The Convention 3 (hypno)

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Hearing the velvety, powerful voice swirl in his head and body, Thor’s cock throbbed and began oozing beautiful precum in his costume. He begged for Mesmero’s control. He craved to have Mesmero open him and use him. It’s what he needed. It’s what he was meant for. It was his destiny. His fate. His purpose. His reason for being. As Mesmero slid his hand across Thor’s ass and cock, he felt waves of pleasure spread out to all points in his body. Mindfucking, obedience-inducing pleasure that made his body shake with excitement and anticipation. His cock throbbed and flared. His ass quivered and loosened. The expanse of the emptiness inside his mindfucked head lurched in its expansion. “That’s right, Thor. Give in to me even more. You have so much more that you want to give me. So much more you need to give me. And you will be so happy to do so, willingly, without hesitation.”

Mesmero commanded Thor to stand in between the two groups of hypnotized, fucking superheroes. A rigid statue of a man, motionless, strong and powerful. A rock amongst the frenzied sexual chaos that surrounded him. Standing amid the swirl of sexual frenzy, Thor could feel his arousal growing and ebbing with the rhythms of the two groups. Cock growing and throbbing, ebbing and flowing, sending floods of sexual pleasure and energy through his body deep into his empty brain. As the group’s sexual energy pulsed and reached their respective heights, Thor’s body and cock followed in perfect synch. He could feel their lust in his mind and in his cock. The hardness of his cock flooding his body with pleasure as it pulsed and flared in harmony with the group’s ecstasy. Every part of his body tingled and exploded in the sexual energy that was flooding him from every direction, bringing him closer and closer to mindless, obedient, sexually-charged hypnotized nirvana. Every stroke, every moan, every gasp of the two groups flooded Thor on all fronts and brought him closer to what he craved. Release. A release so deep, so thorough, so controlling, so mindfuckingly delicious that it was making him delirious with the need to be owned by the emptiness.

And as the emptiness fucked those that surrounded him, the immobile Thunder God statue could feel himself coming closer to the edge. A point of no return so immense, so vast, so expansive, so empty. A point in his sexual pleasure that was as small as a pinpoint, yet as large as the universe. The minutely expansive pleasure of that edge of nothingness was raping his empty mind and body with an intensity that blinded the Norse God.

Thor was so hungry to have Mesmero shove him over the edge into the abyss of hypnotic, obedient emptiness that he was flooded with one powerful, raw feeling. Greed. Greed to be used. Greed to obey. Greed to submit. A greed to be dangled on the very edge of that powerful, black abyss by Mesmero’s hypnotic power. His cock and muscles were about to rip through his costume with a raw lust and hunger that was blinding in its beauty. The raw greed for Mesmero to shove him over the edge into the soundless, black void of empty obedience and submission was joined by all the other hero’s greed for the same thing in a powerful, white hot, mind raping rhythm of oneness to Mesmero’s power. Each one dangling together in communal ecstasy, to be tipped over into the bliss of nothingness.

As the heroes were spinning in their mindless bliss, Mesmero returned to his remaining two heroes’ tubes. The final, deep, mindfucking cycle had ended. The tubes were lifting off the Dynamic Duo. Motionless, vacant, empty. Mesmero commanded his newly brainwashed prizes to step from their tubes and join the other heroes. Each hero responded with immediate, unquestioning obedience. The Masked Manhunter and the Boy Wonder, perfect final additions to his own, private, mindfucked league of superheroes. As they joined the other heroes, the powerful, hypnotic, commanding voice boomed through all of their heads simultaneously.


And with that each hero froze. Mindless. Timeless. Beautiful statues of hypnotized, controlled, superhero muscle, teetering on the edge of the point of no return. The blissful Promised Land of complete and utter surrender of mind, body and soul within sight, but just so tantalizingly out of their reach.

Mesmero spent several minutes walking amongst his gallery of frozen superheroes touching the muscles, playing with cocks and asses. As he did, Mesmero whispered softly into the ear of each hero. Simple, direct, powerful, brain raping words. After he had visited each of his statues, he commanded them to release from each other and form a circle, each one standing behind the other. Thor, Colossus, the Flash, Hercules, Captain America, Superman, the Hulk, Robin, Batman, and completing the circle, Mesmero himself directly behind his prized Thor. By the instructions placed in each hero a few moments earlier, each hero felt his craving for the ass in front of him begin to bubble up from deep inside. Each also felt the craving for the cock behind him beginning to grow as well. As programmed, the more each hero focused, the more each cock became harder and each ass quivered and loosened.

