Bull's Strength 6

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22 --Family Reunion

The Solarium wasn't a common building. It was a HUGE MANSION! The ceilings were at least thirty feet high! There were no doors, but huge arches about ten feet wide which connected the rooms, the furniture was adjusted to provide comfort for a guy of Joshua's stats (maybe even some one BIGGER, if that is possible). The decoration was clean and clear, resembling classical standards. The marble floor, gave a touch of ancient greek temples, and the many statues, paintings and murals all said one thing: MUSCLE! Everything was muscle related, the statues of huge muscled man in gargantuan sizes, eight, feet tall, the statues were one more muscled than the other, the paintings showed what seemed a muscle god among the mortals, being worshipped and pleased by dozens of huge muscular men, which were totally dwarfed by the muscle god. The wall sized mirror was definitely gigantic, of course it was the size of one wall of that immense complex! Joshua looked at himself, his majestic muscles and titanic figure, his awesome muscles, his gigantic cock, which almost touched the floor, although it was rarely flaccid. His mega muscled arms, but specially his expression – His face was so tenderly beautiful but apprehensive, he never felt like this before, how would he look like, would he like Joshua, would he fear him?

“MY DEAR SON! AT LAST WE ARE TOGETHER! The voice thundered around the room, Joshua looked at the reflex on the mirror but he didn't believe on it! He turned around and saw the IMPOSSIBLE! Holdar stood in the middle of the room, but his presence filled the rest of the house. HE WAS THE MUSCLE OVER MUSCLE! His anatomy wasn't human anymore! Towering his 9'6" son for more than two feet in height and only god knows how HEAVY this MAN was! His muscles beyond Joshua's wildest dreams! His arms were gargantuan, longer and thicker they stood aside him as his pair of weapons. They were absolutely HUGE, THICK, CABLED and above all MUSCLE! Joshua couldn't even compare his guns with those limbs! The chest was composed by a pair of enormous muscle hemispheres jutting out of the body for two feet or more, the nipples were gigantic! His torso was so wide, it wasn't just a shelve, you could build a whole house over that mass! His abs – all 28 of them – were just dazzling, they popped like cut right on the stone! His legs were so thick, one of them could hold a mountain! The veins, the cable power covered his body pulsing with energy and life, the calves were real bulls, his feet were humongous, his hands absolutely wide and big, with his thick fingers. This man was so WIDE! He was practically was WIDE as Joshua was TALL! He opened his arms and Joshua almost fainted. The lats on that behemoth were wings of a condor, so wide that could engulf Joshua in a hug, what seemed impossible until now! The skin was tanned like the bronze itself, and his body was completely smooth – just like Joshua, there wasn't one single hair all over his muscular skin! His neck was absolutely thick, it was the symbol of power and strength. But the face was rather impressive. It was, by all means, Joshua! A bigger Joshua, a better Joshua, a bolder Joshua, a tougher Joshua – if all those things were imaginable! His face so tender, yet masculine and strong, it was him! The same green eyes, big and expressive, the same full lips! The hair was longer, it was over shoulder length but it was held by a tail. The same smile captivating and tender. The HUGER in front of the HUGE wore nothing to cover his muscle beauty but a white leather thong, which BULGED, the bulge in fact was quite jesting, but nothing can be ridiculous in the muscle ABOVE muscle His figure was unbelievably MUSCLED, and he waited anxiously to be hugged by his son:

“COME ON! DON'T I GET TO HUG MY OWN SON? Holdar asked to a dumb folded Josh who just look UP to his father's face and approached to hug, or better, being hugged by the humongous creature!

“MY DEAR SON! HOW MUCH I'VE MISSED YOU! Joshua couldn't hear straight, the minute their muscles touched he felt the incredibly hardness of his father, his muscles were engulfed by the giant arms of Holdar and he LIFTED Joshua! Nobody had never done this, he wasn't carried ever since he turned five, because at that time he was almost as heavy as his uncle Greg, but now Joshua felt the POWER of his father who not just lifted him, but actually threw him up and down, grabbing his fall, just like a father plays with his kid son, although the "kid" in this scene is over a thousand pounds of MUSCLE! Joshua didn't even care for his hard cock, it wasn't an issue anymore:

“WHAT'S THE PROBLEM, SON? THE CAT ATE YOUR TONGUE? The tower of muscle laughed out loud shaking Joshua along with his unbearable chest. Joshua smiled nervously, he never felt "small" in his life

“S-sorry to bother, but I had to see you, I was so curious – Joshua looked at his face half smiling:

“There's no problem son! You had the right, I was just as nervous as you were, that's why I tried to make everything perfect for your arrival! Holdar said with the same look on his face –His voice was low but yet so powerful you could here it perfectly:

“The only thing that mattered to me was to see you - Joshua smiled and hugged his father with love and curiosity, he squeezed the BODY OF MUSCLE with all his might, and yet the giant didn't seem to complain:

“My son! You are the most precious thing! I thought I had lost you all those years, but now I see you are even better than I've expected – YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY HUGE! Holdar said as he hugged his son again, squeezing with the same power Joshua just did, maybe to show him that he was STRONGER!

“I had so many questions – Joshua asked after he recovered his breath – About you and mostly about myself!

“Everything will be explained – I am aware you had seen the content of the files my former colleague got, but I can assure you I'll explain everything.

“No, not about that – I mean I do wanna know about those things too, but mostly I wanna know about YOU, father, who are you? Joshua had his look focused on his father, who smiled and nursed his son on his mega powered arms, like he's been waiting to do his whole life:

“My name is or used to be Richard Holdar, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, my father was the consul of Greece in Brazil, that's where he met my mother and they married, and as a diplomatic representative my father had to live in many different countries, and so I spent my childhood and teenage living in many different countries, learning extraordinary cultures, but my favorite was greek mythology, as my old man told me the stories of Gods, heroes and demy-gods!

“You mean, I am part Brazilian? Joshua asked fascinated

“Of course! Although your mother was a typical redneck american, tall, very light skin blond blue eyed beauty, you've sure got your share of tropical winds in your skin shade, your eyes are just like mine! And those beautiful full lips remember me of my deceased mother.

“When did she die? Joshua asked sadly:

“When I was 18 they both died in a terrible car accident, I was already finishing college in US in the time, I decided to enter Medical School and start my life in America. I graduated with the highest GPA in the story of the University and that's when I was invited to join the ChemTech staff!

“WOW! You're so clever! I know your parents are proud of you! Holdar smiled and blinked to Josh:

“Joshua, I want you to know that all the bad things which happened with your mother, I didn't mean to cause them! I know you may think I didn't love your mother and just used her at my plans…

“I understand –Joshua tried to change the subject

“No, please, let me finish! I've been wanting to tell you this for 15 years now! My transformation changed my view for good, I have a new understanding of life and pleasure, but I never wanted to harm Sarah, she was an innocent, and I swear I've been trying to locate you all that time, but the records she gave on ChemTech were false, I didn't know where to look – Holdar's tears rolled heavy and wet Joshua's chest:

“Father, I forgive you – I was pretty mad at you when the whole story came up, but then I've done a lot of thinking and realized that you'd never wanted to hurt my mother neither myself, it was all tragic…

“You won't suffer never more in this life! Holdar held the chest of his son and kissed his forehead. Joshua felt the wet lips touching his skin, and he was kind of intoxicated by the smell of his father, it was strong and masculine, but also so good and refreshing, like the smell of summer breeze…

“But I also realized if all those things hadn't happened, I would never got to know Uncle Greg, Auntie Clara or even Bryan and Kevin, so let's just let the past in the past! Joshua hugged his father's impossibly thick neck and kissed his cheekbones…

“And who are those? Holdar asked curiously

“Uncle Greg and Auntie Clara raised me, she's my mother older sister, I lived with them in their farm, Uncle Greg died a little time ago, and I lived with Auntie until I met Bryan and Kevin – Joshua blushed

“Are they "your lovers"? Holdar teased Josh and they both laughed

“I loved them both so uniquely and intensely, how did I had to pick just one? Joshua commented smiling:

“You don't have to Josh, you are more than man, your need are different, I know just one man can't satisfy your need for pleasure, not even two, but you know its your heart that is capable of loving two people at the same time, with the same intense but in different ways, I understand you…

“Gee, I didn't look for that side! Thank you! Joshua blushed once more! Holdar smiled and kissed his forehead once more…

“Dad? Joshua asked tenderly – Holdar smiled from ear to ear, he was so proud of his mega muscled son – Can you put me down, now! I am not used of being carried for so long – I am not used of being carried at all! Joshua smiled and Holdar realized he was supporting his 1200 rock hard muscle pounds son all the time:

“I am sorry, Joshie – He lowered the lad back on the floor – I just keep forgetting own my strength!

“You bet! Back in the farm, I was always the tallest, the biggest, the strongest, but now – BAM! You're the MAN, you're fucking HUGE, I mean I am fucking HUGE, you're just AMAZING, DADDY! Joshua opened his arms and smiled to his old man, who stood proud:

“Nothing bad for a 42 year old, huh? Holdar laughed – He didn't look one day over eighteen, just like Joshua, in fact, besides the fact Holdar is over two feet taller than Joshie, they could pass as perfect twins.

“NOT BAD? FUCKING HUGE! You are definitely the BIGGEST man on earth! Joshua yellowed

“I may look much bigger than you, but that's just because I've been taking my formula for the past 15 years now, and you only took it when inside of the womb! Holdar smiled and turned his enormous back, he sat in a huge couch and asked Joshua to sit next to him, but the lad just sat on his lap:

“All this time, I've been perfecting myself the best way I could find, my enhancing treatment was upgraded, and I've been able to keep developing myself beyond human capabilities – Holdar FLEXED his gun:

“Touch it! Joshua obliged at the same time

“WOW! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF YOUR ARM! IT'S BIGGER THAN MY CHEST! Joshua tried to dent the muscle, but not even his strength was capable of such event. Holdar just smiled and waited for Joshua giving up. Then he FLEXED once more and continued:

“Each biceps of mine is 186 inches around – They're much thicker than your chest! But that's just because I've been transforming myself all over the years, allowing myself to reach higher standards, I am STRONGER, BIGGER, TALLER than any man in the world, but even after 15 years of this treatment, I am positively sure I still didn't reach YOU! Holdar brushed Joshua's silky hair:

“What you mean – You're twice bigger than I am! Joshua said still squeezing his father's biceps.

“Only because you and I had been in different situations, I've been able to keep developing and you were stuck – I mean – You've done a terrific work for yourself, but still attached to human standards, which prevents you from reaching YOUR TRULY capabilities:

“You mean I've been training wrong my whole life? Joshua still squeezed the enormous arms

“No, no! You're just compared your training with men, and you're more than MAN, you're the next step n evolution! Holdar grabbed Joshua's hand and placed in his won gigantic biceps:

“You are in such ways better than human race – You can't be compared to them anymore – I am beyond human standards, but you are WAY OVER ME! If my original plan had worked out I should be the one amazed with your muscles, even at MY SIZE! Joshua smiled, his father was so intelligent:

“I know people didn't understand why you were so HUGE compared to them, and it sure may caused you pain and suffering, and also you've felt that you were a FREAK! But now that you're with me, I can help you to release your full potential! Joshua looked at his father's proud expression and his tears rolled down his face:

“All my life I've been dreaming to find you, and see if you were like me, finding out that I wasn't a freak, that I was just like my father and so it was normal to be big like me… Holdar hugged his son, lifted from the couch and carried him to the view of the many room. It showed the entire island complex, and right in the center there was this huge training center, gym, swimming pools, running tracks, lots and lots of weights:

“This is the POWER ROOM! Holdar said proudly – It is where I train!

“ The POWER ROOM? Joshua said in chorus

“You've must noticed that my "henchmen" are pretty built themselves – I actually have 16 men working for me in this facilities. Each one of them was given a very small part of the original treatment I once took, but that's all, only I had been developing and continuing with the treatment, but you've seen the average result is rather optimistic!

“16 men ran all this complex? Joshua asked still feeling his father's hardness

“The treatment allowed them to perform such hard task, besides, the whole island has computer systems that control minor details. But all those years I've been taking more treatment enhancers and developing my muscles and other talents – OUR talents – I know you feel you can accomplish almost everything you want, isn't it right! Don't you feel you could run more than a car, that you are stronger than everything you've seen on TV?

“I've always felt like that! Joshua nodded – It was like being hold back!

“Exactly, and the POWER ROOM allowed me to avoid such situation – I train everyday twelve hours a day, and so I've been able to chive THIS BODY! Holdar flexed his muscles underneath Joshua and the lad got hard at the same time. Holdar smiled. Joshua looked at him:

“Whoa, Dad! How BIG are you? Joshua was in trance by his father's physique

“12'7 inches tall – 2745 pounds of MUSCLE! Holdar grinned – How do you like your Big Old Man?



“I don't know If I can get as big as you, dad? Joshua said squeezing his biceps!


“You mean you wanna help me to grow? Joshua asked with a glow in his eyes


“I KNOW I CAN! Holdar replied proudly – BUT NOW, I WANNA SHOW YOU YOUR TRUE SELF! Holdar carried Josh in his back all the way to the POWER ROOM, and the mega muscled lad enjoyed the ride! It was like playing with his father all those years he couldn't, he felt his father's strength, power protecting and watching over him, he felt he had someone to trust and that would always defend him, against the bad things! Holdar and his son arrived to POWER ROOM and the father lowered on the floor:

“Listen, champ – This is where I want to spend a few time with you alone! You see all these equipment? They're about 40% of my wealth, and it is YOURS! Just like everything else! But these particular equipment was developed by me after my transformation, so it's nothing but state of the art technology, not even NASA has such appliances. Holdar said proudly – The machines work with magnetic and gravitational forces, which means that we don't need to use weights the size of mountains if we want to really work out!

