To Protect, and to Serve 7: Phoenix Rising 2 (hypno)

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“Fuck Nate! You tryin’ ta kill it or what, man?” My workout partner Benny asked in wide-eyed amazement. “In the couple days you been back, you been liftin’ like a fuckin’ monster. And I ain’t never seen you this focused and intense before. What the hell got into you on that trip man?”

I just smiled. I knew Benny was right. I wasn’t sure where I got all this new strength and drive, but I felt it comin’ from really deep inside me, and I knew I fuckin’ loved it!

VEETveet! VEETveet! VEETveet! My phone started ringin’

“Hello? Yes... Yesss... Benny... To protect and to serve...” The call ended.

“What’s up, man? Who was that?” Benny asked, looking up at me from the bench. “Why you got that funny look on your face, chief?”

“I’m adding something new to the workout today, Benny. I want you to listen very carefully...”


“Hello? Yes... Yesss... Benny... Chest… Biceps… To protect and to serve...” The call ended.

“Who was that?” Benny asked finishing his first set. Nate didn’t answer as he set the phone back down. “Who was that on the phone?” Nate had that weird look on his face like he did earlier when he was watching himself in the mirror. “What’s your fuckin’ deal today, Nate? Nate? Hello, Earth to fuckin’ Nate…!”

“I’m adding something new to the workout today, Benny,” Nate answered almost robotically. “I want you to pay very close attention. We’re going to get you even bigger.”

“What voodoo shit are you talkin’ now, Copper?” Benny asked, setting the dumbbell down. His biceps swollen. Nate didn’t answer. Instead, he walked over to the iPod dock stereo sitting on the other side of the room, and switched it on. The workout room was instantly flooded with a low, pulsing binaural beat. Nate felt the beat pry his brain open even wider. Making his muscles swell, his cock hard. He turned and stared at the enormous Puerto Rican stud.

“Now, Benny, I want you to focus on the beat. But don’t just hear it. Feel it. Feel it surrounding you. Penetrating you. Take a deep breath, Benny. Now exhale. And as you do, I want you to concentrate even more on the pulses of the beat. Feel the peak in the beat’s rhythm exciting your muscles. Making them anxious for another set. Feel the valleys of the beat’s rhythm, Benny. Helping you relax and focus a little more with every breath you exhale. Up…and down. Up…and down. Breathe in…breathe out. Breathe in…breathe out. Tense your muscles, Benny…relax your muscles, Benny. Open your muscles more and more to the long, slow pulses filling up you.”

Benny had never heard anything like this before. He’d never felt anything like this before, either. The thick waves were snaking their way into his chest and rippling out into his body and muscles. Benny shuddered. As he did, he felt his muscles open like some erotic maw, and the binaural beat penetrate them deeper. Benny could feel the beat. Two glowing threads of sound, barely separate. Oscillating slowly, methodically, into him. He could sense each one, and their purpose. Relaxation. Focus. Determination. And he could sense the infinite space between them, and the pleasure and growth that space held for him. It was making Benny hungry. Hungry to grow. Hungry to open himself even more.

He could feel Nate’s voice traveling along those threads and going deep into his chest. Into his muscles. “Pick up the dumbbells, Benny. Feel the bar in your hands. Feel its electricity pulsing through you to the beat. Feel your muscles begging to be used and grown.” Benny grabbed the weights and he felt the shock surge through him. With it he felt the binaural beat becoming stronger. The threads of sound merging and separating, twisting and pulsing, undulating inside him.

“Now sit up straight, Benny,” Nate commanded. As Benny did, Nate slipped over his eyes a pair of sound and light goggles. Benny accepted them without resistance. “Now Benny, begin your set.” As Benny starting doing his bicep curls, the binaural beat become stronger and it began to engulf him. In the goggles began dancing two spirals, one in each lens, spinning and pulsing to the beat. As he continued curling the weight, alternating between arms, he could feel his biceps swelling, the veins popping. As he focused more and more on the spirals spinning in his eyes, he felt the beat snaking through his body and towards his brain.

The closer the beat got to his brain the louder it got. Benny could feel its greediness. And the closer it got to his brain the more intense the spirals become. All of it was flooding his biceps with an energy and pleasure he’d never felt before. The dumbbells were becoming heavier. His energy and stamina were beginning to overwhelm his biceps. Each curl becoming an eternity of burn and pleasure.

“Open your mind, Benny. Let us in.” In that instant, the beat and Nate’s words coiled themselves around Benny’s mind like a snake ensnaring its prey. Searching and probing for the perfect spot to penetrate.