“Now my heroes, accept the reward I have presented you for your devotion and obedience to me,” Mesmero commanded. With those words, each superhero’s cock throbbed with the bliss of emptiness as it penetrated the quivering, loosened ass in front of them. Each mindless hero’s cock buried deep inside the ass of each other. Thor’s enormous Norse cock slipping inside the cold, metallic, emotionless ass of Colossus. Colossus’ metallic alloy pole penetrating the Flash’s tight, runner’s ass with robotic precision. The Flash’s cock pumping the naked bliss deep into Hercules. Hercules transferring the mind-numbing bliss on to the walls of Captain America’s willing hole. Captain America sliding his blonde member into Superman’s tight, hypnotized ass. Superman’s rock hard white cock against the The Hulk’s green asshole. The contrast in color driving Superman to the brink of sexual insanity. The Hulk, sliding his enormous green, veiny dick inside The Boy Wonder. His green briefs down around his ankles. The slickness of the lycra rubbing against his ankles fueling a horniness inside him for the green cock that was taking deep control of his mindfucked ass. Robin’s obedient, brainwashed cock slipping into the horny ass of his crime-fighting partner. Robin’s cock sending waves of obedience and pleasure through the Caped Crusader. Batman’s cock deep inside Mesmero, obeying the ass in front of him. And finally, Mesmero taking complete ownership of his precious Thor by sliding his cock deep inside the Thunder God’s muscled, obedient, asshole.

Of the nine heroes he had collected, Mesmero knew Thor would be the most cherished prize of all. And Thor was not proving him wrong. As Mesmero pushed his cock inside, Thor loosened his ass, and as Mesmero pulled out, Thor gripped the naked, raw cock with the walls of his ass and milked it for all it had. And as much pleasure Thor was providing Mesmero’s cock, Thor’s pole was enjoying just as much the ass in front of him, and the one in front of that, and in front of that, making its way back around the circle of muscled superheroes to The Batman. The Dark Knight’s cock was splitting Mesmero deeper than even he realized was possible. The hunger Mesmero felt from the empty, brainwashed cock that was fucking him made his cock harder and harder inside Thor. The sexual electricity he felt growing inside his body and cock he spread into Thor with every stroke. Thor transferred that erotic, electric warmth to the mindless hero on his cock. The sexual charge began traveling from cock to ass, cock to ass all around the circle, filling all of Mesmero’s empty heroes with his powerful, raw bliss. Each hero was in perfect rhythm, the ring of erotic warmth traveling faster and faster around the circle. The faster it circled, the deeper and faster the hero’s fucked each hungry hole in the circle.

“Faster,” Mesmero commanded.

As he did, the electricity began moving even faster, bathing each hero simultaneously. Wave after wave crashed over each hero. “Faster!” Mesmero demanded.

Waves coming faster. Deeper. Flooding all parts of the hero’s bodies and minds. Wiping everything clean, leaving only Mesmero’s power flooding all nine at once, in every direction. Pure, empty submission of a depth so profound. None of the hero’s cared what time or day it was. Nothing else mattered except being one with the eternal pinpoint of ecstasy that Mesmero was giving them.

“You’re moving closer now, heroes. Closer. Even closer. The more you give in, the closer you come. And you’re going to get as close as you ever have until I tell you different,” Mesmero commanded his mindfucked heroes.

The heroes did as they were instructed and came as close as they ever had to the edge of the erotic abyss. Standing on the fine line between there and tipping over into mind-numbing eruption. So difficult, yet so easy. So easy to do as they were told. So easy to stand in the comfort of the edge, awaiting the command that would come from the voice so deep inside them.

“Now my mindfucked heroes, when I count from 1 to 3...”


“Upon reaching 3, when you hear me say the word ‘cum’...”

Even closer.

“You will do as you are told...”

The raw joy of the deep control he had over his heroes, dangling them on the edge like this, was making Mesmero’s cock even harder inside Thor’s ass. With his own eruption drawing nearer and nearer, Mesmero leaned forward to whisper in Thor’s ear, “With every stroke inside you, my beautiful Thor, my cock grows longer, thicker. As you feel it grow, your ass will tighten even more around it, accepting its control. Its power. Its desire for you.”

As the words entered the empty mind, in milliseconds they were processed and turned into instructions. As the instructions shot along every nerve in his body and reached their destination, Thor’s ass replied with blank obedience, gripping the enormous, expanding, mindsplitting cock like a vise. With every stroke inside him, the cock was getting thicker and longer. Hammering his prostate and driving him further into furious, blind ecstasy. Every stroke of the expanding cock splitting his ass. Assaulting his body. Raping his mind with the raw bliss of obedience and submission. Shoving Thor over the edge, into the abyss of a mindfucked delirium.