“What you mean? Joshua asked in his typical curiosity:

“I'll show you! Holdar placed himself in the machine, turned it on – It as like a incline bench – He grabbed the bar, and loaded with about 2000 pounds, not much Joshua thought – and then he started lifting, but he was struggling in each rep, and Joshua knew 2000 pounds was nothing for his MEGA father, Holdar accomplished about 100 reps and he seemed pretty sweat and tired:

“Guess how much I lifted? Holdar asked between breaths:

“2000 pounds – I saw you loading the bar

“Actually I was lifting 14000 pounds! Holdar said proud – This machine create an field which increases the weight of the plates and the bar to astronomical proportions! We can train our true strength and allow our muscles to grow more! Come here! Joshua did as told, Holdar helped him:

“I'll adjust to 5000 pounds! Just to start

“I can do more, I train with 6000 in my gym! Joshua teased. Holdar seemed to like that:

“OK! 10000 it is! Don't worry I'll be spotting you! Just let yourself feel the POWER! Joshua grabbed the bar and felt the pressure on his chest, then he remembered the words of his titanic father, the feeling of power and allowed himself to lift the bar, and each time it was lighter! He lifted and felt his muscles growing, his strength augmenting, he smiled and saw his father encouraging him :

“COME ON SON! YEAH YOU CAN DO BETTER, YOU CAN DO MORE! Holdar cheered without touching the bar. Joshua did 123 reps and stopped:

“We can go 14000 now! Holdar grinned, adjusted the machine and Joshua proceeded for more 150 reps. Then he finally lowered the bar and looked proud to his father:

“It wasn't so hard! So, what else you got? Holdar smiled and showed his other "toys". Joshua did bicep curls with 7500 pounds in each hand, then he maximized with 10000 pounds, for 450 reps. Each time Holdar was happier. Leg press was the same thrill and Joshua managed to do them with a total 17000 pound weight for over 300 reps. At the end of their five hour training, the night was high but Joshua was electric!

“Father, isn't there a limit to our strength? Joshua asked looking at his dazzling size in the wall sized mirror of the POWER ROOM! Holdar appeared behind him towering his son's enormous figure:

“WE'LL GROW UNTIL WE FIND THIS LIMIT, SON! I WILL MAKE YOU AND EVEN ME GROW MUCH MORE, WE ARE NOT STUCK IN A SIZE LIKE MEN, WE CAN GROW MORE MUSCULAR EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF THE LIFE, Holdar FLEXED his muscles, in a posing routine that blew Joshua's mind, and the lad joined him, learning with the Master of the Muscle his secrets and tips. They were getting along so well! It was like they've never been apart all this time! When they finished, their amazing bodies, were totally sweat and Holdar tossed him a towel:

“Father, you still are growing because of the treatment? Joshua asked as they dried the sweat

“Actually, after 15 years of growth –the results aren't so significant as the early days, but the muscles are always bigger, the height gain ceased one year ago, it's a good thing because I was worried the roof wouldn't handle my size!

“But I am still growing, and that scares me a little, you see until two weeks ago I was just 7'6" tall 500 pounds! And in three days I've been able to double my weight and gain 2 whole feet! What if I'll never stop growing?

“Will that REALLY be a problem for you? Holdar asked with the same dazzling look Joshua had

“NEVER! I LOVE THIS! But what about you, will you like to see your son outgrowing you?

“Joshie, I've been dreaming with the day you are bigger and taller than me, I've wanted you just for such day, every father wants to see their children big and strong – it's pure selfish father's feeling of proud – why would I be different – I am just ENORMOUS, so you gotta be BIGGER than me!

“Father, I know we've met today, but I don't want to lose you, like Uncle Greg… Joshua was sad:

“ you don't have to worry about that, in fact, I've calculated that I can live more than 200 years, because my genetic condition allows my health to improve, I am healthier than the day I took the treatment! Holdar pointed the scale to Joshua:

“Come on let's see how much you've gain in a part time training:

“I was 1256 pounds this morning! Joshua said proudly:

“Nothing bad, but now you're just 1489 pounds heavy! What you say?

“FUCK! I didn't even noticed – with you next to me I looked so small! Joshua smiled

“But I did! I saw your muscles growing each rep, and I gotta tell you, that it's just the beginning! Holdar grabbed his son and let him seat on his neck:

“Come on let's have something to eat – I bet you can't eat more than your old man!

“I will some day, dad! Joshua said as they left the POWER ROOM.


23 --Enjoying Holdar's hospitality?

Bryan, Kevin and Zack were taken to the Solarium in the middle of the afternoon and told that Joshua was with his father. The help told them to make themselves comfortable and showed their room. Zackary would stay in the other room with a single bed, but there was a communication door, so they felt he would be safe, but what really held their attention was this HUGE bed, who could fit Joshua and his two lovers:

“They really think details don't them? Kevin said and jumped in the soft huge bed. The whole bed was made of stone, so it would handle their combined weight. Bryan smiled, he knew Joshua would fuck their brains out, and that bed was perfect for actual sleep after hours of hot wet dripping cum sex, it was a good thing Zack would be in separated rooms, they needed their privacy. All the rest of the day, the guys laid near the pool and had humongous snacks, while waiting for Joshua's return. The night cam e and they were invited to have dinner in the pool garden, the night was incredibly clear with a big blue moon on the sky, the hot breeze was delicious, and the smell of food was so inviting… Bryan felt happy for his lover, after all the main purpose of this wild trip was to finally find out who this Holdar guy was, but yet he was a little afraid – Zackary was much more afraid, his own life could be in danger, but he knew Joshua would protect him.

“I'd never imagined Joshua could be so loaded on the money! Kevin said looking the decoration

“Rather amazing – Zackary commented.

“How could you find holdar anyway? Bryan asked Zack:

“He found me, when I received the answer of Joshua the phone rang and it was a guy named Rob, I knew he was one of Holdar's henchmen, and we set the details, but you've seen it didn't work out as I planned. Just then, they heard the noise of a huge figure approaching, not just one but two. Then the laughter was loud and suddenly Joshua appeared running and cheering:

“YAHOO! I WON! I WON! He celebrated and lowered his hands laughing:

“ONLY BECAUSE YOU CHEATED! YOU STARTED ALONE! The owner of the amazing voice appeared, hugged Joshua and LIFTED him! But due to the stats of this MONSTER it was not that impressive. He was ENORMOUS! He towered Joshua who could only reach the middle of his abs – what abs? ROCKS! DOZERS! Joshua was dwarfed completely ! The MAN was just as WIDE as Joshua as TALL! The wings were to wide, the arms were too long, the chest was too enormous, the man was absolutely HUMONGOUS, then he turned his face and they realized it was Holdar, because only him could look like Joshua that way! It was like seeing Josh in two sizes - MEGA and GIGA! Then he lowered the mega lad in the floor and looked at the shocked guests:


“Hey guys! See how BIG my dad is? Josh said proudly – You should see him training! Totally awesome! Bryan was the first to get a clue and introduced himself:

“Mr. Holdar, it's a pleasure to meet you – My name is Bryan Thompson – he offered his huge but yet not HUGE hand and Holdar shook it then he hugged the muscled lad:


“He's pretty haired Joshua – I see your spunk has pretty powerful results! Holdar said with his science look

“I told you, dad! He was the first to drink it, and in the beginning we didn't notice the results, but after many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many doses he turned into the golden bear you see now! Bryan totally blushed, knowing it was Josh's intend to embarrass him.

“And you must be Kevin? Holdar offered his hand and Kevin shook it still with his jaw dropped:

“P-please to meet you – The red haired mega muscles lad said

“THIS ONE ONLY TOOK ONE DOSE? JOSHUA WE'LL HAVE TO STUDY YOUR JUICES FIRST THING ON THE MORNING! Holdar wasn't kidding, but he smiled. Then Josh got serious:

“I think you already know Dr. Feldens – Joshua pointed at Zachary and the only normal man in the island, nodded his head. But Holdar didn't care, he just turned his face to Joshua:

“SO ARE WE GONNA EAT OR NOT? I AM STARVING! Holdar said and attacked the food. They ate more than a whole defense line of football team together just at round one, then each one had three more repetitions and Joshua still went for his fourth and fifth time, only loosing to his father who could eat whole eight times. The only one who couldn't even finish his first plate was Zack who went to bed right after. After dinner, the muscled teens and the MUSCLE FATHER remained talking outside, Holdar was marveled about Josh's story, his struggle for learning and his self teaching method, his many spoken languages, his musical skills, his recent political and economical positions, his interest for art and greek mythology, everything which just mesmerized his father so close they were. Josh kept talking and talking and when they realized it was already 2 a.m. Holdar excused himself:

“JOSHIE, IT WAS A WONDERFUL DAY, BUT I GOTTA GET SOME SLEEP, IF WE WANT RESUME OUR TRAINING RIGHT? Joshua stood up and opened his arms. Holdar grabbed him in his arms and kissed his forehead:

“GOOD NIGHT DADDY! Joshua said as the giant father lowered him on the floor.

“GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE! Holdar excused and went inside the mansion followed by Trent and Rob and two more of his muscled employees.

“YOUR FATHER IS AWESOME! HE'S GARGANTUAN! Kevin said jumping at Joshua's lap:

“I am so happy you two got along just fine! Bryan smiled

“We are still knowing each other, but I already admire him, by his intelligence, his character and his SIZE! Joshua looked at his two lovers and grabbed them:

“You know I've gained more than 120 pounds in just one training and I didn't even feel it? Come on I'll show you how BIGGER I've got! Where's our room?

“You'll just love the bed! Bryan completed as they entered the house. Rob finished cleaning his side of his master's muscle back, and so did Trent. They started rubbing the muscles of his imperial chest:

“I can't believe how BIG, he is! Holdar kept mumbling, he adjusted himself as Rob cleaned his mightiest chest muscles. Immersed in his gigantic tube, Holdar enjoyed his bath with his henchmen:

“He was capable of turning his friends into guys bigger than you little men – He looked at Trent who smiled :

“I know master, I couldn't believe either when I saw their figures on the farm!

“Even though he's much smaller than you Master, the kid has potential! Rob said after he kissed the hardness of Holdar's neck! Holdar moaned a little:

“Even lost in the middle of nowhere he was capable of learning, of growing and becoming each time stronger, if he did that in such conditions imagine after the phase 2 is complete! Holdar laughed and looked at himself

“My son! He's proud of my body! He was totally into my MUSCLES, and he wanted to be just like me! But he can grow MORE! I want him to GROW MORE,! Holdar felt his hardest muscles. Trent was biting his nipples:

“ He's together with me, and together we'll GROW much more! Holdar stood UP in all his glory and looked at his dwarfed little henchmen, each one of them only reached his waist line, it was really difficult for them to towel his mass, but he liked to see them struggling for a compliment, and Holdar always did this, because he loved more than anything being worshipped, and have his muscles overpowering the little men around him. And he liked that, he walked to his bed and sat down, quickly Trent and Rob applied his lotion all over his mega muscled boss, rubbing and massaging his steel hard muscles. He looked at the sexy look on Rob's face:

“The Phaetonte project must go on! Trent gave special attention to his master's armpits, Holdar repeated:

“My son loved my biceps, he squeezed them and desired them as you are doing now little man. Holdar grabbed both Trent and Rob in each hand:

“Call every men in the island I wanna fuck all of you tonight! He smiled and kissed them, felling his power of his little henchmen. Zackary couldn't sleep. First, because he was too nervous about that whole situation and even though he was tired of almost three days without sleeping, the noise coming from the boys' room was just too loud! Their moans, their groans, the "Oh my God!" exclamations and many more, besides the noise of the bed humping against the wall fiercely was the final drop! Zack got up the bed, dressed into some kind of silk kimono which was near his bed, and decided to have a smoke in the yard. It was almost 4 a.m., the blue moon already had laid behind the horizon. Feldens got his pack of cigarettes – He tried to smoke them many times but every time one of the boys complained about the smoke, yeah, like it would stunt their growth! He knew he wanted to quit many times, but every single opportunity he had was blown by irrelevant excuses, and this was one of them – "I'm too nervous!" Fuck! He just wanted to smoke! Zackary's hands were shaking, but even so he managed to light his smoke, and he savored the bitter feeling of his cigarette:

“YOU STILL HAVE THIS DISGUSTING HABIT? – Zack froze. It was him! HOLDAR appeared magically at his side, better his hip appeared at his eye level, because the rest of his colossal body was very high up in the air. Feldens started shaking and his mouth dropped the cigar down the balcony. He took a few steps over his former colleague. Holdar grinned and put his paws on his narrow hips:

“You still think I wanna kick your ass? PLEASE! If I wanted, you think those muscle teens could stop me? Not even Joshua is so strong – although after this training he's pretty much stronger! Holdar wore nothing but the same white leather thong, which covered his enormous BULGE! Zackary swallowed as he watched Holdar sitting on the outside, refreshing himself with the night breeze which was coming from the beach:

“I know what you did Feldens! And I AM PISSED at you, but I won't hurt you, I'll just ignore you, and pretend we never shared those moments! You turned my plans to ChemTech because you were jealous of my son, and I can't forgive you for what you did… Holdar kept looking at him

“I've never been jealous of your "son", but I was afraid you could hurt people, you were losing the control!

“And by losing the control you mean, I had a mind of my own which lead me to different plans, those which were not the same of the Board? And you – the eternal Mr. follow the orders, chickened out! Holdar completed crossing his mega muscled arms over his chest:


“Yeah, like they would ruin their own investment! Mocked the super colossal man:

“You don't understand, the only reason you were able to escape, was that I changed the code of the gates in the last minute, so the alarm went off and you had time to take Sarah of there! Have you ever considered what could have happened to Joshua if they broke into there successfully? You could have escaped, of course, but hey would get Sarah! Zack walked nervously from one side to another:

“I WOULD NEVER LET THEM HAVE SARAH! Holdar said with a power that made the windows tremble

“But you could get them to kill her in the whole thing! I did what I thought was the best, because I do have a mind of my own, which doesn't always agrees with your fucking enhanced brain! Zack concluded furiously. Holdar looked at him and waved his head:

“You would never understand! You don't know HOW POWERFUL I AM! I could vanish an entire army by my self! You think I couldn't beat those guys? Holdar laughed out loud and then he pointed one HUGE finger to Feldens – YOU CAN STAY HERE, BUT I DON'T WANT YOU TRASHING ME TO MY SON! Holdar turned his vast back. Feldens lost his mind and rushed into Holdar. The giant man just twisted his hip and dodged from the "attack" and the thin doctor fell over himself. Holdar laughed and lifted him from the ground. Feldens had rage and fear in his look but Holdar didn't he was calm:

“Zack, why don't you rest for a change, you can't control everything, or at least, you are not in charge now, I am taking my project forward, Joshua and I have much more to GROW, and you can't stop me from doing this, it's my dream, as I've told you many, many times! Now if you excuse me, I have 16 asses to fuck for the third time! Holdar dropped Feldens on the floor and proceeded to his room, while Feldens was furious at the floor, cursing himself, mostly because he still loved that insane behemoth just as the first they've met! Zackary got up and looked for his cigarettes, but they were gone! Holdar must have thrown them away. He always did that, every time he caught Feldens smoking he managed to distract him, grab the pack and throw it away, he can't even figure how many times it happened! Zackary laughed nervously and waved his head while he went back to his room – That miserable sun of a bitch! He keep doing this to me, maybe he cares about my health after all!

