Alien Run 2 (scifi mc)

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The cab in the back of Brett's semi wasn't very large, but it was big enough to accommodate the passenger and his submissive sex slave. The passenger looked down at Brett, who was busily licking the head of his 9-inch cock. After the encounter in the park, the passenger sent the young human male home with no memory of the event. He left the officer asleep and naked under the tree; he would have some explaining to do when he was found this morning.

He directed Brett to move his rig out of the park and down about five miles to a less conspicuous place on the outskirts of town. For the past eight hours, the two had been in the back of the rig lying on a blanket Brett had thrown in there a few months earlier. The park encounter had recharged the passenger's life force and he wasn't done with getting his needs satisfied.

Brett's eyes were glazed over from the passenger's control of his mind. He ramped up the trucker's libido five fold, and Brett's sexual energy seemed boundless. He no longer could think of anything but satisfying the muscular body of the passenger. For the past eight hours, he licked every part of his capture's body: He sucked his toes, plunged his tongue in and out of his asshole, licked his chest and pits and, of course, spent hours deep throating his huge cock. Every now and then the passenger would direct him to straddle his dick and take it into his stretched hole.

The passenger also realized another effect he had on the human. During the course of the night and morning, Brett gobbled down load after load of the passenger's man fluid. Unlike humans, he could recharge his fluid in mere minutes. As Brett gagged to take the sizable loads into his mouth, the passenger noticed a change after he swallowed them. The fluid acted as its own form of a psychotropic drug on his system. Brett's sexual energy shot up more, even without the passenger's mind prompting. He hungrily lapped down the fluid and begged his captor to service his body more.

The passenger noticed the sun up and knew it was time to move on. He needed to get out of the town as soon as possible. His run from the planet had to be noticed by now, and he wondered if someone would be trying to come after him. It is unlikely they would find him in this town, but he wanted to move to a larger area where he could blend in easier with the population.

His first step was to find clothes, which Brett luckily was able to provide. Brett had a gym bag in the back of the cab. The passenger was larger than Brett, but the bag contained gym shorts with an elastic waste band that, while still tight, could accommodate the passenger's sizable thighs. He also had an extra-large, sleeveless gray shirt that could fit his massive upper body. Brett's sneakers weren't large enough to fit the passenger's size 13 feet, but the bag contained a pair of flip-flops Brett used when in the locker room of the gym. These would do for now.

The passenger needed a way out of town. Brett could certainly drive him in his truck, but since most of his deliveries were local, the passenger couldn't risk him being missed by other humans. He would need to go to an earth transportation center known as a bus station and hitch a ride to a city far away. He would look less conspicuous there than trying to navigate an airport.

The passenger directed Brett to stop licking his cock. "You have fulfilled your job in re-energizing my force," he said to Brett. "You will now sleep. When you awaken, the events of the past 12 hours will be a blur to you. Now, sleep." Brett's eyes immediately closed and he fell back onto the blanket; his cock was still dripping cum from his last orgasm an hour ago.

The passenger stepped out of the cab into the sunny, clear skies of the area. He would need to walk at least 10 miles to get to the bus station, but the effort would be less arduous in the nice weather. He started his trek towards town.

* * *

The visitor watched the dials on the command center of the pod as it entered the earth's atmosphere. He anticipated the gravitation pull of the planet and adjusted the dials on the control board to accommodate the change in atmosphere. He also set the cloaking device to shield the human's radar detection from seeing or noticing his entry into their planet.

He had been assigned the task of going after the runner, and he knew it would not be an easy assignment. The runner had managed to remove his obedience ring from his cock, as the humans called it, and sneak past the guard. By the time it was discovered he had stolen the pod and left the planet, the passenger already had a sizable lead on him. The tracking device in the pod had sent a signal of his journey, but it suddenly stopped transmitting once it touched down on earth. The pod could easily have burned up, killing the runner in a split second. But he had to at least make a search of this planet to be sure. Since the earth was three times the size of his own, the visitor wasn't even sure if the search was feasible.

