Half Breed 5

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“The boy’s chest is up to 85 inches around; I don’t think they sell robes this big!” Tassler commented still holding the measuring tape around my humongous torso.

“Forget about robes, he can’t even put pants anymore with these 52” pillars, we’ll have to get him customized clothes, that’s a good thing I keep a special tailor on Iridium’s staff, he’ll make him the clothes he needs!” Rothgar exclaimed as he held the measurements of my legs.

“What about shoes? Did you check the size of those toes? I’ve seen ogres with smaller feet!” Tassler

“I wouldn’t mind if he went sleeveless for a while…” Alistair said shyly as his golden eyes widened

“Besides we would have to buy lots of fabric to make sleeves big enough to cover his 55” biceps…”

Tassler got down of the stool he used to measure me and looked up at Alistair and Rothgar.

“Maybe if we just rolled lots of fabric around him…” The elven body guard teased.

“That’s still gonna need a lot of fabric” Rothgar retorted.

“Perhaps he could wear simpler clothing, when we are bigger bodied everything feels tight and really uncomfortable…” Alistair added with a patronizing tone.

“How much did you say he weighed?” Tassler looked through the notes they had been taking from my transformation.

“763 pounds…” The winged lad repeated showing that he knew this number by heart, his playful evasive gaze was undeniably provoking to me. Alistair amused himself revealing my enormous weight, probably to get even for the time when I demanded to know his own incredible weight.

“Yikes! Am I the only one here with a normal weight?” Tassler asked holding the layers of fat in Rothgar’s stomach, but the wizard didn’t get upset, he looked worried indeed.

“We can’t forget that this is far from being over, the magical patterns he changed are still shifting, and his body is being reconfigured to host the Power of the Ten Thousand Titans…”

“Would you please stop talking about me like I wasn’t right here?” I suddenly said in front of the magically created wall sized mirror. Rothgar cast this spell in order to help his initial observations about my body after I had performed the spell which soon would change me into the most powerful creature ever.

“I appreciate your concerns, but truth is that I’m still much smaller than a giant, which means clothing are still available for my body, so let’s not go overboard…”

My deeper voice exploded inside the white room of Rothgar’s lab, my bodyguard, my mentor and my lover looked at my not very satisfied expression, but even so I couldn’t help to notice a slight grin on each set of lips.

Alistair hugged my powerful figure from behind, his own muscular arms around my impossibly thick neck and hugely developed deltoid muscles.

I still wore the shreds of my robes, but they tied their fabric around my humongous body, what used to be a roomy, baggy robe now barely covered my genitalia. The only thing that I could still wear normally was the mystic headband Alistair had given me. I looked at its fine craft and noticed that it clearly wasn’t made to figure along such humongous freak.

They had told me that I was just above 6’7” tall, nearly two whole feet shorter than my winged lad, but already my muscles proved to be much bigger than his own glorious physique, his thighs were far from the size of my arms, in fact my enormous biceps outsized my own waist, they had grown so much, they were indeed only a little bit smaller than Alistair’s chest, and judging by the way he looked at them, my winged lover seemed shocked at the sight of the new humongous muscles attached on my upper limbs.

As he hugged me, I could see in the magically created mirror wall that my body already surpassed his own width, although I noticed all these incredible signs that my body would never be the same again, I still saw the same skinny red haired half elf from before, but not even my unused mind could deny the changes I’ve gone through in such short time.

I couldn’t help but comparing the beauty of my beloved against the brutal mass of the new body of mine. While his muscles were lustful and incredibly sexy to me, I couldn’t help to notice that my own physique dwarfed Alistair’s brawn.

The pale skin was now incredibly tight around the enormous muscles, I had enormous veins crossing all over my body, and they bulged in such violent spasms, as well as my muscles involuntarily flexed. My pointy ears, almond shaped eyes and delicate features surely didn’t match the raw muscle that kept pumping into my body, the enormous girth of my muscles challenged the words to describe its enormity.

I looked like an enormous amount of muscle mass bubbling with more power and strength, getting ready to grow yet even bigger. Alistair’s huge hands went down my humongous body and felt the warm hardness, the strangely pale shade of my complexion and the greenish color of such huge veins suddenly made me feel hideously grotesque. I closed my eyes in disgust.

I had done my choice and I don’t regret it, but no one could expect me to love the abomination I had to become in order to achieve my intent.

“Why do you look so sad?” Alistair’s soft voice filled my ears; his soft whisper brought a smile into my lips.

“This is gonna be a long ride, Al. My changes are not even started and I already am this big! You might think I’m hideous, I know I do…” I confessed.

Alistair lifted my chin “You are the man I chose Vaughn, and I love you too much to care about your transformations…”

Then I felt his massive cock pressing firmly against my butt. Alistair cupped my huge pectorals, and took gently bites on my deltoids.

“Besides, who said I have anything against a bigger, stronger and even sexier Vaughn?”

I gasped as he showed me how serious he was. I peeked to my sides and noticed Rothgar and Tassler still discussing the details of my new clothing. Alistair lowered his hands down to my huge abdominal packs, feeling each one of the huge 8 packs with his big hands, the thick fingers on my lover’s paws explored the valleys between them and traced every single crevice of this new body of mine.

I felt really embarrassed, but the one who supposedly should be the heavenly prude lad now attacked my hard muscles with his huge paws, grabbing handfuls of my brawn and locking his legs around my tiny waist, he felt that even his enormous arms had trouble to engulf the width and the thickness of this new form of mine.

With a mere thought, I suddenly teleported both of us back into my room at Iridium, but the winged lad kept on attacking my muscles.

“Alistair… you… what’s going on…” I whispered as he managed move around my body and grabbed my waist with his thighs, kissing my lips with passionate desire. I instinctively reached for the gargantuan arms of my beloved, and to my uttering surprise, overpowering them proved to be extremely easy.

“Al, what’s going on with you?” I repeated, this time making sure that he was looking into my face and not at my freaking huge pectorals.

The golden gaze seemed lost in the sea of Lust, but then Alistair regained his focus. His cheeks went red immediately.

“I’m sorry, Vaughn, I guess I just got carried by your muscles…” He confessed.

“You mean you don’t think I look hideous?” My surprised expression must have shocked Alistair.

“What are you talking about? Your body is just amazing!” The winged lad exclaimed a bit concerned for my lack of self-admiration.