The dawn wasn't even shining when Joshua woke up. He couldn't sleep anymore, after fucking Bryan and Kevin all night long, he just couldn't sleep, his cock was HARD! Harder than never! He couldn't believe it! It was almost at his eye level so hard and thick he couldn't walk straight. The giant lad tried to wake up one of his "bitches" to help him with that awkward situation, but they were just too tired. Joshua took a deep breath and decided to take a good dive in the pool, maybe the cold water could work the situation, he just couldn't jack off anymore, it had lost the magic for him, now FUCK was the only thing he wanted. The pool was indeed over ten feet deep, because it was perfect for a dive in Joshua's proportions just like Holdar said last night . It was quiet and the water very cold, but in a moment – SPLASH – the water was blown by almost 1500 pounds of muscle teen. Not even the cold water could work against his erection and Joshua just let it fade out himself, if that was possible, maybe when the boys were up, he could release a few more times. The sun was rising and the pool got the perfect illumination. Joshua closed his eyes and felt the light bathing his muscles, then he started swimming, maybe it could help him. His muscles cut the water like a hot knife cuts butter, he slipped graciously through the liquid and kept swimming all the styles over and over. He just felt the water refreshing him, but still his cock was hard, besides the friction of the fluid in his shaft wasn't helping very much! Josh kept swimming for over one hour and a half, and he could do much more if he wasn't for Trent gentle interruption:

“Master Joshua, the breakfast is served! Trent invited the giant lad for eating but Joshua's member still demanded attention:

“Uh, thanks! But I'll swim a little more, you can help yourself! Joshua returned to his exercise, pretending to avoid food, he was starving, but he didn't want to be seen hard, he was already running naked around the house, even though his father – who's pretty bigger – wears that thong, it could be embarrassed if the help saw him hard as steel. Joshua emerged, look at his sides no one at sight – He got up of the pool, with his cock just as hard as in the beginning! He sat on the sun bathing chair:

“Oh, come on! Can't you wait a little, you know that if I jerk off, you still are gonna be hard, let's just wait for the others – Joshua whispered to his own cock like he had a mind of its own, and most of the times it did:

“Is there anything I can do to help you - Rob appeared right at his side with a mean grin. Joshua looked at his beauty tiny muscular body and smiled back, pointing to his member :

“I can't get soft! Cold water didn't work, and I don't wanna jerk off, because if I do this, I'll remain hard until I fuck! Joshua looked at Trent returning with a big bottle of what seemed baby oil.

“Well, well, we can't let that happen can we? - Rob removed his skimpy clothing, revealing his 450 pound physique – Relax and let us take care of this. Rob massaged Joshua's immense back while Trent applied the mint oil all over his muscles, rubbing and squeezing the lad's muscles with all the strength his 380 pounds muscle could apply. Joshua felt his cock hardening each time more:

“Guys, no offense but you're not helping me – he teased. Rob increased the pressure over his neck:

“We didn't even started – Your father has the same problem every single day, and it takes us hours to finally solve it. Rob kissed Joshua's forehead and continued massaging him: Trent was done with the oil and now he just laid over Joshua and rubbed against him, he felt every muscle fiber, he bit his nipples he licked his arm pits, punched the chest he made himself into a human plaything for Joshua, who just grabbed him and helped in his task, making him feeling his muscles hardly and sexy. Trent kept moaning, while Rob was now literally fucking Joshua's mouth. He had closed his legs around the neck of the muscle teen and turned himself until his 14 inches cock was engulfed by the desiring mouth of the titanic teen. Trent slipped to his legs, and worshipped the magnificent pillars of muscle, he gently went to the bubble but and Joshua lifted himself a little, the brunette guy managed to lift the butt of the monster muscular lad and his hot tongue went all the way up his anus. Joshua screamed in pleasure, then Rob got his cock out of his mouth and he attacked the deep cleavage of the muscle titan fucking his cleavage hard and roughly. Trent replaced his tongue for his fist, and Joshua moaned in pain and pleasure, the hand got up, massaging his hole and Rob returned his cock to the opened mouth. Joshua could barely breath, his mouth was being fucked and his anus was totally squeezed. The fist was wildly assaulting his butt, going up and down making circles, pressing spots Joshua didn't even know existed. Rob fucked his mouth and throat, Joshua engulfed all the prick, and continued to suck that cock fiercely. Suddenly, Trent pressed his ultra sensitive prostate and Joshua saw stars. He screamed as his cock erupted as the cum volcano he was used to, but this time it so different, so intense! Joshua sucked the cock in his mouth so fiercely, Rob moaned as his load all the way down his throat. Trent kept pressing the "joy button" while Joshua spewed volleys and volleys of cum, he moaned as he lifted both of the henchmen and kissed them in thanks for their help. The orgasm was still buzzing on his body, but amazingly his cock was soft for the time being. Joshua reclined himself , still hugging the exhausted pair of muscle men:

“WOW! I've never felt this way – Trent you gotta teach me how to do that stuff! Joshua said curious:

“Just a little of ancient techniques from the East, your father taught us, it helps in this particular problem you have, after this voluptuous orgasm you just had, you'll just feel relaxed and free of any uncomfortable, but I gotta warn you, it will only increase your next ejaculations and increase sensibly your libido – Rob commented in a serious tone – We saw your problem, but the only solution is that you have to increase the number of times you have sexual intercourses – Otherwise the hardness will remain!

“You've just made me even more wild for sex than I already am? THANK YOU!

“Remember to refill your energies, you have to be always well fed every time you had sex, it will just increase your orgasm amount – Trent said, sleeping of Josh's hug, and so did Rob:

“Excuse us now, we gotta check something inside the house. Both of them went in and Joshua used the cascade on the pool (what? You don't think a pool like that would be complete without a fifteen feet tall cascade did you?) to rinse himself from his cum and mint oil, jumped back on the pool, swam a little and finally laid back on the chair, enjoying the feeling himself relaxed and full of energy. He was almost attending the callings of his stomach to get some food, when the sun was blocked:

“I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BE HUNGRY AFTER ALL THAT EXERCISE! Holdar said and pointed to a catering service next to the pool. Joshua rubbed his hands together, got up of the chair in a jump, kissed his father's cheekbones and attacked the food. Holdar smiled as he watched his son eating like a beast, just like him. He joined the giant lad in his fierce eating, and soon they had vanished the whole thing. Joshua smiled as he rubbed his rock hard stomach:

“The food was delicious! It's a good thing we don't get fat from eating! Holdar smiled

“WE just ate more than the entire dinner served last night! Joshua was dumbfounded – How come?

24 --Fatherly love!

Holdar lifted and helped his son getting up too, they walked around the pool:

“Joshua, my dearest son, after that tragic night, for many months I've wondered trying to find a place to hide myself from the world, like I was a freak! Fortunately, there were a few men interested in my special abilities and soon I was living of my humongous body, charging fortunes to please rich gay men – He looked at Joshua – But I didn't do it just by the money, I enjoyed being worshipped by those pathetic little men, and with their money, their help, I've been able to build a respectful patrimony, which I used to start this whole empire that will be yours. Holdar caressed his tight skin and muscles. – In less than three of four years. Then, using my enhanced mind, I was able to rebuild the enhancement fluids that were destroyed in the explosion. With my potent formula reduced to 1/50 of the original power, I launched in the market of sports supplements, a new generation of sports drinks, supps, nutrition complements, everything that helped the athletes to be stronger than their competitors. All of them were considered legal, although many ones tried to prove dangerous side effects, which never existed, because my formula isn't a steroid. With the time, I secretly overtake the main industries of this planet and also produced the biggest and faster athletes in the sports scenario, which only increased my power. I can say to you now, there isn't one professional bodybuilder or a star athlete who doesn't use one of my products! And those who were really dedicated were invited to live with me and serve me in the Isla! That's how Trent and Rob are here, as long as the others, I know each one of them, they serve me in all possible ways, and I please them with more and more of muscle and power – I give them very few of my original formula, regarding their dedication to me, that's why Trent and Rob are the biggest henchmen you'll see in the island – Holdar concluded and went silent, just observing the sight.

“Dad, I am so sorry, you've been through all of this – Joshua sounded sad and embarrassed at the same time.

“You don't have to feel sorry for me, Josh – It was not your fault, I was the one who let you down all these years, I should have looked for you harder, but deep inside I was afraid of finding out you hadn't survived, that's would be real pain to me – Holdar held his son's chin and they both smiled – You are my boy!

“Why didn't you try to have another children? Joshua asked instinctively

“Well, I guess all those things, caused me a trauma, I didn't want to put another woman's life in danger again, besides, it took me quite a time to have enough money and rebuild my facilities at ChemTech, let's just say I was busy trying to develop myself even more, and forgot about the Phaetonte project in that time, but fortunately Zackary found you and now we are together at last! The father embraced his son showing all his love kept for all those years. Joshua hugged him back:

“About Dr. Feldens, I ask you not to harm him, I know he was the one who told the board about your plans, but I think he was just… Holdar silenced Josh with a finger in his mouth:

“There's nothing I ignore about Zack, I know everything about him, just everything, trust me! Holdar blinked and Joshua remained quiet – he just didn't know exactly why…

“I wanna show you something else, Holdar carried Joshua to the POWER ROOM:

“Are we gonna train? Joshua asked still on the arms of his father

“In a moment, first I want to show you this – Holdar pushed a button hidden behind a pillar, and the back wall opened revealing a HUGE complex – it was more like a medical center and heavy duty gym all in one! Holdar looked at his son and gently lowered him on the floor, then he walked to the complex:

“This is where I like to spend most of my days, I train in the POWER ROOM and study the wonders of my – I mean OUR colossal organisms in this laboratory, it has the best equipment money can buy, and the most advanced medical technology I developed myself over the years, everything to help me get BIGGER and BETTER everyday! Holdar flexed his guns and Joshua flexed his too, father and son engaged in a ultimate posedown in which MUSCLE was beyond description, and they soon were sweat and glistening, Joshua visibly was sprouting a vigorous erection and his father, well, if he just took off that damn thong, Joshua would had the chance to see his endowment. Holdar grinned as he noticed the gaze of his gigantic son:

“Joshua please take a look at the screen – the father had to turn his son's head to the computer screen – I took the liberty to recover some of your "samples" from your "massage" session with Trent and Rob, and ran a couple of tests, and just like I've expected YOU ARE FUCKING BETTER THAN ME! Holdar pushed some buttons:

“Here you have the graphics and charts of a normal little man's strength, muscular tissue potency, muscular performance, body fat percentage, every physiological data gathered. It helped me when I was back in my ChemTech days, now pay attention to those graphics when I show you the data from Rob, the biggest henchmen I've grown with my treatment – The graphics went trough the roof, exception made to the body fat percentage, the final result showed a total improvement of 2.78 points.

“It means, that – Holdar was about to explain this data to Joshua, but he was gently interrupted:

“I got it dad! Rob organism was enhanced to a 2.78 ratio, which means his muscular mass, body weight and other physical areas were increased, but I realize the Central nervous system was not such affected as the muscular mass, and his total strength was not amplified as well, maybe because his dose of treatment was extremely low, just like the first volunteers, right? Joshua had his brilliant look again in his eyes, Holdar was surprised:

“Yes, exactly! You really got brains beside brawn don't you? Holdar tossed his thick hair, then he pushed another buttons, and the data went CRAZY, the numbers were incredibly high and the performance charts never showed a decrease, it meant they were always STRONGER, BIGGER and BETTER! Joshua looked to the final enhancing ratio and read 16.33, he gulped:

“You're almost 16 times better than a normal man? Joshua whistled – YOU'RE THE MAN! Holdar laughed

“Actually those data are from last month, I believe it may be around 18 now, but the important thing is that I am not 16 times better, I have a 16 times MULTIPLIED human capabilities – EVERYTHING, my brain for example is capable of performing operations faster than the most advanced computers, my memory is perfect now, and I am capable of learning a new language within four hours of practice! And not just that! Holdar looked to the beaker in the table on the opposite side and the thing started floating in the air! Joshua was dumb folded as the thing flew to the other table following the gaze of his father.

“Simple telekinesis is also achievable, if you focus properly! Holdar smiled at an amazed Joshua:

“You think I can do it too? Holdar nodded - Just focus on the thing you wanna move! Joshua looked at the table and pictured it moving. He thought it was gonna be difficult with many hours of training, but when he noticed it was like lifting the thing with the hands, he felt the weight of the table and it was light! Then he focus and the table went flying to the other side! When he landed the object, he felt his head heavy, but he was so happy! Holdar was now wide eyed:

“You learn things faster than I've expected! Even I can't fly such heavy objects! Holdar smiled and hugged his son proudly. Then he retuned to the computer screen:

“As you've seen, my enhancement had achieved my entire organism and not just the muscular area, the height was also pretty increased, in order to allow more muscular mass. Actually, my body has different muscular areas than the original human structures, and due to the increase of my nervous system I am capable of controlling – at will, functions like the contraction of the seminal canals, as well as the precise time of ejaculation! Holdar grinned – As I know you can do it too, just don't try now, or you'll ruin my lab! Joshua smiled – I've done it before, I fell like I can cum at my own will!

“Son, as I told you before, the mere fact I am still bigger and stronger than you, is caused by practice, and in your case, the practice needed is very little, besides – Holdar pushed the buttons and his picture appeared along wit lots of numbers and his stats, and a simulation of his DNA:

“As, you can see here, the total enhancing of my organism is a process which is stabilizing now, it means after all those years I could be finally getting to my final size! Holdar grinned. Joshua looked at him and he pushed the last buttons and the graphics were astronomical! But the most amazing thing was that it was made not to a normal little man, but with his own father stats! In most of them it showed errors due to such potency! The projections couldn't be established! And the DNA was noticeably different:

“Joshua, as I've told you, I am no longer human – much better, bigger and stronger -but you HAVE NEVER BEEN HUMAN! I mean, you look like a man, you are sweet and kind, but not like man, because it's something you're OVER Joshua! If I can't be compared to men, you can't be compared to me, because you're many times stronger and better – you've noticed! I merely don't have to explain you this! You could learn by yourself! There are only two reasons you still hadn't reached your real spurt yet – One is that you've never realized your full potential, living among humans, your standards can't be leveled with theirs, you know it was the cause for such pain, they just couldn't accept your superior conditions! And so, you were hold back trying to fit in human conditions, and even so you were many times stronger, even trying to seem "normal"! Holdar looked at his son's expression and he kissed his cheek tenderly:

“The second and most important factor is that you never took the enhancers since you were born, your genetic code can't start the process without the right ingredients which only the treatment can give to you!

“You mean I can grow to be like you? Joshua said full of proud and hope!

