Bull's Strength 4

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13 -- Just playing along

Bryan rushed to the room where his stuff was being kept. He grabbed his old weight set, and one boom box. Josh said he liked music. Then he got a few CD's – if Josh was playing with him, then two could play that game. Bryan also got a box full of his muscle mags. Maybe it could help Josh, or at least he could laugh at the guys way smaller than him… Bryan arranged everything in the car.

“Don't you live here anymore? Martha asked coming from the orchard. Bryan kissed her, and made her sit on the couch:

“Grandma, I met Josh yesterday, and we became instantly friends! Martha smiled – That's so good sweetie, you really need new friends.

“I know, but you also know Josh isn't "an average teenager" – Martha changed her look – I wonder why is he so BIG, grandma! You and Aunt Clara are friends since kids! Did she told you about Josh's parents? Martha looked seriously, she knew Bryan and his curiosity, he would never satisfy until he was told what he wanted.

“All right, Sherlock! I'll let in the whole story, but you gotta promise, you won't – under any circumstances – tell it to Josh – because all he knows is a "make up" version of the real thing. Martha told Bryan the whole story about Sarah, the strange huge man, and all the strange details of Joshua's birth, and Bryan only got more curious. He knew he had to do something, not just to satisfy his curiosity, but mostly to help his friend Josh. Well not only his friend, his buddy, his secret desire, his object of worshipping.

“You told the name of the guy was Holdar, isn't? Josh said as he returned to his bedroom.

“Yes, Clara told me it was Holdar, but I don't know anything about it… Martha said out loud

“That's enough, you think I can put my computer in the office? Bryan asked

“Sure dear, but what's the deal now, weren't you going to Clara's?

“I am, but first I gotta find out something over the net… Holdar is not a common name, I see what I can find! Bryan spent the rest of the morning and a good part of the afternoon, trying to find anything about that Holdar guy, he was supposed to be a big guy, but yet nothing, no athletes, no sportsman, no one with that name. The he tried many other choices and spelling of the name and nothing. Then, he accidentally found in one journal site the notice of an accident involving the name Holdar : " Richard Holdar, a 27 year-old foreigner scientist who supposedly worked under one government's secret agencies died at the explosion of the ChemTech labs last week. His death was announced by the authorities who worked at the local, which could not been visited by the press due to "serious health danger" the place represented. The only victim of the explosion, that destroyed the three last floors of the main building at the ChemTech complex, appeared to be Dr. Holdar. His body was carbonized over the explosion and his identity was found mostly because of the dental records…" the rest was not very revealing, but Bryan continued his search CHEMTECH – and, among the many commercial sites, he found this sensationalist tabloids headlines: "MONSTER ATTACKS AREA NEAR CHEMTECH!" Bryan read the article, it was about some monster who appeared in the same neighborhood where the accident in which Holdar died occurred, and according to that story, the "monster" was much bigger than any tall man, with abnormal strength! It had been seen many times by many people, since the accident happened. Local authorities said it was probably a bear, but the residents confirm that the "monster" looked like a man, only much bigger , had huge hands, and the endowment was gigantic proportioned compared to the rest of the big creature… Bryan was intrigued, he emailed the tabloid asking if there were any other appearance of the so-called monster, trying not to sound very anxious. He saved the article in his files and turned the computer off. He still could check in many of the tabloids, but the time had passed very fast, it was almost three o'clock! He promised Josh he would be back for training! He grabbed something the bag he had specially made, a few things he gathered to tease Josh, just like he was doing to him, he would teach him a lesson but mostly because Bryan's "gaydar" went crazy around Josh, he had to try it, because if those things he was feeling were not just bullshit…

“ He arrived, honking his truck, and saw Josh lifting a BULL over the stables. The giant farmer waved back and lowered the bull and came in his direction. Bryan parked the truck near the gym, and started unloading it.

“Hey buddy! I thought you wouldn't show up! Josh said drying himself with an old rag. The smell of his musky odor and the bull stink was strong and to Bryan it was the sexiest fragrance ever…

“I told you I would return and I did! I brought some stuff to you! Bryan casually showed Josh a box full of muscle mags. – COOL! He grabbed a bunch of them, looked at the models on the covers, he was twice bigger than the biggest of the bodybuilders. Smiling, Josh grabbed the box:

“THANKS, BUDDY! I really like to read those mags, they help me on training, you used to follow their work out programs too?

“Y-yeah! When I was training hard… - Bryan didn't want to tell that he bought those mags mostly because of their hot muscular bodybuilders on them, but the main excuse was the training. Josh grabbed the box inside in just one huge hand. He was so happy with them, he didn't even let Bryan show the rest of the things! Josh was already devouring the mags when he heard the music. The very loud and recognizable theme from ROCK –"Eye of Tiger". Josh looked surprised and excited:

“YOU BROUGHT A BOOM BOX? THAT'S AMAZING! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THOSE! Josh approached the stereo, it was brand new, Bryan saved a log time to buy it, since his step uncle didn't care for his desires, but he wasn't half as happy as Josh, his big eyes were shining. He admired the little lights and the buttons, then came Bryan and said out on his ears:

“You like it?

“Sure! It is awesome! Josh was lost admiring the stereo. Bryan took it and put it on the huge hands of his friend – It's yours! – Josh didn't believe the words – You MEAN it? – Bryan was more than happy – Of course, consider it in advance of your 16 birthday! Josh jumped many times:

“OH MAN! THIS IS FUCKING GREAT! MY OWN BOOM BOX! THANKS BRYAN YOU'RE THE BEST BUDDY – Josh grabbed him, hugged and tossed his beautiful blond hair. They decided they would always train with music, to increase the motivation… Josh was so happy with his gift, he looked like a child with a new toy. Bryan smiled and he smiled back at him, he looked so cute! Bryan went to the car and grabbed his stuff for training, his weight set needed to be assembled, but his work out clothes were ready . Bryan decided he would tease Josh, just as he had been doing to Bryan since they've met.

“Josh can you put that my set together? I need to do something before we get started lifting..

“That toothpick? Sure, buddy, I'll put it together in a moment! Josh grabbed the whole thing and went to the barn, Bryan took his bag and, took off his pants, he was wearing black lycra shorts, very tight on his legs, he adjusted them so they looked even more tight! He took his t-shirt off and dressed a small white tank top, very tight around his strong arms showing his defined chest, with his flat stomach uncovered. He put the lifting gloves, with the fingers cut, and tied a red bandanna on his head. He looked as a teenager fitness model. Bryan was used to attract stares when he showed his physique, but ever since he met Josh he never thought about himself as a "hottie muscle jock" he just worshipped the HUGENESS of Josh, but if he couldn't be as BIG as Josh was, he could seduce him much more than Josh has trying to do…

“SO ARE YOU READY TO PUMP SOME IRON? – Bryan entered the barn radiating! He looked at Josh who was already finishing to set his weight set and grinned the same way the huge teen does to him…

“Hey Bryan, you look cool! Josh said lower than he used to talk. Bryan approached Josh, and sat on the bench, without saying a word, he grabbed the bars, loaded the dumbbells and started pumping, with strength and power, even Josh was surprised. Bryan did 12 reps the he lowered the dumbbell. He looked up to Josh who was till open mouthed:

“I can't be as strong as you are, BIG buddy, but it doesn't mean I don't train as hard as you do! Bryan went to the stereo and put a CD, then it played "You could be mine" from Guns n' roses. Bryan returned to the bench and loaded more ten pounds and started doing the crunches again. Josh didn't believe his eyes, Bryan trained heavier than him. Of course, he was much weaker, but he had much more intensity in his work outs than Josh never had! Bryan trained heavy until his skin looked it would rip of such muscle he had, he looked to the veins and noticed how ripped Bryan was, and that outfit was definitely sexy. Bryan flexed his muscles between the series and he just looked at Josh he had this look, challenging, threatening, like he could beat Josh anytime he wanted, it was so sexy! Josh was getting hard and harder, he kept looking at Bryan who trained harder than he never did, and when he was done, after a whole hour of intense effort, Bryan looked absolutely ripped! His chest so tight in the tank top was practically tearing it, and the legs seemed cramped on those skimpy shorts, as well as the bulge on his groin, and the reddish shade Bryan's complexion acquired because of the pump was such a turn on!

“See anything you like Big buddy? Said Bryan low and slowly, approaching Josh with the same grin at his face, he walked sensually and returned the weights. He dried his sweat, he looked to Josh and noticeably lowered his gaze to the enormous BULGE on Josh's groin…

“So, are you carrying a bazooka inside your pants or you're happy to see me?! Bryan was right in front of Josh, they were so close they could hear each other's breath. Bryan was at the level of josh's lower chest, he was very near, he looked UP to Josh and smiled:

“Come on, are you afraid of me? Bryan smiled and turned his back to the giant teen! He glanced at Josh and smiled. He flexed his butt, just to show him the hardness of his muscular rear, and he heard Josh exclaiming .

“B-Bryan! You're fucking hardcore! That was awesome, I've never trained so hard! Josh approached him and asked:

“Can I feel your arms? Josh asked – Bryan flexed them as hard as he could, they looked like oranges cramped in that skin, Josh squeezed them , and this time he felt they were HARD, Bryan was muscular and hard, his veins popping, his arms were big, his chest was big and his abs were the hottest thing Josh ever seen, Josh slipped his fingers down to the abs and his face leaned forward, Bryan felt it coming, he couldn't avoid it anymore, he accepted it, he felt Joshua's lips touching them, it was so delicious, to taste Josh's mouth, but he never kissed him, his lips stayed on Bryan's, he smiled and broke the touch:

“Why don't you kiss me already?

“I kissed you! That's what you did to me last night wasn't it? Josh asked with an inquiring look.

“You were awake? Bryan asked surprised

“Sure! I saw you going out of the bed and decided to make you a joke, putting my legs on the bed, just to make you try to lift them, but you never did, you just kept there watching me!

“That's because I couldn't wake you up, you're the most beautiful thing in the planet, I could spend my whole life watching you buddy!

“And why you did this? Why? Josh asked tender as he was sitting on the bench

“Don't you tell me you didn't realize I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU, YOU MUSCLE TEEN! Josh kept looking – In love with me? Why?

“Because you're HUGE, you're the strongest man in the world, but mostly because you're the sweetest man in the whole world ! I love you Joshua, I love your body! I love everything on you! Josh tried to kiss him again, but he didn't know how to do it. Bryan smiled and gently stopped him.

“Here, let me teach you! Bryan kissed him deeply, crossed his legs around Josh, and stack his tongue inside the big teen, he brushed his sweat hair, squeezing Josh's neck and pecs. Bryan felt like a predator devouring its prey. He lost control, he did even know how long they were kissing, and then Josh broke the osculation, abruptly:

“PHEW! WOW! YOU'RE A FUCKING GOOD KISSER! Josh said still recovering his breath…

“You're not so bad either, just need a little practice! Bryan caressed Josh's enormous pecs. Josh held Bryan in his arms for a long time, they were so passionate. Josh never felt like this before, it was magic! Bryan was the most beautiful thing in the world for him, he was so smart, so determined, so self-centered, it was so good to be around him, Josh never felt more secure in his whole life. Bryan gave him all the trust he never had. He was safe with Bryan. He knew it.

