Bull's Strength 3

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7 -- Enters Bryan

(Tuesday, March 20th, 12.30 pm)

Moving all his stuff to his grandma’s house was not easy, but Bryan was finally appreciating the idea of starting a new life, away form his problems, specially his “queer career” as the jocks insisted to provoke him. Bryan Thompson, a 17 year old, 5’11” 170 pounds lean athletic boy, he was sure about his sexuality, but he wasn’t going to open it for his grandma, not for while, she was still recovering from the last discoveries, no need to get her even more shocked, and he would have sometime to “check” the city, maybe he could fins some fine country boys to fool around, but he had to be careful, it was no big city, something like a gay teenager meant the Apocalypse to those people… Bryan just relaxed at the living room, as lunch was almost ready – he loved the rhythm of country life – nothing to do, since his grandma had all those well built farm workers to take care of everything, he just needed to enjoy the view of their sweat bodies glistening at the sun’s rays.

“Bryan, honey, could you do me a favor? Asked Martha without waiting for an answer – Would take those things to Spencer’s farm? Bryan looked at the lots of food, enough to feed a big family for a whole week or even more!

“WOW! How much food! What is for? Charity? – Asked Bryan already feeling exhausted to carry al of these things to the car

“No dear, they are for Joshie! Martha continued – I bring him some food twice a week!

“Twice a week, who’s that Joshie, a pig or some kind of animal? Martha looked at him with a serious face:

“Joshua is my friend Clara’s nephew –he loves the things I bring to him every week. He’s in growth process – Martha paused – Real growth process he needs the food!

“And he eats all of this in less than a week? Boy he must be FAT! And you’re killing him you know it? Martha smiled a little bit:

“Anyway, today I gotta go to the city and check my business, I wonder if you could drive that stuff in the old truck to the Spencer’s, it less than three miles from here taking the west road, you can’t miss it!

“Can I do this after lunch? Bryan tried to postpone his task

“Dear, if you don’t do this now, I’ll have to do this by myself, when I get back, and we are having lunch AFTER those things are delivered, did I made myself clear? - Martha headed to her car and pretended not to see the look of anger in Bryan’s face…

(Tuesday, March 20th. 13.15 pm)

Josh came running to his favorite place – the gym – he felt so comfortable near all those concrete weights. He still have to wait one hour before hitting them – Auntie Clara’s orders – But still he just liked to hang there, it was like Uncle Greg was still around, giving him motivation to break his previous marks. Joshua was still embarrassed because that “fixing” request he made to Aunt Clara, but he couldn’t keep “ruining” his pants everyday. It was one good thing he worked alone in the farm, because sometimes, it’s really awkward to be completely hard as you’re carrying the wood to the barn! And lately Joshua is getting hard even more often than he used to, he no more uses the “bovines” to release himself, he resumed to the good and old “jerking off”, but he does it almost every time! More than 30 times a day, he once counted, and he was scared! – And if I die so much I do it? Josh just felt so horny, he tried to wear tight underwear, to make things harder for his shaft, but he just tore them apart, his 30 inches cock – that’s right, 2 and a half feet cock! And 16 inches of circumference, was no easy thing to hold when it was hard. Joshua jerked off so fiercely, the sound of his pecs bouncing up and down was overwhelming, many times he came, just looking at himself and admiring his HUGE physique. And that’s the biggest change in Josh, he started to LOVE being so HUGE and strong, he trained to get even more gigantic, to have even more uncanny muscles, he just couldn’t help getting hard every time he looked at himself, he adored his muscles, he wished he had more people to see him, but that’s not possible, he wanted to go naked to the city, showing off all his mighty muscles, to make the other guys jealous of his POWER, and maybe find another guy muscular and strong as himself, someone capable to give him pleasure the way only “Mr. Bronco” could handle. And when he giant cock demanded to be once more released, Josh started jerking off and looking at himself, he imagined himself even bigger, even stronger, and he desired it, oh he wanted so bad, he wanted to GROW much more muscular and heavy, he wanted to double his arm size, and he wanted everybody to see him, to worship him, he wanted to, FUCK a thousand men, he felt like he could do it, he just wanted to feel real pleasure, not boyish masturbation, not even sex with bulls, he wanted man, MEN, he wanted them all, he wanted to fuck! “Oh please, I wanna fuck!” Josh kept thinking as he felt his cock swelling with his upcoming orgasm, and a few more pumps :

“OOOOOOOHHHHH! YEAH! FUCK YEAH! Joshua’s spunk hit the ceiling as usual and soaked him as it usually did, and he loved it, he loved the smell, the taste and the feeling of cum on his tanned skin, it made him feel so virile, but yet, he knew he had to wash himself, he had cum even on his dark chestnut hair.

“I think it’s time for a quick dive in the lake! Josh ran barely naked to the lake, he only wore some very old discolored red boxers, he liked to wear under his pants, since no jock strap would fit on him, but why would he worry about that, the lake was in his lands, and since there was no living soul around he could walk the way he wanted…

(Tuesday, March 20th. 13.00 pm)

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! IT ONLY HAPPENS TO ME! – Bryan cursed as he opened the cover of the engine and the smoke covered all his face… - DAMN IT! Stupid car! Stupid farm! Bryan tried to calm down, the car only needed water, and there was a lake just behind, he was almost at the Spencer’s anyway, he could go to the lake get some water and come back to the car, no on around!

“All this work to give some fat blob candies, only grandma would do such thing! Bryan got an empty bottle and went towards the lake. The sun was high and strong, he poured like a pig, and he hated smelling, he hated outdoors, and the road smelled like shit! Bryan arrived at the lake about 10 or 15 minutes later . It was hot and dry, his shirt was soaked with his sweat, just the view of the lake was refreshing, Bryan looked around, nobody around. He took his shirt and his pants off, and when he was about to be completely naked, he heard a loud SPLASH!