“...until I say stop. CUM!”

Mesmero shoved his cock as deep as he could inside the Norse god. As he did, and his load erupted, Thor’s ass tightened and loosened around the enormous cock, milking every precious drop. His ass tightened and loosened in perfect rhythm with the waves of cum erupting from his own cock inside the hero’s ass he was pounding just as deep as Mesmero was pounding him.

The word flooded the hero’s bodies, minds, cocks and asses. Instantly, the raw heat of the word rushed from the top of their head to the very tips of their toes and straight out each of their cocks. Each mindfucked cock fucking the empty, brainwashed ass in front of them with a horny desperation. A horny desperation for ass and cock that continued to rape their brains and send them spiraling deeper into the raw bliss of oneness. Into the deep, empty gorgeous power of Mesmero’s control. Mindless and obedient. Turning the muscleboy superheroes into the perfectly synchronized fuck machine. Their cocks the machine’s pistons. Pumping steadily. Rhythmically. Continuously. The asses the machine’s cylinders. Holding their precious pistons in place. Straight and firm. Guiding the pistons deeper into their purpose. Every pump bringing the machine more into synch. Wiping the minds of the heroes deeper. Any minute, stray thoughts eradicated. Way must be made for new instructions and purpose. As the machine mindlessly pumped away on itself, the rhythm began to quicken. As the superhero fuck machine gained speed, the asses began milking the cock pistons harder. With more power. More hunger. With the word, the white hot eruption exploded inside each hero in unison. A glorious fluid the machine’s pistons distribute into its cylinders, keeping the fuck machine well-lubricated, functioning seamlessly. Each hero moaned and groaned in unison. A collective, machinated orgasm. One purpose. One goal. One orgasm. One. Each cock driving deeper. Each hole happily accepting the hot, obedient jets of cum. Over and over. Load after mindless load. Coating the insides of the heroes. Lubricating and further wiping the heroes clean of any resistance. Any doubt. Any questions. Resistance, doubt and questions prohibited the machine from functioning at optimal performance, from carrying out the instructions of its operator.

Mesmero stepped out of the circle, allowing the Batman to slide into his precious Thor. The blank look of pleasure on the heroes’ faces as they experienced the sensations of a new partner was all Mesmero needed to see. The fucking machine continued hammering away at itself, locked mindlessly in a cycle of bliss and empty desire. As the superhero fuck machine completely emptied itself of thoughts and cum, it began to slow down. Pistons still pumping the cylinders, but at a slower rhythm and speed. The slower the fuck machine operated, the more glazed and distant the heroes’ eyes became. So deep in the heavy, strong rhythm. So blank and exposed to the will of their operator.

“Very good, my heroes,” Mesmero said to his completely mindfucked muscleboys. “Now, I want you to disengage from each other, redress yourselves, stand and await further instructions.”

The heroes complied. Mindlessly. Immediately and without hesitation. Of all the conventions he had been to, all the heroes Mesmero had penetrated, brainwashed and used, these heroes had gone deeper and been used harder than any others.

“Now my heroes, you will, one by one, return to the convention with no memory of anything that has transpired in this room. However when you hear my voice, and my voice alone say the phrase ‘Empty your mind’ you will become immediately erect and you will happily return to this very deep state of emptiness, control and bliss. Empty your mind. Empty your mind. Empty your mind.” With those words, Mesmero watched in delight as each hero’s cock throbbed hard in their costumes as the words echoed in their empty brains. “You will keep this phrase buried deep in your minds. Deep in your souls. You carry it with you everywhere you go. Forever. Waiting. Hoping. Longing to hear those beautiful words that will return you to me. Empty your mind. Empty your mind. Empty your mind. Now my heroes, do as you have been instructed. Return to the convention. Once you have returned to the convention floor, you will have no memory of ever being in this room. But your unconscious mind, and your soul will remember and look forward to the day when Mesmero summons you back to empty bliss. Now go.”

With those words one by one, the brainless heroes filed towards the door. As they crossed the threshold, they rubbed their eyes and shook their heads, each snapping back to reality. The experiences of the last several hours that had bound them to one another, completely wiped from their active memory. As each hero rejoined the swarm of the convention, the crowd, the noise, the costumes, the thrill of the enveloping chaos, the powerful trigger buried itself deeper and deeper inside their brainwashed unconscious. Each hero now fully indoctrinated. Ready to be reactivated at a moment’s notice by the three simple words.

