Leathernecks 4 (hypno inc)

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The following Monday dad was up early and was shaving when I walked in the bathroom. I stood leaning in the door in my boxer shorts watching, waiting for him to finish so I could piss. He was still damp from his shower. Little beads of water clinging to the crevices in his muscles. His nipples hard with morning sleepiness. A slight bulge under his towel

“Morning, Sergeant Rick,” I said. He squirmed in heat and his cock sprang up under his towel. I probably shouldn’t do that when dad’s holding a razor to his chin. “So, you’re off to work today, huh, Sergeant Rick?”

“Fuuck-k-k” he tried to mumble as he shook at the sound of my voice saying his magic words. “Y-y-yes, son!” I couldn’t tell if he was answering my question, or thanking me for the bliss. Did it really matter?

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

“Attention, soldier!” I commanded. Dad snapped to immediate attention. Standing to attention so fast caused his towel to unwrap and fall to the floor. My beautiful Marine dad. So fucking hypnotized, so mindfucked, standing stiff at attention, eyes vacant and distant, cock stiff as a board, sticking straight out.

“Now, Sergeant Rick,” I said wrapping my hand around his cock and stroking him lightly. Teasingly. “Tell your son what you’re REALLY doing with these recruits you meet with at your job. It’s more than just simple orientation, isn’t it?”

“These recruits are specially selected, SIR! They are selected to be trained as Marine interrogators, SIR! They are selected as they come into training while their minds are still fresh, uncluttered and open, SIR! Then Sergeant Owens and I instruct them in the various techniques of interrogation and information extraction, SIR!”

“Salute me when you say that, soldier!”

“Sir, YES SIR!” Dad’s hand snapped to his forehead in a perfect, rigid salute.

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

“Do you use the book that was in your footlocker in the attic?” His cock flared in my hand. His balls began to draw up and tighten.

“Sir, YES SIR!”

“During your class today, you will conduct lessons from the hypnosis section of the book. You are going to hypnotize the entire class. Do I make myself clear?!” He was quivering on the verge of cumming.

“S-s-sir, YES SIR!”

“You are also going to hypnotize Sergeant Owens in the car on your way to work today. You will instruct him that as you begin hypnotizing the class under the disguise of conducting the day’s lesson, he will assist you without resistance or question. Is this clear, soldier?”

“Sir, YES SIR!”

I dropped down to my knees, grabbed his ass with my hands and swallowed him whole. He was so close that it took only two strokes of my mouth up and down his cock for him to start spurting his load down my throat. As he shot, I deep throated his hypnotized cock and felt the warm trickle of his Marine spunk down my gullet. Nothing like a father’s mindfucked jism down his son’s throat to start the day off right!

“Now, Marine,” I said standing back up. “I have one last instruction for you to carry out today during class.” I gave my brainwashed father his final instructions. “Now, complete your preparations for work and carry out my instructions.”

“Sir, YES SIR!”

The ride to work was a hot one, I’m sure. My zoned out dad driving along as if nothing was out of place, then BAM! Mister Owens, completely zonked out at my dad’s command. All his muscles, his mind, his cock, all under my dad’s control. My control. I was in the shower when I was thinking about it, the warm water trickling down my chest and abs, running down my cock, making it harder by the minute. I could see my dad’s eyes, so glassy and distant, the mindless bulge in his pants as he talked Mister Owens deeper.

“Take him deeper, dad.” I whispered to myself, rubbing my cock, my body leaning forward under the shower head’s water. The warm water running down my back. As dad was sliding Mister Owens deeper into his control, I could see Mister Owens’ big, strong, black muscles getting tighter and tighter as his mind slipped away more and more. And the more he slipped away, the more his pants filled with his hard cock.

“That’s right dad,” I said, my eyes closed, water washing me clean. “Take him!” My cock so hard imagining my brainwashed father doing my bidding. My commands enslaving him. Enslaving Mister Owens. Seeing them both get out of dad’s car, looking so normal as they walked to their office. No one they passed in the parking lot or hallways realizing how absolutely mindfucked they were. How much they were mine. Mine to use. Mine to control. Mine to manipulate like hot, muscled, Marine puppets.

