The Inner Circle 2

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John Graham pretty much knew that the most important detail about his “interview” was to be seen as another important, yet not decisive asset for the Inner Circle. In other words, they had to be lead into believing he represented no threat to their millennia old secret organization.

With this intent in mind, Graham successfully pretended to have superficial knowledge about the Inner Circle, when in fact he had been studying everything about them for the past 20 years. John had been truly obsessed with the legends of immense Erastes and their eternally youthful Eromenoi, chasing the traces of hulking huge men whose lives were turned into myth.

Although Graham was almost sure that Karl Bishop became a member of the Inner Circle after he conveniently forged his own death, having that guy as his Pledgemaster was an unexpected, but in the end it just made things even easier, because John knew that Karl would never lose the opportunity to get the leverage over him after that episode of that hostile takeover many years ago. The enormous Erastes counted on the fact that Graham would be now under his command.

“Things have gone smooth so far. I’ve made my typical empty questions, so that Weston guy thinks I have no knowledge about Eromenos and the works of the Inner Circle. You should see the look on his face when he heard I have chosen you as my first pupil.” John said as he continued to walk with Aidan around that garden.

“You felt that you had to fool that guy? He’s just a moron, always playing the role of the good slave bitch boy.” Aidan replied bitterly, but John gently shook his shoulders again.

“Those are the most dangerous types, my boy. They make you think they’re harmless and when you least expect they betray your trust.” John explained calmly.

“And why are you telling me this stuff anyway? What makes you trust me? I could just go and tell the other Elders all about your evil little plans and ruin your party even before it begins!” Aidan said in his usual defying tone, but this time Graham shook his head in delight.

“Go ahead, tell them. They’re just gonna get rid of us! Don’t you realize that I saved your fucking ass when I chose you for my pupil? Or did you really think they would just let you go after you have witnessed that the Inner Circle is not an urban legend neither part of stupid conspiracy theories?” John no longer wanted to deal with that fake rebellious attitude from Aidan.

“Shit…are you telling me they’d get me killed?” The realization of his near end finally sunk inside Aidan’s mind, and the young lad suddenly panicked, but Graham was there for him once again, hugging him tightly and comforting the young man in his manly muscles.

“It’s okay now, Aidan. I’ve got you under my protection now, you’re safe from any harm. I’m gonna be your Erastes and you will thrive under my tutorship.” The soothing voice tone
“Oh, my boy, you think I don’t have you figured out? You came here willing to serve and to learn, but those guys only wanted wallflowers for Eromenoi, you felt frustrated, disgusted, rebellious and decided to leave here, although all you need is one huge monster muscle daddy to teach you everything you need to know.” Graham slapped Aidan’s butt and the young lad went red once again.

They finished their little walk when Weston returned shortly after and instructed Graham and Aidan they would wait for the initiation together in the Golden Room. The other Eromenoi escorted the pair up to the immense preparation room.

“Everything is being ready for you sire. They’ll come for Eromenos first, to make sure he is cleansed for the ceremony, and then you will be called to the Initiation Chamber where the Anointed Masters will hold the Initiation Rites.” Weston said in a very serious tone, before he closed the heavy wooden door behind him.

John acted casually, he inspected the room and just jumped on the enormous bed, crossing his muscular arms behind his head, making those bulging biceps jump along with his hairy pecs, but Aidan felt that the awkward silence between them was suffocating.

“You think you’re so smart huh? Like you already know me and stuff. You’re wrong, old man!”

John stood in front of Aidan and touched his forehead on the lad’s.

“I know you, because I’ve been you for most of my life, Aidan. I trust you because I know you want to be trusted, you want to prove all those wallflowers that you are the best Eromenos those monsters could have, and I can make that happen.” Graham said so honestly that it caught the lad truly unprepared.