“I –I Love you too Bryan.. –Josh caressed him with his finger sliding over his face. – I'd anything to see you smile the way you do… Bryan smiled, squeezed Josh's nipples: - so, why don't you PUMP BIG TIME, grow more than you already did, so I get to take your stats… Joshua got this ferocious look, showing his clear teeth:

“I'M GONNA SHOW YOU WHO'S THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD! Joshua was decided to attack the weights like he never did before, he used to train HARD, but not as his max, he was a little afraid reaching all his potential, his maximum strength. He prepared the most unbelievable cargoes he never reached before. He was a maniac, he was an animal, wild, his love for Bryan gave him the strength, to blow every mark, to reach the sky. Bryan encouraged josh at every rep, every time Josh lifted the weights it was "Come on, Josh, you can do one more rep!", and so Joshua completed 10 more, "Oh yeah, babe! Work those guns for me, I wanna HUGE guns!" , and there Josh added each time more weight on the bars.

“Come on, Josh! I want to see if you can lift that bar! Work those pecs, man! Make them HUGE!

“You're looking HUGE, honey, come on give me more, please! And then Bryan climbed on his lover and kissed him, savoring the salty taste of his sweated skin. Bryan licked Josh while he was pumping his massive chest , Josh could even believe the size his pecs were jumping out of his chest, he was fucking immense! His legs, they got so sore so big they were getting, his thighs could dent steel and his butt was so muscular you could swear it was made out of stone. Bryan really liked this training worshipping session, he could feel Josh like he never did before, he was loving to feel his powerful abs so big, sliding his fingers through them and biting them like they were slabs of meat, he loved the smell of his musky muscles, the essence of MAN coming from him, Josh literally was stinking, but to Bryan's nose he was wearing the best fragrance in the whole world. And so they kept training together, it means , Josh was training and Bryan was there like a rag doll rubbing himself at the muscle wall that his lover was, he felt so tiny and so protected, he savored every moment, while Josh flexed those enormous muscles underneath him, he could feel them growing and he was so fucking boned by that he was almost cuming! Bryan moaned as his teen muscle lover flexed just to tease him and, and then he grabbed on Josh's shaft, which made the giant teen immediately groan loud of pleasure, like he had never been touched that way before:

“What's wrong? Bryan asked tenderly

“Don't stop! PLEASE this is so GOOD! – Josh begged. He tore his tiny little training boxers and freed his giant prick! Bryan gasped and grabbed the huge thing with his both hands and pumped it hard while Josh kept training his triceps, he flexed them harder to tease Bryan, and Bryan squeezed his cock even more, sending waves of pure bliss to the giant muscle kid! Josh moaned so loud and sexy he felt his voice melting on his throat, he just wanted to grow huge for his lover, he wanted to give his lover everything he desired, and no matter what he would grow, and grow even more, he just kept pumping his triceps and teasing poor Bryan who could not resist for much longer and gave up cuming all over his giant lover. Bryan felt his orgasm filling himself and he soon blew his heavy load all over Josh, who kept teasing him even though the poor smaller jock was overdone…

“Come on pretty boy, are you through? Already? Come here, give your big buddy another kiss. Josh leaned and grabbed Bryan hoisting him and kissing him deeply, already mastering the lessons his lover gave him. Josh used his much bigger strength to make the kiss much longer than the other, he forced Bryan to keep up with him, and the poor guy was almost suffocating, he urged to break the kiss, and finally the big teenager let him go. Bryan was breathing fast, like he was nearly drowning:

“FUCK! YOU'VE ALMOST KILLED ME! Bryan recovered his breath, then Josh came near him:

“You really think I would be able to kill you? You? The best thing that ever happened to me? The only person who ever care for me except my uncles? The only one who enjoyed when I showed my POWER? The only guy who likes my MUSCLES? The only person who ever said he loved me…. Josh tenderly kissed him again, this time so soft, it felt like breeze on his lips – You are the only thing good in this life for me! And he hoisted his lover on his arms kissing him one more time, and each time it felt better than the other, he was totally mastering the art of the kiss!

“Oh, Josh! Bryan embraced his thick neck, brushing his fingers through Josh's hair, they were so in love, completely lost in their passion:

“Since I laid my eyes on you I was completely turned on by those MUSCLES! But the more I got to know you, the more I fell in love, you are so sincere, so naive and so good, you are so caring, you make me think I am important for you… Bryan let one tear role over his face, Josh dried it with his finger:

“You are important! You made me feel good about myself by the first time in my life! When you look at me I feel your desire, your passion, your lust after me, ME! The FREAK, the MONSTER! THE BULL BOY… Josh laughed, shaking his muscles and his lover with the power of his low voice. Bryan silenced him with a kiss right on his neck:

“You are a FREAK, my FREAK! MY GIANT MUSCLE FREAK! The most BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME Men in the whole world! The MUSCLES I love, the POWER I desire to conquer me, just the look of you and I am all horny again… Bryan rubbed his hard cock Josh's torso, and kissed him roughly, as he never did, he was as aggressive as he could be, his hands were string, his tongue was hard, and his breath and movements surprised Josh who almost let his lover slip from his grab.

“WOW! You are REALLY the MASTER! Josh said laughing. Bryan smiled – You think you can beat me this easily, I still gotta teach you a lot of things, muscleboy! Josh grabbed Bryan and made the guy stand in his own feet. They hugged each other, Josh caressing Bryan so tenderly, giving the love the giant teen never received in his whole life. Josh could hardly believe it was happening to him. He felt so warm by the inside, it was a feeling of completeness, like he had achieved something he never thought as possible before. Josh was , for the first time in his life, happy. He was happy with himself, he was happy with his lover, the coolest guy in the whole world. Josh looked at Bryan in his eyes, he could see they were meant to be, Josh was everything desired form his wildest fantasies, and Bryan was the fulfillment of Josh's expectations, someone who cared about him, despite his SIZE and his MUSCLES, and the best part it was BECAUSE of his SIZE and his MUSCLES!

“You are so beautiful, so nice… Bryan whispered and kissed Josh's abs and nipples. He looked up and smiled at Josh who kept looking at him still not believing:

“Do you really think so? You really think I am beautiful? Bryan looked at him and took one step behind – How come you can't accept this? Bryan held his huge hand:

“You know what I see, when I look at you ? I saw a breathing TOWER of MUSCLE, with POWER coming through the pores! You, Josh are the beauty of Strength, the poetry of POWER, the meaning of MUSCLE! I love when I get to see you walking, to watch you lift those huge rocks, to take a look at those drop dead gorgeous eyes of yours! And your face, this beautiful face of yours, I see the MAN in your powerful figure, but I fell in love for the BOY you are, I love the MUSCLEBOY, the MUSCLEMONSTER, the MUSCLEFREAK, I love you JOSH, I really LOVE you… Bryan cried as he kneeled, his tears soaked his pretty reddish face, he smiled and cried, he kissed Josh's hands and his giant lover grabbed him, so tenderly, like he was retrieving the most precious thing in the world, soon the were hugging each other, so warmly, so passionately. They kept silent for a brief moment which seemed eternal to them, their hands rubbed each others in a mix of lust and anxiety. They were so nervous, they heard their breathing, so heavy, so accelerated, such revelations, they had totally opened their most intimate desires to each other, their expectations, their feelings were revealed. Josh and Bryan reached a certain point where there could be no return, Bryan kissed his way to Josh's mouth, he smiled, but he was crying copiously, his tears rolled so fiercely, he barely kissed Josh at first, then he reached his goal. Josh cried too, he was so touched by Bryan's speech. He felt so proud of himself, like he never did before:

“You want to know my stats, buddy? Josh said as he dried Bryan's tears. Bryan didn't have to answer this, Josh gently lowered him and they smiled, they knew they were accomplices. They understood each other more than anything in the whole world. Bryan went to get the tape, and Josh prepared himself.

“Where do we start? Bryan asked timidly. Josh looked at him and grinned:

“Come here, this is where I weigh myself! You see it's for bulls so, I won't have problems on braking it – At least not for now! He entered the scale and assumed his position – What's the read? Bryan gulped as he read it - 497 pounds! Fuck Josh you're 497 pounds!

“I've gained just nine pounds since last week! I knew I shouldn't skipped my arms training! At least I grew another inch and a half taller! I am actually 7'7" ½ - Isn't it great! You keep growing taller too? WOW! That's what I call a growth spurt!

“I can't help it! I am ALWAYS BIGGER, TALLER and STRONGER! “ Come here and let's measure my chest! Josh waved his finger sensually. Bryan approached and measured Joshua's chest. The smell was strong and sexy. Bryan opened his eyes wide:

“82 inches ! Bryan spoke loud. Joshua smiled, and Bryan did his waist.

“How come you have a mere 42" waist? Fuck! It is just a little bigger than mine, you could wear my pants! Bryan looked down at Josh's pillars – Well not with those legs : 68 inches! FUCK your legs are THICK! Bryan bitted them just to tease Joshua. Bryan looked at the mighty cannonballs of his giant lover. Joshua grinned back at him. He knew what he had to do. Joshua FLEXED his guns as hard as he could. Bryan grabbed that big mount of hard hot flesh and started doing chin- ups. Bryan pushed himself harder and harder he completed twenty three chin ups, with Josh grinning at him – "Come on, Bryan! Give me one more !One more you hot muscle man!" . Bryan loosened his grip and finally let the giant brawn go, he took a deep breath:

“WOW! Some work out that was! Bryan flexed his own biceps and kissed them lustfully staring at Josh who was smiling mischievously at him:

“You're not done yet missy! He pulled Bryan near him, kissed the smaller guy and FLEXED his GUNS! Bryan was kind dizzy because all that but he recovered conscience after he read the measure :

“42 fucking inches! 42? Fuck! Josh, your guns are the size of your waist! Joshua smiled:

“Not for long! I'll be even bigger next time you get to read me! Now do my legs! Josh ripped the rest of his worn out jeans. Bryan bended and wrapped them, enjoying the size and the hardness, he tenderly announced the results. 71 inches! Those are the most incredible legs there have eve been JOSH!

“And they're yours! All yours! Josh mouthed to him.. Bryan was about to stand up, but Josh gently held him:

“You know there's a part of me which I really want you to measure… He looked down at the BULGE on his almost giving up pants…

“Yeah, I REMEMBER THAT! Bryan opened his eyes wide and smiled – You sure this tape is enough? – Josh kept silent just breathing heavily behind Bryan's ears: - There's only one way to know this! Bryan opened the flyer, it was stuck, but with a few rough pulls, it gave up, freeing the engorged member, who escaped splashing precum all over the place and hitting Bryan right in the face – You taste delicious! Bryan measured the giant cock, barely believing the size of the thing, it was long, but seemed thicker than it should be even for that cock! The size was freakish, purple and pulsating, the piss hole was enormous! Bryan read the size:

“32 inches long! And 17 inches around! JOSH You have the mightiest cock in the whole world! The giant kid loved the way his freakish size impressed his little lover – I'll show you! Josh grabbed Bryan under his arms and lifted the guy gently adjusting his giant cock under the other boy's scrotum. Bryan couldn't help but moaning all the time feeling the giant head between his legs, it was so tempting to have the gargantuan dick inside him. Josh smiled, crossed his arms in his chest, making an impressive pose, and said:

“Watch this! You want to kiss me? Bryan nodded, then Joshua smiled and FLEXED his giant prick under Bryan's legs, lifting the boy from the ground as he weighed nothing, and the cock was so well adjusted on Bryan's legs that Josh could actually lift the boy at the level of his arms, so Josh just bent a little and kissed his lover slightly on the lips. Bryan felt wondered, he could feel the power on Josh's dick and the strength of his lover, Josh kept playing with his little lover for almost thirty reps:

“That was a good warm up! Now let's get serious! Joshua gently removed Bryan from his endowment – Wait here – He grabbed a J-plate and Bryan almost fainted when he saw the sheer size of Joshua's cock going through the hole almost getting stuck – I gotta be careful, if I grew a little more on my cock, I'll have to make bigger holes on those plates! Joshua prepared himself and started counting. “ ONE! TWO! And there went the giant shaft with 450 pounds attached to it, up and down, and not just that, with each rep it seemed to be rounder, more veined, BIGGER. After almost 120 reps, Josh finally felt tired of lifting such weight with his cock! “ That was AMAZING! Bryan approached Joshua, and then he froze. The head had grew so thick it got stuck on the concrete plate! Bryan was worried:

“Josh! Is it hurting? Don't worry I'll get help! Bryan was almost living when he was held by his giant lover:

“Don't worry babe! It happens all the time! Now LOOK! Bryan watched in awe as Joshua changed his expression, the he looked at the COCK and it was swelling thicker and thicker, then the plate start cracking, it got worse and then BUM! Joshua had broke the concrete plate just with the power of his tool!