Inside my dad’s office, Mister Owens would be standing naked, as I instructed him through my dad. My dad on his knees, sucking Mister Owens’ beautiful, black cock, deepening both their trances as he did. Mister Owens’ instructions being shoved deeper into his empty brain the more my dad sucked his cock.

“Deeper dad”, I whispered to myself as all three of us neared our orgasms. Mister Owens in my dad’s mouth. My dad’s own hard cock, throbbing, ready to shoot completely on its own, without the need of touch. And my own cock being brought closer by the images in my head and the shower water dancing down the shaft and tickling the head. Dad’s mouth was now bobbing up and down with horny fury on Mister Owens as we all came closer. Closer. The tingling that shot through my body right before I cum shooting from my nuts out into my entire body now, shoving me towards orgasm. Unable to make it stop. No need to make it stop. No desire to make it stop. Just an uncontrollable lust to give in and let it consume me like a beautiful, horny flame.

“Cum my beautiful Marine slaves. Cum!” I said shoving my ass forward, fucking my own hand, body tingling with the fire of orgasm, my mind swirling in mindless heat for my dad and Mister Owens to cum together with me. I saw them in my mind. Mister Owens shooting his mindfucked Marine spunk in my dad’s mouth, saluting into nothingness as he did. Into bliss. Into control. Into MY control. His orgasm deepening his programming. My dad’s cock throbbing, a will of its own. My will. Spewing its warm gooey Marineness all over his office floor. And my cum, exploding from my cock like a bullet from a gun, hitting the wall of the shower in front of me as I imagined the scene in my dad’s office. All three of us. One.

When my mindfucked father and Mister Owens entered the classroom, the room of fresh recruits, stood from their chair-desks and snapped to attention. Some of the recruits were fresh out of high school, having come directly to the Marine Corps. Other recruits were still in high school, being participants in the local high schools’ ROTC programs. Each recruit stood motionless awaiting their orders. Already they were learning. The class text book was the same book I had found in the attic, placed with perfect Marine precision on top of each desk.

“Good morning, recruits.” My dad and Mister Owens said almost simultaneously.

“Good morning, SIR!” The recruits replied and saluted in unison.

“Take your seats recruits and open text books to Chapter 8, “Hypnosis”.

The recruits opened their books and began following along as my brainwashed dad and Mister Owens took turns reading aloud. My dad had a video screen set up in front of the classroom. He showed the recruits various images that went along with the chapter. The kind of optical illusions that seemed to move on their own and flashing or pulsing lights with binaural sounds. All designed to demonstrate what they were being read, but also to begin covertly softening their minds and stiffen their cocks. When my dad came to the part of the chapter that was the actual induction, Mister Owens dimmed the lights and changed the image to a slowly rotating spiral. Slowly, one by one, the recruits stopped following along in the book, and started watching the spiral. Focusing more and more on the sound of my dad’s strong voice reading to them.

I instructed my dad to begin his induction on his class of recruits at exactly 9:15. I arrived right at 9:20 and slipped quietly into the back of the classroom. My beautifully brainwashed dad. Standing in his utilities beside the spiral. Motionless. Not even reading the induction from the book anymore. Just staring mindlessly out into nothing, reciting the induction by heart. Even from the back of the room I could see how much dad was being turned on by it all. I had told him before he left home that mindfucking the entire class would be so powerful that it would mindfuck him even more as well. Placing him more and more under my control. And as he prepared the room for reprogramming, he would also be brainwashing Mister Owens even more, too.

An entire room of fresh recruits. Their muscular bodies so motionless. Their cocks so stiff with the pleasure and acceptance. Their softened minds craving to listen. To obey. To submit. To accept reprogramming. All by my own brainwashed, Marine father. All for me. As the room was being hypnotized en masse, submitting as one to the induction, the spiral and my dad’s voice, each individual recruit was descending into his own personal state of mindfucked bliss, as well. Double penetration.

