Takedown (hypno)

Continued from Leathernecks

D and I were finally settled into our apartment and our first month of college had just zoomed by! Buying books, finding classrooms, getting familiar with class schedules, meeting new people, exploring the city, it all made the time fly by! At home we’d always relied on our parents for certain things. Grocery shopping. Cooking. Doing the laundry. Now D and I were responsible for all of that, plus going to school and doing homework, too. It was both exciting and scary. That first taste of freedom, the rush of being on your own for the first time wasn’t going to wearing off any time soon! And if all this wasn’t enough to handle, in high school D and I had been All-State wrestlers and we had decided when we got to college we’d tryout for the college team. We had spent the summer getting ready and had been practicing whenever we had free time since we got settled here.

Every day after classes were over, D and I would head over to the school’s gym, find an available wrestling room and get in at least an hour’s workout. Today we were getting our last practice in; the tryouts were tomorrow morning at 10am. We met at the gym, got changed and hit the first available wrestling room we found. Entering the room, I triggered D and got him nice and deep, down to the point where I had planted things for our workouts and the coming tryouts. I’d been mindfucking D for so many months now that I had a very deep control of his mind. During our workouts I’d given him suggestions to change up his wrestling style. Sometimes he’d be very aggressive, sometimes less aggressive, sometimes a mix. It was excellent practice for both of us. It was like wrestling countless different wrestlers instead of the same person every time. Thanks to that, in the last few weeks, I could feel we’d grown several leaps in our skill level.

We’d been going at it hard for almost an hour when I noticed someone leaning against the door frame across the room. Baggy sweat pants, wrestling shoes, a tank top and a baseball cap with our school’s mascot on it. It was Salvatore Amato, the head coach of the wrestling team! I wasn’t expecting to meet him until tomorrow during the tryouts, but here he was watching D and me practice, and it looked like he was really interested at the two of us! Something told me I had an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

I motioned to D to start another round, and the two of us began grappling like there was no tomorrow. Today was our tryout for the team! After numerous holds broken, positions reversed, and penetrations blocked, I was getting winded, and I could sense D was feeling the same, despite his current highly-focused tranced state. I was happy all our extra-curricular practice sessions were paying off, but it was time to end the show, and as soon as I saw an opening in D’s defenses, I shot in for the kill and went for a spectacular 5-point double leg takedown. I looked up to where Coach Amato was standing, and I could see that he was impressed.

“Hey D, that was fuckin' awesome! Time for a break,” I said loud enough for Coach to hear, and while I was helping D up from the mat, I checked if Coach took the bait, which he did as I watched him making his way towards us.

Coach Amato was about fifty and an ex-Olympic wrestler. And he was a hot fucker. He was about five foot five with classic Italian olive skin. He had to be two hundred solid, if not more, I guessed. His hair and beard was trimmed to five o’clock shadow length, and had a hot daddy salt and pepper to it. His shirt could barely contain the two enormous slabs of meaty muscle that flared when he took a breath. He had those massive shoulders and biceps, hairy forearms, and powerful tree trunks for thighs that moved with power and grace. And that crotch! Even in those baggy sweats you could tell his was packing a wallop. I don’t normally do double-takes, but damn. One look at him and I knew I wanted to be on his team. And I wanted him on my team as well, and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

“Hey guys,” he said, extending a hand towards me. “I’m...”

Shaking his hand with a sudden and firm grip that caught him off-guard, I said, “I know who you are. I recognized you when I saw you at the door. It’s a real pleasure to meet you, Coach Amato.” I jerked his hand ever so slightly, never letting my eyes leave his. I could tell that he was the type of man who established and kept direct eye contact during a conversation and I used that to my advantage. I looked deep into his eyes for a sign that he could be one I could take down, and not a second a later, I found what I was looking for. Underneath that tough, macho exterior lay a untapped, glimmer of insecurity, one that I’d seen before in other men. It helped that he was a short, fireplug of a man and I easily towered over him as I literally looked down at, or on him for that matter.

When I sensed that moment's confusion from him wondering why I hadn’t let go of his hand, I stiffened my grip around it and with practiced ease suddenly pulled it towards me as I said aloud with authority that ever-wonderful word, “Sleep!”

And with that, the coach became my first instant induction subject in college. He didn’t know what hit him as his eyes shut, and his entire body became loose and heavy, but I had already positioned myself to catch his muscular body from falling to the floor. Once I guided him back to an upright position, I immediately started deepening the trance.

Even though I had only started hypnotizing guys last summer, I could say unequivocally that I had gotten pretty damn good at it with all the practice I’d gotten with D, our fathers and more than a few mindfucked Marines. Within minutes, I had the coach in the palm of my hand, and every minute that had passed by, he just went deeper and deeper for me.

“Coach, you’re feeling good and relaxed right now, aren’t you?”


Oh, the way his deep voice became so whispery turned me on so much, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small movement, and when I looked to where I saw that movement, I was treated to the sight of the coach’s bulge twitching and growing. Going into trance got him horny even without being told to! Oh, this was going to be easier than I thought.