This location was the last known whereabouts of the pod. The command board found an abandon farm house five miles outside of the city as a good place to store the pod. The visitor scanned to see if he could detect any human life forms on the farm; sensing none, he slowly landed the pod inside the barn. It would remain safe here for at least a few days.

The visitor strapped on his CTM and asked it for directions to the nearby town. This would be the first place to start. He figured the passenger probably had moved on by now, but he also knew his weakness: his life force. All the male-only inhabitants on his planet needed daily sexual fulfillment, but the passenger's appetite was much greater. He had an unending obsession for it, and when his last encounter resulted in the injury of other inhabitants, he was placed in a holding cell as punishment. To curb his desires and block his telepathic ability, the passenger had been fitted with an obedience ring that looked liked a metal cock ring. The ring slowed down his life force and made him docile and controllable.

The visitor also studied the culture of earth before he left the planet. Males on his planet had no need for clothes, but he knew a naked, 6-foot, 3-inch muscular man would not go over well with the norms of the planet. Instead, the pod's command board was able to re-create suitable dress: a pair of pants known as "jeans", a white, sleeveless "t-shirt" and brown hiking boots. The CTM mapped out the path to town, and he ventured on his way to find what could be, as the humans called, a needle in the haystack.

* * *

As the visitor entered the outskirts of the town, he noticed a distinct difference between the sprawling infrastructure and lush topography of the main city. This area was noticeably more destitute, with boarded up buildings and decaying roads. He could not know this area of the city was what the residents called the slums, or know that its residents were more apt to resort to violence as a means to survive.

He followed the tracking device down a road that branched off into an alley. He made a right turn and walked to the end of the alley before realizing that he had reached a dead end. At the end of alley he spied a man sitting alone on an old wooden barrel. The human had a smooth head and a small amount of facial hair around his mouth and upper chin area. He was wearing a worn pair of jeans with a blue bandana in the back pocket, and a black vest that revealed a muscular chest and arms. The visitor smiled. He thought maybe the human could direct him back towards town.

"I appear to have lost my way," he said. "Can you direct me to the main town?"

"Lost, huh?" the guy sneered. "I'll bet your fucking lost. A city guy just happens to be wandering in this part of town."

Suddenly, the visitor felt the presence of two other humans behind him. The one stuck the barrel of a gun into his back. He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw the other one standing off to his left. Just like the first man, he also had the same distinct skin tone. It was not a darker brown color, but a lighter brown. This one also had jet black hair that he slicked back off of his forehead. The visitor had studied the planet and knew that it had many different races on its surface. He surmised the men surrounding him were of Latino descent.

"So who the fuck sent you?," the guy in front of him barked. "I'll bet the Snakes decided to send some muscle to try to push their way into our part of the town." The visitor had no way of looking at his wrist to decipher the meaning of the word. He did not think the man meant the reptile by the same name. "Rico needs to butt the fuck out of the east part of this city and let the Hawks grab a piece of the action."

The visitor didn't know he was referring to the two rival gangs that control this part of the town. "No, I assure you I am not here with anyone. I am here by myself," he explained.

The gang leader wasn't buying it. "So you gonna fuck with us? Maybe you need some more persuasion. Blindfold him so he don't see where our place is at."

The man at the left of the visitor reached up and placed a blue bandana over his eyes. The visitor knew this would prevent him from forming any mind links on the men. He also sensed that he was bigger than the two behind him, but with the object sticking in his back, he couldn't risk at this point getting into a violent scuffle with the three. He would have to play along for right now. The three Latino men lead the visitor down another street and into the basement of one of the abandon buildings. The one pushed his body into what felt like a metal chair. "Put your fucking hands behind your head," the leader ordered. The visitor complied, revealing his hairy pits to the men.

The visitor sat silent for a moment and let out brain waves around the new location. He could tell by the signals returning that he was in a small room – maybe 8-foot x 8-foot in diameter - with no windows and only one entry way. He also could tell that the gang leader was sitting directly across from him, possibly behind a desk, and his two henchmen were sitting on crates about two feet behind him. A small light, possibly from a lamp, filled the room with a soft glow.

"Now I'm going to ask you again. Who the fuck sent you here?" the leader growled.