Benny knew the moment that spot had been discovered. He felt resistance, acceptance, fear and exhilaration all in the same instant. In that moment when resistance and fear became acceptance and exhilaration, and he let go to the penetration, he felt his mind splinter open. The beat and Nate’s voice began firing pleasure to every part of Benny’s body through the conduit of his ever-increasing cavernous mind. The weights became tools of ecstasy, helping to pump the indescribable pleasure through his body. His biceps, and all his muscles swelled with the white hot bliss that was coursing through him. Jabs of pleasure went straight into his cock, bringing it to a full, powerfully stiff erection. Feeling the head rubbing against the inside of his sweats made it even stiffer and opened his mind even more to the sensations that were pummeling him.

“The weights are gettin’ heavier, Benny. So much heavier. But you gotta keep curling. It feels to good to stop now. Your arms are about to erupt, but it feels so fuckin’ good, man,” Nate commanded him as the spirals in his goggles were pulsing in perfect synch to the deafening beat scouring his mind. And the weights got so much heavier. The tension on his biceps was excruciating. His veins were popping like mad. He felt the burn all the way down to where muscle meets bone. But he couldn’t stop. It all felt too fucking good! He was only on his third rep, but it felt like the first rep was an eternity ago. A blissful fucking eternity. Every pump of the weights was pushing precum up his steel hard cock and wetting the spot where his sweats and cock head touched. The wetter the spot got, the harder it made his cock. As it got harder, the foreskin pulled back exposing more of his head to the growing wetness of his sweats. So lost in the blissful loop. The feeling of his deeply controlled cock shooting blast waves of primal bliss through his body and straight into the deepest depths of his brain’s pleasure centers.

As programmed, Nate knelt before Benny and gently spread his legs. As he mindlessly did his bicep curls, lost in his own private rapture, Nate tore Benny’s sweat pants open along the crotch seam. The Puerto Rican muscle cock sprang free, straight, thick and powerful. Benny’s cock was literally a pole. Eleven inches long and almost as thick as Nate’s wrist, it was as thick at the head as it was at the base. All of his cock head but a small circle at the top was covered in a thick, leathery foreskin. His piss slit glisteny with precum. As instructed, the muscled police officer engulfed the massive head with his mouth and peeled the foreskin back with his tongue and lips. The entire head was coated in a warm, salty film of precum. Hitting his tastebuds, the precum shot bursts of pleasure throughout Nate’s muscles and deep into his fucked brain.

Feeling the warm wetness of the mouth sliding down his hard, thick cock sent a ripple through Benny’s muscles and brain. His mind gaped wider as the tongue and lips hit every nerve on their way down his shaft. Benny could feel the binaural beat in his cock and his muscles. He felt the spirals in his goggles wrap themselves around his shaft as the lips pulled back up his veiny pole. His biceps were beyond the point of aching. The burn had turned to pleasure long ago. How long had it been? As quickly as he tried to ask himself, the question was erased from his mind as he curled the weights up and the lips slid down his cock again. Over and over, the lips and tongue worked his cock with a hunger to both give pleasure and to take it. Benny felt the powerful rapture ripple through his body. With each wave, the lips sucked harder and deeper on his pole. The head sliding down the wet throat pushed the foreskin back. The exposed head, so sensitive as it slid deeper. The foreskin slithering back over the head as the mouth pulled back, bringing the Puerto Rican bodybuilder closer to the edge. With each wave he also curled the weights harder and deeper. Curling the weight up, contracting the bicep into a massive, veiny ball, then lowering the weight back down, extending the bicep to its full length, also brought the massive islander closer to the edge. The mouth on his cock and the pump of the weights drove Benny to the brink of his sanity. The harder he pumped the weights the more furious the mouth worked his stiff, muscle rod. The reps and the pump brought Benny to the very brink, as did the lips, tongue and throat so many times he lost count. He didn’t care. Staying deep inside the mindfucking beat, the twisting spirals and the primal pleasure as his muscles and cock gave in to all of it was all that mattered now. Losing himself to the bliss of it all was eruphoria. Nirvana.

The mouth slowly withdrew and Benny’s cock got even stiffer and longer reaching out, grouping for more. Nate stood and slowly took the goggles off of Benny’s head. His eyes were void of any emotion. Glazed and vacant, they stared off into some distant nothing, miles from anywhere near where he was. His mouth hung open and small trail of drool was running down from the corner. All the while, Benny continued to curl the dumbbells, slowly. Rhythmically. In perfect synchronization to the binaural beat. The beat that long ago had seized and fucked his mind.

