Leathernecks (hypno)

I had just graduated from high school, and was enjoying a last summer in my family’s house before heading off for college. I’d spent the last several years of high school in the same place. Finally. You see, I’m a military brat. My dad is a Marine, so most of my life all I’ve known is moving from town to town, base to base. Just when I started to feel settled it was time to move again.

We’ve been everywhere, it seems. Bridgeport, California: one year. Okinawa, Japan: six months. Corpus Christi, Texas: two years. Nam Phong, Thailand: a year and a half. Kane'ohe Bay, Hawaii: one year (that particular one really sucked. NOT!). At one point we lived in New York City when dad worked for the Marine Corps Public Affairs Division. That was a particularly fun time for me because I got to see a lot of dad’s younger brother, Nate. He was a cop for the NYPD, and to me he was like the coolest guy on the planet. Some of the best times I’ve had growing up was when we lived in New York and I got to spend the whole weekend at Uncle Nate’s. He was big even back then. He worked out constantly, and he always talked about it real serious. I remember watching him working out in his basement and being fascinated by his muscles. Looking back on it, I know that was one of the things that planted the workout bug in me.

Unfortunately after two years we left New York and I didn’t see Uncle Nate again until about a year ago. Since I had seen him last, Uncle Nate had pushed himself even harder in the gym and he was now bodybuilder huge!

After New York there were a bunch of other moves we finally settled here at Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. We’ve been here for three years now and settled in enough that I’ve actually been able to make some friends. My best friend is Derrick Owens, D for short. I first met D because Mister Owens and my dad worked in the same department. They carpooled together, and since D and I went to the same high school and it was on their way, we’d ride with them and they’d drop us off.

D’s my age and my dad is forty-four, so I guess Mister Owens is about the same age as my dad. I don’t dare ask him though. He’s a real hard ass. Mister Owens’ first name is Kevin, but don’t ever let him catch you calling him that. D made that mistake in an argument he was having with him. Once. It’s always Mister Owens.

D and I became instant friends. We both like a lot of the same things, and have been practically inseparable since we first met. We’re so tight that we ended up applying to, and being accepted at the same college. We’ve even decided to rent an apartment off-campus and room together. I think we get our athleticism and love of working out from our dads. We’re both pretty built and we’re always either in the gym his dad set up in his basement or in the one my dad set up in mine. Years of hard military training and discipline have turned Mister Owens and my dad into solid slabs of Marine granite. D’s built just like his dad, 5’10”, about 175 or 180, dark chocolate skin, shaved head and face, and chiseled from head to toe. I’ve always secretly wondered about Mister Owens’ dick. I’ve seen D’s a million times in the locker room or at the urinal, so I can only imagine what Mister Owens’ is like. If it’s anything like D’s Mrs. Owens is one happy woman!

I, on the other hand, am not really that much like my dad in stature. We’re both built but I’m about 4 inches taller than my dad. I’m 6’2 and I weigh right at 225 where my dad, Sergeant Rick I like to call him in my head, is around 175. We both have blonde hair and blue eyes. My dad’s hair has been in that Marine “close to the scalp” regulation haircut for as long as I can remember. I like to keep mine nicely trimmed, but not that short. Unlike Mister Owens though, I know what my dad’s dick looks like. I’ve seen it a bunch of times and he’s definitely packin’ a nice one, about eight and half, thick, I’d say. Sometimes in the middle of the night when they think I’m probably asleep, I can hear him banging my mom. Let’s just say from the sound of things they’re still very much in love, if you get my drift. As for me, my cock is a nice, veiny nine incher. When I get hard it points straight north. Unlike my dad, though, I’m not much for sticking it in pussy.

Some nights I lie in bed listening to them fuck. In the darkness of the night I push the covers back and spread my legs. I close my eyes and imagine what Dad looks like. I can see his naked body, muscular, ripped, cut up. Eyes wide and empty with primal arousal. Body glistening with the sweat of sexual heat. A single bead of sweat running down the valley in the small of his back. Down into the crack between his bobbing, muscular ass cheeks, tickling his hole and driving him mad with horny fury. Fucking. Rhythmically driving his hard, thick Marine boner deeper. I spread my legs wider, one hand playing with a nipple, the other hand stroking my rod to the rhythm of dad’s fucking. He fucks harder. Deeper. I point my toes and flex my big, muscular quads. A wave of endorphins shoots through my body straight into my horny brain. My mind swirls. Dad’s Marine-forged muscles driving his cock faster and deeper. My hand pulling faster on my rock hard cock. Dad starts moaning and groaning louder. I love it when he doesn’t realize how loud he’s being. Not even worrying that the bed’s squeaking is telegraphing the nearness of his orgasm. The closeness of my orgasm matches his. So close now. His cock so deep. My cock so hard. Both of us ready to erupt. I run a hand across my face and stick fingers greedily in my mouth, the animal urges taking control of me. He’s cumming! “Yes, Dad!” I whisper as I shoot in unison with him, so hard I swear it makes a sound. But the sound is only in my horny, 18-year old head.