I sighed “I guess I’m in denial, I’ve always been a really skinny guy, but I loved being with muscular men, I just never guessed one day I would become such a freak…”

Alistair held my chin; even my neck was so densely muscular that for the first time my slightly oversized elfish ears were completely overlooked, because of the enormous veined bulging brawn of muscle cramped around my neck.

“Vaughn, whatever happens to you from now on, we are together in this, I mean we’ve already been together even before that. Our fates are interwoven, my love…” His kind tone still sounded surprisingly clever to my ears.

I grinned. “So you’re not bothered for me outgrowing your muscles?”

“Are you kidding? I thought you were so hot when you were smaller, I can’t wait to see you getting bigger, all my life people thought I was a freak of nature, now I guess I ended up in bed with an even bigger freak, and that’s just awesome!” He said attacking my lips once again, but this time, I just surrendered to our mutual passion.

For the first time I noticed one advantage into having such a freakishly muscular physique, Alistair could finally release all the horniness he had been piling into his young muscular body. No matter how hard he squeezed my muscles no matter that his punches against my chest could put down entire walls, I felt only an incredible pleasure.

Holding his still much taller frame on my humongously massive body I walked easily to my bed, throwing our enormous bulks just for the pleasure of breaking such a sturdy furniture piece. Our passion grew more intense as we felt the mattress underneath our massive bulks.

Immediately, Alistair left my kisses and felt my incredibly huge muscles with his worshipping tongue. The warmth of his touch sent me into new levels of pleasure, opening my arms I began doing something I never did for my entire life…

I flexed my muscles to please my lover, but I found myself just as entranced by the way they grew harder, huger and more veined as I easily toyed with their movements, sending powerful waves of even harder muscles along my unearthed muscularity with the mere will of my powerful brain. Alistair’s tongue grew used to feel the difference of texture between my flexed and relaxed muscles, even though they were incredibly hard, the difference between them was just marvelous.

I noticed that my control was just complete over my muscles, I could keep one half of my body completely relaxed as I flexed the other half with all the strength I could mutter, which caused my physique to show the true dimensions of the Vessel for the Power of Ten Thousand Titians.

Alistair’s golden eyes were lost over my massiveness, the moment I flexed my biceps, I noticed this boy had a thing for arms just like me; he wrapped himself against the rock hard peak, but not even the strength from Heaven was enough to hold that engorging biceps. Alistair just felt as my arms grew humongously big, the wings of my lover gently touched the sides of my body, each silvery feather caressed me with the same admiration look the Angel’s golden eyes now stared at me.

“You’re the most beautiful thing in the universe!” Said the boy whose face would dazzle a whole crowd of savage beasts, he caressed my shoulders and I could feel his own cock was so hard, so intensely hot.

I’ve been aroused ever since Alistair kissed me, but I guess that like everything about my body, I was still learning the new dimensions and capabilities of each enhanced part. When my cock finally decided it would no longer remain overlooked, both of us felt a great shock, suddenly something incredibly hard forced its way between me and Alistair’s brawn, the 487 pounds lad was literally lifted as my cock escalated all the way to the bottom of my abdominal muscles, resting only a few inches from the base of my humongous chest.

The ferocity of that beast was extremely beautiful, that cock was much longer than Alistair’s and so thick and veined that it rivaled any strong man’s arms. We both watched in awe as it bobbed up and down, causing the winged lad to be rhythmically lifted from my gargantuan torso.

“I guess it’s jealousy of your attention to my other muscles…” I said in a lustful tone and my partner took the clue, he adjusted his position and wrapped his own massive arms around it, feeling the same warmth that sent me into new sensorial realms.

Alistair began kissing and running his tongue up and down the shaft, paying especial attention to the many veins that suddenly covered the impressive surface of my endowment. I’ve never been underprivileged in such department, but right now I felt the urge to gawk at my own cock, because it was simply humongous, and the more Al kept teasing the had with a surprisingly expert technique of his usual passionate enthusiasm.

The taller frame of my lover worked in his favor, he could reach more of my uncanny muscles easier with those longer and slenderer limbs of him, although I never thought I would ever think about Alistair as a slender fellow. In any case, he was proving to be an extraordinarily careful worshipper, because he knew every single spot that triggered new kinds of pleasure for my so far unused muscular body.

I moved to a sitting position as I hugged my boy, making him rest over my huge cock, and even so that bobbing monster showed no hard time toying with the boy’s weight.

Looking at his own huge chest, I rubbed my face between his massive pecs and took gentle bites. Alistair opened his wings as he reached for my shoulders, gently moving my arms to bring them in the right position.

“Now flex for me, Vaughn…” He whispered with his eyes wide opened, and I still felt a bit embarrassed for doing such thing. The moment my peaks rose to their full glory, however, I just felt each time more charmed by my own muscularity.

“Yeah, flex for me, make those muscles bigger, ooooh Vaughn….” Alistair said as he looked at the hardening muscles, growing bigger as he touched them, his huge hands suddenly felt unable to cover the humongous surface of the biceps peaks, he just kept squeezing with the strength that I knew could break into the hardest steel, but they simply felt like a gentle caress.

We both watched in awe as those peaks built higher and higher, I could mutter more strength to flex those boulders, bringing them into even bigger dimensions, the ultra veined muscles simply kept unfolding and rising as I focused on pleasing my lover and even my now intoxicated self.

Alistair noticed that my biceps were much bigger than his head, not to mention that such marvelous rocks were actually picking higher than my fists, the triceps peaked down to my thighs as they pressed and struggled for more space, my shoulders seemed so thick and enormously wide, bulging even freakier as I smiled back at Alistair.

“Vaughn… you’re growing again!” He whispered, noticing the changes that I have been feeling ever since he started worshipping me, the spell still kept on its transformation routine.

I moaned deeply as my thighs engorged, spreading the growth all over my body, my cock lifted Alistair as it got even more monstrously bigger. The winged lad grinned at the sight of my growing dimensions.

“I need you inside of me, Vaughn; I need to feel you growing inside of me!” He repeated in noticeable ecstasy. I heard the rustle of his wings and felt the wind they created refreshing my glistening growing brawn. Alistair hovered over the bed, allowing my cock to reach a full completely straight position. He looked nervous, but he also trusted me, although I was just as nervous as the virgin assed boy.

