Bull's Strength 5

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17 -- One week later…

After lunch the lads were back at the barn/gym waiting to restart their work out. Joshua decided to train two periods, he woke up earlier and trained for two hours, then headed to his farm work, then he returned in time for breakfast, then he finished his other obligations and had lunch then for the rest of the day he and Bryan trained at their barn.

”WOW! Josh You're training HARD man! You're beating your records every day! Bryan said as he watched in awe his lover finishing his last rep at the bench, a total sum of 4350 pounds, many huge concrete plates which seemed dozers, and the bar was almost one foot diameter, but it didn't matter for Joshie, he just keep lifting it as it was normal for him. He lowered the abnormal weight at the ground. His glistening body, shining as the statue of a bronze god of muscle, he watched himself at the mirror, and he noticed his lover looking astonished at him. He flexed for him and looked naughty, teasing his little lover. Then he returned to his training, not without lifting and kissing his audience:

“Bryan, do you think I am lazy? Joshua asked as he prepared his next set with more 200 pounds on each side.

“Lazy? Josh you do the job of ten workers, you work out more than five hours a day, you still have time to study the most difficult stuff, and you still think you are lazy? Josh stopped his preparations and looked direct into Bryan's eyes:

“I feel that I am not giving everything I could! I never feel tired training, all the things I do, I just think the work is too light! And even the things I study, they are so damn easy! I feel like nothing is enough! Bryan noticed his big lug was not joking! He really felt that way:

“Josh, you're just too fucking good! You're just AMAZING don't blame yourself for your superior conditions! Bryan touched his shoulder, and kissed his soaking chest savoring the delicious sweat of his behemoth lover.

“Thanks! But I have another idea! LET'S GET SERIOUS! Joshua shouted as he attacked his set .Little did Bryan know about Joshua's idea, but he found out really soon. The other day when Bryan came from his grandma's house, he found his freaking huge lover on the barn, well, just then he noticed that Joshua had moved the gym stuff to the bigger barn, because he decided that he would use his amazing capabilities at his limit! And this idea has being prepared for a long time:

“Hi honey! Joshua waved at him and closed the door behind him

“What is this all about? Bryan asked approaching the barn, but Joshua just grabbed him and closed his eyes.

“I am getting serious! Joshua said and stood proud with his chest. He closed Bryan's eyes and leaded the smaller guy into the "Headquarters" as the big lad liked to call.

“What you think? Josh showed the place to Bryan who took some time to understand it all. The barn was filled with the equipment Josh had, but it seemed "upgraded" the machines were reinforced and the weights were HUGE, much bigger than the ones Joshua used before. The walls were crowded with charts, tables, notes and many other things he didn't understand.

“What's that stuff?

“These are my GOALS! Joshua said proudly – I decided to establish some directives for myself! I am going to give my all capabilities to my training and studying, to see how far I can go!

“What's all those charts and tables?

“I made them last night! I've been reading those magazines you gave me, remember? Well I've noticed those tiny guys have a pretty organized schedule of training, but there are a few mistakes here and there, but I've compiled all the best routines, and came up with this routine specially developed by my own needs, it means, that those tiny guys train with very light cargo, so I just multiplied the sets, the reps, the cargo and the days of training in order to fit on my profile – basically I just grabbed it all and multiplied by 16, that is the ratio my strength overtakes those tiny little guys. Bryan listened to that in a mix of awe and shock, because the "tiny guys" Josh refers to were just names such as Mike Matarazzo, Ronnie Coleman, "World Harris", Greg Kovacks and the list goes on and on, sure they were "little" if you compare them to Joshie, but to Bryan they were the biggest motherfuckers in the world before he met Joshua.

“Josh are you sure, it is gonna work? Bryan asked still not understanding the whole situation.

“Then comes the studying! I will study everyday those subjects, and everyday I'll revise the previous day, for at least three hours and then twice a week, I'll read everything again from the beginning! Then I'll increase the difficult in order to make it more challenging.

“You're sure you wanna work that hard?

“Sure, but it is not just training, It's all about eating and resting too! I don't really need to sleep all those hours, to me three or four are enough! But I realized that if I sleep more then my organism will recover from the training faster! Also, my eating was wrong, I gotta eat less carbohydrates and much more protein, and I gotta eat more often, much more times a day! Joshua said almost to himself as he walked towards the wall.

“Josh, you already eat almost the whole day! Bryan answered still not believing all that stuff.

“You know I don't, but I'll increase my diet quality, eight times more nutrients!

“Eight times? Josh isn't that a little too much? Bryan was getting a little worried

“And then comes supplements! I realized that if those tiny guys take them, and I sure need to do so, but I gotta get more than six times per day their amount! That's why I've already ordered four cases of the most powerful protein shakes.

“Four cases? Bryan asked still admiring the charts tables and the pictures of the "small" guys…

“Yeah, but just at the beginning then I'll be hitting them really hard, I estimate 8 cases per month!

“Joshua aren't you wasting money? Bryan said apprehensive… Joshua looked at him – We don't spend much money, and my Uncle Greg let me some good money!

“I know, but this money was supposed to help you in the future… Josh approached, lifted Bryan from the ground and carried him in his arms…

“Bryan, THIS is my future! I don't know why I can do the things I do? I don't know why I am so big and strong! All I know is that I gotta reach my limit, feel challenged, everything is light! And I feel I can grow more, I don't know how is this possible, but I just feel that I can get BIGGER, STRONGER, BETTER! In any sense! Please Bryan let me reach all my capabilities… Joshua gave Bryan the look, the same look he knows always wins any arguing, and Bryan just smiled accepting his upcoming lost.

“Joshua, I see you are very excited about this, but and what about us? Josh grabbed him and nursed him in his arms:

“You see those blue squares? That's the time we spend together each day – Bryan noticed lots of blue squares everyday – And every time you need I'll be there for you, that schedule is just for me, you can do whatever you want, but please understand, because I REALLY need to see if this works!.

“Well, since you are so happy, I can't say no to you…

“I knew you would understand! And I need your help! Josh asked with his big puppet eyes…

“What for?

“Well, I realized that I need one more thing to GROW, I need to be "complimented" by my gains, that's where you enter! You know what I mean! Bryan smiled and they kissed

“Sure! You know that's my pleasure to worship those muscles, I really dig your size, champ! But I think you've missed the "sessions" in your schedule! Bryan said laughing. But Josh hugged him and whispered in his ears:

“What you think those red crosses stands for? And then Bryan noticed the dozens of red crosses in the charts

“ YOU ARE GOING TO FUCK ME OVER TWO DOZEN TIMES A DAY? YOU WANNA KILL ME? Bryan screamed as he figured the abnormal amount of "red crosses" on those charts… Joshua laughed out loud and grabbed his lover in his arms:

“Those crosses are the times I need to cum! It doesn't necessarily be with you – although it would be wonderful! Josh said in his ears.

“You need to cum so many times a day? Bryan asked dumb folded

“Actually, I need more than that, my testosterone levels must be always high and the best way to achieve it is having orgasms, which helps in the feedback and …

“What? Bryan felt the monstrous cock poking his butt and he decided to play along

“It would be great if we start right now…The giant lad kissed him and they both started to make love on the ground…. After Bryan came three times and Joshua over twelve, Joshua returned to his training, not without having a little "snack" and pretty soon they resumed training, and Joshua "begged" for Bryan to suck him a few more times, and each time, Bryan drank huge amounts of Joshua's spunk and to his own surprise he enjoyed drinking form his lover… Their dinner was amazingly huge, and not just for Josh but also for his lover, each on of them ate for over six full grown men in a hungry day, and Joshua had even came back for his "round two". Clara was absolutely shocked not at Josh but at Bryan, because each day he was eating more and more and he wasn't getting any fatter, in fact his pants were loosing in the wais but absolutely tight on his thighs as well as his T-shirts were almost tearing on his arms and chest. She smiled at the unpleasant sight of their eating and excused to leave the table, knowing they would take care of the lots of dishes trashed around the kitchen.

About midnight, Clara went to her room, Bryan and Joshua were lying on the floor, because no couch would hold Joshua and another person. Bryan used the incredible huge chest of his lover as a pillow as they were half watching, half sleeping during a re run of Gilligan's Island. The weight of Bryan over his chest was definitely turning him on and he immediately felt his monster python demanding to be released, gently poked his sleeping beauty to start another round of steaming hot sex.Bryan didn't answer to his lover's callings, not even the many cock pokes Josh gave him, it seemed the boy was knocked out so tired he was. Josh smiled and carried Bryan to his room, he laid the beautiful body of his lover and sat on the edge of the bed watching him sleeping heavily, and surprisingly it was a major turn on for the oversized lad! Watching Bryan's smooth body over the moonlight, the tight muscles flexing during sleep, the heavy breathing of his powerful chest, the look on his face, it was almost unbearable! Josh just gave his cock a good thrusts and then he jerked off at the sight of Bryan fiercely, his breath was heavy and he waited for his upcoming orgasm, but first he had to kiss Bryan, just the warmth of those honey lips worked its magic and Joshua came all over the bed, and it didn't stop, he came in volleys he would never imagine before, soon Bryan was covered in his cum and it didn't stop he fountained cum like never before, and before he could think of a way to clean the mess, he felt the warmth of his lover's mouth around the head of his cock and the rough sucking of his blowjob draining all the cum of his ever spewing cock. Bryan drank and drank and after over 30 minutes of another blow session Josh came another two times without ever stopping spewing hot lava jism down Bryan's throat who just kept drinking more and more. In fact, he fell asleep with Joshua's semi- hard cock in his mouth. Joshua was quite spent himself. He adjusted Bryan and himself on his bed, without even bothering with the drying cum. He just had to take some sleep…


18 --Muscling up Bryan!

Right before dawn, Joshua woke up and went to accomplish his obligations, and when he returned for breakfast, he found out that Bryan was still on bed and Clara went to Martha's.

“That's odd, Bryan uses to wake up right after me, what ever happened? Joshua's answer came faster than he expected. He heard the screaming from the bathroom and rushed to check on his lover. Then he was frightened. What he saw was definitely shocking. And exciting! Right in the bathroom, he saw Bryan, but not the Bryan he knew until yesterday. A better Bryan, a BIGGER Bryan. The image was simply glorious. Bryan didn't remember much, only that he woke up covered with hot spunk over him and the familiar scene of Joshua's orgasm. He just wrapped his mouth around and drinking the never ending spewing shaft. He drank so much cum and still there was more, after that he can't remember, but his sleep was heavy and he felt his body twisting and struggling for space in Joshua's bed. Then in the morning he could get some descent sleep, it was then he decided to wake up and take a piss…

“What's happened to you? Asked Joshua approaching his lover. He didn't repair when he woke up, probably because it was still very ark, but now you couldn't help to NOTICE Bryan – He should be over 6'6" and GOD he must weigh almost 300 pounds! His clothes were tore over his body, and he just pealed them off as he went up on the scale and read his weight:

“328 pounds of MUSCLE! Bryan said with a glint in his eyes – And thanks to you! Bryan launched himself over his even bigger lover and Josh had to double his efforts to catch him, not that it was a challenge for his abnormal strength, he just wasn't used to such mass on his boyfriend! They hugged hard and it was almost another sex round all over again, if Josh – Joshua, himself, didn't broke the mood:

“HOW? How could I make you grow like this? Joshua asked between kisses:

“Who's the genius around here? I am just as shocked as you! Bryan kissed him and reached for Joshua's hard cock stroking it hard in his hands. Joshua tried to figure it out, but he couldn't resist it anymore. Growling, he grabbed Bryan's ass and impaled it in his shaft and started to fuck right there. Bryan felt his ass stretching and burn with the pain, but it was more than heaven for him, he grabbed his men with his legs and they fucked harder than never, he just had so much energy, so much more power to keep up with Joshua and his cock was so much thicker and bigger. He felt so much energy building inside of him that he had to do it, he managed to get Joshua's cock out of his butt and he begged to his bigger lover with his look, and the bigger lad just laid on his back shifted his bull dozers legs, offering his hole to his engorged boyfriend who just smiled and attacked it as the world would finish right there.

