spanish-looking man, whose huge arms almost dropped the weight in his hand when the passenger put the hit on him.

The passenger looked around at the muscle and sweat in the room. His dick was already standing at near attention in his pants. It was time for a life force feeding.

* * *

The visitor stood at the doorway on the street and looked up at the unobtrusive sign above it: Jim's Gym. This is the place that Lito had told him. If his runner had gone in here, he would have to proceed with caution. The runner would be able to sense his presence if he got too close; he hoped he was preoccupied with something or someone that would make his mental abilities less sensitive. He opened the door and climbed the steps.

At the top, he stopped at the second door and looked inside. He could see a desk, but it didn't appear anyone was there. He pulled on the handle; it opened right up and he stepped into the reception area. He looked down the adjoining long hallway but still didn't see any signs of humans. He slowly walked down the hall and could see a light coming down from a room all the ways at the end. The passenger stopped at the doorway to the room and could hear voices coming from inside. Actually, it wasn't voices but what appeared to be soft moaning. He stuck his head around the corner and took a peek. It wasn't the scene he was expecting but he found what he came looking for.

The runner was standing next to the leg machine, his clothes now off and his back towards the door. One human had his head buried in the passenger's armpit, frantically sniffing the pheromones emulating from his pit. Another, a red-haired human, was on his knees in front of the runner with his cock shoved all the ways down his throat.

On the other side were three other men, two dark-skinned humans and a man they called Jim several times. He was on his knees in front of the two dark humans taking turns sticking their huge cocks in his mouth. "Suck my fuckin' cock, Jim" the one said, as he straddled the back of his head and pushed it down his throat even further. Jim was naked, his cock at full attention as he gasped to get the man's 9-inch thick cock all the ways into his mouth. "Fuck yeah. Give me your fucking big black cocks," he murmured in between deep-throating Tyrell's cock.

To the left of them were two other humans, each in a 69 position on a mat next to the a row of dumbbells. Their heads were busily buried in each other's dicks and balls. The one man hungrily licked the other man's ball sack, while the other bent his head forward to work on his buddy's tight asshole.

"Oh, you have been busy," the visitor whispered to himself.

Just then, his view was disrupted by the sound of footsteps behind him. He turned around to see another bodybuilder coming down the hall. Damn, he should have locked the door. The guy had shocking blonde hair cut like a mohawk. He was carrying a gym bag in his right hand. "Hey, did you see Jim --" he started. The visitor cut him off by staring into his eyes. The guy stopped in his tracks right next to the men's locker room. The visitor couldn't have him disturbing the runner. The visitor went up to the man, who now stood in a daze in the middle of the hallway. The visitor looked over at the locker room. "Come with me," he whispered.

The blonde-hair guy had no choice but to obey and followed the visitor into the locker room. He would distract him in here long enough to get back to observing his runner. When he went into the locker room, the visitor was met with a second surprise: two bodybuilders were already occupying the room. They were both naked and hard as a rock. The one had laid down on a bench in the room, his legs up in the air. The second was on his knees darting his tongue in and out of his ass. The runner must have discovered them at some point, and put them under control while he got a first fix out in the weight room. They would be a perfect distraction for the blonde guy.

Get your clothes off and sit your muscle ass on that guy's face, he waved to the blonde. The guy dropped his gym bag and pulled off his shirt and shorts. He went over to the guy lying on the bench and straddled his face. The guy didn't need much prompting. He darted his tongue inside the blonde-haired guy's ass cheeks. The blonde moaned and began to move his ass up and down. The bodybuilder who had been kneeling got up and put the head of his cock against the bench guy's asshole. In one quick move, he forced it in. The guy on the bench winced but let it go in, while the blonde guy forced his ass down more on his face. The visitor gave all three a final wave: You will continue to fuck and suck each other. After you cum, you will fall into a deep sleep and remember none of this upon awakening.

He left the room and took his place again outside the room where the runner had now bent himself over one of the benches. One of dark-skinned men was laying in front of him, his cock firmly shoved down the runner's throat. The other had taken his place behind him, shoving his huge black cock up the runner's hole. "Stick that big fucking cock into my ass," the runner said. Good, the visitor thought, he is so caught up in his lifeforce feeding that he still hasn't noticed his presence. This would work to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Jim had straddled Mike's uncut cock while he laid back on the incline bench. Bobby stood along side of him, jamming his cock inside Jim's hungry mouth. Frank and Anthony still hadn't gotten out of their 69 position, but altered it so Frank now was laying with his back on the ground. Anthony was on his knees force-feeding his cock into Anthony's mouth, while he bent over taking Anthony's uncut cock into his mouth.

The visitor looked over at the runner. He was hoping for a moment where he would get him at his weakest and could see it coming fast. Tyrell's big cock was thrusting even harder into his hole and his mouth was bobbing up and down faster on Big Damon's dick. His hand was furiously jerking at his dick. The runner's moans were becoming a lot more audible and the visitor knew now was the time. He waved to the men to ignore his presence in the room. He slowly crept in and stood behind Tyrell as he made his last few thrusts in the passenger's loose hole.