My cock already produced so much lube that t ran atop the humongous mushroom shaped head, the veins covered it unexplainably muscular long body, even my balls were augmented into such impressive size they challenged the testicles of the hugest centaurs.

I brought my huge paws together a little above my eager manhood, spreading them carefully. “Just sit on my hands” I commanded from the top of my growing body.

Alistair gently landed on my legs, I felt the warmth and hardness of his virgin butt; I slowly spread them so he slipped into the powerful obelisk my cock had become.

The winged boy gasped, he was suddenly out of words, my cock was so lubed it simply forced its way up into that muscular butt; his unexpected reaction squeezing the sides of my hard shaft sent both of us into the pinnacle of pleasure, the growth on my body simply forced my cock further as my hands got stronger to hold Alistair and support him in that new adventure we had joined.

Lowering his dazzling body further into my cocks proved to be so intense that we both had long, sensorial scrambler spasms, at each new couple of inches Alistair conquered of my bestial manhood, our bodies drenched into such dense form of pleasure that we both braced ourselves, because at each new time it hit us, my body grew bigger and more muscular, the muscles grew in the same spasms that brought our mind into an ethereal zone of pure blissful orgasm.

When Alistair finally tamed my enormous beast, a feeling of happiness assaulted our minds; it suddenly felt so right to be like that. His golden wings glowed with lust and passion, he shifted his body and began lifting his body with the held of my gentle touch and his wings. The teenager soon got the hang of our mutual pleasure, he would slowly slide down my shaft and get up as quickly as he could, which sent waves of indescribable pleasure to our bodies.

After a few minutes of this intense teasing, I felt the urge to pound the ass of such tender and heavenly creature, probably because my body already grew so much larger and muscular, that now he looked just as slender and slender as I once seemed to his passionate eyes. The beauty on Alistair’s body still touched my very heart, but now it had another meaning to me, he was strong and noble, but he deserved to be pleased by the immensity he carved for.

I easily adjusted our stance, retrieving my cock from his butt felt so erotically relieving but also caused me to go immediately sad, as soon as I had him on his fours, my cock entered my sweet winged boy once again and the happiness filled my lustful mind.

Having Alistair in such vulnerable position brought me into another experience, I loved how nicely our bodies coaxed, their curves simply adjusted into every single inches, Al was big enough to provide a lot of stimulation and small enough to make feel so huge, even though I could still tell that even growing more muscular I was still shorter than my celestial lover.

“Vvvvv…aaaaa..ughhnnnnnnn!!!” He finally muttered at my 26” cock finally entered him completely, I slowly began pounding his ass, showing my experience in that area, teaching my boy how to fully please a bottom. I moved sensually inside his butt, making sure that I wasn’t pushing too hard neither out of rhythm, I could probe his love button nor the angel boy simply screamed out loud.

The small mirror of the wall showed and undistinguishable amount of muscle, most of it was my actual monstrous brawn but Alistair white hair clearly indicated that he was reflected in that picture. By that point I noticed how truly monstrous I had become.

Reaching for Alistair’s cock I barely had to touch it, because the boy had already came at least twice, already building up for the third time. I took a bite on his massive back and pounded him heavier.

“It’s now or never angel-boy…!” I stood up in my full glory, thrusting all my cock inside him and Alistair flapped his wings with all his might, the same power that could blow up the entire section of a mountain managed to lift our combined weight from the soil, the vigorous muscles of his wings pressing against my even bigger and harder physique.

Suspended in the air, I still managed to keep pumping my cock inside Alistair’s butt, especially because as my own climax approached, I felt that my muscles just kept packing even bigger.

Cumming inside my angel’s butt felt like the purest act of love ever accomplished. I reached for his abs as the graceful shockwave of his cleansing orgasm hit both us, this time much stronger than the previous time, apparently the more stimulated the sex the better feedback it provides.

Alistair’s cum hit the ceiling, although he kept us floating very close to it. The feeling of cumming joined to the freedom flying gave me, just set a whole new set of ideas for my ever going libido.

I held onto Alistair’s body and he rolled over, I could feel my back hitting against the ceiling as I pounded on his ass, riding that winged stallion from at least teen feet from the ground, our fucking movements joined by the flapping of his wings, the wind he generated tossed everything inside the room, our passionate screaming filled our ears, and soon I finally tasted my first orgasm as the Vessel.

I could feel on my skin the innumerous grains of a sand dune carried by the desert winds, I could taste the excitement on the predator’s mouth about to attack its prey, I could hear the most distant laughter, I could smell the rain at the other side of the continent, I could see inside my heart’s lover and I loved to realize he could peek into mine as well.

The power of my orgasm hit me so hard that I pushed the ceiling and forced both us against the ground, falling clumsily at the remains of the bed we had already broke, our bodies apparently forgot they actually needed to breathe, the momentary exhaustion overtook our senses, I could just feel my pleasure building up as my warm juices filled my lover’s interior.

“Vaughn… that was, I can’t… WOW!” Alistair lacked of words to describe his emotions, and I felt the same way, so I just hugged his much slender frame and held him against my growing body, feeling my new layers of muscle enlarging, it felt like Alistair was slipping from my grip, when in fact, our lubed skin slipped because of my constant muscle growth.

Alistair moved along my cock with his eyes shut and an ever-lasting smile on his lips, he felt that my own endowment got bigger as my body kept enlarging, pleasing my voracious lover even further. I couldn’t help but feeling incredibly aroused as well, because as my body got even more muscular, I could feel everything moving around my expanding frame.

“Will it be always like this from now on?” Alistair asked in a tender tone.

“What do you mean?” I replied with another question trying to avoid any unpleasant subject; muscles grew around my winged boy and I kissed his deltoids with great passion.

“Will it always be that good?” Alistair restated his question, managing to twist head enough to face me.

“I think it was terrific at the first time too don’t you agree?” I grinned.

“Yeah, but now… now…” Alistair blushed.

“I’ll do anything you want me to do, Al, if you want to fuck me, I’ll be your bottom, if you want me to top you, and it’ll be the same pleasure, because when I get to fuck you, it’s like reaching the Heavenly Gates.”

Although we could have fucked again, and many other several times there was an even deeper and sensual feeling that kept us in that strange calm position and it was my continuing muscle expansion. Alistair was hard again just feeling my muscles growing around him, that was a different kind of growth this time.

