The Inner Circle (musc)

John Graham was considered a legend among his peers. A “self-made man” as people used to say, a hard working enterpeneur who built a true empire for himself. Sadly, things have not changed that much for gay people in corporate world since young John refused to ruin a decent lady’s life by marrying her just for the sake of appearances and decided to get out of closet (back in the day when such expression didn’t even exist).

The 58 year old CEO sat on his incredibly expensive custom sized bed already dressed in his impeccable tailored suit. He gently strokes the other man’s chest, feeling the delicious smoothness on the hot young lad with whom he spent the night. That boy was such a hottie, 5’9” 170 pounds of toned muscles, alabaster skin, short dark hair and green eyes. Still, John couldn’t quite remember if his name was Darren or Derrick, but he knew quite well how to make that young guy scream his name as he plowed his man cherry.

�Oh, good morning J...� The boy said with an ashamed grin to his face. It was the first time John let any of his booty calls to spend the night, because in the end the billionaire felt really lonely ever since Trent left him.

�It�s almost 9 am, boy, hardly morning for someone in my world. I sadly have an appointment in a few minutes so you�d better get going. Buy something classier for you to wear next time.� Graham casually handled the lad a couple of Franklins.

�Oh...gee shouldn�t...When are we going to see each other again?� The lad felt really embarrassed because he pretty much didn�t expect to get a fashion critique after such an amazing night.

�Soon enough.� John �s voice echoed in the large bedroom as he already climbed down the luxurious staircase of his household.

�You�re already late sir.� At the bottom, his faithful personal assistant Claire, a full figured, uncharismatic, cold faced, dark haired young shark, top 3% of her class at Harvard Business School.

�I am never late, sweetie. The others are always too early.� Graham chuckled as he grabbed his briefcase from her hand. Sarcastic, efficient and overly discrete, Claire was exactly the kind of assistant a man like John needed at that moment. Especially because he had learned the hard way that hiring a gorgeous hot young man for such position was a serious liability.

They walked towards the particular heliport while she caught him up with the latest news of the day and minor appointments previously scheduled.

�Cancel them all. I don�t want to be distracted.� John dismissed his assistant as he boarded the chopper and prepared for the meeting he had been waiting for the last 3 years.

The coordinates were sent to John’s personal cellphone after they were airborne, he gave them to the pilot and they flew for about an hour to the outskirts of the city, in some kind of old aero club. The aircraft landed only to drop the boss, and left away almost immediately.

John Graham was being expected by three young men and they all looked like they were fitness models. The shorter one, a 6 feet tall dark tanned Asian man shook his patron’s hand while the two Caucasian brutes watched indifferently.

�Master Graham, it�s an honor to finally meet you. My name is Weston. The Masters have instructed me to pick you up for the meeting. Weston said as another aircraft landed and this time John was asked to be searched and blindfolded by the escorting crew.

Normally, a man in his position would never allow such thing, but Graham was just desperate to meet with those guys, so he didn’t even bother about the intimate search and fold he had to wear during the two hour long flight.

The blind was only taken when they finally arrived to their destination, not after a 40 minute drive in a bumpy road. John’s eyes hurt due to light exposition, but after a few moments he noticed he was sat in a very comfortable leather chair in a very expensive decorated room.

�Welcome, John. We are sorry about the inconveniences, but you understand the need for our privacy.� The voice came from wall speakers and there was no longer any sign of Weston, just an enormous empty chair in front of him.
�I wasn�t expecting any executive flight. So, I take you have finally accepted me.� John spoke directly and without hesitation.

�We have decided to consider your pledge, John Graham. Now you must prove yourself worthy of becoming a member of the Inner Circle.� The deep manly voice was probably created by some sort of electronic device, but it still made the CEO feel queasy about his case.

�I don�t have to prove anything to you. You were the ones who came looking for me, and let�s not forget that you have promised things that aren�t exactly legal. I am the one who needs some proof of your alleged expertise.� John was pretty much straightforward and incisive, things that had helped him during his long carrier, especially when he dealt with guys who took him for weak just because he bedded men.

�Farewell�� The wall at the side opened to reveal this immense colossus of a man. At least 7�3� tall he seemed to be just as wide as the passage that allowed him into the room. This monster of man had tanned skin, clean shaved scalp, deep blue eyes and such an intense look that would made Tommy Lee Jones resemble a bubbly young girl.

�I am Karl Bishop, Pledgemaster of The Inner Circle. The Council was divided about your case, and they have given me the final vote. So, I�d suggest you to mind your tongue from now on.� His muscles were so huge that even though he was dressed in a well-tailored suit, it seemed that the fabric hugged every single angle, crisp and belly of such rugged physique, the width of his stature joined by the thickness of his figure only made him look above mankind standards.