“I…used to think that way, but not anymore. I’ve been rejected so many times, those huge hulking masters judged me; they looked at me like I was the rotten apple of their barrel!” Aidan’s voice tone carried his frustration, and right then Graham hugged the boy so strongly, kissing him in a passionate way, crushing his muscular limbs with the determination of a true master.

“They’ll pay for making you feel that way, my boy. You will see, all in the due time.” Graham’s four o’clock shadow scratched Aidan’s smooth cheekbones as they kissed; their bodies already eager for each other in a level of intimacy that defied the short time they have been together.

“I’d…love to see that…” The lad shook his head, still kind of disoriented by the way his soon-to-be Erastes treated him in a mix of sweet and authoritarian ways, but that made him so horny and pissed, which clearly pushed further than his own personal hindrances.

Graham snarled as he pushed his lad into the luxurious bed and jumped right next to him.

“We should use this time to get more acquainted boy. The initiation won’t happen for the next couple of hours. Right now they’re preparing the Anointed Masters, which means those huge monsters are fucking a bunch of their horniest Eromenoi to get even stronger and more massive for tonight’s ceremony. We should just to the same right?” Graham suggested and judging by the way Aidan kissed him, he was more than ready.

“H-how do you know so much about them? I mean, you’re not even initiated and you know exactly what they are doing…” Aidan was horny, but his mind was just as eager for knowledge as his sex was eager for release.

“I’ve been searching for them for a very long time, much before they have sent for me. I’ve always been fascinated by secret societies and their rites, but nothing comes close to The Inner Circle in this aspect, they’re the Real Deal.” Graham chuckled as he ran down his hands over Aidan’s hot muscular body.

“Still, do you even know how these guys get so huge? No guy that age could get that muscular not even with steroids; in fact those things would kill them!”

“Yeah, I am sure these are not your regular steroids. My guess is some kind of ancient super muscle growth potion whose secret has been passed onto the members of The Inner Circle, but they’ll come up with a much better make up story.” Graham said as he pointed to the wall in front of them.

Aidan still kissed Graham as he tried to figure out the meaning of them. There was a sculpture of a bearded bigger man holding a younger fellow in his arms, some kind of terracotta shield depicturing a scene of an older guy holding the younger one arm and an eagle between them, and finally, a huge painting of a huge big muscular man with long hair and a beard sat in the clouds right aside a young beautiful lad with an amphora between them, an eagle at the man’s left side and another guy lighting a piece of wood at the torch held by the sleeping bearded guy .

“What are those anyway? There are tons of similar stuff over the place, is this some sort of gay ancient artist?” Aidan asked still between kisses with Graham, so the older guy decided he needed more enlightenment.

“You could say so, but they mean much more than that. See that sculpture over there? Look at the size of the bearded man in comparison to the younger dude. Who are they?” Graham asked in a professorial tone.

“I’m not stupid, that’s an Erastes carrying his Eromenos.” Aidan replied kind of offended for the apparently condescending tone on Graham.

“That’s not what I asked boy. I asked you to tell me who they are.” John repeated and Aidan seemed puzzled.

“How the hell should I know this? I’m not an Arts major.”

“Don’t give excuses, just use your mind. Look at the three pieces, they all depicture the same men in the same display, with more or less the same elements: the strong muscular older man, the beautiful lad, the cup and the eagle.”

“Oh yeah…Now that you’ve mentioned it, I can see your point. They’re all about the same story then right? Some kind of legend, am I right?” Aidan asked excitedly and Graham shrugged.

“You’re on the right way, but who are these fellows, and why are they important for us right now?”

Aidan considered the new question for a moment. “Well, I still don’t know who they are, but they were Erastes and Eromenos, that’s for sure. I can just tell by the stupid servant expression on that boy.”

Graham chuckled. “You’re stubborn as a mule, and just as clever. These are Zeus and Ganymede, The King of Olympus and his Cup Bearer. They were respectively the first Erastes and his first and favorite Eromenos.”

“Whoa…you think that Zeus and the other Greek Gods were real?”

