To Protect, and to Serve 6: Phoenix Rising (hypno)

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Back in New York

Nate had just slipped out from under the sheets. His early morning muscle boner hard as a fucking rock, and it was doing the thinking for him today. He went straight for the closet door mirror and started flexing his massive muscles. Hard. Veiny. Full. Ever since he’d got back from his holiday trip to his brother’s place last week, his workouts had gotten really intense. He just couldn’t seem to get enough. His mind and body were so focused. Determined. Hungry. Gripping a barbell had become electric. Every plate he added to the bar made him horny as fuck. Every rep was like edging his whole body and mind. The pump had become his new orgasm. His cock and muscles filled him with a raw pleasure he’d not felt before.

As Nate stood and played with his muscles in the mirror, the hunger started rising in him all over again. He opened his mind and let it penetrate him. He struck a hard side tricep pose. He loved that pose. It was his favorite. As he flexed, the neurons in his brain began firing their horny, muscle-hungry signals, his body exploding in a wave of pleasure that made him dizzy. Everything was so fucking huge! His triceps flexed and powerful, chest and shoulders flared and taut. His abs were eight squares of hard, defined muscle, and enormous thighs, thick and sturdy. He loved how his hard cock looked in that pose, sticking straight out. So long, thick, and proud. A bead of precum reaching for the floor on a long silvery strand from the end of his piss slit. The bodybuilder cop swirled in the intoxication of mindless muscle trance staring at himself in the mirror. He looked deeper into his own eyes, feeling his muscles opening more and more when the words swelled up from deep inside him. “Protect and serve. Hear and obey.” Just as Nate’s mind and muscles were erupting in vacant pleasure, his phone on the dresser began to vibrate. He mindlessly picked it up.

“Hello, Officer Nate. I know what you’re doing,” came the voice that he loved to hear.


“Very good! Is he coming today?”


“You know your instructions, don’t you, Officer Nate?”


“Follow them.”

“I hear and I obey.”

The call ended.

“He” was Benny, Nate’s workout partner, and he would be arriving in about an hour for their morning workout. Benny had been one of the many Puerto Rican kids in the neighborhood where Nate had walked his first rookie cop beat five years ago. Getting to know Benny and his family a bit, Nate could see that Benny didn’t have a chance. An alcoholic father and a mother who fucked every man in the neighborhood but her husband saw to that. He’d just graduated high school when they first met. It seemed all Benny did when he wasn’t going to the “pharmacy” for his dad’s “prescription”, was to sit on the front stoop smoking cigarettes. Despite the fact that Benny was always very respectful, “Good morning, Officer”, “Hello, Officer Nate”, “Good evening, Sir”, Nate could see Benny was heading for trouble. Little pranks and harmless neighborhood mischief gave way to increasingly dangerous things. As Nate watched an anger growing in him, Benny started hanging with a different crowd. The wrong crowd. As he did, the tattoos increased, the clothes changed, the demeanor got darker and angrier. It was no longer, “Hello, Officer Nate”. Now it was just, “Sup?” And as he said it, Benny always shot Nate a leer that said, “Fuck you.” Nate knew that wasn’t who Benny was. Wasn’t who he wanted to be. All he needed was someone to show him a different path. Someone to look up to. To trust and believe in. So Nate began to formulate a plan and watching for the right moment.

That moment came one day when a bar disagreement wound up in the alley. Benny wielding a broken beer bottle and the other guy brandishing a switchblade. Nate showed up and broke up the fight before it had a chance to get out of hand. He knew it was one thing to back talk a cop from across the street. It was another thing totally to have one in your face. Especially one like Nate. He’d been working out for about nine months and Nate had learned quickly that the “muscle cop” thing could be very intimidating. Nate grabbed the guy with the switchblade and slammed him up against the alley wall. Benny stood eyes wide, frozen solid in fear. “If I ever fuckin’ catch you in this alley or any alley pullin’ this shit again, I’ll run you in and lock you up with guys you won’t like, but they’ll sure as shit like you. Ya get me, boy?!” All the guy could do was nod his head frantically. By the wet spot in his crotch, Nate could see the kid got the message. Nate let go of him and the kid shot out of the alley like a bullet from a gun.