John Graham has never been a weak bodied man. At 5’10” 185 pounds of hard toned muscles he had always dedicated to physical activities ever since his days of high school track and field team, and even till this day he held the impressive decathlete stance, wide shoulders, thin waist, Greek hero look. His silver hair was fading at the top but he never lost that vigorous, manly expression on his rugged face.

The CEO just gulped at the sight of the enormous man in front of him. His pants were filled with his boner almost immediately. That hulking man could be the proof he wanted, but he still needed to feel sure about the idea of joining some kind of secret society.

�Mr. Bishop, I didn�t mean to be offensive, but for the last three years of my life I have been teased with promises of impervious health, overwhelming strength and unimaginable size.� John decided that he would not win that monstrous guy with intimidation so he decided to be bluntly honest but clever.

�Don�t you suppose I have all these things?� Bishop crossed his tree trunk sized arms in front of his humongous chest and chuckled.

�Oh, I am sure you have. But there�s also the question of perpetual youth and the chance to experience the unearthed pleasure of being part of the World�s most powerful group.� Graham smiled as he considered the size of the Pledgemaster.

�We have met before, John. You must know that I was the one who originally brought your name to the Council, but that was before I became Pledgemaster, so I have to make sure you are worthy of all the benefits of belonging to the Inner Circle.�

Graham nodded along. He did recall about meeting with a Karl Bishop many years ago, the middle aged, pudgy, spongy, sweet faced lawyer of one of the many companies that he had taken over. Despite his friendly, harmless looking, Karl had actually been a great contender, their negotiation seemed to go forever but in the end, things ended out just like John wanted, but things were really different now.

�If you are indeed the Karl Bishop I�ve met, then you certainly have changed a lot, and for the better.� Graham grinned, knowing exactly that the bigger the man, the bigger his ego.

�Ah, don�t need to flatter me, John. You have been in our list for a while, but since you are always drawing attention to yourself, some members considered it would be risky to recruit the world�s most famous CEO into our ranks.�

�I do have a reputation that precedes me, but let�s agree that I only do things that your members have been doing in the closet.� Truth to be told, John had dated all kind of hot young stars and celebrities wannabe ever since his beloved Trent dumped him for a younger buff male bimbo.

�Even back in the earliest days, The Inner Circle has always shocked many narrow minded groups. We understand your angst, but this is not the point. We are a secret group because our power is meant to be shared only with those who can wield it.� Bishop explained

�Okay, I get that part. I am willing to do anything to prove my worth. You just need to tell me what I have to do! I�ve already donated millions to your secret accounts and have traveled all over the world after the �Signs of Apprenticeship� you asked and returned them all. What is left for me to prove?�

The enormous Karl Bishop smiled, he just took his seat at the enormous leather chair, which was probably reinforced because it didn’t break under such immense weight of the humongous muscle creature. It was then Weston came into the room holding a huge golden cup and handling it to the Pledgemaster.

�Here you are, Master.� Weston said sweetly as Bishop gently picked the cup and was so tall that he had to bend over in order to kiss the lad�s forehead, caressing his cheekbones.

�Thank you, my boy.� Bishop patted the young man�s butt and let him go before he looked at John and took a long sip of his cup.

�The donations were much appreciated for we sorely need mundane things like money to keep our higher purposes, but the signs you have recovered were actually planted there to guide your enlightenment. Let�s see if you are any wiser then. What is the meaning of The Inner Circle?�

John took a deep breath before he answered. “Love, Strength and Education”.

Karl nodded. “Why did you say these three things in such precise order?”

�Because above everything a man needs to love the world he wants to command, and to understand that he needs all kinds of Strength to protect those he love, and most important, he must educate his pupils about the importance of these previous things.� Graham had studied those ancient scrolls for many nights before he returned them.

Bishop didn’t seem that much impressed though.

�What if I said you just want to get immensely huge and massively muscular without ever worrying about health issues or the very idea of death? What would be your answer?�

�I�d use the same answer you gave that made them accept you, because you weren�t exactly a regular Mahatma Gandhi.� John answered right away, and Bishop crushed his cup bin his humongous paw, causing Graham to jump inside his suit, but instead of anger, the behemoth just busted into a sonorous laughter.

�We certainly need a sharp motherfucker like you among us!� Bishop rose to his enormous stance and opened his humongous arms.

�John Graham, your initiation shall begin tonight!�

The CEO barely had time to feel relieved. As soon as the immense fortress of muscle announced his decision, Graham was distracted by a bunch of young muscular men of incredible beauty entering the room and right in the next moment Bishop had mysteriously vanished.