Bryan felt the incredible tightness of Joshua's most muscular butt and how warm it felt to be fucking him and he shifted his alabaster prong all the way to his ball sac and Joshua just screamed as he felt his own cock aching to cum. Both of them held their stand the most and with two powerful hip movements Bryan managed to give Josh his first and unforgettable fuck of his life, and at the same moment he had the first orgasm as a topper, and it felt wonderful, he never felt so virile, so mainly, like he could take the whole world, and yet he screamed in ecstasy as he saw Joshua mega sized pole ready to spew its precious load, and he decided to test his theory, he just leaned and gently drank the explosion of hot lava cum down his throat and moaned as he felt his body tingling and itching so good his newly given muscles made him feel, then after another monstrous dose of Josh's emissions, Bryan felt his body REALLY hot, it was different of the other times, he just felt tired then, now he felt POWERFUL!

He lifted himself of the floor and rushed to the mirror on Joshua's room and he barely could believe his eyes, he was growing more muscular by the second, he saw his shoulders strengthening and his abs tightening, the neck was getting thicker quickly and his arms and legs showed to be getting bigger at an incredible rate, he saw his guns growing and getting fatter, rounder more beautiful, and then his body hair came out as never before, he watched as a golden fur covered his cleavage and his arm pits and the love line was now a love road, as long as his scrotum, it was now full of the most beautiful golden shade of all, his face showed a 4 o' clock shadow and it was getting thicker and longer, his side burns were longer and his hair who was blond and short was longer and it got more golden tone, like it was shining as the sun itself, his cock grew more and more, it had past the 15 inches and it was almost thick as it was long, his balls ached and his muscles, his muscles were now as massive as Joshua's and Bryan looked like a "smaller" yet any less muscular version of Josh, like he was a prototype of the muscle man Josh would turn into.

Bryan almost cried at the sight of him, when Joshua came behind him he just welcomed his lover by opening his hole to him and feel the pleasure his beloved cock made him feel. Joshua was so marveled at the transformation on Bryan he barely noticed that he was also a lot thicker, much more stronger, and BIGGER! It didn't matter now, just the feeling of Bryan's now tight skin and the hardness of his muscles made his cock hard once more and he had to shove it in the better place on the world, inside his now muscular man, he felt how right it was for him and they both checked on Bryan's new figure, already knowing that it was Josh's spunk who mysteriously turned Bryan into the muscle man he was now. Joshua didn't want to take his cock out of Bryan's ass, it felt right in there, so he just lifted his augmented beloved and brought him to the gym in the barn, so they would have more space, there he finally let his cock out of his boyfriend and they both kissed, Bryan was still stunned to all the recent moments but he was loving it, now he could feel a little of Joshua's everyday feeling of POWER, of STRENGTH of LIFE! He walked to a Mega-J plate and lifted it – It was light as a feather! He curled it and his biceps felt like they would rip of so big they got, he smiled, walked towards all the equipments and he felt the same way, he noticed he much more power than his physique already showed it was like Josh who was much stronger than he could possibly imagine! Bryan found the measuring tape and gave it to Joshua:

“You wanna know my stats, big man? He flexed for his lover and Joshua had to really focus not to fuck Bryan once more, because he was more interested in finding out why his sperm could make Bryan grow… At 7'2" – Bryan gained a whole foot in height – and incredible 406 pounds! He gained 78 pounds in just one hour! Bryan was everything pro bodybuilders ever dreamt! He had a 71 inches chest, along with 28" inches biceps in a 34" waist! His flat stomach was popped with a 16 pack of granite slabs and they looked immense even when not flexed. And his alabaster cock tapped at 20 inches long! His gold blond hair not just crowned his beautiful head and also covered his muscles with a golden fur who made him look like a lion so majestic his figure now looked. He approached his still towering lover and kissed in the lips, then he leaned his head over the immensity of Josh's chest. He caressed him and then their looks met, no words were needed but yet :

“THANK YOU! Bryan said in his new low voice and they hold in their position for quite a long time, then Joshua just watched at his lover admired his new power. What did he do? What was he really capable of? Why he was so different of the others? And worst thoughts assaulted his mind – What did he do to Bryan? Would he now be a freak too? And if he caused anything bad to him? All those ideas exploded in Josh's mind and he finally exploded in tears, he ran to the lake, without noticing Bryan following right after him calling and begging for an explanation for such behavior. They arrived to the lake and Josh squatted at the margin:

“WOW! I've just ran three whole miles and I am not even sweating! Bryan shouted and screamed as he approached his crying lover in the same lake where it all begun. Bryan crouched like Josh and finally decided to wait for Joshua talking:

“Please, don't think I didn't want it to happen to you! You're my love, all I want is you to be happy, but I am afraid, I don't know what I could cause to you? And if I make you sick? Or worse… Bryan brushed his pretty face, he sat down and started:

“Look, I know you love me, and I love you too! We are meant to be together and now I AM BETTER THAN EVER thanks to you! Bryan just leaned and reached for his chest, he knew it was better than talking , they understood each other just by actions! Josh brushed Bryan golden hair, he knew they were more in love than ever and that growth only magnified it even more:

“Bryan, I don't know what I am, but it definitely isn't average! If I could just know the truth about me! Joshua sighed and continued his caressing on his lover. Bryan knew Josh deserved to know the truth, or at least the part he knew, it was his entitled right!

“Look, what I am about to tell you was hidden from you just to prevent any harm, but due to the latest episodes, I think you should know… Joshua rushed all the way back to the farm in his most furious look, he was mad! He was PISSED! He saw Martha's car passing in the road and he went towards it. Bryan was really trying to keep up with him, but it was hard, Josh was still much bigger, and he was much more used to that size!

“AUNTIE CLARA! Josh shouted and the lady already knew it wasn't a good call, Martha watched Josh running towards and it was a scaring scene then she noticed another huge man coming down the road, it was BIG almost the size of Joshie, she never saw someone that big, then the hair and the way of walking, no she's got to be wrong, but it was him, it was :

“BRYAN?! All Martha could say before she passed out, what literally saved her from witnessing Joshua's anger.

“WHY YOU'VE LIED TO ME FOR SO LONG! Josh's fist punched the old tree and it fell down like it was hit by some wracking steel ball. Bryan tried to calm his lover down and then he ran to his grandmother, he lifted her in his now powerful arms and took her inside – He knew it was between Joshua and Clara.

“What happened to Bryan, why is he…

“SO MUCH LIKE ME? A FREAK? A MUSCLE MONSTER FREAK! Joshua screamed at his aunt, he was so hurt, he never felt like this before, not even when Greg was mad at him. Clara looked to him and her face said it all, Joshua couldn't be mad at her! Not even if he wanted to! Not even if it would make things more easier just blame on her! He knew she's innocent, she didn't believed his mother's story, and no one would ever believe, not before him, not without looking all the things he could do, and the size he could gain in such short lack of time, and most of all, she didn't know the whole story just the last part, and she loved him, she was the only one who loved him as a child, as her only child, and it was all he could do, Clara was just as innocent as he was, and then he grabbed her and kissed her forehead and cheeks:

“I AM SORRY, PLEASE I WAS JUST SO MAD! PLEASE FORGIVE ME AUNTIE CLARA! Clara realized Joshua finally discovered the strangest details of his birth, and that scared her, it felt relieving, but also and most of all scaring, what would he do, what would he think?

“Grandma, Grandma! Are you OK? Martha heard those words and she know this voice belonged to Bryan, but when she opened her eyes it wasn't Bryan who was talking to her, it was this HUGE man, he looked as big as Joshie, but totally hairy and looking much more mature than Joshie, then she noticed the eyes, and the tenderness on the look – It was him! It was Bryan! Before she could scream anything, Bryan gently held her mouth:

“Yes, it's me! It happened slower in the beginning, but each time stronger – Joshua made me grow like this!

“How? Martha asked still shocked

“Look grandma, I really don't wanna go into details, let's just say that his fluids were responsible for this! Bryan blushed and his grandmother got the picture, she blushed too – who the hell wouldn't?

“You are HUGE, Bryan! I don't know if your clothes will fit on you anymore! Martha walked around her grown grandson and she noticed how much "BIGGER" he became in that particular area too.

“Well, you're the one who said that wanted me to get some meat on my bones… Bryan smiled uncomfortable

“I'll say it! You're ENORMOUS! Martha was still stunned with the sight of Bryan, but she was slowly calming down…

“Look, grandma, Josh is outside talking to Auntie Clara now. What happened to me was a surprise for us too! Joshua went nuts and I had to tell him what you've told me, I know I wasn't supposed to but…

“Don't worry! I know you would never hurt Joshie, I trust your judgment! How did he take it?

“Pretty better than I've expected, he couldn't get mad at Auntie Clara, they are in the kitchen now, telling her what I've found out, just like I am about to do.. Martha drove the car to her farm with Bryan in the back seat, and Clara in the front one. Bryan was surely filling all the space, he had to bend a little so they really noticed his new size:

“My god! If you get anymore "fluids" you won't be able to fit in this car again! Martha said as she managed to check on the back mirror. She parked on the kitchen yard and got out of the car, an quickly made into the kitchen along with Clara, then a HUGE bulk moved from her car and got into the house. Bryan almost bumped his head in every door frame, but he managed not to break everything with his enormous figure. He went to the office and grabbed his computer, his notes and the papers he printed – even if they were most in shreds. He managed to grab everything in his great hug and rushed back into the car. He took the whole thing and dropped in the back seat, then he returned and grabbed the keys with Martha :

“Please, you gotta be careful, we don't know what kind of people is over that internet…

“Don't worry grandma! We are big enough to handle anything! Bryan flexed his arm just to emphasize his point. Martha was surprised at how much BIGGER he was, but to her he would always be a boy…

“You gotta help Joshua find out the whole truth – Clara begged as he left to the car - Don't worry! Martha and Clara watched as Bryan drove the car down the road, he had gotten the seat all the way back and yet his head was hitting the roof of the vehicle.

“I don't care for anything they came up with! He's my Joshie! My Joshie! – Clara cried and hugged Martha and them both went inside – Don't worry dear, he knows that, you've raised him and you're his mother!


19 -- Joshua's story revealed

Joshua waited for Bryan at the front door, he saw the car coming down the road – It was a good thing that Clara stayed at Martha's because she would get too stressed. All those things were still hitting on Josh's mind. His mother that he never got to know, his unknown father, a name Holdar, what would that mean, and all that crap Bryan told him, that enigmatic contact over the internet, how come all those things connect.