Nate turned to Benny who was still frozen stiff with fear. Nate had to shake him several times to bring him out of his fear trance. Bringing him back to the here and now, he told Benny he understood his pain and anger. Life at home sucked, but it didn’t have to. Benny could choose a better path for himself, a healthier way of getting away from the troubles at home. He offered Benny a deal. Give him two months. Two months to show Benny some other avenues to channel his energy into. After that time, if he wanted, he could go back to his old friends and old ways. Benny agreed immediately, still slightly numbed from his fear trance. Nate told him to show up at his place tomorrow morning at 9am, dressed to lift some weights and workout.

As Nate had told him to, Benny showed exactly at 9. Nate was already waiting for him at the sidewalk, and together they walked down the street to Nate’s gym. Nate had a whole speech planned about the benefits of working out and how it could be a channel for his energies. He never needed to give that speech. Nate could see Benny trying to disguise his reactions as they walked through the door. A look that went from boredom to surprise to an unexplained sudden lust shot across Benny’s face. Nate knew that look. He’d had it himself as well. A switch somewhere inside Benny just got flipped on. He didn’t know it just yet, but he was already hooked. Nate was going to take him through a light workout, but he could see that wasn’t going to be enough.

Proportionally, Benny matched Nate pound for pound and rep for rep. Nate was shocked and impressed. Through the whole workout, Benny had that “look” in his eye. He’d been hungry for something to fill that void inside him, and he’d found it. As they were leaving the gym, Benny turned to Nate, “So, same time tomorrow.” Benny said not as a question but as a statement. As if it had just always been. Nate laughed to himself. “Damn!” he thought, Benny had beat him to it.

Between that day and now, five years later, there had only been two times that they had not worked out together. Benny had turned out to be the perfect workout partner. It was symbiosis in the purest sense of the word. They fed perfectly off each other’s energies. They constantly pushed each other harder. And it made Nate feel like a big brother to someone, just like his brother Rick was to him. Someone he could help and guide, like had been done for him. Watching Benny turn away from the path he was on and embrace this new direction gave Nate a huge sense of pride. Benny had become so anxious and energetic; curious and open to anything that would get him bigger. Eventually, Benny’s love for working out transformed itself into a hunger for hardcore bodybuilding. Benny’s drive and determination began to rub off on Nate. Before he knew it, he was moving down that same path. Their bond forged in a lust to grow.


“Yo! Copper!” Benny yelled, coming through the front door. Nate had long ago given him a key so he could let himself in.

“In the kitchen, little man.” Nate hollered back.

Benny walked in and Nate watched him take off his hoodie. At six feet tall and two hundred seventy-five pounds, Benny wasn’t a little man anymore. His bronze, Puerto Rican skin looked even darker against the white of his tank top. Benny had a broad, flat nose and a goatee that came to a point just below his lower lip. A diamond stud in each ear. He had his New York Yankees hat turned backward and pulled halfway down over his eyes. On the underside of his right forearm was tattooed “Puerto”, on the underside of the left, “Rico”. Running up one side from his waist to just under his armpit, “No pain, no gain”. On the other, “Get big or go home”. An enormous tattooed Phoenix rose from somewhere below his pant line and spreading its wings to fill Benny’s massive back. Around his neck a heavy gold chain. On the end of the chain nestled in the valley of his massive pecs, a gold letter “B”.

Benny poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down sat down at the counter bar. Damn, Nate thought, sitting across from him. Perfection! The straps of his tank top held in place, deep in the muscular crevice between his shoulders and traps. His arms, thick and powerful, his broad meaty chest straining his tank top. The shirt outlining the perfectly round, strong nipples. Everything on him was rock hard. Naturally veiny. Ripped. And all of it held in place by that dark copper skin.