“TA-DAM! Joshua looked at his amazed lover and grinned. He knew it was something Bryan would never expect to be done – That's why I keep making new weights all the time!

“HOLLY COW! YOU'RE AMAZING JOSH! YOU ARE THE STRONGEST MAN ON EARTH! Bryan hugged him roughly and they kissed. Then Bryan broke their kiss:

“And I'll give you my surprise now! Bryan sat on the bench pulling Josh with him. He made the giant boy lay on that thing and went straight to his cock! He smiled and attacked the giant head with his mouth. It was enormous, Bryan had a little difficult to handle it on the beginning, but he was getting the hold pretty quick. Josh paralyzed. He never felt so better in his whole life. He had fuck the bulls many times, but he never felt one tenth of the pleasure he was having now! He moaned loudly as Bryan kept massaging his prick and giving him the head, he could feel the malicious tongue of his lover sliding up and down his shaft. The little bites Bryan gave him just for teasing, and the experienced hands of his lover working on his balls and his butt as well. Joshua moaned as he felt his orgasm building inside of him. Bryan could actually hear the mega sized balls squeezing themselves, he felt the whole cock swelling even more and when giant Josh let his loud moan off, Bryan knew he was done. But he never expected so much CUM! The cock spewed jism all over the place, the volleys were thick and heavy.

“OH FUCK! THIS WAS AWESOME! OH FUCK! BRYAN AWWW Josh kept moaning he was still cumming all the place! Bryan even tried to swallow a little, but it was just too much, it came through his nose, and he gasped. Then Josh gently helped him, he seated him in his lap and started cleaning his spunked face:

“This was GREAT! You're amazing! I've never felt such pleasure! Joshua said with his eyes still amazed with such great orgasm!

“Thanks! Bryan complimented looking the cum all over the place! You all right?

“Actually, I could feel a little better… Joshua made Bryan feel his already rock hard cock – Can you do it again? Bryan knew he couldn't win those puppy eyes, so he just went back to his position and started the blowjob all over again. He took a little more time this time, and Josh played more seriously this time. He made Bryan feel his enormous body with his free hand and he was stroking Bryan as well, and pretty soon the smaller guy was moaning and cumming right on Joshua's lap. Bryan had to stop for a few moments, but he quickly recovered and finished his job. Soon Joshua once more was moaning loudly and gallons of hot sticky creamy cum were splashed all over the barn…

“WOW! You're the BEST honey! Joshua kissed an exhausted Bryan after two intension sessions of sucking that gargantuan dick until it bursts into cum – Thank you! Bryan said almost whispering. Then Josh hugged him and laid on the bench:

“I know you are tired, but you think… - Joshua didn't need to finish the sentence. Bryan felt the engorging cock demanding to be released once again:

“Josh! If I could I'd suck you again, but I am worn out! Bryan smiled timidly. Josh kissed him:

“Don't worry! I am just HORNY because of you! Usually I stop after the fifth or sixth time I came, but I feel it won't be that easy with you giving me inspiration… Bryan dropped his mouth – 5 or 6 times in a row? JOSH! You say that you're not done yet?

“I didn't even begin! Josh smiled and he looked at Bryan stroking his giant member, it was a harsh scene. Joshua looked like an animal, no limits, no thoughts, just pure raw sexuality, he stroked himself, he jacked off so hard, Bryan thought he could just rip his cock out of his groin, but the face on him was so masculine, so virile, so alive, he kept grinning at him - You're so fucking hot Bryan, I want you for me! I love you! Bryan didn't even notice, but he was hard once more, even if he was worn out, he couldn't resist such display of MUSCLE, he started jacking him self off, looking at Josh all the time:

“Yeah, yeah! Come on babe, let's cum together. I want your jism all over me! Come here, give your load to your Big Buddy! Bryan didn't say a world he jumped at Josh's neck and stated rubbing his cock against the living muscle wall:

“You wanna cum on me? You wanna fuck my huge pecs, don't ya? Joshua bounced his mighty slabs of muscle and pretty soon he felt Bryan spreading his hot load all over his pecs:

“YES! Fucking HOT! Taste your MUSCLE BUDDY! AWWW! Joshua came again, and this time, more than the previous times, he came just near Bryan's butt and the cock got pressed between them so the pressure was much intense, it like a hot creamy milk bath, covering them and melting them into mutual bliss. Bryan got up, looking totally exhausted – I am sorry honey, but I just can't keep up with you! My balls are sore for heaven's sake, and you're already hard and ready! Bryan felt sad, but then he felt Josh approaching him – Don't worry! I know you are tired, I don't care for quantity, I care for quality, and you're THE BEST I've ever had! Josh grabbed him and carried him in his arms:

“But you're still horny aren't ya? Bryan guessed by the look on his face:

“You bet! Here went Josh to the bench stroking himself again, that wild way who got Bryan hard even though he thought he wasn't capable. Then Bryan smiled – You ready for another blowjob? Bryan reassumed his place and sucked Josh for the third time, and this time he really had to push himself, because Joshua was getting each time better and he resisted to sucking longer and longer, and for Bryan's surprise, he wasn't as tired as he thought he would be. Then he got Josh to cum more and more. Actually, Josh "convinced" Bryan into sucking him five more times, and then Josh jerked another four, each time he had more and more cum to splash all over the place. Bryan gave up after the second time he blew on Josh, after that he just worried to make his Big Buddy cum, the kid seemed insatiable. But finally, after the fourth masturbation in a row, Josh resigned:

“Well, I guess this is it! He stood up and grabbed Bryan in his arms – Let's hit the shower outside! We STINK! You know! Actually Bryan didn't realize, but he was smelling at stables, sweat, cum and musk, not to mention JOSH whose smell was even more intense. While they were at the shower, make that an improvised pipe blowing the water from the little river near the farm, Bryan couldn't help asking:

“Josh, please don't take it bad, but do you ALWAYS release that way? Josh rinsed his huge body, he washed his face and looked at Bryan:

“Actually, I lied – I use to jerk off twenty or thirty times a day! Josh looked down and continued soaping. Bryan silenced. He wouldn't ask anything, Josh wasn't guilty, it was just that way, he was HUGE, he was MUSCLE and he was HORNY, Bryan would just have to live with that. Bryan reached for his mouth and kissed:

“You're afraid of me aren't you? You think I am a freaking horny demon that will split you with my cock! Josh ran out of the shower, but Bryan was faster, he stopped the giant kid:

“You're my buddy, my lover, my Josh! I love everything on you and I'll never fear anything on you! Josh had his eyes filled with tears:

“You don't think I am too BIG? Bryan looked into Joshua's eyes and said:

“Look, Joshua, no matter how BIG you'll get, you're never TOO BIG for me! I love you getting each time bigger and stronger, and more muscular, I love it! If you feel a freak because of your size, than I am a freak too, because I want you EACH TIME BIGGER! And they kissed. "Don't worry honey, I'll never let you down, I'll always be bigger for you" Joshua whispered in Bryan's ears as he carried him to the inside of the stables:

“You think you could… You know? Joshua smiled. Bryan took a deep breath

“Boy, you don't know how much I want to do it! But just once! Bryan woke up suddenly. He was resting on the mighty chest of his lover's chest, it late night and Bryan heard Clara's voice calling for them:

“Josh, Josh, wake up! Wake up! Bryan tried to move the bulk of his impressive boyfriend, he couldn't do it, but it was enough to get his lover out of his after cumming sleep:

“Hey! What's the rush? Josh got up and kissed his nervous lover – MAN! You are the best sucker I could ever imagine, can't wait to next session…

“We don't have time for that! Come on! We must have overslept! ! Your auntie is calling for us! Bryan was already dressed as he finished his sentence. He went at the window and looked – "She's at the kitchen door, I'll go out by the other side and she won't be able to see me…

“Why are you hiding anyway? Josh asked as he tried to get inside his tiny clothing:

“What's you auntie's gonna think if she finds us here naked and with cum all over us? Bryan prepared to sneak out the back door, but then Josh grabbed his arm, gently, but so tight Bryan would never escape:

“You afraid of finding about us? Why? I thought you loved me! Josh said seriously Bryan felt himself walking in thin ice, and he decided to be honest:

“Josh, I know you love your auntie and she would never harm you, but you don't understand certain things, what we feel for each other isn't wrong, but people just don't understand…

“People don't understand about myself too! They think I am a monster, and they hurt me, my auntie is not that kind of people! Josh loosened the grip on Bryan's arm and went, almost naked back to house. Bryan was terrified – "What the heck is he gonna do?" He went through the back door and entered the house by the front door, he was so nervous he almost spited all the truth at once, but one look at Clara's face made him stop, something was different…

“Hello dear! Thanks for such a wonderful gift you gave my Joshie… Bryan knew she couldn't be talking about the many blowjobs he gave her nephew so he connected the dots and realized Josh had come up with an excuse "It was no big deal, Auntie Clara, Josh really deserves it!" Bryan looked at her smiling face and froze inside .

“So, you got the batteries? Asked Josh looking at him, the same pretty but a little disappointed face – You went after them in your car, so we could get back to our training ! Josh pretty much let Bryan inside of the story he made up. Bryan was safe, but he never felt so bad in his whole life, he had made Josh lie, and he was pretty much sure the giant teen had never lied in his life…

“Yeah, I couldn't find them! But don't worry, I'll bring more tomorrow, just plug them in the outlet of your room and it will work just fine! Bryan felt the worst human being, he was so ashamed of himself, about betraying Joshie's trust, would it be worth… Bryan gave an excuse to go back home, and Josh leaded his lover to the door without looking at him, all Bryan could see was his enormous bulk squeezing itself to pass, they got near Bryan's car, and the smaller lad entered it – Look, Josh, please don't get this wrong?

“Why not? You're afraid of what people will think of you! I've been doing that my whole life, but you gave the courage to fight that, until now.. Josh gave Bryan the most powerful hit he could ever think of, he cried and prepared to get back in the house again, but this time Bryan was faster and grabbed his lover, with Josh's strength and his firm grip he came out by the car door, through the window. Josh realized the persistence of his boyfriend as he literally dragged the boy of the car. He couldn't resist and kissed him. And Bryan kissed him back with all passion they had for each other:

“I am sorry, Josh! I know you are right, but I need sometime! But I promise you, we'll tell everybody! Josh grabbed him I his arms and kissed, he tossed the little lover in the air and gently put he back inside of the car, kissed him once more and Bryan was soon in his way back home, while back in the dark living room, the tiny chubby vulture watched the scene paying attention in every detail. Clara smiled as her tears ran down her face, she couldn't say she was so modern and comprehensive, and always dreamt of Josh kids but above all her feeling she knew that she was OK, not exactly fine but OK. Her nephew finally found happiness in his life, and if it meant he was gay, what could she do? Joshua deserved to be happy, and if Bryan could make him this way…


14 -- The tip of the Iceberg…

Bryan arrived at home just in time to catch his grandma finishing her meal:

“Bryan, dear! I thought you wouldn't catch dinner, you want me to make a plate for you?