“Here I am honey! Bryan entered the house through the kitchen and found the table full of left-overs, maybe Joshie had to eat something so nervous he was. Joshua found Bryan on the leaving room assembling his computer, they kissed and Joshua sat on the couch heavily thinking. Bryan finished and turned the machine on:

“Now, I'm gonna show you the archives I've been able to see, but that's not very convincing… Josh saw the video files, and he got amazed by the resemblance between the man named Holdar and himself, although it was not very clear, because Joshua's figure is something very strong and that Holdar guy is just too "thin" to be alike Joshua, that' for sure… After the "surv.2" clip, the screen went black and once more the dialog box asking for the password code and then Bryan typed "sunrise" and once more appeared the "ACCESS DENIED" message:

“Ya see? That bastard stood me up! He gave me the wrong password! I thought it was some kind of virus, but it still didn't damage anything at all! Bryan sat on the other couch and took a deep breath, while Josh had this smart looks in his face again, and it was such exciting for Bryan as his muscles were. He read the printed pages once more and retrieved a very important detail:

“You said the name of the operation in which Chemtech was working is "operation morning star"

“Yes, but I told you he gave me the password! Bryan replied from the couch

“Well, he said the password was "sunrise"- with this precise words?

“Well it was implicit! Bryan justified his interpretation.

“Listen, he said "type sunrise", but maybe he wasn't meaning the verb "to type" but as the synonym of "kind of" so he could mean "a kind of sunrise"

“So? Bryan loved to feel idiot near Josh, he was so CLEVER! He approached his beloved and paid more attention to him.

“"Kind of sunrise" – The operation is "morning star" and he said "kind of sunrise". Well, to many cultures the morning star is a sign of glory, but also the mark of a new beginning… Bryan decided not to talk otherwise he could cut his clever muscle lover thought.

“If the operation meant a new beginning, then "sunrise" is the cause of this new beginning – that HbE program was surely about the building better soldiers, starting with better men… Bryan sat and watched astonished as Josh's mind solved that puzzle.

“Of course, the sunrise also refers to the Sun itself, and to many ancient cultures, the sun was the main religious figure, the Egyptians believed the pharaoh was the "sun of Ra" – a son of sun…

“So you're saying the password is "pharaoh"? Bryan went tot the computer and almost typed the word as he felt the immensity of Joshua's paw covering his augmented shoulder :

“Not yet, there's more…Joshua said without even looking to Bryan. The morning Star is actually a planet – Venus and one of other names is "Vesper" in the greek mythology… So the mainstream could also be the greek mythology and if so, the "Sun" is Apollo – THAT'S IT! Joshua yelled and squeezed Bryan's shoulder:

“Ok! So the password is "Apollo"!

“No! Don't you see it? Joshua held Bryan's chin and looked into his eyes – Apollo is not only represented by the sun, he also is the greek God of medical science, art, music, and represents the ideal of perfection, but it is not the password – "Sunrise" for the greek mythology the moment when Apollo brings the day driving his horse powered vehicle over the sky…

“Josh can u please make up your mind? Bryan exploded in anxiety… Joshua took a deep breath and said:

“Phaetonte! Joshua said and looked to the funny expression on Bryan's face:

“Where the hell did you get this name from? Bryan refused to type such thing without an explanation…

“Apollo had many mistresses and lovers as well, and but the only demy god as who was his child, Phaetonte, was also the prince of a rich city. When the god Apollo called him and told that he was his real father, the young man asked for a proof of love, he asked to drive Apollo's chariot which brings the light of the day…

“How did you know all those things – We don't study greek mythology in High School! Bryan smiled and kissed his lover, but yet his face wasn't smiling:

“Phaetonte drove the chariot, but he couldn't control the power of the fire horses, he fell from the high skies and died in the Aegean sea – Apollo or the sun everyday dive himself in the search of the body of his beloved son, and so the night comes over the day…

“Why you think this is right? Bryan asked in a sad tone…

“If this clip is truth, we'll soon find out! Joshua watched as Bryan typed the letters for "Phaetonte", and surprisingly (to Bryan) the dialog box show the "ACCESS GRANTED" and then the screen went black one more time, returning with five more new icons: "report", "denial" ,"RhHbE2", "Proj. P" and "surv.3"

“You've made it Josh! Man, you never cease to amaze me, Bryan jumped on Joshua's arms and kissed him hard and they almost fell on the floor. But Josh was to excited for sex now, he managed to keep the balance and sat on the computer. He clicked on the first icon and the clip started. The camera showed Dr. Feldens' face and sure was worried, he looked nervous and apprehensive, he had some papers in his hands, then he leaned his head and started reading:

“"Dear members of the Board, we are thrilled to announce our successful fulfillment of the "Human Body Enhancement" project. Working against the difficulties and also the intolerance of the members of this institution (Zack looked to the camera, then he hesitated), even so we had results better than expected, and with no further explanations, I present you HbE subject number 17 Dr. Richard Holdar. Zack pointed and the camera zoomed out, and then HE entered the scene: A HUGE, IMMENSE, figure filled the camera with his gargantuan proportions, from the back, all we could see was MUSCLE, he was so WIDE his lats couldn't be shoot at that distance, his butt was amazingly muscular and his calves looked like hams attached to his enormous legs, his walk was powerful and all his muscles seemed to dance along with his full black cascaded hair, shining with beautiful locks, the back of his arms were so huge it seemed to surpass his own depth, and those arms couldn't stay in less than 120 degrees from his body, the waist was so thin when compared to the upper body. The he got side to side to Dr. Feldens and the smaller doctor almost disappeared in the scene, all you could repair was the muscle monster on his side, and when he turned his front to the camera, you could choose where to start, because his chest was big and round, two enormous slabs of muscles many inches away from the body, his flat stomach was made out granite and his shoulders were so wide, he seemed to be stretched, the arms were gargantuan and massive, noticeably bigger than his own head, his neck was so massive and powerful the cables of strength and power went down to his chest and arms, his legs were definitely too big for his waist, and his genital parts were rather enhanced because his cock hang well over his knees, his pubic hair was almost too thick to cover his enormous endowment, but yet it was almost smooth in the rest of the body except in the depth of his cleavage and the abdomen, where it only reassured the magnificence of his abnormally developed musculature. Then, when the camera showed his face, both Bryan and Joshua had the same reaction : SURPRISE! The beautiful face showing in this clip was JOSHUA'S! The man who had this arrogant look and faced the camera like a lion about to devour its pray was JOSH! The same high cheek bones, the squarest jaw in the world, the impossibly beautiful set of lips, the expressive green eyes, the sweet and tenderness were not there, but it was Joshua's face, it was so freaking, it was like seeing Josh at the same time speaking and listening to his speech! The only difference between the man on the screen was the beard, whether Josh face is still smooth and soft as a baby's butt, the man on the screen had a full thick five o'clock shadow in his face and his side burns were very pronounced, he was Joshua with HAIR, and attitude, what an attitude! He smirked to the camera and pointed Zack to go behind the machine.

“Dr, Holdar started at initial stage: height, 6'1", 168 pounds, 36" chest, 14"biceps, 31" waist, 32" thighs, 15,7% body fat. Within two weeks of treatment he went to 8'5" in height and 625 pounds at 1.5% body fat his stats are 102 inches chest, 66 inches biceps, 47" waist, 93 inches thighs. We estimate the final magnifying ratio at eight times the original standards… Then, the picture was adjusted to contain such MASS, and it managed to capture the whole musculature of the enhanced man, he just smiled and began talking in a low tone, which could give the tougher man goosebumps:

“One picture is stronger than a thousand words! I've proved that my enhancement treatment is effective, and much more! Rather than simply "magnifying" the human standards, I was able to establish new ones! Not attainable standards for you little men, but a new set of STANDARDS! Holdar showed his new body off and laughed out loud:

“As I've said before the genetic catalyser was the missing link in the treatment those useless volunteers treatment, we were afraid of the reaction of the so called ethics board! But I've used it on myself, along with the original enhancement formula, not diluted! And in higher doses, twenty times the amount I've used before! I allowed my organism reach its full potential and then SURPASS it! I was able to achieve results no athlete could ever do, My health is just perfect, I am immune to all the known diseases and my resistance to bacterial and viruses is virtually perfect! My organism is capable of anabolize the income of nutrients into more efficient muscular tissue, which gave me more deep tissues, and enhanced the capabilities of my other functional tissues, my already brilliant mind was amplified in a ratio you miserable men couldn't understand! My strength isn't measurable in your standards, that's why I've decide to give you a show! The camera now showed the thread mill – And the huge Holdar was running at an incredible speed – almost at 39 miles per hour, and he could keep this speed for almost one hour and a half. When the thread was finally turned off he wasn't tired, he was just glistening of sweat and his arrogant look remained there:

“Even though I have a body weigh more than 4 average men, my muscular tissue is so developed it allows me to achieve unattainable velocities for human body for long periods of time, its because amazingly distribution of the nutrients within the muscles of my body which are permanently fed, and the use of the energy is so better performed there are no residues which could damage the functioning of the physical activity! Holdar smiled to the camera and pointed to the next room, where they keep the weigh sets:

“We used this pathetic weights with the other subjects, and none of them was able to lift much more than 400 pounds at once, but with my treatment – Holdar grabbed almost all the weight plates in the room and loaded in one huge metal bar and he LIFTED the whole thing with just ONE hand! He laughed at the scene and curled the whole amount while he talked to the camera:

“I am curling exactly 2560 pounds with just arm, that's more than any man had ever did! And I am not even tired, previous records of mine can attest that I can curl this weigh for more than 3 hours in a row for over 2000 reps! Holdar flexed his other arm and laughed out loud as his biceps swelled to even freakier proportions. The camera cuts for the outside of the lab, and shows Holdar near a huge cargo truck:

“Since the enhancement, my musculature is much stronger than it looks! Although my total growth wasn't finished, I am sure much stronger than you've ever imagine! The he went near the truck and adjusted his grip down the metal, his muscles started to flex, the veins popped out, his face turned red, but didn't lose the look of arrogance, then his arms swelled almost two times the size of his head, and his legs ballooned to awesome proportions, he was LIFTING the TRUCK! He shifted the whole thing up, and threw the whole thing over 100 feet away! He was sweat but didn't look any exhausted. The camera returns to another room with medical appliances all over the place…

“I think I proved that my treatment worked in the physical area, but it is much more than that! My whole organism is BETTER! Than any human could imagine, and that's not in the health area, or better, SPECIALLY in the health area, because I couldn't wait to show you my most significant improvement! Holdar took a few steps behind and he grabbed his now hard member and stroked it! It was HUGE, thick and veined and longer than the biggest bodybuilder arm, the head was swallow and purple and soon Holdar screamed as his cock exploded in a torrent of cum who hit and covered the camera, all we could hear was the sound of Holdar's laughter…

“Sorry for this lack of description, but I had to show you my capabilities, You've just witnessed one of my orgasms, but I'd better warn you that I still have much to show you! In fact I can ejaculate over 20 times a day, and each time the amount of sperm is bigger than the previous one, actually I can produce per day over 3 gallons of spunk –if you forgive my vocabulary – And I am the most fertile male in the whole nature, one cubic millimeter of my sperm had over 3 billion spermatozoids, almost 30 times the average amount! The camera finally went black and the screen closed. Bryan instinctively clicked on the second icon and the clip started. None of them said one word: Once again Holdar filled the screen with his muscles, he seemed even bigger than in the previous clip. His long black hair was tied in a pony tail, which only reassured the beauty of his face, and he was shaved, what definitely had made him look exactly like Josh:

“Due to the incredible enhancement of my body, I decided that my precious treatment can't be spoiled with a military project designed to support an ideological conflict. I don't wanna create an army with enhanced men like myself to serve a bunch of bureaucratic bastards! Don't care if they're "rednecks" or "comrades" I am better than these political disputes. My project intends to bring humankind to the next step of evolution, and it won't happen thanks to death and destruction.. Holdar had this different look in handsome face:

“I am so bigger, stronger, and better than you little men that I can't allow you to destroy the planet I intend to live, if you tiny men can't live in peace that's not my problem, but I won't cooperate with such stupidity, You'll never have the formula to create more like me! NEVER! He turned the camera off and so the clip ended. Bryan barely had time to reach the mouse, because Josh already clicked in the next icon: It started with Zack Feldens talking to Holdar in a huge kind of bench press and , BOY, did he look even BIGGER:

“Well gentlemen, after three more days of intense work out and regular doses of my treatment, I am still growing at an incredible rate, In fact this morning I was 8'8" tall and weighed 763 pounds! A gain of almost 140 pounds in just three days, and the just in muscular mass! He flexed his guns : 73" inches aren't these guns the biggest thing on the earth surface? My chest is up to 113 inches along, and my thighs are 104 inches each one, with a 47" waist it's still a new kind of muscular beauty, and my endowment is almost 29 inches long, and 25 inches wide, a pretty development, if we consider that I started with a 6 inches penis…

“My dear colleague Dr. Feldens is a little apprehensive with the outcome of our experience, and he thinks we'd better stop the monitoring and "get help" for me! But I don't see why, after all since I've turned into this superior kind, my health is perfect, as he had checked a hundred times, and each day I am stronger, and better, absolutely out of the poor human standards, no medical report would ever fit for my actual stats!

“Rich, please you gotta reconsider! I know your purpose is noble, but this is very dangerous, we don't know what could happen! Look at you! You're already 800 pounds! Who knows if the enhancement will ever stop! Holdar definitely looked more comprehensive and caring about his co worker:

“Zack, you don't understand! I am not like you anymore! If I weigh 800 pounds that's just normal, my organism can actually weigh much more, my muscular and bone structure can handle much more, you've seen the calculations! Holdar resumed his training and his smile was so beautiful!

“Rich, we gotta do something! I can't take this anymore, you're too big! We don't have much more money, you eat more than ten big men together, we can't afford you for much longer! Zack approached him and touched his shoulder:

“You know that we can't stay here for ever, the board is mad at you, and will be only a matter of time! Holdar grabbed Zack in his huge arms and then they KISSED! Holdar broke the kiss and said:

“You were the only one who helped me when I needed, and the one who showed me my importance in this world, not be an arrogant monster, but above everything I am BETTER! We'll find a way… Zack was put back in the floor, then he and he finally exploded:

“WHY THE FUCK YOU DID THIS? Holdar wasn't expecting fort such reaction

“Zack, I just thought you wanted every one to know about us! We're lovers!

“You, you, you! It's all about your muscle majesty isn't it? What else do you care about?

“Zack, I love you! Holdar was each time sadder, he just turned around as the other doctor slammed the door behind him when he left:

“According to these data, my body fat dropped to 0.8% and my muscular tissue is about 337% thicker than before, which meant my strength is up to 17 times the strongest man standards. He looked to the camera – As you've seen before little men, I am the new step in man evolution, I am taller, stronger, better, more beautiful, and genetically enhanced until unattainable standards for you tiny small men! But that's not all! As my growth and enhancement is not through yet, my power will only augment during the rest of the treatment. But I think it would be unfair to you if only me had such power among tiny men! I've decided to help mankind to achieve its full potential, in other words to be like me! Camera shut down. Josh looked at Bryan and they clicked in the next icon together: Holdar appeared looking even bigger than the previous times, his hair was tied in a pony tail, and he had this look of happiness in his face:

“Even though my colleague decided to quit the project, I am happy to record this moment for the medical story and for mankind as its new development! Holdar was smiling as he proceeded:

“For obvious reasons I decided to name the next stage "Project Phaetonte" as in the greek mythology! Since my fantastic capabilities were given to me through this expensive and complex treatment, I decided that it would not be the best way to spread my gift around mankind, and also the way I've planned will be able to increase even more the wonders of my power!

“The concept is very simple: Since my transformation only happened in the adult life, my genetic code was just enhanced by the formula, it was like it had been "cleaned" to allow my growth and many other perfect talents, but I am willing to use my already enhanced genetic code along with enhancers and the fluids I've secretly kept to REPRODUCE ! I will generate a progeny of enhanced men and women which will soon spread around the world and soon all the tiny men's errors and prejudices will be corrected by my children, specially the first one, which I'll make the strongest, the one I'll raise myself to help him reaching all his enormous capabilities and surely surpass my strength, then he will be able to do the same and soon, my bless to mankind will be completed! Camera cuts to Holdar once more and he looked even bigger (if that is possible):

“Searching the files of ChemTech I was able to find some healthy female volunteers for previous projects, and finally I've chosen the most appropriate mother to my son, she had been selected for previous projects and was well paid, that's why she accepted to be the rental womb of the subject. Her name is Sarah Barnes, a 23 year old Caucasian young woman, with incredible health and impeccable physical standards, although her genetic conditions aren't one tenth of mine enhanced one, the balance of power can be corrected by applying the catalyser during the conception of the child and the enhancement fluids during the puberty of the subject, even so, with my superior genetic gift and the catalyser, the child will be absolutely amazing for any human standards, bigger, stronger, and much better than any other kid of its age or even grown ups. Camera shows Holdar (no need to say , he's bigger) dressed as a HUGE surgeon and caring the body of a beautiful woman in his hands he gently put her in the operating table, took the mask off and looked to the camera:

“As expected, the female subject was totally frightened by my size and muscles, but once I've showed her I wouldn't cause any harm, she became calm, I told her about the honor she would have and the benefits of being the mother of my progeny, but she wasn't interested in raising my family, what was also expectable. Then she settled for the rental womb agreement, a pretty new kind of contract, but totally available for such situations, I would pay her price, and then took care of her during the pregnancy, then when the baby was born I would be fully responsible for him.

“Her price was rather impressive, but I still had pretty much of the research fund, so it was suitable for the purpose, of course due to the need of monitoring the conception, I couldn't couple with Sarah, and besides the size and specially the width of my endowment would severely harm her, so I decided to make the conception in the laboratory. Besides, I had to take care to only apply one of my sptz, otherwise there could have a problem, due to the amount and the resistance of my "swimmers" is rather high! Camera cuts once more to Holdar and for the first time, the "female subject" Sarah – Josh's mother. She's already showing signs of pregnancy – like three or four months! She was frightened and scared, but Holdar was so gentle with her:

“Look, Sarah! I know you must be thinking this is odd, but we breaking science records here! You're carrying MY child! And it means the baby will be better than everyone else in this planet, including me! Holdar reached for hugging but she avoided:

“You mean, I am carrying a super baby inside of me? Why am I so fat? It took months to get a stomach big like this! Sarah tried to stay away from the giant doctor, but somehow he attracts her, maybe it is his mainly voice, or just the MUSCLES!

“Dear, you're not fat, you've just put the right weight to feed my baby, and it means, also feeding you, I gave you a large dose of amino acids and nutrients right into your blood stream, also you were subjected to a very diluted composition of body enhancement fluids, but don't worry, I applied it directly on the umbilical cord, so you won't be affected, but it gave my child the amount of enhancement it will need along with your special food! Then Holdar showed her a large plate with all kind of food, and soon Sarah seemed to forget anything and attacked the plate. After a few scenes of Sarah's growing womb it returned to Holdar (do I need to repeat that he is BIGGER): The results of project Phaetonte are thrilling! In just three days, THREE DAYS, I was able to cat scan the fetus and it looked like a 5 month old fetus, it is already a baby boy! His stats are rather impressive, and he grows more everyday – Just like his old man! I estimate that he'll be born is less than three months of pregnancy, although his growth is quick, in the time he'll be ready to be born, the catalyser will have finish his "magnifying" effect, so during the pregnancy my son will be getting everything I was given during my treatment and more, because I just gave the baby a 400% solution of enhancer fluids! I know I was supposed to give it only during puberty, but latest episodes made it urgent to provide my son all that he needs to GROW! Even so, I intend to give him an even higher concentration when he is ready to get his share! As for Sarah, I really think she'll need my supervision, because she is not taking everything so good, and I've realized that my child is quite too big for her organism, this way I've decided to make the deliver as soon as I realize it could harm her, then my son will receive the enhancers normally, and he'll be able to survive even so he didn't make to the end of the pregnancy, it could be very dangerous for Sarah… Camera fade out. Bryan cleaned Joshua's tears. The big lad was shocked, but he wasn't mad, somehow the only guilty was Holdar, and even so, he seemed a nice guy, of course he was kind of crazy after the HbE but still he seemed a very caring person… Bryan looked at Joshua and he nodded his head, then he clicked in the last icon.: The last clip was really stunning. It showed Holdar, BIGGER than ever, fighting dozens of men who apparently broke into the laboratory, the soldiers attacked him with stunning guns, but it didn't seem to have any effect on him, then gas, and still nothing, Holdar wasn't furious he was concerned, it was almost like he had something on his mind, rather than his own survivor. He threw the men away, like they were made out of paper, he breaks the wall of the room and returns with Sarah in his arms, then he just ignore the attacks of the intruders. He manage to beat them all, and with the few seconds he gained he escaped from the building before it exploded, and the camera was destroyed – and what was more shocking was the date on the bottom of the screen : 09-18-1987 – Precisely four days before the day Sarah appeared in Clara's front door pregnant of Joshua. Both Josh and Bryan were stunned with the previous scenes, Joshua lifted himself from the chair and walked around the room. Bryan felt so sorry for all of this stuff, he would never imagine such thing, and most of all, he would never guess that Holdar was indeed Joshua's father…

“He's fucking insane! Joshua repeated to himself, he couldn't believe that he could be so similar to that arrogant bastard on the screen! And yet he couldn't deny it! Most of all, he couldn't ignore that he was part of that freaking experience! And his size, his strength, his power, everything came from that dame arrogant bastard! Josh was mad, but then he started to feel like he understood the man, he had the same feeling of superiority many times in his life, when he noticed he was taller than his uncle with just seven five years old, when he realized he could do the work of five grown men at the age of seven, when he started to wrestle with the bulls, when he carried the Porsche, and when he sowed himself to Bryan, all those times he knew he was better than the rest of the men, that he was superior, and nothing meant more than this feeling for him… He understood his father's intentions but he couldn't forgive his actions, how he had gotten his mother into such a horror movie and caused her death, but again if it didn't happen it he wouldn't be here…

“Josh, I know it's hard for you, but your father… Bryan looked at him and saw the look of anger in Joshua's face – I mean, Holdar wasn't guilty for your mother's death, he planned to be with her, something must have happened! Bryan hugged him harder than never and was ready to support his tears, but they didn't come:

“I need to know more, who gave you those files? Joshua asked and sat down in front of the computer again, like he knew that another dialog box would appear:

>>It took you a while to figure out the code!