The last to leave was Thor. Just before he crossed the room’s threshold, Mesmero put his hand on Thor’s chest, stopping him in his tracks. He put his hand on Thor’s chin and turned his face to meet his. “You will remain with me, Thor,” Mesmero said, eyes glowing a deeper, more powerful green.

Thor tried to mouth a response, but the consuming green eyes had taken his power of speech.

With his mindless Thor in tow, Mesmero left the room, watching his heroes disappear into the crowd. Closing the door behind him, he paused to address his brainwashed bouncer who had been diligently, mindlessly standing guard. “Have you done as you were commanded?

“Yes Master Mesmero,” the empty bouncer replied, staring blinklessly ahead.

“Show me,” Mesmero commanded.

The mindfucked bouncer pointed out two young men browsing through comics at a nearby booth, and Mesmero smiled at how perfect these two soon-to-be recruits will be. “You have carried out your instructions perfectly,” Mesmero said turning to face the bouncer. As he did his eyes began to pulse with their hypnotizing, green glow. “And for that, my mindless sentry,” Mesmero said as the green in his eyes flared and further immobilized the bouncer’s body and mind, “I grant you the rush of. Mind. Fucking Ecstasy.”

With those words, the entire bouncer’s body was flooded with an orgasmic rush and his cock became even stiffer. As he shivered and moaned, sweet, gooey drops of precum stained his jeans, “Th-th-thank you, Massster Mesmero.”

“Now, return to your duties and we will chat again before next year's convention,” Mesmero said as he turned and headed in the direction of his next two conquests. Mesmero could see why the bouncer picked them. A brunette and a blonde. They were built, to be sure. Tight t-shirts showed off flaring pecs and big arms. Tight jeans helped define the tight muscle ass on the brunette, and the muscled, bubble ass on the blonde. They were, however, not the explosive size Mesmero liked. That was alright. That would change. They were built about the same as Don had been last year when the bouncer had pointed him out. He had spent the year mindfucking Don/Thor secretly from the shadows, making him work out harder and eat better, so he would grow to become Mesmero’s perfect Thor. And now, one year later, he had successfully added him to his collection of brainwashed superheroes. These two would be no different. He would mindfuck them from the shadows as well. And next year they would be ready. Mesmero already knew who they would become. The brunette would return as Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, and the blonde would return as Aquaman. They would return next year excited, almost horny, for the convention to have their muscles touched and admired, and their costumes complimented.

“I bet this is your first convention,” the voice said behind the two muscleboys thumbing through several stacks of back issue comics.

“Yea. How’d you know?”, the brunette said as both muscleboys turned to see who was talking to them. “Whoa! Mesmero and Thor! Awesome costumes dudes!”, the brunette muscleboy laughed with excitement. Looking at Thor then back at Mesmero, grinned and nodded with realization. “Oh I got it. You got him hypnotized, right? Sweeeeet,” the brunette said playing along, winking at Mesmero.

“So, yeah, he’s what, like your slave or somethin’?, the blonde muscleboy said waving his hand in front of Thor’s face, playing along, pretending to try and snap Thor out of his trance.

“Yes, something like that...”, Mesmero said smiling at the two muscleboys, eyes beginning to glow slightly. “I could tell it was your first convention because the two have that ‘first time’ glazed look in your eyes. Now you’ll ask if you can take our picture.”

“Whoa! Dude don’t go readin’ my mind without askin’ first,” the brunette laughed, playing along as well, grabbing his head and shaking it from side to side in fake resistance to Mesmero.

Once he stopped laughing he took out his camera. Mesmero once again struck that “magician/hypnotist” pose with fingers extended toward Thor, but looking directly at the camera, eyes pulsing their hypnotic green. The brunette centered the two in the camera’s preview screen and snapped the picture. He lowered the camera, eyes glazed, wide and vacant, locked deeply on the glowing green orbs in front of him. His mind already under Mesmero’s control. With every breath, his body falling more and more under their control. Every breath taking him deeper into their power. His cock stiff, his ass quivering and loosening, his mind completely empty, ready to accept Mesmero’s will for him.