“You can GROW BIGGER, BETTER AND MUCH STRONGER THAN ME! You're much more than I am Joshua! Holdar smiled and grabbed his son and kissed his mouth. Surprisingly, the lad kissed him back and they ended tongue wrestling for over two minutes, when they finally broke their kiss:

“WOW! I've never had a kiss like this! It was like kissing a tornado! Joshua was hard now, his cock was at full mast and he liked that, he wanted to show how strong he was to his father. His mega muscled, mega enhanced, mega TITAN father was looking at him with desire in the very same green eyes of him !

“I wanna fuck you! Holdar whispered and Josh almost melted down in his powerful voice, the lad walked towards him and was about to reach the ridiculous thong when his father stopped him gently:

“There's just one last thing I wanna show you! He kissed his son's forehead – Remember I told you many times we're so better than man that we're over them? Well you could say that I, and soon you, are TWICE male! Two times virile! Holdar grinned and untied the skimpy leather thong and Joshua's eyes widened. He never expected to see THAT, better he never expected to see THOSE! Any other of his father's many talents and capabilities was such provocative, sexy, freaky and deliciously desirable like THEM! He saw them majestically rising, and they danced like twins coming to life, Holdar grinned:

“Over the years, I was so fucking huge, that I didn't expect surprises like that! But five years ago I was gifted with a second endowment, son! And I loved it! My sexual libido augment four times! My sperm production is eight times stronger, I can have different and equally intense orgasm from each member! I ca have sex while one of the cocks is ejaculating, and both of them can give me the most intense experience of my life! Holdar stood up and grinned, Joshua was at his feet admiring and desiring the colossal freak his father was:

“Son, I show you the ULTIMATE MALE! Holdar FLEXED all his muscles and his TWO COCKS! They were magnificent! Supremely enormous! Like their owner! Two enormous equally immense cocks! Each at the unbelievably size of 52 inches long – 4'4" twin snakes with over three 3 inches width each! They were totally veined, cabled and pulsating with the power of the MUSCLE!

“You're so FUCKING AWESOME, DAD! Joshua screamed as he attacked his colossal old man kissing him, squeezing his muscles and devouring his enormous size. Holdar moaned and his cocks got even harder! The second one emerged a little down where the first snake always had been, with the same size, power and thirst for sex than the original. Holdar grabbed Joshua and kissed him hardly, while his cocks struggled to se who would fuck him first:

“You remember when I said, I understood why you could love both Bryan and Kevin the same way? It's because I know you'll soon be like your old man, Josh! And then You'll be able to fuck their hot asses at the same time! You don't know how amazing it is! That's why I keep the number of my henchmen even! I always fuck them by pairs! Holdar laughed as Joshua continued to attack his oversized nipples, then the mega teen looked up at him:

“I can't wait to be like you, dad! But first, I wanna feel those monsters inside of me! Josh commanded

“Son, they're too THICK! You will never be able to handle me both inside of you! Holdar patronized:

“Who said I could have total control over my muscles? Joshua closed his eyes and allowed his sphincter to relax and soon he was engulfing the first thick head easily:

“Ya see? There's nothing I can't do! And I want you both inside of me! Holdar moaned and he lowered the enormous back of Joshua in the lab floor, and he shifted the second head along with the first. Joshua screamed in pain and pleasure, Holdar turned into a savage beast, and pounded his two pricks wildly while Joshua accepted the power, he felt each time his father's power over him and he loved. Joshua had such control he managed to contract his anus in such way he could stimulate both cocks separately, and Holdar went each time stronger and wilder attacking his butt. The father of muscle lifted his son with one hand behind his back and made him seat in his cocks! Joshua felt himself sliding down the pricks of his man, he was loving the overpowering sensation of being two times dominated, by the ultimate male! Holdar felt the two cocks insanely fucking the tight muscle hole of his muscle lad son! He carried him over the lab and used his colossal body to impale him both more and more, Joshua replied by tightening and relaxing his anus in such way that Holdar though his cocks would be engulfed by that mega muscle butt. They went fucking and humping like the word would end right there! Holdar was pounding with all his might and Joshua had this smile on his face, he felt the enormous monsters inside of him, struggling for space and pleasure, the feeling was so overwhelming he couldn't speak anymore, it was like he could touch the pleasure and feel it in his hands. Joshua held on his father's deltoids and helped on the fucking motion, then he looked at his monster father and his face shone like the sun! Holdar smiled back at him and they kept increasing the motion, only their bodies were capable of doing this! They were each time faster and stronger on the rhythm of orgasm, but not even Holdar was prepared to endure such as Joshua, he could barely believe that his gigantic twins were soon to burst into cum! He threw his head back, and his thick hair flew along, waving the fucking dance of his owner, just like Joshua's own hair. Their gargantuan bulks were so amazingly alike, you could swear it was the same colossal being fucking and being fucked a t the same time!

“DAD! LET ME FEEL YOUR GUNS! FLEX FOR ME! Joshua commanded and Holdar obliged in a growl, he hit a double biceps and Joshua grabbed on those, he squeezed them hard, feeling the hardness and the size of the gigantic stones attached to his father's titanic arms. Joshua kissed each one of the amazing peaks and Holdar only moaned in ecstasy and joy, he kissed his son hardly, barely believing that his two cocks were impaling the monster teen and he was mastering the fucking motion and dominating the whole thing! He was in charge! Holdar obliged to every need , he FLEXED at each simple ask, and Joshua rewarded him by giving him waves of pure pleasure in both of his cocks! Holdar was finally beaten! Even still smaller then him, Joshua had surpassed his old man in every way, he was so much aware of his condition, it was like he was just waiting for the right time where he could launch his true self into the growth and the power he deserved. Holdar was so marveled at the sight of their fuck he lost the alleged total control of his cocks! He only felt them bursting at the same time, and the floor seemed to shake, so intense was the load of the colossal doctor lost his balance and had to lean on the wall to avoid falling on the floor, he laughed so intense was the orgasms, he had them both at the same time, a very difficult to happen moment, but again he was with Joshua and the lad really could make it happen! But the lad wasn't through yet, he was fucking himself literally by humping the cocks of his father, then he looked at the beaten colossus and unplugged himself from their cocks, his won member was purple and the giant head was about to explode!

“SUCK ME! SUCK MY COCK AND DRINK ME! Josh commanded and Holdar went to the shaft at the same time, he felt the hot head of the lad inside of him and sucked hard as never, he lifted his son along with him and the lad threw his body back and got only hang by the power of his sucker monster. With a ferocious roar, Josh felt his orgasm explode in his father's mouth, and the giant doctor kept sucking while the lad kept pumping gallons of his juice down his throat, the bigger man sucked hardly and Josh moaned in pleasure, he never came such in his life, and he never felt this way, so comfortable, he gave himself completely in that fuck, not fearing to hurt his partner, because he knew he couldn't! He felt himself pumping each time more cum into his father's throat, and the freaking colossal beast kept on sucking him harder and harder. Joshua felt himself building hard again and he never understood why he came so fat again, filling his father's body with more juice, and so he did over five times, always being sucked by Holdar, who only moaned in ecstasy! Then, he felt his father shivering, he felt the colossal man losing the balance and falling on the floor. Joshua quickly came in the rescue of his father, but the giant doctor was smiling back at him, then he doubled in pain, he put his hand in his stomach and Joshua tried to call for help. It was then he realized his father was SWELLING right in front of him! The muscles were completely popped and the veins were jumping up and down, the skin was red and the muscles seemed they would rip it off! Holdar laughed! He laughed out loud and his voice boomed each time more! Joshua saw and couldn't believe he was WIDENING! He was so fucking large, that the muscle lad had to take a few steps off and behold the GROWTH of GROWTHS! Holdar was still laughing when he sat , and he was almost the level of Bryan's height, when he did that:

“DON'T WORRY SON! YOU'VE MADE IT! Holdar smiled – YOU'VE PASSED IT TO ME! YOU THOUGHT IT RIGHT! Holdar looked at himself and laughed:

“LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME JOSHUA! THANK YOU! QUICK PLUG THOSE SENSORS ON ME! Joshua obliged and the monitor start blinking and beeping:

“THIS MONITOR IS DESIGNED TO RECORD MY DEVELOPMENT, LOOK AT DATA! JOSHUA YOU'VE TOTALLY BLOWN ME! Holdar laughed as he watched himself enlarging and getting each time more muscular. Joshua kept one eye on the monitor and the other at his giant man:

“DAD! YOU'RE OVER 3000 POUNDS! AND NEAR 13 FEET TALL! Holdar looked at him and smiled. His arms were so gigantic now, even Joshua thought they were a little exaggerated, but he loved them and wanted them to grow more. Holdar laughed as he saw his legs so thick they pushed each other afar, and his twins growing harder and freakier, his chest was so huge, the nipples were amazingly gigantic:


“YOU'RE ALMOST 90% MADE OUT OF MUSCLE! Joshua completed and his father smiled:

“THANKS TO YOU MY SON! I'VE NEVER HAD SUCH A FUCK IN MY LIFE! Holdar groaned as his muscles really kicked in the growth. He felt them blowing and swelling by the seconds, and so did the strength! The graphic showed an increase of 523 percent! And his mass was completely bursting any standard, Holdar was so fucking wide, he seemed morphed! Joshua came near him and sat on his lap:

“I WANNA FEEL YOU GROWING DAD! Holdar nursed him and they felt together the wonderful sensations of growing. Each time Holdar was more massive, more muscular, his shoulder was almost bigger than Joshua's biceps, and his chest was definitely immense, it was so amazing, but not less than his legs or his 36 abdominal packs popping of his stomach, his stomach had abs everywhere, on the side, near the chest, he was MUSCLE! Joshua worshipped every growing muscles with his tongue. Holdar smiled and STOOD UP in his full glory, carrying his worshipping son with him and laughing so WIDE and MUSCULAR he was becoming, his shoulders should be over ten feet wide now, and his waist so ridiculously thin, his cocks seemed thicker than it, speaking about them they were growing along with the impressive pillars of muscles, competing for space, Holdar could see them trying to get higher than his chest. Joshua was the one laughing now:

“YOU STILL THINK I CAN SURPASS YOU? He said kissing the immensity of his growing father.

“OF COURSE! YOU'RE MUCH MORE THAN ME! LOOK AT THE CHARTS YOU'RE STILL MUCH MORE STRONG AND BETTER! BUT THIS WILL HELP TO REACH YOUR TRUE SELF! Holdar was now so wide, his arms were just ENORMOUSLY attached to his shoulders, and his neck was so THICK, the deltoids went up in the air, Joshua screamed:

“I WANNA FEEL YOU GROWING FROM THE INSIDE! IMPALE ME DAD! Holdar smiled and he did as asked, he impaled both inside of Joshua and the lad felt his father growing more muscular, attached to his two cocks! Holdar FLEXED his muscles, and showed his son the brute image of raw prime muscle, Joshua flexed his muscles too, even attached to his father's monster cocks and they both posed for each other. Holdar was so marveled and showed his son all his growing muscles.

“DAD, YOU'RE AMAZING GROW FOR ME, DADDY! Joshua screamed as he felt the cocks growing along with their owner. Holdar laughed and laid his hands on his hips admiring his true self. The muscles were so huge they didn't seem human any more! The biceps seemed to increased more than anything, so abnormally overgrown, but at the same time, the chest and legs composed the ultimate picture of his growing father. Joshua worshipped his growing majesty and his muscles inflating like ballooning!

“THANK YOU SON! YOU MADE ME START ALL OVER AGAIN I AM GROWING AND WILL BE ABLE TO GROW MORE OVER THE YEARS ! Flexed his guns, and kissed the peaks, then he hit a most muscular which was indeed the MOST MUSCULAR POSE! Joshua cheered his mega muscled father:

“GROW DAD! I WANNA YOU IMMENSE! GROW MORE THAT'S MY DADDY! Holdar laughed and grabbed his son, kissed him hardly and engulfed the lad with his enlarging muscles. Then he screamed in agony when his two cocks blew again their amazing load, the power of the orgasm hit the ceiling and soaked both of them, Joshua screamed as he felt the power he gave to his father creaming himself. He knew his father deserved this power and he was more than happy to give it to him. When they were able to see, holdar was finally subsiding his spurt, and in a few more moments he was done. He was MUSCLE, now more than ever, he was still carrying Joshua:

“I THINK I AM DONE! FOR NOW They both laughed and Holdar lowered his mega muscled son and the lad kept looking at him with a glint in his eyes:

“DADDY! YOU'RE HUMONGOUS! Joshua rushed to the screen and almost fainted:

“14'5" TALL – 6759 FUCKING HUGE POUNDS! You're muscular mass is 89 percent of your body! And the strength is 1458% enhanced! The other data is just amazing dad! Suddenly Joshua felt himself floating, he was floating! He was floating towards his father, like he could really fly, then he was engulfed by the embrace of his muscle tower father – I KNOW! I CAN FEEL IT! Holdar smiled and he levitated his son all over the lab, and the lad pretended he was flying, the he saw his FATHER getting of the ground an joining him in his air ballet! – I CAN DO WITH BOTH OF US! Holdar concluded and kissed in the air, rolling over and gently landing again:


“Don't you wanna know about your other stats? Joshua asked curiously, then his father grabbed him and made him seat on his arms – WHAT FOR? I'VE ALREADY CALCULATED THEM! 315 INCHES CHEST – Holdar rubbed his pecs and bounced them in front of Joshua's desiring face – 243 INCHES LEGS! He flexed them and the muscle striations were huge and veined, like cut direct from the stone! Then, he threw Joshua up in the air and grabbed him with his might arms! 277 INCHES GUNS EACH! ONE OF THEM IS ALMOST THE SIZE OF MY CHEST! Joshua laughed out loud along with his DAD!