- Fuck this guy found me again! Bryan screamed as he reached for the phone line to plug it out! NO! Joshua yelled – Let me handle this:

>>What ever happened to Holdar? Joshua asked with no presentations
>>Calm down, Bryan, let's not lose our temper
>>I won't because I am not him, Dr. Feldens!

- Josh looked to Bryan and he was frightened, the muscle lad had once more used his brilliant mind to solve things Bryan wasn't capable of. The screen was silent for a while then it showed another message:

>>Who am I talking too? Who the hell are you and where's Bryan!

The person was starting to feel desperate.

>>I am his boyfriend

– Bryan never thought it would be such a reason of proud for him as he read those words. He went near Josh and squeezed his shoulders.

>>Who's there! I demand to know!
>>First things first! I wanna know what ever happened to my father!
>>You're bluffing!

The line was about to disconnect when Joshua made his final move:

>>Does he know you turned him down, that you told the ChemTech board about his experiments?

After a few seconds the box opened once more:

>>How can I be sure it's you?

Joshua thought for a while and then he typed:

>>What if I told you the name she had chosen for me – Joshua Elliot
>>It's you! You! I've never thought I could ever find you!
>>Not so fast! First you gotta tell me if my father is dead! Josh waited for the answer more afraid than ever:
>>He's alive! The only thing I can assure you, he's alive!

The giant lad didn't know what to feel happiness or disgust, excitement or anger, but one look at Bryan gave him the strength he needed…

>>Does he know about me?
>>I think that he doesn't, he and Sarah took different ways, he found me on the forest and we took Sarah to the train station and after I bought her a ticket and she was in her way to Austin, I returned to my van and Holdar was gone!! I need to find him and, then I'll reunite you two!

Nothing could get Joshua more happy now, he was so excited his heart pounded like never before: >>I know you can track this call till where we are, so you find your way to find me!

>>It'll take sometime, because I need to clear my path, but I'll be there in a week or so!

The box disconnected and went off, then Bryan's computer was turned off, and when they turned the machine on again, all the files had been erased form the hard disk. Both Josh and Bryan felt electrified with such revelations, it was so exciting and at the same time scaring, was that REALLY true, all about Joshua's father, and if there was a catch? All they could now was wait.

“There's just one thing that still bothers me – Bryan said as he looked through the window – If your physical stats were granted to you while you were still in the womb, how come you were able to pass it to me by your spunk?

“I am not sure, but as my genetic code was affected by the catalyser since my conception it must have reprogrammed my testicles to produce enhanced fluids itself – Josh approached Bryan and hugged him, feeling his hardness and width – The important thing is that whatever made me different from the rest of men, the essence of my size and power is now also a part of you, and I am very proud of that – They looked at each other and kissed deeply, feeling their bodies almost melting into one huge hulk of mass.

“You know Josh, you old man must be ENORMOUS! Bryan said laughing, he was already bigger than you when at that time, imagine how BIG he is now! Bryan said that and then he shut up – how BIG would Holdar be anyway?

“Bryan, I don't know if he managed to grow even more, but I gotta be presentable to him – Joshua said checking himself.

“You mean? Bryan was afraid of continuing

“We gotta resume training now, and double better triplicate the whole program, I'll make the adjustments, and you can be in charge of food, make sure there'll be a LOT of food for our growth!

“Our? Bryan felt his groin tingling

“Sure! Now that I finally got you to play on my team, you think I'll waste the chance to pump you at a HUMONGOUS size? We'll have to be absolutely HUGE to meet my father! Joshua grabbed him and carried him to the gym, they had lots of training and fucking to do… The best effect that revelation had on Josh was the new perspective it gave about himself. If in previous times he could think he was a freak, now being at his size and ever growing was just part of his personality, just the way he was made, and he was fucking love it! Everyday he trained from sunrise to sunset and even more, he trained during the night until midnight, the work on the farm was now Bryan's responsibility, since his lover was so dedicated in his growing task, Bryan could easily do the work, and he still had plenty of time to "train" with his growing lover, also Bryan took care of feeding them both with huge amounts of food. In breakfast they ate three dozens of eggs with a lot of bagels, over 10 gallons of milk, pounds and pounds of ham, dozens and dozens of pancakes and lots of fruits, then came gallons of supplements which Joshua downed with gallons of milk. Two hours later, more food and supplements, energy drinks, hyper caloric composts and more milk and isotonic beverages.

For lunch they would vanish 4 pounds of tuna with pasta, over two pounds of chicken breast and meat, with potatoes, broccoli, and other vegetables. To wash that little lunch, gallons of juice and isotonic beverages, as well as lots of full blenders of supplements and much more energy bars, within two hours they would be attacking bagels, cheese and smoked turkey along with fruits and milk, then came dinner almost as full as lunch and of course, the little snacks served until they finally quit training and hit the sack, not without having a fucking party that took hours to finally consume all their energy and bring them into a state of muscle bliss which would lead them into amazing growth during night and even at the light of day. The time Bryan had to spend on kitchen, was rewarded by loads and loads of his muscle juice tonic which gave him the size and muscles to spot Josh in his hardcore program. The bigger Bryan got due to the unstoppable emissions of his lover, the difference between their bodies increased. Although Bryan was amazingly muscular and his own muscles were not capable of handling the amount Josh was lifting, Bryan could barely help him loading the bar. And when they got to fuck, Joshua had the idea of tasting Bryan's cum, just to see what would be the effects, and it turned out to be an excellent idea, because what was a major supplement for Josh, who could train harder and heavier, and helped him in gaining more mass even faster! Josh could only focus on training, now he knew what was waiting for him, a life full of MUSCLE and incredible POWER! His strength would be increased, his muscles would grow even more at each rep, each series would be heavier and he wouldn't stop until he did not spend all his inhuman energy in building his body to the proportions it deserved to have.

And what proportions those were! Joshua was growing to something beyond human comprehension and his beauty only magnified. His arms an legs were much longer and thicker, his chest was so large compared to his tiny waist, the muscles of his power neck were so cabled they seemed to be made out of steel, each slab of pecs were thicker and heavier than much bodybuilders entire upper bodies, and his stomach was definitely popping out at 20 pack of abdominal muscles so thick and big each one easily bigger than a 17 inch biceps. His lats were practically wings now and didn't seem to stop growing as long as his marvelous biceps, who were already bigger than basketballs, they didn't have comparison with anything you could humanly imagine, the power of those 70" inches biceps were totally beyond of human comprehension, and with each day of training the results were surprisingly augmenting, after only three days of this "hardcore" program Bryan and Joshua were amazed by the results; Joshua had gained in almost week of this new training four times he used to do in a whole month! That's right – Joshua had reached a new level of growth a new development that surprised even himself! After all, he gained 117 pounds of MUSCLE, more three whole inches in height and many other inches around his already inhuman limbs! The lad tapped the scales at 678 hulking pounds and 8'1" tall. He was 6'4" wide, no door could keep up his width! And his muscles! WOW! When could he ever stop growing?


20 --Kevin's return

The sun was high and hot, which only made riding an old delivery bike a harder task than it already was, but it didn't matter for Kevin. He was determined to find out what happened to Josh and Bryan. Ever since their last encounter, he had never heard of them, and ever since Martha Haynes showed at his father's little market and practically bought all the food of the whole store, the cashier told him she spent more than 2000 dollars with just one huge shop, and she didn't want to tell why was buying so much food all of a sudden. Kevin knew it had something to do with Josh and Bryan, he managed to retrieve Joshua's phone number, but they never answered his callings, what if something happened? When Bryan phoned him this morning and asked him to go all the way to Joshua's home, Kevin knew there was something up and decided to check on them himself, he borrowed the delivery bike of the store and went all the way down the road, his father would be mad at him when he returned, but it would be worse if he had gotten the car instead of the bike, his father never let him do anything, and it was already pissing him, he was almost 19 and he didn't like to be bossed around all the time… Almost one hour later – the road was bad and there were many hills to go up and down, but Kevin could already see the Spencer's farm. He didn't go there for a long time, but it hadn't change at all, he remembered the barns and the old farm house. He finally made to the front door but it was locked, he called for Mrs. Spencer and there was no answer. Then he checked from the side and he noticed the back door was open, there should people on the stables and the barn, Kevin was not very sure of jumping the fence, but he urged to know something from his "buddies". Jumping was no problem, for Kevin's 6'2" 200 pounds athletic figure, he simply flew over the wooden fence and proceeded calling for Joshua, then he saw a huge bulk leaning on the side wall of the barn, and judging by that BULK, it was JOSH! Kevin decided to make a practical joke on his muscle buddy, believing he had not listened his callings! He approached carefully form the huge figure, it definitely was Josh, no one could ever be so WIDE! So MUSCULAR! He would recognize those arms anywhere in the world, and that mega bubble butt was unmistakable! The same oversized overalls tighten untied on the upper body, the beautiful muscular neck, majestic shoulders wide marvelous shoulders, and that large back, so muscular, the only thing was the hair, he was almost sure Josh had a chestnut shade of hair, not that the beautiful gold blond thick hair was any less beautiful, and it matched so well with his pink complexion, Joshua only should be using sun blocker, because he was noticeably less tanned than he used to be, and he never thought Josh would be that kind of guy who wore bandanas at work, but it was incredibly hot seeing that figure, he was completely outmuscling his clothes, and that red bandana was so appealing it reassured the beauty of that muscle titan, he could barely wait to be carried in his powerful arms and once more feel his power while they fucked. As closer Kevin was, more nervous he got, until he jumped at Joshua's back and crossed his legs around his waist, he took bites of his hard flesh and before the head could turn to see him, he gently covered the huge face with his trembling hands:

“Guess who? Kevin asked nervously and he rubbed his already hard cock against the muscular wall he was grabbed to. He felt the heavy breath an the smile building in that covered face:

“I know it won't be a surprise for me, but you'll just drop dead! The smiling mouth said, and with that Kevin stopped breathing – It was not Joshua's voice, he knew that and he recognized the timber, although now it was much deeper and low, so everything made sense, the skin, the golden hair, it was not Joshua it was:

“BRYAN?! The red haired guy uncovered the eyes and rushed to see the face of the muscle monster, and there it was Bryan's face smiling with an attitude typical of a gargantuan muscle freak. Kevin literally dropped on the floor but he was caught by those enormous arms and nested just like the way he deserved:

“I said you would be the surprised one! Bryan smiled and kissed Bryan before he could have the chance of asking anything. They felt their passion building and soon Kevin had to break the kiss:

“HOW? Was all he could say after the kiss. Bryan laughed and gently put the now smaller guy in the ground. Kevin repaired how much Bryan had grown, he used to be the taller between them two and now, he can barely reach Bryan's lower chest, although the vision of those nipples was delicious!

“Let's just say that Josh had something to do with it! Bryan smiled and he casually FLEXED his muscles. He couldn't avoid that, after all until ten days ago, that guy was bigger and more muscular than he was and now he had the chance to REALLY show off!