“Put down the weights and stand,” Nate’s voice resonated deep in Benny’s muscles and mind. He stood from the bench. Eyes forward, staring deeper into nothing. Chest rising and falling slightly along with his deeply relaxed, shallow breathing. His arms massive, veiny from the endless, brainwashing set of bicep curls. His thick muscle cock sticking straight out, mindlessly stiff, from the rip in the sweats.

“Remove your clothing, Benny,” Nate commanded, deep in his own mindfucked bliss. Benny complied and stripped off his tank top. Eyes never blinking or looking other than a million miles away. Seeing Benny’s massive upper body, Nate’s cock began leaking all over again. He slipped out of his sweat pants and his cock sprang free. It pointed directly at the Puerto Rican. Standing naked before his creation, his perfectly sculpted muscle beast opened Nate’s mind to allow his programming even deeper.

“Now the sweat pants.” Benny stripped himself of his sweats and stood naked in his silent vacancy. He was as perfect below the waist as he was above it. Below the hard as steel cock hung two beautiful, Latin bull nuts. The smooth, copper-skinned sacks held to two egg-size testicles. And it was plain to see that they were full. They were held perfectly in place by a massive thigh on either side. Powerful cables of dense, meaty muscle that tapered dramatically at the knee. Below that, strong, round calves.

“Turn around and face the mirror, Benny,” Nate ordered, sliding deeper into his own mindfucked programming. Benny turned to the mirror and his back to Nate. Nate’s cock danced. From Benny’s narrow waist grew inhumanly wide lats. Huge wings of dense, hard muscle. And covering it all, the tattoo of an enormous, fiery Phoenix. Its wings were Benny’s wings. Coming out of the mouth of the mythical bird were flames that became the words, “Phoenix Rising.” Nate stepped up behind Benny. His hard cock nuzzling right between his round ass cheeks. He leaned forward and whispered softly in the empty Puerto Rican’s ear, “Do you feel the beat, Benny?”

“Yessss…,” Benny replied. Never blinking. Never letting his eyes leave his own.

“Feel it deeper now, Benny.” Nate snapped his fingers in Benny’s other ear. “Much, much deeper.” Nate could feel Benny gasp. He could feel his muscle ass quiver against his cock. “That it, Benny. Now stare deeper. Deeper. Deeper into your own reflection. See how strong and powerful your body is. See how hard your cock is. See how empty your eyes are. Feel how deeply the beat has opened your mind. I will snap my fingers, Benny. And when I do, you will move into a double bicep pose. You will hold that pose until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?”

“Yessss…,” the mindfucked Puerto Rican replied.

SNAP! Benny nailed the position with precision and perfection. Hard, bulging and tight. The Phoenix’s wings spreading out as Benny raised his arms. Nate’s cock pushed its way deeper between Benny’s cheeks, as Benny’s cock began to ooze precum. “Now Benny, when I say the word ‘freeze’ to you, your body will take on a hardness and solidness as if your were made of marble. Hard. Immobile. Frozen in time. Do you understand?”


“Freeze!” Nate could feel Benny’s entire body stiffen even more. “That’s right, Benny,” Nate whispered, running his fingers along his back and biceps. “So hard. So immobile. So solid and frozen. Just an object. A beautiful, frozen, muscle object. Becoming harder and harder with every breath you exhale.” Nate reached around and started playing with Benny’s enormous pecs. “You’ve been so ready for so long now, Benny. It was time you were rewarded for all your hard work.” Nate was running his hand up and down Benny’s abs. The head of his cock finally making contact with Benny’s tight, puckered hole. It suddenly became anxious and greedy to feel Benny’s walls gripping his rod. “Feel the beat getting’ even more intense now Benny. Feel the spirals swirlin’ up and down your fuckin’ dick. Feel your mind givin’ in more and more with each breath you exhale. Feel your body becomin’ more frozen with each word you hear. And feel your ass startin’ to quiver and open. So fuckin’ hungry for my big muscle dick.” Nate leaned forward and whispered softly in Benny’s ear, “Open up for us, Benny...let us in.”

As quickly as the words were spoken, Nate could feel the bodybuilder’s ass obeying them. Benny’s muscle hole unpuckered on command and Nate slid his cock inside. His hole opened perfectly to let Nate’s cock slide so smoothly deep up inside his workout partner. “Mother fucker!” Nate gasped. The walls of Benny’s ass were throbbing in synch with the binaural beat that had taken control of him. The walls began massaging Nate’s helmet head and pulling it deeper. Nate had fucked hundreds of women, but right now, nothing felt better than his workout partner’s muscle ass. So wet, so warm, and so fucking hungry to please, Nate thought. He slid his cock deeper up inside Benny. “Deeper,” the voice said inside Nate’s own empty mind. “Fuck him deeper for me, Uncle!”