Jesse, a wrestler for one of the high schools across town, was sitting in the front row. Jesse had bleach blonde, short cropped hair. It looks really great with his blue eyes and tan muscles. A typical surfer boy. Jesse was feeling really great right now, it was obvious. His muscles appeared to be tensing and flexing, and his cock was snaking down his pant leg against his thigh. The warmness of his thigh and the throbbing of his cock in rhythm to the spiral was fucking Jesse’s mind deep and very hard. Jesse didn’t know what it was supposed to feel like, and he wondered if anyone else there was feeling it. As quickly as he thought that, he realized it didn’t matter. He just stop caring about it. About anything. The only thing that really mattered was opening up and letting go. The cadence of Sergeant Rick’s voice, deep, authoritative, sexy, drilling each word deep into his skull was seeing to that. Every word that Jesse heard sent a shiver of release and a feeling of wanting to obey. Needing to obey. His cock throbbed even harder. Whatever it was, Jesse loved it. He just let himself open up to it. It flooded his body and mind and carried him away.

Further back in the room was Chad. Chad was red-headed, green eyed, tall, and a natural athlete. He had played soccer in high school and was going to play for the Marines in the fall. As long as he could remember he had been doing as he was told. Either by his dad or some soccer coach. Chad learned at an early age the importance of doing as he was told. He wouldn’t be the soccer player he was if he hadn’t listened to coaches who knew how to shape and mold his talent into something great. In a way, Chad had spent his entire life being hypnotized. So listening to my dad’s voice and doing as he was being told wasn’t difficult. It was natural. He enjoyed it. Secretly, it turned Jesse on to obey an older, superior voice like Dad’s. Like every other pair of eyes in the room, Chad’s were blinkless as well. Different from the other recruits in the room, though, Chad had tears running down his cheeks. They were tears of joy. He had never had anyone’s authority this deep in his head before. For years he had fantasized, hoped and craved for one of his soccer coaches to speak to him this deeply. And now here he was, being overwhelmed by what utter bliss it was to have someone penetrate and fuck his head like this. Fucking it with orders in the way he’d been hungry to answer to for so long. The hard on Chad felt tightening his briefs was pure and utter joy. Just as he had always fantasized, his cock was taking on a life of its own. It was obeying its own set of orders it was receiving from my dad. And its orders, along with Sergeant Rick’s voice and the spiral, was to rape Chad’s mind to a depth even he had never imagined.

On the other side of the room way in the back I recognized this really shy geeky guy Eddy from my school. I was surprised to see him here, considering he was the kind that would get scared from his own shadow. I made my way to the back of the room. I wanted to get a better look at what was happening to this wallflower. Eddy was completely transfixed. I could see the reflection of the spiral in his coke bottle glasses. He had this frozen, mindless grin on his face. His legs were spread wide, and between them, even through the uniform’s pants I could see his cock pressing against his leg. It was by far one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen! This scrawny little nerd was packing a horse cock! Who would’ve guessed?! As Eddy was clearly enjoying the spiral, he started moaning and lightly humping the nothing, hands on each side of his chair holding his hips up in the air. He let out a gasp that almost sounded like relief as a huge dark spot started spreading out from his crotch. Who the fuck precums THAT much, I thought to myself. Then it hit me, it wasn’t precum, and it wasn’t cum. Eddy was pissing on himself! The dark warm stain had completely covered his crotch and was spreading down his pant legs. Surrendering control of his bladder was only making Eddy’s mindfucking more intense. The more he welcomed the warming wetness growing in his pants, the glassier and vacant his eyes got, and the more his moans and groans bubbled incoherently like some thoughtless animal.

I knew by now that everyone in the room was completely fucked and going deeper. Row after row of beautiful, horny, mindfucked Marine recruits. An entire room at my command. I instructed Mister Owens to go out into the hall and stand guard over this classroom’s door. No one was allowed to enter. More importantly, no one was allowed to leave.

“Sir, YES SIR!” Mister Owens replied, snapping to attention and saluting.

Once Mister Owens had secured the door to the room, I stood in front of the room and faced the rows of empty recruits. “Solidiers, Aaa-tten-TION!” I commanded in my drill sergeant voice. The young glassy-eyed, stiff dicked recruits jumped to their feet. “Recruits in odd numbered rows, completely strip, bend over and put your hands on your knees.”

My cock jumped at the sight. Every other row was lined with naked, midndfucked high school and just out of high school Marine recruits. Eyes blankly forward. Hands on their knees, asses naturally opened by their stance, ready to follow orders.