“W-where… Josh? Kevin couldn't finish the sentence when Bryan's chest grew harder and rounder and the giant nipple almost poked his eye. He took a few steps away and his jaw dropped…

“MAN, YOU'RE HUGE! Kevin just said and with one gesture he begged for Bryan's grip and soon he was back at his muscle buddy arms. Bryan laughed out loud and kissed the dwarfed guy once more:

“Josh ran to lake to refresh before lunch! I was just finishing to clean after him and was about to serve the food! Bryan smiled and for the first time Kevin noticed how GORGEOUS he became: If Bryan's face was pretty before now it was HANDSOME, it was absolutely MAINLY, the jaw was firm and square, the eyes were big and the blue shade hypnotizing, the blond hair coming down the red bandana was so provocative, and specially his golden beard was definitely HOT! It was thick and well trimmed, like he had just done, it was the perfect frame for his pink full lips, and his white teeth. He was absolutely MALE, his neck was so fucking thick, his head seemed smaller, his chest was absolutely HUGE and the golden fur coming of the impossibly cleavage of that blond colossus was something to die for, and even so those arm pits were totally smooth, without one single hair on them. Kevin gently brushed Bryan's cheeks which were covered in the golden beard and Bryan grabbed his hand and gently kissed:

“You like my beard? I decided to grow it yesterday! Woke up this morning and didn't shave, just trimmed it nice and slowly! So isn't it cool? Bryan fostered his golden beard as he asked Kevin's opinion:

“It's SUPER! You're so mainly! And you said you let it grow overnight? Kevin asked stroking the soft hair

“Well, it's not the only thing which GROWS overnight on me! Bryan said as he gently rubbed his hard cock under Kevin's butt. Kevin felt how much it had grown and was almost losing the reason…

“You're so big now? You're as big as Josh? Was all Kevin could ask as he felt the hardness of his muscles.

“You like me this big? Bryan asked in a low voice biting Kevin's ears

“Yes, you're so mainly, so HUGE!

“You like you men HUGE don't you, little man? Bryan just had to do it, it was so fucking hot feeling this big!

“HUGE! I like them huge! The red haired guy moaned and desperately reached for his own hard cock while Bryan squeezed him and made him feel small and tiny against his powerful muscles.

“You're tasty little man, and I don't fuck for almost 2 hours now… Bryan ripped his pants as he did with his partner and soon he was hard and naked already working on Kevin's hole with his fingers, he applied some of the pre cum which fountained of his mega hard prick and shifted his fingers up to Kevin's anus, which was hot and wet. Bryan lifted the 200 pound man as if he was a feather and gently placed him at his hard pole, and began pulling him against the thick alabaster cock, Kevin screamed in agony and ecstasy. He felt his hole burning with pain, his guts aching, but he wanted more, he wanted to feel all that immensity inside him, he wanted to please that fucking monster as much as he could!

“Damn, little man! You're so tight! I feel so fucking huge inside of you! Bryan moaned as he shifted many more inches of his prong inside of Kevin's ass, who screamed even harder now. Bryan grabbed Kevin by his pits and began lifting the guy up and down, so he could feel his thickness moving inside the tightness of his dwarfed fuckee! Bryan also felt himself building into a mind blaster orgasm. Kevin could feel himself being used as a mere sex object and he was loving it! He felt the giant lad grabbing easily under the arms and began to lifting him, the he was pushed against the shaft of his giant fucker, the pain and the pleasure were beyond words, Kevin tried to reach his own almost spewing cock, but Bryan already had it on his mouth, sucking so fiercely the poor guy thought his cock would be eaten by the giant, then as a wave he felt himself melting into hot lava cum down the giant's throat, and soon he had came, Bryan worked him even faster up and down:

“Yes little man! FEEL IT? FEEL me growing inside of you? Then he felt Bryan's cock so thick inside of him, it was struggling for space, he felt the muscles of his fucker growing, he was getting taller! He was thicker! Bryan laughed out loud he could only feel his muscles hardening and strengthening, he loosened the grip on Kevin, and the red guy slide DOWN his cock screaming in pain, he FLEXED his guns and hic cock and Kevin felt himself attached to that mass of penis going forward and behind, it was so hard! Bryan felt stronger than ever, he never thought a normal men's cum could make him grow too, but then he remembered Kevin did fucked with Joshua and maybe this must gave him a small gift, but it was enough to make him grow, and he never grew fucking before! It was so cool! He watched as his chest unfolded and his biceps grew even freakier! His legs were so wide, and his cock ached inside of Kevin, he was so BIG! He felt his muscles swelling and his power augmenting! It was so cool! He felt his biceps and FLEXED them, he felt Kevin sliding all the way down his cock and it was too much, as the little man slides all the way to the base Bryan FLEXED his muscles and exploded in cum inside of his buddy, and both of them screamed in ecstasy, Kevin felt his hole filling with Bryan's jism and once more he felt himself melting into his orgasm, Bryan's emissions were so thick and strong soon it flooded down his legs and helped him lubricating his butt and finally allowing it to be completely attached to Bryan's cock, the pain was excruciating but the pleasure was sensational he felt his bigger man hugging him and kissing his ears:

“You were awesome little man! Bryan whispered in his ears and they both laughed as Bryan collapsed into the ground, he just lost the balance and let himself heavily seat on the ground… They enjoyed the cold breeze and felt their sweat and cum drying, Kevin still attached to Bryan's grown cock and Bryan's still attached to Kevin's tight hole:

“Damn, you have the tightest prick in the world! Bryan said as he tried to pull his monster out of Kevin. But it was stuck! Bryan tried once more, he turned aside, but the harder he pushed the more Kevin screamed:

“OH, FUCK! PLEASE DON'T DO IT! AHH! IT HURTS PLEASE DON'T! Bryan tried to calm his fuckee, truth is he was so hard because of Kevin's anus that his cock seemed to be too thick to get out of the sphincter. Bryan tried to get soft, but just breathing he lifted Kevin's body along with his cock and it was so damn tight he got hard all over again! Kevin was in pain, he was so stretched he thought he would never walk straight again. He was being lifted every breath Bryan took, and it was preventing him to get soft. Kevin tried to detach alone, but it was useless.

“How long we have to wait until you're limp? Kevin asked smiling, although the pain, it was such a turn on for him, being impaled for a muscle giant! He squeezed his butt and Kevin screamed in pleasure:

“If you keep doing this I'll never get soft! Bryan said between moans

“So, my big man is still hard, isn't him? Kevin gave another squeeze in his butt, and Bryan screamed out loud, he kept doing this, and soon Bryan filled him with a new giant load of hot cum. Kevin felt the warmth inside of him and he surprised himself with a third load of cum, and he collapsed. Bryan gently held him and helped him. They were stuck! BIG TIME!

“Kevin, Kevin ! The red haired guy awoke with the tender of the big paw in his face… He felt the air refreshing his anus and realized they were finally free from each other, not that it is a good thing…

“After you slept, I've managed to get soft and pulled out from you! It was great, THANKS! Bryan grabbed him and nursed him in his arms. Kevin still felt his ass burning though he missed the man in his butt.

“Bryan, you are so fucking amazing! You look so HOT! Kevin once more fostered Bryan's golden beard and kissed his lips:

“I know you like it! So did Josh! He said I should definitely keep it! Bryan smiled

“Oh, my God! Where's Josh? Kevin was scared? What happened to him? Bryan calmed Kevin – Don't worry, he's already back from the lake, but he was starving, so he went inside for lunch, while I was taking care of our "situation" Kevin blushed and Bryan looked straight in his eyes:

“Look, Kevin, You've seen how much I've grown, but I need to prepare you first.

“Prepare for what ? Kevin worried.

“It's just that ever since we started "hardcore program" I had pretty much PUMPED myself to much larger standards! You've seen it! I am 7'9" tall weighing 689 pounds 109 inches chest, 72 inches biceps, 46 inches waist, 20 pack abs and 85 inches thighs! I've grown to almost 4 times my previous size! Kevin's jaw dropped:

“You're BIGGER than Josh? Kevin said in kind of disappointment! Bryan laughed out loud, then he looked behind nodded his head, and then somebody eclipsed the sun – literally.

“HOW COULD THIS DWEEB DWARF ME? The voice was soft and tender but the power was so fucking strong it made you desire to cum right there. Kevin watched as the figure filled his sight, it was JOSH and if he had confused Bryan with him before now he couldn't ever do it again! The gargantuan lad approached Bryan's already impressive stats and towered him easily! Kevin swallowed hard as he noticed that the figure just LIFTED Bryan form the floor and carried all the mass of Bryan in his arms:

“Josh! Why you had to do it! You've scared the hell out of Kevin! Bryan said grabbing around the impossibly thick neck of his lover.

“SORRY KEVIN! The voice was so loud and yet so tender. Josh smiled and Kevin melted. Just like that, with one smile Josh had made Kevin cum without even touching him! Who would blame little Kevin? Joshua was now a BEHEMOTH! 9'6" tall and his weight (this morning) is 1167 pounds! ONE THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN FUCKING INCREDIBLE HUGE MASSIVE IMPRESSIVE MIND BLOWING POUNDS! He now outweighed his lover by almost 650 pounds and it showed! Joshua's shoulders were 7'8" feet wide and his waist was a mere 50" inches around, when compared to his 149 inches chest it is almost a 3 for one ratio, his legs are 127 inches around, bigger than Bryan's chest, and they were the perfect complement for his gigantic calves, then his abdominal "wall" could shock you, with the 24 pack of granite rocks attached to it, then the GIGANTIC COCK along with the biggest balls in the whole world could blow your mind beyond details, and those guns, were definitely WONDERFUL, at perfect 100 inches around, they were so huge and powerful, cable cords of veins made it look like a statue, and the LOOK on Joshua's face was absolutely dominating, no one could ever challenge this look, his face was still as soft as the first day of school but tougher than ever, it was square and the jaw was impressive, and the hair cascaded well over the middle of the back, his body glistened with the sweat against the sun, and his smell was so strong, so mainly, it was the epitome of manhood. Joshua and Bryan kissed and they soon were aware of Kevin dumb folded look:

“Sorry Kevin, we didn't want to scare you, but as you've seen we are not "regular guys" anymore! We'll tell you everything that happened the last days! Joshua sat on the floor and Kevin realized that even in such position he towered the red haired jock.

“You mean, you're the result of a freak science experiment! And that your father turned into some kind of monster? Kevin walked as he tried to understand the whole story.

“It's funny when you put in these words! Joshua stood up and tried to calm Kevin.

“Doesn't it mean something bad can happen to you? Kevin asked worried – Can't you turn out just like your father? Joshua and Bryan laughed and they were soon all over Kevin, tossing his curly red hair:

“There are things we still don't know, but we're about to finds out soon! Dr. Feldens is coming to help us! Joshua hoisted his buddy in just one big hand, and the guy embraced his thickest neck:

“Can we trust him? Kevin looked to Bryan and the other freak musclebound:

“He's our only option, besides who can possibly harm US? Bryan leaned over Joshua and they kissed once more. Kevin felt his own cock stiffen once more and Joshua also noticed it:

“That's why we called you here – We want you to take a part on our power trip! A journey to MUSCLE! Joshua looked straight in his eyes:

“Please, don't feel forced to do anything, if you feel that it isn't right, we won't force you to do something you don't really want to try!

“You mean that? Kevin asked already guessing the offer.

“WE CAN MAKE YOU HUGE YOU MOTHERFUCKER! Bryan exploded and threw Kevin's body up and down. All of them laughed, but Kevin's cock never got any less hard:

“If you mean, I could get half the size you guys are, I can only say YES! I want to take part on this! Josh gently lowered him, supporting the red haired leaned on his thick forearm. Joshua smiled as he allowed his oversized cock reach its full length, while Bryan roughly grabbed Bryan's body from the arms of the biggest freak. Bryan and Kevin kissed hardly and their hands were all over each other, Kevin grabbed the blond muscle bound around the waist and soon the enormous prong was on its way up Kevin's ass, when Bryan screamed in agony and Kevin felt both of them being lifted!

