The Convention 2 (hypno)

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Returning to his secret hideaway room of mindfucked superheroes, Mesmero instructed the Dynamic Duo into the tubes next to Thor. Like all the other empty heroes before them, the tubes sealed Batman and Robin inside with a “hissss” as the tube connected itself to the floor. Helmets descended onto each. The lights inside began their bright to dim rhythm, and the tubes’ sound began the binaural pulses, and the holographic spirals were spinning away, floating in front of their faces. Mesmero watched for several minutes as each hero gave in to the mindfucking the tubes were giving them. Breathing was slowing. Eyes were glazing over even more. Bodies were slumping slightly. And most of all, their cocks were throbbing to the rhythm established the by the lights and sounds inside each tube.

As The Dark Knight and The Boy Wonder began their descent into mindlessness, Mesmero could see that Thor’s tube and helmet had taken him into the second phase of his reprogramming. While he was away, the spiral, the lights and the sound had continued to soften and condition Thor’s mind. In the second phase, Thor would be hearing Mesmero’s voice softly, quietly snaking in to fill Thor’s mind.

“Open every crevice of your mind to me Thor. Let my voice and my will penetrate you on the deepest of levels in every part of your body. Let my voice fuck every part of you. Let Mesmero fuck your mind deeply and completely. Your mind is the doorway to your soul, and I have complete control of your mind, Thor. Feel the door of your mind opening. Opening to ME, Thor. You can’t stop it. It’s too late. The door is opening, Thor, and your very soul is being exposed to me. See the door in your empty fucked mind, Thor. See it opening, baring open the place inside you that you need and want Mesmero the most. It’s so bright on the other side of that door, isn’t it, Thor? The light of your soul shines so brightly, so warmly, so openly. You opened the door to your soul of your own free will, Thor. And now the door cannot be shut. Your soul is exposed. It’s vulnerable. The exposure and vulnerability arouse you. It makes you so hungry for my control to step through that door into your soul. You feel me stepping through now, Thor. Every step deeper into your soul, fucking it harder. Deeper. And the harder and deeper you let it fuck you, the more the door opens to me.”

The spiral, the lights, the sounds, Mesmero’s voice. They were all flooding Thor so fast, so hard, so beautifully. Thor gasped aloud as the door to his soul began to open. He was exposed. He was laid bare for Mesmero to see. No defenses. No resistance. No desire. He couldn’t shut the door. He didn’t want to. He didn’t need to. The warmth of his soul pouring through the door gave him immense pleasure. Nothing mattered except that rush; feeling Mesmero stepping deeper and deeper into his warmth, his naked soul. Each step sent shivers of arousal through every single muscle fiber in Thor’s body. Every step and every shiver of arousal made Mesmero’s steps feel more erotic and more blissfully possessive. There was no need to shut the door. Thor understood now with every erotic tremor. The bliss of allowing another, more powerful will to consume his. Thor could feel Mesmero completely inside his soul, basking in its warm glow. He could feel Mesmero’s eyes inside his soul beginning to spread their power and will out into Thor from his very core. Wave after wave of arousal shot through him rocketing Mesmero’s control from the top of Thor’s head all the way down to the very tips of his toes. Thor’s muscles were growing tighter, becoming veinier as his body trembled uncontrollably the more Mesmero’s will spread through his body. Thor teetered on that blissful edge between feeling what was left of his soul and feeling it slipping into Mesmero’s beautiful, powerful grasp.

Why had he not known about such mindfucking pleasure before, he asked himself. And now that he felt wave after blissful wave of control and obedience to Mesmero shoot through him, he understood what it meant to have his soul raped. It was liberating and pure, naked bliss. Mesmero was so deep inside Thor’s soul, raping it repeatedly. Over and over. Deeper and deeper. Bliss. Pleasure. Obedience. Submission. Surrender. Orgasm. Control. Power. Inside Thor they were all strands of a larger more reotic, controlling thread. All emanating from Mesmero deep inside Thor’s controlled, obedient self. Thor greedily accepted Mesmero’s control as deep inside as possible and felt the raw bliss erupt inside him.

The moment Thor felt the understanding and acceptance, the spiral disappeared, the lights stopped pulsing, and the the rhythmic sounds stopped. “Fwissssh...” the tubes sounded, as each hissed open. The tubes’ helmets lifted off the head of each superhero and then the glass tubes themselves lifted up into the ceiling, leaving each hero, Captain America, Superman, the Hulk, Hercules, Colossus, the Flash and Thor standing with bodies rigid, muscles hard and at attention, eyes wide and glazed, deep in mindless attention. Cocks rock hard, almost ready to tear through their costumes.

