Half Breed 6

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Lady Magdel did not need to be an Oracle to guess that I would soon appear before her divination wisdom; after the instantaneous my humongous figure filled the interior of her small sized temple, and now it looked even smaller, according to my new perspectives. The gargantuan proportions of my magically acquired muscles did not seem to have such impact over the middle aged priestess.

“Master Vaughn, you honor me with your presence…” Magdel bowed before me, if I thought she was a petite woman before, now she looked like a tiny toy to my inhuman standards.

I took my time to pay more attention to her unusual non-presentable aspect, Magdel looked like she hadn’t slept in weeks, her hair was a mess and I noticed a bruise on her left arm. Only then I noticed what might have caused such thing, the moment where she nearly probed my mind I violently expelled her, but I didn’t have the exact notion of the extent on my power. The impressive thickness of my muscles bent in her direction, I grabbed her tiny chubby arms as gentle as I could.

“Please forgive me for hurting you milady, it was not my intention but my mind was…”

“You don’t need apologizing my friend, it was I who tried to break into your mind without permission; and for that I am really sorry, but I couldn’t just stand back and watch while you jeopardized the future…” Magdel’s smile was sweet but also very worried.

“You were trying to save me from my own rage huh? The powers I’ve acquired can also send my mind into an eternal turmoil, I really sensed that I could have lost the reason if it wasn’t for you and Rothgar…” I acknowledged.

“You have made me very proud, Vaughn, you took the heart path once again, it requires lot of bravery, but not even the most passionate heart can truly be healthy without a minimum of sensibility. That’s why you and Alistair are interwoven…” The priestess caressed my enormous hand.

“I don’t understand why they took him milady. Are they trying to negotiate with me? Why did you tell Alistair that he had to give his life for me?” I asked with my deep tone carrying the muffled cry of my undeniable anger. If it wasn’t for her omen, my dear boy would still be with me.

Magdel grinned. “I told the young boy that his fate and yours were interwoven, and if you had risked your life to save him, at some point he would have to face the same challenge. It was his interpretation of my omen, but I must agree with you, if it wasn’t because of my visions, Alistair would have probably jump into fight for your side, that would be the beginning of the Endless War…”

“An Endless War between me and the Coalition? I doubt that they can resist that long…” I tried not to sound cocky, but truth was that my growing body was just a smallest fraction of my growing powers.

“This war would start with the Coalition, but soon it would drag much stronger enemies and bring havoc and destruction to our entire Existence.” Magdel’s tone was prophetical, but I really wasn’t in the mood for hearing vague promises of a dark future.

“So, Alistair thought that if he surrendered instead of fighting he would have spared me from battling against the Coalition.”

The Oracle of Nagher nodded, her fragile body walked back to the crystal, she motioned for me to touch the artifact and I realized that my hand now could just cover a great part of that impressive rock.

“The paths are once again being realigned, Alistair’s unselfish prove of love had proved to be just as powerful and meaningful as yours, Master Vaughn.” The Oracle announced as some spots glowed on the surface of her crystal.

“What do you mean exactly, Oracle?” I asked a bit surprised.

“Your power is now the strongest among the strong, Master Vaughn, but it is still growing, and it may never cease growing stronger. You’ve shifted the magic patterns, summoning the powers of the Ten Thousand Titans into your body, thus you became the Vessel of all magic within all Realms of existence.”

I pondered these words and noticed that the Coalition could be bluffing about their threat.

“The Coalition was being honest when they told your presence is needed within this reality, without your powerful body the magic will no longer be wielded by most of spellcasters.”

“So they took Alistair from me just as a mere retaliation act? I’m gonna crush that weakling assembly!” My voice thundered around the silent room.

“Alistair tried to avoid a much worse course of events, Vaughn; but I’m afraid it won’t be enough to keep Peace for a reasonable time…” She looked at my direction but I could tell her eyes were not focusing on my gargantuan muscles.

I made a powerful fist and the weather condition suddenly worsened, almost like it responded to my inner anger. “I knew it! They fooled him!” my saliva foamed inside my mouth, as I was ready to teleport from the temple after my winged lad.

“Don’t haste into conclusions, young Vaughn; please bear in your mind that Alistair tried to avoid a much worse course of events, Vaughn; but I’m afraid it won’t be enough to keep Peace for a reasonable time…”

I looked down at her enigmatic grin and decided to let the Oracle develop her argument.

“The members of the Coalition are various, as well as their intents. When your mother called up the Coalition for the first time, she was trying to put an end at the menace her husband represented, Lady Syrill fought for unselfish reasons, however, to most of the powerful beings that joined her side, it was a matter of self-defense. They would have to strike before their annihilation.”

The words on that fortune teller suddenly made a lot of sense to me. “So they joined her side not because they believed in her cause, but they feared my father more than anything.”

Magdel nodded. “Many of those who joined the Coalition are violent, heartless, cruel villains; warlocks and blood thirsty monsters that only live to bring decay and corruption, others are perhaps just greedy unethical seekers of power, but under any circumstances, Coalition rose up to stand against the Unbalance – the incredible power that could mean the most feared reality for those who practice Arcane Arts; the Absoluteness.”

She had a very good point; my father’s draft could mold the entire universe within his will, which would have represented Absoluteness, because the reality would be totally under my father’s power.

“Your father may have represented an Evil force that had to be destroyed, but to majority of the members of the Coalition he was the foretoken of their doom.”

“Wouldn’t it be also applicable to me?” I asked.

Magdel nodded. “It would, but you have accomplished what your father had failed, in fact your success caught the Coalition off guard, they didn’t expect anyone to lift a Wyrm Rune so easily, besides, your alterations on the spell contents prevented Coalition from doing anything until you already cast the effects. You have successfully become the Vessel for Mystical Power…”

“I still don’t understand why the enemies wanted to ban Alistair for anything but mere revenge against my success…” I replied bitterly.

Magdel sighed. “You were always respectable among the Wizards, Master Vaughn, but please remember that among Wizards respect mostly means that you’re reasonable and reliable; you had dealt with horrendous villains and great heroes, always keeping your word but also the personal goals and objectives above your alliances, preserving your interest to become Mage Regent at House Yendrill from the mundane adventures and odysseys.”

“Are you saying I was obsessed with my Quest and therefore I represented no greater threat for them, even if I had acquired such power, just because I abide to my promises?”

“Don’t undermine the importance this trace of your personality; even after you became virtually omni powerful the Coalition knew that if it was just because of your own mind, you would seek to keep neutrality, they were sure that you would be much easier to handle than an evil tyrant or a zealous Paladin…” Magdel’s grey eyes were suddenly vague.

“Alistair is not a paladin, milady; he is just a Half-Celestial…” I tried to argument but she seemed to know more than her words revealed.

“What is a paladin if not a knight that fights for the honor of his patron, following a strict moral code? He may not wield a church’s symbol on his shield but Alistair’s heart already has a patron. His powers come from the connection between you too, Master Vaughn.”

I felt suddenly dizzy with her words. My powers were still growing inside me and making me grow bigger because of that, but would they be also affecting Alistair?

“You have noticed that his abilities not only grew in potential, but mostly, in quality, Alistair’s powers served you more than once, and they proved to be nothing else but knightly.” She concluded with this emotionless gaze focusing on my face.

“How did you know about that?” I asked suddenly in a much lower voice.

Magdel’s eyes regained their soulful expression. “The greatest power of an Oracle is not the divination ability, because future may change. However, seeing what has already occurred is the ultimate truth…”

“So you’re saying you can also see the past? But what does it have to do about Alistair and the nasty plans of the Coalition?”

Lady Magdel hesitated. “It’s the task of an Oracle to stay impartial to the events that unfold in my visions, but even the strictest one could no longer just watch as the existence may be destroyed, especially when truth is not evenly distributed…”

“Oracle, if you have anything to tell me please, do not speak through enigmas anymore…” I begged, kneeling in front of her tiny body, causing the ground on her temple to shake noticeably, even kneeled I towered over that woman by over three feet in height, my immense muscles easily engulfed her own figure..

Magdel smiled maternally at me, she seemed resolute about her decision.

“There will be no more charades, my boy. You need to see with your own eyes the reason why your life now is completely interlaced with the winged lad’s. Once you acquire this information, you will be ready to choose your path.”

I felt that it meant a great deal to Lady Magdel so I accepted her offer with great respect.

“Vaughn, I will give you the knowledge of the past, so you can choose your future wisely” She repeated, holding my index finger with her two hands. I gently held her light body around the soft flesh of her hourglass shape and easily lifted Magdel so she could reach my forehead.

The Oracle of Nagher laid her tiny hands over my eyes, gently closing them.

“Behold, Vessel for the Power of the Ten Thousand Titans, the truth you need to witness in order to save our future…”

I felt my mind rushing as the events paraded in my eyes, the Past Weave unveiled.


There’s a mix of excitement and impotence when you assume the Oracle view; the facts were vividly presented to me, however, since they have already happened there was nothing I could change about them. Only now I could fully understand why Magdel always said that my life was interwoven with Alistair’s, more than I never thought possible.

I envisioned the real reason why Coalition was after Alistair, I suddenly knew why he was so different.

At first, I thought Alistair was just human half breed like me, but once I noticed the Wyrm scar on his chest, I got suspicious that he could be an even rarer kind of hybrid, his abilities, which never ceased to amaze me, pointed to the possibility that he could indeed be the son of a Celestial and a Dragon, which would explain the talents he had recently shown us when he fought the Green Dragon.

However, as the Weave of Past revealed further details to my always hungry mind, I realized that I would never guess the real origin of my beloved winged lad without Magdel’s help.

I realized that simply because his very existence was the greatest miracle that ever happened within Reality.

As the view of passed times unfolded before my eyes thanks to Magdel’s intervention, I saw no one else but the mythical Archangel Zion, also known as the Holly Avenger, the highest ranked General Of the Heavenly Armies.

I could sense his magnificent presence among all the incredibly beautiful beings of the Heavenly Realms, the Planes surrounding the Core of All Goodness, where the Angels had gained corporeal body, imbued with the Breath of life. Peace and Prosperity are said to be eternal in those Planes, but only those purest hearts would be allowed to rest there in their afterlife.

Zion was an incredibly fantastic looking creature, he was a magnified version of the most possibly beautiful man ever born; the tallest among all the Archangels, Zion’s body was absolutely a fortress for Heavenly Powers, his massive muscles enhanced the impressive sturdiness of the angelical powers bestowed upon his body, his short white hair contrasted with his strikingly beautiful bronzed skin tone. Although he was incredibly muscular, his gigantic white feathered wings made the Holly Avenger resemble even wider and more portentous.

However, what really struck me was the fact that Zion had the very same eyes of my beloved; the same tender, innocent, almost naïve golden shade glowed in his irises. If I didn’t know my lover so well, I could swear I was looking at his glorious mature version.

The Archangels’ miraculously powerful capabilities derive from the holly yet raw energy of the Primal Flames, the same matter that once busted from the darkness of Chaos, therefore they are the most powerful among the Heavenly Warriors, and their mission is to serve as personal Army of the Lawful Gods and to lead the Holly Legions against the menaces that came from their evil counterparts – the Abyssal Fiends.

Such Fiends exist at the Abyssal Depths, the Realms where Demons and Devils dwell, but unlike their celestial counterpart, an eternal war occurs between their inhabitants, caused by a ferocious dispute over their alleged right to feed on the torment of the souls of living creatures.


Demons and Devils once were free as any other creature to travel between the plans, but their unholy nature soon coveted dominance over all souls inhabiting the Realms, which endangered the whole Existence, so the Holly Legions were called to fight the Abyssal Hordes in order to expel their malignant presence from the Planes in-between Heavens and the Abysms.

That War stroke before any possibly memorable time and still lasts till this very moment, but there have been times when it almost spread into the Planes In Between.

The latest time this tragedy almost has gone down on this plane, only Dragons were able to wield arcane magic, through their inborn capabilities, the powerful Arcane Science secrets hadn’t yet been shared with the other races and because of the Wyrm exclusive domain over magic, a very powerful yet unlikely alliance almost meant the end of our Existence.

At the time, the Leader of the Wyrm Council was the Eldest Dragon named Akshar, the Just, the unique Silver Dragon whose birth was surrounded by lore and myths.

The wise Akshar had to overcome the legendary proud and xenophobia typical of his race in order to seek the help of the Celestial Legions, because, to the shame of the Silver Elder, this unparallel menace had been brought into these Planes by his own kind.

Up to so far, Akshar had reigned incontestably as the Eldest of the Dragons for many Wyrm Generations, mostly because he was said to be eternal, as years passed the Elder grew in size and power, to the point that his Wyrm body acquired gigantic proportions, when he was in his true form, Akshar was just as large as the biggest mountains.

However, given the unpractical condition of the immense size of his true form and his natural morphing abilities, the Elders’ Elder often chose alternate forms when he was to perform mundane activities such as casting arcane magic, taking care of the Council’s tasks or dealing with non-dragons allies, so he wouldn’t scare the weakling creatures.

His most favorite form was the one of a Giant Elder humanoid, with silvery complexion and purely blue eyes, long gray hair that reached down to the middle of his vast back and covered his face in a distinguishable beard and, the massive size of his muscles and the sheer power he carried were enough to make the other part pay the due respect to his figure, without causing the nearly unbearable shock of his essentially true massiveness.

However, the Silver Dragon might have brought the wrath of his own kind upon himself, once he presented before the Wyrm Council a motion to allow non-draconic beings to be initiated in the Arcane Sciences. In his wisdom, Akshar realized that if the Arts of Magic were to be shared with the newest races that would actually help to develop and to perfect the arcane knowledge.

Akshar understood that many wyrms were just outraged by such idea; there were strong opponents to the mere hypothesis of teaching the arcane arts to the weaker beings, which they considered as heresy to the Wyrm Race Teachings. Regardless, the Council obliged to Silver Dragon’s motion and so the Elves were chosen to be the first non-draconic beings to learn the Arts of Arcane Manipulation, because of their inborn affinity with the supernatural essence.