I could feel that my muscles expanded steadily, and yet it felt so natural, like my body had always been changing like that, the feeling of my muscles engorging and my physique augmenting overwhelmed my own senses, I held Alistair closer to me as we both silently admired this blissful sensation for a few moments.

Then, my angel lover moaned as my humongous cock slipped from his muscular butt. I felt suddenly sad and cold for not having his delicious warmth around me, but at the same time, this gave me the opportunity to stand up and hug him once again.

We both were silent. I had grown taller but my muscular enlargement was by far more noticeable, if I had been extremely muscular for my own 6’7” height, now my body had become even more grotesque, the size of my muscles impressed and shocked my golden eyed lover.

Alistair still towered over me, but we both could tell the difference had grown much smaller, which meant I had passed the 7’ mark, however if my 763 pounds frame once dwarfed my lover’s massive body, now I had the exact feeling that I completely eclipsed the winged lad to a point that my arms were much thicker than his chest, my chest much wider than his shoulder width, and the muscle pillars I had for legs completely obliterated any possible comparison between my muscles and Alistair’s.

Perhaps what shocked the most was the aggressiveness of my physique. While Alistair was gracefully muscular to the point that he seemed like a creature from Heaven, my own muscles simply exulted the bestiality and the raw sheer strength that I seemed to possess, the veins were enormously thick, they covered all over my muscles, pumping more power into their grotesque forms.

The striated network of huge veins spread its exuberant texture all over my monstrous muscles. The width and the thickness of my physique reminded that I owed the power of Ten Thousand Titans and that meant that no one should ever feel anything but shocked and overwhelmed by my unearthed size.

My growth seemed to reach its temporary limit; we both witnessed as my muscles expanded for a last time before they stabilized, at least for a little while. However, their last growth spurt took them even further, to the point that my own breath felt heavy as they grew suddenly too fast and too intensely. I opened my arms and something glowed over my flimsy skin

The steel hardness of my gargantuan muscles suddenly sparked like they were pounded by a blacksmith’s sledgehammer, the flaming sparks glistened at the dim light of my room, increasing this amazingly pleasing moment.

I could feel something was being written over my skin, the tremendous power that marked my own massive muscles only increased the hardness and the resistance of my physique. I could feel that my own power increased as those strange symbols grew from the top of my shoulders all the way down to middle of my forearm.

Strange elongated sinuous symbols now adorned my fearsome muscles; I moved aside to reach for the tiny mirror. The twin symbols now descended symmetrically at both of my sides, the delicate curves of the drawings were precisely placed atop of my colossal limbs, creating a very impressive effect. From a certain distance it looked like my shoulders were protected by some kind of armor,

“It’s coming down on your back too…” Alistair said as he walked around my changing body. I tried my best but there was no way my head could turn that much to see the through the thickness of my neck. Alistair took the hint and produced another mirror which he managed to reflect the image from the one on my back.

I looked to the creation of another very interesting pattern. That was a huge trapezoid form that occupied the center of my hugely vast back, the interior was filled with several knots and sharp lines. The center of the new image was precisely at the intersection suggested by the lines printed at the top of my humongous triceps.

Overwhelmed by that powerful view, I brought my arms up and flexed them really hard. The color on my mystical tattoos glowed, from the initial black it suddenly grew vividly bright red, then it reached a golden shade, and my muscles were growing so big with such display that for one moment, my body seemed it wouldn’t contain that power.

I held that position for a while, although I instinctively knew that if I wanted to keep on flexing the muscles would just pack even bigger to respond on my necessities. I understood now that the symbols that appeared on my arms were these of the Strength Avatars, Titans imbued in the raw strength that once shaped the universe, now belonged to my muscles. Power beyond mortal comprehension, and therefore I still couldn’t fully understand the extent of my own capabilities.

The only thing I was sure at that moment was that I loved Alistair more than never. The winged lad stood at my side, still unsure of what to say to me. Even if I was still shorter than him, my muscles now made me the biggest between us, that was unquestionable at that point. I only opened my arms and showed him my newest improvements.

“Behold, lover, these are the most powerful weapons within the whole existence, my arms are all the offensive attack I’ll ever need, but they’re at your service, Alistair. I wield these most powerful weapons to protect you and all those I care about…” My voice was carried in emotion, but I knew that was the most serious statement I have ever made in my long life.

The sweet boy hugged me as tight as he could, his moaning sound made me smile.

“You look so powerful, Vaughn, it’s like hugging a living mountain…” He whispered comforting his head on the massiveness of my deltoid muscles. I noticed that my own head seemed each time smaller as my muscles grew so savagely, my shoulders were gigantic orbs of power and they stood much taller than my own head, I felt my ears being slightly pressed by the mounds that now composed my deltoids.

“Alistair, I am so happy that you don’t think I’m hideous, I would never have chosen this look for my body, but at least now we both enjoy each other’s muscles!” I said feeling the depth of my own voice echoing in the room.

“Only he with the biggest heart will ever be able love you back…” Alistair whispered as he moved his head.

“What did you say?” I asked curiously, despite all the massive muscles, my ears could still hear pretty well.

“Oh it’s nothing, just something I heard a long time ago…” Alistair smiled, but he was the worst liar ever. I gently held his chin.

“I don’t think it’s been that long, in fact I can almost guess that you heard that from a certain Oracle at Nagher huh?” I said facing Alistair’s innocent expression, he seemed happy but there was still something disturbing.

“Vaughn, why are you always thinking I’m hiding something from you?”

“Because I care a lot of you, and right now young man you are clearly hiding something from me, and I don’t need my increased powers to know that I’m right about this too.”

I said pretending to be mad at his insistence on trying to hide the reason of his worry from me, when he clearly could no longer do such thing.

Alistair hesitated, but I knew I would drag it out of him eventually, unfortunately for me the timing was really bad.

“Master Vaughn, please come out now! It’s really urgent!” I heard Tassler’s voice. He surely must be worried because he never knocked on my door.

I looked at Alistair’s face; it suddenly looked relieved because he got temporarily off the hook. The winged teenager rushed to get the door.

“Why am I not surprised to find you in here?” Tassler still found the time to tease the teenager boyfriend of mine, but once he entered the room and noticed the mess we had done with making love.

“No wonder it was so loud …” The elf suddenly lost his words as he took a glimpse of my even more humongous physique.

“It’s happening faster than Rothgar predicted!” The blond elf mumbled as he looked up to find my face atop that enormously muscular creature.