“Oh, fuck! – Bryan was still behind of the trees so nobody could actually see him, anyway he dressed his pants, and slowly approached the lake to fill the bottle with water… The sun was bright shining directly into his eyes, so Greg barely could see who was in the lake, but even at the distance, he some huge figure swimming alone in the lake, the figure seemed very built, full of energy, screaming and vibrating just as children in the summer when they open the fire hydrants. Bryan didn’t want to bee seen, he wondered the guy was there naked, and he wouldn’t like to be seen staring at a naked guy, he could get in trouble… So, he grabbed the water and returned to his still boiling car, he poured the water into the radiator, put the cap right back and tried to start the car, but it still didn’t work.

“Oh, crap! What’s the matter with you? – Bryan cursed the car, he got out and started kicking the thing and barely realized the approaching of the “huge swimmer”:

“Hey there! Anything I can do to help you? – Boomed the thunderous voice. Bryan felt his groin tingling with that power, manly voice, but he was still to pissed at the car, he turned back and almost gasped. There was, right in front of him, the real MUSCLE MAN dripping water! He was HUGE, so tall, Bryan’s head could only reach his lower torso or not even that! And his body, OH what a body! He was so muscular, you barely couldn’t describe him, his chest was bigger than a barrel, with two slabs of tanned pecs jumping out by many inches from the rest of that muscle sculpture! The abs, Bryan swore he counted 12 packs, were popped and veiny, totally ripped! His lats were large, like the man had wings under his arms, and what arms! Just the hands were thick and big, and the wrist was thicker than Bryan’s arm! And those biceps, they were two huge hams attached to his limbs, just like his thighs they were sot thick, Bryan wondered how they fit on such a skimpy boxers… But most of all at the top of that muscle perfection, there was a face, so virile and yet, tender and delicate, two beautiful green eyes, full lips and a square jaw, crowning the thickest neck Bryan had ever seen, not to mention the gorgeous thick cascaded dark chestnut hair…

“Is there something wrong? – The booming voice asked again, this time Bryan noticed naivety on it.

“U-uh, my car, it broke down.. – Were the only words which Bryan managed to say, so shocked with such muscle in just one man..

“You mind if I take a look? I know something about old cars... – The man towered Bryan by many inches, certainly more than a foot, how tall was that guy anyway? Bryan nodded. He would just do anything to get a chance to take a view of his muscular butt, cramped in those ridiculous boxers. The guy went forward, and Bryan almost fainted when he noticed the size of his butt, so firm, he ached to touch it, and despite the size of the rear, he couldn’t believe there was a good portion of his ball sac spreading inside his shorts, even with those legs! Man, this guy was something!

“I guess I’ve found the problem – the guy said still looking inside of the car – the fuel pump has a whole, no pressure to pump the fuel to the engine – he lifted his beautiful face and looked at Bryan with a drop dead smile – You’re lucky, it could have caused serious problem… - But Bryan didn’t care anymore, he just wanted to look at those blue eyes the rest of the day:

“And what am I supposed to do! I gotta take all that food to the Spencer’s – Bryan pointed to the cabin full of stuff his grandma sent. Suddenly the huge man’s face shone like the sun itself:

“You’re taking this food to the Spencer’s? It’s where I live! – The man stood up and Bryan could not believe his lucky, if this guy worked at the Spencer’s maybe, he could get to see him more often…

“Yeah, my grandma told me to deliver those food to her friend Clara Spencer, you know her? Is she your boss? – Bryan had this glow in his eyes

“My boss? No she’s my auntie! – The naivety was definitely noticeable this time – he offered a huge paw – My name’s Josh.! Bryan barely offered his arms and he was completely shaken by the power of that hand – M-mine is Bryan…

“Hey Bryan, nice to meet you! Your grandmother is very cool! - Josh looked to the food and rubbed his hands together – I love her cooking, it’s almost as delicious as my auntie, I should have recognized the smell!

“You’re Mrs. Spencer’s nephew? – Bryan finally connected the dots, “That’s why grandma gives him so much food, the guy is a monster, a hulking muscle monster”

“That’s right! I live with her since I was a little kid , I mean a baby! Josh went red – I’ve never been “little” you understand me?

“Yeah, I can see that! Bryan tried to change the subject, it could be dangerous – So, is your house far from here? Josh closed the car – No, not really, maybe one, one and a half mile…

“What? Oh, great! How am I supposed to take all this food, I am going to spend all day long carrying those! Josh looked at Bryan, then at the truck, opened the door and pointed him to go inside:

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a ride! Josh tapped Bryan’s shoulder and rushed to back part of the truck:

“You’re crazy? That truck is full of food and we are too damn distant! Bryan did not believed Josh was capable of pulling the truck all the way to his house!

“Just relax and enjoy the ride, I really need the exercise you know? – From the mirror Bryan saw Josh pointing at this mighty biceps, and he got instantly hard, better, he got harder, because he was already boned since he saw that living muscle wall called Josh.

“ALL ABOARD! Josh started pulling the truck and he easily start moving! “That thing must weigh more than a ton!” Bryan’s cock was at full mast, he ached so hard he was, he saw the truck moving, and not just that, it was actually gaining sped, because Josh wasn’t just pulling, he was running, like he wasn’t doing any effort at all! Bryan just felt so incredibly weak at the sight of Josh’s sheer power.

“You sure you’re OK? Asked Bryan in a caring tone – We can stop if you want!

“No problem here – Josh said smiling – You just relax and enjoy the view!