Despite Akshar’s legendary superiority over his fellow dragons; after he deliberately broke the draconic dominance over Magic, even some of the other Elderly Wyrms started to see the Silvery One as a weakening leader, which putted an end to his so far incontestable leadership, the greediest ones felt that it was worth putting Akshar’s alleged immortality to a test, and they seek powerful allies to help them in their quest for taking over the Draconic Leadership.

Back then, only two other races were actually capable to stand the Wyrm mystical forces, but only one would actually be willing to help Evil Conspirators, even though such beings represented a horrible menace to the whole existence, nonetheless the traitors actually become allies with despicable Abyssal Fiends. An unexpected and yet sinister pact menaced Existence, Demons and Wyrms fought alongside, the resentment for Akshar’s selfless decision and the thirst for power and domination over the weaker creatures overpowered the better judgment of the less loyal Elders; with the help of the demoniac fiends, they wanted to deprive Akshar from his throne, and for this cause they also have brought their youngsters to thicken the Abyssal Hordes.

Therefore, lured by the promises which the nasty creatures of the Abysm offered in exchange of their alliance, the Renegade Wyrms used their unearthed magical powers to weaken the barrier between the Lesser and the In-between Planes, allowing many Superior Fiends to reach this existence, from where such tremendously powerful beasts could easily summon more reinforcements for their conquest plans.

Akshar was suddenly confronted to a deleterious situation; if the Wyrm Council didn’t act fast, the Eternal War would also bring destruction of the Draconian Race, so the Elder gathered his loyal comrades and joined forces with Zion and the Heavenly Legions.

Touched by the Elder’s situation, the Holly Avenger Zion not only accepted to form an alliance with the Wyrm Council, but took a mutual oath of loyalty, in order to display the sacred bonding of the Celestial forces. This oath of mutual help to fight the Abyssal Hordes would bond the Archangel to the cause of the Eldest Wyrm for the only purpose of salvation of the Planes In-between.

The Endless War still haven’t spread completely into the Realms of our Existence, but the chaos and havoc soon resulted in bloody consequences – the combats became daily, dragging the violence and destruction further into the Realms.

Bonded by their mutual oath, Zion and Akshar bravely fought the evil Hordes of the Abyssal Fiends. Their combined forces were simply overwhelmingly strong; the skies were crossed by huge dragons and angelical armies, wielding unearthed weaponry and incomparable magic.

Nonetheless, their legions were severely outnumbered by their demoniac enemies, and each new fiend which managed to escape thorough the Planes Wound, quickly summoned another demon or an unholy vassal to increase their hordes. The Archangel and the Eldest Wyrm soon felt each time closer bonded in the Dangers of the War, saving each other’s lives in a daily basis, the battles got harder as the enemies not only grew in number but also in strength, as more Fiends seemed to come through the passage opened by the Renegade Dragons.

As the combat became harder and more intense, the Leaders themselves joined successive battles, risking their own lives in order to keep their pact of Protection the Planes. What had started as a strategic union proved to grow deeper not only in terms of warship, soon it developed in a honest and trustful partnership, the Leaders of the Resistance were both fair and just, their goals equally sincere and honest, and their mutual admiration grew each passing day, to the point that their relationship was no longer measurable in just terms of friendship.

At that point, the war had destroyed a great part of the In-between planes and the life was seriously endangered, both of the Leaders realized that everything they had fought for would not survive if the War lasted much longer. Even their legendary powers were exhausted after so much constant epic battles against countless swarms of demons.

They would have lost the Eternal War without the Help of the Gods, their prayers would be indeed attended but since Gods themselves were the very embodiment of the Ultimate Power; their mere presence could destroy the whole Planes they wanted to protect. It would be needed to create proper Vessels to the Godly Power they would be granted.

The Silvery One explained to Zion that such thing could only be created through a very powerful magical ritual, something that would require a tremendous amount of pure supernatural energy, which would only be achieved through the willing sacrifice of unearthed powerful entities. Both Zion and Akshar knew that because of their Oath, the sacrifice of one would mean the same destiny for the other, but that didn’t matter for any of them. They wanted to make sure that the Planes In-Between would be safe from Abyssal Dominance.

However, without anyone to serve, such unheard power would not be bonded to any kind of judgment other than satisfying their own fighting purpose, which meant that if Zion and Akshar were to be sacrificed in order to complete the summoning, it would mean salvation for the time being, but at some time, letting this kind of power without boundaries could also represent as much danger as The Hordes they wanted to defeat.

To make sure that even imbued of such tremendous power the Vessels to-be-created would never become a new threat, Akshar developed a new bonding ritual that they would undergo simultaneously with the Summoning of the Ten Thousand Titans; the Eldest Dragon wanted to make sure that the soon to be unleashed Power would be bonded to something reliable, and there was only thing he had learnt to rely on.

Initially bonded by an Oath of mutual help, Zion and Akshar actually have fallen in love for each other; their union grew stronger each passing day, even among the battles, the destruction and the disgrace that Demons unleashed upon the Planes In-Between, the beauty of their feeling overcame the improbabilities and the difficulties. The Holly Avenger and the Silvery One had indeed fallen in love, but their love would not to be ever fulfilled, they couldn’t surrender to passion amidst havoc and destruction, lives were being ripped, souls were stolen with each passing moment, and there was just one thing they could do to help

The powerful beings sacrificed their lives in order to create the Army of Ten Thousand Titans, the Vessels created by the Magic of the Eldest Dragon and imbued with the Godly Power bestowed upon the prayers of the Holly Avenger.

That was how the Titans appeared on these planes, their colossal power and their glorious features, fragments of the Godly Powers sealed within the bodies created by the uncanny combination of Arcane and Divine Magic, these beings formed the Ultimate Army that finally took care of the Abyssal Menace. Since they were soulless to begin with, and imbued in purely godly Power, Demons were actually powerless against those incredible fighting machines, wielding power that could change mold the universe within their will. The Titans banished the nasty fiends back into the Abysm, and finally sealed the Realms Wound provoked by the Renegade Wyrms, reestablishing the order within the Planes In-Between.

The Heavenly legions returned to the Celestial Realms and Akshar’s lawful comrades assumed the leadership of his race and the Wyrm Council, it was decided that Magic should be spread among the other races, but the Council would zeal over its usage in order to assure that safety of Existence would never be harmed again.

The ultimately powerful Titans were now the Heralds of the Gods, virtually undefeatable Race that sought nothing but the fulfillment of their own personal pleasure, but it didn’t mean they were free to act without any surveillance.

Many elven generations came and went by, but the passage of time meant everything for the will of the Guardians; they knew that watching over Existence could be an eternal task, so their spirits never actually went to their more than deserved rest; instead they remained watching over the paths and the events that succeeded their legendary battles, to make sure their last gift to the innocent would not be wasted on the careless actions of the evil intended malefactors.

They watched as the menace my father had once represented, but Coalition managed to overpower it, my own mother was brave enough to overcome her love for my father in order to stop his maniac obsession, but even after the end of the battle, the Guardians knew it was far from being over.

The twisted spirit that once belonged to my father would never reach a peaceful rest, doomed to the sins of his life, his soul was almost drained into the Vortex of Abysm, but even at the eminence of death, the last point where a soul can seek redemption through redeeming, my father was coward enough to purpose a pact with the Abysm Forces. In his last act he asked the demons to give him the power to escape his soon to be destroyed body and invade his own pupil’s mind, becoming a ghost bonded into life for the very obsession that once caused his death.

Unfortunately, as the Guardians had anticipated, Demons and Devils can be also very patient when it comes to conjure their nasty plans. They realized that Coalition was a power much too great to be overlooked, especially after my mother’s departure to the Ports, the members of this group knew that Rothgar would eventually become the successor of my father, so they have just been working the tiers all along, spreading their influence over the Coalition, gaining allies thanks to the opening my father propitiated. The demons wanted to gain knowledge over the Titans and how could they get rid of their powerful presence.

Suddenly, the great Vaughn of Threshold became nothing but a mere instrument of the Abyssal Fiends, being manipulated into revealing more details about his own drafts, the restless soul that had been one day my genitor, once again endangered existence, and thanks to the spell my father drafted, this time they could actually accomplish their nasty intent, not through my father, though, they aimed to use the anger and rebellion I locked inside my heart to finally get rid of their imprisonment.

The anticipated departure of my mother to the Ports marked the beginning of hopeless times, as my own powers grew stronger, so did my greediness and the obsession to prove my worth to the traditionally narrow minded elves, at each passing year, I was getting closer to the plans the nasty Fiends had already architected for me, however, miracles are likely to happen during times of desperation.

For the sake of the survival of the Planes In-between, the Archangel Zion and the Silver Dragon Akshar willingly gave their lives, but as their power evaded from their bodies, their souls accomplished one last act of altruism. Bonded by their love, with their spirits imbued in the raw power of the Summoning Ritual, Zion and Akshar truly transcended any possible confinement, their spirits continued to watch over their work even after the destruction of their bodies. And the guardians remained quiet for too long, before they finally felt the need to complete the goal which they aimed when performing that Last ritual.

Such goal accomplished a miracle in its purest meaning. A spiritual conception that defied the mere rules of time and space, the very essences of these powerful Guardians who had been watched over all the existence for so long, spreading their will through the time, bonding the safety of Existence to the power of their legacy. From the impassionate infusion of their souls, a being was created, forged in the purity of unselfish love a true miracle happened, probably a reward from the Gods for their sacrifice.

That’s the story of my Alistair, a child brought into this world not by conventional means, but the very accomplishment of his fathers’ love for each other. This boy was created from the same power that originated the Titans, but imbued with the one thing that lacked in such powerful creatures – a lovely heart, the purest soul that could inhabit a living creature, gentle and kind, loyal and noble above all the things, a true amalgamation of the exemplary heroes that were his fathers.

This being was not to be a Dragon neither an Archangel at once, but a perfect amalgamation of these two beings dwelling in the strongest flesh of a gloriously muscular body, wielding the power of the Primal Flames and the Breath of the Only Silver Dragon, a blessed creature that was conceived through the noblest intentions, and should grow more powerful as he got closer from its ultimate goal of protecting the Existence.

As the carrier of such powerful and heavenly burden, Alistair’s life meaning was to protect the Vessel for the godly powers which had been bestowed upon our Realms, whether if the Ten Thousand Titans or a skinny hybrid elf that unadvisedly wandered through dangerous paths which could lead him into self-corruption and destruction. And to achieve such goal, his greatest weapons would not be his strength or his magical gifts. The key to save these Realms lied within his mighty brave muscular chest, the lively heart of a young good willed being imbued by the Ancient love of his creators, such uncanny capability for love was yet to demonstrate its full potential.

The winged boy grew up among poverty and moral degradation, and yet he knew nothing else but love and character nobility, mystically inspiring people around him to seek self-improvement. His sturdiness was not just physical but also emotional, he was born a kind, caring leader, but above everything, he was the new Guardian of the Vessel, the hybrid between an Archangel and a Silver Dragon, born from miraculously ways, he represented the Love and Compassion, everything that lacked on the Titans, the boy would grow to protect the Life in these Planes, the Ultimate Watcher and a zealous Guardian.

However, according to everything that his creation would possibly mean, Alistair’s heart guided his very actions and his path in life. I understand now that this boy came to show me that Love was indeed supposed to overcome any raging thirst for power. The purest among pure fell in love for my selfish, impolite, distant person as soon as he met me, because he was love in muscular flesh, he could watch inside the despicably rude cloak in which I had covered myself in order to look strong enough, even though I lived in constant pain.

Even if subconsciously, Alistair had inspired me to become a better being, and that’s how our lives become interwoven, as I got closer to him, our love grew stronger and I gained moral strength to overcome the temptations on my way, thanks to his inspiration I overpowered my fears and embraced the responsibility to put an end to my father’s menace, which ultimately meant that my own love and respect for the deeds sacrifice of my mother qualified me as the proper Vessel for the Power of ten Thousand Titans, accomplishing the very aim of Alistair’s life, protecting the gift of the gods to become something even more destructive than the Fiends themselves.


The Oracle’s sight that embedded my visions ended slowly, I opened my eyes slowly, only to notice this foggy evanescence evading from the priestess’ complexion; her smile was timid and comforting, I gently Magdel’s tiny body as her once pale skin suddenly regained a vivid glow, it actually felt that she had got healthier.

“Oracle, is something wrong with you?” I asked in the softest way my powerful low tone could express.

The priestess looked at me with a sweet smile on her lips. Only then I could truly understand the meaningful unselfish act she had done on my behalf. At the moment she bestowed her blessings of timeless conscious upon my vision, she had resigned to her divination capabilities.

“I no longer am worth of the Gift of oracular vision, Master Vaughn, because I have finally broken the oath to remain impassive about the events I witness within my visions.” Her voice sounded very sad, but at the same time it carried a hopeful tone.

“You had given up your divination skills to help me, milady, and for that I’ll be forever thankful.” I respectfully bowed while I gently deposited her tiny body back to the temple flooring; Magdel never let go of huge fingers, her both hands embraced my thumb with a pleading expression.

“You have achieved a truly tremendous power, young Master, and thanks to the path chosen by your heart, we now can have a hopeful future ahead of us, but I needed you to understand that all the things I’ve said to the young Alistair…” The tears in her beautiful eyes already told me everything I had to know.

However, the most phenomenal effect was yet to come, as a result for the spectacular glimpse over this oracular conscience, my own mind suddenly was opened to the new horizons, reaching and embracing new capabilities; imbued in the visions of Weave, I sent my own mind into searching for the unique spiritual signature that inhabited my beloved’s special soul.

To my uttering surprise, I was not just successful but in fact I could already tell the exact position of my silvery lad. At that right moment, it was like I had become omnipresent, I could feel Alistair’s sweet smell in my nostrils, I could hear his breathing and taste his smelly skin. I felt him like I recognized my arms and legs as my own body. The angelical herald was being kept at a place that stood outside the reach of heroes and villains, allegedly above Good and Evil, where the most influent members of the Coalition believed to be their inexpugnable home.