“Spill it out, Tassler!” I snapped my fingers to bring the shocked elven bodyguard from the contemplation trance that he had entered. The elven rogue shook his head and finally managed to recover his focus.

“Rothgar needs to talk to you right now, the Coalition had already found out about your Ultimate Spell, and they’re not gonna sit around while you change!” Tassler announced in alarmed tone.

I exhaled and for one moment it seemed that I would simply blow my friend away so powerful that breath was, the tiny figure of my elven friend had to hold onto Alistair’s hand in order to remain on his own feet.

“Okay, let’s deal with them once and for all!” I said pretending that I ignored that I had almost blew Tassler outside of the room. Alistair and the tiny elf got through the doorframe, and even though the winged lad had to duck in order to enter, in my case the width of the passageway simply was too damn small.

“You have to turn on your side…” Alistair instructed me.

“You’d better squeeze one leg at time…” Tassler added.

“Maybe if you hold your breath for a while…”

“ENOUGH!” I said and simply moved my chest, the whole wall tumbled down over my humongous body, but it felt like something tingling.

“Vaughn, are you alright?” Alistair asked before he noticed my ultra massive figure emerging from the pile of scrambles. The dust covered my sweat massive muscles, but I was unharmed.

“Come on, Al. That little wall didn’t even scratch me!” I said without even looking to the whole mess caused by muscles. The words for the Fixing Spell pronounced by my always zealous escort made me more comfortable.

The once demolished wall was magically fixed and regained its previous condition, but Tassler had been even smarter and already enlarged the doorframe in height and width as well.

“I though it would be more practical, just in case you need to get something inside!” Tassler said smiling up at me. Although he was always joyful, I could tell that Tassler was indeed worried about my own safety, mostly because he knew that he no longer could protect me.

We rushed to the top of Iridium, where Rothgar kept his personal office. Fortunately for me, the stairways were much wider than usual, probably to accommodate Rothgar’s bulky figure, still I noticed right away that the staircase corridors were too tight, so I had to climb the steps from the side, which really took an extra time.

The room was majestically ornamented with several magic artifacts of great power and utility, but at the same time I couldn’t help but feeling uncomfortable at such sumptuous place, after all, my wicked father’s spirit had inhabited Rothgar’s body for so many years, who could actually how many of such beautiful objects weren’t picked by him?

The fat wizard contemplated the white west wall of his office. When he finally turned around to me, the man who once was my mentor tried to contempt his shock.

“The Strength Insignias are marked on your arms. The shifting is happening faster than I had anticipated, Vaughn, but this is actually good news for you.” Rothgar turned around and barely moved a finger; soon I saw a huge cloth floating in front of me.

“Attire is still mandatory within Iridium, my boy!” He said with a mischievous grin, and I managed to wrap my monstrous parts in such tiny piece of fabric; the result was not very good but at least I wouldn’t have to parade such blatant enormity in front of strangers.

“House Yendrill contacted me a few moments ago. The Coalition summoned the Elven Elder Masters and required you to be expelled from your mother’s House, because of the latest happenings. Your fellow comrades at Yendrill are powerless until the Elders’ decision is announced. Apparently, the Coalition is already aware of your Ultimate Spell, and already stroke back as we’ve predicted.”

I overcame the urge to spit on the floor. “Those bastards are trying to turn MY House against me?” I exploded.

“But of course, my pupil. Yendrill is the mightiest elven House of Magic, and let’s not forget that your late Mother had been one of the most important members the last time Coalition rose.” Rothgar explained as he caressed the head of his staff.

“Vaughn, the Elder Masters were to contact you, but Rothgar claimed that he should be charged of Treachery instead of you…” Tassler added.

“What did you tell them?” I asked a bit apprehensive.

“What else could I do? I told them the truth, that your father’s spirit had possessed my body ever since the first battle, he used you to lift the Wyrms’ lock over the Ultimate Spell, but at the end you managed to create your own Ultimate Spell, accomplishing their ridiculous challenge…” Rothgar’s crossed vision never seemed so sarcastic in my whole life, his bulky figure moved to the side of the west wall.

Tassler stepped forward, looking up at me.

“I never doubted you, my friend, but I would never guess this was the way things would happen…” The elven bodyguard bowed in front of my humongous figure, and then he quickly joined Rothgar’s side.

I was about to ask if they were joking, but then a bright light revealed the Mystic Window Rothgar created on the wall.

At the other side of that communication spell, there stood the Elder Elven Masters of Arcane Arts: Norak; Riad and Genaya. They were three of the few elves that had stayed long enough to physically age within this Realm. Their faces were wrinkled, and their eyes looked tired from seeing too much along their ancestral existence.

These three were the keepers of Elven Magic, and their acknowledgement was necessary for one to ascend or be removed as the Mage Regent at an Elven House.

I could tell that even those experienced eyes were not prepared for the image of my ongoing transmutation, the size of my muscles was too much for humans but not even imaginable for elven standards. I could notice a mix of disgust, shock and yet, something in these singular faces that showed admiration maybe for the courage of taking the risk to use my own body as the way to stop my father’s destructive megalomania.

“You, Vaughn of Yendrill, son of Syrill, pledged the Regency of your House, however it has come to our knowledge that you are being accused of High Treachery against the Magic Coalition” Genaya, the embodiment of the Elven Lady of Justice announced with her serene tone.

“The Mage Rothgar had spoken in your defense, and assumed his guilt. He allowed us to mystically search his mind for the answers we needed.” Riad, the Eldest among Elves, pointed out.

I couldn’t help but feeling proud, because no wizard of such high position as Rothgar would comply with such invasive methods. Mind reading exposes most of the weaknesses and greatest fears of the person investigated, which can be pretty harmfully used against him later.

“It was true that it was your father who drafted the Ultimate Transmutation Spell, but you have used its powers with a complete different purpose, not to mention that you’ve added your own spell phrases to alter and to mold the magical powers within your will…” Norak, the bald red-eyed Last Elf of the Tar Swamps explained in his deep and fearsome voice tone.

“For the truth of the arguments in your favor, and recognizing that you have not committed any crime against the Mystical Coalition. We attest your Arcane Excellence and hereby fully invest you at the Regency of House Yendrill. May your decisions bring prosperity and glory to the Arcane Arts.” The three Elders said in unison.

As their words were pronounced, the Regency medal hovered over my enormous paw, but I knew it was just an illusion because the true artifact would be given at a proper ceremony back at the House.