8 -- Bonding with Joshua

So Bryan drove his “muscle powered” truck to the Spencer’s farm, they just stopped for a moment, because Josh had to put on his pants, which were on barn a t the other side of the farm, and they resumed to the main entrance. The farm was alone, there was no worker, very different from his grandma’s, with a full staff of workers…

“AUNTIE CLARA! WE’RE HOME! – It was delicious to hear his low voice echoing… Then, at the front door she appeared, wearing her white apron as usual. She always carried a smile on her cute face. She approached the car as Josh – got ALL the food from the old truck. Bryan got out of the truck and complimented Clara, half embarrassed as Josh carried the food to the kitchen:

“You must be Mrs. Spencer – Hi! My name is Bryan, I am Martha’s grandson – She asked me to drop that food here, but this old piece of junk she calls a truck broke down in the middle of the road… Clara smiled, the boy certainly talked fast, he was almost choking:

“Hello Bryan, I am Clara, and you’ve already met my nephew Josh –please forgive me if he already got the food, he may look rude, but he’s just that way… Bryan stood up for Josh:

“No, no, he’s just helping me! If it wasn’t for him, I would still be in the middle of the way trying to fix the truck! – He looked at Josh coming back from the kitchen, the big teen had always a smile shining on his beautiful lips, he lifted a big tomb for Bryan and hugged his aunt.

“You fixed the truck Josh? Clara asked looking UP at his face. Josh scratched his head, he looked embarrassed :

“Actually – Bryan once more stood up for Josh – He pulled the truck all the way till here! This guy is the strongest man I’ve ever seen Mrs. Spencer! – Bryan didn’t even bothered the way those words sounded, he just wanted to say them, it was his most sincere feeling! But the most surprised among them was Joshua. He went red at the same minute. He just felt so ashamed and proud of himself at the same time.

“Thanks, man! I was just trying to help you out… His humility allowed no more ...

“This is my Joshie… He is always trying to help people, he’s just so caring! Bryan, your grandma phoned me telling you would come, and that you didn’t have lunch, would you like to join us for a snack! I was expecting your grandmother, but since she sent such an delightful representative – Clara offered the other hand and the three of them went to the kitchen…

During the “snack”, Bryan couldn’t help to stare at Josh’s voracious appetite. Joshua literally ate all the food on the table and attacked most of the food Bryan had brought. Clara didn’t even bothered at all, she realized Bryan’s astonishment and finally commented:

“Don’t worry about Joshie, Bryan – Within two hours he’ll be back for more food, and just before dinner he’ll be chewing something just to “fool his tummy”… Bryan looked at Clara, and they started laughing. Josh was finishing with the cake and the apple pie at the same time, he just looked at them with his mouth full:

“WHAF FARE FOU FLOOKINF FAT? Josh asked without even noticing the cake jumping out of his mouth. They’ve finished eating and Bryan volunteered to do the dishes, and so did Josh. Clara agreed and went to rest at the living room:

“I’ll let you guys talk, I’ll be in the living room if you need me… - Josh, after you’re done with the dishes, you could show the farm to Bryan…

“No problem Auntie! Josh grabbed the plate from Bryan’s hand – The slight touch between their hands, the feeling of Josh’s thick long fingers, so strong grip, rubbing against Bryan’s soft skin made him hard almost immediately. After a few moments they were done, Bryan followed Josh around the farm, as the giant teen proudly presented him the facilities of his farm:

“WOW! You do all the work around? Grandma has a bunch of guys who “work hard”! Bryan joked

“Hey Bryan – Josh looked directly at him for the first time, and Bryan almost froze at the stare at those big green eyes - You’re from California, aren’t you?

“Y-yeah Josh? Why ? – Bryan was a little surprised Josh knew it.

“You grandmother always talked about you – Bryan’s face frowned – She said you’re in the football team! Bryan noticed how naïve Josh looked now, he was that FUCKING muscle monster, who could pull a heavy loaded truck for more than one mile and he was impressed with him? Just because he was at the football team?

“Well, I was – Bryan looked at those glowing eyes, he just couldn’t lie to them – after all his grandma already knew, Josh didn’t deserve to be fooled…

“I was just the waterboy, the kid who carried their drinks, I lied to my grandma so she could be a little proud of me, you know. But Josh didn’t seem disappointed. He just smiled:

“You didn’t need to lie, she was already proud of you, she mentioned you every time she came over! Josh hugged Bryan, engulfing his whole body with his colossal proportions, almost crushed the much smaller guy… They walked a little bit more and Josh showed him the cattle:

“It isn’t easy taking care of them all, but Uncle Greg taught me very well – Josh approached the fence, and so did Bryan with no more shame this time, he was already bonding with Josh, like they’ve been friends since kids.

“Josh, doesn’t it feel a little lonely here, just you and your aunt all day, day after day? Bryan said with his usual curiosity.

“We are not lonely here, your grandma comes here often! Josh smiled so beautifully it could hurt so tender it shone against his square jaw and his silky hair…

“I know, I know, but you don’t go out, just to hang out? Josh’s smile disappeared. His face got a little said, his eyes lost the glow, it was so said you’ve killed to be able to nest him in your arms:

“I can’t go out much, specially to the city, my uncle always said me that… Bryan’s guts burned:

“You can’t go to the city? Why? Josh smiled him, a different smile, showing him a mix of comprehension and displeasure. He approached Bryan and the California guy could smell the musk odor coming form his enormous arm pits:

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been TOO DAMN BIG! I couldn’t play with the other kids, I was always outgrowing my clothes, even without wearing them even once! And when I was supposed to go to High School, my uncles thought I would be in less trouble if I stayed at home.