“YOU THOUGHT I'D BE OUTTA OF THE FUCK? Joshua grinned looking down into Kevin's astonished eyes. His prick impaled Bryan's muscular butt lifting him from the ground along with him! Then the enormous arms reached the engaged fuckers, holding firmly as Joshua fucked Bryan and the muscle managed to fuck Kevin, who was almost purple! He wanted the secret which could make him grow to meet his buddies in size and strength and POWER!

“That's too much for me! Please let down! Kevin insisted as the force of Bryan's pound over his muscle butt. But the blond muscle was having his won share of excruciating pleasure. He was squeezed between Kevin's tight ass and Joshua's mega huge thick alabaster cock devastating his ass with its thirst for pleasure:

“YOU THINK GETTING THIS BIG IS EASY? NO PAIN NO GAIN! Bryan laughed and squeezed his prey even harder while Joshua increased his own pace, and soon they were all near climax. Joshua lowered his cargo and Bryan eased on Kevin's butt. The red haired jock almost fell down as he felt the release on his arse, but Bryan was right there to catch him:

“WHOA! Don't worry Kevin! I got you! Bryan looked into his eyes – Hold your pace! Joshua roared in pleasure and Bryan carried Kevin waiting mouth to the huge head of his lover cock. Joshua closed his eyes:

“Hold his head! And so did Bryan, the pressure of Josh's jism was so intense that it came out from Kevin's nostrils, but the jock kept sucking and drinking the precious spunk of Joshua. Kevin drank a lot of cum but, suddenly Bryan moved his head of the fountaining cock:

“HEY, DON'T BE SELFISH KEVIN! SAVE A LITTLE FOR ME! And the muscle blond behemoth started sucking on Joshua once more:

“Bryan? Joshua just smiled and relaxed as the experienced musclefreak took care of his still cumming cock, and Bryan was rewarded with one more dose of first-class muscle growth cum:

“FUCKING COOL! Kevin shouted as he realized his body beginning to grow. His shoulders widened and his already muscular figure was filling out with prime MUSCLE meat! At the same time, Bryan let Joshua's cock go and almost fell on the ground. The biggest lad in the world just smiled as he took a peek at his growing lovers, he just crossed his arms on his chest and enjoyed the show:

“FUCK! LOOK AT MY ARMS THEY'RE JUST BLOWING WITH A SIZE! Kevin jumped up and down like a happy child looking at his ballooning muscles. Then he had to stop when he felt the increasing weight of his body, it was then he looked at Bryan who kept moaning on the ground ever since his own growth started:

“WHOA! HOW BIG ARE YOU GONNA GET ANYWAY? Kevin exclaimed as he noticed Bryan's expanding proportions. The blond guy just grinned. He was thickening by the seconds and his golden fur covered muscles grew each time freakier. His lats were so huge, it was like he was developing wings, and his legs got so thick and muscular, Bryan had to spread them the most, otherwise his cock would be crushed – Although it was a very competitive contend since Bryan's tool was also growing in a steady pace:

“WHY DON'T YOU TAKE A RIDE ON THIS HOLE? Bryan offered his butt to the still growing and amazed Kevin, who just jumped for such exciting opportunity . Kevin shifted his growing pole up Bryan's butt and they engaged into another incredible sex round. Their both growing figures augmenting by the seconds their strengthening muscles enhancing their power and squeezing each other:

“YOU'RE A HOT FUCKER KEVIN! Bryan shouted as he squeezed the guns on his fucker, Kevin barely answered, he just threw his head back and let a primal roar! He set his hands over Bryan's expanding torso, he licked the golden fur over the meat and punched it real hard as he felt himself coming to the climax. Bryan never forgot the first time he grew, but this time it was so fucking cool having someone else enjoying this feeling with him. The blond bear embraced his red haired fucker and managed to sit down with him, and they held their growing figures struggling for more space, fighting to grow more and more freakier, their heads turned as the noise of Joshua's orgasm bursted in a fierce river of cum and reached them:

“YEAH! TWO GROWING MUSCLE FREAKS TO FUCK! COME ON YOU WUSSIES! YOU GOTTA GET HUGE FOR YOU BIG JOSH! GROW YOUR MOTHERFUCKERS! It was the final drop, Kevin came strongly inside of Bryan's ass and the blond bear fountained between their growing figures, and they collapsed with Bryan's cock still spewing volleys and volleys of cum up in the air…

“COME ON YOU TWO! ARE YOU THROUGH SO SOON? Joshua gently woke his beauty muscle lovers:

“WHAT'S THE NUMBER OF THE TRUCK WHO HIT ME? Kevin asked returning to reality. He put his hand on his head and seemed surprised when he noticed the SIZE of his paw, as well as his whole body:

“I THINK YOU WERE THE TRUCK, AND YOU'VE RAN INTO A EVEN BIGGER ONE! Joshua pointed at the awakening enormous figure of Bryan. He was HUGE and so was Kevin:

“IF YOU TWO KEEP GROWING LIKE THIS – I'LL BE THE SMALL GUY VERY SOON! Joshua teased as he helped Bryan to get up:

“YEAH! RIGHT! EVERYTHING POUND YOU GIVE TO US, YOU GAIN ANOTHER FIVE WHEN YOU TRAIN! DON'T TRY TO FOOL ME! Bryan and Joshua hugged and kissed. Then they both looked at the still astonished Kevin:

“DAMN JOSH! YOUR JUICE IS GETTING EACH TIME STRONGER JUST LIKE YOU! LOOK AT THE SIZE ON THAT KID! Bryan said as Kevin himself checked his new proportions. Both Josh and Bryan knew what Kevin would ask:

“LET'S GET IN THE BARN AND WE'LL SEE HOW MUCH WE'VE GROWN! Bryan hugged Kevin and led him to the barn, where they kept the bull scale, only this could read their mass now:

“WOW! 7'5" TALL AND FUCKING HARD 483 POUNDS! Bryan shouted as he managed to read the weight of Kevin. The red haired augmented jock couldn't believe those words – You can't be true! He said getting out of the scale – Oh yeah? Why don't you take a look at yourself you "little man"! Bryan pointed to the wall sized mirror they've managed to bring into the barn, and his jaw dropped: He was absolutely RIPPED, his muscles bulging everywhere, totally veined, cabled with power, his chest jutted out of his body and his legs struggled for space, which only made his crotch even more obscene, his ball sac enormous with two cantaloupes hanging heavily and his still hard member engorged pulsing with power, already demanding attention… Then, BRYAN appeared next to him, blowing every inch Kevin had gained with much more POWER! He smiled and gently measured the smaller guy chest:

“84" inches chest! Amazing – He went down to his waist – 29 inches? What keep you standing, sure are those ROCKS on your stomach – 12 pack huh? Nothing bad! Bryan moved to his legs, pretending to ignore the hard member and his owner's moaning – 67 inches pillars –Way to go, Kevin! The blond bear measured his arms, not without kissing the peaks and licking the sweaty pits – 48 inches , you're fucking massive! Bryan lifted Kevin and squeezed their cocks together, he let Kevin on the ground – 27 inches? You're a fire hose! Kevin smiled and kissed Bryan roughly:

“Have you seen yourself lately? YOU'RE MASSIVELY HUGE!


“MY BLONDIE LOVER IS AWESOME 8'3 TALL, 778 POUNDS! JUST THE WAY I LIKE MY MEN! BIG! Joshua appeared and towered both of them easily, even after their amazing growth.

“NOW THAT YOU'VE STARTED WHY DON'T YOU FINISH? Bryan teased Joshua poking his butt.


“GUYS! GUYS! Kevin interrupted the embrace the best way he could - Before we do it once more, I just wanna say THANK YOU! Bryan and Kevin exchanged looks. Joshua and Bryan touched Kevin's shoulders and looked to him kindly:

“Kevin, it's only the beginning! We don't know where are we gonna stop this, IF we are going to stop! Bryan brushed his red hair now so much more beautiful, Joshua held his chin and kissed his forehead:

“Don't worry, I'll be always here to protect you two, I won't allow any harm to you or Bryan. I LOVE YOU TWO! Bryan and Kevin looked to Josh:

“I LOVE YOU IN A DIFFERENT BUT EQUALLY INTENSE WAY! THAT'S WHY I WANNA SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU – BOTH OF YOU! DO YOU ACCEPT ME AS YOU MAN? Bryan was sobbing and Kevin smiled nervously, but they kissed Joshua passionately and then each other, Joshua carried them to the bed they've made in the back part of the barn to their first night as a "married trio".

21 -- Reaching the FATHER

The next morning the impossibly huge trio woke up before the sunrise. Joshua had Bryan and Kevin one under each of his super wide wings. He was so marveled with their night! They fucked over and over until Bryan and Kevin fell asleep under his arms – He could go on much more , but he understood they are still beginning to feel his POWER! Their "bed" was no more than three king sized mattress side by side, and Joshua occupied two thirds of the available space, his lovers practically had to sleep over his chest – not that it bothered him. The sunrise was beautiful, and Joshua just looked to the sky outside, so full of hope and glory, the usual sound of the birds:

“Good morning lover! Bryan kissed him and joined the bigger man in his sight, suddenly they heard a loud noise over the farm, an engine sound each time nearer. All of them got up and went to the center of the farm and saw the enormous military helicopter – It was just like those war movies, a huge black helicopter. It scared the animals, such loud was the noise. It finally landed, the three huge guys just stand impassive waiting to see who the hell was in that thing. Joshua put his arms on his lovers shoulders. The door opened and a thin blond guy jumped, he wore civilian clothing, but the crew wore uniforms like a military organization. The thin man couldn't see straight because of the engine of the helicopter, he walked with difficult and his eyes covered by the dust. But when he took a good LOOK at the trio he gasped and literally slipped and fell down. Joshua and his boys didn't know if they laughed or helped the poor man, anyway Kevin helped him stand on his feet effortlessly:

“Are you OK? Kevin asked in his new low voice. The guy seemed so scared and yet used to the SIZE of the mega muscled lads. He looked UP to Joshua and offered his shaking hand:

“You must be Joshua, judging by your SIZE! The man smiled nervously. Joshua just let the guy shake his hand, afraid of harming the skin guy – Dr. Feldens, I presume – Joshua said kind of smiling to repeat such over used cliché. Kevin and Bryan were serious at his side.