So, uhm, yea…now you know. I’m horny as hell for my Marine Corps dad. To be honest, even on nights when he’s not fucking my mom, I still beat off thinking about him. On those nights, though, it’s easier to think about him fucking me. An outlet for his hot, manly, muscled, Marine Corps horniness when mom says no. There’s no fucking way THAT’S ever going to happen, though. If he ever found out I think that he’d kick my ass from here to Pluto and back again. He’d punch me, then punch me again for making him hurt his hand!

I was thinking about how hard and deep he fucked my mom the night before when I was up in the attic the other afternoon getting one of dad’s footlockers to use for my college move. I was going to miss those middle of the night shows. As I was emptying the footlocker of some of dad’s stuff, I came across a really strange book: “Brainwashing & Interrogation: Science and Technique for Information Extraction.” When I opened the book, a picture fell out and fluttered to the floor. It was a picture of a Middle Eastern-looking guy in an orange jumpsuit sitting in a chair staring wide-eyed at the camera. The guy looked kind of empty and vacant. I gotta admit, seeing the guy’s eyes like that aroused me a little and started giving me a hard on for some reason. Crouching down on either side of the guy in the jumpsuit was my dad and D’s dad, Mister Owens! Both were smiling and giving a thumbs up at the camera, as if they were showing off some animal they’d bagged on a hunting trip. I turned the picture over and on the back was written, “Me and Kevin. Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay, October 2010”. Dad and Mister Owens are some sort of interrogators running all over the place grilling prisoners? This just didn’t make any sense. My dad and Mister Owens work with high school guys who are new, incoming recruits.

Wait till I tell D about this! I stuffed the book in my backpack and headed for D’s house. As I rode the bus, I flipped through the book. According to the table of contents, there were lots of techniques. Water torture. Sound. Sensory Deprivation. Drugs. Religion. Repetition of Imagery. Hypnosis. Hypnosis? Like The Manchurian Candidate? I thought that was only movie stuff. Apparently our dads were into some serious shit!

D answered the door dripping wet wrapped only in a towel. The dark, ebony muscles looked even hotter wet!

“Dude. What are you doing?!” I asked looking him from head to toe and back again, a dumb look on my face.

“I was in the shower and you kept ringing the damn bell. I figured whoever it was at the door it must be important,” he said, water dripping off him, forming a puddle on the floor.

“Your mom and dad home?”

“No, why?”

“Good! Dude, have I got some shit to show you. Let’s go to your room. I don’t want your folks hearing any of this when they come home,” I said heading for the basement where D’s room was. I sat down in his desk chair and D sat on the bed. I handed him the book.

“So?” he said. Then I handed him the picture. “What the fuck?! Dude. Our dad’s are brainwashing people!” he said staring at the picture, mouth hanging open.

“I know, right?! You suppose they’re the ones that brainwashed the guy in the pic?” I asked.

“Well, he looks really out of it,” D said, still looking at the snapshot.

“I think they have him hypnotized. I was reading some of that chapter on the way over here. The way that guy is sitting looking all zoned out, it squares with the description of being under hypnosis. I skimmed some of the other chapters and he doesn’t look like someone who’s been exposed to those kinds of techniques.”

“What does it say about hypnosis that makes you think that?” D asked.

I opened the book to the section on hypnosis and started reading it to D. After a few pages on the application of hypnosis and its effectiveness in extracting information, the chapter gave a sample induction that I also read aloud. The induction was designed to take the listener into a very deep state of trance. There, the mind was in a state of heightened suggestibility and lowered resistance. I continued the induction part of the chapter, starting to lose myself in an eroticism about the whole thing I discovered creeping in as I read to D. The induction finished with a string of words joined together to form a nonsense sentence. The book told me that when the mind was in this state of relaxation, and words spoken in such a way, it confuses the listener’s mind and sends them into a deeper state of relaxation and openness. In the induction this was followed by a strong snap of the fingers and the word “SLEEP!” spoken with authority.