“You never went to High school? Joshua nodded – I have a lot of books, and I know pretty much, but I always envied those kids who went to school, I’d give anything to be like them! Josh looked at the bulls. Bryan cried from the inside. He was so sorry he touched in such wound:

“Look Josh, Man I’m so stupid. Sorry for bringing this up! – Bryan’s hand touched the enormity of Joshua’s shoulder and the giant teen looked back at him:

“You were right when you asked if I didn’t feel lonely. I confess, it is hard to spend the days without talking. Aunt Clara is always taking care of me, but I could really use some one to talk, just to chat, it feels so good. You’re the first guy about my age who ever came to this house! Josh’s face was glowing:

“Sometimes people used to call me FREAK! Specially kids, they were always mocking at me because of my height or my weight, and when I started to get REAL BIG, I had to hide from the people of the city, most of the time they are afraid of me… Bryan could take it no more, he couldn’t understand how would the people be afraid of such sweet person:

“Well, when you appeared behind me from nowhere, I was scared till my bones! Bryan laughed. They both laughed – But now that I got to know you, nothing to be afraid of, I just didn’t like to see you pissed! Joshua laughed hard, it was like he was being relieved form years of torture, pain and loneliness. He hugged Bryan again, and this time Bryan tried to hug him back, although it was a little difficult for him:

“Hey, I have an idea! Bryan broke their hug before his boner got him in trouble – Since I am completely lazy at grandma’s I could come here, once and a while… Joshua’s face lightened: You mean it?

“Sure! Bryan punched Josh’s chest just to feel his hand hurt so hard it felt. But Josh was still not totally satisfied:

“You mean coming with your grandma? Bryan got the hint

“Well, I could come everyday, if it’s OK with you? Bryan already set up his trap

“OK? IT’S AWESOME! WE CAN HANG IN THE FARM, AND I COULD SHOW YOU ALL AROUND…Josh followed on telling all the “cool stuff” they could do, but what Bryan did REALLY wanted to do was just stay near all that MUSCLE he was smelling, he barely could hide his boner pressing it against the fence.

“Josh, I still can’t believe you run this farm all by yourself! I mean, it must be difficult… Bryan looked around and could only see the things very, very neat…

“It is not that hard, I think I am just used to do it – Josh commented

“Maybe that’s why you are so BIG! You are doing all this hard work – Bryan wanted to find out what could have given Joshua his mighty muscles… Josh looked at him, the same face naïve and strong, he smiled:

“Well, I’ve always been BIG, but from the last two years I’ve been growing much more…

“M-more, Growing more? Bryan felt his groin tingling.

“Yeah, you know what I mean… puberty – Josh concluded

“Well Josh, I think you’re done puberty now, how old are you 20, 23? Bryan asked judging by his physique Josh stood up proud of himself:

“What? You think I’m 23? NO WAY! That’s cool, but I am just 16! He smiled.

“YOU WHAT? JUST 16! MAN YOU’RE JUST 16 – Bryan couldn’t help it

“Actually, I am 15 and 4 months – but I like to call it 16! Bryan mouth was open. He looked at Josh again:

“Josh, you must be the BIGGEST kid in the world, FUCK! The biggest MAN in the world! How tall are you? Now Josh was feeling uncomfortable:

“7 feet, 6 inches and a quarter – he said quickly

“WOW! You’re way taller than many professional basketball players…

“Look, Bryan, I don’t like when people treat me like a FREAK! Josh’s eyes were so sad, he looked he got hurt, he would never expect it from his new friend. He turned his back and went away. Bryan ran after, he grabbed Joshua’s thick arms and said:

“Josh, I wasn’t treating you like a FREAK, I was just amazed by your SIZE, I don’t think it’s scaring, I think you are GREAT! AWESOME! Bryan looked into Josh’s eyes and continued:

“It must be so FUCKING GOOD having all these MUSCLES, and being so TALL, and specially being so STRONG as you are, you’re way too AMAZING, buddy! Josh went red again:

“You think so? I am cool? I am your buddy? He asked in a low voice

“ OF COURSE YOU ARE COOL! And you’re mine buddy, that’s for sure, I only don’t know if I can call a MUSCLE MONSTER like you “buddy”!

“HEY, WATCH OUT THE WORDS! – Josh pretended to be angry, and lifted Bryan up to his face level, holding him under the pits – HOW ABOUT BIG BUDDY? He smiled. Bryan smiled too, but he was loving to be lifted like he was.

“ Hey BIG buddy, can you put me down, please? Bryan said like he didn’t mean it…

“Put you down? NO WAY! You’re going UP! – Josh lifted him more and made him seat on his thick neck, Bryan was mesmerized and yet, terrified – How could he disguise his boner sitting on Josh’s back? But he decided not to think about it now, he was being carried but the MOST MUSCULAR MAN in the world! How cool was that! Josh walked carrying Bryan around the farm, leading them till the other barn, the same one where Josh got his pants. Josh stopped and gently lowered Bryan, as if he weighed nothing, as if he was lowering a baby, so gently and tenderly, for one brief moment, they just remained there, Josh looking into Bryan’s eyes and vice versa. Then Bryan, once again, broke the upcoming mood:

“w-What’s in there? He asked abruptly

“That’s where I train, it’s my gym… Josh said still looking into Bryan’s eyes.

“You have a gym here, too? No wonder you’re BIG, buddy!

“You really liked calling me this way, didn’t you? Josh asked in a low tone…

“I-if it bothers you… Bryan thought he went over the line once more…

“Bothers me? I fucking LOVE it! Josh’s eyes shone as he opened the doors. Bryan was once more shocked.


10 -- Bryan's Private Show

The “gym” seemed more like a quarry. There were stones and dozers all over the places, and some huge structures resembling gym equipment, but there were no iron plates, then Bryan realized, Josh trained with enormous rocks! Maybe that’s why he’s so big…

“My uncle designed it for me, because he wanted to make sure I had the best equipment, he also made me the J-plates! – Josh grabbed a huge rock with one arm – Those are the first, the original ones, then I’ve made those BIGGER! He pointed at more huge rocks …

“You mean you train with those rocks? That’s sure a lot of weight big buddy!