"I told you. I am just a visitor. I have no fight with anyone in this town," the visitor said calmly.

The visitor knew he had to do something before the situation turned potentially violent. Then a thought came to him: pheromones, as they are called on earth. Males on his planet release odorless amounts of them out of the hairs on their body. The pheromones are pleasing to his species and create arousal, but he wondered what would happen if they were exposed to the underdeveloped sensory channels of humans. The effect could be ten times greater. The small room would also be an advantage since it could trap the pheromones inside.

The visitor's body began to heat up as he turned on the glands in his body that produced the odor. Immediately, his nose noted the pheromones drifting out from the top of his head, his hair around his cock and, especially, in his armpits where the smell is most concentrated. He was now glad the leader made him put his hands behind his head. But he also needed to keep the gang leader talking for a few minutes until what he hoped would be the desired effect.

"So, what message should I take back to Rico?" the visitor asked.

The gang leader smiled. "I fucking knew it," he said pounding his hand on the desk. "You can tell the mother fucker that Marco and his boys Johnny and Lito aren't to be messed with. Sending some big pussy like you ain't going to change that."

The visitor had no idea what his reference to a domesticated Earth animal meant, but he also heard some movement behind him. Johnny was the first to feel it. He began to rub his chest and comment on how hot the room felt. Lito followed by noticing his body suddenly felt like it had strange tingle in it, especially around his groin. The visitor knew his hunch had been correct and needed to up the dosage. More of the pheromone began streaming out from under his arms. The odor started to permeate part of the room.

Lito laid the gun on the floor and began rubbing his now hard cock through his jeans. Johnny pulled off his shirt; he felt like his body was on fire. Marco finally noticed the strange behavior of the two men. "What the fuck are you doing, he said, standing up from the desk. "What the fuck is wrong with you? You getting queer on me?"

"I'm so fuckin' ... horny," Lito replied as he let his fat cock release from his pants. The leader came from behind the desk and stood next to the visitor. "What the fuck is wrong – " he started to repeat. Suddenly, the wave of pheromones coming from visitor hit him, and Marco felt his head get light. He could feel his body getting hot and rubbed his now sensitive nipples on his chest. The visitor didn't heard any more sounds out of the men, and knew they had fallen under the control of his pheromones.

He slowly removed his blindfold. Marco was standing right next him rubbing his chest with one hand and massaging the hard-on that looked like it might tear through his jeans. He turned around to see Johnny and Lito already had their pants down around their ankles uncontrollably stroking their uncut cocks. The two looked similar in features – thinner, taunt bodies and carved jawlines - and the visitor assumed they were related, possibly brothers.

None of the three seemed to even notice that the visitor had taken off his blindfold, but continued to massage the raging hormones that were now racing through their bodies. The visitor thought they needed one final hit of his man smell to seal the deal. He stood up next to Marco, whose eyes got wider as the realized his hostage was now shoulder level with him. The visitor raised his left arm, and grabbed the back of Marco's head with his right. Marco tried to resist, but as his nose inched closer to the sweaty pit, he couldn't stop being guided towards it. The visitor shoved Marco's head squarely in the middle of his pungent pits. "Sniff," he ordered Marco, who began inhaling the intoxicating aroma.

Marco's body went limp as his hands dropped towards his side. He mind was clearing, as if he was on a trip from a good hit of speed. He began to feel dizzy, and the visitor could he see he legs were getting weak. He guided Marco's body down onto the metal chair. "You will play with your cock," he told him. Marco pulled his hard on from inside his pants and stroked it mindlessly as the visitor turned his attention to the two brothers.

Johnny and Lito continued to stroke their cocks, and the visitor looked at them with fascination. They were both uncut, something not found on his planet. He had heard about such dicks, and grew horny at the thought of what the cocks must feel like. First, however, he needed to assure that neither snapped out of their pheromone-induced daze and reached for the gun. He first gazed at Johnny with glowing eyes; then he did the same to Lito. The two were now under his control. "Drop to your knees," he commanded. Lito and Johnny jumped off of the crates and took their places on either side of the visitor's crouch. He pulled off his jeans, letting a wave of the man smell permeate the brothers' noses. They both reacted as Marco did and felt dizzy at first. The visitor pushed each of them into either side of the ball sack, and the brothers began to take deep breathes of the scent.