Somewhere that I had only so far heard about in very restricted gatherings of powerful wizards, only those considered powerful enough to join Coalition would be given the exact location, but once they had done it, their lives would be magically bonded to the maintenance of such secret. A powerful spell connected to the one which revealed the way for such top classified place would immediately block the responsible to access any magic within the Realms. The Traitors Curse would be the nemesis of any Arcane caster that willingly or unadvisedly turned the location of the Coalition’s hideout and its legend protected anything else more accurate, because no spellcaster would dare to lose his gift, challenging the veracity of such incredible story.

Nonetheless, Coalition’s last worry should be the safety of the secret location of its precious hideout, not only because I had already retrieved it through the location of my beloved but above everything, with all my new and ever growing muscles and strength, the Magical Assembly would do powerless against my following actions. To rescue my beloved angel, time was of the essence, And I should waste not another second.

“Priestess of Nagher, I can now understand the burden of your gifts, through the visions you provided me I understood the past; however, in order to unveil a good future ahead of us I still need to fulfill my role at this truncated Fate Weave.”

She looked up at me with renewed hope. “So, you’re gonna after your Fate?”

I smiled at Magdel as my humongous body slowly faded from inside her tiny temple.

“Yes, milady, I still need to fully become the Vessel, but if I want to keep the Realms safe from any possible harm, then I need to save him from the Coalition.”

Magdel nodded as she noticed that I already had left her temple through magical ways, because I didn’t want to damage the frail walls of that ancient simple building, not to mention that my current and growing stats would surely alarm the simply minded inhabitants of such tiny community.

“Two hearts that beat just like one, two lives untwined in one fate.” Through my enhanced senses, I heard her prophetical tone for one last time, Lady Magdel may have lost her oracle gaze, but she still kept her sharpest wisdom.


At the mere manifestation of my will, the gargantuan masses of godly muscular power that now composed my growing body had been immediately teleported hundreds of miles from the County of Nagher.

Thanks once again to Magdel’s intervention, I finally retrieved all the information that I needed in order to focus my future actions. The intoxicatingly pleasing feeling of my continuous growth felt even more intense, ever since I finally understood the reasons for the most recent events, and especially, to the fact that I still had to do one last thing in order to fully establish the Peace within these Realms.

The simple idea of such horrendous deception raised my anger, I felt my enormous and still growing muscles tightening into even harder masses of unequally solid resistance, the veins crossed my muscles, thickening and engorging themselves as the masses of muscle fibers underneath them expanded in order to attend my unconscious order of augmentation.

At each of step my glorious massive figure took, I could feel the power augmenting from within and expanding even further to the exterior, my muscles unfolded into unearthed forms of divinely manifestation, the impossibly huge forms getting even bigger as my body absorbed all the power within the soon to be gone Titans.

A I blossomed into the next Vessel, my humongous figure approached the core of Hopeless Sandseas, these lands are forsaken by the Gods, an enormous desert of misery and despair, the Sandseas are said to keep legendary treasures, and infinite richness for those who conquer the violent sandstorms and the scorching winds that blow within its vastness, haunted by innumerous souls of the greedy fools that had been lured by such lore.

However, the barefooted huge bulk of mine crossed the sands with extreme easiness, only such gargantuan muscles could resist the intensity of the winds that blew against my flimsy skin. Despite the infernal heat provoked by flaming turmoil, I kept my journey, feeling each time closer to my destination. The bond between me and Alistair had grown stronger as I developed into my true condition, and after following the truth about our destiny, I knew that my poor winged lad had been fooled just like Coalition had also been manipulated by something much older, smarter, and meaner than the Wizardry assembly could ever be.

Oriented by my unearthed senses, I could feel that I’ve reached the very core of the Hopeless Sandseas, a giant eternal flaming turmoil rose from the grounds up into the skies, creating a convection influx that would destroy anything alive, except mine already impenetrable muscular grotesqueness. There, in the middle of such deadly inhospitality I could feel the presence of my Alistair, surrounded by the energies of the Mystic Coalition, only such power would create a hideout in that virtually unconquerable place.

I left the convection take my hugely heavy body from the soil, gaining height with vertiginous speed, but that only served me as leverage against the obstacles, because I knew that above the Sandseas, hovering comfortably over the Flaming Desert, there stood Utrecia, the flying continent and Coalition’s legendary hideout; an enormous amount of land, bigger than most of terrestrial kingdoms which had been magically ripped from the grounds and put into eternal flotation, surrounded by oceans of sand, fire and any kind of destructive forces, only reachable by those who could magically transport themselves, and protected by the same magic that imbue the Gates of Rhysmild. Utrecia was created after my father had been allegedly vanquished, and its purpose was to confer a safe place for the Coalition’s assemblies, but not even all that apparent security methods could keep the real menace at bay, and I should not oblige to such heresy, any longer.

The flaming winds tried to destroy my body, as its irrational wrath would do to anything to who once fell within its deadliness, but against all odds, I only grew stronger after these winds tried to shred my flesh from my bones. I felt the excitement spreading as the winds got me each time closer to the outskirts of Utrecia, grabbing the solid pristine rocks with my monstrous paws, carving my way up into the floating island.

Although I could have just simply teleported me up into their covey, because overpowering their weakling barriers would have been too easy for my current stats, however, I didn’t even need my enhanced intellect to guess that by doing so, my enemies would be immediately alerted about my arrival.

Unlike the Hopeless Sandseas, Utrecia was a beautiful country with almost every possible environment magically reproduced, rich dense forests, followed by exuberant valleys, entire chains of snowy mountains, putridly fetid swaps and even several immense inner lakes; magically created landscapes with the purpose of mimicking an the apex of mystical perfection, but at the same time, just as sterile as the deserts bellow, an aesthetic and lifeless utopia just as sadly poor as it seemed so densely rich .

Above all things, such land was a so-called paradise created by wizards that were trying to play gods. Although it was indeed a masterpiece of wizardcraft, such parading and preposterous “perfection”, only proved the vanity and shallowness of Coalition’s members, all that apparently vivacious exuberance was indeed just a decoy for a very sinister and elaborated magical Fortress.

The Coalition strongly believed that from above the skies, they could actually establish their way over any other kingdom, and if there was anyone stupid enough to confront their plans, Utrecia would be ready to launch a devastating attack with unseen proportions, each single part of that island was created to conceal incredibly powerful magically crafted weaponry. The Lords of the Magic, as so they considered themselves, would be ready to defend the Realms from unbalance; and in their futile behavior, they had been serving much more dangerous intents.

I had figured why Alistair was so important to the nasty members of that assembly, it was indeed because he proved to be the key for Unbalance, but not in the way they wanted to believe. The proud organization has been manipulated through its inborn fondness for power and domination over the brutish and uneducated mob, not to mention the mastering of Nature and Divine mysteries, and only one kind would be powerful enough to offer its help to such impious purposes.

Coalition’s true goal is to eliminate the Unbalance that my powers represent, so they’ll unleash the Fiends Hordes once again over the Planes In-between to defeat me as I am not still fully empowered as the Vessel, and in order to accomplish such goal, they needed to get Alistair, because the winged lad is unaware to the fact that he carries inside his angelical perfection the power that still keeps the Realms Wound sealed; once that had been taken care, it will be easy for the powerful wizards, witches and warlocks to set free the Damned Generals once again.

I still preferred to believe that the Mystical Coalition had been seduced by the lure of the Abysm Fiends, not because it was indeed evil as such monsters, but mainly because of the undeniable the wizards of such importance simply underestimated the powers of the damned creatures of the Abyssal Planes. They only wanted to achieve their intents, and if a godly gifted power temporarily prevented such result, then the best way to overpower that backset would be to resource to demoniacal alliance, after all, when Demons and Devils had already served their purpose, regardless the outcome of the battle, it would be just easy to get rid of the winner, in order to finally establish their complete dominance over the Realms of Existence.

Nonetheless, those despicable bastards were messing with the wrong Vessel.

I felt my power growing at such an intense pace that it would be just impossible to defeat me, not even the entire hordes of the Abysm could face the true aspects of my power, and yet, I still had one weapon that no one else counted on. Combined with my utmost power, those who dared to harm my beloved were soon to savor the bitter taste of a crushing victory.

Crossing the distances of Utrecia proved to be nothing difficult to me, it was needed only just a single fraction of the speed my outrageously huge muscles could give me, and I literally carved my way over to the Heart of Utrecia, my unstoppable power destroyed every single physical obstacle obstacle in my way; threes, rock walls and even entire mountains were not strong enough to resist my humongous body as it moved faster than most of creatures can think. The inertia provoked by my several tons of dense, impenetrable muscle actually caused an irreparable damage to the sterile perfection of that manufactured Fortress, opening huge wounds on the rocky ground and creating havoc every single step which I gained towards my beloved one.

I got to the top of the last mountain that kept from my beloved Alistair, only to face what in other circumstances would have been my sure death sentence. By that time, the whole Continent of Utrecia had revealed its true aspect. The once dazzling beautiful and deceptive peaceful landscapes revealed the hundreds of concealed magical cannons, from the interior of the bowels of the Fortress, the generals of the Coalition armies erupted with fury of their uncommon legions.

Almost two miles away from me, I could devise their actual base of operations where they were keeping my winged love, that was the hugest Arcane Tower ever built, probably over 900 feet in height, the Heart of Utrecia was composed by nine interconnected huge towers, an octagon surrounding the biggest Tower, from where I could feel a great arcane energy being summoned.

Between me and the Heart stood an immense mass of Coalition’s soldiers, if one could actually call such horrible aberrations could indeed as mere soldiers. Created by the most perverted minds in all the Realms, the horrendous creatures were the results of the nastiest and most despicable experiments. Legions of Ogres who had been augmented beyond their already innate massiveness, humongous beasts of disproportional body parts, magically enhanced to wield enormous weaponry.

I spotted several other different types of monstrous aberrations. Trolls with their bodies combined with giant electric eels, their brutal forms gained a third arm that could actually fire powerful electric discharges. Lots of Cyclops which were chained to huge structures pulled out massive cages which contained the dreadful beings in which Coalition desperately trusted to defeat me. Hordes of humongously brawny minotaurs fumed as they were expelled from within the darkness that dwelled into the interior of the places where they had been kept.

The Mystical Assembly spared no summoning spells this time, almost every monster had been brought to join their army; nearly indestructible nine headed Hydras, petrifying gaze Basilisks, the biggest, meanest and most hideous aberrations.

Coalition had even recruited several giants, their uncanny size telling them apart from the other creatures. Although they were much better looking than the transmuted creatures, the giants which stood there to attack me were the ugliest and the less noble of that race. However, I already had noticed that their generals should actually be the biggest and most powerful ones.

The bestial collection roared an unison at the sight of mine, such a loud noise that it could make one go deaf for a lifetime. Most of people would actually consider that noise a challenging yell, a typical way to bring fear upon your adversary in the battlefield. However, I knew the beasts were not roaring to scare me. Quite the contrary, even such low-life forms, such irrational beasts created with the only reason to bring death and horror, were just completely terrified at the mere sight of me.

My body currently stood at 15’ feet tall, but given the monstrous anatomy my muscles assumed I was probably wider than my current height. The immense thickness of my shoulders rose way above my head, as well as the tremendously over packed masses of muscles that now composed my deltoids and neck area, everything so densely muscular that my head looked each time smaller, even my ears that had been always noticed before because of my elven origin now could pass completely unnoticed among the grotesqueness of my new and ever growing figure.

The vastness of the muscular fortress that my once flat chest had become now two hundred and fifty inches around, challenged the very definition of impossibility, the humongous shelves that jutted several feet away from my body spread ahead, forward and to the sides with such majestic portliness, each massive hemisphere of muscular power paraded at an incredibly huge dimension, bigger, rounder and thicker than most men were tall, the enormous crevice that kept those ridiculously oversized pectoral muscles seemed just an undermost crack between two disconcerting plates of tectonic dimensions, however, I was sure that a few big burly men would fit perfectly into the fiord created by my gargantuan stats.

I gazed upon the monstrosity displayed by my own limbs, because that new figure didn’t have arms neither legs, it paraded enormously massive limbs that contained immeasurable fractions of Godly power. Crossed and marked by truncated set of uncannily thick veins that pulsated powerful with new rounds of muscular growth and expansion, the sheer animosity of my muscles just augmented before my still not used almond shaped eyes, the size of my hands could easily hold a big animal like a bull or even a bear, the thickness of my fingers clearly showed I could crush boulders like they were nothing but rotten fruits, the amazingly huge forearms of mine showed such a level of muscular division that I was just outraged by my own freakish beauty, at each finger of mine that moved, mountainous sets of muscles emerged from underneath the flimsy skin that now assumed a more vivid and tanned shade, I now was completely smooth like the elven half of me always tried to be, but prevented by the hairy attempts provoked my human counterpart.

The thickness of my lats forced my bestial arms to remain into a one hundred degrees angle, at the same time that incredible upper body width rivaled when contrasted to the incredibly thin shaped my waist insisted to display, because my former stats carried very little fat, the bigger my muscles grew the more ripped they were, carved into non-trespassable solidness, therefore my own abdominal muscles, that had always been very developed, now stood even more gloriously oversized, twelve the huge lumps over my ultra ripped stomach, spreading to the twin sets of six perfectly sculpted forms over my serratus, displayed the poetic beauty within my freakish figure, epic proportions of heroically achieved muscles, growing into even bigger sizes and conquering new dimensions of muscular madness.

If strong flexed biceps had always been the universal symbol for Strength, then it also meant that I should have now ALL the strength available within the universe – the oblivious dimension of my guns were clearly oversized even for that nearly unexplainable stats of mine. Humongous structures shaped into elliptical pattern, outrageously engorged by my insanely augmentation process, they stood over a hundred and fifty inches around, carved into the hardest rock ever, but pulsing with the life and the vividness of the burning power that inhabited me, and which kept growing stronger, bigger and more powerful. Immense orbs of manly strength, enhanced into unexplainable standards, the amalgamation of my biceps and my triceps completed a truly overwhelming view, which could not be ever fully explained through the lack of suitable words. Impacting monstrosity that served to the only purpose of growth and self-enhancement, my own senses were surprised to the experience my own muscles represented.