Graham rolled his eyes. “You’re losing the point here, boy. It’s not about what you think, but what the pictures are telling you, and it’s the Love story between Zeus and Ganymede.”

“I’m sorry, I still don’t know squat about these two, only that Zeus was the Father of Kratos from God of War, have you played the game? It’s really naughty!”

John had to control himself not to smack the back of the boy’s neck. “Well, it’s nice to know that pop culture had yet again deviated ancient legends. Anyway, look at how Zeus is carrying Ganymede on his arms, he actually kidnapped the boy.”

Aidan just chuckled. “Really? Isn’t he a God? Why would he do that?”

“Greek Gods and humans are equally flawed, the difference is that Gods have unlimited power. Ganymede was a Trojan Prince, and was the most beautiful mortal among them all. Zeus fell in love with him, and one day he went down on the mortal world and captured the boy and brought him to Olympus.”

“I thought Zeus was married to Hera.” Aidan actually surprised his soon to be Erastes.

“Was that in your videogames too?” John asked sarcastically, but Aidan decided to spare him of the cruel way Kratos dealt with Hera in the games.

“I just don’t understand why this is Ganymede guy so important. Sure he looks hot, but Zeus is a GOD he could have anyone he wanted right?”

“Well, it turned out that things were more complicated than Zeus first considered. You see, not only Hera was infuriated for her husband’s new betrayal, she also had to put up with the fact that Zeus bestowed immortality upon the Trojan Prince and made him the Bearer of his Cup, giving him the noble task to serve mead and especially, Ambrosia to the other Gods of Olympus.”

“That’s what makes the Elders so huge right?” Aidan asked proudly and the new master kissed him in return.

“That was very clever of you, boy. I would say that it has certainly something to do with ambrosia, but still not sure it is actually “the food of the Gods”, more like some kind of Elixir that bestows huge size to the Erastes, uncanny beauty to Eromenos and extended lifespan upon both of them.” John concluded as he got closer from his already pupil.

“Fuck…I keep forgetting that you will soon be huge like them…” Aidan whispered as he felt how hard and ripped John’s muscles already were. “You must have been working out ever since the womb!”

Graham chuckled. “I’ve always been into physical activities. Been part of the Track and Field team back at High School, even won some medals in Decathlon. After college my life took other ways, but I’ve always dedicated my time and discipline to cultivate the body I’ve always wanted, especially after I discovered the Inner Circle.”

The hot muscle daddy kissed his boy once again, but before lust overtook his mind, Aidan still managed to continue with his many questions.

“But…why would you do that? I mean that stuff they’ll give you will just make you so huge, why even bothering about getting in shape?”

Graham just shook his head.

“That’s exactly the reason I want this power, I am not going to be another decaying geezer who fakes his death and abandon mundane world to become a hedonist sun of a bitch. I want their secret not to solve my immediate problems but to give me resources to get even more powerful! I want it all, my boy! The Power beyond imagination, and dominance upon those who dominate, and it will be mine!” Graham’s eyes twinkled with the idea and Aidan felt the man’s cock was rock hard.

“Shit…you really hunger for their power huh? Damn it…you are dangerous!” Aidan moaned.

“Well, they’re not exactly kind, you know? But truth to be told, they have their reasons to be strictly severe about their privacy.” John pondered as he nibbled Aidan’s ear lobe.

“What do you mean?” Despite his feisty and ferocious attitude, Aidan’s naivety made him a very precious pupil at John’s eyes.

“Look at that picture over there. See how Zeus and Ganymede are peacefully sleeping and there’s one sneaky guy doing something at the right side? That’s the Titan named Prometheus; see he is stealing the fire from Zeus thunder. In the legends, he gave it to mankind and from there humans were able to develop considerably.”

“So? That’s a good thing, right?”