Seeing these three respectable beings bowing in front of me suddenly made me realize that this was supposed to be the moment of my final celebration. However, given the latest happenings, I noticed that my life had taken a complete different turn.

I tried to feel exulting, but there was something already strange about the Elder Elves.

“Rothgar Nakmen, you had confessed your participation in the Conspiracy and even though we reported to the Coalition the true circumstances about such fact, we do not have power over their judgment, you and Master Vaughn of Yendrill are still being accused of Treachery.” Genaya looked at the cross-eyed fat man with sorrow in her old grey eyes.

“I’d only be surprised if they regretted their hasty accusations, my dear Lady” Rothgar replied respectfully.

“As the power we bestowed upon you allows, Master Vaughn, you may now command the other Elven Houses to fight aside Yendrill!” Norak’s long fingers closed showing his own anger about Coalition’s poor attempt to tangle the elven forces along its own selfish plans.

I looked at my muscles and back to the Elders. I had achieved my lifetime quest, but I just knew that being the Mage Regent meant a duty rather an advantage.

“Honored Elders among the gracious Elves, I thank you for your wise and non hasty judgment over me, and I humbly accept the honor to take the same place my mother once occupied; and it’s in her honor that I make the following request…” I said closing my hands, feeling all my huge muscles flexing, the insignias glowing stronger as I focused.

“Please tell the Coalition that Iridium’s new Mage Regent had declared its neutrality over this incident. They may come after Vaughn Yendrill if that pleases them, but even so no mage of my House neither any elven wizard shall raise against the Mystic Coalition; in exchange, they’ll have to promise not fight the Houses that were once were leaded by Lady Syrill Yendrill.”

“Master, what are you saying? We are ready to fight in your honor!” Tassler protested.

“I know you would my little friend, but I can’t forget that it was my Mother who managed to first unite this Coalition, in her memory I can’t drag the elven Houses to fight for something that I can take care of myself…” I said looking down at my blond skinny friend.

The Elders exchanged looks.

“You already show the qualities of a great Regent, young one; even in the face of a such challenge you refuse to use the Houses for your own benefit.” Riad said cleaning his bald head.

“It was me who claimed the Titan’s power, there’s no reason to involve the Houses in this fight. I do not regret casting the Forbidden Spell but I will face the consequences of such act alone!” I said punching my own hand creating a shockwave that shook the interior of Rothgar’s office.

“Your message will be taken to the Coalition, and if they accept, we will make sure they respect the Houses’ neutrality, good luck in your venture, young regent” Norak stroked his long beard. The other Elders nodded along and soon the image faded out.

“I don’t care for this stupid neutrality pact, my sword and my spells serve you under any circumstances!” I heard the screaming voice of the shorty elf.

“You might be the Regent of my House, but you’re also the boy I’ve taken under my wings for too long, you can’t expect me to obey such ridiculous order!” Tassler said in a mad tone, his eyes filled with water. I kneeled and hugged him as tight as I could to avoid breaking such tender frame.

“You have been the brother I never had Tassler, in many times you were the only family I had, that’s why I can’t let you fight this battle at my side. My powers have grown too big for your comprehension and the Coalition will try to attack me by hurting those I care about. Forgive me for being so patronizing, but I can’t let you go, brother!”

Tassler’s thin frame simply vanished from the ample nest of my hug. The fading glow of a dimensional lock I cast made sure that Tassler couldn’t be magically teleported from Yendrill for a long time.

Rothgar approached me. “He’s gonna be pissed with you for at least a hundred years!”

I nodded “You know it had to be done, Tassler will be useful back in Yendrill, but compared to the extent of my powers, Tassler’s skills are ridiculously weak…”

“You are brave, young man. However this is a much too great challenge to fight alone…”

“My dear mentor, you know better than me that my powers are only growing and I no one can stop this from happening, soon I’ll have outgrown even the Coalition’s power, there’s no reason to drag you into my battle!” I flexed my humongous biceps and the power spoke for itself.

“You are right, but the Coalition will strike before the transformation is complete. There is still too much of power within their hands and they won’t hesitate in using it. Besides, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be fighting them now. Iridium’s at your side and that’s final.” The fat wizard tried to huge my hulking figure, but I was already too thick to be hugged by human arms, even the long limbs of that very tall human.

I sighed “At least you can give me good advises, but you can’t hold them for long enough.”

“Let them come, then! The Gates are here this very reason!” Rothgar laughed.

“What about the other Towers?” They can join Coalition’s side…

“They won’t do anything unless I tell them to. Besides, it’s time for me to collect several favors those skinny bearded wizards owe me. This neutrality idea of yours is really inspiring…” Rothgar announced as he walked towards his desk.

I looked at Alistair, and the boy was half smiling. I wished he was sent to Iridium along with Tassler, I had to fight this great challenge, but even my life didn’t mind that much when compared to the great love I felt for that winged boy.

“Don’t even dare to touch me with these magical hands! I’m fighting this battle and you cannot fool me like you did to Tassler!” Alistair said in a mix of tease and seriousness.

“Alistair, you don’t understand, they are far too powerful even for you…” I tried to patronize the silvery winged boy as well.

“Don’t you come with this talk, Vaughn; we all know that you’re not sure if your powers will grow fast enough to face this battle, and they’re not gonna make this easier for you. Besides, you’re not the only one with growing powers…” The tone on Alistair’s voice impressed me.

“Alistair, what are you saying?” I asked still in disbelief.

“You might have not noticed, but my skills and powers have grown considerably stronger within these days, and I’m sure they’ve not reached its peak yet, I’ll be strong enough to be a useful ally to you!” My lover said crossing the arms that once I thought were the strongest arms in the world.

“Alistair, I can’t risk to lose you…” I whispered powerless.

“I’m sorry Vaughn, but you can’t help me from reaching my own fate…” His expression once again regaining the strange fog in his golden eyes.

I hugged him tight, looking up at his eyes “You have to come clear with me, Al. Why are you acting in such strange way?”

“Look, it’s not a big deal; I just referred to something Lady Magdel told me back at Nagher…”

“What did that mysterious Oracle tell you?” I asked feeling my body pulsating from an unexplainable rush of power.

“Oh, she told me that our lives are interwoven since you saved me…” Alistair grinned a little.