When Johnny and Lito seemed sufficiently high from the odor, he turned his now hard cock towards Johnny's mouth and pushed in it. The Latino gagged at first but began to take inch after inch of the massive dick. After a few minutes, he pulled it out and did the same to Lito. The visitor also knew he was in need a life force charge, and wanted to feel the taste of their uncut cocks in his mouth.

Johnny and Lito stood up, and the visitor dropped to his knees. He took the brothers' cocks into each of his hands and let them glide up and down the smooth foreskins that covered the base of their dicks. He alternated his mouth on Johnny and Lito's dicks, occasionally sticking his tongue inside the foreskin so he could touch the sensitive heads. The men moaned in pleasure. "Play with each others nipples," he directed. Lito's hands reached over and pinched his brothers' erect nipples; Johnny returned the favor to Lito. The visitor loved the taste and feel of the extra skin in his mouth, and made a mental note to bring this up when he went back home.

He also wanted to know how an uncut dick felt inside. The visitor got back up and turned towards Marco, who didn't move from the chair or even notice the threeway behind him. He had gotten the stronger dose of the pheromones from the visitor's pit, and still felt the effects. The visitor stood in front of him and looked at him with glowing eyes. All three were now in his control.

"Stand up and bend over," he told Marco, who immediately put his knees on the chair and held the back of it with his hands. He called Johnny over and put some spittle on his dick. Johnny knew exactly what to do. He pushed his way into Marco's tight ass. The visitor went to the other side of the chair and bent over. Lito immediately came behind and pushed his 8 incher into the visitor's waiting ass. The feeling of an uncut cock inside him also was a new experience, and he couldn't get enough of it. As Lito's cock moved in and out of his ass, the foreskin would push back revealing the head, which would quickly touch his prostate. The sensation was fucking amazing.

He needed more, though, and wanted to experience all three at a time. The visitor pulled Johnny's hefty cock out of his ass and laid on the edge of the table where Marco had been seated behind. Lito pulled his dick out of a Marco, who immediately went over to visitor. He already had his legs up in the air awaiting another cock. Marco's fat cock pushed into the visitor's hole. Johnny and Lito then got up on the table, their dicks each facing one side of the visitor's face. He grasped each dick again with one hand, and alternately shoved each into his mouth. As the visitor traded blowjobs on the two fine uncut cocks, Marco picked up the pace. After 10 minutes of the constant pounding, Marco couldn't hold back. He pulled his dick out of the visitor's ass just in time to watch a mound of white spooge shoot all over the visitor's balls. The visitor kept up his frantic sucking of the two brothers' cocks, pausing for a moment to look up to see the two embraced in a wet French kiss.
They continued to dart their tongues in and out of each others mouths as the visitor's dick-sucking skills brought them to a climax. First, Lito's dick covered the visitor's face in cum; then Johnny soon followed.

The visitor got off the table and saw Marco had fallen to his knees in exhaustion. He decide to give him one final high before he left. He forced his cock back into Marco's mouth and stroked the shaft. It didn't take very long before he felt a load sliding down the gang leaders' throat. Marco choked to make sure the hot load didn't come out.

The visitor wiped his chest and face off with the men's clothing and slipped back into his jeans and t-shirt. He needed to do one more thing before he left. The three men could provide him eyes and ears on the street. He waved a picture of the passenger into each of their heads. "If you see this man around, you are to contact me." Since his communication device was too sophisticated to connect to their inferior cell phone devices, he would need to borrow one. Marco was sitting back in the metal chair. The effects of the visitor's cum had given him a second sexual high. He sat in the chair once again unable to stop stroking his dick. He wouldn't need his phone right now.

"You are to contact me on this phone if you see this man," the visitor said, before heading to door. "You are only to remember me if you need to call. Then once you do, you will forget my presence."

The visitor quickly made his way out of the building. He had lost important time by this encounter, but he was glad to have had his life force revitalized after the long trip to Earth. Now it was time to find his needle in the haystack.

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