“ What about them? Holdar grinned - My "guys" are exactly 6'10" length! 5'8" wide! And you've hide them like no one else had! The new giant tried the best he could and he managed to tie his thong back over his massive twins, it was even more ridiculous now, the enormous BULGE was even bigger Holdar said – I WANNA KEEP THE BOYS A SECRET FOR THE GUESTS, JUST TO SEE THEIR FACES LIKE YOURS WHEN YOU SAW THEM IN ACTION – Josh laughed as he pictured the idea and his father tossed his beautiful son's hair:

“THANK YOU AGAIN! YOU'VE PERFECTED ME! YOU'VE MADE ME COMPLETE MY SON! They kissed hard and Joshua felt his father carrying out of the laboratory, to the POWER ROOM! Holdar looked around and twisted his head, he just tried every machine at MAX, which meant he was lifting about 25000 pounds in each rep, and sometimes even more than that, and he laughed as he felt like he was pumping with feathers. Holdar tried a few more reps using his own son as a living dumbbell and he curled Joshua's body for over two hundred reps in each arm, Joshua loved feeling so light to his gigantic father and he cheered him to do even more series with him, but his father smiled and lowered him back at the floor:

“I GOTTA GET NEW EQUIPMENT! IT'S TOO LIGHT FOR ME NOW! Joshua FLEXED for his father and waved him a kiss – WAY TO GO DADDY! Holdar flew his son next to him and kissed him once more:

“THAT'S MY BOY! YOU'RE MY TREASURE! AND I LOVE YOU! Holdar kissed him and played with his giant figure. Joshua was happier than never! He looked at his gigantic dad 5 feet taller and almost 5 times his muscular weight and felt so proud! He was his FATHER the man who started it all, he was so beautiful, so manly, so FUCKING HUGE! I can't wait to be at least half of his size:

“OH SON! YOU'RE SO GOOD TO ME! I CAN'T WAIT TO GROW YOU TOO! Holdar looked at him grinning - "I'm sorry I read your mind, but to me it's like hearing you talking, I just have to pay attention" Joshua looked fascinated :

“YOU'RE TALKING ON MY MIND! Joshua screamed – "I can do everything son! You gave me the power! You've made me the MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE!" Joshua smiled as he heard the tender voice of his father in his clever mind and conclude that he didn't need words to communicate with him now – "Father, I love you, you're my idol now! I only hope I can correspond to your expectations!" the answer was almost immediate – "Don't worry, Josh, you'll surpass me, that's I can assure!" Holdar grabbed him in his arms and carried him:

“YOUR TREATMENT WILL BE READY IN A FEW HOURS! UNTIL THEN WHY DON'T WE GO CHECK ON OUR GUESTS? I THINK THEY MUST BE CURIOUS ABOUT US! Holdar and Josh left the complex towards the mansion. "Dad, can u hear me?" Joshua tried once more "Loud and Clear son, whenever you call me I will answer" Holdar knew his son was playing his new powers and he was more than pleased to show him his capabilities "This is so cool, I still can't believe it! Anyway, I just wanted to know one thing" Joshua was still thinking when he got the answer " No Josh, I couldn't grow the others with my semen, only you have this power, but NOW, I will show you, just play along and we shall see this new power you've passed to me"



“DAD, I've made Bryan and Kevin grow, you think they can get those powers too? Josh asked a little curious about the possibilities, Holdar grinned and said:



25-- The fruit never falls far from the tree

Bryan, Kevin and Zack were finishing lunch. Bryan and Kevin were so exhausted! Joshua never fucked the way he did last night! It was so intense and mandatory! He was spent as so was Kevin, their asses were sore and their huge bodies in slight pain, but fortunately Rob and Trent were there to give them "massages" right when they needed. Lunch was delicious, as usual, but he missed Joshua. Ever since they got on the island he spends so much time with his father! But he understood Joshua, after all he loved to be with his father when he was alive, Josh had the right to know him better. Kevin was finishing his fourth plate, when he noticed that Zack didn't even touched his plate:

“Something wrong doctor? Kevin gently touched his hand, and Feldens woke up from his trance.

“Oh, no! I was just day dreaming, don't worry with me! Bryan looked at Feldens and guessed what was on his mind – he was still worried about Holdar's reaction to what he had done in the past, Holdar seemed not to care about him, but it would be no surprise if he was planning something secretly.

“HEY GUYS! COME OUTSIDE I GOTTA SHOW YOU SOMETHING!!! That was the unmistakable voice of Joshua! Bryan and Kevin rushed to the yard, in order to attend the callings of their lover, Feldens came a little behind, but when he got there he joined the number of dropped jaws – IT WAS INHUMAN! Joshua stood proud aside of his father who towered him by 5 FEET TALL! Joshua almost didn't make to his belly button! In fact he was a little above the waist line! And when it comes to WIDTH we couldn't even compare! It was supremely MASSIVE! The muscles were majestically popping out and it only magnified his titanic proportions! Holdar, just put his hands on his hips and waited for the introduction:


“NO SON, YOU'RE AMAZING! YOU MADE ME THIS HUGE! From up there Holdar tossed his son's hair and he looked kindly to the others even smaller than his gigantic son. When Trent and Rob looked at their amplified master their first reaction was to run at him, each grabbed on one leg and kissed they worshipped him happily and Holdar grabbed one with each hand easily with two fingers around their waist and brought them to his collar where they nested and kissed his augmented muscles, then he lowered them and commanded them to prepare the laboratory for him, and so they obliged. Kevin was the first to approach him and poked him with his finger, still not believing his immense size, he couldn't even reach his waist! Then Holdar kneeled in front of him:

“DON'T WORRY KEVIN, YOU CAN TOUCH ME! I AM REAL! Holdar FLEXED his gigantic arm and Kevin felt how immense it was then he climbed the huge mountain and sat on the peak of the gargantuan biceps, pretending to hide it as a wild bull, Holdar laughed with scene and toyed with his gun, playing along with his little friend, then Kevin got down and just whistled to the giant freak muscle man:

“WOW! YOU'RE THE BEST MR. HOLDAR! The doctor nodded – PLEASE CALL ME RICH! I DON'T LOOK MUCH OLDER THAN YOU! They all laughed and soon Bryan hugged Joshua, kissing him hard:

“Are you happy, lover? Bryan asked looking to his king sized father – YOU'VE GOT YOURSELF THE BIGGEST DADDY IN THE WORLD! Joshua nursed Bryan in his arms:

“I am more than happy, Bryan – I feel complete now! Daddy told me everything about me and my capabilities, and he's going to help me to reach my full potential! Joshua looked at Holdar – THINK FAST! And he tossed Bryan's 600 pound frame like it was a feather pillow, and Holdar just grabbed him gently and nursed Bryan's bulk in his immense chest. Bryan felt the hardness of the monster of muscle and just smiled at him, then strangely he had the freakiest feeling – "Don't worry, I would never harm my Joshua, he's the meaning of my life, as he is to you!" – Bryan had the exact feeling of hearing Holdar's voice in his mind, but the man didn't say a word! He was just there smiling at him tenderly. Bryan was kissed in the forehead and lowered back on the floor. Where Joshua waited anxiously for him. Feldens was completely scared now! Holdar was BIGGER than ever! He was HUMONGOUS, GARGANTUAN, BEHEMOTH! Every word you can find on dictionary couldn't describe him precisely, his size was absolutely no more comparable to human standards, his arms, his legs, his chest everything had a new grotesque , yet sexy design now, and his face was so masculine, it was the strongest man alive, fuck he was the strongest man alive. Again the thong was ridiculously tied over his waist, why did he keep that thing for heaven's sake? – "YOU SURE YOU WANNA KNOW?" Feldens was scared! He could swear he heard Holdar talking to him, but the man was busy flexing his muscles to Joshua and his friends, how could he had heard him talking with him? - "BECAUSE I AM READING YOUR MIND, SILLY!" – Again! He heard the voice of the giant colleague in his mind, how could this be possible?

“IT IS POSSIBLE! I CAN READ YOUR MINDS, ALL OF YOU! JOSHUA GAVE ME THIS POWER! All the guys looked at Joshua who proudly nodded – I didn't know I could do this! Joshua smiled – But I am happy daddy got all those powers from ME! He pointed to his father who laughed along with him! Feldens almost fell down on the floor! He was scared to death! If Holdar got all these new powers, nothing could stop him now! He had to get out of the island before he killed him! Feldens tried to stand up and run, but when he realized he was FLOATING in the air! He saw, Bryan, Kevin open mouthed, and Joshua laughing at the sight, Holdar had his hands on his hips and grinning from ear to ear! Zack floated upside down until he approached of his former love and colleague, then he was turned up and was floating right at Holdar's eye level. And he was looking seriously at him. – "I can't believe you are so scared at me! What did I ever for you acting the way you do?" Feldens heard the voice and couldn't get mad at such invasion anymore, he just thought about the moments they shared, but also the fear he had that each time Holdar grew more and more becoming something he liked to call "inhuman", he would lose the love for him, after all Zack was just the guy who betrayed him! – "I can't believe you thought I was gonna stop loving you! Every inch I grew I loved you more because you were part of my becoming, my transformation! I loved you more than ever and I showed you every night we had together" Feldens was getting used to this kind of communication: "You've just used me as your sex toy, to prove yourself you were bigger and stronger, you hurt me when you fucked me, and I didn't complain because you didn't know your strength, but the next day you were bragging yourself about how thin and weak I was compared to you! I didn't like that but the only thing who mattered to you was growing more! And I was afraid you were losing your mind!" Holdar's face got blue – "I hurt you? I didn't know! I tried to avoid sexual contact and you know it! But you keep teasing me! And that bullshit of comparison about you and me was just talking, you know I think you're the most beautiful man – even among the enhanced ones!" Feldens couldn't believe the "words" he just thought it was all part of Holdar's scheme – "Why you care about me now? Didn't you order to let me out of the whole thing? You've just used me!". Zackary barely remembered he was having this "discussion" floating over ten feet in the air! "I still can't believe you didn't realize it! I STILL FUCKING LOVE YOU!" Feldens mind was fill of the images of them two kissing, holding hands, fucking, measuring Holdar's amazing development and their plans for the future where Holdar promised he would grow Zackary to match his size, so they could really consummate their love, without fearing of hurting nor withholding their powers. "Why are you bringing those images now? I don't want to be member of your freak show!" Zackary didn't understand they weren't talking so words were meaningless – "You lie, I can read your mind remember? You still love as much as I love you, ever since the very first days, Zack! Why don't you accept the truth? We were mad at each other but it was YOU who saved Sarah after all, you were the one who understood the meaning of my unborn child and risked your own life to get Sarah and Joshua safe! You can say that you tried to help an innocent mother, but I know, I feel you did this for me! Because you love me, damn it!" Holdar reached his giant muscled arms and gently grabbed Zack and kissed him deeply, he held the tiny man in his arm and kissed him, the kiss he's been holding for 15 years. Josh, Bryan and Kevin watched amazed the scene. Zack, totally vulnerable floating quiet looking at Holdar's majestic face, they were there for what seemed a few seconds, and then Holdar grabbed the doctor and kissed him, it was so beautiful! Zackary kissed him back, and they could see the tears rolling down his face, he embraced the most he could of his giant beloved, but soon he had to break the kiss:

“IF YOU HAD QUIT WHEN I ASKED YOU, YOUR BREATH WOULD BE MUCH LONGER! Holdar was holding his lover with just one hand! Feldens was standing in his lover's hand! And he loved it! He felt so secure in near his lover, and the best thing was he didn't have to talk about it, Holdar knew, he felt! Their relationship was beyond words now. Zack looked at the beautiful green eyes of Holdar, and then he turned to Joshua:

“Thanks for defending me Josh! The giant lad waved back to him – You're welcome Zack! Holdar grabbed Joshua embracing him with his arm and gently engulfed both of them:

“YOU TWO ARE MY FAMILY! WE ARE TOGETHER AT LAST! Then he looked at Bryan and Kevin, and grabbed all of them, he was holding everybody in a giant hug only a 14'5" 6750 pounds is capable of:


“HEY! I think it's much tight in here! Kevin protested and Holdar lowered all of them back, exception of Zackary who grabbed on his fist and remained attached to the colossal doctor: "You won't get rid me so easily now!" Holdar looked at him smiling "Who said I wanted" and kissed him hardly then he looked at Joshua and nodded his head. The giant lad went back at his father and grabbed the laces of the ridiculous thong:

“HOLD YOUR BREATH! THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! Joshua ripped of the tight thong, revealing the MONSTER TWINS to the special audience:

“HOLY FUCK! Kevin exclaimed

“HE HAS TWO PRICKS! Bryan pointed with his member already hard!

“RICHARD! Zackary almost fainted in excitement, he jumped and kissed Holdar's neck and mouth!

“I TOLD YOU! MY DADDY RULES! Joshua rushed to Bryan and Kevin – And pretty soon, I will be even BIGGER than him! He whispered in their ears! Everyone, except Joshua, was shocked to the brutal scene of primal muscle and manhood! Two enormous pricks hard, taller and thicker than Zackary! Holdar grinned and stroke his two hard members – "Zack, you know I can't fuck you right now, I will never hurt you again, so please suck my dicks and drink from my power spunk. Josh gave me his gift! Just like him, I am now able to grow you just with my juice" – Feldens smiled and literally jumped to the pricks, even sting in one while his mouth was sucking the giant corona strongly. Holdar moaned and leaned back in the palm three, almost forgetting he was much heavier then the poor thing, he stood up again – "What the heck!" He was floating! Carrying his sucker along with him, free from all of the forces he enjoyed the suck! And it took quite time for Zack milking his giant cow, when he was almost exhausted Holdar moaned loudly about twenty feet over the ground and the sucking cock exploded in Zack's mouth! Feldens kept sucking the best he could and still missed lots of jism, but about five minutes later he had dried one of Holdar's pricks. He landed himself and Feldens, waiting for the upcoming show – "Watch this, son! Look what you've turned into! A giant factory of muscle cum" Holdar teased him mentally – "Hey, the apple never fells far from the three" Joshua replied and they both laughed!

“LOOK AT ME! Feldens screamed as he noticed his muscles filling up quickly, actually it was TOO QUICKLY! Feldens doubled over in pain, his bones sounded like they would break, his skin stretched as his figure augmented by the seconds! He moaned and managed to get up, he was already at Kevin's height!, although his muscle was yet not as big as the red haired freak , it was only a matter of time, and this time had passed, he was already surpassing Kevin, his mere clothing ripped a long time ago, and he was naked. Zackary was one of this common guys, he was very white, dirty blond hair, the typical Jew type, thin nosed, thin lips, a little freckles, but he was cute to Holdar. It was then, a few minutes then, now Feldens was turning into Samson himself, and even more, you could actually say he was filling up the role of Goliath! His muscles stretched and swallowed, and his bones were augmenting, he was almost the size of Bryan!

“He gained over 400 pounds in less than two minutes Joshua! Something is wrong! Bryan was alarmed and Josh was starting to feel this way, when Holdar grabbed Zackary:

“YOU'RE GOOD TO GO! And impaled the moaning growing doctor in his dick which had previously sucked by Feldens. Then the growing man awoke and roared! He was alive and demanding to be pleased, he tightened his anus around Holdar's shaft and turned himself to suck the other giant prick, and in this strange think Holdar had his eyes rolled over the orbits, he pounded that ass furiously and Feldens grabbed on the shaft to suck more and more of the precious growth cum! Holdar didn't resist for long and soon the giant man was releasing the second half of Feldens' treatment down the throat of the growing man. His blond hair got lighter just like Bryan's and his muscles were awesomely HUGE, he was growing faster than anyone, maybe because of the power of Holdar's juice, it was very intense watching those muscles coming out of nowhere and filling each time more the growing bulk of Zack. He moaned as the other dose kicked in and increased the already immense growth, Holdar grabbed him and they kissed hardly, then Feldens was so much bigger when he started, that he was able to thrust his cock inside of Holdar's mouth and the doctor sucked it hard, but Feldens was not interested in being sucked, he had grown so much bigger that even that Holdar was still a giant compared to him, he begged to fuck the doctor freak, who only moaned as the growing dick filled his arse and the smaller growing titan was wild at his fucking job. Due to Holdar's immense size they couldn't realize how much more Feldens was growing but he was HUGE! Definitely humongous! When Feldens were almost done, Holdar was already ready to spew his cum from his both dicks! Both Rob and Trent appeared from the house and jumped at the cock of their master, who only had time to scream in ecstasy just like Feldens who roared and came inside of Holdar. Rob and Trent drank their share of Holdar's growth cum, and both of them rolled over, they were also growing as fast as Feldens, and it was sure they would surpass him, after all they were already in the enhancement fluids thing!