“Yes, PLEASE! Bryan said as he sat at the dinner table and literally vanished with all the food prepared for dinner and he ate for desert, the whole cake Martha baked this afternoon. Of course, she was more than happy to see her grandson eating the way he was. Bryan was still feeling the bliss from his wild afternoon with big Josh, he was beginning to fell sore from the training and the "hard work" Josh gave him. He went to his room and turned his computer on, still chewing the cake he checked his e mail. Surprisingly, he received an answer on the email he sent sooner “ "Already?" Bryan opened it and read the short answer, mostly containing hyperlinks from where he could obtain more information about Chem Tech. Bryan spent the entire night looking over the net for any clue, but mostly he found commercial stuff about the company, which, by the way, went to bankruptcy ten years ago, but nothing over "Richard Holdar", he was almost calling a night, when he got the sound of incoming e mail, the address was an IP number and there was no sign of sender. Even though he knew it was dangerous, he opened it:


Bryan smiled nervously "Those geeks really got carried away", he decided to print the files and just play along, he hasn't much to do really. The files weren't much bigger, and there were many left parts, he waited for the end of the printing and started reading. But he got shocked. Mostly because he couldn't believe such nonsense crap. Back at the Cold War times ChemTech labs was a private laboratory which worked under Government supervision in order to develop state of the art weaponry. But it wasn't just that. Apparently ChemTech worked researching the human organism endurance and how could it be enhanced. Some sectors of military forces planned to "show the world the excellence of its soldiers over the enemies of democracy". That was the motion of "Morning Star" project. But that was just the cover up story; ChemTech researches were much "deeper". The files contained parts of the so called real goals. "Morning Star" operation intended to develop much stronger human soldiers, or better, to "enhance" human standards in such manner, the results couldn't even be compared to human standards anymore. At least it was their main goal of the whole study. The whole process had many stages, since harvesting the candidates, passing by the many try outs and testing. But the main stage was HbE treatment. HbE standing for, Human body enhancement, but Bryan couldn't retrieve details on the results of such treatment. The rest of the files only told that the scandals involving ChemTech which lead the company into bankruptcy were not the reason for the failure of ChemTech. According to the document, ChemTech had a terrible incident in which the main HbE subject was severely hurt, due to the explosion of the company laboratory. The document failed again and the last part was about the so called "monster". It had many testimonials of the local residents reporting the so called "monster". A huge human-like creature, and many drawings made apparently by police artists. The descriptions of the monster seemed to be copied from an B-movie: over eight feet tall, and seeming that wide, hairy, enormous bulk, the funniest part was about the "endowment" of the creature, many reports skipped that part but then one young man swore it was "as big as its arm", and there were many other things like that referring to the cock of the monster "which was never soft all the time I saw it", and the thing went on and on…

“It's the same thing I've read before! Exclaimed Bryan as he finished report. He prepared to tear the papers, when he read the bottom of the page, written in very tiny letters mixed with the address – "If you want to find more, follow the link bellow and use the password "sunrise". Bryan smiled – "what the heck? There's no address to follow" he went through all the pages again, then he noticed the numbers on the pages were all fucked up, the first page had the number 5, the second, 8 etc. Then, Bryan noticed the quiz, the numbers revealed a strange IP he never thought could be possible. Bryan typed the IP and then his computer seemed to fade out, he checked the systems and tried to reset but then the message appeared: "YOU'RE BEING SECURELY CONNECTED, DON'T WORRY BRYAN, IT'S JUST FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!" – The jock felt his own spine freezing:

“WHAT THE FUCK! Bryan turned the computer off quickly. Then he breath deeply and turned it on again. It showed another screen he never saw before, and this dialog box in the middle of the screen:

“I AM SORRY I HAD TO INVADE YOUR MACHINE , BUT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I COULD MAKE SURE YOU WERE NOT ONE OF THEM! Then Bryan noticed another window where he could type the answer:

>>Who the heck are you? And why you the fuck you invaded my PC?
>>I am here to answer your questions!
>>And who said I have any fucking question to do to you? I'll shut this shit off!
>>You can do this, but you'll never know the truth?
>>What truth?
>>About ChemTech and the Morning Star project!
>>You're just another lunatic, you fucking crazy bastard!!
>>And why did you start looking for it anyway? Bryan did not have an answer for that question, he couldn't tell anyone about Josh, who knows who this guy was, so he decided to play along:
>>It doesn't matter, what do you have to tell anyway?
>>So when do we start?
>>The download is completed, I'll let you alone with all the truth. I only hope you can handle it!

The screen went black and appeared some icon named "MSop". Bryan clicked on the thing and then the program started running. Bryan couldn't believe his eyes. It showed with the ChemTech logo and then a movie appeared on the logo, then a man appeared on the screen, he was tall, had this dark brown cascaded length shoulder hair. His eyes were brown, and the man was very lean with average built even though he was wearing this lab coat. "Good afternoon General Hammer, my name is Doctor Richard Holdar, and I am in charge of the HbE stage of this operation. I'd like to explain the whole treatment at every detail, and you'll be receiving the material along with this video. (The camera faded out and showed the laboratory with many strong men performing lots of physical tests, and many other workers scanning the results) As you can see, the HbE program consists of many stages, on the first stage we gather physiological and biochemical of the candidates (many strong men were being measured and being tested about, body composition, blood test). Holdar walked to another installment and there showed another men lying on hospital beds and being injected some solution – In this area we start the enhancers elements treatment, gradually, on the subjects selected in the previous phase. This is the phase where we can study the behavior of the enhancers in each host organism. As we've seen we only take those subjects who showed above average results.(camera cuts to another room, where very built men train with heavy weights and running on treadmills) In this stage, we may see the excellent results we have achieved with the subjects in this area. (shows the body and the muscles of three huge subjects, they look pretty impressive, but just like every good and strong mariner. The subjects showed some very nice, but not extraordinary muscles but Holdar insisted :

“This three subjects showed the best results of our entire staff, they are entering the fourth stage of the program in which we'll increase the amount of enhancers solutions on their organisms, and pretty soon we'll have the first subjects who finally made to the fourth stage (the image is cut, and then finished with a black screen). Bryan closed the window, and then he noticed another icon "surv.1", he clicked and the screen appeared again. This time, the image seemed like those surveillance cameras. It showed what seemed Holdar arguing with a bunch of generals. They seemed pretty mad, and Holdar was not any less. The military staff left the room and he punched the wall and started crying. Screen went black again. When Bryan closed it he noticed two more icons "RhHbE" and "surv.2". He clicked at the first, the image was made by a home camera: "Those bastards! They can't take it away from me! I am so close! The results were not very optimistic? I'll show them optimism!

“Rich! Are you sure you wanna do this? The voice of the camera man spoke.

“Yes, I'll undergo the treatment myself, but this time I'll use the original concept of HbE!

“Original? But we never tried to test the original formula…

“I don't have time for this, we gotta show them!(camera faded out and it seemed to be edited) . When it went on it showed Holdar and his associated, appeared on the screen and Holdar was being injected something.

“Hello, my name is Zackary Feldens, and I've just gave my colleague Dr. Holdar the HbE enhancement at full capacity, we didn't dilute on purpose, in order to achieve better results and since the army subjects were recalled we had to test it by ourselves.

“How do you feel, Rich? Asked the short blond man to his tall comrade.

“Pretty fine, the results shall appear in a week or so… Rich looked at his friend:

“Zack, you think you can help me here? I am sort of dizzy the enhancer is too much strong. Camera faded out once more, then it showed another part of the video, seeming to be another chamber.

“This is Richard Holdar. I am taping this alone, because I don't want my associate knowing about it, because he would never approve it, but I have total confidence about my enhancement solution. It is basically a super stimulator of the hormonal glands, getting the organism to enhance the standards itself, the way we were applying to the other subjects was only two percent of the original dosage, and we never got to use the second element of the HbE – the genetic catalyser, this compost was part of the original composition, but it needed to be tested before we could apply in the subjects, in theory it can magnify the results of the formula intake, by adjusting the enhancers specifically to the genetic receptors of the host. We never calculated the magnification potential but it sure is really "bombastic", because the augmentation is made within the genetic code of the receptor. I intend to take the catalyser on my own, and then we'll resume to the treatment, my partner won't know until it is the right time… Camera faded in again and showed Holdar injecting what seemed the catalyser himself. He reached for the camera, a little dizzy and turned it off.

“That shit can't be real! – Bryan smiled as he watched to the rest of the recording. (Camera shows Zack standing in front of a board full of complicated equations and formulas) "The results of the HbE treatment on Rich are better than we expected, he's showing the signals of enhancement the very next day he was injected, and we got the data of his initial stage: height, 6'1", 168 pounds, 36" chest, 14"biceps, 31" waist, 32" thighs, 15,7% body fat. Richard Holdar was submitted to a 100% enhancement goal treatment, which means he'll be able to duplicate his normal standards for his endurance tests which were already measured. Our previous subjects never experienced a 100% full enhancement solution before, so the results have no standard to be compared with" (camera zooms out and shows the rest of the room)

“Dr. Holdar come here and we'll show the very early benefits achievable with our treatment – Zack said and pointed to the right corner of the room. There came Holdar dressing only a kind of jock strap. You could really tell he was more built, his body showed real progress… "This thing must be forged"– Bryan thought as he kept watching the video.

“Rich please tell our viewers how are you feeling today? Zack asked like he was following some kind of script.

“Very well, Dr. Feldens! I am feeling the very soon improvements of the treatment.

“Any side effects?

“No, there's nothing wrong with me!

“Shall we get your measurements now? Rich nodded and Zack started taking his stats. After each reading Zack took his notes :

“After just 19 hours since the beginning of the treatment and Dr. Holdar already increased every stat in at least ¼ inch – His actual weight is 173 pounds, and his body fat dropped to 14,8% . Thank you Dr. Holdar. The camera faded out. Bryan went to the next icon "surv.2". Again it was the image of surveillance camera, but this time it was much closer, Bryan could actually see the face of Holdar as he entered the laboratory and reached for more enhancement solutions, he injected it on him, then he injected more, then it was kind of edited because the dates on the screen changed every now and then, each time it showed Holdar coming back at the lab for more and more solution, due to the poor quality of the images, Bryan couldn't notice straight but he was sure Holdar was indeed growing bigger each day. After the short trailer, the camera faded out. Then instead of the usual icons, appeared a dialog box, asking for the password code. – Bryan typed "sunrise" but it went ACCESS DENIED. – What? This is the password he gave me! Bryan typed two other times and it went the same message. Bryan was mad – Who the hell is that guy anyway? He gave me a fake password? Why? Bryan looked at the clock – 3.30 am – Fuck! I'd better hit the sack! He turned the computer off, and went sleeping. In his dreams, he could only fantasize about Josh and his imperial proportions, his figure filling the completeness of his vision, his shining smile capable of seducing him to do absolutely everything. And his face, so tender, so masculine, so virile, so powerful, and yet so childish, and then Bryan focused on the face of his lover and it hit him, he saw perfectly the face of Holdar matching perfectly Joshua's one. Their figures melted into one, and they've merged into one astonishing look, and this made Bryan wake up, he was sweating and his cock was at full mast. He got up and went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water in his face, in his way back to bed he checked his weight on the scales – 177 pounds:

“177? I must be fattening! Bryan checked his ripped figure, there was absolutely no apparent fat in his sculpted lean body – This scale must be fucked up! Bryan turned off the light and went to bed.


15 -- Joshua's many other talents

Bryan woke up at 10.30 the other day. His grandma practically had to drag him out of the bed, he was tired, after all, he hadn't slept well the last two days. After breakfast, he went to the living room and grabbed a magazine, Martha came along:

“Bryan, dear, you look so, so… - Martha poked him in the chest – You look so "buffed".