“Depends on which perspective you take. Many have considered Prometheus as an ally of mankind against the ruling of the Olympians, others have preferred to outcast him as a traitor because he stole the secret fire from Zeus. In the legends, Prometheus was punished severely by the Gods. The traitor Titan was bound to a rock and the vultures would eat his liver during the day, but during night it would regrow only to be eaten again.”

“Ouch… that’s harsh.”

“That served as an advise not to mess with the King of Olympus neither with those he cared about. And Zeus loved Ganymede above all things, he even made him a constellation to make sure he was safe from Hera’s wrath. He still lives in the sky as Aquarius, the Water Bringer.”

Aidan grinned at Graham. “You’re all over the place huh? You come here all dominant saying that you want to rule these guys, you act all tough and brute, and then you tell me this romantic story…you’re not exactly the kind of romantic type...”

“I most certainly desire to rule supreme, but that doesn’t imply I can’t be romantic. I just want absolute Power over the most powerful resource in the World, and the means to get even more powerful, with your help, my boy.” Graham caressed the back of his pupil’s neck, which sent the shivers down Aidan’s spine.

“I still don’t understand how I can help you sir…” Aidan suddenly stopped mid-sentence, he had called John sir, which meant he now respected the same guy who had humiliated him in front of the other flowery boys.

“Ah…finally showing some respect for me huh boy? That only proves that you are the right type for being Eromenos. You don’t respect someone until he gives you some education.” Graham felt his own cock getting harder as he flipped the boy and made him lay on his back.

The young lad was suddenly under the rock hard body of his soon to be eternal muscle master, feeling a bit excited and nervous at the same time. John seemed so calm, such in control. His icy blue eyes were soothing and enigmatic.

“After they give me the stuff I’ll grow hugely muscular, but you will also be given something to bond us together. The stronger is the bond between us, the bigger and more powerful I’ll get, and then I can make you better, in return you will make me even more muscular and powerful. It’s almost like Eromenoi are batteries for Erastes. The bigger the Master the more pupils he needs to have, but the stronger the bond the more powerful he will get and so he can have even more pupils.”

Aidan was absolutely fascinated by the way this hard muscle daddy explained him about the intense changes that were about to happen; his own young 7 inches cock was hard and pressing against John’s hairy crotch.

“Oh, good, it’s time for another type of lesson.” Graham just licked his hand and applied his saliva on Aidan’s cock and the boy moaned. Then, he adjusted his stance and locked the boy under his body as he prepared to ride his youthful seven inches.

“Erm…you want me to fuck you? But I thought you were a top.” Aidan asked kind of embarrassed, because he really expected John would be the one doing the fucking after all that domination talk.

Graham laughed, throwing his head back as he let that hard cock enter his tight manhole and they both moaned feeling their bodies rubbing against each other.

“I’m always on top, boy, even when I bottom. You need to learn right? Well, if I want you to be the best bottom I fuck, I need to teach you how to be the best bottom. Like Aristotle once said, the best way to learn something is to learn its opposite first. Now, show me what you’ve got!” Graham said as he kissed his boy intensely.

Aidan needed no more encouragement, thrusting his cock deeper into John’s butt and quickly repeating the movement to plow such hard muscle mass.

“Hmmm yeah…good start. But you need to move deeper, lift your hips and move like a wave…Yeah, a bit slower, can you feel it? Yeah that’s getting close to my joy button…”

Aidan’s blank expression made Graham chuckle. “Don’t worry, you will find it better when I make you discover your own one. Now…” Graham supported his body on his feel spreading his cheeks and releasing the pressure from Aidan’s body. “Fuck hard!”

The boy obliged, he held onto John’s hard quads and fucked his ass fast and repeatedly, producing loud sounds as they both enjoyed the energetic movement. As Aidan took a couple of moments to regain his breath, John just danced on top of his cock moving it in circles and the boy nearly creamed.

“Yeah, you see it now huh? A great bottom knows exactly how to stimulate his top to make sure they both get the best of the fuck.” Graham moved in such a sexy way, working Aidan’s cock in so many new levels the younger dude simply drilled with all the pleasure he was feeling.