Nate could feel his cock rubbing the inside of his sweat pants as it got harder. Benny was massive! Why hadn’t he noticed before how truly powerful and menacing Benny looked? Suddenly Benny seemed so naked and exposed to Nate. All Benny’s vulnerabilities became clear and obvious. In the instant they did a wave of pleasure exploded in his brain and went straight for his cock. It throbbed and the head pushed harder against the sweats, shooting the pleasure right back into his brain. Benny was so fuckin’ beautiful, and so fuckin’ ready, Nate thought.

Ready? Ready for WHAT?! Where the fuck had those thoughts come from, Nate wondered snapping back to reality.

“You back, bro?” Benny said smiling at Nate. “You looked pretty deep in whatever daydream you was in, man.”

“Yea… I’m here…” Nate said shaking his head to get the last little wisps of those weird thoughts out of his head, and trying to get his boner to go back down.

“Good! Now get that coffee downed, cuz I’m gonna kick your ass today, man!” Benny said doing a huge double bicep pose. The freaky massiveness of Benny’s upper body flexed and veiny gave Nate another steel-hard boner. He thought he was going to cum from the shockwave that surged head to toe through him.

Nate’s mind suddenly cleared, became more open, focused. His cock got even stiffer. His body tingled a million tiny pinpricks just under the surface of his skin. He no longer questioned those earlier thoughts. Why would he? He didn’t need to. They felt natural. Right. Accepting them filled him with a deep horniness. Horny to feel weights in his hands. Horny to sweat. Horny to feel his veiny muscles growing. Horny to have Benny understand and except growth on the deep level he did.


They had just finished their first muscle group, chest both were pumped and hard already. Keeping up with Nate had Benny sweating. His tank top was already half soaked and they had only just started the first exercise.

His last set done, Benny stood up from the bench, “Fuck Nate! You tryin’ ta kill it or what, man? Ya know, bro, in the time you been back, you been actin’ different.”

“Yea? How so?” Nate said fake punching Benny in his rock hard pec.

“You been liftin’ like a fuckin’ monster. And I ain’t never seen you this focused and intense before. What the fuck got into you on that trip man?”

Nate smiled. He knew Benny was right. He wasn’t sure where he got all this new strength and drive, but he knew it was coming from really deep inside, and he loved giving in to it. Nate took his shirt off and stood in the mirror, admiring his work. When he took his shirt off, the fabric had brushed against his nipples, and Nate’s cock had instantly sprang to full hardness. His pumped chest felt thick and tight under his skin. “Fuck yea, Officer”, he said getting lost in the reflection. He looked deeper into his own eyes, flexed one bicep, and grabbed a nipple with the other hand. His muscle cock was squirming in ecstasy. “Fuuuuck!”

“Dude! What the FUCK has gotten INTO you?!” Benny asked, watching Nate getting off on his muscles. Nate didn’t answer, but just kept watching himself in the mirror. “Nate? Did you hear me, man? Nate! YO! NATE!” Benny finally had to yell.

“Huh? What? What’d ya say?” Nate looked at Benny, coming back to reality, his cock still hard in his sweats, eyes still slightly glazed and vacant.

“Nate. I love how hard you wanna work out and push me, but you startin’ to freak me the fuck out, man.” Benny said picking up a 90-pound dumbbell for bicep curls. Handing it to Nate he said, “Let’s go, Copper. Pump now, flex later, ya fuckin’ perv.”

Nate took the weight and pumped out fifteen hard, deep reps with each arm. Benny stared in amazement as he watched Nate’s biceps literally explode before his eyes. With each rep, Nate’s eyes got more distant, vacant. Just like they had when he was watching himself in the mirror. With each rep, Nate’s cock got bigger and bigger in his sweats. It was dancing around like it was alive, Benny thought! He didn’t want to look, but it was impossible not to! His massive, muscular workout partner, the man who had saved him from a life of gangs, crime and probably prison, the man who opened new doors for him had found some blissful muscle zone deep inside himself. He stood up looking dazed and half awake.

Benny just stared. What the hell had he just witnessed?! The mix of awe, fear, curiosity, pride, confusion, admiration, love, and lust assaulted Benny’s brain and set it on fire. He was knocked out of his dizzied feelings by the sound of Nate’s ringing phone.

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