“You’d like to see me training? Josh asked in a mix of naivety and seduction – He looked at Bryan already carrying two MEGA DUMBBELLS – huge iron bars with two J-plates in each side, the big J-plates.. Bryan just nodded. Josh smiled – COOL! Let’s PUMP!. He sat on the strange bench and started pumping his huge arms. He slowly did the crunches, breathing heavy and slowly. And each time his guns seemed to be BIGGER, it was unbelievable! Those peaks were bigger than Bryan’s head! And they were so round and veiny. Josh did exactly 147 crunches with each arm – Bryan counted them mentally – and he was red and already pumped, his veins salted, his muscles were red, but he wasn’t even sweating!

“That’s a good warm up! Now let’s get serious! Josh smiled at Bryan and placed one more big J-plate in each side and started all over again, this time 257 reps with each arm. Joshua stood up and approached him, looking over his head, he FLEXED those things so BIG even himself was a little amazed at the freaking display of MUSCLE, he got on his knees so those mighty guns are at eye level with Bryan:

“Come on, feel them! Try denting them! Joshua challenged. Bryan swallowed. He gently touched the peeks and slides his fingers over it- Joshua is grinning at him. He squeezed the muscle, but it feels like trying to squeeze hot iron! It’s HARD! He tries harder this time, nothing, Bryan applies all his strength, and still nothing. Josh is still grinning. He knows it is useless, not even in a million years! Then Josh says:

“GOING UP! Joshua slowly stood up and Bryan got the idea – he held on those mighty biceps the best he could and he started being lifted , he was going UP! Josh stood full height and lifted his arms a little higher than his shoulders, and Bryan was still attached to his arm. Then it was Bryan’s turn. He got the spirit, and started doing chin ups on Josh’s arms. He did about ten and had to give up, but he adored the “bar” he got.

“You sure need some training! Joshua squeezed Bryan’s arms with his fingers. It hurt. But Bryan didn’t complain. Her was “distracted” at his sight:

“Now, if you excuse me, I gotta resume the training. He said turning his back to Bryan. Bryan was having a hard time trying not to cum, he strategically went behind the pillars of the barn and hide his boner the best he could. But Joshua never paid much attention, he was occupied pumping his HUGE muscles. He spent the next three hours pumping himself to an even HUGER figure. When he finally did the last rep of the last exercise, Josh was smelling like SWEAT and DIRT. The whole place was stank!

“Josh, what is that smell! Is something dead in here?

“Actually, it is mostly MYSELF! I train so hard I end up smelling like a pig, but there’s also another thing – he lowered his voice – Every time I get hard during train, I jerk off right here, then my spunk sticks all over the place – I was supposed to clean after, but I kinda like the smell – it makes me train harder! Bryan just smiled and noticed the incredible BULGE on Josh’s pants. The crotch was almost giving up – “Speaking of erections…” Bryan once more hided himself behind the pillars and said:

“Hey, if it doesn’t bother you, it’s alright big buddy… Josh smiled again and went toward him, he grabbed Bryan and lifted him the way he did where they arrived and carried him the same way. Bryan was getting used to such MUSCLE DISPLAY:

“Come on, buddy! Let’s have dinner! I AM STARVING! Joshua said as they left the gym.

Bryan was completely charmed by Josh: his muscles, his power, his strength, and mostly his kindness, his naivety, his sweet personality, things which certainly made Bryan fall in love by the giant teen. But he wouldn’t do anything, he had to control himself not to attack him right there. Bryan also noticed that he wasn’t the only one with “second intentions”, he knew Josh was totally showing off to him, he got the main idea, the guy is sure displaying his inhuman strength and muscles, but it was a little more than that, it was almost if Josh was trying to do exactly everything Bryan wanted, would Josh also playing “the hard to get” role? Could a freaking muscle monster like Josh be gay?


11 -- Night at Josh's

Dinner was fine. Clara prepared abnormal amounts of delicious and food and watched, in which she was joined by Bryan, Josh devouring the whole food, eating like a savage beast. It was such a turn on for Bryan, to see his freaking muscle buddy eating, his biceps bulging when he drank a whole gallon of milk, his chest bouncing as he ripped the meat with his bare hands, his full mouth trying to smile at Bryan.

“Bryan, dear, I’ve phoned Martha about the truck and she told she will sent a mechanic tomorrow first thing in the morning – Clara made a strategic pause – And she told me to ask you if she should come and pick you up, unless, of course, you wanna sleep over tonight!. The sound of the fork falling in the plate made Clara look at Josh. He was completely surprised. He swallowed the food and looked at Bryan with two big green puppy eyes:

“He will Aunt Clara, he will, won’t you Bryan? – Josh gently touched Bryan’s shoulder with his greasy huge pal – Please, buddy, I’ve never had a friend who slept over, you can sleep in my bed if you want, I’ll stay on the floor… Once more Josh’s naivety was loud and clear on his voice. Bryan looked at those puppy eyes and that greasy huge hand squeezing his shoulder. He couldn’t deny anything to those eyes, and specially when those eyes came along with those MUSCLES!

“OK, then! I’ll just phone grandma and tell her I’ll sleep with Josh – Bryan realized how awkward that phrase sounded, but then nobody seemed to notice – except Josh, who smiled discretely as he grabbed more food to his enormous plate.

“Bryan is sleeping over, COOL! Josh swallowed a huge amount of mashed potatoes and smiled at Bryan, just to show him the mass inside of his mouth. After dishes were done – once more by Bryan and Josh – the three of them sat in the living room. Clara watched the news, and Bryan pretended to be joining her, but Josh was over charged, he went to the kitchen and came back eating a whole chocolate cake in his hands :

“Hey Bryan, let me show you my room! Come on let Aunt Clara watching her news, she’ll be asleep in less than five minutes. Clara smiled and tapped Bryan’s knees – You’d better go with him, or he’ll never let you watch TV! – Bryan smiled and got out of the couch, following Josh’s oversized figure over the corridor. It is, he had to follow him, because Bryan couldn’t see anything over that giant muscular back of his BIG buddy.