“Do you know about that too?” I asked remembering the prophetic tone on Lady Magdel.

Alistair nodded, his face seemed tender and yet, it carried the very look of determination.

“That day, after you went to your room, Lady Magdel brought me inside her temple, I never felt such peace in my life before, then her enormous crystal showed something to her; the Oracle of Nagher told me that my life was supposed to end by the hands of Shogal, but thanks to your unselfish act of heroism, my path was cleared and I could move on to another Fate…” Alistair’s words filled me with embarrassment.

“I couldn’t let you die, I just couldn’t” I said caressing his cheeks with my huge fingers.

“I knew that then and from that moment on I’ve blindly trusted in your heart, Vaughn” He paused, feeling his own voice carried with emotion.

“What else did she tell you? You certainly would not be so worried about this mere revelation.” I asked already noticing his worried look.

The white hair on my beloved danced as he moved his beautiful head “Once my life had been saved, I would grow to reach my full potential, my powers would increase faster as I advanced towards my new Fate.”

“And what Fate would need you to get that much more powerful than you already were?” I asked fearing for his response.

The Half-Celestial boy just hugged me, his eyes were suddenly happy; the strange fog was gone, like he had indeed lifted a huge weight over his massive shoulders.

“That I would have to fight to save you from a menace from your own past” Alistair confessed.

“I see now you’ve got so worried about the dragon story, you were already suspicious about it, and in a way you were indeed right. Rothgar was overtaken by the shadow of my past…” I concluded feeling so proud of my silvery protector, I motioned to kiss him, but the lad gently stopped me, anticipating the sinister arrival.

Covered in blue smoke, one figure invaded the so far impenetrable room. Rothgar already prepared his staff to cast powerful spells; Alistair gently protected me, although his body could no longer cover my monstrous muscles.

We watched in the readiness of combat as the blue smoke faded, revealing one figure that we would never guess. The man grinned at us with his eyes closed.

“HOW DARE YOU COME BACK TRAITOR?” Rothgar shouted as his staff fired a deadly bolt against the mockery figure of Silkram, who apparently was the loyal assistant of my father’s spirit more than Rothgar himself.

Normally, the bolt would have disintegrated Silkram’s body, but the apprentice just extinguished the powerful spell with a hand gesture. The man opened his eyes and we noticed the blue glow that had covered his irises, and even the white of his eyes.

“Spare your precious spells, old man, for you might need them sooner than you think!”

The voice which came from Silkram’s mouth was not distinguishable, a gamma of different tones and heights mixed and mingled creating a powerful and yet maniac voice tone.

“Does the Powerful Coalition need to resource to such cowardly method? Is this the way you’re gonna fight me?” I felt the blood rushing through my veins, my muscles responding to the menace. I wanted to end things once and for all.

Silkram’s body laughed. “This man tried to bribe his way into the Coalition’s protection, but he was just as traitor as any one of you, and for so he deserved his punishment. The body of the despicable weakling is nothing but a mere cask to our purposes. We only used it because the Gates’ magic still allows his passage.”

“INVADING IRIDIUM WAS YOUR GREATEST MISTAKE, WITHIN THIS WALLS I AM THE ABSOLUTE MASTER!” Rothgar pounded his staff against the floor, at each time, a huge creature responded to the summoning; in total eight massive Bartuks, enormous beings of solid magical power that dwell at the Primary Element of Magic rose from the floor and assumed fighting position. Their intensely white glow of their skin almost disguised the feline forms of their muscular bodies.

The Coalition’s emissary showed no signals of fear. “We are not here to fight you yet. The Elven Elders had asked us to give you a chance to prove your so-called peaceful intents, and so, in honor of the Old Alliance with the Elven Race that you poorly represent, we’ve decided to give you this opportunity.” The voice was filled with arrogance and disdain.

“Name your price!” I said feeling my own muscles tightening and growing as the excitement grew within my mind. I gently removed Alistair’s frame from my front, barely noticing that I was once again growing bigger and more muscular.

The emissary turned its face towards me. “You, Vaughn Threshold, have usurped the power of the Ten Thousand Titans for such ridiculous change, will be freed of the High Treachery charge, and the eminent War will be dismissed, that is if you comply with our demand.” Silkram announced.

Rothgar looked at me and I knew that the Coalition’s leaders would probably try to explore this fact to strengthen their powers over the Magical World.

“What do you want, greedy ones?” Rothgar motioned and the Bartuks assumed an even more aggressive position.

“We only want to eliminate the reason for the Unbalance.” Silkram’s voice lowered.

I felt my anger building as my muscles and my body grew even bigger responding to such insolent empty threats, however, I couldn’t care less for my ongoing transformations, the lives of everyone I cared about were in risk, and it was my task to keep them unharmed, no matter if by fighting or just negotiating.

“Just come clear with us, and you shall get an equally honest response!” I shouted, my own muscles growing faster as I spoke the phrase, my voice became deeper with each word.

“You have to give us the Reason for Unbalance; once it had been banned from our Plane the Menace for Total Chaos will be gone.” The Coalition terms were strangely plausible, I was forced to recognize this; maybe this was not such a high price to pay after all.

“Cut the fancy talk, I know you much longer than this boy. You are just trying to win him over so you can steal the power he had achieved!” Rothgar barked like a mad dog, for the first time, I thought he wasn’t being the sensible one.

“We can assure you that we do not have any interest in the Master of Yendrill. We only seek to neutralize the Reason of Unbalance and its nasty influence over our Plane, and you should know better, fat man!” The Coalition reaffirmed its position.

“JUST TELL ME WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT FROM ME?” I yelled, my voice was so loud that even the so-called impassive Coalition felt the commotion of my Anger, the skies have turned incredibly dark and sudden thunder storms hurt the once peaceful and silent height surrounding Iridium Tower.

My anger display didn’t help the negotiation; the mood was each time denser within that room. Rothgar’s Bartuks almost launched themselves against the Coalition Emissary. My growing muscles only made me angrier and intoxicated by the urge to protect those I loved.

“HE is the reason for the Unbalance, he is the one who needs to be neutralized before it’s too late and the War is inevitable!” Silkram’s maniac tone announced as his finger pointed to my silvery winged lover.

“WHAT? THE BOY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ULTIMATE SPELL!” Rothgar protested in a very loud tone.

