Leathernecks 2 (hypno inc)

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That next morning I was almost ready to explode as I watched Mom pull out of the driveway and head down the street. Ever since she announced her trip my head had been spinning. I had everything all planned out, all I needed was patience. And a healthy dose of courage.

That first day she was gone seemed to never end. Finally that night dad told me he was going to bed. I stayed up to watch some TV. I was practically counting the minutes. One hour became two. Two became three. I went down the hall to go to the bathroom at one point and I quietly poked my head into my mom and dad’s bedroom. Sergeant Rick was sleeping pretty heavily. He was snoring so loud you’d think the windows were going to break! Perfect. I continued on down to the bathroom to take a piss. It was pretty tough to pee with my cock so hard. I had to grab a hold of it and push it down, otherwise I would have been pissing up into the air! Even though dad was sleeping pretty deeply, I didn’t flush the stool. I didn’t want to take the chance of waking him from his slumber.

I made my way cautiously back to his room and paused in the doorway watching him sleep. He had stopped snoring and was lying on his back sleeping quietly. Seeing him there so peaceful, so vulnerable to what I was about to do made my cock stiff as a steel pipe. I crept into the bedroom so very, very quietly. The six or seven steps to the bed seemed to take an eternity. I paused for a moment beside the bed watching him sleep. Even at rest, his body was tight and ripped.

I stood there, lightly stroking my cock watching that meaty Marine chest going up and down so rhythmically. I opened my mouth, dry with nervousness and anticipation, and started my induction. I was careful to whisper, and not speak too loudly as not to wake him up.

“Dad? Can you hear me?”

Nothing. No response.

“Dad, I want you to do something for me. I want you to take a very deep breath. Fill up your lungs completely. Then let it out nice and slowly.”

I watched breathlessly as Dad did just exactly as I told him to do! Fuck that was hot.

“Now, Dad, I want you to take another deep breath, holding it in, and letting it out nice and slowly.”

He did exactly as I said.

“As you do, Dad, I want you to feel yourself starting to sleep even heavier. Even deeper. Feeling how good the bed feels. How good your body feels. How good it is to listen to your son’s voice. How good it feels with each breath you exhale to feel your son’s voice penetrating your head and relaxing you.

“Feel all the muscles of your body, Dad, being penetrated by my voice. Your son’s voice. With every breath you exhale. Making your entire body relaxed. Loose. Limp. Just like a rag doll. Feel the relaxation in your legs. All the muscles there. Relaxing. Moving all the way up into your waist.”

I hesitated slightly. This is where the rubber would meet the road. I took a deep breath myself and pushed forward.

“And into your ass. Your balls. Your big, strong Marine cock. Everything there, relaxing.”

It seemed to work. He didn’t wake up. The only thing that stirred was his cock. It started forming a tent under the sheet he was underneath.

“Falling deeper into MY voice. Your SON’S voice. Feeling it penetrate all the muscles of your back. Up your back. Rolling over your shoulders. Down deep into your chest. Relaxing all your muscles there.”

Dad’s cock was getting harder and harder the more I relaxed him. And the harder he got, the harder I got. It was difficult at some moments to keep my voice from quivering with the horny tension I felt building inside me, and to keep my hands off my own cock.

“Feel my voice, your son’s voice guiding you. Relaxing you. All the muscles of your upper arms. Your biceps. Your triceps. Your lower arms. All the way down to the very tips of your fingers. Everything from the neck down now, Dad. Limp. Loose. Relaxed. And with every breath you exhale, and every word you hear from your son’s voice you become that much more focused on my voice. Going that much deeper down. Feel it now, Dad, moving up your neck. The back of your head. Over your head. Down your forehead. Across your eyebrows. Relaxing all the muscles there. Feel the deep relaxation around your eyes. The muscles around your eyes. Relaxing. The muscles OF your eyes. Relaxing. Listen to my voice, Dad. Focus. With every breath you exhale your son’s voice penetrates and brainwashes your mind that much more. That much deeper.”

I continued my induction on my dad, taking him deeper and deeper down. I used the techniques I had learned from the book and practiced on D to get my dad to that ultra deep level. The book described it as the place where the mind was in complete surrender and compliance. Once I got him there, I let the trigger loose to mindfuck him even harder.