“Here it is! Josh pointed proudly to inside the room. – Bryan entered and right after him Josh entered bending himself so he could pass through the door . It looked like any other fifteen year old room: one bed, one cabinet, a table and chairs to study and a small TV set. But it wasn’t an ordinary bedroom, it was Joshua’s bedroom, so it was obviously the BIGGEST room of the house, the bed itself was enormous! And the chairs were taller than usual, just like the one Josh sat back there at the kitchen, but something was missing, there was no poster hanging on the wall, no clothes on the floor, no funky smell, everything was completely neat, it didn’t look like a 15 old teen:

“You’re pretty organized with your things, Josh! The oversized teen smiled and jumped on his bed – the sound was loud but it seemed the furniture was “Joshua’s proof”.

“Yeah, I like the things clear! Josh looked into Bryan’s eyes like he did back at the gym…

“BIG buddy, you’ve never told me how much you weight! I just wanted to know since I can’t even imagine. You’re so DAMN BIG! Bryan smiled. Josh got up the bed and approached him, he gently made him seat on the chair and looked down at him, grinning:

“Why do you want to know? His look was somewhat threatening

“J-just curiosity, I mean, you’re so tall and strong, I just wanted… - Josh shut his mouth with one finger:

“Tell you what, every three weeks I take my stats, and it will be tomorrow, so I’ll tell you then, after the workout, because I’ve already outgrown my previous stats! The innocent look returned:

“You wanna play something? I’ve got a couple of board games! Time passed and it was about sleep time. Josh wakes up at 5 in the morning. Joshua insisted with Bryan he had to sleep in his bed:

“Come on buddy, you’re my guest! Please I am begging you!

“But Josh, I can sleep on the floor, besides, your bed is too BIG just for me! Josh looked at him. The mean look returned:

“You want me to share it with you? – He asked pretending to be serious. But Bryan wouldn’t fall in the joke, he was too scared to dare such thing…

“GET OUTTA HERE! He threw a pillow at Josh’s and they both laughed – “That was close!” – Bryan thought as Josh made himself comfortable at the mattress on the floor:

“Good night buddy! Josh said already feeling asleep – And thank you so much to staying with me! – He said very low, and turning himself to Bryan face.

“ God night, Josh and You’re welcome BIG buddy! You’re welcome! Bryan replied as he saw Josh’s eyes gently closing and his breath becoming slow… Bryan could never sleep that whole night. He rolled over from side to side. His mind, his senses, everything pulled him to Josh. He listened to the his buddy’s heavy breath, watched his titanic chest in its rhythmic movement, his biceps bulging at the slightest movement of his arms, and the beautiful face, so peaceful, so tender, so delightful innocent… Bryan had to get up. He was so boned, he thought he would cream the bed without even touching himself. He went to the kitchen for a glass of water, mostly to get his eyes of his fantasy-coming-true- BUDDY! He drank a whole jar of water and was coming back to the room, when he noticed the pictures hanging on the wall. All of them were from Josh in almost every moment of his life, and Bryan noticed how BIG he was ever since he was a baby. And when he was a kid, you could swear you were looking at a teenager bodybuilder, but it was Josh with nine years old! Josh, for all means, was a real FREAK! He couldn’t be that SIZE at that age, his arms, his chest, everything overdeveloped, and the face of a child? How could that be?

“Wasn’t he the most adorable child in the world? Clara asked right behind Bryan.

“Mrs. Spencer? Sorry if I woke you up! Bryan said trying to change the subject!

“It’s no problem dear, I knew it wasn’t Josh, because there were no sound of his usual mess, so I’ve come to check on you, if you needed anything! Clara looked at Bryan with her dark brown eyes…

“I’m fine, I just wanted some water! Bryan pointed to the kitchen…

“Well, since I’m awake, I’ll finish my tricot! I love spending the nights this way, Josh never let me do anything around here! She said smiling and went to the living room. Bryan looked at her sitting on the chair. She had to know something, there had to be an explanation!

“Mrs. Spencer, I-I saw the pictures on the wall – Clara lifted her eyes in a serious look, which Bryan wasn’t expecting for:

“What about them? Clara asked in a tone Bryan would never listened from her

“I wondered if someday you , grandma, me and Josh could take some pictures to hang there too! Bryan decided that Clara would never be a god source for his investigations…

“Of course dear! We can arrange it someday soon! Now go sleep, you look tired! She tapped his knee and went back for her tricot.

“Sure, I’ll go! Good night! Bryan lifted and went to the room.

“Good night dear, and please, just think about Josh as any other boy in his age! She asked in a candy tone