“I hear and I obey,” Nate blurted out as he shoved his cock deeper up the mindfucked muscle beast.

All the while, Benny had been standing locked completely solid. Arms frozen in an enormous and veiny double bicep pose. Shoulders bulging. Lats wide and meaty. The pecs were thick, frozen slabs. All his power, all his strength contained. Held in place. Timeless. His entire body stiffened a little more with each wave of the binaural beat. The Puerto Rican muscle beast’s thick cock became even stiffer the deeper he stared into the mirror and into the vacancy of his own eyes and mind. Suddenly, without warning, from deep inside the empty void of his mind exploded the words, “Open up for us, Benny...let us in.” In a flash the bodybuilder could feel the words surge through his body in a wave of blind lust. It found its way to his uncut cock, travelling the length of the thick shaft. As the words reached the head, they pushed a glisteny bead of precum that oozed over his foreskin. It spidered towards the floor, but stopped half way. Dangling, frozen in time just like the rest of Benny.

At that same moment the words reached his cock, they also reached his ass. Unable to resist the words, Benny’s pucker loosened and opened. He could feel the head of Nate’s cock, strong and wet, beginning to slide inside his obedient hole. As the enormous helmet head slid past the ring of muscles at his opening, Benny could feel every part of it. He opened his ass wider as the head pushed further inside. Coming to the ridge at the end of Nate’s cock head, Benny relaxed his ass ring and let the head slide in completely. His ass immediately clamped down on the other side of the enormous cock head. The shudder of raw pleasure rippled through Benny’s freaky huge muscles and straight into his empty, hungry mind. His ass widened even more for the hard, thick shaft now pushing its way deeper into his ass. Into his muscles. And into his mind. His muscles and mind were exploding with and intense pleasure he’d never felt before, as the cock went even deeper. His eyes locked on his immobile, enormous, stone form. So motionless. So solid. Mind-numbing pleasure ripping him apart on the inside. Yet not a single motion or sound betrayed that on the outside, as his brother in muscle’s cock went deeper.

The deeper he slid his cock, Nate could feel the hulky Puerto Rican’s ass open even wider. He pushed deeper. “That’s right, Benny. Let us in deep. Fuckin’ your muscle cunt, while we fuck your head good n’ hard. Just look at your standin’ there. I know your body’s screamin’ on the inside, ain’t it? The pleasure you feel rippin’ ya on the inside, the harder you get on the outside, muscle boy. Just like a fuckin’ muscle statue. FUCK YEA! Just like that…,” the muscle cop growled.

“Now, Uncle. Ready my gift,” the voice inside Nate’s mind said.

“I protect and I serve,” the muscle cop replied blankly. His nuts began to boil. His cock shoved deeper and the ass opened wider. The harder and deeper Nate fucked Benny, the more Benny turned completely to stone. And the more Benny turned to stone, the harder and deeper Nate fucked him. The emotionless, frozen, living muscle statue was made for Nate’s muscle cock.

“Come closer now, Officer.”

“Yes, my nephew,” Nate answered to the voice in his head. He could feel his precious, muscle jizz beginning to move up his shaft. As it did, his cock became harder with each stroke. And the muscle ass massaged it to the rhythm of the binaural beat surrounding them.

“Closer now, Uncle. CLOSER!”

“YES MY NEPHEW!” Nate could feel his balls trembling. Cum at the tip of his cock. Aching to spray itself all over the immobile bodybuilder’s insides. Nate’s strokes inside the muscle ass became longer, slower and deeper. Every stroke was bringing him closer and closer. His body wanted to cum, but the voice hadn’t given his mind permission yet. He could feel the cum backing up down his cock and filling his balls even more. Nate put his hands on the hard, immobile biceps, using them as leverage to pull his cock deeper into Benny. Despite being pulled on by the enormous cop, Benny didn’t budge. He remained locked in his frozen ecstasy.

Nate looked forward and into the mirror along with Benny. “You are so vacant and open, Uncle.” The voice echoed inside him. “Look deep into your workout partner’s eyes. See the vacancy. See the emptiness. It makes your hornier for him. It makes your hornier for me deeper inside you. Fuck him deeper for me now, Officer Nate!” The voice commanded him. “Longer and deeper. Bring yourself even closer.” The words were everywhere inside Nate. They filled every crevice of his mind and his muscles. Suddenly the voice lurched forward and shoved itself even deeper. It touched a very deeply sacred place inside Nate. A very personal, private place. His soul. His inner voice and guide. The instant the voice touched that place, Nate felt it slipping away from him. He felt himself opening that place up, offering it, letting go of it. As he did he felt himself surrendering his cum, as well. The last powerful vestige of his manhood was slipping away from him. In that moment he mourned the loss of self, of power and control. Yet at the same time reveled in the rapture of surrender and liberation on this deep a level. He understood and he accepted. And the more he felt his cum moving back up the shaft of his cock the more he buried himself deep inside the Benny’s stud ass.