Dad looked so peaceful and so relaxed. The head of his cock being teased by the fabric of the sheet made his already hard cock even harder. Right where the tip of the head touched the sheet, a wet spot had formed and was growing larger. My Marine father, now so deeply under my control, his son’s control, mind so fucked and filled with his son’s voice, had lost control of his Marine cock. Every time his cock bobbed and throbbed, turned on by the fabric rubbing his cock head, it leaked a huge glob of precum, soaking the sheet even more. I stepped to the edge of the bed, my own cock hard as granite in my hand, leaking precum just as much.

“Now dad, the next sensation you feel on the head of your cock is going to take you ten times deeper. Deeper into relaxation. Deeper into your son’s voice. Deeper into your son’s control.”

With that I leaned over and licked at the wet spot on the sheet. Tasting my dad’s precum on the sheet shot a ring of horny electricity from my head to my toes. The Marine’s salty precum instantly intoxicated me and shoved me further into heat. I triggered him again to get him even deeper and even more controlled. And again. And again. And again. Each time his cock throbbed and flared under the sheet even more. I slowly pulled the sheet back on my now completely mindfucked Marine dad, watching it caress every contour of his muscles. His cock sprung straight up in the air, head glistening with precum. I bent over, going as slowly as I could, making sure to enjoy every moment of what I had fantasized about for so long.

“Now Dad, in a moment your cock is going to get the most incredible pleasure it has ever felt. Ever. The more pleasure your cock feels, the deeper you’re going to go. Deeper into relaxation. Deeper into my voice. Your son’s voice. And deeper into my control.”

I wrapped my lips around my Marine father’s cock head and felt my body and mind sizzle with animal lust. I made my way down his hypnotized cock. Gobbling up inch after glorious, mindfucked inch. Up and down I went, feeling dad’s beautiful, stiff rod between my lips and down my throat. Working him into a frenzy. Bringing him closer and closer to the edge and then backing off. Over. And over. And over. Knowing all the while it was fucking his mind even harder. Even deeper. His will gone. His body responding in a raw ecstasy. His mind so empty. His cock so hard. His body so mine. I went all the way down on him one last time and tasted that Marine precum deep in my throat. I pulled back slowly, stood up and triggered him three more times.

“On your feet, soldier!” I barked.

“Sir! YES SIR!” Sergeant Rick said as he leapt from the bed as he’d been trained to do, saluted and stood at attention.

“From now on, Marine, whenever I give you a command, you will carry it out without question. Is that understood, jarhead?” I ordered.

“Sir! YES SIR!” Sergeant Rick said, eyes vacant and glazed, staring straight ahead.

“That cock’s still rock hard, I see, soldier,” I said to my brainwashed dad.

“Sir! YES SIR!” the Marine replied. His cock springing to attention as well.

As great as my father’s hypnotized Marine cock felt in my mouth, and as easy as it was to bring him to the edge with my lips and tongue, I knew what it was I really wanted. I climbed onto the bed on all fours, my knees right at the edge, ass up in the air. “Turn and face the bed, Marine!” I ordered.

“Sir! YES SIR!” Sergeant Rick responded turning to face the bed and my ass.

“Tell me what you see, soldier!” I barked.

“Sir! A muscle ass, SIR!”

I triggered him again. His cock jumped! “Very good. You have to have that ass, jarhead. You want to feel your powerful, stiff Marine cock inside that ass, your son’s ass, don’t you, soldier?”

“Sir! YES SIR!” a silvery strand of precum dripped its way slowly toward the floor from dad’s pulsing cock.

I triggered him yet again, violating his mind even deeper. Even harder. “Bring that Marine cock over here and put the head right against the hole, soldier. You will NOT stick it in until told to do so!” I ordered.

“Sir! YES SIR!” my leatherneck dad said walking his muscled body and swollen cock over to me. My mind raced with lust and naked greed. My dad. His muscles. His mind. His cock. All mine. Mine to control. Mine to use. He placed the head of his cock right at my hole, just as he had been instructed to do. It was warm and slick from all the precum. My ass was twitching in white hot heat, and my mind was swimming in blind, raw lust to feel my Marine Corps, jarhead, muscled, mindfucked, obedient leatherneck dad’s cock slide up inside my hungry fuckhole.

I triggered him again. Twice. Three times. I couldn’t help myself. Each time the head of dad’s cock flared and massaged my puckered hole, relaxing it, readying it for him. “Now, soldier, slide your horny fucking rod up my hole. Your son’s hole. Feel how tight it is. How warm it is. How wet it is. How controlling it is. Feel yourself surrendering all control to your son. Carry out your orders, Sergeant! And as you do, feelings and thoughts will well up inside you, and you will let those feelings and thoughts out. Is that understood, soldier?”