“Step forward, my beautiful muscled heroes,” Mesmero commanded them. Superman, a black-haired, blue-eyed muscleboy of 20 or 21. Captain America, the muscular stud with blonde hair blue eyes. The Hulk, a 20-something stud covered in thick muscles and green body paint and only wearing ripped jeans. Colossus, silvery, slick skin, muscles flexed and veiny, standing at the ready. Hercules, a furry-chested, auburn-haired and bearded rock hard hunk. The Flash, a blonde himbo with a lean, sleek sprinter’s build. All their minds open and ready to have Mesmero’s commands planted in them at the deepest possible level. All their cocks steel hard in their costumes, reaching out to Mesmero in humble obedience.

Mesmero passed each of them, evaluating, deciding, choosing, like a general reviewing his troops. “Superman, Hulk and Captain America. Step step down from your tube platforms and assemble in front of me. The brainwashed heroes obeyed. Without hesitation, without resistance. Only in mindfucked, empty obedience.

“Hulk. You have always craved to have Superman on his his knees worshipping at your feet. You crave to have the Kryptonian’s mouth on your cock. Your cocks bobs and weaves like a green snake with a mind of it own. Seeking out the warmest, wettest mouth it can find. You know that mouth is Superman’s. Your cock throbs with the anticipation of fucking the Man of Steel’s face.

“Superman. You lust for the Hulk. You lust for his green muscles. His powerful, enormous green muscles. You lust for his green, muscle cock. You crave to worship his cock. His montrous, green, mindless cock. You will do anything that cock demands of you. Your job is to please that green muscle snake.”

“Captain America. You have not been able to take your eyes off Superman’s ass. It wants your blonde cock. In needs your blonde cock. And your blonde cock craves the warm, wet walls of Superman’s ass milking your stiff pole.

Looking deep into the eyes of all three, the green glowing brighter and stronger, Mesmero said, “When I snap my fingers, all three of you will feel the desires I have commanded to you grow. They will grow to such a height that you will not be able to stop yourselves from devouring one another. Mindlessly. In total, brainwashed abandon. You will completely give in to the animal lust you have been given.”


Standing in front of The Man of Steel was a blank, deeply controlled Hulk. Eyes glazed, chest heaving the enormous pecs in and out. He was somewhere very far away, swaying gently, lost in some blissful thought Mesmero had placed in him. Superman mindlessly and greedily dropped to his knees as Mesmero had commanded him. Hulk’s cock was as stiff and straight as a steel pipe. It was calling him. Commanding him. Luring him. Superman opened his mouth and felt the rush of adrenaline and bliss flood his mind and body. Feeling the Hulk’s stiff rod fuck his mouth was beyond bliss. Every inch that passed his lips increased his horniness, and increased the erotic, velvety voice that was overtaking the last shreds of his mind. As he shoved his mouth up and down the green monster’s rock hard cock, Superman could feel his relaxation pulsing and deepening with each stroke, ensnaring him in its powerfully sexual rhythm.

From behind, two hands grabbed at Superman’s hips and strong, powerful thighs slid around each side of Superman’s hips. As he placed his legs around Superman’s hips, forming a “V” with his thighs around Superman’s, Captain America undid Superman’s belt and pulled down his costume’s pants, revealing a tight, muscular ass that was begging to be fucked. He placed each of his red-gloved hands on Superman’s shoulders and slid his hard, blonde cock deep inside the Man of Tomorrow. As he began taking long, deep strokes inside him, he could feel Superman’s smooth, muscle ass open wider with each stroke. The deeper Captain America shoved his dick in Superman’s ass, the deeper he felt Mesmero’s voice penetrating every part of his mind and body. Washing him away into the ecstasy of emptiness and obedience to the voice growing in his head. Turning him into a mindless machine whose sole, enormous piston was pumping the obedient muscle ass in perfect, steady, mindless rhythm.

With every stroke of Captain America’s cock in his ass, Superman sucked on the green Hulk’s cock with a mindless hunger that was shooting waves of pleasure through the Hulk’s body, straight into its brain. Every stroke of Superman’s lips on its cock, The Hulk felt his mind and body opening more to the erotically demanding voice of Mesmero deep inside his head. Every time Superman deepthroated his cock, tidal waves of bliss rolled through The Hulk and flooded its huge green muscles. They all throbbed in unison along with the cock that flared in The Man of Steel’s mouth.

Captain America’s cock in Superman’s ass, and Superman’s mouth encasing the Hulk’s throbbing cock. Each one locked into the mindless rhythm of the other. One. All deeply snared in the mindfucking, erotic trap of Mesmero’s hypnotic control.

Once Mesmero had the three trapped in their erotic loop, he turned his attentions to the next three empty muscleboy heroes. Commanding them to step down from their platforms as he had the previous three. As they did, each one’s gaze was locked on the other three, unable to look away from what they knew was soon to be their fate, as well: Obedience and submission to Mesmero that would transcend the physical and touch the deepest, most erotic parts of each of their souls. Mesmero filled each of their empty heads with lust for the other, and the trigger of his snapping fingers just as he had the other mindless heroes.