“Those are Bryan and Kevin – they're my lovers! Joshua said directly, making his men once more proud of him. Feldens wasn't shocked at all, he nodded his head, and offered his hand:

“Nice to meet you two! Feldens complimented the lads and finally gasped:

“After our last talk, I've finally gathered the courage to contact your father, and told him details, he offered to send his personal helicopter to take you and you – lovers – to see him in his home! Feldens pointed to the helicopter and they saw the crew getting out, all of the men weren't near the size of Kevin, but still looked very built and strong, a tall brunette approached and saluted the muscle lads:

“Trent Phillips at your service! I am here to take you to see our Master- I mean your father! He's anxious for your reunion - I am instructed to help you bring everything you want to take in the trip. Joshua looked to Bryan, it was all so sudden! What about the farm? The animals? Who would do his job? And Auntie Clara, Mrs. Haynes? But it didn't seem so important now! The mere opportunity to finally know his entire story directly from his father. Then, before he could reply, Trent handed him huge packets:

“I couldn't avoid noticing you and your friend are almost naked – Pretty understandable due to your humongous size – the brunette blinked and pointed to the cases:

“This fiber is totally resistant and flexible, the clothing is pretty small for you but it is the biggest ones we have. Joshua opened and found lots of swimsuits, trunks, shorts, absolutely no shirt. The same thing on the others. Since they were already naked, they decided to try some clothing. Kevin was the most fortunate one, because the clothing almost fit him, his red trunks and a white tank top totally cramped in his chest and loose on his flat stomach. Bryan was absolutely male wearing nothing more than a skimpy swimsuit – the only thing which stretched enough to cover his enormous dong, he borrowed the cap of one of the "escort guys". Joshua decided to remain naked, because nothing, absolutely nothing fit on his proportions! He just grinned and blew kissed to his lovers, who looked like the extreme muscular version of those cute boy bands Joshua handed a letter to Trent:

“I want this to be delivered at the Haynes farm! He was such into the bossing attitude it really impressed the leader of the crew:

“Don't worry sir! You can contact your relatives from the aircraft! We'll deliver this right now!

“And what about my parents? Kevin froze – They'll never understand! But Joshua was there once more:

“I let instructions for Mrs. Haynes to tell your parents you've ran away along with us! It'll be better, besides you're practically a grown up – I mean – You're a MAN now! Kevin hugged him and they kissed. Bryan looked at Feldens and saw his sweat:

“I can see you're a little afraid of Holdar's reaction to you after all those years! Feldens looked at Bryan and smiled nervously:

“I thought he would even talk to me, but the discover of his lost son was more important in the world for him! Since I was the only one who could find you, he let me join this mission, but I am not sure about his forgiveness! Bryan felt the mood and decided to change the subject:

“So, Holdar must be really loaded! He had a helicopter! And his own "army" – Bryan smiled but Feldens didn't, and started talking very quickly!

“Over the years, Holdar managed to send very light versions of his enhancers to the pharmaceutical companies, and with his intelligence he managed to overtake most of the sport medicines market, even I don't understand how he managed to become so rich and powerful! I can't precise to you, but he must be the wealthiest man in the whole world, and yet he managed to stay away from the whole world.

“WOW! He really is something! The blond hairy lad whistled and looked at Josh:

“Are we ready to go? Joshua smiled and showed his thumbs up!

“TRENT! WE'RE READY TO GO! Joshua shouted and the dark haired pilot hurried his men. In fact all of them were totally surprised to such HUGE teens. Kevin was showing off to a couple of men, and Bryan toyed with his chest to kill the time, but at the sound of Joshua's thunder voice all of them took their place at the craft and they've went up to reach their fate, their truth, their POWER!

“I gotta confess I didn't expect you guys to be so HUGE without the enhancers for all those years! Zack said as he tried not to look at the enormous BULGE of the mega muscled lads. But Joshua was serious:

“Dr. Feldens, we don't know precisely the process of my growth and how I could pass it through my emissions, and that is one of the reasons we're here! Feldens blushed but Joshua looked straight in his eyes:

“Bryan told me about your fears and I want you to know that I won't anything bad to happen to you! No matter how powerful my father may become, I won't let him offend you!

“That's my Josh! Bryan said tapping his enormous shoulder! The communicator said they were approaching their destination - APOLLUS – Holdar's ship which would take them to their final destination. The ship was incredibly beautiful, it was like a cruise ship! It had its own heliport! The passengers got of the helicopter and were welcomed by the crew – again lots of very built and beautiful men dressed in skimpy white uniforms. The lads were marveled at the sight of the ship, it was very modern and sumptuous. There was a huge pool, where more big muscular men were sunbathing. Bryan and Kevin were just mesmerized by such sight, but not Joshua. Those expensive things didn't worth the pain he suffered for all those years. If Holdar was trying to make things up, he would have to try harder. Feldens was the last to get out of the craft, but just when he was about to join the other passengers, one big blond man from the crew held his arm:

“Dr. Feldens, we want to thank you for your precious help, but I'm afraid you can't proceed.! Zack just froze and was about to get back into the helicopter.:

“What's going on? Joshua asked with a new attitude.

“ I have direct orders to take Dr. Feldens back to the land. Trent appeared coming from the helicopter, trying to calm things. But it wasn't easy as he thought

“He's my guest! If he can't go, neither can us! Josh looked at Kevin and Bryan and they quickly returned to the craft. The biggest lad in the whole world just looked to Trent with power and arrogance, he never ever showed before, and the big pilot swallowed dry. Then he nodded his head, and Feldens smiled back to Joshua thanking for his help. Trent excused himself and went to captain's bridge:

“You're really liking this thing of being "the boss' son, aren't you? Bryan poked Joshua's hard chest. Joshua looked at him seriously, but he couldn't fool Bryan. He grabbed him in his arms and kissed hardly. The inner side of the ship was rather amazing! It had all the facilities you could think of, including a huge modern gym with all state of the art equipment. Sure the gym wasn't designed for Josh's and his lover's size, but they've managed to have a "decent" work out – which meant they ended up fucking each other. The service was top! They had all kind of food and juices. During the trip, all they did was training, fucking and eating – with good sunbathing hours:

“You know, I could get used to this lifestyle! Kevin joke as he finished his lemon juice

“Yeah, it wouldn't be that difficult! Bryan completed while applied solar protector in his huge body. Then he leaned and relaxed enjoying the sun.

“ENOUGH SUNBATH FOR YOU! POOL PARTY! Bryan felt himself easily grabbed and thrown on the cold pool water. He felt Kevin's figure join him. They emerged and saw the responsible for that. It was JOSHUA, dripping wet with his hands on the hips laughing out loud. Bryan looked at Kevin and they jumped out of the pool and attacked their mega muscled lover, and – SPLASH! All three of them were back in the pool, horsing around, but soon they were kissing and rubbing each other, when Zackary Feldens appeared:

“Excuse me, but the captain asked me to tell you, we can see the island now, we'll seize in a few hours. Joshua, Bryan and Kevin looked at the view and felt shocked – The island was rounded by turquoise waters, white sand beaches and splendorous buildings, classical architecture, meridian beauty the whole island seemed dragged from hedonist delirious:

“That Trent guy told me this island is called "La isla del Sol". Kevin said without taking his eyes from the sight.

“The island of – Joshua translated – No wonder, after all Holdar considers himself a modern Apollo – the giant lad commented. Bryan hugged him- he knew Joshua wasn't sure about his "father" it was all so strange! Holdar remained a puzzle for Joshua, at the same time he was fascinating and scaring. Joshua wanted to know more about him but he refused to be treated as a "project".

“What you wanna do until we land? Bryan asked to his lover with the look of caring in his eyes. Joshua knew that look and he understood everything. They hugged and Joshua carried his lovers to his room:

“I wanna fuck you two hard and nice, and then we can have a little snack, enjoy this comfort! All the crew looked at them, some were amazed, most of them jealous of Kevin and Bryan, but they weren't unhappy because each mega teen had his share of built sailors to show off, be worshipped and fuck. The ship seized at the island about 2'o clock. The view was amazing! White sand beaches, and hedonist forests everywhere around them, the white buildings were absolutely fantastic! The passengers were welcomed by the "help" – The guys of the island were even bigger than the crew on the ship, much bigger indeed, they were just a little bit smaller than Kevin, which meant their average weight should be around 450 pounds, something never attainable without the enhancers of Joshua's father:

“Welcome to La Isla del Sol – A tanned huge man said complimenting the impressive mega muscles teen – My name is Rob and I was designed by your father to guide you around. This Rob guy was absolutely ripped, indeed he could rival in size with Kevin himself, but the red haired jock didn't let intimidate, he inflated his chest and shook the guy's hand firmly showing who was the man:

“Hello, Rob! I am Joshua, and these are my friends Bryan and Kevin, and this is Dr. Feldens! Josh wanted to clarify the situation Feldens was with him, and nobody was supposed to disturb him.

“It's a pleasure having you here! Rob proceeded – I presume you must be hungry that's why we're serving lunch right on the beach! Rob pointed to the beach and they saw a huge buffet placed just like a restaurant.

“GREAT! I'M STARVING! Bryan said and rushed to get his food, Kevin followed him, but Feldens waited for Josh, he was afraid of his own security if Josh wasn't with him:

“Aren't my father going to join us? Joshua asked Rob casually:

“I'm afraid he is a little busy finishing the preparations for your arrival, but you'll get to meet him pretty soon, please help yourself at our buffet, the food was specially prepared for you! Josh let his stomach command him for a change and attacked the food as well as his lovers were doing, each one of them ate abnormal amount of food, and Joshua had three times more than each one. When they finally finished, laying on the big beach chairs, enjoying the sun. Joshua felt that all this sumptuous reception was a make over, like Holdar was trying to distract him, but it wasn't be that easy. He looked to his lovers and they were beautifully sleeping after their inhuman lunch, even Feldens was sleeping, the huge lad guessed the poor doctor hadn't sleep in quite a time, so Joshua got up and talked directly to Rob:

“I WANNA SEE MY FATHER! Joshua said with all his new attitude, towering the already impressive Rob:

“Mr. Joshua, your father is very busy right now! You'll meet tonight:

“DON'T BULLSHIT ME! I DEMAND TO SEE MY FATHER NOW! YOU'LL TAKE ME TO HIM NOW! Joshua poked Rob's chest with such power the man doubled over in pain. Almost immediately the huge teen felt bad for hurting the man, after all he wasn't fault – or if he was, he was just following orders.

“Look, I'm sorry! I just … - The guy understood with a nod:

“Don't worry, I'll survive, although you're even stronger than we've expected! Rob grabbed his radio and contacted some people:

“I'll take you to meet your father! Rob said pointing to the jeep. Joshua helped him to stand and they got up on the jeep.

“What is he like? Asked a nervous Joshua to the much impressed Rob – Joshua almost filled the entire vehicle with his muscles and figure. Rob could barely have enough space to drive the car:

“Who? The Master? Rob made an strategic pause – I think you'd better calm down! You two will get along just fine! It's normal to afraid, just relax… Joshua felt uncomfortable with this, how did the help know about his whole situation? The jeep went up the road, driving to the main complex of the island. Joshua soon noticed that though the island was quite big, the number of guys working on it was pretty small, including the members of the crew of the ship and the helicopter there weren't 20 men! Even so, they could run the entire island, which seemed a small country, with many facilities and buildings – they sure had computers working for them – but still it was pretty amazing! They arrived at the main gate of a huge mansion at the top of the center hill. The mansion was just dazzling amazing! Built in the Mediterranean stile, white with huge arches, it inspired freedom and joy. Fountains, pools, gardens, gazebos, everything to bring the mood of a oasis of comfort. Rob talked over the radio and the gate was open, he drove for a secondary road and parked at the front yard:

“Welcome to "Solarium" the home of our master Holdar! Please enter and make yourself comfortable, I'll go back and bring your guests in a while. Rob smiled and touched Joshua's huge chest, and the mega muscled teen grabbed his hand and gently kissed:

“Thank you! Rob smiled back and drove away from the house. Joshua took a deep breath and entered the mansion by the main door.

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