“Oh shit…I’m gonna gum!” Aidan threw his head back, but before he unloaded, Graham’s tight grip on his balls made him scream.

“Who said you were allowed to cum, pretty boy? You’ve got to earn it!” The mean muscle master grinned as he easily lifted the shocked lad’s body from the mattress and flipped him over on his back.

“Sir…if you ride me again I’ll cum…I’m so close!” Aidan could barely catch his breath.

“Heh, you’ve got so much to learn kid…Fucking is not about being cumming, it’s all about getting there.” He said in a deep sexy tone and kissed the lad while he worked his way into Aidan’s butt, and when the boy least expected his ass was being eaten savagely. Graham’s experienced tongue pressed his sphincter in different manners and pressured the exact point, which made a whole new territory for him.

Amazingly, the ass eating kept Aidan on the edge as his master taught him even more tricks, toying with his nipples and kissing each part of that hot body in ways that made the lad gasp for air.

Then, Graham just smiled and lowered Aidan’s legs a bit, only to probe his twitching boy cherry with the head of his incredibly hard cock. John purred as he toyed at the entrance of Aidan’s hole, his body was so hard and crisp, the lad felt like he was about to be fucked by a warm marble sculpture of male perfection.

“Oh, boy, you are so nice…feels just right to pluck your little cherry…” Graham teased as he inserted the first inches inside Aidan and the boy moaned wildly, his body shook from the pain and the pleasure it felt.

John waited any longer; he pushed his tool inside the boy and attached his butt in a series of steady and rhythm movements that only produced guttural sounds from both of them. At some point, Aidan didn’t really know where his head was, because he had his legs up to his ears and John fucked him increasingly hard.

Then, all of a sudden, the ass plowing stopped. “You were doing great lad…really great.” Graham said as he mysteriously stopped. Graham, slapped Aidan’s butt, unplugged his hard cock and stood up with his own dick throbbing and dripping precum, got a glass of water and smiled.

“What? You…You can’t leave me like that…Look at you man! You’re hard as a rock! Come on you said we should enjoy this time together!” Aidan begged for cumming, he reached for his cock but Graham just threw cold water on him.

“What the fuck was that?” The icy cold water made Aidan snap out of his libido trance, his cock went half hard almost immediately.

“It’s called edging, boy. We fuck until bringing ourselves to the very brim of cumming, then we just stop and only continue hours later.” The muscle daddy grinned as he instructed Aidan to keep his hands off his cock.”

“This is just stupid! What’s the point of doing all that if we can’t release ourselves?” Aidan seemed even feistier when he couldn’t unload.

Graham felt sorry for the guy, but it was necessary.

“It won’t be always like that, Aidan. But right now I need you to be really horny and eager for whatever I can give to you. It’s the bond, kid. We need to be in the same state of mutual desire. Right now I’ve given you more pleasure than anything you have previously done in your life right?”

Aidan shrugged. “You were the best…I was so close from cumming, my cock and my balls are aching!”

“Thanks lad, it will only get better, I promise. But think about it for a second, I barely fucked you and you already are craving to be my bottom. You have to focus on that feeling, when they take us to the initiation, whatever happens to me will be fed by the reaction you have. In other words, I need you super horny and eager to see me growing powerful, that is the meaning of the Bond between Erastes and Eromenos.”

For the first time Aidan understood how important that stuff was to Graham, he really was fully dedicated to the mission and that made him even sexier.

“Shit…you really got me hooked up on you! I mean…from the first moment I saw you, it felt like you were dominating the area.” The lad said as he blushed deeply.

“Heh, trust me I don’t even try to hold back that side of me anymore. But it is a good thing you were trying to seem unaffected by my charms, it only drew my eyes towards you among those dazzling other lads.”