“Hey, hey, hey! Stop with that poking finger! You know I have tickles! Bryan got up of the couch.

“Grandma, is that scale of the bathroom good?

“Yes, of course, you know how I feel about those stuff! My balance is just as precise as all the clocks and watches in this house!

“It said I am weighing 177 pounds! My weight is actually a little bit down 170!

“I told you, I would put some meat in those bones! I knew right when I saw you eating last night, I've never seen you eat so much! You looked like Joshie! Martha laughed and disappeared into the kitchen:

“By the way, let me know when you're heading to Clara's, it's time for Joshie's deliver… Bryan felt uncomfortable, he wasn't sure if Josh wanted to see him again, it could be awkward…

“Grandma, I don't feel like going there… - Bryan tried to persuade his grandmother into dropping the food herself, but the old woman was irreducible:

“Bryan, you said you and Joshie became friends, why don't you wanna come back there? Martha said as she prepared the "cargo" for Joshua.

“No, I am just not in the mood – Bryan was a terrible liar, and his grandmother could really tell when he was lying. She looked into his eyes and asked:

“Bryan, did you get Joshua angry with you? You screwed it all didn't you? Bryan laughed by the inside, he sure did screw, but he had to control his mouth:

“Grandma, we are not that close, he won't even miss me…

“The same guy who had already phoned three times while you were at sleep? Bryan's face lightened like the sun itself, he kissed his grandma and grabbed the food in his way to the car. Martha smiled. She remembered the sad tone on Clara's voice as she told her about their boys. In a certain way she could tell Bryan was gay, of course she would never wanted him to be this way, but it was his choice and his choice only, she could only remember what a wonderful grandson he was, and everything he suffered living with his step uncle, and she wanted him to be happy. Martha's smile opened even more when she heard the car rushing down the hill. If there was one boy in the whole world she loved just like her own grandson it was Joshie, and if they belonged to each other, what the heck! Martha was always ahead of her time, and this whole situation would only confirm it. Bryan arrived at Joshua's a.s.a.p. He parked the car and rushed into Clara's kitchen carrying as many bags as he could. Clara smiled surprised at Bryan's rush:

“My God! Where are you going in such a hurry! Bryan returned kissed Clara's forehead and vanished towards the barn, he knew Josh would be there. He always were there.

“Josh! Josh! Where are you? Bryan said and entered the barn, he saw his lover's immense back turned at him Bryan just lost it, he jumped into the hugeness of his man's back and grabbed it as he could, with arms, with his legs, the way he could manage to hold on his beloved. Joshua turned himself, oddly serious, and lowered Bryan at the incline bench. The smaller boy tried to kiss him, but he gently avoided it, he smiled and showed the thing in his hand. It was a guitar, an old one, but it was sure in good condition, then Bryan remembered the same guitar hanging on the wall of Joshua's room.

“I didn't know you can play guitar! Bryan said surprised. Joshua gently put his finger on Bryan's lips and silenced his lover, he grabbed the guitar, it was so tiny in his hands, like he was holding a banjo or something. He looked into Bryan's eyes the way he knew he could melt his little beloved and started playing:

"Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand
Hold it tight"

Joshua approached and sat in front of Bryan, his voice was so masculine, but yet so hypnotizing. Bryan never thought Phill Collins' You'll be in my heart could so meaning at that time, he saw Josh playing so beautifully, even with those enormous fingers, how did he managed. The guitar was so tiny in his hands, and yet he sounded so comfortable at the music, his voice was sincere and he really was getting the way of singing with such a low voice:

"I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here don't you cry"

Bryan felt weird, he was so focused in that song, he never thought but it was their relationship, their story :

"For one so small
You seem so strong
My arms will hold you
Keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry"

Bryan realized. Joshua could never be mad at him, just like him could get mad at his giant teen lover. They belonged each other and then Joshua stood UP in all his glory and sang the first chorus:

"'Cause you'll be in my heart
Yes you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more"

Joshua kneeled in front of Bryan, keeping their eyes almost at the same level:

"You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You'll be here in my heart, always"

Bryan felt his tears coming down his face, and then he kissed Joshua's forehead so gently, warmly, and delicately. Joshua stood up suddenly, his voice carried a little angry:

"Why can't they understand
The way we feel
They just don't trust
What they can't explain
I know we're different
But deep inside us
We're not that different at all"

Josh calmed his voice a little, but he kept singing his protesting song

"And you'll be in my heart
Yes, you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more"

Joshua dropped the guitar and passionately grabbed Bryan in his arms, but he kept singing:

"Don't listen to others
'Cause what do they know
We need each other
To have, to hold
They'll see in time
I know"

Joshua was crying himself, his thick tears rolled down his pretty child/man face. His voice was heavy and he couldn't keep with the song anymore:

“There's one more part, but… - Now it was Bryan who silenced his giant lad lover putting his finger in the full lips of the teen behemoth:

“You've said it all, I love you, and you'll be in my heart – always! They kissed so passionately even Josh felt he could suffocate. Then he lowered his lover:

“I'll be ready when you are, not sooner, nor later! Josh brushed Bryan's hair.

“I didn't know you could sing and play so well – Bryan said trying to change the subject.

“That's nothing! I just got the lyrics and played for you! Josh hugged Bryan strongly:

Estava com saudades de você! It sounded so hot and sensual, the sound of "s" felt like hot breeze in the ears

“What? – Bryan asked smiling

“That's Portuguese for "I missed you" – Well it could mean that but, "saudades" is a word which only exists in the Portuguese idiom, it came from the language spoken by the slaves back in Africa, it means much more than missing, it is the feeling the slaves felt when they were away from their beloved things in their homeland, it is like the empty in a hurt soul…

“Since when you speak Portuguese? Bryan asked astonished

“I've learned it reading. I've got lots of books in Portuguese, My uncle Greg bought them for me, when I was 11 and Father Mathias taught me in the beginning, but then he moved to another parish, so I learned by myself! It was tough but since you get the hang of it…

“Amazing! How many languages can you speak? Bryan smiled as he rubbed the immensity of Joshua's biceps.

“Only six! Seven if you count English – Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Russian!

“You speak Russian?

“Of course, most of the best mathematics books are in Russian, and they are pretty good too!

“But, why would you need Russian books for Math? Asked Bryan each time more impressed.

“To learn Calculus! Joshua said as he caressed his lover

“CALCULUS! You've learned CALCULUS! Alone? In Russian books!

“No, I've learned in english, I've learned Russian when I studied Advanced Calculus! Joshua spoke normally as it would perfect usual.

“Josh, do you have an idea of what we study in High School?

“Look Bryan, you don't need to brag, I know I will never be able to go college… Bryan grabbed Joshua's chin and spoke:

“Josh, if you studied those things, you've already graduated form college! High school is way down those subjects! Did you have any difficult at all?

“Nope! I've made all the exercises in all the books I have, and I've aced all the tests on them!

“So you just gave up studying?

“Of course not! I am studying Biology and Chemistry, but my books are very old… Bryan was just astonished, his lover was not just the muscle in person, but also one brilliant mind, to rule the ultimate body…

“You're not just BRAWN you're BRAIN AND BRAWN! Bryan smiled and attacked his lover, kissing him and rubbing himself over the giant lad

“Come on let's go lunch! I am starving! Bryan said and launched in the kitchen direction.

“Hey I am the starving one! Joshua protested as they rushed to the food!

Two weeks have passed since Joshua and Bryan met each other. They became each time more connected. Everyday, Bryan came along, to help Josh at the farm, and then they trained, and "other stuff". Very often, Bryan slept over, and they've managed to share Joshua's bed as a real couple. The oversized bed was already tight for Josh's proportions, but at night, Bryan squeezed himself and slept together with his boyfriend, he accommodated himself between the mattress and the bulk of Joshua's chest, enjoying his slabs of muscle. But little they sleep, that's truth, every night, Bryan and Joshua engaged into the night sucking and licking each other. As the days flew by Bryan noticed two things. First was the incredible capabilities of Josh, he wasn't just BIG, he was BETTER in just everything! His average record for 100 meters was 10.12 seconds! And he should be weighing more than 500 pounds now! His legs can do much more than be ultimate veined, they are indeed more powerful than they look! He wasn't just muscular he was OVER muscular and his strength was no match not even for his size, Josh was training with huge amounts of "MEGA J- plates" as he called the 1000 pound dumbbell made out of concrete! And each day he felt they were getting lighter and lighter. His muscles grew in a rhythm that surprised Bryan each day. And such amazing records were not just in the physical area, Josh could resist to cold, Clara told him he uses to work on the farm shirtless during WINTER! And he resists HEAT pretty more than anyone else! But his mind is as sharp as his body. Bryan found out Joshua had a total recall memory, he remembers exactly everything he read or saw in a very long time, and not just that, he is auto teachable, he can learn by himself, whatever he wants. His reading skills are rather amazing, he can read faster than any one you could came up with, and his vocabulary is over 3000 words just in english! Joshua's mind surprised Bryan everyday. The finances of the farm were held in very good and big hands – his calculation skills were so developed he could perform complex operations faster than any computer. Just for testing, Bryan started bringing very kinds of reading with him, he brought magazines, newspapers, and the big lad devoured them as Clara's food. And each time Josh asked for more and more things to read, he understood complex economical theories on the international markets, he could discuss on the most polemic issues with extreme ease, everyday he seemed to be growing not just in his imperial proportions but also in his clever mind, he was sure much clever than Bryan, and little by little his naivety became less and less noticeable, and his personality blossomed into a very wise, intelligent, bold, and also gentle, lovable young man. And such transformation intrigued and yet dazzled Bryan. His Joshua was no longer his "boy toy" but most of all he was his MAN, in every sense you can possibly imagine. The second thing Bryan noticed was his strange and sudden gains; Bryan credited most of this to his training with Josh, mostly during sex, when the lad behemoth gave him hard work, but even this was too little to explain how Bryan had gained almost 16 pounds over the past times, going from 177 he already couldn't believe to a whooping 193 pounds. Of course Josh couldn't notice such gains in his petite lover, after all he was 506 pounds at 7'8" ¼ tall. Bryan looked at his image in the mirror, he couldn't believe how big he was getting. His figure was so much wider, his arms, his abs, his chest, every thing was much beefier than he never dreamed in his wildest hardcore days. He kept watching himself squeezing and stroking his growing muscles without noticing the HUGE vulture entering the room and grabbing the narcissist lad and literally devoured him as he was made out of sugar. Bryan barely had time to breathe in as he felt the enormous hands lifting him from the ground. After the kiss, Joshua played with his hair:

“And they say that I am vain! Joshua whispered in his lover's ears. They played a little bit and Bryan finally rested in his lover's enormous arms, playing with the giant nipples in his fingers:

“I still can't believe, Josh! Bryan said a little sad. He got on the ground and once more showed his beefed body to his lover – Look at me! I just don't know how come I got this size! Joshua smiled and hugged his boyfriend, eclipsing the jock:

“I think someone is getting a little carried away, let's not forget who's the BIG one in this relationship! Josh joked and hugged his lover a little tighter:

“No, Josh I am serious! Why don't you pay attention on me? Bryan seemed upset with his bigger boyfriend behavior

“Bryan, you've gained what? 20 pounds or a little more, big deal! Josh said as he looked to the part of his immense body which appeared in the mirror?

“Well, let's not forget that normal men don't gain 23 pounds of MUSCLE in just two weeks! Bryan exploded and Joshua looked at him, with the same puppet eyes and for one moment, Bryan forgot all about his strengthening personality and his character, he returned to the same sad big boy he met two weeks ago:

“I am sorry Josh, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings – he jumped on the arms of his beloved – But I am really worried, it never happened to me before!