�Congratulations sir! I was really cheering that you could make it to the Elder�s Council!� Weston hugged him very warmly.

�Erm�thanks boy. Now, what happens next?� John really wasn�t used to not be ahead of things.

�We have to prepare you for the initiation. Follow me please, sir.� Weston said as he gently picked John�s hand and escorted him out of the room.

Only then Graham realized he had been taken to this immense palace of house, built in enormous proportions, he actually felt like some kind of toddler walking through such wide corridors and going into such high ceilings rooms.

�Where are we going exactly, Weston?�

�We need to get you comfortable first. Then, we are going to find the most suitable first Eromenos for you.� Weston smiled back at him with such a casual manner that for the first time John felt comfortable with the idea of becoming some sort of supernaturally enhanced muscle man.

They took him to a room with a breathtaking view, but John’s mind was deeply focused on his next steps.

�I have to choose an Eromenos right at the night of my initiation? Isn�t it too soon?�

Weston and the other boys quickly managed to undress Graham .

�It is actually quite the opposite, Master Graham. You have been selected to be an Erastes, a Mentor, a Master. Your physical augmentation will depend on the number and the quality of the Eromenos you claim for you.�

�Really? This is quite interesting, so there�s more than one way to get into the Inner Circle huh?�

Weston blushed. “Yes and no. We share some, but not all the blessings of the Masters. We are considered to be a very important part of the Inner Circle, and even have one vote at the Elder’s Council. Besides, an Eromenos can become a full member of the Inner Circle, if his Erastes so desires. But that would take many years, and most of us don’t really want to undergo the change after a few decades of experiencing the joys of being a pupil.”

�Heh, something like �Boys will be Boys� huh?� Graham chuckled as he took a better look over his impressive physical form reflected in the wall sized mirror. He even flexed a few times to showcase his strong, ripped muscles he had conserved over the years.

�I am going to get so much bigger�Maybe bigger than my wildest dreams, because I am sure they can get bigger right?� Graham asked Weston, enjoying the submissive tone of his behavior.

�Oh, of course sire! You see, the relationship between an Erastes and his Eromenos is the Power Source of The Inner Circle. The most powerful the Master becomes, the stronger his pupils will be and in return the Master will grow even more powerful and muscular from the blessings of his many Eromenoi�.

John’s 8 inches long cock grew hard, and he appreciated the fact that one of the boys soon took care of his erection as he continued to inquire the good willed Eromenos.

�That�s really nice, like the stock market. You have to know how to pick the best investment for your future revenue.� Graham chuckled as he gently caressed the back of the head of the blond muscular guy sucking his dick.

�I take you guys all belong to Bishop?�

Weston shrugged. “Being the Pledgemaster is a very busy position, but it certainly has its compensations. Master Bishop is a great Erastes, though. I hope you have the wisdom and the luck to find pupils that will make you that powerful.”

�Oh, I�ll manage to do that. Now�how are going to find my first one?�

�Well, after you let Josh here take care of your boner, I�ll show you.� It suddenly struck John that he was harder than ever and that boy was sucking him with such expertise and yet he still hadn�t dump his load, so he just threw his head back and imagined himself the size of Karl, and the hunger for power and size triggered his orgasm.

John moaned, feeling his load going down the boy’s throat and screaming of pleasure. Then, the boy just produced muffled sounds as his own cock exploded. They both enjoyed the marvelous post-orgasm moment, pacing and smiling at each other.

�Thank you my boy.� John guessed that simple phrase had an amazing effect over those lads, the Eromenoi, as they should be properly called.

Josh stood up and waited for Graham’s kiss on his forehead. The CEO quickly enjoyed that subservient attitude, which only meant they had been properly trained, and he couldn’t wait until he could train his own set of boys.

�Follow me, Master Graham.� Weston said as they walked down a series of corridors to arrive at this immense communal area where dozens of young men played sports in the naked.

�These are some of our newest brothers. They have been gathered just for this year�s pledges.�

Graham carefully checked his choices. Those boys were just perfect specimen of the male excellence. They came in all colors and although they were all muscular, there were still different sizes. They were all very physical though, some of them were wrestling, others were playing football and there were those who just laid there in the sun stretching and enjoying the beautiful day.

�Brothers, this is John Graham, he was just admitted as an Erastes.� Weston announced and the youngsters just rushed towards John like bees to the hive.

�Congratulations, sir! My name is Sam. Will you pick me as your pupil?� This beautiful blue eyed blond haired boy approached Graham and hugged him tenderly.

�You are quite direct huh boy?� Sam had earned some points by being proactive. However, John didn�t feel this boy was being natural, he just grinned and let the boy go, soon there were others smiling and shamelessly hitting on him.