“All even numbered rows of recruits will drop their pants and move one row forward.”

FUCK! As the even rows pulled their pants down, cocks of every shape and size sprung out. From small to huge, skinny to thick, cut to uncut, they were are beautiful and every head was glistening with precum. And they were mine! All mine to control and use!

“Pants down and hands on your knees, Dad.” I whispered in my Marine father’s ear.

“Y-y-yes my son.” he responded in complete mindfucked serenity.

“Recruits from the even rows, you will now insert your cocks inside your fellow recruits asses!” I bellered.

“SIR, YES SIR!” came the collective response. As they shoved their mindfucked cocks up inside their fellow recruits, I shoved my dripping cock up inside my father’s brainwashed fuck hole. As we all slid inside, the room let out a collective gasp. Half the room in pleasure from being penetrated, the other half from penetrating.

“Recruits! Eyes forward on the spiral! You will not look away unless you are told to. Those of you fucking, you will continue to fuck and pleasure your fellow recruits. Those of you being fucked, you will continue to accept and pleasure your fellow reruits’ cocks. Do I make myself clear?!”

The room responded as one, “SIR, YES SIR!”

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

I triggered the room. Once. Twice. Three times. Until each and every recruit was brainwashed to the point of no return. “You will concern yourself with three things and three things only. My voice, the spiral and fucking. Do you understand?”

“SIR YES SIR!” The brainless recruits shouted in unison, eyes becoming more vacant, asses opening wider, cocks fucking faster, minds being erased deeper. The room was thick with the aroma of mindless fucking, muscles, sweat and hypnosis. So thick it was intoxicating everyone without the need for commands. And fucking my dad’s hungry, mind raped ass in front of this young, hypnotized class of recruits was making my mind swirl with blinding horniness.

“Oh, Sergeant Rick,” dad’s ass throbbed with a hungry greed around my cock’s shaft and head as he quaked from head to toe. Was his ass built just perfectly for my cock, or was my cock perfectly built for his ass? DId it matter? His ass had a mind of its own, it seemed, and it began clutching my cock with a fury that was making my nuts boil with heat and cum. “Look at what you’ve done, Sergeant Rick. You’ve allowed your son to mindfuck your entire class. Those recruits are looking to you for guidance. Tell them, soldier!” I breathed in dad’s ear.

“Recruits, you will drop deeper into the spiral. You will function as a cohesive unit. You will listen to my son’s voice. You will do as he says. You will open your minds and your bodies to his will. You will be his good, horny Marine recruits.” Dad instructed his mindfucked class.

“SIR, YES SIR!” they responded.

“Oh, Sergeant Rick, you’re such a good daddy. You’ve made me a very happy son.” I said as I fucked him so hard I was practically raping him, looking out on a room full of young Marine flesh finding its collective rhythm. I could feel my orgasm building. “Tighten that fuck hole around your son’s cock, Sergeant!” I ordered.

Sir, YES SIR!” my Marine dad said as he clamped down on my cock. His ass felt so controlled, so smooth, so obedient I thought I was going to go through the roof!

“Recruits, tighten your fuck holes around your fellow recruits’ cocks!” I ordered the room.

“SIR, YES SIR!” They replied. Moans and groans from every recruit flooded the room.

“Open your fucking mind, dad! You need me in there so damn deep. You have absolutely no resistance. There is no part of your mind I can’t possess. There is no part of your mind you will not surrender to me.” My cock was aching with cum.

“Sir, YES SIR!” I felt dad’s ass quiver and loosen, allowing my cock deeper. FUCK!

“Open your fucking minds, recruits. You need me in there so damn deep. You have absolutely no resistance. There is no part of your mind I cannot possess. There is no part of your mind you will not surrender to me. Your cocks ache with cum.”

“SIR, YES SIR!” The room replied followed by the guttural sounds of military men in blinding primal heat.

I grabbed the control that regulated the spiral and increased its speed. “Eyes on the sprial, soldiers!” I ordered fighting not to cum in my dad.

“SIR, YESSSIR!” The recruits mouthed, the entire room spilling over into a primal, raw, collective, brainwashed rape.