“Maybe, it's a good thing! Imagine that some day you could handle me… Joshua's voice carried the sadness he felt at the moment, remembering that he never get to fuck Bryan, fearing he could hurt his lover, after all his cock was almost three feet long! The smaller jock kissed his sad giant lad – Don't worry, it doesn't matter to me as much as you do, you big lug! They kissed again and Joshua's joy seemed to have returned.

“You know that we could take the chance – Bryan said, willing to finally convince Josh to fuck him, but the giant lad refused it once more:

“I can't take the chance to hurt you, You know how BIG I am, no one can handle my business! Bryan let that go, he had tried to fuck Josh, but it didn't feel right for him, he was always a bottom, and he couldn't picture of him fucking a 500 pound musclefreak!


16 -- Boys night out

It was a Saturday evening, and Bryan felt like he had to bring a smile to his beloved's face. He knew what Josh wanted more than anything:

“Why don't we go the county fair? Bryan asked as he brushed Josh's hair

“WHAT? Josh replied still astonished – You know what they say about me, and even bigger than the last time they saw me! It will be…

“FANTASTIC! Bryan interrupted his lover – I can't wait to show my boyfriend to that stupid city! Joshua's eyes opened wide, he tried to speak but once more Bryan spoke for him:

“I am ready! I want the whole world to know about us! Mostly your auntie and my grandma!

“I think they've already know… - Josh said pointing to the door, Clara and Martha were there kind of embarrassed but mostly happy because of their boys happiness. Martha spoke first:

“Look, we know it is not the life style we dreamt for you, but if that's what you want for your lives, we can only wish you to be happy! She said and tears came down her eyes. Clara came right after and hugged Bryan:

“You are the only one who gave Josh a chance to be himself, you are the only one he loves, please take good care of him at the fair! Joshua's face turned red:

“You mean I can go?

“Have fun, my dear! You have no reason to be ashamed of! Clara kissed Joshua's forehead as the giant lad as he practically kneeled before his caring aunt. Josh jumped and touched the ceiling with his hand as he punched the air, screaming he grabbed Bryan by the waist and rushed to his closet:

“What I should wear? – He said as he threw his few clothes in the air, trying to find anything which fits. A few minutes later they were all dressed – well, as best as they could do. Bryan was cute with his blue jeans and a red fit T and his partner well he was the best dressed as Josh could do, he wore an oversized overalls, with a very, very tight white cotton T-shirt with cutoffs, his size 18 EEE leather boots.

“How do I look? Josh asked still watching his figure on the mirror – that is – the part he could see in the mirror.

“You look great, honey! Bryan hugged him and they went towards the car. Martha and Clara were on the living room waiting for them:

“Josh, don't pay attention to those bastards! – Clara said in excited tone, Martha laughed and gave the keys to her brand new silver Ford Ranger – You take good care, of Joshua and my car! Bryan smiled and waved the keys – Don't worry – They're in good hands! The two ladies hugged as the car disappeared in the road in his way to the city – Josh would face maybe his greatest challenge, and so would Bryan after all they were together in this… During their way to the city, Bryan noticed how much HUGE his buddy was becoming, he almost filled the whole space of the car, in fact he was cramped in the seat, but nothing of this mattered to Josh, he was more than happy to be going out and enjoy his first night out as an "grown boy".

“This is fucking COOL! Josh kept screaming with his big head out of the moving car – Bryan smiled as he managed to look at the beautiful big boy happy as a child:

“Get your big head inside of the car! Bryan teased his lover and pinched his marble hard butt. Josh smiled and squeezed himself into the car and reached for his boyfriend's mouth, causing him to loose the route for one moment:

“HEY YOU WANNA GET US KILLED? Bryan joked as he and his lover manage to kiss in the little space they had in the car. The city light were each time nearer, soon they could actually see the people in the main square of the small town. Joshua felt like he had butterflies in his stomach, he rubbed his hands together. Bryan parked the car afar from the town center. He looked at Josh and asked:

“It's up to you now! If you want we can go back right now! Joshua looked deep in his eyes and said:

“I am starting my life from this moment on! Josh walked in direction to the party and Bryan followed at his side. As they approached the county fair, the music, the lights, and the smell of delicious food got stronger, and so did the stares of the people as they realized the oversized teen dressed in tight overalls and a little T-shirt which was bout to give up. As first Bryan thought it was gonna kill Joshua's enthusiasm, but it didn't, in fact Joshua felt proud of himself as the people looked at him and stared at his impossible proportions. In fact one little girl just stopped and stared at the size of the big lad, looking UP! She could barely see Joshua chest, she took a few steps over and kept looking at him, didn't even repaired that she dropped her teddy bear. Joshua stopped and looked back at the little girl, then came another child, a little older than the previous and said:

“Sorry mister! My sister isn't making fun of you, please don't hurt her! The boy asked, like he was fearing for his sister's sake, probably because of the gossip of the grownups. For Bryan's own surprise, Josh smiled and kneeled in front of the children and opened his shining smile:

“Hurt you? I don't wanna hurt you! I wanna talk to you! What's your name?

“t-Tommy, and she's Sally the boy pointed to the still staring little girl. Joshua smiled and grabbed the dropped bear and gave it to the girl, who took some time to get her toy from those enormous hands:

“Are you a giant? The little girl said as she took the toy from Josh's hands

“Well not really, but I am BIG! Joshua replied nicely and brushed the child's face.

“People say you are stronger than a bull! Tommy managed to say as he joined his sister in the dialog with the giant lad.

“That's right Tommy! You wanna see how strong I am? – The children nodded in a mix of curiosity and excitement. Josh grabbed them both and stood up, and gently placed the children in one of his shoulders – which could easily accommodate a few more, and walked towards the "TEST YOUR MIGHT" Booth. When he arrived people cleared the path and soon he was talking with the attendant:

“How much for a try? Josh asked with his low voice – The fat guy on the booth just dropped the cigar of his mouth. He quickly grabbed it and replied:

“One dollar each try, if you hit the bell, you win a teddy bear – The man offered the hammer to Josh, but the guy just felt it was too easy!

“And that big bear over there? What do I have to do to win it?

“That bear? Oh, it's not a prize, it is for decoration only! The owner said and once more offered the big wooden hammer to Josh:

“What if I hit the bell two times with just one hit? Asked Joshua with his mischievous smile Bryan knew so well. Bryan smiled back at him and nodded his head.

“What? Never see anything like that! If you do it the big bear is yours, but if you don't then you'll pay me 10 bucks! The guy smiled confident

“Deal! Joshua grabbed the hammer and looked to kids – WATCH THIS! He looked quickly to Bryan and then he dropped the hammer – I don't need this! My fist is heavier than this tooth pick! Josh closed his fist and kissed it. Josh put the children back at the floor and prepared to hit the thing – BAM! The sound of the metal filled the party and then "BLAM!" sounded the ring on the end of the machine, then it went down so furiously, that went up all the way and hit the bell once more, and then to everybody's surprise it went up once more, and hit the for the third unbelievable time! Then it went down and Joshua stopped it with his foot:

“I think I won the bear! Joshua pointed it and the still dumb folded owner just gave the big teddy to the giant lad. The kids were screaming in ecstasy. Then Joshua gave it to Sally and Tommy and smiled. Sally smiled and kissed the giant teenager and said in his ear:

“I'll name it Josh! Just like you! And they both kissed the teenager in the cheeks and ran towards the woman who seemed to be their mother, they could barely hold the prize, so their mom gave a little help:

“Thank you very much! The woman said a little ashamed to the oversized lad. Joshua replied politely and went near Bryan who was still smiling at the poor attendant at the booth:

“Why did you do this? Bryan asked still smiling

“The kids wanted a bear, and I needed to prove something to me! Josh said and pointed to somewhere in the next booth – Come on I wanna see everything ! It was so beautiful to Bryan seeing his boyfriend walking among normal people – He cleared his way through the masses with enormous shoulders and he swung his back and thighs in a rhythm so sensual which clearly showed his superior power. He was over two heads taller than the tallest among the people and it was easy noticing his big beautiful head and his magnificent shoulders were well over above the rest of the crowd, his big eyes looking everything with his typical curiosity, and he looked down to Bryan they talked normally, pretending to be not realizing the stares and looks of the people around of them. Then, suddenly, a voice came from the middle of the crowd:

“JOSH! Joshua Barnes! – Josh and Bryan stopped and looked back to see one red haired guy jumping up and down. Bryan was surprised anyone on the city would be friends of Josh:

“Kevin? Hey Kevin! What's up man? Josh came near and hugged the guy lifting and engulfing him with his incredible proportions. Bryan felt a little uncomfortable when he managed to take a look at the guy: he was tall and if you could possibly forget about Josh for just one moment then you could actually notice that Kevin was really something, better he was REALLY muscular! He should be 6'2" and judging by the size of his muscular torso over 200 pounds! Bryan smiled and complimented the red haired muscular boy with a twitch in his eye– although deep inside he was jealous of that display of strength :

“Bryan, this is my school friend Kevin Dubcek! We studied together during the elementary school! The thin guy was right back at the ground, still shaking with the power of Josh:

“Hey there Bryan! And then he turned his eyes back to the giant lad:

“Josh! You're HUGE man! I remember when we were at school, but now you are HUMONGOUS! Kevin laughed and Bryan was surprised that Josh was also laughing:

“But you've certainly grown a LOT! I remember you were the smallest guy in the school! Kevin blushed - Oh, I've been hitting my weight ser pretty hard the last years, he casually flexed his chest underneath his tight flannel shirt and looked to Bryan smiling– Can you believe it? I was three years older than Josh and still he had to defend me from those bullies! I was so embarrassed! “Both Kevin and Josh laughed and once again hugged, this time Josh tossed Kevin's hair and pretended to attack his thick neck. Bryan was each time more uncomfortable, and he coughed loudly, which made Kevin and Josh stop their kidding thing:

“It was pretty cool what you did back there at the booth! Awesome! You must be the strongest man in the fucking world! Joshua kept smiling like he liked being called that way. His hand rested over Kevin's shoulder and the thin guy seemed to be enjoying! Bryan was pissed, he looked straight at Joshua's face - and the lad didn't even notice the angry in his expression!

“Josh, can you flex for me like you did when we were kids? Kevin asked kind of embarrassed

“Only if you call me the way we used to do back then! Josh said with his same look that many times melted Bryan's mind into doing whatever he wanted. Kevin scratched his head but as soon as he took a peek on those big puppy eyes he seemed to lost control and said:

“Oh, come on SUPER BUDDY! That REALLY made Bryan furious he just crossed his arms and watched as Joshua FLEXED his arms and Kevin touched the peak like he had already did many other times:

“WOW! You're amazing man! He said as he prepared to leave – Why don't you stop by the barbecue booth! I can give you some good stuff! Judging by your SIZE, you must eat much more than you did!

“I'll be there! Josh said and they high-five each other, although Josh had to "down five" to the much shorter guy, and by the brief moments their hands joined each other, Bryan could notice in Kevin's look the same look he had each time he looked at his marvelous boyfriend. Then, as the hands got apart, it was like the red haired guy already missed the touch of the giant lad, and then Bryan could tell that Kevin had a crush on his boyfriend – the real question if whether Josh knew it or not, and if he did, was he willing to correspond it, after all Kevin was gorgeous! They kept on seeing the things on the fair, but at certain point, Josh noticed the look on Bryan's face:

“What's the matter Bryan? Something wrong? Joshua stopped and gently touched Bryan's shoulder

“Nothing wrong! Why don't go there and check with your Kevin friend? Maybe he'll ask for you to flex for him again! Bryan said roughly and looked to his giant lover:

“Bryan, are you jealous? Of me? Joshua said in the lowest tone he found

“Jealous? Get real! I just think it was ridiculous! What's that thing between you two! Bryan was really mad he turned his back on his lover and rushed back to the car, he used his agility to squeeze himself, trying to lose his track. He ran among the crowd till he was quite far from the people, he looked for his car, and soon he was inside of the vehicle he let the tears rolled down his face and he cried copiously, he knew Josh didn't do anything wrong, but just the mere idea of losing him was too painful, he couldn't deal with the fact Josh could prefer bigger guys, guys more like himself, and then Bryan would never fit for him, it was just a matter of time:

“I saw everything, and I knew you would be upset – Kevin spoke from the other car window Bryan tried to hide his tears – How did you find me?