“S-s-sir! Y-Y-YESSSIR!” Dad and I gasped in unison as his cock head pierced my hole and slid inside. Fuck, his cock was thicker than it looked. His cock continued pushing deeper into me. It was so hard and I was so tight that I could feel every vein on his cock against the walls of my ass. The pain that initially needled my ass was now rocketing through my body as a deep, piercing pleasure. My own father’s cock, that thick Marine pole that I’ve jacked off listening to pounding my mom senseless for so long, was now almost all the way up my fucking ass! The horniness I felt was blinding.

“S-s-so fucking tight.” he moaned as he slid deeper into me.

“That’s right, dad. It’s so fucking tight. Now stick your fucking cock up your son’s ass deeper!” I directed as I triggered him again.

“Y-y-yes, son.” my mindfucked Marine dad replied as he shoved his cock deeper into me. Fucking me. His son. The thought of it flooded my mind with endorphins that opened my ass even more. I could feel dad’s cock hitting my prostate, sending shockwaves through my entire body. My head was spinning with pleasure feeling his cock hitting all my spots, driving me to the brink of insanity. I was in such bliss that when I opened my mouth to trigger him once more it was hard to get the words out. But when I did, I could tell that final trigger pushed him over the edge into mindless bliss and obedience to my voice and ass. Dad’s cock was so fucking deep in my ass I thought I was going to split open.

“Pound me. Pound me like you pound her. Fuck me, Rick! Fuck your son! Give me your cock, dad. Don’t hold back.” I ordered him, feeling his huge bull nuts slapping up against my ass. Fucking me with even more fury, I tightened and loosened my ass around dad’s cock and thrust my hips back to meet his. By the way he was fucking me, I could tell he was getting close. I started beating my own cock harder and faster to catch up to him. “You’re getting close, aren’t you dad?”

“Yesson.” the brainwashed voice responded.

“When I say ‘CUM!’, you cum dad. And when you do my ass will feel better than anything you’ve ever had your cock in. The feeling will overwhelm you and you’ll feel yourself explode. Deep. Deep inside your son. Do you understand?”



My good, mindless soldier began bucking furiously, so fucking deep in me. With one powerful, animal thrust inside me, I could feel my dad letting his hypnotized, controlled cum erupt all over my prostate. I could feel his white hot Marine seed hitting my prostate with a horny force that was fucking intoxicating. Coating it in his sticky, warm goo sent shivers through my body. Dammit that felt so fucking sweet. My prostate dripping with my dad’s spunk drove me over the edge. My cock started shooting cum uncontrollably all over the bed and my ass gripped his cock even harder. As dad drove his cock deeper, hitting my prostate even harder, he dumped another mindfucked load inside me. His steel hard boner was forcing another load out of me as well. Gripping hard on his cock with my ass muscles, I milked every last fucking drop of my father’s juice out of his stiff Marine Corps cock, leaving him entirely drained.

I gripped as hard as I could on dad’s pole and slowly backed off of it. Inch by brainwashed inch making its way back out my used fuckhole. It felt just as hot pulling out as it did going in. Every veiny inch was tickling all my spots as it pulled away. Finally the head of my mindfucked soldier dad’s cock was just at at the inside of my pucker. I tightened that ring of muscles as much as I could as the head pulled all the way out. The ridge on the back of his cock head felt so fucking sweet passing over that ring that my whole body shuddered. I could feel dad’s juice starting to drip out of my freshly fucked hole. It’s warm trickle running down that sensitive spot right between my ass and my balls. Dad’s brainwashed Marine Corps juice. Inside me. Trickling out of me. The sensations overwhelmed me. I let out a groan and I instantly became horny all over again. My cock sprang to attention with a hardness that ached.

“Attention, soldier. Eyes straight ahead!”

“Sir, YES SIR!” Dad said standing upright, glazed eyes far off in the distance.

“On the bed. On your back. NOW SOLDIER!”

“Sir, YES SIR!” the mindfucked Marine shouted.

“Legs in the air, soldier. Spread that ass. Show off that fuckhole!” I ordered.

“Sir, YES SIR!” he obeyed immediately.

There it was. Spread open in all its glory. My Marine Corps father’s brainwashed fuckhole. Ready. Waiting for further orders. I walked to the bed, my cock throbbing so hard I thought it was going to burst. I nuzzled the head right at the hole. The precum lubing my head and my soldier dad’s pucker.