Suddenly, the passenger dropped Damon's cock out of his mouth and stood up from his hunched-over position on the bench. He could feel himself getting ready to cum; that was alright, he thought, I will be ready for another go-round with the men in a few minutes. Tyrell pulled his dick out of his ass as the passenger made several last pumps on his cock. A few second later, a gush of cum squirted out and landed on Big Damon and the bench.

He felt temporarily exhausted and drained, and that moment became his undoing. He never realized the visitor was standing right behind. As he turned around, his eyes caught sight of the visitor but he was too weak to react. The visitor took the obedience ring out of his pocket and quickly snapped it around the runner's balls. He reached down to try to pull it off but it was already too late. The runner went to say something but his mind fell quickly under its control. He tried to lift his hands one last time, but they fell helpless to his side. He stood staring blankly at the visitor.

You have been busy, the visitor telepathically said to him. But your little trip is over. This ring is much stronger than the one you had on a few days ago. I didn't think I was going to find you on this planet. But I should have known your own weakness for feeding would be your downfall – just as it was at home.

The visitor did not call him by any name. There were no need for names on his planet since everyone could communicate via brain waves. Now, he would need him get him back home to face even more punishment for this incident. Before he did that, he still needed to clean up the mess the passenger had created at the gym.

Tyrell and Big Damon had found Frank and Anthony on the mat, and decided they needed more than just a cock in their mouth. Frank was lying on his back on the mat, with Tyron's big cock now busily pumping in and out of it; Anthony was now on all fours next to him with Damon's fat black cock splitting open his asshole. Jim was still on the bench simultaneously riding Mike's cock while sucking Bobby's impressive piece of meat.

The visitor sent another wave around the room, similar to the one he gave the men in the locker room. You all will now cum and fall into a deep sleep. When you awaken, this will have been a blur in your minds.

Mike was the first to feel the cum ready to explode from his dick. His pushed Jim off of his cock and watched a huge load squirt all over his stomach. His eyes immediately closed and his hands dropped to the side of the bench. Jim got off Mike and knelled before Frank's cock. He continued to thrust the cock in and out of his mouth while also jacking himself off. A few minutes later, he got a huge load shot down his throat. Mike suddenly stumbled backwards against the mirror and felt sleep coming on. His muscled body slide to the floor. By the time he reached it, he was fast asleep. Jim also felt his cock let loose; a few seconds later, he was laying unconscious in a pile on his own cum on the floor.

The visitor turned around to hear Tyrell and Big Damon let out a moan as they pulled their cocks out of Frank and Anthony's asses. The two fell sideways onto the mat, sound asleep. Frank and Anthony, meanwhile, still wanted one more 69 round and laid face to face on the ground with each others dicks in their mouths. The visitor heard two gurgling sounds as cum filled both of their months. They both fell asleep with each other cocks still sticking partially in their mouths.

The visitor looked back at the runner. He was now under complete control of the obedience ring. His mind was in a total fog and the visitor knew he couldn't keep any commands out. I want you to get dressed and follow me. We must walk back to the pod and don't want you drawing attention going back through this town. The runner slowly started to slip his earthling clothes back on his body. A few seconds later, he was helplessly following the visitor down the hallway of the gym.

As they got to the men's locker room door, the visitor waved for him to stop. He had to make sure all of this had been taken care of. He looked inside the locker room. The one bodybuilder was slumped on the floor, his back against the lockers. He was fast asleep. The guy who had been laying on the bench was covered in cum and softly snoring. The big blonde guy had actually fallen asleep across the guy's chest on the bench. It was kinda hot, the visitor thought, but he couldn't wait around to tell them.

All of these bodybuilder humans would have some odd explaining to do in a few hours.

* * *

The visitor opened up the back of his travel pod that still was left untouched in the abandon farm house.. It had been outfitted with a special chair for the runner, just in case he had been lucky enough to catch him. He waved him to remove his clothes and sit. The runner shed his earth clothing once last time and climbed into the chair. The visitor immediately snapped a buckle around each of his legs and arms. Just to make sure he had no more chances of creating any problems on the long trip home, the runner also was outfitted with a special apparatus. The visitor pulled a clear tube from the side of the pod and slid it over the runner's semi-erect dick.

He pushed a button on the side panel of the pod. A small light began to flash on the tube around the runner's cock. This will keep you sedated for the trip home, he waved to the runner. Your life force will function slowly enough to sustain you but you will be unable to move. The runner gave him once last glance before he closed his eyes and fell asleep against the back of the chair.

A few minutes later, the pod was zooming out of earth's atmosphere. The visitor had been intrigued by the planet, and maybe could come back some day to explore it under different circumstances. Human men were a strange group, he thought, but they also had the potential to find their pleasures without all the hang-ups this race instills in itself. Maybe they just needed the right teachers.

To be continued