“It was easy, since you were not expecting me to follow you – Kevin gestured if he could get in the car, Bryan nodded and soon they were talking:

“Look, I know how you feel! I REALLY do! I've been in love with Josh ever since we were kids!

“But why did you? Bryan asked in a mix of anger and curiosity

“Because of my parents, they didn't want me to be friends of Josh! What about dating him? But I was pretty much of a coward! Not like you who had the guts to tell him how you feel – He was blushed:

“Josh and I – I mean - We don't know what's going on for sure, we are just knowing each other better

“It doesn't matter! I noticed he loves you, his face shows it! You're the only one he cares about! Now Bryan blushed – what could Josh possibly want with me? You're the prettiest guy I've ever seen! And your body is hot, from what I can tell, and specially you don't pay attention to that crap the people of the city talk about him, they're just afraid of what they can't understand!

“Look, Kevin, I am so sorry, but Josh is to special for me, he is the BEST thing that ever happened to me…

“I understand you – He meant the same to me, but I see that he is good hands…

“Shouldn't you ask ME how I feel before you start arguing who's gonna end up with whom?

“JOSH? – They both screamed, they looked at the back seat and there was the BIG lad almost filling the whole space, he was covering himself with some black fabric and just kept listening to the conversation, as the other guys didn't even pay attention top the BULGE in the back seat.

“How did you get in the car? I have the keys! – Bryan asked as he checked for them:

“Maybe someday I'll let you know! Josh smiled and kissed his lips – Why didn't you tell me how you feel?

“I wasn't sure, not until I thought about the idea of losing you… Before Bryan could cry, Josh gently hold his lips:

“You'll never lose me, and you know it! We are meant to be together, you brought happiness to my miserable life, and that's because you were the first who ever loved instead of fear me – And they kissed passionately, exploring their lust for each other. Kevin got the hint and prepared to leave the couple alone, when he felt the immense paw of Joshua holding him tightly but gently:

“And where the hell you think you are going? Josh and Bryan were looking at him, not in the usual way:

“Thought you two would like to be alone – Kevin said a little uncomfortable

“And what makes you think I can't handle you BOTH?! Josh said as he reached for Kevin's lips, who sudden but certainly met and kissed deeply, then after their kiss was broken, Bryan kissed Kevin's mouth furiously – I don't know about you guys, but I am horny as never! He said as he unzipped his pants and jumped to the back seat, starting to rub himself over Joshua's oversized body:

“You know me – I AM ALWAYS HARD! Josh revealed his mega huge hard veined cock already popping out of his pants, and Kevin's eyes grew wide with the vision:

“Don't worry! You'll get used to it! Bryan said as he kissed Kevin and dragged him to the back seat. The three of them couldn't barely move in there, but who need to move, when they got to share Joshua's muscles squeezing them and filling the whole space they had. Soon, all the clothing was gone and the three boys were kissing and squeezing their muscles and cocks. Then, Bryan engaged into a 69 position with Kevin, and Josh kept looking at them, who were practically fucking in his lap, fighting for space with his ever engorged cock!

“Hey guys! I wanna play too! He said as he gently lifted them both and the smaller guys climbed each one in a leg and started kissing and stroking the giant lad cock, biting his nipples and squeezing his incredible huge muscles:

“Oh, Josh! All my life I've dreamt about this moment! You're HUGE! And I love you for being so BIG! Kevin whispered and worshipped the youngest and most muscular of the trio, who kept just moaning as Bryan gave him a good blow job, as he was already used to.

“Yeah? You like this HUGE muscle mountain don't you? You wanna this fucking HUGE man to grow even more don't you little man? Joshua said as he felt the smaller guys each time nearer the edge. Bryan was stroking Joshua's cock with his both hands:

“Yes, give me this muscle juice, my fucking HULK! Let me feel you cumming all over me! Bryan repeated and mumbled as his capable hands milked his way to his muscle juice slowly and powerfully, making Joshua twist with pleasure each time he stroked the giant veined member. Kevin felt himself almost there and he managed to suck on Joshua's mega developed nipples and massaging those enormous pecs as he desperately jerked his own 8 incher, the ecstasy of the muscle touch he was being filled, was so intoxicating and overwhelming that Kevin came right on Joshua's hug, creaming his chest, his abs and the giant lad rubbed it all over the three of them. Bryan felt himself almost cumming too, so he dragged Kevin to jerk Joshua mega cock along with him:

“You gotta see this babe spewing hot cum over like a volcano! Both of the guys held the shaft with both hands like they were holding a baseball bat, and stroked it with all the might they had. Joshua moaned heavily and his breath was deep. He looked to his small lovers, and kissed them. They were so tight on the little space they had, it was little just for JOSH! He was sit but his knees were hanging on the front seats, he was almost leaning in the back seat, so the other guys could have a little more space to "work" on his cock. While Bryan and Kevin stroked his cock, Josh was lost admiring his immensity looking to their reflection, he was so much more LARGER than his tiny lovers, as they struggled to give him pleasure, all he had to do to drive them wild was FLEXING, and soon they were all over him, and he loved that, he loved being so HUGE for Bryan, and now for Kevin too, it was so pleasing to feel like the world's most muscular man for his lovers, and he would be bigger, and he felt himself near the edge he twisted his hips, and span around the seat pinning his both lovers with this simple movement, practically immobilizing them, not that they wanted to go anywhere else, but he did just to prove himself once more how much STRONG he was, and smiling he embraced his lovers with his legs and squeezed them a little bit, then he reached for his engorged member, already spewing pre cum like a fountain and stroked it and without looking both Kevin and Bryan did the same and soon he felt his orgasm building he just had time to grab Bryan and inserted his mouth on his mega prick:

“You wanted my juice, now DRINK IT! Josh said as he spewed his hot lava jism all inside Bryan's mouth who couldn't keep the whole amount and it ended coming through his nose, while Kevin and Joshua kissed each other, and the red haired muscle hottie blew his own load all over Joshua squeezing his mammoth granite pec muscles. Kevin squeezed them so hard, and Joshua barely felt anything he just keep stroking the "little" cock of his worshipper and he smiled when he felt that Kevin was already worn out, Joshua kissed them gently and let him resting in his pecs, leaning backwards so he could appreciate Bryan's blow on his still cumming cock! Kevin watched in awe as he realized Joshua's ever lasting orgasm and Bryan's expertise in sucking that monster so easily. Finally, Bryan finished his job and attacked Joshua's mouth as wildly as he did on his dick. Joshua seemed to enjoy such behavior and answered moaning loudly, then like nothing his giant cock became hard in seconds and once more he demanded to be released, like it hadn't been sucked for so long so little back! But what shocked Kevin the most was that even Joshua nor Bryan seemed surprised, they just smiled at each other:

“Josh, if we keep doing this, the fair will be over! Bryan said cleaning his mouth – He looked and Kevin:

“If we don't get out of here soon, he'll beg for another round, and I know you'll can't neglect him! Bryan smiled and grabbed a roll of paper towels in the case: I'd better clean up this mess we made, or my grandma will kill me for ruining her new car! Bryan gently cleaned Joshua, like he was taking care of a baby, and Josh just smiled at him, lifting his gigantic arms to be cleaned and turning around to easy the job. Kevin was hypnotized by the size of that cock and he was almost ready to suck it when Josh himself stopped him:

“Kevin I know you're dying for this, but believe me I won't be done with this time! And so, I think it will be better when we have more time! Joshua kissed him and prepared to get out of the car – He stepped out with extreme ease for his proportions, and he jumped to the passenger set in the front :

“Amazing isn't it? Bryan said without even looking to the initiated guy, he just kept cleaning the panel:

“How many times can he? Kevin stopped a little embarrassed

“Ever since I met Josh, I've never seen his cock get soft for more than two minutes! I think he can keep going for ever! He is almost unstoppable!

“How come you handle his "thing"? It's humongous! Kevin asked nervous!

“He never really "fucked" me – Bryan looked at Kevin – He is s afraid of hurting me with his dong, I've begged for him many times, but it doesn't work!

“Joshua really cares about you! Kevin touched Bryan's lips - and that's because he loves you so much! You two belong to each other! They kissed briefly and soon they were out of the car to get Josh.

“What took you so long? Josh asked in a kidding tone.

“We were busy cleaning after your mess, you big fool! Bryan said in a low tone and slightly pinched his muscular hinny.

“Hey Kevin is that offer you did still on? I am STARVING ! Josh rubbed his flat stomach to emphasize his statement. Bryan smiled uncomfortable because of Joshua's loose behavior, but after all they were friends!

“Well, I gotta go back for the booth anyway, why don't you come along! And so they went down the street back to the main square. When Kevin arrived at the booth, his father's eyes grew wide at the sight of Josh.

“Hello Mr. Dubcek! How are you doing? The bald fat man in the grill barely answered and looked back to the steaks. Kevin's mother quickly came and asked if they'd like to order, but the red muscle beef protested:

“Mom, their order is on me! I invited them – And with this the fat cook went even redder than he already was, he came near Kevin and they had a pretty loud arguing, but Bryan finally came up with a solution:

“Look, we will be very glad to pay for our order! Kevin is a very nice guy, but we know what's best to do! Mrs. Dubcek smiled and replied:

“In this case, we can make a very good discount! What's your order! A few minutes later came the food and it was good enough for five people! But Joshua easily took care of almost everything, and then he just rubbed his stomach again:

“Delicious, but I could go for a little sweet! Josh said at the astonished stares of the people

“Why don't you take part in the pie eating contest? Kevin replied while he took their dishes! It will start in a few moments! Bryan smiled, but when he looked at the glint on Joshua's look he just had to ask:

“Are you really gonna do it?

“Well, you know me, there's always space for desert, and ever since it's a contest I can eat for free! Joshua rubbed his hands together and went towards the sing in booth. When he got there, everybody stared at the giant lad as he applied for inscription. Half an hour later the contest begun. The rules were pretty easy, they would have to eat as much pies as they could until only one lasted. Joshua sat on the table along with 11 other big guys – well not nearly huge as Josh but they were certainly "Big and tall" and surely could eat many, many pies. When the referee said, the started eating, and everybody were shocked by Joshua voracious appetite. He vanished with his pies faster as they could give him more, and so he attacked the other contestants pies, and pretty soon they had to stop the contest because they've RAN OUT OF PIES! And since Josh was the one responsible for such typical situation he was announced as the winner! Bryan and Kevin cheered him up as long as the audience, Josh stood up and took his trophy and easily lifted it. His face shone, and his marvelous titanic physique stood perfectly at the spotlights, he smiled kind of embarrassed but he was sure enjoying the whole thing! Then he went down the stage and prepared to reach Bryan and Kevin a familiar face appeared, not a good familiar face though:

“Hey, looks like Bull boy won vanished the whole thing! Jimmy Sanders applauded ironically along with his gang and a few other bad looking guys. Joshua looked at Sanders and ignored his provoking, he went towards Bryan an Kevin still with his cute smile in his lips. Then he felt something hitting him in the back, and he looked back at his dislike object who was still making fun of him:

“What's the mater Bull Boy? Can't you take a simple joke? Sanders approached and poked Joshua in the chest – better, he poked him at the stomach, because he never could reach Joshua's chest:

“Listen here you FREAK! Who said you're allowed to come to our city? We are decent people here, we don't wanna see perverts like you around, you got it? Everybody went silent, Sanders had gathered a good gang, about fifteen strong men and all of them were surrounding Joshua who kept looking a little lost in the middle of those angry men. Bryan and Kevin rushed in the help of the muscle teen, but he was faster:

“What's the matter Sanders? You brought those bullies so you could have a chance? NO WAY! Joshua threw the trophy away and pretty soon he cleared his path. The men were shocked at such display of strength but soon they were back and specially their leader:

“We're finishing this once and for all! Sanders said as he approached Joshua once more

“WAIT! Bryan screamed – Let's not get violent! I have an idea! Both Sanders and Josh looked at him!