Supporting my outmost temple of Divine Power and Strength, my legs showed the unearthed thickness and overwhelming resistance to the own incredible weight they easily supported, proving that my power meant a whole more than met the eye, these monstrously crafted sculptures contained the gift to protect the planes from whatever menaces. The thighs were so thick at nearly two hundred inches around that I’ve seen ancient oaks at the Elven forests with much smaller dimensions, the power contained by those pillars of muscular monstrosity could crush entire armies between the twin obelisks of humongous size. The unexplainably oversized dimensions of my calves challenged the very meaning of that name, because they sure looked thicker and stronger than adult sized buffalos, twisting and flexing with each step, growing noticeably huger as my figure gloriously advanced towards the hordes of clearly overpowered minions.

However, something else grew on its own pace, the monumental obelisk of manhood that had tamed Alistair’s virgin inside seemed to gain its own share of monstrous proportions as I unfolded into the Vessel for the Power of Ten Thousand Titans. My endowment symbolized the new and excitement that inhabited within my once bitter soul. Thanks to the very fact that I stood closer to my beloved one, my two feet long, eight inches around and yet semi flaccid endowment reminded me the wonderful and truly blissful moments we had shared together, the anxiety to be once again reunited to the one I loved filled my very soul with renewed hope and the certainty to overcome any and every obstacle that stood between us. The heaviness of my engorged testicles put any Minotaur into shame, but then again, not even the most endowed centaur would dare to compete with my new manly size, because it was just impossible to beat me at that part as well as everything else about my ever growing body.

Ever since I had left Iridium, my body had gone through an incredible transformation. Whatever augmentation and muscular increase Alistair and the other had witnessed wouldn’t compare to the new manifestations of my ever growing power. My muscles not only grew bigger as my body expanded, but they grew wildly massive, disputing between themselves for more space, to grow even bigger and become each time denser, my figure could only expand further and further, changing its patterns within the hours, adjusting to my constant growth, the muscular tissue not only got thicker and heavier, it also developed into new kinds of self-enhancement, becoming the most resistant armory and the most powerful weaponry that would ever be.

My red hair now flew loosely against the strong winds that blew atop of that enormous floating Fortress, my green almond shaped eyes were still the same but now they concealed a different shimmering, a different kind of aura inhabited my being, because I wielded the power beyond comprehension; just the feeling of my muscles told me that it was simply impossible to measure my strength. Actually, at the moments that preceded that battle, my biggest struggle was how to keep my powers somewhat restrained, because if I fought with something above the minimum necessary I would probably provoke more destruction that a thousand Armies of Utrecia.

Hearing the painful roars of the beasts which had been set to fight me, I couldn’t’ help but feeling a bit pity from the soon to be defeated hordes of the Coalition, because my true enemies would never resource to face my power frontally, although little did they know that it was just an useless strategy.

In order to save Alistair, I would crush their imbecile hordes of mindless monsters just as easy as I would soon defeat their plans, no matter how meticulously engendered they were, I walked against the hordes with a firm and steady stomping pace, slow enough to notice that the ferocious monsters that were supposed to chase after me, were actually offering a great deal of resistance to get any closer for my approaching massive figure. The impressive sight and the glorious portliness of my muscles not only made me look superior, but indeed it inspired fear in the irrationally savage essences of such hideous monsters.

As I covered half of the distance between us, from the main Tower of the Heart of Utrecia, a brilliant red wave suddenly expanded all over the surface of that floating continent. That was indeed a Berserk Spell, which immediately sent all the inferior creatures into a complete state of irrational wrath. A measure that showed their true despair, because not only their monsters would fight without anything else but pure rage, but even the slightly developed soldiers would also surrender and become wild, brutally ferocious beasts, thirsty for blood and hungry for flesh.

Sadly, the last thing they would possibly get would be a piece of my monstrous body. I felt the upcoming battle and instinctively got into an offensive position.

I had never been formally trained in the arts of physical combat; everything I knew at least until that moment came from Tassler’s insistent lessons, he wanted to make sure that, in case my magic ever failed I could at least fight my way onto survival.

Regardless my own hesitation, at the first attack of a nine-headed hydra, my own muscles felt like they’ve been born in battlefield. I anticipated every single movement and possible action of the savage monsters, but the most unbelievably fantastic feature was the power to simply ignore anything those ridiculously weak creatures did to my humongous body.

Teeth that could rip the strongest metallic armor, hammerings that would pulverize the hardest rock, blades that would cut through the thickest cuirasses, everything was useless against the ultra powerful muscles of my enormous body. The beasts attacked me blinded by the raging fury, but they simply couldn’t harm my enormous muscles, which just tickled under the powerful blows stroke against them.

I simply parried most of the attacks with my bare hands, easily overpowering the attacker and throwing it over a mile of distance, my actions were so fast that most of the times the attackers didn’t even have time to hit me, because they were already knocked out and thrown away. Even the few monsters which were still taller than my expanding frame represented no match for my incredibly fighting skills and impenetrable armory.

Four Mountain Giants approached me, carrying giant sized mauls that were clearly imbued in some wicked destructive spells. The attackers were still two feet taller than my height, but my muscles simply made them look incredibly skinny. The four of them attacked with an impossibly measurable time difference, but that was more than enough for me to nullify all of them at once. I held the first two by their ridiculously flabby necks, holding them in the air, I knocked their ugly heads one against the other and threw the already defeated to the sides, focusing on the remaining foes.

The thunderous roar of the maul announced its probably shocking effects, but I couldn’t care less for that spell. I simply punched the weapon and it broke into shreds, but my humongous muscular arm never stopped; it hit the little giant’s jaw and I could see the thin body flowing over the masses. The last one was actually really useful, because it had somehow overcome the raging spell, dropped his weapon and stated running from me, but I realized that even his skinny body would be useful against the mob that kept attacking me. Holding the runaway giant through his skinny ankles I swung his body using it to tumble down dozens of similar skinny giants that insisted on attacking me, then I threw his defeated body over the pile of Mountain Giants and continued on my way towards Alistair.

The beasts now were allegedly more dangerous, but not the Hydra’s head regeneration feature proved to be a big problem, mostly because the body was just so weak that I crushed it in a powerful bear hug, since their teeth and venom were useless against my divinely huge muscles. The petrifying gaze of the Basilisk also proved to be ineffective against me, as I stared at their hideous face, I could sear the monster actually gulped, soon I used this handy power to turn several enemies into stone, which would render me even more time in order to save my beloved.

Trolls were said to regenerate anything damage which hadn’t come from fire, acid or magical means, but this theory had another applicability with my muscles, because the power my monstrous limbs contain can really pulverize the hideous creature, it actually felt like burning, each blow turned the foes into a puddle of bubbling pool. The augmented orcs and ogres just proved to be even more pathetic as the rest they originally were, I could hold over ten at my humongous bear hug, crushing their ridiculously weak bodies until they passed out.

No matter how easily defeated they were, the monsters just kept coming, and I knew it was basically the strategy of the nasty members, they just wanted to keep me busy while they managed to break the seal on the Realms Wound. Too bad, they would never anticipate my next tactics. Using my immeasurable strength I punched the ground underneath me, which opened a huge crack into the rocky soil, so I just inserted my hands there and pushed my way. The result was a powerful earthquake that shook the very foundations of that floating fortress. The creatures couldn’t resist to the shaking ground and most of them simply fell into the Hopeless Seas underneath us. Only my new strength could accomplish such amazing feat so easily. I felt that the entire continent of Utrecia was being ripped apart, giving in to my unbelievable strength, the land which had been once magically ripped from the soil now gave in to my growing muscles with extremely improbable easiness. It was like I wasn’t doing any effort all, my muscles just peaked and grew tighter around my bones, making me look even more grotesquely muscular. I just held my stance, as the igneous crack enlarged and reached fast towards the hordes. Most of the monsters fell into the crater and were easily gotten out of the scenario. Those who actually managed to fly or jump over the sides of the abysm I had created represented no match for my glorious being as well.

Growing each time bigger and more muscular, my strength grew tenfold within each passing moment, surpassing any logically established standard, I felt that it was already time to put an end to the senseless battle, my true enemy was still to come. So, I just allowed another bit of my inner power to manifest even further, in order to prove my point.

The excitement took over me as I allowed my body to expand even further, my muscles growing so fast and so powerfully massive that it actually created a shockwave that knocked out every single being around me, even if such weakling beings were huge Cyclops, dreadful double headed giants, raging minotaurs. All of them were simply knocked out as my muscles expanded further, developing into the next stage of my unlimited powers.

The landscape around my growing figure revealed just how purposeless that whole battle had been. Lying at my feet, the monsters were either dead or simply knocked out, no matter how big or burly they seemed at the beginning, each single one was the proof that I was getting closer to fully become the Vessel for the ultimate power within reality.

From the already impressive standards of my previous size and dimensions, a new colossal development took place. I grew not only I height but mostly in hideously massive muscularity. The body expanded into even more grotesque versions of its previous frame. Muscles that now represented unique standards unparallel to anything possibly reachable from mortal comprehension.

“YOU’D BETTER CUT THIS NONSENSE AND COME DOWN YOURSELVES! GIVE ME BACK ALISTAIR OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!” The roaring sound of my powerful voice tone actually destroyed the magical cannons that were already being charged to fire me at full power, the shockwave provoked by my yell, burnt the metal and dissipated the spells focused to create such deadly weapons. However, I was more focused on reaching even further into my glorious capabilities.

It was not just about the growth, but the changes it allowed on my body, I could feel each fiber of my muscles imbued in the same strength that moves time inexorably ahead, I felt the glory of my muscles enhancing and refining itself, becoming not just amazingly bigger, but necessarily thicker and wider, in order to conceal the godly potential that now inhabited my figure.

At twenty five feet tall, and nearly twice as wider, incomprehensively and monstrously thick, my bodyweight already challenged the standards designed by mortals; although I already weighed several dozens of pounds; physics rules for weight and matter were simply not applicable to my body. The pectoral fortress gloriously reached three hundred inches around meanwhile, my shoulders now stood over five feet above my head, which had been even more surrounded by the mountainous formations of my deltoids and neck muscles. The girth surpassed the eight feet mark; my biceps challenged the rest of my humongous body with the untamed measure of outrageously monstrous of three hundred twenty five inches, which clearly made them the proportionally biggest part of my body, considering they summed a total of unheard seven hundred and fifty impossibly thicker inches. Even if my legs stood at exactly of the same size of my gargantuan chest, they just enhanced the overpowering feeling of absolute monstrosity my Titanic muscles inspired.

With an even bigger and longer colossal endowment, now reaching over seven feet in length and around four feet around, firmly pressed against my ultra ripped abdominal muscles, this new being that emerged from such intense growth episode was just invincible. The silky red hair now shone like melting lava,

Advancing through the scattered remains of the horrendous armies that was supposed to stop me from getting any closer from the same traitors that took away my little angel, I now stood very close from the Nine Towers of the Heart of Utrecia, an apparently powerful energy field had been raised, probably the deadliest and most destructive spells ever conceived, but to me they meant nothing.

As my hands touched the force field, brilliant red ray beams were shot against my body, several other energy rays followed, involving my humongous figure into a deadly chamber of unearthed magic, which only worked on my purpose to the uttering shock of my so-called powerful enemies. The joy of my glorious muscles easily overpowering such horrible magical aggression tasted better than the best vintages of the elven winery, the intoxicating sensation filed my heart with excitement as I easily broke through the so-called phenomenally inexpugnable Magic Barrier cast by the powerful Mystical Coalition.

I gazed upon the octagonal shaped fortress, already sensing that the bastards have filled the corridors with hundreds of dangers and all kinds of traps just to gain as much time as they could; because their real intent was to break the Realms Wound again, and they were using Alistair’s innate mystical power as the source for their nasty goal. My anger rose up into never hear proportions, I felt my muscles grabbing onto the cold stone of the building and easily ripping them like bricks weren’t part of three feet thick solid walls, magically enhanced to endure the elements, to resist the attacks of the most powerful weapons and beast, but nothing would resist against the grip of my humongous hands ramming into the solidness of the fortress, pulling the monstrosity of my body higher and higher.

I was surely attacked by several magical beasts while climbing my way to up to the room where they kept Alistair, but instead of losing precious time by getting rid of the insignificant threats, I just endured their ridiculous offense as I gained my way to the top of the Heart of Utrecia. When I reached the top of the octagonal base of the fortress, the outer ring was filled with soldiers and even some inferior mages, who should be aspirants to a place at the main organ of the mystical assembly. The poor war hounds were just used as another way to detain my advance as long possible. Every passing minute was a minute gained by them.

Instead of purely savage beasts, these opponents represented a slightly harder challenge, because they actually were strategic combatants, using their superior number as leverage against my powers, not that it really mattered at the outcome, I was sure to win the battle, but like their dreadful masters wanted, these insignificant pawns would buy them tremendously precious moments, and I knew that each second could mean the difference between Alistair’s life or death.

The men were not capable of facing my huge massive limbs, nevertheless they kept coming forward like the ants they represented, I had dozens of soldiers on my gargantuan body, at each swing of my powerful arms and legs I saw several little men flying in the air given the power of my movements.

The faster I seemed to get rid of the weakling bastards, the more bugs appeared in front of me, all thanks to the magical support of the wizards, which had been kept safe by the hordes of useless soldiers just for the sake of their continuous reproduction, I was battling against thousands of swordsmen and similar kinds of combatants, magically summoned in front of me, which kept me from getting any closer from Alistair.

I had lost any patience I had to these incredibly annoying bugs that insistently stood on my way, my muscles already inflated with my anger and the need to save Alistair, I suddenly became afraid that I would completely obliterate the weakling bugs, even though they represented nearly nothing against me, however, I wouldn’t spare any effort of mine in order to save my beloved even if that meant the annihilation of thousands of ridiculously weak foes, manipulated by the unscrupulous Coalition.