“I know where you are, Uncle.” The voice said from deep inside his soul.

He fucked the Latin stud harder and felt his nuts begin to tremble. “Yes, my nephew, I hear and I obey.”

“You’re in such a profound, wonderfully fucked place right now, aren’t you, Uncle?”

“Yes, my Nephew.”

“Fuck him DEEPER, Uncle!”

“Yesss…” Nate struggled to as he began thrashing Benny’s hole deeper.

“Now Uncle…”

The words Nate’s mind was screaming for. His nuts quivering, hungry to release its precious fluid.

“I. want. you…”

“God, yessss! Please!” Nate begged shamelessly and mindlessly to himself.


With those words his entire being exploded in mind-raping rapture. His powerful muscle jism shot like a geyser deep inside Benny’s perfect ass. Nate felt his very essence erupting inside the Latin muscle stud. In that moment his mind was as open and as vulnerable as it had ever been. And Nate craved to have it used and programmed. Programmed for obedience and the pleasure that brought. He begged for his nephew’s voice to take even more control. Penetrate him even deeper. Deeper than ever. For that briefest of moments, he, Benny, and his nephew were one. One entity locked in an eternal, mindless ecstatic spiral deeper down into surrender and obedience.

The mindless muscle jism coating his prostate started Benny’s cock throbbing. He looked deeper into his own vacant eyes in the mirror. He could feel the rumble in his muscles starting to roll. Boiling up out of his nuts and cascading through him from head to toe, rushing its way to every corner and crevice. Benny looked even deeper. Deeper into his own vacant mind. Deeper into his own mindfucked soul. And out of that mindfucked soul erupted submission. Understanding. Acceptance. Obedience. Liberation. Benny’s throbbing muscle cock began erupting. Spurting its precious load, draining the Puerto Rican stud of his very will. And with every load he was emptied of, Benny only desired to give more. More of his mind. More of his muscles. More of his cum. And more of his very soul. Benny heard and he obeyed. Complete release. Benny felt how good it was to let go completely and float.

At that moment Nate’s phone starting ringing again. Without taking his cock out of Benny, he reached over to the table and picked up the phone. “Yessss…?”

“Very good, Uncle.” Nate’s nephew hissed deep in his brain. As he opened himself even more to the words filling up his mind. Nate’s cock sprang to full hardness and he began fucking Benny hard and deep all over again. “Here...” he said holding the phone to Benny’s ear. “He wants to talk to you.”

The minute he heard the voice in his ear, Benny knew this is what his mind had been aching for. The voice brought calm and relaxation. A deep longing to listen and obey. It brought release. Benny could feel his muscles hardening even more. His nuts beginning to boil and his cock hard as steel all over again. His ass loosened as if on command to allow the muscle cock deeper inside him. When it hit his prostate, Benny clamped down hard and felt a wave of mindfucked bliss shoot through him. Every word the voice was speaking was making the sensation more pleasurable. More intense. He wanted more. He needed more. He opened himself wider and deeper for the voice on the other end of the phone, just as he opened his ass for Nate’s gorgeous muscle cock to fuck him deeper.

“Welcome to totally mindless pleasure, Benny. It feels so right and so good. You would stop if you could. If you wanted to. But the truth is, this is what you desire. This is what you are now.” The voice filled his empty mind. “Your body. Your muscles. Your mind and your very soul are mine now, Benny. You are my plaything. Your mind is my playground.” Benny felt his mind and ass being assaulted with pleasures he never imagined, and he opened each as deep and wide as he could. “From now on, Benny this is part of your workout. Your workout is not complete without this. You are incomplete without this. In time, you will help welcome others as Nate has helped to welcome you. Your will is no longer your own, Benny. Your muscles, your mind and your soul belong to me now. You workout for me. Your growth is for me. You are my good, mindless, obedient, mindfucked muscleboy.”

With those words Benny’s stiff, mindfucked cock began spewing its cum once again. As his cum emptied, he could feel even deeper places in his mind emptying. It felt so good to be penetrated so deep and thoroughly, wiping everything clean. As he was shooting his second load the last remnants of the last thought began to well up from deep inside him. He was a good, mindless, obedient, mindfucked muscleboy. He heard and he obeyed.

And it was beautiful.

END for now