“I'LL BE BIGGER THAN YOU TWO! Feldens said in rage. He was somewhere between Bryan and Joshua in muscle department, but much bigger than he had started. He looked at Joshua, grinned and attacked his cock furiously. The giant lad barely had time to notice, he was soon on the ground with a 800 pound freak over him, sucking his cock wildly – "Please let him drink from you!" Holdar mentally asked Joshua, and the lad relaxed, allowing the furious musclebound at his shaft to suck him more comfortably. Many times, Feldens lifted the hips of his cum maker in order to adjust his mouthing. Joshua was soon releasing his immense load down Feldens throat. The blond doctor roared and threw his head back as he felt the effect of his new dose of growth cum! Joshua was still recovering from his powerful orgasm when he felt himself being carried:

“THANK YOU, JOSH! YOU ARE AMAZING! Zack was carrying the giant lad and growing freakier by the second. He was thickening, his muscles ballooning by the inches. Trent and Rob had already finished growing, and they were huge! Each one well over 8'6" inches tall and around 800 pounds, they smiled and kissed their master, worshipping his still immense figure, Kevin had joined them, admiring their newly grown muscles, Trent and his jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, light tanned skin and Rob with his long chestnut cascaded hair – two supreme escort guardians to His Majesty of Muscle! Bryan also admired the spectacular muscle growth on Holdar's henchmen, each one was at least a this proportions, muscular and hunger than a horse, they were noticing their new muscles and power, feeling each other's hardness and vigor, realizing their new limits, looking at their master still much bigger than their help, and it could start a new round of muscle sex, if Joshua didn't interrupt:

“GUYS! I THINK YOU FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE! He said as he was being carried by Feldens! Zackary had drank Joshua to the last drop, his growth was practically done now and he was in every bit just as big as Joshua himself if not bigger! His now light blond hair was almost Scandinavian God like, his smooth giant torso, his over muscular arms frightening and seducing, his imperial thighs, his abdominal packs, everything was beyond comparisons, and Zack smiled carrying his dear pal who gave him his size and muscles. He looked at Holdar – "I finally understand how you feel, it's REALLY amazing!" Zack knew his former lover was scanning his mind and allowed this thought – "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!" Holdar opened his arms and Zackary gently lowered Joshua, then he was floating towards the gigantic lover and they embraced, kissing and rubbing their immense muscles all over again. Holdar smiled and carried his new titanic lover along with his muscle guardians:

“EXCUSE US, NOW! WE HAVE SOME UNFINISHED BUSINESS TO DO! Holdar laughed as they entered the house. Feldens and Holdar didn't take their gaze of each other, barely waiting to consume their love many more times! Joshua smiled and embraced his lovers, they were still shocked with the recent transformations they had witnessed. Kevin was still shocked to remember that Feldens was, at least until the last half hour, a regular thin guy who had never saw a gym in his life, and now he was FUCKING IMMENSE, at least as big as Joshua! Just by drinking the cum of Holdar's and his mega muscled son! What a rush!

“HEY GUYS! I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I AM STARVING1 LET'S GET SOME FOOD! Bryan and Kevin exchanged looks and both exploded into laughter:

“Josh! You are ALWAYS starving! Bryan punched his chest – We've just had lunch, but I think we can watch you MONSTER eat! He blinked at Kevin. Joshua entered the mansion's kitchen – A real headquarters kitchen – Fortunately, it was crowded with delicious food and Joshua helped himself with absolutely huge amounts of food, and cartons of milk, eating and gulping the food wildly, like it would be his last meal:

“WHOA! Hey Josh! I've never seen YOU eating like this? What's the catch? Kevin pinched his butt:

“I GOTTA BE PRETTY WELL FED WHEN DAD GIVES ME MY TREATMENT! Joshua said casually without even looking at his little lover. Kevin and Bryan exchanged looks:

“JOSH, YOU MEAN THAT YOU'RE GONNA END UP LIKE HOLDAR? Bryan asked still not believing, then Joshua smiled at him – HE SWEARS I'M GONNA BE EVEN BIGGER THAN HIM! The mega muscle lad said proudly opening his huge arms. He was so happy, so completely happy! How could Bryan be against his beloved's deepest fantasies? And would he be REALLY against this?

“I ONLY HOPE YOU DON'T GET TOO BIG FOR US! Kevin said as he hugged his giant lover – EVER SINCE YOU'VE MADE ME SO HUGE! I WOULDN'T LIKE TO BE THE BUG I USED TO BE COMPARED TO THE NEXT MUSCLE TOWER YOU'LL BECOME! Joshua understood the whole situation, Bryan and Kevin were fearing to be left behind, that he would forget about them after he had finally found his father! The giant muscle lad smiled, grabbed his two lovers and made them seat on his lap:

“LOOK! I WANNA CLEAR THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL! I LOVE YOU TWO! YOU ARE MY LOVERS AND I'LL NEVER LET YOU! WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THIS! I AM THIS BIG, THIS HUNG, THIS MUSCULAR JUST TO PLEASE! MYSELF AND YOU GUYS! Joshua smiled and kissed each one on their lips, then he watched amazed Bryan and Kevin making out, his oversized, overhorny, overhung cock awoke and he demanded to be released:

“YOU GUYS ARE HOT! Joshua growled as he grabbed them and went straight to his room, when he bumped into the WALL of MUSCLE his father was! Holdar grinned:

“I AM SORRY JOSH! BUT IF YOU WANNA GET YOUR TREATMENT YOU CAN'T HAVE SEX! The lad's eyes widened and Holdar had to explain himself:



“Holdar, you think he can handle this? Bryan asked in a motherly tone. Holdar smiled and grabbed him:


“Will you help me, dad? Joshua asked with his eyes closed – How come I resist you? We will end up fucking the whole time! Joshua protested at the mere possibility to stay alone with his father without having a piece of at least one of his two giant cocks! Holdar laughed and hugged his son:

“THAT'S WHY I'LL BE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME! WE'RE GONNA GET OVER IT! I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN REALLY MATCH YOU IN STRENGTH – UNTIL NOW! I'LL HELP YOU SON! Josh finally accept his destiny and embraced his father, then he kissed his lovers:

“I AM READY! Joshua said excited, and yet a little sad to left his lovers:

“WE'LL BE LOCKED IN THE POWER ROOM COMPLEX! THE GATES ARE PRETTY STRONG, BUT WE'LL HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO HAVE A WONDERFUL THOUGH VERY HARD TIME! – Holdar grabbed his son and carried him outside – "Don't worry, Zack will watch them while we're training"! Joshua relaxed and just appreciated being carried by his monster father to his "prison" for the next seven days –"Seven days? How am I gonna bear 7 days without my boys?" Holdar smiled " Hey, I told you you're gonna be just fine! Trust me! Once feel you TRUE power, you'll be so fucking excited that you'll keep the abstinence for yourself" – Joshua didn't resist to think "Yeah, right" but Holdar laughed even before he noticed - "You know what? I've realized that having a 14 feet muscle monster father who can read your mind is NOT that cool anymore" – But the father had already kissed his muscle teen son's mouth before the lad finished the thought!


26 -- Like SIRE, like SON!

In the first day, it all went well, Joshua and Holdar trained with immense weights, and the father encouraged his son to lift weights almost as heavy as his, and Josh was really into the thing, he tried the best he could and beyond that! They trained over 9 whole hours and the rest was just for eating and dialoguing about philosophy! Holdar and Joshua discussed over and over about Plato, Rousseau, Locke, and many other thinkers – Joshua had actually read all their work in the farm, and as most tired as he looked, he could discuss with real energy, and Holdar had to kindly recognize the "victory" of the lad. The second was marked by one very particular scene – Joshua woke up with a MAJOR hard on! It was so hard he could barely walk! But Holdar didn't let Josh "release" he grabbed a huge plastic bag and filled with ice, like a huge "ice box" jock! And he tied the thing around the immense cock of his son, believing the cold temperature would help to "cool down" the monster, but it didn't help at all! Joshua laughed at his hard member almost poking eye as he lifted his weights! Holdar himself was amazed the size of his son's cock even though both of his pricks were bigger. He was hard himself, but that was solved by Josh! He grabbed his father and sucked him hard until the twin snakes spewed hot lave cum down his throat. As Holdar expected his cum didn't have the growth effect on Joshua, but it surely gave him quite energy, and after the muscle father was released, the giant muscle teen went back to training in a total of 11 hours of hard rock mind blowing lifting session, Joshua had reached every record of his giant had previously established. Josh ate like a beast, he was already eating almost twice as Holdar, in fact although the father was by far larger than his son, Joshua's strength was increasing in hallucinating rhythm! Every time he pumped he felt he could accomplish more, harder and harder, he kept pumping and there went another Holdar record down the drain! From the third day on, things got really intense! Even Holdar wasn't prepared to meet his son's TRUE SELF! Not even the 6750 muscle freak doctor could keep up with Josh! The teen trained more than 16 hours a day! Lifting abnormal weights and pretty much destroying his father's state of the art gym! He burned three machines in a row, by maximizing their capacity and going beyond! When the machines burned, giving up to Josh's sheer strength the muscle lad laughed out loud and lifted the whole thing trashing it to the corner! Then he didn't need much more than a few seconds to recover and hit the other machines over and over. Richard observed everything in awe and excitement, his son was exactly growing, a couple of hundreds of pounds, but it was normal to Joshua. What was really impressing Holdar was the DEVELOPMENT on his son. Holdar looked to the data newly recovered and whistled. According to those numbers, Joshua's organism was changing itself, building some kind of new standards of functioning! Holdar watched the performance graphics and concluded that if Joshua wasn't growing in muscle he was growing in POWER! The skeletal cells had amplified the calcium absorption thanks to the incredible nutrition Joshua was having, and their bones were augmenting their thickness at an incredible rate, the marrow bone was building each time more blood cells, Holdar estimated that Joshua's bones could support the pressure of thousands pounds before they could break, in fact their flexibility was so elevate the bones were almost unbreakable! Also the muscle fibers were so hypertrophied they were almost over twenty five times their original size, which meant Joshua was becoming so THICK that soon he would virtually "bullet proof"! The hormonal levels were increasing amazingly, because the glands developed a new kind of neuron-hormonal feedback, in layman words, Joshua could ignite a special hormonal condition that gave his the benefits of the testosterone and adrenaline – EXTRA POWER! If Joshua wants he can get each time stronger and STRONGER regardless his enormous SIZE, every function was so well connected it was like the marvelous teen could control at will his hormone levels in his blood, manipulating the performance and mostly increasing the strength, the working of each precisely function he desired! For example his muscles just keeps providing him extra power and strength! Nothing would be able to beat him if he focused on getting stronger! The neuron connections were so much faster now, the nervous system of the giant teen could almost anticipate the answer before the stimulation actually reaches the proper brain area – which meant Joshua developed some kind of super sensitivity, his "normal" senses were such amplified Holdar couldn't precise the ratio, but he was sure the teen could do things until now were unattainable! Speaking of neurons, Joshua had almost six times much more neurons, his brains had enjoyed the immense space of his grown head, that over the years it had built new cells, contradicting every medical data, his nervous system had over 30 billion neurons! The brain morphology was totally different than human, it was much more complex allowing to build more cells in very little space! But the number was nearly nothing if you consider the capability of them, Joshua could activate precisely EVERY SINGLE NEURON at maximum POWER! In other words, Joshua had a 100% working brain! While specialists argue that humans use about 10 to 36 percent of the brain total capabilities, Joshua had his overdeveloped brain at full capacity which meant he had no limits at that specific area. In every aspect, in every angle, all you'd notice was that Joshua was becoming something even holdar hadn't estimated in his ChemTech days, a new kind of being – that's he had already predicted, although he actually created a SUPER being, out of human's genetic code, he was still surprised at the data he was receiving, Joshua was transforming faster than he had ever dreamt of, which meant he was still adjusting, perfecting, augmenting his special gifts to an unbelievable exponent – and not even Holdar and his 14'5" tall 6750 pounds of MUSCLE would be threat to his ever growing son! Holdar watched his son the rest of the third day and was mesmerized! It seemed Josh was aware of his ever growing powers, he watched his muscles and his powerful limbs effortlessly lifting and destroying huge masses of metal, and rock, and even of steel! He looked at the horizon and his lips moved slightly – Holdar quickly read his mind and realized the kid was reading something a the APOLLUS, but the ship was almost ten miles anchored before the atoll ! One smile showed Holdar that his son was listening to something – and the muscle teen discovered he could hear his lovers at the main house fucking each other and desiring their muscle man to be with them! That night Joshua didn't sleep! He spent the whole time eating and training, Holdar asked if he didn't feel tired and he was surprised with the answer - Josh just said he could induce himself to alpha state of mind, where he could rest from the exercises and yet could enjoy the extra time to train more! Suddenly Holdar realized – "YOU'VE BEEN READING MY MIND!" Then he heard the laughter –"Hey don't get all mad at me! You were the one scanning my mind all the time!" Holdar was receiving the answer directly to his brain much faster than he was used to do! "How long have you been doing it?" – "I found out this morning, but I decided to give you a lesson, since I found out that I could remain hide to you if I wanted!" Holdar smiled – "I guess I deserved that! About the tests…". Holdar's thought was cut because he suddenly was FLOATING! Yeah his 6750 pounds of MUSCLE was floating ten feet up in the air:

“ABOUT MY SO CALLED "SUPER POWERS"? YEAH! FUCKING COOL HUH? YOU THINK I SHOULD PICK THE NAME "SUPER JOSH" OR "WONDERMAN? – "No Joshua, I still don't know where you're gonna stop, IF you're ever gonna stop!" Joshua lowered his father a little, then he floated himself and kissed him – "What's bad about it?" Holdar smiled "Actually, anything! I was scared at the beginning, but now I can't wait to see you in action" The giant lad laughed and told his old man to get some rest while he would train a little bit more until the sun rises. The fourth day begun with Joshua lifting HUGE BOULDERS over his head, he could lift and pump them easily, then he crushed them in his giant hands, pulverizing the thing in seconds, all the time smiling and flexing his mind blowing muscles. Holdar woke up with the sound of explosions, he quickly went to check the fact and almost faded out – It was JOSH putting the a HILL down with his own fists! The powerful hands of the muscle teen attacked the bare rock and the sound was incredibly loud, like dynamite exploding! And soon the base of the little mountain was totally destroyed! Joshua kept punching the rock until he calculated something, then he went back, jumped almost ten feet in the air and gave one finally might blow right in the middle of the quarry and it exploded in thousands of little pebbles and covered the whole area! Holdar watched dumb folded as the dust cloud lowered and realized his son was now much more than just a super being! He was a force of the nature! Like an earthquake, a twister or a tsunami! Holdar approached and Joshua was completely covered in reddish dust:

“HI DAD! SORRY IF I WOKE YOU UP! I JUST FELT WE NEEDED A LITTLE MORE SPACE AND THAT ROCK WAS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAY! Josh, tried to clean himself of the dust but his sweat just glued the whole thing over his impressive muscles – I'D BETTER WASH MYSELF! The giant lad rushed to the near pond and jumped like a huge pool. His father watched still shocked to his "craft" he had demolished a huge rock, almost a hill, just with his bare fists! He felt the cold huge hand of his dripping wet son over his shoulder and looked surprised at him. The picture was absolutely awesome! Holdar, an almost 15 feet tall 6750 pounds giant freaking muscle monster totally in awe with the strength of his yet smaller 9'6" 1500 pounds son! Joshua couldn't reach his upper abdomen but he had such POWER inside of him that Holdar was now convinced his son was OVER him, even being still far from his true self! The rest of the day went on with more amazing feats of his sheer strength – He had overpowered every equipment on the gym, and resumed his training "remodeling" the rocks with his power! Fortunately, Holdar repaired the equipment and adjusted them to almost double their previous capacity right in time for the night, and Joshua could resume his training at the machines. Like the previous night, Joshua didn't sleep, he kept training and eating, and for about four hours, he "meditated", sitting in the lotus position, showing an incredible flexibility on those 127 inches around pillars of muscle, then he focused and his breath became slower, the rhythm slowed until you couldn't notice his breathing, his face was calm and serene, and yet you could notice the power that immense and much more to grow body contained. During the fifth day, Holdar no more trained with his son, it was just useless, the huge freaking father couldn't handle the same weight his smaller son was lifting, and although he didn't want to admit, it was kind of embarrassing, the kid didn't reach his chest and he could lift much more than him! So, the proud and a little humiliated father just kept scanning the development of his masterpiece muscle son and each time he read the results he got more and more excited with the possibilities! The sixth day was much more hard to Holdar than to Joshua. Holdar couldn't bare to watch his muscle titan son lifting and pumping huge weights with the mere effort, without having two arousal erections in his twin pricks, and the muscle lad just smiled and LIFTED him like a giant dumbbell, pressing him over his head a couple of hundred times, then he attacked the twin snakes with the vigor and the ferocity that amazed Holdar each time he witnessed it, then he just dropped his father, and resumed training, not without teasing him:

“AND YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO HELP ME NOT GETTING OBSESSED WITH SEX! Holdar smiled and went to the equipment back to his studies. After 17 hours of training Joshua was thrilling with excitement and enthusiasm! He had just finished his last ser and went running to talk to his giant father:

“DAD, WHY I AM NOT GROWING? I'VE NEVER TRAINED LIKE THIS BEFORE, BUT I AM NOT GROWING LIKE I USED TO DO…Holdar smiled – "Why don't you figure it out?" but then his answer was even more shocking "-Well, I wanted to let you explain me, you always get hard when you got to be the genius around here!" They both laughed and soon holdar apologized, he was just a little frightened by Josh's capabilities, but most of all he loved that kid more than everything:

“Well son, basically your "human standards" don't allow you to grow much more, your skeletal, and other physiological conditions are completely maxed! If you were a human, that's the maximum you could reach in size, but since you are OVER this standards, you can achieve much more, but first we gotta feed you the proper way – with my enhancer solution – only that in you it won't "enhance" but simply stabilizing your normal conditions , no matter how much you grow after this, it will be just your "normal" standards!


“I know it was a little too harsh on you, but that was the only way to "super charge" your spunk!


“Because I want your testicles to be overloaded, your testosterone levels at top, your libido completely through the roof, we're gonna maximize the absorption of the enhancement fluids! Then Joshua grinned –"What about my other conditions? My superpowers?" Holdar got serious :

“Josh, I simply can't precise if they are gonna develop just like your body, but I think they might, anyway you will keep them! All of them! Holdar looked down to his son and grabbed him :

“You're gonna be the most powerful being on this planet! A force of nature! Titan among mortals! Holdar kissed him and felt his mind caressed – "Just like my daddy!". They embraced and Holdar carried his son to see the sun rising, it was the morning of the seventh day ! He would be free to GROW! The giant father and his titanic son watched the sun rising and the possibilities were so many! Joshua knew whatever he was, he was HAPPY to be HIMSELF! No limits, no lies, no fear to show his true powers, to be just like he was meant to be! He opened his arms and welcomed the day when he would actually BE BORN! Back in the mansion, Kevin woke up before the sun rose and found Bryan brushing his teeth! The 8'3" almost 800 ponds huge blond bear lifted the red haired muscle freak and they kissed happily. They both knew Joshua would be with them in no time, and they could get back from where they left! Their kiss was passionate! And Bryan knew why, he and Kevin were also in love for themselves just like they were for Joshua! During that week they realized their love for the giant lad also had joined them in passion and caring for each other! Suddenly it was like they've felt the same way about everything! And specially their lust for the giant lad and his muscles, his tenderness, his caring love, had brought them so close as couple as they were in love as a trio! Besides, the "lonely" nights were hot and the sex was great, they've used the time to learn each other passions, likes in bed, and how they could use their combined efforts to please their giant lover!

“HE'S COMING OUT TODAY! Kevin said as they went to the kitchen. Bryan pinched his butt and they both entered the kitchen:

“HELLO BOYS! DID YOU HAVE A GOOD NIGHT? It was ZACK! His new muscular almost the size of their beloved Joshua talking! The similar size was very hand during that week! Both Bryan and Kevin fucked Zack everyday at least ten times a day! The former thin doctor became a real FUCKING MUSCLE MACHINE! He had a pretty good time being the "BIGGEST" on the house! Trent and Rob – now a little bigger than Bryan, also joined their fuck and proportioned the week of sex they'd never expected to have away from their beloved giant! Rob was pouring the milk for his new master Zackary and Trent was preparing tons of pancakes for them! As they got used to do during that week, each one of Joshua's lovers sat in one of Zack's immense legs and kissed him good morning. Then, ate the delicious breakfast, not before kissing the cooks, and so their morning passed, with the five huge muscular man eating their huge amount of food, without taking their minds away from what could be happening to Joshua and Holdar in their ultimate train!

“Holdar contacted me this morning – Zack pointed to his head – He said the BECOMING will happen today!

“Becoming? Kevin asked still gulping his milk – What the heck is that?

“Rich told me Joshua will be given the last part of the treatment he was supposed to get when he was still a baby! Zackary looked at Bryan's brown eyes – Josh will finally reach his own standards! Bryan smiled and for inside he was vibrating! It was all his love wanted, to be himself, without others criticizing his size or his muscles! – Can we see him now? Bryan asked nervously – Zack looked at Trent and Rob, and the three of them laughed:

“Actually, he's waiting for you on his lab! We'll take you there! Zackary grabbed the screaming giant boys and went down the road to meet their giant lover and his even bigger father – Zackary himself was dying to fuck his lover once more, they had so little time together!

“THEY'RE COMING! Joshua screamed and rushed to meet his lovers! He actually lifted Zack along with his carried lovers so excited he was!

“OH, GUYS! HOW MUCH I'VE MISSED YOU! The giant lad said as he kissed the cheeks on his lovers. Then, he lowered them on the floor and kissed each one individually – BRYAN, YOU'RE SO FUCKING PRETTY! I'VE MISSED YOU MY LITTLE BEAR! Joshua rubbed his nose on the thick blond bear of his lover who could only laugh at the impossible strength of that fondling muscle giant! Then he looked at Kevin and went straight at him – KEVIN LOOK AT YOU! YOU'RE GROWING SO WELL! He kissed the red haired muscle freak and threw him up and down a few times! Then, all of them embraced and rubbed over each other and soon their make out gave them huge erections – It was when they noticed their minds invaded by the voice of Joshua – "I AM SORRY GUYS! LET'S JUST WAIT TO MY TREATMENT AND I'LL NEVER LET YOU IN THE COLD! NOT EVEN FOR ONE SECOND!" Both Bryan and Kevin realized that their lover now could read and speak in their minds telepathically, it meant he now had the powers like his dad and he was still much smaller than him. Bryan brushed his pretty face and kissed him, Kevin gave a real squeeze in his balls and kissed his chest and they all were apart now! On the other hand, Zack had already half of one of Holdar's cocks up his ass, and the giant doctor just smiled as he noticed the teens with arms crossed protesting for such behavior:

“WHAT? I AM NOT FORBIDDEN OF HAVING SEX! JOSHUA IS! He said and impaled his cock up Zack's ass and the blind doctor screamed in agony. Suddenly, Feldens just floated out of Holdar's cock and the father protested – HEY! I HAVEN'T FINISHED! – But Joshua was categorical:

“NO OFFENSE DAD, BUT YOU KNOW I CAN KICK YOUR ASS! SO LET'S CUT THE FUCKING PART AND GET ME MY TREATMENT READY SO I CAN FUCK MY BOYS HERE OK?! Feldens was floating twenty feet up in the air to avoid Holdar of grabbing his lover. The father smiled, took a deep breath :

“OK JOSH! NOW PUT ZACK ON THE FLOOR! Holdar asked and the giant teen smiled back at him, Zackary was back on the floor and his eyes were almost as wide as Bryan's and Kevin's. Holdar laughed and hold hands with his lover – "What can I do? The boy learns fast" He said on Zack's mind :

“HEY I HEARD THAT! Joshua blinked at his colossal father, grabbed his lovers on his arms and went down the lab.

Kevin and Bryan looked at Joshua – "Gee, now you're telepath too? How many more surprises you have?"

– Kevin asked mentally to his lover who replied immediately – "Why don't we find out together?"



Holdar finished the last arrangement and took a deep breath. He looked at Zack who was helping him with the procedures. Trent, and Rob were in charge of the monitors and the instruments. Bryan and Kevin were there just to watch – and pray! Joshua entered the room. All that training had one major effect on him, his body was the incarnation of CONFIDENCE! His ultra ripped muscles were now just like steel statue, but hot as lava, his hair was perfect and his eyes were brilliant, he walked magnificently to where his father was. Trent and Rob applied the plugs to scan his physical data, and Zackary tapped his shoulder. His giant father kissed his head and blessed his beloved son:

“Josh, see that gallon over there – Joshua nodded and Bryan noticed the huge glassed bottle on the corner with a thick green liquid.

“Good, that's the enhancement solution – But not the same I took myself – It's a 1600% more powerful than the one which you were fed when still in the womb! I've developed it over the years and was thinking in using on myself, but now I see you're the rightful owner of that. Josh thanked with his powerful mind and Holdar went on – The reason I've made you go through this training was mostly to get you in touch with your organism, You realize now, you can control all of your functions and this is very important because you'll be in charge of the whole becoming process! That gallon will inject the fluid in the organism, it will be plugged in your arm, and the process will begin right after that! The results will be up to you son, you have to absorb the fluids and allow your organism to develop to its true form! Only you can do it, understood? Joshua nodded – Good, now remember we'll be right here to help you! You'll become the MOST POWERFUL BEING in this planet Joshua! Just believe in yourself !

“WE'RE HERE FOR YOU HONEY! Bryan yelled and Kevin cheered with him. Joshua smiled and looked seriously to his father – LET'S MEET THE REAL JOSHUA!

Holdar nodded, he plugged one huge vial in his thick arm and Zack did the same with the other arm. He turned the machine on and the fluid start flowing inside Joshua: The process was almost immediate! Josh felt the tingling and he could feel his body welcoming the fluid, like it was part of him, he allowed his muscles absorb the thick fluid and the started growing and thickening at the same moment! The bulges were loud and his mind drifted. He had to focus, he was changing into his true self! He thought about his giant father and his advises and focused on making him bigger, bigger, BIGGER! He felt the response right after this, he was in CHARGE! The feeling was so good, he had never felt this way, he had seen so many growing because of his cum, but now he as growing and it was FUCKING COOL!

Joshua could see his muscles growing huge, even without opening his eyes, he felt arms thickening and swallowing almost too fast, but he allowed it to go even faster, his arms were asking to grow and grow! He knew exactly how to control his growth, his chest unfolded and ballooned like never before, his abs popped and his legs struggled for more mass and muscle, and his cock? Well his cock could wait a little bit! Joshua couldn't hear anything, his powerful mind was busy now, it was perfecting himself, growing and better, he could feel everything! Every fiber was growing insanely huge as he wanted them to do! His muscles were popping over muscles and he wanted more. He felt his triceps growing and his biceps joining the rhythm and growing over them! His calves were so inflated they were thick for his legs and so they had to get even thicker and bigger. Joshua felt he couldn't hold such mass in his actual size, so he commanded and his body started growing taller too, his bones enlarging, his figure augmenting, but never losing the impressive muscularity, it was inflating and now getting taller! He felt it was so easy, he wanted to surpass his father, he was full of having to look up to talk to him, he wanted him to do that! He was already stronger than him, the most natural thing was being also taller than him also! Joshua commanded and grew even bigger, he kept growing every side, and every muscle and he wasn't done yet, he knew he had much more to accomplish! He remembered that he never felt comfortable, and now it was his chance to finally be in peace with his body! The lad focused and his growth was increasing –He could feel it, his muscles were sore of the growth but he wanted more, he wanted more and more! His arms were gigantic, but he wanted more, his legs had to grow longer, and his chest wasn't big enough yet!

While his muscles were still growing, he was aware of his other powers! He knew his mind was sharp but he wanted more and suddenly he understood everything! He had the control he just wished and his mind got even more clever, and powerful he ordered all of them to feel pleasure and he know they were creaming the whole lab! He gave up toying with their weak minds and focused on himself, his hearing capability, he ordered and he could hear the hair growing on Bryan's thick beard! His eyes were closed but he commanded and he knew he could see far beyond goggles! His bones, he mentally ordered them to get even harder, even thicker until he knew they were practically unbreakable! Then he retuned to his muscles, and he wasn't satisfied, he knew he could be much more muscular, his arms were not there yet, but he knew how to it!