“Mrs. Spencer, Josh isn’t any other guy – he is my friend! I would never hurt him! Bryan smiled and came back to kiss Clara’s forehead – Good night Aunt Clara! He said while coming back to the room. Bryan really meant it. Josh was his friend, he would never let anybody hurt him. He entered the room and realized Josh’s enormous legs were on the bed. And the rest of Josh was all over the bedroom, his arms opened hanging on the wall, his other leg folded. His face was so cute. His eyes heavy closed, his mouth semi-opened, and the shine of a little drool starting to gather at the corner of his lips. Bryan had literally to jump the guy to get on the bed, he managed to pass without waking Josh. He just sat at the end of the bed and kept looking at the giant sleeping. He leaned on the wall and kept looking at Josh, at least he was enjoying the view. He kept there, looking for a long time, then he noticed the light of the living room turned off and he heard the steps of Clara returning to her room. He checked the watch: 1.48 – Fuck! I gotta get some sleep! – He tried to lift Josh’s legs of the bed, but he couldn’t even move them. He decided to sleep in the left space, bending over to fit in the tiny spot Josh left for him. He actually had to sleep leaning on Josh’s thighs, which he didn’t complained, so thick those muscles felt, but before he could sleep he had to do it. He looked at Josh once more and the moonlight shining over him, he couldn’t resist anymore. He lifted himself of the bed, and approached Joshua’s face. He gently bent over him and his lips gently touched Josh’s cheek bones. He savored that smell of children toothpaste in Josh’s breath. Bryan just touched Josh’s with his finger and closed them, leaning forward to kiss them very, very lightly to avoid waking Josh, he felt those lips for a very brief moment, but it was the best moment of his life. Then he kissed Josh’s forehead, like every child deserved to be kissed at sleep. He caressed Joshua’s hair and brushed it gently. He smiled, and returned to the bed. Josh made a loud noise of approval and turned himself back, taking the legs of the bed:

“Good night, Aunt Clara… - Mumbled him as he changed his sleeping position. Bryan froze – “I gotta control myself, he’s just a boy, he’s just a boy..” Bryan repeated himself on his mind. He laid on the bed and turned to the other side, closing his eyes – He never had the chance to get Joshua opening his eyes and checking on him right after he turned! Josh smiled, licked his lips and closed his eyes right after…

12 -- Morning Stiffness

Bryan took a long time, but he managed to sleep. And he was up about a quarter to five. He felt something touching him, it was heavy and thick! – “Oh, no! not again!” Bryan thought as he opened his eyes. He could never be able to lift Joshua’s legs. The he saw. And Bryan rubbed his eyes. It couldn’t be possible! It was just UNBELIEVABLE! Bryan opened his eyes WIDE, and his jaw dropped. Bryan witnessed one of Josh’s “morning woody”. But it wasn’t a normal boner. The COCK! What a COCK! The MIGHTY COCK! It was like a third leg. JOSHUA’S THIRD LEG! Bryan remembered Josh wore boxers to sleep where was the thing anyway, then he saw the shreds of the underwear stuck on Josh’s cock! It seemed an old white flag giving up to the superior of that fucking huge dick! The thing was ALIVE! It was pulsating like it had a heart on its own. Bryan took sometime to adjust at the site. His own prick was hard and aching inside his pants. He just stare at the monument. It was hard, thick, the head was HUGE, the piss hole itself was big enough to fit a finger there! It was so ripped and veined, just like Josh’s body, it was muscle in its extreme perfection, and that muscle was demanding to be released, and boy, how Bryan was dying to release it! Bryan lift and got nearer the giant prick, it was thicker than his arm! It smelled at cum, and at the top was a huge pre-cum pearl, ready to leak and spread it shiny liquid down to the shaft of his giant owner. It pulsed, in a rhythm that hypnotized Bryan. He got each time closer to Josh’s cock. He saw it getting harder, like that was still possible, he watched as the veins engorged to huge proportions and he swallowed at the sight of the head enlarging more and more, like it was an atomic mushroom ready to blow spunk all over the room. Bryan was so close he could actually hear the blood pumping to the shaft with each heart beat, he extended his hand daring to touch, and just when he was about to do it, he heard moans and groans. It was Josh waking up! Bryan quickly get back to his place and covered his face just to avoid any confrontation. His heart was accelerated, his breath was tired and his dick was so hard, so ready to be blown…

“MMMNNNNN HUMMMMM!! Josh made strange noises and he stood up right in front of Bryan’s covered face. He looked at the watch over the shelf on the bed, and the cock almost poked Bryan in the eye! Josh acted like he was used to such thing! He casually looked at his shaft and gave it a few pumps, then he sprawled, as everybody does, but Josh FLEXED all his muscles, and he flexed his cock up and down, up and down, he checked himself at the HUGE mirror on the wall, he had that grin back in his face, he smiled and FLEXED to the mirror. He flexed his guns, and kissed the peak of each one, he twisted his nipples and scratched his flat abs with ultra popped abs so lustfully, then he gave a few more pumps on the giant cock, and hit a most muscular pose looking at the mirror – Poor Bryan resisted as much as he could, when he saw Josh doing the most muscular pose, he gave up, his cock, squirted alone, creaming his pants and the shit. Everything seemed to be frozen. He felt the orgasm without even touching himself. Bryan slowly moved to the other side, while Josh was distracted at his display of MUSCLE at the mirror. He just forced his cock against the mattress, and felt the hot cum spraying all over his legs. He just felt so scared, if Josh saw it would be a disaster! Then he heard: “Looking HUGE today Josh! You are getting even BIGGER!” Josh said to himself and left the room. He grabbed some clothing in a drawer and went to the bathroom, and the shower went on. Bryan just got up, tried to dry the cum of the shit, but then he took the whole thing out, grabbed a spare that fortunately didn’t get stained and covered the bed with it, then he trashed the other shit in the big box where Josh kept his dirty clothing. It would do for now, he heard the shower going off. He jumped back in the bed and pretended to be asleep. He closed his eyes as strong as he could, heard the loud steps of Josh going to the kitchen, and he thanked God he wasn’t caught. In fact he just felt the common after orgasm exhaustion, and it went strong! He just felt his senses fading out…

“Hey, buddy, come on it’s time! Bryan felt Josh’s powerful hands gently touching his arm – He had fallen asleep again - Did they found about the cummed shit? Bryan woke up a little frightened, but the mere sight of Joshua’s pretty face, washed all the fears away:

“Time to wake up Sleeping Beauty – Bryan sensed something weird the was Josh said those words

“What time is it? Asked Bryan scratching his head and eyes

“8.37! It’ s way past the time you’re supposed to be up! Josh said still sitting on the bed. For one moment he just kept looking at Bryan’s waking figure. Then he stood up and pointed outside:

“While you were dreaming, I’ve already milked the cows, cleaned the stables, fed the chickens and the pigs collected the eggs and took a shower. Is that enough for you… He smiled pointing to the door

“WOW! You’ve done all of this? How do you manage to wake up so soon? Bryan asked

“Let’s say I woke up REALLY motivated! Josh said in a teasing tone

“Well, I heard you getting up, you big earthquake! I just remained in bed and managed to sleep .Bryan said as he left the bed.