“And you’re feeling more than good, in fact, aren’t you, Coach?” I said, smiling.

“Y-yesss...” He involuntarily shifted as his cock grew a bit stiffer in his sweatpants. Yeah, he was lovin’ this.

“And you want to keep feeling this way, don’t you, Coach?”


“Very good, Coach. In a moment, you’re going to open your eyes when I tell you, but you’re not going to wake up. In fact, you’re going to keep on feeling so good and relaxed because that’s what you want, and you’re just going to continue doing everything I tell you to do, isn’t that right, Coach?”

“Yyesss.. tha’sss riiight.”

“Open your eyes, Coach.”

The coach made for one hot mesmerized muscle daddy, with that blank look in his eyes and relaxed heavyset body. As I discovered with my own father, I loved seeing authority figures giving up their control to someone else. What is it with strong-willed, domineering men who turn out to be obedient, good little boys? Well, with every single deepener I employed, he was fast becoming one himself.

“You love being hypnotized. Being hypnotized by me feels so good. It is a craving you cannot satisfy. You can never get enough of my voice. My words. My hypnosis. My power. My will. Penetrating your mind. Penetrating your body. Penetrating your very soul. Whenever you are in my presence, you become so horny for me. Horny for me to touch you. Horny to hear my words in your empty head. Horny to go so deep for me. Horny to submit to me. Horny to obey me. You accept this, making it a part of who and what you are. You understand this, don’t you Coach?”

“Yyesss... I understannnd.”

“Whenever I put my hand on your shoulder, Coach, at any time, you will find yourself slipping back into this trance, becoming very submissive and obedient to me. Is that understood?”


I clasped my hand around his shoulder, and the coach immediately shuddered at the contact. As he did so, I could see him slipping and sliding deeper and his cock getting harder and harder. This beautiful stud at my command, and I leaned in closer for the kill, looking deeper into his vacant eyes.

“I can see you love this feeling, Coach. You love my strong hand on your shoulder. I can see what my touch does to you Coach, and you love how it makes you feel. What it does to you. You love how your mind focuses so intently on my voice when I touch your shoulder. When I, and only I, touch your shoulder in this way, you will find yourself becoming hornier and hornier for me. My eyes. My body. My voice. It will make your cock hard as steel. It will focus your mind on the words you hear. The touch you feel. The pleasure you feel, the rush you feel will well up deep inside you.”

I alternatively tightened and loosened my fingers around his powerful shoulder, and the coach’s mouth slowly dropped, his breathing contracted to tiny gasps. His cock flexed inside his now not-so-baggy sweats every time I squeezed, reinforcing my control over his mind and body.

“Now close your eyes, Coach, and go ten times deeper,” I then said, watching the coach’s eyes roll upwards as his eyelids came down followed by his head sinking towards his chest. His fully erect cock was tenting the front of his sweats. I really wished I had a camera with me, but it wasn’t as if I couldn’t get him back to this state whenever I wanted.

“On the count of three, you will open your eyes, and once again you will not awaken from this trance. You will be speaking as if you were awake, but you will not know that you are still in a trance nor will you be aware of your hard on, and continue our conversation where we left off, is that understood?”


I counted him to three, at which point he opened his eyes. They were a little less glassy than before, but he was still very much in trance.

“Uh... you just call me Coach,” he said, looking slightly confused by our handshake which I finally let go. D and I introduced ourselves to Coach Amato as he seemingly came back from his momentary lapse of attention. We talked for a few minutes, telling him about our plans to come to tryouts the next day. It was fun chatting with him while stealing glances of his hard on that continued the throb in his sweats. Taking more of an interest in us with each passing minute, he finally asked us where we were from. When I said Quantico, Virginia he visibly perked up. “Are you Marine guys?”

I put my hand on his shoulder, and squeezed it lightly, timing it perfectly to catch him off-guard. “Yeah, Coach. We’re both good Marine sons...” He went blank for a few seconds while I held his gaze even deeper. I looked further down so that my touch had the intended effect: his pants had a tell-tale wet spot. “So, tell me Coach, what got you into teaching college wrestling?”

“I wrestled in the Olympics,” he replied, said a bit slurry. “When I retired, I thought I’d give back to my alma mater the best way I knew how.”

“That’s very interesting, Coach,” I said squeezing his shoulder one more time and moving my eyes closer to his. “You will take me back to your office and we can talk more about it, is that understood?”

“S-s-sure…” Coach stammered, unsure of what’s happening. He told me he wasn't expecting to meet anyone else for the rest of the afternoon when I asked.

I instructed D to bring our stuff back to our apartment and to rest up for tomorrow’s tryouts. In the morning he would wake up feeling so very horny and excited. Excited to show the wrestling coach, and the other wrestling candidates what he could do.

After D had gone, Coach and I left the room and went down the hall to his office with him leading the way. What a fucking beautiful muscle ass this man had, hugged his sweats so tightly and perfectly. Those thick, meaty cheeks bobbing up and down in perfect rhythm with the rest of his muscular body. I could only imagine what he would look like naked. If everything worked out, I’d be finding out soon enough.

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