Then he focused on his impressive cock! Just like his father he demanded to be over the common male, he was more than that and he deserved MORE! His cock was growing thicker and longer but not just that, it was TOO THICK! Thicker than it was long! Joshua grinned and his cock started splitting! He ordered and the cleavage was there, it was splitting the abnormal cock in half, and yet it was growing longer and longer, it was growing in the pace of his muscles, just like he ordered! The splitting cock was gigantic, and with one final roar Joshua felt his one mega huge cock becoming TWO! The cleavage split the sheer mass, and just like ordered the inside parts of the cock were duplicated, copying his magnificent member, cloning the shaft and giving Joshua one more shaft for him to play with! Joshua smiled and his balls were now gigantic, he ordered them to grow even more and he could hear them growing and filling with his precious muscle juice!

He wanted to be taller, and so he grew even taller, he wanted more muscle on his rams and they grew more and more. His chest had to be even bigger, and so it grew. Joshua allowed himself even larger, even wider, he wanted his shoulders to be bigger than dozers! He wanted his eyes to be jade emerald, and so they became just like his desire, his hair got longer and thicker, but he didn't want to have one single hair over his muscles! He wished to wider, and he felt his lats spreading humongously, he wanted MORE! More muscular, and he got even more thick in his muscles, he wanted bigger cocks and they grew insanely, two massive snakes twisting and pulsating with power! TALLER, and he was taller – BIGGER and his body became even more muscular! BIGGER ARMS! BIGGER CHEST! BIGGER COCKS! TALLER I WANNA BE TALLER! MORE MUSCLE! YEAH! GIVE ME MORE! MORE MUSCLE!

Joshua was in his best moment! He commanded and he was even taller! He could feel himself getting more muscular by the inches, and he smiled, he wanted more and more! His arms were now so big compared to the rest of his body, but he wanted more, he commanded himself to be even taller and more muscular, feeling his cocks so hard they could burst into cum, so they allowed them to grow even more, and his mind was so clear now, he understood everything, he knew it all! He wanted more power on his muscles and they got even more thicker, he wanted his internal organs to morph to better and upgraded versions, his heart was now much powerful, his stomach could digest everything and his organism would never stop anabolizing muscle! He would never get sick! His nutrient absorption was perfect and his excretion remains would be insignificant! He knew his muscles now were much bigger than his father's but he wanted more, he was making himself his true gigantic self! Over and over he pictured his muscles growing and he increased the ratio, he wanted them grow even faster, even bigger! He wanted to show Holdar that he could be everything he dreamt and much MORE! He knew his father was vibrating along with his growth and he wanted MORE! He could feel both Bryan and Kevin were desiring him to be even more gigantic, more muscular, freakier! They were astonished at his newly grown cock and he smiled, allowing his growth to increase more, augmenting the enormity of his muscles, and becoming each time FREAKIER, TITANIC, GARGANTUAN, COLOSSAL, BEHEMOTH! The muscle need grew inside of him, Josh needed more POWER, more MUSCLE! He just felt it belonged to him, he demanded to be even more powerful!

And so his muscles grew bigger, fatter, thicker, more powerful, he had the strength of 100 men! He had the power of an entire army! But his power was no to destroy, it was to please! Pleasing himself, his father, his lovers and those who wanted to be with him, because he could love every body, he wanted to please the whole world! He wanted to attend your desire for MUSCLE, and so he grew even more, to make every wish of your poor fantasies come true! He can read your mind right now, and he knows you want him to grow even bigger, he smiled, you know you want him to get humongous! He knows, you know he knows, and his muscle grew even more, his arms are gigantic, his chest is unbelievably immense, his legs are gigantic, pillars of muscle, his 36 mind blowing abdominal packs popping and widening, his triceps, like amplified horse shoes, the calves are like buffalos now! His forearms are thicker than your chest! His hands are enormous! And he had the POWER in them, he know you wanted him to overtake you, to take you poor body and please with his muscles, and that what makes him grow even more – You are worshipping him when you read these poor lines, he knows you try to picture him and his majestic proportions, imagining how tiny you would be near his colossal body, and it only makes him grow more, his arms are FLEXED and he laughs as you try to guess their size – You're wrong they are even bigger and you know it, because you are making him grow, he wants your poor cock hard and desiring his power touch and while he's growing, you are hard desiring his muscles to touch you, to grab you, to make you CUM!

Josh felt the need for more and more power and so he allowed him to fulfill every single need of power and muscle! And the growth continued and the muscles swelled, and blossomed, becoming, becoming until they finally BECAME! Until he felt like he was comfortable! His mind adjusted and he felt comfortable for the first time in his life - Joshua was comfortable he finally was OK with himself ! He opened his eyes and watched the world for the first time at his TRUE SELF! His father, his former towering authority figure was now DWARFED! Joshua grinned, and then he laughed as he realized his father – 14'5" and 6750 pounds of MUSCLE couldn't reach his lower chest!



Joshua grabbed him and kissed – "We are together, dad! I feel it! You are the only one close enough, the second of kin in my POWER, I can feel everything you feel, and you?" Holdar had to hold his son's arms not to fall – He felt the POWER of his son, such intense feeling, the OMNIPOTENCE!

Holdar couldn't avoid, he came over his son's embrace.

– "That's OK, dad! I know you are not used to this feeling, but you're gonna get used to them, because we are united dad! We are linked forever! You gave me this, but you also achieved the POWER dad!" Josh looked at himself in awe – Even his mind couldn't believe the vision he had on his front: 18'7" tall – He towered his father for over four feet – but he was over 14 feet WIDE! His figure was completely titanic! His arms were longer than a human could guess they were, but awesomely HUGE and THICK – Joshua smiled as his father noticed his arms could crush him with just one big movement! Joshua knew his weight had to be astronomical! His bones weren't normal! His muscles weren't normal they were super condensed, his total ultra muscled body had unbelievably HARD 12.568 POUNDS! He was almost twice the weight of MUSCLE his father was! He loved it! He deserved the BULK, the MASS, the BRAWN! His muscles were gigantic! He looked at his arms an felt the BEEF 283 inches around! Joshua made his father sit on his arms, just like he did to him, he nursed him and they kissed once more.

Joshua smiled as Holdar kindly looked at him - "I think we'll never need to talk anymore!"

Holdar mentally talked to his son "Well, I think we have better things to do with our tongues". Holdar laughed and punched his chest, barely making them bounce with the sheer size! – "Son, you're awesome! I knew you could do it! I knew you could grow to your true self!"

The lad threw his father up and down, and they laughed – "thanks to you dad! Thanks to you! He toyed with his chest and grinned at the huge size 420 inches! There was so much beef in that muscle Joshua was really doubting there could be something thicker than him! His legs were so thick at 234 inches around he guessed he should be even taller, because he couldn't stand full straight his legs were just too THICK! His backs were so WIDE, his shoulders were so big, he thought they were the size of Holdar's chest! The abdomen was something not even the gayest comic artist could draw! And when he got to his cocks he laughed:

“AMAZING! Now I HAVE A TWIN SET OF COCKS! Joshua tried his cocks and found out he has total control of them! He can flex one while the other is relaxed, he can do whatever he wanted to do with them! Amazing 7'10" long, 5'9" wide! Two monsters, a penile version of the Hydra the many headed monster, they were alive! Each giant head had a different rhythm! The MAN and his COCKS! He demanded to PLEASED! Suddenly, he looked at Kevin and Bryan – They were excited and yet kind of frightened because of Joshua's new size –and he knew it! – He walked towards making the ground shake with his sheer weight!:

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING OVER THERE? GET YOUR ASSES HERE! Both of them realized they were FLOATING in the air! Josh grabbed each with an arm, and nursed his lovers! Both were excited and shaking, trembling, but they were happy, they were so happy for Joshua, but who wouldn't be scared at such MASS! Joshua was impossibly big! His cocks – Man each prong was almost eight feet long and almost five feet wide! The twin red coronas were humongous! The piss holes were the size of an open mouth! This fear was absolutely normal, but yet Joshua was still there, sure he was GIGANTIC and MARVELOUS, but he was still the man they had fallen in love with!

“"It's Ok, honey! It's me Josh! You don't have to be afraid of me!" The huge teen said in their ears "we're not afraid of you, but of what you can DO to us! Look at You Joshua, you're gigantic!" Kevin said nervously, then Bryan supported him:

“Josh, we love you! But you're just so powerful, you sure you can be safe for us? Joshua smiled and lifted them over his head, then he curled them like they were a pair of little dumbbells, then he lowered his lovers and said very kindly:

“You know I love you, I couldn't even think about hurt you, I LOVE YOU TWO! And NOW I CAN PROVE IT! Joshua grabbed their heads and forced them to accept the abnormal size of his two heads, each one mouthed one of Josh's cocks with voracious appetite, and the giant lad moaned as they started sucking his pricks – Kindly, Josh kneeled allowing his lovers to get a better position, and he grabbed the back of the heads and started pumping each one after the other, in rhythm only his two cocks could provide. While Bryan had his throat relieved, Kevin engulfed the best he could of the other head, and vice versa. Joshua smiled as he commanded the sucking opera. He was so tenderly powerful, he forced the boys to suck more each time, using his immense power to command his tiny lovers. His cocks grew stronger and harder, soon he was almost cumming, so he forced both boys into their cocks at the same time and roared loud! Joshua had to hold their heads in his pricks, such force had his orgasms, the cum came a little through their noses, they were convulsing, shaking with the volume of cum, but it wasn't done yet, Joshua came for almost five minutes, allowing them to take small breaths. When he was finally dry, Both Bryan and Kevin felt their guts burning:

“NOW, YOU CAN AT LEAST HANDLE MY COCKS! I WANNA SEE THOSE TINY BODIES GROW! Joshua flexed his muscles and posed for his moaning men – I LOVE YOU TWO, I WANT YOU TO BE WITH ME FOREVER! PLEASE LET ME FUCK YOU! Bryan and Kevin didn't realize at first, but their growth was fast and intense! They were growing more beautiful, Bryan's golden hair was each time thicker, and his scalp was longer, almost in the middle of his wide back! Kevin was so muscular and pretty! His red hair glistened and his brown eyes were the perfect match, his muscles expanded and soon he was the size of Bryan, then both of the muscle lovers were growing exactly the same pace, they developed the huge muscles equally – each one had his own beauty but their muscles were equally bigger. Kevin moaned as Bryan went down his growing shaft and he mouthed the red giant, soon he was cumming down his throat and the blond bear grinned, as his growth increased. Joshua laughed out loud – "I see you are a cheater!" Joshua smiled, but Kevin wasn't complaining he allowed Bryan to grow even bigger than him, and he worshipped the growing golden bear muscles, while Bryan was admiring Joshua's muscles who were by far the biggest! When their growth was finally subsiding, Joshua grabbed them and forced each one down his pricks, impaling the muscle giants in his overpowering strength! But they were absolutely fantastic two! Kevin was a whooping 11'5" and 2000 pounds of reddish freckled muscles – his thirty seven inches of man's meat was hard and vibrating to release the precious cum! Bryan was definitely the HAIR ON MUSCLE! His 13'10" frame carried 3547 pounds of hard rock muscle and his forty seven inches of cock was also hard begging to be released!

“I WANNA BE WITH YOU FOREVER! I TAKE YOU TWO AS MY LOVERS! Joshua said as he fucked both guys at the same time! He could handle two mind blowing fuck rounds at the same time! Joshua smiled as he pounded each muscle butt in his own pace. His cocks were alive and they liked their lives! Pounding those marble butts and giving them the ride of their lives! Joshua lifted him self and stood up proudly he had one muscle titan in one of his might pricks, he laughed as he orgasm build and its force was so intense Bryan and Kevin moaned and screamed and finally passed out still impaled on Joshua's pricks, who gently supported them but didn't take his heads off them! Holdar watched both hard, but Zack was aware of that and managed to impale himself in one cock while Trent and Rob managed the other:

“SON, YOU'VE MADE IT! YOU'RE THE MOST POWERFUL NOW! Holdar said opening his arms and Joshua smiled back at him

– "Thanks to you father! And we are far from the end aren't we? "

Holdar laughed as he came over his tiny lovers – "Yes, son! It's just the beginning!"


One week later

Holdar woke up with the sound on his mind –"DAD? ARE YOU AWAKE?"

Richard awoke smiling – "Yes, Joshua"


Holdar grinned - "Not nearly as much as you've fucked Bryan and Kevin!"


"You sure you wanna visit your Aunt? She might not understand the whole situation of your love and size"

“"Don't worry daddy, Auntie Clara and Mrs. Haynes already know about my love for Bryan, just telling them I have one more boyfriend isn't so shocking!"

“"I see, and what about Kevin's parents?"

– "We'll ask Auntie Clara to tell them we just ran away, Kevin is almost twenty, they can't do much about it" "I hope you're not turning my sailors into muscle monsters like Bryan and Kevin, they have to fit on the cabin you remember?"

– "Yes daddy, I am not fooling around with the crew!"

Holdar stood up without awakening Zack as well as Rob and Trent who were sleeping heavily on the enormous bed. "And what about the other powers?"

"Gee, I don't know how to explain to you dad, but THEY ARE AWESOME DAD!" I am still getting used to them, but they get stronger everyday! Last night I could hear you guys having the fucking party on your bedroom and I could see the birds flying almost fifty miles from the ship!"

"You keep reading your lovers minds?" Holdar smiled as the answer took more than expect

"I try not too, but it's SO EASY! Besides, all they think all the time is SEX, so I am not being too nosy!

"And what about the tests you've ran?"

"Better than we've expected! The formula you developed, in theory, is capable of enhancing YOUR genes"

"And through me we can reach you! Joshua said excitedly "Unfortunately, I still carry lots of human standards, but you in the other hand were never enhanced! Your Are NATURALLY this size! And that's how we are gonna start next phase of the PHAETONTE PROJECT"


"Does Bryan and Kevin knew about your plans?"

"Nope, but they'll be told soon, and I KNOW they'll support me! I HAVE TO GROW MORE! AND SO DO YOU MY DEAR FATHER, and you know what I KNEW THEY ARE DYING TO GROW MORE!

"They are not totally wrong son, you are SEVEN feet taller than Kevin and almost FIVE feet taller than Bryan, and those enormous cocks are pretty strong"

"Well, I don't see them complaining, besides, they know they'll grow a little more soon"

"Gotta go now, Joshua! Zack is awakening "Fuck him twice for me – I know he's thinking about it right now!"



"When you come back, we're gonna GROW LIKE NEVER SON!


The end?