“So did you have a good sleep? Joshua asked in a carrying tone. He stood up and went to the mirror while Bryan grabbed his clothes:

“Bryan can I ask you a question – Joshua was combing his hair – You let a girlfriend back in California? Josh looked back at him with those eyes who dragged all the will power of Bryan.

“No, I wasn’t seeing anybody, when I moved in with grandma – Bryan told him the truth, the only thing was that he wasn’t seeing any guy, not any girl…

“Well, it means you’re free to get one isn’t it?

“Yeah, I suppose, but I’ve just arrived in the town, I don’t know anybody – except you BIG buddy – It may take some time… Bryan got his clothes and headed to the bathroom. He took a shower and jerked off two times just trying to get all the horniness from last night. He came back with no shirt and his torso still dripping. Joshua was still there looking to the mirror, he had made the bed and cleaned the room. The giant teen looked to his friend and his green eyes widened “ Hey Bryan you work out? Joshua asked all of a sudden Bryan looked at himself, with disbelief – “How come he repair on me? He is ten times more muscular than me?” Bryan smiled and answered:

“Well, I used to think so, but that was till I saw YOU training! He smiled and went for his shirt. But then he felt Josh fingers poking him at the chest:

“You really have MUSCLES, buddy! Josh felt Bryan arms, and he looked surprised – Who would guess under that shirt there was some serious muscle … Josh let Bryan’s arms go and smiled.

“I’ve trained for a couple of years, tried to bulk up to get in the team, but when I didn’t do it, just lost the motivation – Bryan put the T-shirt on and combed his hair.

“But you gotta stick with it! Josh protested – You really have a nice body, it is well built and lean, why losing it, the motivation is you buddy, you have to be your inspiration! Josh was serious looking in his eyes…

“Well I have my weight set on grandma’s…

“You can bring it over here, than we train together! Joshua smile shone once more

“But Josh, You are way too STRONG! We can’t train together… Bryan tried to avoid more scenes like yesterday, not because he didn’t like them, but because he LIKED them…

“Tell you what, you train with me, giving me motivation and I’ll do the same for you! Josh put his hands on Bryan’s shoulder, like he knew he could win any argument just by doing that!

“OK! I’ll bring the stuff here, and we can train together! Bryan smiled ashamed…

“THAT’S MY BUDDY! Josh hugged Bryan and tossed his hair – Now, let’s go grab some food! I’m STARVING! Joshua rushed into the kitchen…

“Oh, boy, oh boy! Bryan repeated mentally as he left the room.

Breakfast went on just as Bryan was getting used to. He and Clara eating calmly their food, while JOSH devoured everything in the table. Bryan thought Josh was cute even when he was eating. They finished and did the dishes. Bryan was beginning to feel comfortable around Josh. But it seemed every time he felt that way the giant teen forced a new situation, like he was playing with Bryan… Just before they’ve finished the dishes, they heard a car approaching. It was Mr. Ferris, the mechanic of Bryan’s grandmother. Clara looked at Josh and the boy went to the barns. Clara wanted him to stay away form the people, it would avoid trouble. Bryan showed the mechanic the car, and he stayed there with him till he fixed the truck. When it was almost finished the man got a curious look:

“Hey, sun – Mr. Ferris looked at Bryan – Where’s the freak? Did you get to see him? Bryan looked at the bald man – There’s no FREAK around here, sir! Bryan pretended not paying attention

“Come on! I always wanted to look at the BULL BOY! Bryan didn’t understand – Bull boy?

“Yeah, it’s like the guys who worked here used to call him. They told he liked to fuck with the farm bull!

“What? – Bryan asked figuring that with Josh’s cock, fucking a bull would be that hard…

“They told me he carried a PORSCHE and threw it 10 feet away! And then he fucked the bulls on the farm! His late uncle Greg, he was the responsible, he fed the kid with roids, that’s why he’s so big! Bryan looked furious. He faced the bald man and said:

“If the truck is ready, you can go now, Mr. Ferris! My grandma sure had paid you much more than the fix cost, you’d better go now, please! The man looked at Bryan surprised, he got his tools and jumped in his car, without even talking to Clara, who was looking from the kitchen window… Bryan entered the house with an angry face:

“Don’t worry honey, they always want to see if Josh is around, that’s why I sent him to the barns. Clara comforted Bryan – Don’t pay attention to the stories they made up about Josh, they’re nonsense…

“Aunt Clara, please don’t be angry with me, but I have to ask you… Clara took a deep breath:

“I don’t know, honey I wish I knew WHY he is so BIG! Clara’s tears rolled down her face. Bryan hugged her

“Please don’t cry, I don’t think Josh is a monster, I just want to know why he is so BIG! But I would never hurt him, please I’ll never talk about this with you nor him, never more… Clara looked to Bryan and said:

“Josh has only me too look after him, he’s HUGE but he’s just a child, a big child! Bryan kissed Clara’s head – He’s got another protector Aunt Clara, I’ll be taking care of him, always! They hugged each other once more. Then Bryan got his keys and said:

“I’ll be right back, I’ll just get some stuff at home! Tell Josh I’ll be here before our training!

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