Suddenly, I noticed the lighting sparks of several thunderbolts hitting the enemies which kept trying to restrain my unstoppable monstrous figure. At each thunderbolt a powerful bright explosion instantly turned into some kind of liquid light that entangled the pitiful bodies of the floating wizards, towering them to the very ground. Right then, at my right side, this huge crystal wall appeared out of nowhere, engulfing the wizards that clearly represented the greatest menace to my intents.

As I easily took care of the remaining guards, an incredible amount of darts hit as many soldiers as I could count, sending them instantly into narcoleptic state, which also had been very useful because I could finally reach the connection for the inner tower of the Heart of Utrecia. I didn’t really need to look back to know who had been my sudden helper.

Rothgar stood up there in the skies riding his magnificent Flaming Gryphon, a magical beast that can only be summoned and tamed by the most powerful wizards, the obese figure of my mentor just nodded down at me, he moved his long staff to create another powerful set of entangling lightning that would finally get rid of the enemies which kept on coming to avoid my progresses. I could tell the Head of Iridium was not worried about my safety, but he knew that saving Alistair was a matter of time, and even though I was so much more powerful than my enemies, they were sneaky and unafraid to resource to the lowest methods in order to reach their intents.

As I pulled my way up on the walls of the main tower, something very light suddenly landed on my enormous right shoulder, and to my surprise it was no one else but my very sneaky and now incredibly smaller bodyguard Tassler. Because he sat on my shoulders, I had to look up in order to see him, because my gargantuan shoulders simply towered over five feet over my head, not to mention that my pectorals and my neck muscles contributed to my unearthed monstrous massiveness. Tassler’s tiny body was so light that I actually felt like debris on my devastatingly hard muscles

“Don’t take it personally, young master but in the name of the mighty Oaks of the High Elven Forests, you’re just horrendously HUGE! You could carry an entire Elven brigade of Archers on each side of yours!” He said measuring the mind blowing size of my uncanny shoulder muscles.

“How the hell did you get out of Yendrill so fast? I had magically kept you there!” I said as I kept climbing higher onto the main tower. Tassler easily adjusted to the tidal wave of muscle flexing and relaxing movements that followed each single movement of mine, the slender elf just got on his feet, crouching like the agile feline he truly was, balancing his light tight body as my monstrous muscles moved.

“You, better than anyone, should not underestimate my own resources, young Master! No matter how powerful the enemy, sneaky Tassler is not going down so easy…” The blond elf bragged about his skills.

“You’ve probably begged Rothgar to get you out of there, not in a million years your magic would accomplish such thing!” I muffled my laughter because the suddenly infuriated eyes of my former bodyguard revealed that Tassler not only felt offended by my insinuation; he was actually pissed because he knew I was right.

“Shut up and hang onto my neck!” Before the blond little elf could find a way to outsmart my joke, I sensed his tiny hands hugging onto the masses of my huge muscles. I swung heavily and jumped higher, craving my hands onto the stone wall, using the support to continue on my powerful movements. Despite the grotesqueness of my gargantuan proportions, my body simply moved graciously, each limb acted with unattainable agility, legs and arms all served to the purpose of getting to my beloved Alistair.

As I reached the top, Rothgar’s Flaming Gryphon passed behind my neck. With a tremendously high jump, I leaped onto the top of the main tower, falling heavily to create a powerful shockwave that knocked most of the guards that represented the last defense line of the miserable bastards.

The scene was just outrageous. The little greedy wizards magically held Alistair on some kind of table that was floating in the middle of the air. I could tell that my beloved was physically okay, but one look at his eyes and I knew something was terribly was already done to him.

Alistair’s golden eyes had turned completely blank, that genuinely beauty was nothing but the mere cask of the soul I loved.

The Coalition members stood behind their so-called ultimate guard, a few dozens of Iron Golems, soulless constructs imbued in magical essences, serving to the only purpose of their master. Automat beasts of great physical power, the Golems carry no emotions or fears, the perfect bodyguards of such heartless and cruel villains.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY ALISTAIR?” I yelled to the little creatures behind the Golem Army; thirteen despicable creatures that considered themselves superior than any other living being. Although I already recognized every single member, I knew that their powers meant nothing against my ever growing standards.

I easily trespassed the Golem Army with just a few movements, their attacks couldn’t damage my huge muscles, and their size simply was ridiculous to my humongous power, pounding their empty armors into the scrap metal they really were, I advanced went forward, soon I had crushed the remaining constructs between the continental massiveness of my glorious chest muscles, the magic essence that fuelled their blind rage evaded from the cold metal around my huge nipples, my muscles ripped through the mechanical bodies, easily destroying their formerly threatening existence.

Exulting, I walked closer to the heartless members, ready to brag about my soon-to-be victory, but although their bodies stared at my gargantuan figure, the wizards of the Coalition seemed expressionless to me. Regardless my heroic magnificence towering over four times the tallest among them, they showed absolute no reaction to my monstrous presence.

Tassler walked along my uncanny muscular arm, carefully approaching the gather of such powerful wizards strangely aloof about everything happening around.

“What’s wrong with them?” The elf asked me, daring to poke several members in the chest, which only confirming their lack of any reaction.

“I’m afraid we’re about to find out…” Rothgar’s voice tone was low and apprehensive, indicating that something very wrong was just about to happen. Suddenly, I noticed that from Alistair’s body a strange aura started to glow brighter, it was different from the warm, heavenly feeling that usually irradiated from my beloved half-breed.

This new aura was at the same cold and distant, which definitely didn’t belong to my angelical lad, and the eyes that once had been golden and pure, glowed in the same shade of that nasty presence. I approached the figure on the floating table, the need to be once again with the one I loved overwhelmed every other senses on my gargantuan body or my prodigious mind. I just wanted to have my little angel in my arms once again.

“Alistair, what have they…” My arms about to nest his gorgeous form into their massiveness, but then I felt something hitting me in the chest. It was a powerful beam, provoked by a very harmful spell. My skin felt burning for a while, but I knew it was the smallest of my problems, that ray came from the last place I could imagine.

Alistair’s face stared at me, his long, thick index finger still glowing from casting the nasty spell. The smile did not belong to that face, it was sadistic and overconfident. The silvery wings that once hugged me when we made love took this possessed lad away from my grip before I could reach him.

“Alistair…” I moaned, still refusing to believe that even though my powers were still growing, I had been defeated on my most important task.

“Your friend is no longer within this body, Vaughn! We have accomplished the final goal of the Coalition!” The voice tone was different from my beloved, even though the lips were still the same I grew used to kiss. The flying form of that body was still glorious, but it now carried a completely different meaning to my disappointed eyes.

“How dare you?” I roared making a powerful fist that caused my muscles to soar and to swell beyond words can describe, but for the first time I wasn’t paying attention to my own muscles.

“This body carries the power of Akshar, the legendary Silver Dragon! Now we have finally reached a suitable host for the truth about Mystical Coalition!” The voice exulted as it performed very bold flying maneuvers, probably savoring the freedom those wings sponsored without any kind of spell.

I felt truly angry about the way that snob possessor referred to the beautiful story of Alistair’s origin, my blood already boiled within my thick veins, my muscles already flexing and growing even thicker to give the power I needed to overcome any menace.

“Give me Alistair back NOW!” I grunted, feeling my own body leaving the ground, the innate magical abilities of the Vessel gave me the flying capability without any need for casting spells. I watched as the possessed body of my beautiful angel flew away from my reach.

“You don’t understand, ignorant foe! This power now belongs to the Coalition, for years we have been looking for a body that would be powerful enough to host the combination of our 13 magical beings. Now this host will carry out the great plans we have!” Although his eyes were now completely taken by this horrendous white glow, I could feel the madness that now controlled Alistair’s actions.

“You cannot tear the Realms Wound!” I warned the villains with the powerful tone of my voice.

“That’s not up to you, hybrid son of our greatest traitor! Once the Hordes are done destroying the power of the Vessel, we are gonna tame the imbecile Hounds of Hell, they’ll forever oblige to our will!” The screeching laughter made me terribly sad, because my Al would never allow such thing.

“I won’t let you destroy the Planes!” I couldn’t help but playing the hero once again, although I knew that such enemy would never surrender to mere words, no matter how monstrous and massive my body was getting.

The silvery winged body hovered above my head and maneuvered around my humongous muscularity with an incredible accuracy, mocking from my careful gaze.

“If you’re so sure that you can defeat us, then feel free to act, Vessel for the power of the Ten Thousand Titans!” The beautiful face smiled, but this time it made my guts stir with anger. I motioned to grab Alistair’s body by his arms, but right then I noticed Rothgar yelling as his Flaming Gryphon approached ferociously from us aiming for Alistair’s possessed figure, which just ducked at the last possible moment!

I looked at my mentor completely puzzled, but Rothgar’s expression was absolute resolved about his actions.

“Don’t fall for their trickery attempts, Vaughn, the only way Coalition can defeat you is by absorbing your new powers, and at the control of Alistair’s body, they can actually accomplish it, then it’ll be the real end of our Freedom.” Rothgar’s mental advice hit me like a hammer.

“Vaughn, Coalition fooled Alistair into believing that he could save you if he surrendered to them. That boy would never let anyone harm you!” Tassler yelled at me, jumping from Rothgar’s ride to my shoulders once again.

“FOOLS, WE NOW CONTROL THE SILVER DARGON’S POWER, YOU CANNOT DEFEAT US!” Alistair announced as he channeled an enormous amount of raw magic energy, his body seemed to absorb the whole magical influx that imbued the Flying Continent of Utrecia; suddenly the whole flying island seemed to be shaken by an improbable earthquake in the middle of air.

“The island is falling down!” Tassler yelled, we noticed the Heart of Utrecia suddenly de-attaching from the rock matrix over which it had been constructed, the enormous piece of land fell off the skies at devastating speed. The inexpugnable core of the Floating Continent, however, remained hovering over the Hopeless Sandseas.

“WITH THIS POWER WE’RE GONNA CRUSH YOUR FUTILE HOPE!” Alistair yelled, using the energy he had took from Utrecia to create something I would never expect.

The deadly winds of the Hopeless Sandseas were magically detoured, channeling their fury into the energy Coalition had gathered, creating a magical turmoil so strong that even the light somehow seemed to be sucked to inside the hurricane core. The powerful winds added to the tremendous magical power stolen from Utrecia resulted in a giant cone of deadly power that united the lands beneath and the skies above Alistair’s possessed body.

“They’re gonna open the Wound!” Rothgar yelled as he fired several powerful spells to dismantle the magical effects, but they all turned to be useless, absorbing the energy of Rothgar’s spells to enhance its already impressive dimensions.

“Master, you have to do something!” Tassler yelled as we all heard the devastating effects provoked by the fall of Utrecia, the incredible destruction wave actually served as fuel for the horrible spell cast by the Coalition.

I thought about everything Lady Magdel had showed me, I considered every single piece of magical instruction I had seen over the years of my training, and there was only one thing I could do to avoid the worst.

It was about time to act like the Vessel and oblige to the will of the Guardians.

I gently picked Tassler’s quivering body and placed him back at Rothgar’s Gryphon.

“I need you two more than never, don’t fail on me now!” I yelled at my mentor and my body guard, they were suddenly too small and too weak against that menace, but they were still very useful to my intents, especially because even if I failed, they would still be able to put an end to menace.

Rothgar and Tassler retuned to the floating fortress, following my orders even though they were not sure about my next plan of action. The fat wizard and the Head of Guard of House Yendrill waited close to the hideous circle formed by the thirteen soulless bodies of the Coalition.

“Alistair, listen to me! You were born to save these Realms, and I became the key for your mission! That’s why our lives are entwined!” I yelled approaching the vertiginous fast winds that surrounded the winged man’s gracious body!”

“WE CONTROL THE SILVER DARGON’S POWER!” The possessed body repeated laughing maniacally, the hands remained held at the top of his head, channeling the energy to attack the Wound each time stronger.

Before I launched at my last attempt to save my beloved, I mentally said a prayer, hoping that the Elven Gods would listen to me. My humongous monstrous body easily engulfed Alistair’s much smaller figure, I held him close to my chest, completely covering the white haired muscular angel’s body which served as the vortex epicenter. My gargantuan muscles were so huge that I easily engulfed Alistair’s figure, I hugged him as strong as I could, although I desperately hoped that he would survive after that.

“NOOOOOOOO! WE WON’T BE DEFEATED!” The bitter yell was muffled by my sheer muscular density, but I could feel the anger and desperation overpowering Coalition’s act. They increased the spell potency, trying to destroy my humongous muscles which blocked their spell to open the Wound.

The Coalition Power added to Alistair’s inborn energy felt incredibly painful, even at my extreme standards, I could feel the pain burning through my muscles, it felt like trying to restrain the very rising of the Four Suns, or the fall of the night once they’re set. The muscles flexed and hardened trying to contain the very manifestation of tenebrous power ignited by Coalition.

“You know why have I repelled you at first, Al? It was because of the omen my mother let me. She was given one last chance to advise me before leaving for the other world. At first, I didn’t want to believe you were the one, but then it was just inevitable…” I managed to moan to my beloved like he could actually hear me, hoping that my prayers were indeed attended.

The little figure inside my embrace, twirled and twisted, desperately trying to escape from my monstrously muscular enormity, but that proved to be useless. Although it felt incredibly painful to me, I knew that all that dangerous power had to be channeled elsewhere, and that place had to be inside the Vessel.

Although I’ve been growing bigger and more muscular for almost a whole day now, there was nothing comparable to that feeling. I knew that it was Alistair’s power, and even though it had been manipulated into accomplishing something so despicable, its essence was completely good, because I had seen that Alistair was born out of purely, immaculate love, he was Love in flesh. Coalition might have fooled him into believing he could save me by complying with their intents, but truth is such benevolent power cannot be truly corrupted. It just needs to be channeled once again into a noble purpose.

“I know it may sound silly now, my love, but the first time I see you, my knees went weak and my mouth dried, you had the power to move me from my usual steadiness, my distant behavior and my apparent coldness. Oh, Alistair, you have no idea how I wished to jump on your arms once again. Please, fight them. Only you can help the Realms to be destroyed…”

I pleaded once again, feeling my body growing even bigger as the energy kept being channeled within my already monstrous muscles. I sensed that Alistair’s body was becoming each time smaller as mine proportions augmented, and I feared that even if I could accomplish this hard task, we were not be able to be together ever again.