“Look me in the eye, soldier!” I ordered my dad.

“Sir, YES SIR!”

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

In one instant, one glorious, simultaneous millisecond of time that lasted an eternity, I triggered my father, he went even deeper, lost even more control and I shoved my cock straight up his ass. My college-bound cock buried balls-deep inside my mindfucked, Marine Corps father’s virgin fuckhole.

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

He was so fucking vacant. His eyes so empty. His sweet Marine musclecunt gripped so fucking tight around my cock. And I just kept shoving it deeper, feeling dad’s body responding to the pleasure my cock was fucking into him.

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

Again! The deeper I took him the better he fucking felt!

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

FUCK! “You have permission to speak freely, soldier!” I growled.

“Sir, YES SIR! Oh God…”

“Y-y-yeah, dad?” I said, pounding him even deeper.

“Fuck me, son. Stick your fucking cock up your Marine dad’s hole! Pound me, son. Pound me like I pound her. Bang this Marine Corps ass. Bang it good, son. Stick your fucking cock up in your dad!”

I triggered him again. God dammit he was deep! And it only made his grip on my cock that much sweeter. “Dirtier, now, dad. Talk like that cocky, jarhead fuck I know you are when you’re with your Marine Corps buddies.”

His eyes got wide and empty with lust. “Yeah, that’s right boy. Bang daddy’s Marine cunt. Stick that fuckin’ pole up my jarhead snatch. I know you lie in your bed at night son, legs spread, beatin’ your big fucking dick, listenin’ to me bangin’ your mom. And I fuckin’ know exactly what you’re thinkin’ when you beat that big meat of yours. You lie there dreamin’ this ass, don’t you, son? Well here it is, boy. Fuck it. Fuck it like a man. Fuck your big ass Marine dad like a man, son! Fill this soldier’s ass with your fuckin’ sweet spunk. C’mon, son! Don’t make love to it like some pussy, rape it! Rape my fuckin’ Marine Corps ass! All for God, Corps and country, son!”

Fuck! The dirtier he was got, the wider he was spreading his legs. The more he was curling then pointing his toes, sending those hot shockwaves that I knew all too well myself all through his body. I stared deep into his eyes, never leaving them, fucking him harder, deeper and faster. His ass like a fucking vise on my throbbing cock.

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

I triggered him one last time. I didn’t think I could hold out much longer. I looked deep in his mindfucked eyes. My lips closed in on his the closer I got to cumming. “I love you, dad.” I said gasping for breath as I felt my cum reaching the head of my cock.

“I love you too, son.” Dad said, the vacant eyes suddenly becoming even more vacant. A horny pleading radiating out from deep in the empty of them. His strong Marine hands grabbed at my ass and pulled me even deeper. I put my lips on his and shoved my tongue deep inside his mouth. Our tongues danced in sexual frenzy. My dad so mindless and horny for his son’s cock and cum. His son so hungry to breed his Marine Corps father. There was a blinding instant where time stood still. I shot load after load deep inside my dad’s hungry Marine muscle cunt. His ass clamped around my cock and milked me completely dry. One load. Two loads. Three. A forth. All the while his eyes locked deeply on mine. His hands tightening their grip on my ass cheeks, driving my cum deeper into him. His own hard cock shooting loads in synch with mine. Father and son. One in mind. One in body. One in will. One in muscle. One in orgasm.

I pulled out of my father’s ass feeling it make one last hungry grip on my cock head, milking any last little drops of jism it could get. “Soldier! Look at this fucking mess! Is this how a Marine keeps his bunk?!” I barked at my dad.

“Sir, NO SIR!” my deeply hypnotized Marine father responded, standing at attention.

I got up in my dad’s face just like an angry drill sergeant. “Clean up this fucking mess, soldier! And after you do, clean yourself up. Do I make myself clear, jarhead?!”

“Sir, YES SIR!” my soldier barked in response, eyes so fucking glazed over, mind so empty, body so in union with my voice and will.

“Once you have cleaned up your mess, Marine, you will return to your bed. You will sleep deeply. You will wipe this from your conscious mind. You will keep this little incident locked away for safekeeping in your unconscious mind. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear. Soldier?!” I bellered at my brainwashed dad with the cadence of a drill instructor.

“Sir, YES SIR!”

“Now carry out your orders! DOUBLE TIME, SOLDIER!”

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