I turned my dad sideways so that he could see the spiral, but I could still have a view of the room. “Give me everything Sergeant Rick! GIVE ME EVERYTHING!” I growled, my building orgasm passing the point of no return.

“Yes, my son. I give everything to you!” he whimpered, voice hitting high pitched gurgles as I raped him harder and deeper.


“SIR, YES SIR!” The room’s orgasm was so intense that it felt like a blast wave from a bomb hitting me in the face. It was so powerful that I swear to this day it made a noise. As the recruits were cumming, I was pumping load after load into my dad. His son’s hot, controlling seed deep inside his mind raped ass. His cock spurting his Marine jism like an out of control geyser. Every time he shot his ass clinched me tighter, pulling more cum from my swollen nuts. The recruits continued shooting in unison as well. Each orgasm followed by gasps of naked, mind-raped ecstasy. All eyes never leaving the spiral.

I slowly turned the spiral back down to its normal speed. As much as I didn’t want to, I eased my cock out of my dad. He had drained me completely dry. I turned to view my recruits.

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”


“Sir, YES SIR!” The naked recruits sprang to attention. Cocks still hard and dripping.

“Now soldiers, one last final order for you to follow.” I told their fried minds. I took great care to have them concentrate even deeper on the spiral and I triggered them two more times. I carefully explained my instructions, placing it deep in their unconscious minds as I dressed myself, and brought Mister Owens back inside. “Do you understand.”

It wasn’t a question.

The room of stiff cocks, used holes and empty minds saluted, “SIR, YES SIR!”

“Now my recruits, when you hear me snap my fingers, you will dress yourselves, take your seats, slowly wake up and resume class. You will have no memory of being under my control here today, but your unconscious mind will remember its instructions.”


I slipped out of the room and headed over to D’s.


What I thought was going to be a long summer flew by. In the remaining two months before we left for college, I continued hypnotizing D as much as possible. Dad had been eager to give me the list of recruits from the class that day. I did my best to get through the list in my remaining two months at home, but I only got through M. When I came home now and then on weekends and at holidays I would pick up where I left off. I also continued hypnotizing and mindfucking my dad, as well. The last week I was home, Dad and I got very close. I programmed him so that as he was fucking my mother each night, his head would be filled with lust for the son he knew was listening in the other room, jacking his big, stiff dick. At 3.15 every morning, once my mother was in here post-coital slumber, my soldier dad was to come to my room and report for inspection. It was the perfect end to the summer and my life under his roof.

Before I left for college, I did give my dad, and in turn Mister Owens, one last order for them to carry out while I was away for the fall semester. Whenever dad and Mister Owens went out to recruit they would immediately drop very deep down into trance. Standing in front of a room of potential recruits makes them so fucking horny. Their cocks will be so fucking stiff, so turned on “knowing” they’re recruiting for me. After each recruiting session the horniness dad and Mister Owens feel will overwhelm them. By the time they get to my dad’s office, they’ll be blind with lust. It will rip their minds open, letting the mindfucked, mindless bliss consume them. It will only make them hornier to recruit, because recruiting makes them hornier. The infinite loop of horniness. Ensnared by their own passions. By their desire to please me. By their desire to serve me.

Fast forward to now. I’m here with D in our new place getting ready to start our college adventure. I didn’t feel much like unpacking any boxes, so I saw to it that D was more than eager to take on that duty. As I lounged on the sofa with my ice cold beer, watching D, sweaty and naked, eyes glazed and distant, cock hard and muscles pumped lifting yet another box, my phone rang. It was my dad.

“Heya, Sergeant Rick!” I said softly into my dad’s brain on the other end. “Yea, we’re getting all settled in. D and I are doing double time to get everything unpacked. Yea. Almost everything’s put away.”

“Youalways knocksonthedoorbeforebuyingmilktostartthefireplace.”

“At attention, Marine! This Friday afternoon, you and Mister Owens are going to drive up to stay with me and D for the weekend. You will see to it that he understands this and obeys as you do. You will also bring that special device we talked about in our last chat. Failure is not an option, soldier! You will both report here at exactly thirteen hundred, and not a minute later. Are we clear on this.”

It wasn’t a question.

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