“…two… hearts…beating… like…one”

At first, I thought my ears were playing tricks on me, but then I felt the energy income suddenly decreasing, a careful touch on my left nipple, and the warm glow of Alistair’s aura once again made my skin more comfortable.

“Alistair, you have to fight their domination. You’re the only hope we have!” I said, stil afraid of letting go of my embrace, because that could be another trick from the nasty wizards inside his body.

“Vaughn... They’re so powerful, you have to let me go, please destroy me!” He begged, but it felt like my own heart was being ripped of my body.

“NO! I WON’T DO IT! You have to fight them, my love! I need you to defeat Coalition, the Realms Wound cannot be opened again!”

“I’m not strong enough… I’m the reason for unbalance!” Alistair’s voice tone once again regained the strange mannerism it had when he was possessed, and the aggressiveness of the energy influx of my muscles augmented once again.

“You are, Alistair, you’re the strongest of them all, because your greatest power is to love everything unconditionally! That’s the legacy of Akshar and Zion, you’re their love made into flesh, and their will is to protect life, you have to reach for your true power…”

After a few seconds of a terrifying silence, I felt something unexpected. From within my undefeatable embrace, a huge power gathered, a power so strong that it challenged the very definition of my strength, but instead of trying to resist it, I suddenly realized that it was not threatening, it was a tremendous power, undoubtedly, but it was actually a helpful one.

At the same time I noticed this fact, a blissful feeling spread all over my now obliteratingly colossal muscles, sending me into a momentary state of unconsciousness.

For one second I thought I had seen the might figures of Akshar and Zion, shining over the dark times, their figures stood proud and graceful, but also determined. The Holly Avenger and the Silvery Dragon, lovers that could never fulfill their pure love, appeared to me, to bestow their blessings upon our love.

“It’s not over yet it’s still time to redeem those eternally damned…”

The powerful images of the Guardians addressed to me as the Vessel for the power they had created, suddenly I was aware that their plan had been still in motion all these years, but it was now close to be ultimately accomplished. During this ethereal moment which seemed to last for thousands of elven lifetimes, the Guardians’ essences enlightened my mind so I could suddenly understand the true intent of their plans, and what scared me the most was that I had already guessed it.

“Vaughn... please talk to me!” I heard my winged boy desperately yelling and snapping my face. I opened my eyes and smiled, because although those slaps would never hurt me, the mere fact that Alistair was back from his inner prison was already the greatest victory of my life.

The brave lad was smiling, the shine of his beautiful golden eyes were like the first spring sunrise after the hard times of winter, although I noticed he was indeed struggling. I looked around and finally realized that my monstrously muscular fortress of body was actually being supported by Alistair’s uncanny strength, but even for him this incredibly augmented version of Titanic proportions represented a great effort.

After all I now was 36 feet tall weighing over a quarter million pounds of the hardest, most solid substance in the universe: my uncanny muscles. The sheer width of my body and the alarming thickness of my muscles only attested that Alistair was indeed one of the strongest beings ever created. His silvery wings were actually struggling to retard my powerful fall into the ground.

“I don’t think I’ll be taking free rides on your wings again…” I teased my now seriously dwarfed lover.

“Well, I think it’s more than time for you to repay the favor…” Alistair managed to joke even though I felt his considerable strength was beginning to fail.

Alistair’s managed to land onto the top of the Heart of Utrecia, where Tassler and Rothgar waited for us exulting. The tall, fat wizard and the short slender elven bodyguard actually hugged each other, jumping up and down in a cheerful display of joy and happiness.

“What happened to the Coalition’s members?” I asked still apprehensive. My tremendously huge monstrosity actually eclipsed the tiny figures of my companions. Even Alistair now seemed much smaller than I last remembered him, and it was hard to believe that this winged man had once meant to me the epitome of muscularity.

“Fear not, huge master! You were right once again, the moment you brought the Young Alistair back in control; Coalition’s essences were sent back into their bodies but the fat one here had something prepared for them…” Tassler said climbing up the hugeness of mine.

Rothgar smiled and showed his glowing staff. “As Coalition they can be pretty powerful, but separated, not even the 13 members can defeat this old man!”

“Have you…” Alistair asked feeling a bit silly for this natural commotion with other people’s death.

“Worry not, young one. These greedy bastards will spend a good time lost in my dimensional cage, depleted from their magical powers, and I’ll make sure no one will be able to assemble this dangerous Coalition again…” The crossed eyed wizard grinned while Alistair nodded in approval.

Although my fellow combatants felt it was time to celebrate, I could feel something was terribly wrong, especially when Alistair’s silver feathers which covered his wings suddenly ruffled. The winged lad looked at me, his tiny figure shivering from unexplainable fear.

Above us, a great elliptical portion of the skies had turned into a reddish shade of red, like real blood that horrible spot seemed to be flowing off the skies down to the ground, augmenting its size and dimensions at a frightening pace. Only then we realized that, although we had helped Coalition from re-opening the Wound, the spell cast by Coalition had significantly weakened the mystical seal that kept the Abyss and the Planes In-between separated.

The nasty creatures of Hell wouldn’t let go of such opportunity to attack our existence at once.

“It looks like we’re still not done kicking butts this day!” The fat mage announced with a big smile, my elven friend just jumped back into the ground. Rothgar and Tassler readied their fighting positions, but I stood in front of them.

“You helped me a lot, but you can’t win this battle, because you don’t have to fight it, Fate is calling me and Alistair…” I looked down at them, suddenly feeling that my body had enlarged beyond the wildest expectations. Even Alistair now seemed more like a tiny pixie compared to my uttering monstrosity.

Tassler motioned to protest, however as uncanny as it may sound, the fat wizard was faster and teleported their tiny figures from that dangerous place before the elf could even pronounce his first word.

The sky rumbled like it was about to fall over our heads, the bloody wound tainted the blue horizon. Lighting bolts roared and the winds got suddenly much warmer, carrying the smell of putrid flesh. My brave Alistair looked around but his sword was nowhere to be seen.

“It’s not that kind of battle, my love!” I grinned, reaching for his little body.

“What do you mean Vaughn?” The lad asked still not understanding the meaning of such astral conversion.

“This battle is not gonna be like the first one, it’s not the way to defeat the Hellish Hordes, our power must find another way to fight their presence…” I said caressing his tiny muscles.

“Vaughn, what are you doing? It’s not time…” Alistair gently retrieved his arm from my caresses, on his mind he was about to fight demons and that had nothing to do with tender moments of passion, but he couldn’t be more wrong about that.

“Oh, quite the contrary, Al, our greatest weapon is our love…” I said kissing him passionately. Even though my head seemed much smaller compared to the rest of my grotesquely overmuscular body, I almost engulfed the poor lad’s entire head with that kiss, but I was actually so pleased that I could finally kiss those lips again. The winged warrior moaned deeply, but the screeching roar of the demoniacal hordes caused him to jump out of his skin.

“They’re already here!” Alistair’s lips parted from mine, the poor lad was still clueless about the real extent of our combined powers. The skies suddenly looked like they were being torn apart by enormous claws, the roaring sounds of raging beasts approached at an incredibly fast pace. The hordes were about to invade our Realms once again.

“Vaughn we need to do something, we can’t let them win…” Alistair motioned to fly from my embrace but I just held him closer, trying to calm him down.

“Do you remember the first time we ever made love?” I asked caressing his muscles with my fingers. I tried to look as calm as possible, even though the upcoming menace got each time closer. At first, the winged lad looked at me like I was a giant perverted muscle monster that could only care for my humongous cock pressing against the tiny angel’s back, but I needed to get him focused. “Please Alistair, answer me, do you remember what happened after the first time we made love?”

Finally, his golden eyes seemed to have comprehended my intents, Alistair suddenly blushed in such beautiful shades that I wished I could immortalize them in a beautiful painting, but we simply didn’t have time for such philanderer foolish. I held my winged boy ever so gently and whispered in his years.

“It’s time, Alistair, for you to reveal the true grace of yourself. You’re the very embodiment of Love, and you must spread the gift of your fathers. The only way we can defeat the Hordes once and for all depends on your unveiling…” My words were carried by the most sensual tone I could mutter. I felt Alistair literally quivering as I pronounced these words, blowing a warm breath down his neck, which always caused him to have goosebumps.

Meanwhile, the Hellish Hordes from the Eternal Abyss finally broke free from behind the Realms Wound.

Up in the now dark reddish skies, denizens of thousands of Imps, the trickery minor demons, swarmed into our reality, their putrid smell soon filled the once clear air of our landscapes. Laughing and attacking each other, those beings were the manifestation of mockery and madness; they just existed to bring destruction and unrest.

At the ground level, following the hateful little bastards that infected our aerial space, innumerous Nightmare Horses, the abyssal equivalent for unicorns, crossed the skies, leaving a flaming track after their hateful steps. The Nightmares were mounted by a great myriad of stronger enemies, in all kinds of size, color and appearance.

Several infernal flying beasts suddenly invaded the skies; terrifying figures of twisted evil filled the air with their hideous smoke and insidious presences. Afterwards, the Hell Infantry properly said, enormous devils with muscular chests, massive biceps and sulfurous smell, enormous horns and goat legs, wearing armors that seemed to be built from the corpses of their defeated foes.

The Horned Soldiers filled the landscape of the Hopeless Sandseas with unexpected patience, like they were still waiting for something. The inhospitable environment actually worked very well for such diabolical creatures, it resembled their own homeland, and according to their plans, soon all the Planes In-between would look exactly like that.

I tried to forget about the invading armies and focusing on my current task, which was bringing Alistair into his truest form, so he could wield the power he was legated with all its potency, his body firmly pressed against mine, I channeled my energies to lock our minds into one, showing him all the images Magdel had showed me, passing to Alistair the beauty of his own origin, and how this was important to save the whole existence.

Suddenly, from within the Wound a massive figure probed into our existence, and we both felt the impact of its nasty vibrations. It was one of the Generals, an immensely sized four-armed green demon with snakelike lower body, yellow teeth and serpentine eyes, carrying a powerful scimitar covered in burning blood on each arm, the Green devil dripped deadly venom from his dark forked tongue.

This hideous General howled and the hordes joined it on the malign ritual. Several other Generals appeared out of the Wound, each one portrayed a different aspect of Evil itself. Multi-headed beasts of tremendous power, Feline colossi of genuinely seductive figures, anthropomorphic creatures of several sizes and forms, these Generals were the biggest and strongest demons, each one wielding enough power to vanish with several armies of innocent beings.

Clearly, his battle had been architected for a long time, and it now only depended from me and Alistair to be once and for all decided. From within my soul I suddenly felt something so powerful, so overwhelmingly nice that it was hard to put it down to words, it felt like all the fears, all the worries had been erased from my heart, it was an unexpected bliss that could only mean one thing.

I noticed the gracious figure of my beloved winged man blossoming into his true form, not just the celestial half-breed he had been all his life, even though he was indeed glorious in that form, that was only an initial stage, a cocoon to hold his powers until they had fully developed into their magnificent state. Alistair’s body glowed in the same silver shade of his wings, and suddenly I didn’t pay attention to opened Realms Wound, neither the growing hellish armies above us.

All that mattered was the man I loved, I hugged him with all my passion, feeling his body developing, growing bigger and more muscular, sensing his powers warming my skin and relieving me from any fear, from any minor feeling. Next to him I was blessed with faith and understanding, none of the horrible effects provoked by the mere vision of the Hellish Hordes could break into the protection my Alistair now represented.

I felt that as his body grew bigger in size and muscularity; Alistair’s whole frame remodeled itself. His hair grew longer and even more beautiful, his back expanded as his muscles augmented, his wings grew in dimension, but they also hatched, from them another set of wings blossomed, and then a third pair crowned that miraculous transformation. Three pairs of huge Silvery Wings spread into the tainted skies, shining with great power, like Undying Hope of the Living. His once muscular body not only grew much bigger and wider, but the muscles also reinforced their celestial traces, becoming not only thick and ripped but exponentially stronger and more powerful.

The glowing figure of my lover hugged me back and I felt his flowery scent filling my nostrils, getting rid of the sulfurous smell emanating from the opened hell. Alistair quickly regained the impressive figure his muscles represented to me, even though I was still considerably much bigger, but as my muscles represented raw monstrous strength and brutally pure power, Alistair’s form was imbued in something much more meaningful than just muscles; that boy now carried a piece of Heavenly Gates with himself, a fraction of the eternal grace in which he was created, which outshone the darkness brought upon the planes by the opened wound.

“Thank you for never giving up on me, Alistair!” I said back on his ears, feeling that this time, I was actually hugging a decent sized lover, because my own monstrous muscles felt his strength retuning my passionate embrace. Then, six silvery wings managed to caress my humongously wide massiveness.

“You were the one who never gave up believing the Omen, Vaughn, and you were right, our lives are interwoven, now more than ever; and I don’t think I could have a more suitable partner to share this legacy with…” Alistair’s soft yet powerful tone was still a bit muffled because of my uncanny muscles. When I gazed upon his new form, however, it was like staring at the face of Love.

Alistair had grown much bigger and stronger, but his beauty had increased beyond anything I could ever imagine, every single trace of him was overloaded with masculinity; however it was kind, good willed, and extremely inviting. That face immediately compelled you to try harder, to become better, to reach forgiveness for your sins.

The new angel of mine stood at the impressive height of 24 feet tall, I towered over his glorious new form by at least 12 feet, but I knew that my tremendous monstrous muscular massiveness was just as powerful as Alistair’s redeeming harmonic perfection, but in a completely different way. While I was the physical power and muscular strength, Alistair had the Strength of Spirit, which was needed to accomplish our ultimate goal. Compared to my uttering monstrosity Alistair was much better proportioned, mainly because he still retained the manlike anatomy, his massive and uncannily strong muscles, inked by two golden inscriptions on his shoulders.