Aidan blushed even deeper. “Thanks…”

Graham chuckled. “Oh, you will thank me later, trust me. Now let’s get going. Give me 50 pushups.” Graham pointed to the ground.

“What?” Aidan was still a bit dazed but next thing he noticed he was doing pushups with his insanely hot muscle daddy.

“We have to be physically prepared for the Initiation; it will be a very extenuating process, so we need to be pumped to optimize the results.” Graham instructed as he performed his pushups in the most perfect form, he was pure male excellence in motion and Aidan only wanted to keep up with him.

“How can you be so sure about this? You said yourself most of those guys were old decaying geezers and they got huge! Aren’t you overthinking this?”

“I am going to have the leverage of knowledge over them boy. Being on my physical peak and having the hottest and horniest boy as my Eromenos is going to optimize my initiation, and after that, my power will grow exponentially!” Graham explained as Aidan noticed his cock was so hard again.

They finished the first round of 50 pushups, John would start a second already but Aidan was pacing, then he decided the lad was still not ready for keeping up with him. Then, Graham John decided he was still not satisfied, he needed more pump in his body.

“Hop on my back, and whatever you do, don’t cum boy…but feel free to enjoy the ride on my butt.”

“Are you sure, sir? I don’t want to accidentally cum and ruin things for you, you are so mega hot!” The lad was terrified to disappoint his master he had barely met that same day.

“Boy, you are a keeper you know that?” Graham said as he waited for Aidan to accommodate his cock inside his butt and after a careful initial moment not to cum when the Master clinched his cheeks, Aidan boarded the train of muscle as the uncanny muscle daddy counted rep after rep.

Aidan was in heaven, he felt his cock was aching but somehow he had managed to keep faithful to his promise. After grueling 75 extra pushups, John was covered in sweat and extremely thrilled.

“Hehe, you did good kid. Now let’s change routines.” Graham instructed while Aidan just tried to follow his orders the best way he could.

John did sit-ups while Aidan held his feet, but it soon turned out into the lad sucking on his dad’s cock while he continued to work his fantastic 6 pack abs and enjoying the adulation of such fine handsome boy. He accomplished 145 reps until he decided Aidan’s sucking was far too efficient to keep him without cumming.
Graham actually used Aidan to perform an improvised but crucially intense workout. For at least 90 minutes they have used pretty much everything in the room to challenge John’s body into getting even more pumped.

“Holy cow…sir! You are a freaking machine, not even human! You were hard all the time and all pumped, I don’t know how you’ve managed to get that way, but I want to learn!” Aidan was simply spellbound by the sheer determination on the older guy, who just smiled and hugged the boy strongly, lifting him from the ground.

“You realize that once the rite is over and I become another muscle monster Elder, I am going to fuck you into oblivion, right?” John teased him.

“I can’t wait for that sir…” Aidan blushed so intensely that Graham almost didn’t want to kiss him, just so he could keep looking at his handsomeness.

“Master Graham, it’s me Weston, can I come in?” The Eromenos knocked politely.

Graham threw Aidan over the bed and pretended they were having a post coitus nap. The lad just followed the lead, simply loving the fact he should snuggle with that powerful man, and although it only lasted for a couple of moments, the lad felt so safe and protected that he no longer wanted to leave the side of his master.

“Yes, Weston my boy, you may come in.” The Elder to be replied and soon the room was filled with five Eromenoi carrying a bunch of things for the ceremony.

“We hate to interrupt your bonding, but it is time to prepare Aidan to become your first Eromenos.” Weston could barely hide his disgust to say those words, which made Aidan particularly proud.

“Farewell, take my boy and get him clean and ready for me.” Graham kissed the lad in the cheeks, he knew Aidan was actually nervous about leaving John behind, but after that kiss he just felt ready.

John just placed his hands behind his neck, closed his eyes and just took a deep breath. That boy was so deep into him now that their bond would make him much more powerful than the Elders anticipated.

And that would be just the beggining.

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