“Why don't we solve this thing with a bet? Bryan finished and looked at Josh – a Strength contest! Joshua against you and all you friends here, if you manage to win him, then we'll never come back here again!

“Bryan what are you saying? – Kevin asked afraid of what the guys could do with Josh, but as he looked at Bryan he noticed the same smile on Joshua's face. And then he understood everything.

“Yeah, what you say? Your whole gang against me! Josh provoking his proud! Sanders bought it! He looked to his fellows and accepted the challenge: Let's do it! And they all were laughing at Josh who kept quiet with an angry look. Soon they've arranged everything, and this thick rope was set in the middle of the square. Bryan and Kevin stood next to Josh:

“Are you sure he can do this? Kevin asked still not believing that Joshua could win such dispute.

“Don't worry, my boyfriend can kick their asses anytime he wants, right Buddy? Joshua smiled and tossed his hair, then the competitors went to their places; Sanders and his 19 bullies joined one side and grabbed the rope. Kevin thought it was only 15 but looks like Sanders had thrown a trick on them:

“Five guys won't change their luck! Trust me! Bryan comforted the red haired muscle guy as Josh took his place. He rolled the rope around his wrist and assumed position:

“The winner will be the side who brings the other down! Said the fair announcer who pretty quick managed to gather money with the unexpected show. Sanders looked at Josh and spit on the ground. Joshua remained quiet and waited for the sign. “ START! “ The whole Sanders team pushed together, and they sure were pretty strong, Joshua almost fell down, but he managed to stay on his feet, and started struggling not to loose such awkward dispute ! The crowd went wild and it was pretty divided! But little did they know about Joshua, Bryan remained calm and almost didn't say a word. Sanders laughed as he thought his victory was sure, but then it happened. Joshua just hold his position and pulled. The 20 men in the other side stopped moving, it was like they've been pulling a wall, the harder they pulled the less they moved, Joshua just remained there and his face showed no effort at all. He looked impassive, just holding the whole 20 men team in his arms. The crowd went wild, they've never seen such power before. Kevin cheered so loudly, and he hugged Bryan, who still was quiet. Then Joshua looked at his two cheerleaders and waved to them! That's right! While 20 big strong men were killing themselves trying to take the muscle lad down he was holding all of them with just ONE arm! Just one ARM and they were all stuck at that position! Josh looked at Bryan who smiled the same way his mega muscled lover did to him many times and shook his head. Josh smiled and returned his other arm to the rope. Sander's team struggled for space, but they were stuck! They were almost worn out! Sanders kept pulling and yelling to the other members : Come on you bastards! He's only one! One kid!. But it didn't worked, his team just couldn't move Joshua one inch! And the muscle teen was enjoying all of this! Joshua tightened his grip on the rope :

“Hey Sanders what's wrong? Your team looks tired, do you guys give up? Josh asked in a condescend tone

“NEVER! Shouted the red tired Jimmy Sanders, then Joshua's face turned into a power look, like he was the master of everything:

“YOU'RE GOING DOWN YOU MISERABLE BASTARD! Joshua slowly took a few steps back and he DRAGGED the whole team along with him, as much as they restrained, they couldn't avoid moving! Joshua dragged them for about five feet, and the team shouted and yelled, and pulled as hard as they could. The muscle teen just smiled naughty and once more he loosened one hand and started PULLING Sander's team with just one mega powered arm. It was outstanding! The crowd was absolutely shocked, they were screaming and cheering for Josh like he was a mega pop star performing in their small town! Then it was time for Bryan speak:

“Come on Josh! Teach them a lesson! Bryan shouted as him and Kevin jumped in the air so happy they were. The gargantuan lad smiled once more and looked back at Sanders –DON'T YOU MESS WITH ME EVER AGAIN! Joshua pulled his arm so powerfully, his tight T-shirt gave up and tore apart revealing the most muscular arm in the surface on the Earth! And with this movement, the 20 members of Sander's team were pulled down, and they all fall down heavily on the ground. Then the crowd went all around Josh and they celebrated his victory for the rest of the night! Everybody was astonished at such POWER, and most of the people was "proud" about having Josh as a local "muscleman", he talked to people he never heard of, and yet he never felt so close to people! Bryan and Kevin were the proudest among them all! Bryan specially and Joshua knew why! At almost 3 am, Kevin, Bryan and the muscle champion Josh returned to the same car in which they've fooled around. They were still so happy about the whole thing! Joshua entered the car and so did Bryan, Kevin on the outside:

“Hey guys! It was awesome! The better night of my life! And I am not just talking about the car! Kevin kissed Josh and then he tossed the enormous lad's hair!

“Come visit us on the farm! Bryan said as he started the car! – I will soon! Kevin replied and watched as the car went his way to the Spencer's farm. Inside the car, both of the guys were happy and excited:

“You sure was the main attraction in the fair! Bryan laughed and punched Josh's arm

“I still can't believe it! They were talking about me, Talking GOOD things about me! Joshua kept mumbling for himself, and Bryan couldn't help to notice how cute he was, so immensely happy with just a few things they said about him, but if you consider that those people used to regard him as a monster, then it would really be a real improvement, and just that was a thrill to Josh.

“Why wouldn't they? You're such wonderful person! Bryan said trying to be more romantic! Then Joshua looked at him:

“Bryan, all my life I've been holding myself back! I've never used all my strength, I've never gave my all, I've always thought I could do better! And today I proved to myself, that I can go much further… Josh looked outside and admired the beautiful night, they were pretty far from the farm and yet already far from the town.

“What you mean? Bryan tried to figure the reason for such excitement…

“You don't understand, I've always felt like a freak, but at the same time I felt so good about myself , I've always find myself beautiful, even though my muscles were too big…

“You are the most beautiful being! Bryan reached Josh's chin and caressed it…

“But I feel I could give much more! And tonight I've made up my mind! I am give 100% of myself in training! Joshua closed his fist and flexed his mighty mega sized guns

“But Josh, you already are a HULKING MASS of muscle…

“Bryan, I've been reading those mags you gave me, and concluded that my routine isn't very good. Of course I've gained much mass, but my routine isn't so detailed as theirs, my diet isn't so balanced and my motivation isn't so good – but this is gonna change! I'll be HUGE … for you!

“Josh, that's silly – YOU ALREADY ARE HUGE! Bryan parked the car in the middle of a stream:

“Why are we stopping here? Joshua asked with his usual naivety

“Look Josh, I gotta say this – You're wonderful, I LOVE you, and you know this, but ever since I first kissed you, I've dreamt about we making love, really making love! Bryan looked deeply in Joshua's eyes

“Bryan, you know I am too big…It could hurt you! Josh gently grabbed his hand in the way to his crotch

“Josh, I love you and you love me, I know you can't hurt me! You just have to gentle!

“Bryan I, I don't think … Bryan quickly kissed him roughly and they melted into a passionate deeper kiss.

“Please, don't I don't know how strong I am … Josh begged as his cock got hard and his zipper exploded revealing the biggest cock on the planet. Bryan smiled and opened the door:

“Come on, you know you can't hurt me, I gotta give you your prize for being so STRONG! Bryan gently pulled the muscle lad out of the car and they kissed at the light of a beautiful blue moon landscape, the moonlight only enhanced Joshua's proportions and beauty, They were feeling each other bodies and Bryan quickly unzipped his pants and got Josh out of his clothing and soon Josh was naked and beautiful over the moonlight like a titan of nature, his muscles were so wonderfully illuminated and his face had such a beautiful glow, that Bryan could cry such beautiful it was. Joshua was a little frightened, he could even think in hurting Bryan, and he gently lowered himself near his boyfriend and finally allowed him what he wanted, he lifted Bryan easily of the ground and gently inserted his hole at the shaft of his cock, both of them moaned with this, and the abnormal amount of pre cum leaking from Joshua's cock was enough to lubricate both of them, and slowly Bryan started to shove the gigantic cock up in his butt, it was painful in the beginning and Josh almost gave up, but Bryan held his position, and forced a little more inside himself, Josh just moaned as his shaft entered Bryan's body so tight and hot, it felt so good inside that Josh instinctively forced himself a little deeper and that made Bryan scream of pain and pleasure, but Josh didn't take it back this time, he allowed his lover to get used to the pressure and then he forced himself a little more. Gently, Joshua carried Bryan and made him lay down on his back and continued to fuck him, little by little he managed to insert all his ultra developed manhood into his lover:

“Oh, Bryan this feels so GOOD! Joshua whispered and gently began pounding in Bryan's ass. Bryan was in heaven he never felt so good not even comparing to blowing on Josh's cock! He felt the incredible weight of his beloved over him and the might of his cock inside of him. It was so exciting that his own cock was already oozing pre cum all over his stomach, and this was only more intense with Josh over him kissing and squeezing gently as the lad pounded harder on his arse and he felt each time more comfortable with Josh's power over him, his muscles dominating him, his inhuman strength was everything that mattered to him now, it was all so manly, so overwhelming, that he couldn't resist; Joshua was everything Bryan had ever dreamt about a lover, a friend and a body to admire… Joshua felt do comfortable fucking Bryan it was like he was born to do this, he wasn't hurting him he could tell by the moans and the squeezes Bryan gave him with his butt. Josh was in heaven himself, he felt so powerful right then, it was much better than humping the bulls because he could tell Bryan was enjoying this as much as he was! Josh movements became faster and faster and Bryan felt they were getting there, so he managed to sit up and embrace the hugeness of his lover and hold on his muscles to enjoy the upcoming orgasm. They embraced, and Josh lifted his man a little bit so he could impale him on the might shaft. Bryan felt himself almost cumming and he reached for Joshua's mouth and during their passionate kiss, he could feel the explosion of hot lava jism between them.

“Oh, Josh! You're awesome, you're more than a man you're a god! MUSCLE GOD! Josh kept moaning as his own cock was reaching the inevitable orgasm. Bryan helped him by squeezing his muscle butt and Josh was becoming each time wilder, he felt each time more powerful and he grabbed Bryan and forced him up and down in his shaft, and Bryan encouraged his giant lover:

“I'm gonna show you who's the MUSCLE GOD! Come on let's make this big huge muscle man cum, come on Bryan! Make me cum ! YEEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!! Josh exploded and hit a double biceps pose so marvelous powerful he almost made Bryan cum again, and then he collapsed in the ground.

“Thank you! Thank you! It was AWESOME, you gave me the best orgasm, once more! Joshua repeated in a low tone while he regained his breath. Bryan smiled, all sweat and dripping, even though it was a cold night, they just hugged each other inside the car. Joshua smiled as he watched Bryan sleeping heavily in his chest, and he caressed his cheeks. From that moment on Joshua knew what he had to do, he had to prove himself, how much could he grow, how much more strong could he get, and he would do that, yes he would.

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