On the right side I saw the highest ranked mark of the Heavenly Armies, on the left one, there stood the Draconic Rune of Akshar, the one Silver Dragon. Alistair now paraded his legendary forefathers with the uncontainable proud of a boy who finally discovered about his own history.

He was the ultimate Archangel, the renewed Holly Avenger, upgraded with the draconic might. His wings that were once composed by silvery wings now stood impressively bigger and wider, all six of them shone with the intensity of the purest silver mine and the feathers now resembled dragon scales, shining and reflecting any light hitting their glorious beauty. His biceps carried the mighty strength of Heaven and the legendary power of the Draconic Race, thick veins crossed each one, confirming his mind miraculously capable strength.

His legs were equally impressive, standing as two pillars for Alistair stood there, buck naked just like me, his enormous heavenly phallus completely hard pressing against this chiseled 12 pack abdominal rock wall, the dazzling beautiful thickness of his thighs and calves were just astonishingly lustful, even though his holly figure also inspired much nobler feelings, no one could deny that he was Love in the flesh, especially because his celestial obelisk stood equally as hard as my own phallic monstrosity. Even though we now stood among thousands of demons, each one could only focus on the other, because we were filled with the same love that once protected the whole existence.

“Are you ready to get done with this?” I asked gently teasing my renewed and enhanced lover, who just held my much bigger hand, nodding in approval. We had to admit to ourselves that this was indeed a completely new situation for both of us; because so much power and abundant strength also meant that we were the last defense line of this Realm of Existence. Suddenly we felt the responsibility sinking in our minds, but that was our slightest worry, we were there to complete Alistair’s legacy, and we would be victorious despite all the obstacles.

Without any kind of fear, we flew higher towards the hellish gather, ignoring the provocations and the very expected mockery of the imbecile pawns of destructions, the Abyss Generals stood impassive, trying to hold their horrendously effect upon us, but they did not dare to attack us at once, because the powerful aura emanated from our bodies easily attested our tremendous strength. Ignoring Alistair and I flew into the very middle of the hordes, and the new Avenger addressed to the invading armies. The demoniacal phalanxes roared at us as loud as they could, trying to intimidate

“REGRET YOR SINS AND YOU WILL BE SAVED!” Alistair announced, but it only provoked the mockery of the hordes.

“YOU ARE THE ONES WITHOUT SALVATION!” Roared a powerful Winged Onyx Demon, the monster was nearly as tall as Alistair, very robust and powerful, but the creature was actually faceless, with vivid red lines working as his despicable eyes and mouth, its voice tone sounded to come out of the vapors that escaped from its burning infernal interior.

Supporting the attitude of their fellow comrade, the other Generals now motioned to attack us, and I felt my own muscles flexing to protect the brave Archangel to the very last ounce of my strength. The hordes of lower beings obeyed to the crack of their leader’s whips, yelling and screaming at us, the demons were surrounded our glorious bodies, and the hordes of Hell seemed ready to devour our very souls.

However, to the surprise of the enemy legions, we were not frightened at all, because we were there to end that menace once and for all.


Alistair announced our enemies with a fearless attitude, parading the very symbol of his celestial rank, his voice tone suddenly grew louder and louder, overpowering the deafening screeching fury of the invading hordes. At some point even the most powerful demons were suddenly silenced by the imperative command on his tone. At the same time, I felt my own strength increasing, my hope augmenting exponentially, imbued by Alistair’s uncanny leadership.

The hellish hordes went suddenly quiet; most of the soldiers actually noticeably drew back, frightened by our warning which caused the visceral anger of the Generals to flourish over their despicable soldiers.

All the bestial commanders cracked their flaming whips, mystical objects that assured command over the condemned souls which have been doomed to serve Evil for all eternity. The utmost truth was that most of hellish dwellers were actually eternal slaves. The Generals cursed the very weakness of their cowardly fighters and renewed their threats of an even worse destiny for deserters.

Despite those fearful attempts of their rampaging masters, the minor demons, however, didn’t respond their masters because they were simply more affected by our presence, especially because of Alistair’s heavenly aura. That marvelous creature inspired something that many demons had forgotten a long time ago: benevolence.

Like I said, most of the lower demons inhabiting Abyss were once sinful, despicable living beings that couldn’t avoid their own doom, their souls dragged into the eternal damnation, doomed to become servants of the original Demons and Devils, which eternally fight over the very souls of sinners, which doesn’t exclude the fact they are also very likely attracted to seduce even the noblest souls into their hordes, using their trickery natures and the luring promises of power and glory; prizes that usually fool even the most well intended ones into committing the most terrible acts.

That’s how the legions of Abyssal Depths grow so fast and so numerous, only a few pure blooded devils and demons are likely to naturally reproduce, they prefer spreading their nasty races through treachery, false promises of grandeur, betraying the very greedy or unfaithful soul owners to enslave their very holly essences, corrupting their existence, ultimately bonding the condemned into an eternity of hellish servitude.

Given such horrible condition, a sudden last promise of salvation would actually sound as the most valuable reward for one who had been condemned to serve the Hellish Generals for all the eternity, exiled of every kindness and redemption available. However, the most impacting fact was that unlike the false promises made by the Abyssal Ones, Alistair’s offer sounded trustful even for the lowest, most despicable demons.

After moments of groovy silence, a new kind of deafening noise suddenly filled our ears, and it was the roaring of a forsaken multitude begging for one last chance to be redeemed. Most of demons desperately offered themselves, accepting the salvation offer, regretting their past sins. However, some still preferred their current situation, addicted to the habit of lying, betraying and surrendering to the little pleasures, but Alistair’s threat of banishment also sounded very trustful, and the greatest trace among demoniac hordes is that they are much likely to flee when victory is not sure.

Truthfully regretted or unconditionally cowards, most of the Hellish Hordes suddenly refused to face our power, even though we actually never touched them, but the Abyss Generals went ballistic at such infernal heresy, most of them destroyed their own soldier with their very hands and weaponry, casting powerful spells to obliterate those traitors.

An internal battle occurred around us; suddenly none of the demons worried about our powerful stance, the greatest war involved those who wanted to be freed from eternal damnation and the ones who opposed to such betrayal. Among such destructive combat, we knew that it was about time to end the infernal infestation that unfortunately returned to our Realms of Existence.

Alistair looked up at me, holding my enormous hands even tighter. “I feel sorry for them, Vaughn, they are not free even for deciding their own destiny…” his golden eyes weren’t sad, but I couldn’t help to notice a true sorrow in his tone. Gently lifting him in my monstrous muscles’ embrace, I welcomed his heavenly benevolence and assured my lawful dedication to his redemption cause.

“It’s time to put an ending to their own suffering, beloved, you know better than me, it is the utmost will of the Guardians” I reinforced my statement by caressing his right cheekbone as I flexed my humongous pectoral muscles, which immediately sent Alistair into a different kind of emotional state, his warm prick against my mountain like abdominal wall attested that he was already getting ready.

Some generals actually tried to cease the commotion provoked by the sudden Hellish schism to attack us; nonetheless, at the very moment we decided to finish with that meaningless war, our glorious bodies produced such a powerful force field which involved only the two of us, creating a repelling force that overpowered even the biggest and strongest demons, they were immediately sent the infamous enemies hundreds of feet away from our heavenly passion.

The reason why I had to become the Vessel was not just physically protecting my angel-boy, he is Love in the flesh and muscle and only the ultimate expression of love can actually appease truthful and final redemption. Alistair is love and his body holds the power to save us from the Infernal Threat, the only way to unlock this power is to love the Love made flesh like only two passionate beings can actually achieve.

The first night I ever had sex with my beloved angelical half-breed, I was surprisingly caught in an unexplainable wave of utmost bliss, it was like a spiritual orgasm that lasted longer and had such a pungent effect on my very soul, after that experience I wanted to become a better, kinder person, even though at the time I couldn’t totally understand the whole extent of such transformation.


After becoming the Vessel for the Power of Ten Thousand Titans, Alistair and I had sex one last time and it was the very first time I got to fuck his marvelous ass, the feeling I had on the first time felt magnified a thousand times, it took me at new frontiers, I explored every single sense of my capabilities, and we could both share such ethereal enlighten together, the orgasmic wave lasted longer and had an even more powerful effect. I thought imbued in body would just serve to physically protect Alistair, but only then, surrounded by thousands of fighting demons, I could understand the meaning of our entwined fates.

Suddenly even among such hideous surroundings, despite the unpleasant smelly presence of thousands of demons fighting over salvation or destruction, I could only focus on my pure Alistair, his golden eyes needed my love, my strength, my muscles and my power. Our love was complete and it grew stronger as ourselves had enhanced our own bodies, the stronger I grew because of the spell I cast over myself, the deeper our bond became, now that I was such a monstrous, grotesque manifestation of raw, brutal, uncannily hard and enormous muscle, Alistair became the very embodiment of Celestial glory, imbued in the heat of Primal Flames, the was the most beautiful creature for me.

We locked up in a vigorous embrace, feeling our heroically augmented bodies like it was the first time, without regrets, neither hesitation, we had totally and completely surrendered to our love for our power and muscles. I flexed for him, my muscles soaring into the incomprehensible proportions, engulfing his incomparable beauty inside the monstrosity of my muscular strength. Alistair climbed me up like the mountain of brawn I really had become and he seemed warmer by the second, I caressed his now long silky white hair, his tanned skin never seemed softer, his new wings only enhanced his already celestial glory. I felt his muscles squeezing mine, the power that would pulverize entire mountains could never dent my unearthed hardness, nonetheless, he continued on his dedicate task to tease every single part of my ample muscles.

Moving in perfect harmony I easily lifted his monumental muscular body and looked into his golden eyes one last time before I impaled the Holly Avenger with my equally majestic manhood, the monstrous width and thickness of my cock gave Alistair the pleasure only his graceful strength could endure. The moment I entered him, it felt like arriving home after a long crusade, every smell, vision or tactile sensation simply felt like it belonged next to us, and that’s how I felt when fucking my winged partner.

By that time, most of demons had realized what was about to happen, some of them just stood there and felt suddenly unworthy of such honor, the more sensible ones could actually glimpse at the very possible outcome of that marvelous scenario and they were either grateful or scared to death.

Suddenly, even the mighty Generals of Hellish Hordes understood that was a battle they would never win, their cowardly essences spoke louder and they tried to join those fleeing from our reach, but it also proved to be useless. No matter how higher they flew, how distant they ran, they were being pulled towards the force field that protected us, their spells were just ignored, their attacks were harmless, and their inborn teleportation abilities were suspended by our much more powerful forces. Slowly, their retreat completely failed because every single enemy was completely paralyzed, like they had been petrified.

I smiled back at Alistair who just savored the enormity of my biceps, he moaned as I flexed for him, going deeper into his ass as I showed him that each gun of mine was over five times the width of his own impressive body, such monstrous standards could only please his own lustful divine hunger, and I was more than happy to become so densely muscular if it was to please the man I loved, in fact I enjoyed being so massive and ridiculously big, mostly because it also had a new meaning. I no longer lived to correspond at someone else’s expectations; right now I lived to please my love, because that was my true happiness. Alistair’s eyes rolled inside their orbits as I showed him how bestially massive I could get to stimulate his pleasure fountainhead.

Alistair motioned to speak something, but I gently stopped him; words were useless at our level, I could tell exactly what he was thinking, because I felt the same way, our empathy was just perfect and absolute, the same way I loved his blissful grace he adored my colossal monstrosity, the very need he had to be protected by muscles I felt to protect and to hold him. I shared with him the very need he had to unleash his true power to save the damned, and my job was to give him the ultimate pleasure so he could spread his love to those who really needed redemption.

The silvery winged held to my finger and smiled at me, my humongous cock pounding in and out his ass in various paces; I gently toyed with his butt twisting my giant phallus in order to reach his joy button with uncanny dexterity. Alistair yelled out loud as each time I pounded harder in his ass, he could never feel more natural. He might have been created to save Existence, but that also had to mean he belonged to riding my insanely immense cock, each time I felt his tight butt muscles squeezing around them, I flexed even harder in order to give him more muscle to squeeze and to lust after.

The infernal hordes kept pouring through the infernal Wounds, but at each new demon that arrived, at least a hundred others wanted to return homeland, although it was equally useless. After they crossed the portal their bodies were immediately frozen in a powerful spell whose power not even the sneakiest and mightiest demon could resist

Time seemed unimportant, because I knew we could continue that mating for the rest of continuous, but truth was that we had a higher goal, and it was to attain Truthful Jubilation. I slipped my massive hand to the small of Alistair’s back, caressing his powerful wings, running my fingers from his flat stomach, currently expanded given the effect of hosting my enormous phallus, holding him steady as I grabbed his legs and pounded heavier and stronger into his butt. Alistair’s face was completely hidden by my uncanny thickly massive pectoral muscles, but I could feel he was very close form the goal, because his hands were holding onto my biceps peaks, he got used into squeezing the most of my mountainous guns as he could with his relatively tiny hands.

I managed to flex even harder, embracing my beloved with my monstrous body and making sure he could just feel my muscles against this skin and my cock into his body, I wanted him to feel just the way I felt, because I among all the desperate roars, trustful cries of regretting and the screeching sounds of irrational anger, all I could hear was the beating of our hearts, they were both getting so close now, although our beyond massive chests never touched, our love crossed all the distances, and it grew bigger and stronger at each second.

Then, as he leaned his pretty face over my muscles and gently exhaled, I drowned into the sea of Alistair’s love, and I felt my immense balls pumping absurd amounts of cum into the holy whole of my beloved, I roared so loud that all the Demons around us suddenly got to their very knees, in a mix of fear and respect, the once fearsome enemies of Good were instantly overpowered by the mere demonstration of my uncanny powers. We had both reached the blissful state of climax, but unlike everything we had gone trough together, this was truly a miraculous experience.

For one single moment that lasts forever in my soul, I felt that our both hearts skipped the very same beat.

Afterwards, they’re beating like one for all eternity.