“We only named our price, traitors, if you’re really filled with Peaceful intents, then it shouldn’t be such a heavy burden. We want the celestial Half-Breed in order to release the elven one from every accusation and to avoid a Second Mystical War!”

“You can’t be serious! Alistair had nothing to do with this, it was I who unlocked the Ultimate Spell, I had shifted the magical patterns to acquire the Power of the Titans, I am the Reason for Unbalance, so if you want to ban anyone, why don’t you just ban me?”

“The Titans’ power is needed within this Ream, foolish one. What we seek is to keep the Balance you’ve damaged. Come to a sensible conclusion, Master Vaughn, you should know better that another War will certainly devastate everything you cherish. If you decline our offer, there won’t be any kind of neutrality. The Coalition will strike with its immensurable power to annihilate the Menace you had unleashed upon our Existence.”

I foamed from my mouth; I could feel my skin burning as my power increased within the moments, the very presence of Silkram made me each time madder. I felt the muscles growing in huge spurts that only increased my already uncanny muscular immensity.

“If you tell me that the only way to keep the Balance is getting rid of an innocent life, than you are telling me that this War is necessary!” I stomped and the floor literally gave in to me enormous weight. I felt the rush of power increasing my bodily dimensions, the muscles got more powerful, and I could feel the strength was just out of mortal comprehension.

I stood between Silkram’s body and Alistair, and for one moment I noticed that my lover now had to look up at me, not to mention that my muscles dwarfed his own massive muscles in such a tremendous difference, that it simply defined the very essence of my grotesquely huge muscles.

I felt his arms hugging my right arm, and I could tell that the tattooed limb was nearly twice thicker than the massive winged lad. His adorable face leaned over my huge shoulder, even though my flimsy skin burnt with the rush of my growth, I noticed his tears rolling down my triceps.

“Vaughn, you can’t decide for me, my love…” Alistair’s voice was strangely calm.

There I stood, a 8’3” tall, over 2000 pounds and soon to be even bigger Titan, holding on to the one person that made me truly happy, the one ally that always stood by my side, and the very same trophy the nasty Coalition wanted in exchange for the Peace, but nothing good could come from such tenebrous pact.

“There’s more about Lady Magdel’s omens; she told me that you would be given a very difficult choice, and if you followed your heart instead of your mind; you’d end your torment but trigger your Final Trial, and there’s only one way to win this probation…”

I noticed the heaviness on his gaze and my spine froze. “Alistair, you can’t be serious! This is nothing but a trick! Can’t you just feel they’re being dishonest with us?”

Silkram watched quietly as the Bartuks approached dangerously closer.

“Lady Magdel said that I would be able to repay your unselfish act, because soon I would have to give my life for you…” The blue tears of my beloved rolled down from his kind face.

“NO! I don’t want that!” I exploded in anger and the muscles grew so big that they ended up pushing my lover far from my insane monstrosity. I watched as my body grew bigger, responding to my inner will to fight back the one s who threatened my love, and yet, I didn’t know why my mind still fought that urge.

“I don’t even need to think about it, Vaughn, my choice is you, and I’d always give my life over yours…” Alistair said and with that he looked directly into the glowing eyes of the Emissary.

“The Offer had been accepted. We have a deal!” Silkram’s body pronounced these words and the blue energy evaded from his body, leaving an empty cask that soon turned into a dried rest of dead skin that was immediately slashed by Rothgar’s Bartuks

Even though my humongous body and immense powers, I couldn’t even try to stop that sinister pact from being concluded, the Coalition had prepared this very cleverly. The moment Alistair accepted their terms, the power within the emissary and vanished from Iridium, taking the heavenly lad from my own embrace.

As I cried in anger and pain, the world soon was filled by a total series of disasters. My muscles grew bigger within the urge to destroy the reason of my pain.

Rothgar jumped at my side. “Vaughn, you have to calm down, if you surrender to the power than you will have proved they were right! You are stronger than the Titans inside you because you are their master!” The fat wizard said as he tried to calm me.

The struggle between my mind and my body continued, as I thought about my sweet angel being banned by the greedy monsters for no reason whatsoever my insignias glowed with more intensity, summoning the Powers I was entitled to fill my growing Vessel body faster, unleashing a fury that I had never felt before.

“Listen to me boy, if you really want to save the Angel from the Coalition, then you have to control yourself, let the Titans work for you and not the contrary. If you surrender t their rage, you’ll become just an uncontrollable force of Chaos and Destruction.”

The growth continued as my muscles unfolded into even bigger and more gargantuan proportions, my own figure augmented as I tried to look down at Rothgar, the fat mage held my growing forearms, trying to put some sense into my mind.

I could suddenly hear the voice of Lady Magdel, whispering all the way from her temple back in Nagher.

“Vaughn, let your heart guide you, it has the key to your path…”

“LET MY MIND WOMAN! YOU SENT HIM INTO THIS!” I roared so loud that I could feel that it had actually knocked the Oracle from her attempt to mentally communicate with me.

However, Rothgar seemed to notice her efforts and helped the priestess to contact me once again, this time he assured her link would last even against my resistance, because her words came directly from Rothgar’s mouth, as he repeated the message she tried to send me.

“Vaughn, you are a Wizard, remember that! You know that Power serves a wizard and not the contrary, tame your savagery and focus on your love! You need to save him, but if you surrender into this fury you’ll just make him sad! Alistair trusts you his life, you have to proof your value to him! Surrender to your rage and let him down or conquer your power with the love of your heart and go save your love!” Magdel’s advice suddenly filled my ears and my heart with hope.

I could feel the Titans fighting within my spirit to take over my body, but thanks to Alistair’s presence in my heart, their once indomitable Rage slowly turned into determination, focus and concentration.

I changed the Titan’s chaotic nature into my resources. I felt their power becoming mine and being molded into my spirit, because I really needed to save my love.

Rothgar looked up at my eyes as I opened them.

“Welcome back, Master Vaughn!” He said relieved.

I stood up, nearly reaching the ceiling of that office, my 10’tall frame still carried too much muscle even for such great height, because my shoulders exceeded 7 feet in width, however I knew that I still had much more to add before I completed my transformation. I could tell that my body now weighed 3157 pounds of mystical and impenetrable muscle.

“Thank you for being there for me, my mentor! It’s time to face the greatest Challenge; It’s time for me unleash my Full Power, I need to grow strong enough to fight Fate itself!” The deep tone of my voice filled my own immense heart of hope and determination.

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