Then, Graham noticed one boy that didn’t come towards him. In fact, he was keeping his distance on purpose. The newly made Erastes walked to the boy, and for some reason the rest of the kids didn’t follow him, only Weston continued at his side.

�Why are they avoiding that one over there?� Graham asked very curious.

�That�s Aidan, he has been here for a few years but never selected. Because he wasn�t chosen yet, the Masters are considering sending him back. It is unfortunate.�

�And why has no one taken him? He�s certainly among the most handsome guy in the bunch!� Graham felt no shame on talking about the 5�8� tall 175 pounds brown haired guy with tanned skin and thick juicy lips lad right across him.

Weston sighed. “The Masters don’t feel he is willing to learn his ways on The Inner Circle. Please, Master Graham don’t waste your time, he had never been gentle to the Elders, he’s just a stubborn boy.”

At that moment, Aidan looked at Graham and just sneered.

�He�s right, old man. Take your hike. I�m not going to be your bitch boy. I just want to get back home!� The young lad said at once.

�Have they kidnapped you, or are they keeping you here against your will, Aidan?� Graham asked in a soft yet very determined tone. Showing his hand to Weston to indicate he didn�t want him to intervene in their conversation, and the young lad just seemed hesitating for one moment.

�I came here because I wanted. They said I�d have an easy life with all kinds of gifts. But none of those guys said anything about those giant geezer freaks! I am stuck here in this Freaky Island. They say they�ll take me back, but only after I�ve been rejected by another dude. So, you�re my key to freedom old fart!� Aidan recovered his courage, and quickly fired a punch against John�s face.

Graham was expecting it, he looked right into Aidan’s hazel eyes and smiled before he dodged the blow, moved his gracious lean body in a fluid martial arts maneuver and at the next moment, he had the lad totally overpowered.

�You are feisty�I like that!� Graham said in Aidan�s ears as he felt his hard cock against the boy�s butt crack.

�Let me go you fucker!� Aidan protested and after a few moments, he just felt tired because it was useless.

�Guess what, Aidan, you are going to get your wish. You�re gonna be out of here!� John whispered in the lad�s ear, and for the first time he smiled.

John smiled winningly. He stood up and held Aidan’s arms behind his back for a moment.

�Weston, I have chosen my Eromenos!� Graham said as he pushed a shocked Aidan forward.

�What? No! I ain�t gonna serve you, you freak! I�m not your fucking slave! I�ll escape you�ll see!� Aidan continued to protest but then John approached him and kissed his lips so passionately, so wildly that Aidan didn�t take long to kiss him back.

John knew exactly what he was doing, he turned the boy around very quickly pressed his own muscular body against Aidan’s toned back.

�Look at you puny boy! I haven�t even been changed yet and already you are not even a match for me. You lie when you say you�re not gonna serve me. Oh yeah, I can feel you are just dying to see me huge. Damn, it will be so fun to show you how to respect your elders. I�m sure you will like that too huh naughty boy?� John said as he grabbed Aidan�s hard 7 inches cock and the suddenly rebellious lad just went quiet.

Weston was speechless he took a few moments to process the whole thing.

�I�ll do as you wish, Master Graham.� The Eromenos just excused himself as he left the garden and all the other boys just seemed shocked to such intense experience and most of them were not ashamed of jerking off or kissing a fellow lad in public.

John continued to look at Aidan as the defeated youngster tried not to stare at him, but after some point he just couldn’t stand the silence between them.

�Why did you do it?� He finally asked.

�Because I wanted it.� John replied at once.

�You did it just to prove some stupid thing right? Look�I am not going to be one of those flowery lads that serve the Masters. It is just not on my nature.� Aidan sighed.

�I hope so, that�s why I picked you boy. I don�t want a pushover for my pupil. I want someone who is eager to learn and to improve!� John said as he placed his hands on Aidan�s shoulder and gave them a gentle shake.

�What is the difference for you?� Aidan still sounded unconvinced.

�Well, for starters, I want to freaking rule the Inner Circle, and that will only happen if I grow bigger and more muscular than the other motherfuckers. You�ve seen them right? They�re scary huge, aren�t they?�

�Y-yeah�� Aidan nodded.

�Well, that�s good, because I�ll be much bigger and thanks to your help!� Graham said as he seemed really excited.

�But what do I have to do with all that?�

�The very fact you don�t know should show you that I am your Master.� Graham just felt the energy of that boy building his spirits. Although Aidan was still clueless, he had the potential for becoming the perfect Eromenos.

Because John Graham would soon be the Ultimate Erastes.

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