Colossus stood exactly like his namesake of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, large, muscled, strong and immobile. A thing to be admired. An object. His large frame and thick muscles completely encased in the silvery, metallic skin (it had been “suggested” to him that the silver paint was actually metallic skin). A silvery skin that Mesmero was using against him. Focused deeply on Mesmero’s voice inside his head, with each breath the metal of his skin slithered up his cock and made it as rigid as the rest of his body. Colossus’ cock was responding perfectly. With each throb of his metallic cock, Colossus felt himself slipping so beautifully into the control and power of Mesmero’s voice. His lust growing for the Flash’s beautiful sprinter’s ass taking him over.

Also following the erotic timbre of Mesmero’s voice, the Flash was becoming hotter and hotter for Colossus’ ever stiffening, metallic cock. The harder it became, and the more he welcomed Mesmero’s voice inside his body, the more the Flash became lost in the frenzied anticipation of the powerful, metallic pole inside his quivering, loosening sprinter ass. With every one of Mesmero’s words that seeped into his empty head, the Flash found himself grinding his greedy, hypnotized hole up and down the metallic cock, he slickness of the red lycra of his uniform up against his throbbing hole. Following the instructions being shoved into his mind, the Flash shoved his muscle ass back onto the steel pole. As it punctured Flash’s costume, he felt the cold metal touch his hungry puckered fuck hole and Mesmero’s voice penetrate his mind just as hard. With one powerful thrust, Colossus’ cock went balls deep into the Scarlet Speedster’s hypnotized fuckhole. Both heroes gasped in blissful unison. Remaining completely rigid, immobile, Colossus lost himself in the pleasure of the Flash milking his metal rod, moving back and forth on it in lust-filled heat.

Hercules, hearing Mesmero’s beautiful commands flooding his fucked mind, inhaled deeply. The breath sent him spiraling deeper, and it hardened the nipples of his bare, auburn-haired chest. His eyes locked on the Flash’s as instructed, he could see the empty pleasure in the blue eyes as the Flash rocked back and forth on the silvery, slithery cock, lost in bliss. The eyes pleading. Begging. Needing. The mouth opening. Asking. Enticing. Demanding.

As his mind swirled into The Flash’s eyes and their need, Hercules’ cock began to stiffen against the fabric of his tunic’s “skirt”. His cock, rising stiff and proud in its submission to Mesmero, rose straight up to rest against his abdomen, trapped between the arousal of the auburn treasure trail of his abdomen, the fabric of the tunic, and Mesmero’s voice violating his mind. He stepped nearer to the Flash and lifted his tunic. As The Fastest Man Alive rocked forward off of Colossus’ cock, his mouth slid itself down Hercules’ throbbing pole, down to the very base and the beautiful auburn bush. Waves of white hot ecstasy shot through Hercules’ cock, up through his tight, muscled, auburn body and straight into emptying mind.

As the Flash rocked off of Colossus’ cock and onto Hercules’, he pulled the waves of pleasure from Colossus and pushed them into Hercules. And as he pulled off of Hercules’ cock and rocked back, taking Colossus’ cock deep inside his mindfucked ass, he shoved the bliss back into the Roman God. All three, following their own individual commands placed so deep in their controlled brains by Mesmero, shared in the empty, naked bliss of the Flash rocking back and forth between them. Colossus’ cock rocking back and forth inside The Scarlet Speedster’s mindless, muscle ass. The Flash’s mouth rocking up and down on Hercules’ dripping, hard cock. The Flash, an erotic pendulum swinging between the two. Alternating the mind raping pleasure between the two immobile, muscleboy heroes.

All six heroes--Superman, Captain America, the Hulk, Colossus, Hercules and the Flash--caught in the erotic, empty nothingness of obedience and submission to the mindfucking power Mesmero held over each of them. Heroes, all of them, yet helpless. Vulnerable. Naked in mind and soul. Held timeless in the raw bliss of emptiness. Basking in the sexual power being exerted over their very souls. Unable to resist. No need to resist. No desire to resist. There was only acceptance. Acceptance and mindless joy in serving without hesitation, without question, without concern. All six locked in mindless, sexual bliss as they enjoyed and pleasured each other’s bodies. Each other’s cocks. Each other’s asses. Each other’s minds and souls.

Standing rigid and motionless, Thor was able to view the entire superhero orgy, but unable to allow his aching cock any release. His cock, his mind, and his body screamed for pleasure. For touch. For Mesmero’s will to give him the raw pleasure the others were so enraptured in. “Not to worry,” Mesmero’s voice seeped into his hungry, aching, empty mind. “I haven’t forgotten you, my beautiful Thor Odinson.”

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