“Duuude. Lemme see!” the blonde muscleboy said grabbing the camera from the mindfucked brunette. The blonde looked at the preview window on the camera. As he looked Mesmero’s wide, powerfully green glowing eyes radiated out from the picture, straight into the blonde’s. He felt the powerful green eyes in the picture try to seize his mind and take hold of it. Shaking his head from side to side, he blinked hard several times. Each time he opened his eyes again the glowing emerald orbs in the picture were trying even harder to pull him deeper. With a final, hard jerk, the blonde tore his gaze away from the camera. And straight into the throbbing green circles just a few inches from his own.

Caught in their powerful, erotic throbbing the blonde could feel the eyes penetrating his mind. Slowly, lovingly raping his brain. Indescribable pleasure shooting deep through his head, his cock and ass. He stood motionless. Powerless. Blank. Ready to accept Mesmero deeper and deeper inside him. His cock pulsed with stiffness, and his ass quivered and loosened to the rhythm of the green, pulsing eyes, opening himself more to their ecstatic control.

Having snared the two muscleboys, Mesmero turned his deep green gaze on his beautiful Thor. “You have served me so very, very well today, Thor. In a moment I will snap my fingers and you will be completely awake, refreshed, relaxed, happy and excited to be at the convention. After awakening, your mind will block me out. You do not know me. You do not recognize me. You are unable to see me, no matter how close I stand to you. You will continue browsing the convention, having no memory of being hypnotized or anything that transpired in our secret room. As far as you know you have been roaming the convention all day fulfilling picture requests and visiting different booths. However, Thor, deep inside your subconscious your trigger ‘Empty your mind’ will remain. When you hear my voice and my voice alone speak those words, you will immediately return to this very deep state of obedience and bliss. Are these instructions clear and understood, Thor?”

Thor nodded mindlessly, acknowledging his understanding.

“So now my beautiful Thor...”


The two muscleboys had remained motionless at Mesmero’s side. Each, with their glazed eyes and throbbing cocks, continued their descent into the rush of complete surrender, as Mesmero was giving Thor his final instructions. After watching Thor disappear into the crowd, Mesmero turned his pulsing green eyes to his new playthings. “Now my mindless muscleboys, come. Come with me. The most beautiful thing you will experience at your first convention awaits you.” With those words, he turned and made his way toward the door at the corner of the convention floor. The muscleboys followed, their heavy arms dragging across, and spilling a stack of comics off a table and onto the convention floor.



Back in his hotel room later that evening, after being on his feet all day at the convention, Don stripped out of his Thor costume and unwound with a long, hot shower. He leaned forward with forearms on the tiled wall and either side of the shower head. He tilted his head forward and let the hot, soothing water hit the back of his neck. The relaxing stream of water ran down his wide v-shaped back, eventually trickling down into the crack between his ass cheeks before pitter-pattering onto the shower floor. His soreness was washing down the drain with the water.

Don grinned to himself. The hard work and sweating hitting the gym early mornings before work, the food and new eating habits had all been worth it. He had lost count of how many people he had taken pictures with, how many had complimented his costume, and how many had made any excuse to touch his muscles. Don was already planning for next year’s convention. Stepping out of the shower into the steam-filled bathroom Don flexed in the mirror, imagining himself as that Norse god once more. In his mind the steam was the smoke rising off of hot, newly forged god muscles, and the blurry image in the fogged up bathroom mirror was that god emerging clearer with each moment from his magical transformation.

“VEEEEET. VEEEEET. VEEEEET.” Don’s cell phone ringing snapped him from his reverie. Holding a towel around his waist, Don grabbed the phone from the nightstand, “Hello?”

“EMPTY YOUR MIND!” the voice said from the other end.

At those words, Don’s mind went blank, his eyes rolling up as they closed and his head falling towards his beefy chest. His body slumped as his cock rapidly went erect, and his hand relaxed its grip on the towel. It slid down his waist across his ass, and pausing to hang for a brief moment on Don’s mindless, rock hard cock. The texture of the terry cloth on Don’s cock felt like heaven as the towel began to slide slowly toward the floor. The towel stopped for a split second on Don’s cockhead. As it slid off his cock and onto the floor, his cock bounced up and sent a rush through his muscles and his mind.

“Now, I want you to listen very carefully,” the voice said as Don’s empty mind focused obediently on the words. Finishing the instructions, the voice said, “Do you understand?”

“I understand and I obey.”

“Very good. Now hang up the phone and follow your instructions.”

Don hung up the phone as he had been instructed. He turned and made his way to the hotel room door and opened it.

“Very good, my beautiful Thor,” Mesmero, in street clothes, said putting his phone away as he walked into the room. Behind him, the vacant blonde and brunette muscleboys followed. “Now, shut the door.”