SNAP! “SLEEP!” I said, so into what I was reading that I didn’t realize I had snapped my fingers AND practically shouted the word. I looked up at D, feeling kinda dumb for shouting like I did. Sitting on the bed was D, muscles relaxed, head rolled, mouth hanging open, eyes tiny slits barely showing just a hint of pupil. Shit! I had accidentally hypnotized my best friend! Just by reading a chapter in a book! His hands were slumped at his sides, his legs had fallen open. And in between the ends of the towel wrapped around his waist that met in the front, D’s gorgeous black cock. Sticking straight up in the air, long, thick, veiny and hard as steel. D’s slumped body so relaxed contrasted by his cock so hard. Throbbing like it was searching for something. Bobbing as if it was waiting for something. Friend or not, it was a sight that was beautiful to behold.

As D sat in his relaxed, far away state I kept thinking about what the book said about the state of heightened suggestibility. I chewed on my lip as I debated. A chance like this would probably never come again. Who was going to know? Who was going to say anything? Certainly not me. And sure as hell not D. “D, can you hear me?” I asked cautiously.

“Yesss...” came the relaxed reply.

“That’s great, D. I want you to do something for me,” I said, still being cautious.

“Yesss...” my zonked out friend said again.

“Your cock is so hard, D. It’s so fucking stiff. It feels so fucking good. It would feel even better if you put your hand on it.” As I said those words, his hand moved up to grab his cock. As his hand wrapped around his stiff, black pole, he let out a very relaxed sigh and you could see his body flood with goose pimples. He jerked in a horny spasm.

“When you jack off at night, you have a favorite fantasy. I want you to go there now. Once you’re there, D, start stroking your cock. Make it real. Let yourself enjoy every bit of it.”

D’s cock started getting even harder. I didn’t think that was possible. As he stroked his cock, D kept letting out little groans, almost like whimpers. Whenever he did you could see the tingling fill his whole body. When it did he would spread and curl his toes, and his cock head would flare. The third time he did this, I said, “D. For right now that tingling you’re feeling will get even stronger. And it’s going to get even stronger because listening is so arousing. When you listen, you spread your toes, when you spread your toes you make the tingling increase. You can do that, can’t you, D?”

“Yessss.I candothat.” He started running his words together.

As I kept talking his toes kept spreading and he would arch his feet every now and then. “Every toe picks up my voice like a receiver, D. And the more of my voice you pick up with your toes, the more you get hypnotized. And the more you get hypnotized, the more you tingle. And the more you tingle, the harder your cock gets,” I said watching his toes going crazy. I was glued to watching his feet and seeing his toes taking him more into the relaxed, openness he had. My cock was way past hard at this point. I reached in my shorts and pulled it out and stroked as I watched D getting off on my voice and his toes. I slipped my shoes and socks off. I wanted to feel what he was feeling.

“D. In a moment, you’re going to feel my feet on the tops of yours. When you feel my feet on yours, you’re going to get really close to cumming. Do you understand?”

“YessIunderstand you,” he mumbled.

I was so close already, and sliding my feet on to the top of his was shoving me even closer. The heat of his skin on the cool soles of my feet. Feeling how relaxed he was. How limp he was. How focused he was, how in tune he was was driving me insane with a lust I had kept buried for D for so long now. “D. When I tell you to cum, I want feeling my feet and toes on yours to send over the edge and I want you to cum. You can do that, can’t you, D?”

“YesIcandothat,” he slobbered.

“D. I want you to cum now,” I said as I held my cum, waiting for D to shoot so I could shoot with him. He was beating his big dick furiously, and so was I. I could see his body and muscles were beginning to tense up, and so were mine. I curled my toes down onto the tops of his feet, and D curled his up to meet the soles of my feet. That sent me careening over the cliff. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I let my cum fly. As I did, D’s cum started erupting from the tip of his dark helmet head. In that infinite moment of release, our cums spurting in one glorious orgasm, my head swirled with clarity. I had accidentally hypnotized by best friend and gotten him to cum for me. I knew in that moment exactly what to do with my new-found knowledge and skill. And D was going to help me get it.

I knew the right moment would come. In the meantime I continued hypnotizing D, using him for practice, as often as I could and being patient. After reading further in the chapter, I found out that the nonsense sentence, snapping my fingers and saying “Sleep!” acted like a sort of trigger. I didn’t have to go through the whole induction. I could get D under almost immediately. So I spent my time getting D really deep and exploring it. Learning how to get someone deeper and more open. Implanting suggestions and commands, and having the subject follow those suggestions and commands willfully. After almost two weeks of hypnotizing D practically every day, my chance finally came. My mom was going on a little getaway with her sisters. Starting tomorrow it was going to be just me and dad in the house until Monday. Five whole days all to ourselves.

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