Then, Alistair’s eyes opened and all the powerful feelings of our mutual combined orgasm were channeled into his celestial being. All the pleasure of our Love filled the heart of this man who was love made into flesh, and he finally felt able to accomplish his mission. My beloved’s body glowed into celestial silvery light and he floated into the skies, carrying my humongous weight along with him. Our bodies joined like one, my muscles embracing his glowing figure. I moaned deeply as my orgasm simply lasted forever, it was like reviving the very moment of my birth; life had just assumed a whole new meaning.

At that very moment, Alistair could truly love every single being with an authentic and undeniable uniqueness. From our monumentally muscular bodies I could feel the origin of a splendid phenomenon. A silvery wave pulsated at the very pace of our hearts, and at each time it reached higher and further, the silvery ring augmented and spread over the existence. I could hear Alistair speaking in the very celestial idiom.

Merciful Guardians of Heavens Above

Cleanse the lands from sinful hearts;

Heal the scars and forgive betrayal

Light the Silvery Flames of Redemption,

To lead forsaken souls into salvation.

My beloved holly man repeated these words over and over; the energy emanating from our bodies just increased its heat, its purification power. The demoniacal hordes suddenly were frozen in thin air, while the silvery glow of my Alistair spread through their figures. Immediately their hideous forms burnt with the heavenly fervor of Alistair’s prayers, the infernal beings cried and howled, but it was not out of pain.

As Alistair’s prayers spread over the invading armies it also reached the skies above, the silvery glow of his spell suddenly entered the very Wound, turning the Abyss trespass into the invasion of Abyssal Planes by his heavenly might. I watched mesmerized as their horrendous bodies simply cracked. Their petrified bodies suddenly revealed something that I would never though possible. From the crackling demoniacal shells I noticed a simple, yet, undeniably marvelous sign of our victory.

The corpses of the defeated demons suddenly turned into dust as the Silvery Flames of Redemption glowed stronger and more powerful, but from inside some shells that had once been a demon, I could feel a redeemed soul; joyful for reaching salvation after years of torture. Every single demon that truly regretted at the very last possible moment was saved by Alistair’s graceful act. At the same time, some statues simply broken into several pieces, which indicated the fate of those who refused salvation.

The hordes around us were either destroyed or redeemed, but Alistair’s spell had a much stronger effect that I could ever imagine. The salved souls actually joined the Silvery Flames, augmenting the power and the intensity of the spell. At some point there were so many souls combining their power with Alistair that I just embraced my lover as a giant sized vortex of solid light covered all of us, reaching a whole 500 feet radius, the brilliant light returned the original beauty to the skies, but it also reached the Abyssal Planes. Suddenly, even something happened and I could only classify this fact as “Soul Rain”.

Passing throughout the Realms Wound new salved souls reached our planes, thickening the effects of the Redemption Spell at the same time as it depleted the Abyss from their precious soldiers; perhaps millions of souls were saved as the Hopeless Sandseas were also changing. Imbued with the cleansing energies of that spell, the once inhospitable lands that for twice hosted the Eternal War at the Planes In-between, suddenly regained their original beauty and vigorous life. Vegetation grew once again, and the subterranean springs flourished once again, filling the once river’s bedstead.

Finally, after draining innumerous souls from the very guts of Hell, the Silvery Flames started healing the Realms Wound, and after just a few seconds the dimensional passage had completely gone, vanquishing with another possibility of demon invasion.

Alistair suddenly felt limp on my body, he was still attached to my humongous cock, and I felt that my own massive power also contributed for his prodigious and heroic unselfish act. I felt the reverberation of our spiritual connection overwhelming our senses. We had been together through that fantastic experience, I felt so invigorated an alive, my own monstrous muscles filled with joy. Alistair was tired and literally exhausted, but on his golden eyes I could also find the same happiness and fulfillment that now dwelled in my once sour soul.

“You did it, my love! You vanquished with the Hordes and still managed to deplete the Abyss from a lot of servants!” I said exulting, literally forgetting that my humongous cock was still impaled inside his much smaller frame; but Alistair just laughed, his own senses overfilled with the tremendous impact of our combined powers.

“We did, it Vaughn, without your help I would never understand this powers! I still don’t quite understand how come I am the result of two souls, but I guess it doesn’t matter now, because now I am free to follow my own fate!” He said embracing me ever so gently, that I felt thick tears rolling down my eyes.

Alistair’s wings also tried to hug me, their shining silvery brilliance even more powerful under the sun the Four Suns that once again shone over all our Planes. I carried our huge bodies through the new verdant landscapes of the former Hopeless Sandseas.

“I think we should rename it. What do you think?”

“What do you think about Redemption Valley?” The winged lad asked showing his usual jovial happiness.

“Well, I still would prefer anything that carried your name on it, after all you just saved us from Eternal Damnation, but I think I can deal with that.” I said still not daring to pull my hard cock from inside Alistair, and I knew that he didn’t want that either.

“I feel weird about having a place with my name on it!” Alistair chuckled as he adjusted his shift enjoying the moaning sounds of mine as he teased my hard monsterhood inside his angelical being.

“Really? A few months later, I would love to have my name on anything, even a mere creek, but I guess I’ve grown bigger than such silly vanity…” I blinked at my angel, flexing my arms so he could feast his never ceasing appetite for my monstrous muscles.

“Oooooh yeah, you’ve grown big enough to have a mountain named after you! In fact, I think I’m gonna name those peaks of yours!” .Even after the whole incident our bodies still felt perfectly fit for each other, we would see how long I could keep hard and warm inside him. Alistair’s grip on my muscles also showed me that he was getting ready for another round of miraculous sex, maybe this time we could finally vanquish with the remains of Hell.


The Sacred Trees of the High Forests never looked so tiny before. Most of the mighty elder plants that I had learned to admire, now stood as mere tweeds compared to my massive muscles, my arms alone was three times thicker than most of the thickest oaks. The idea of making such respectful elven symbols of strength and honor suddenly look puny and weakling would never pass through my head until one year ago.

“Vaughn, would you please stop comparing your muscles to the poor threes? It’s not their fault you are so monstrously muscular!” Alistair guessed my thoughts with just a mere look at my grinning face.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help, they’re just so thin…” I tried to whisper but my deep voice sounded like the roar of thunders. Alistair rolled his eyes and tried to focus on the ceremony.

After we had saved the Existence, we tried to return to our normal adventuring lives, but it soon proved to have become unpractical.

First, there was the size issue, although my growth had noticeably subsided once Alistair’s Silvery Flames had burnt through the Abyss Hordes, I was still growing more and more muscular over time, to the point that no cities actually had accommodations for my monstrous nearly 50’ tall figure, especially if I’m nearly twice wider than I’m tall.( Although our problem is getting worse because Alistair himself is still growing because of our mutual share of power, he’s gonna cross the 30’ tall one of these days, although his muscles look twice as big and just as beautiful as the day he reached his true form).

Weight was also a problem, I was literally a walking quake, and even I could fly most of the time, my monstrous proportions were likely to cause accidental devastations with the mere miscalculations of mine. (Let’s not forget that I had nearly destroyed the capital of Dwarven Realms when Alistair and I were fooling around).

Although I realized I didn’t need food to support my muscles, just the magical essence of the Godly power that imbued my muscles would sustain my uncanny strength, I realized that eating was one of the greatest pleasures a monster of my proportions was able to eat in one meal the same amount of a huge city in one week, so for the sake of the little guys and not to upset my beloved angel partner, I only ate when my hosts offered a banquet for me, and that was literally only for me, because there would be no left over.

Secondly, I had learnt that my powers were still growing, so the thrill of adventuring was not very thrilling for me anymore, because every mission was just too damn easy. Capturing a rampaging Strom Giant, lifting an iceberg to bring it to a region afflicted by dry season or simply scaring a bunch of evil doers was not excitement enough for the Vessel of Titans Power and his Heavenly Companion.

But the main reason why we had stopped adventuring was actually very simple. Both Alistair and myself realized that we belonged to explore and to dedicate to each other, so we had moved to a very distant island on the Falling Stars Sea, it was deserted and perfect for our daily activities which basically consisted on me lifting mountains and flexing harder to become even huger and more monstrously to satisfy my lover’s uncanny lust. I had learnt that not only my muscles could grow at the same pace Alistair’s obsession for them.

The angelical boy had become a lustful man who knew exactly what to do to get me horny for a whole day long (We had once fucked for an entire week before any of us could stop, that caused the whole world to literally shake underneath our immense bodies).

Given our monumental stances, and the lack of available clothes that could fit our impacting massive bodies (not that I had any problem on being naked, because heat or cold could not harm my uncanny muscles) we seldom leave our love nest, unless on very special occasions, and that was clearly one of them, especially because I truly missed a great elven party.

The glory of my proud Elven people paraded on the beautiful ornaments of that triumphant celebration. The festivities would last for a whole week; after all, ever living beings surely know how to enjoy simple pleasures life.

Unlike my childhood times, elves now seemed to adore the very idea of my presence. I was known as the Elven Titan King, certainly a pompous nickname for the hybrid mage that once acquired the power of the Ten Thousand Titans. Anyway, little children run at me, begging with their big puppy to pick them up on my hands, so they can walk over my hideously huge shoulder muscles or watching the festivities from atop my monumental wide chest, or even escalating my flexed biceps.

Those adults who once mocked of my stocky figure stood now marveled at my gargantuan muscles, hundreds of times bigger than any elf could ever be. But the greatest feeling was knowing that they felt more like my people than never, especially because they had not only welcomed as my life partner, but also as one of them, even though Al was infinitely bigger, more muscular and beautiful than an average elf. Even the xenophobic Elderly Sages now revered at me, they knew I had proved my honor and was truly worthy of becoming the Mage Regent of House Yendrill.

“Only your massiveness would dissuade these stubborn little beings to insist realizing the ceremony indoors!” Rothgar commented sitting on my shoulder. The cross eyed obese mage really liked the fact that he now was incredibly light and tiny compared to me. Perhaps that actually made him feel a bit thinner, not like he actually cared about his silhouette, few people devoured roasted boars like Rothgar (well, perhaps Alistair or myself).

It was truly a great gesture of House Yendrill to host the celebration of the new Mage Regent outside instead of the traditional Wizardry Hall, especially because given my humongously oversized monstrosity; I would never fit inside such tight little space (even though they were nearly 60 feet wide). While people waited for the announcement, I couldn’t help but drifting a lot, toying with the mere idea of my unearthed monstrosity; fortunately my beloved little angel was there to bring me down to reality once the Elders walked down the isle towards the Regent, carrying the Magical scepter that once belonged to my dear mother.

“I have to confess he had proved to be a marvelous student, rarely I’ve seen such a dedicate pupil before, he’s sure to become one of the greatest wizards ever…” Rothgar whispered at my ears. “But if you ever tell him that, even after I’m dead, I’m gonna come back from the afterlife to haunt your giant butt!” We both tried to disguise our laughter, because the ceremonial apex was about to come.

I confessed that I would never have imagined this very important moment as it was actually happening, but given the circumstances, Tassler was indeed the best Regent Yendrill would have since my late mother. Although he was still learning and developing his magical skills to match the duties of the Mage Regent, no one could deny that this little blond elf had truly worked hard for filling in the shoes I had left for him, mostly because I knew that becoming Yendrill Leader would require a lot from my time, and my life now revolved around Alistair. Thus, as a Titan I was now literally eternal, which meant that at some point I would have to resign, so why not leaving the job to someone who had always dedicated himself to the glory of House Yendrill?

Tassler looked really nice, his beautiful slender figure dressed in the Purple Robes of House Yendrill, his stance had always been magnificently handsome, but now my former body guard actually seemed to have found his rightful place among the Wizards of Elven Tradition. When the Elders handled him the Regency Scepter, I must confess that for one moment I felt jealousy of my friend, but Alistair’s hands pressing over my massive paw assured once again me that I had done the right choice.

“Dearly brothers of The High Forests, it’s an honor to present you, Tassler Aerillis, 253rd. Mage Regent of House Yendrill!” The Elders announced and the audience saluted their new leader.

Tassler however, showed his irreverent, behavior.

“Please, young Master, stay as you are, I don’t think we have enough space for your lovely bottom even on this very forest!” He teased; breaking all kinds of protocol rules, Tassler flew closer to my face and kissed my cheeks like he used to do when I was just a little boy who missed his parents.

“I promise you that I’ll look after her throne like you would have done, Vaughn.” We were suddenly too touched to avoid the tears. I hugged my little friend, the very next thing I had from a family for most of my life, his tiny body disappeared against my monstrous muscles.

“Be careful, Vaughn, you don’t want to lose the new Regent between these huge pectorals!” Rothgar said and with that he provoked the laughter of the audience. Tassler, however, did not take this very nicely, his flying little body went straight closer to the obese figure of the cross eyed mage.

“You’d better be more respectful with me now, fat man! I’m a Regent of Yendrill!” Tassler bragged by Rothgar paid no attention to his threats.

“I’m still your master, remember, and you’re not barely a wizard yet, so you have to earn the Regency treatment from a mage of my stance!”

“Why you fat blob, I’m gonna turn you into a frog!” Tassler said holding the Regency Scepter vigorously but I delicately let them both arguing and took Alistair’s hand closer to mine once again, we both walked to a more reserved place.


“I am sure those two will get along better than I would ever expect.” The winged behemoth I loved from all my heart joked and he laughed vigorously. Perhaps he knew that the mere sound of his innocent, jovial laughter sent me immediately into a horniness state, everything that boy did had this power, but I loved his laughter the most, it was like hearing delightful novelties, not to mention that when his pecs bounced I could hear their heavy sound and that reminded me that I was even more muscular, even more massive.

“You keep laughing like this and you know this loincloth is not gonna hold me much longer” I warned my lover, engulfing him on my monstrous embrace, he only nodded, which meant soon we would get rid of the ridiculous excuse for clothing he begged me to use for the sake of children and Elder Elves.

“Shut up and flex for me Vaughn of Yendrill, Elven King of Titans” he whispered on my ears the way my skin got immediately feverish. I loved the fact that despite Alistair’s extremely huge muscles, I was incomparably much bigger and, in fact, I wanted to grow even bigger for him, after all, if our lives were entwined, it also meant that our muscles should grow bigger forever as well…