The Inner Circle 3

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“Follow me, Aidan, please.” Weston respectfully asked as he escorted the boy into the corridors of the impressive complex.

“I must say that you were very lucky Master Graham picked you. The Elders at Council were ready to send you back.” Weston said with an air of superiority, but Aidan knew better now that he shouldn’t waste time with such a lowlife sucker.

The future Eromenos was taken into a large room resembling some kind of ancient steam room, where the other servants told him to scrub his body with some kind of very thick sand instead of just taking a shower. It felt weird at first, but the exfoliation actually cleaned his pores and gave him a tingling great sensation all over his smooth body.

He was rinsed in icy cold water, gently dried with soft towels by the other lads. Aidan noticed they now looked at him differently, no longer they seemed arrogant neither pitiful, just solidary to him.

Then, another Eromenos approached and inspected Aidan’s body meticulously; checking his armpits, his chest, his crotch and even his anus.

“This guy is a natural, just need a tweaking to make him really smooth. The prettiest one else I’ve prepared in a long time.”

Weston couldn’t help but rolled his eyes. “Just make sure he doesn’t disappoint his Erastes ok?”

“Don’t be disrespectful, your miserable cocksucker. Today Aidan becomes a First Chosen!” He harshly dismissed Weston’s mockery and looked at the soon-to-be Eromenos.

“I’m sorry for Weston’s stupidity. My name is Darius. I know you didn’t get along with the other boys, but it’s gonna be different now. You’ll be our brother, for better or worse, we must stay together.” This dazzling handsome Latino guy with olive skin, big brown eyes and amazing lips said to a very surprised Aidan.

“Nothing’s gonna be different, dude, I’m not the one going into the change.” Aidan tried to dismiss any friendship attempt from those suckers.

“Oh, but you will change too, my friend. For instance, you will never seem a day older. In fact you might just look even younger in a couple of decades. The blessings of our Elders keep our bodies fresh, healthy and vigorous. But your mind will grow older, more experienced and a lot wiser…” The beautiful guy gently applied the warm wax over Aidan’s thighs, while the others worked in his chest and even on his eyebrows.

Aidan realized that it was true, he’d never look older but what would that do to his mind? Would be some kind of old creepy guy who just looked like a teenager for the rest of his life?

“How old are you?” He asked at once, finally realizing that these guys were not like the bunch of morons of the other group of lads.

“I’m 49, Weston is 37, Mark and Eric are 41, but we are the youngest Eromenoi, the more experienced ones are taking care of the Anointed Masters right now.” Darius explained as he quickly finished removing the scarce body hair and applied this fragrant oil over Aidan’s body.

“Shit, you all look so young and…vigorous. This must be really weird…” The young lad considered, noticing right away that he might have sounded disrespectful.

“Aidan, you were chosen by Master Graham to be his First Eromenos. This is a true honor; he selected you to be his most loyal servant. You will be the caretaker of his immensity. His body will be growing bigger, stronger and much more muscular and his capabilities will also develop and improve beyond anything humanly possible. You will have to please him in all possible ways. That is a tremendous burden, and for that you shall receive three gifts.” Darius spoke solemnly while the other Eromenoi approached.

The 6’2” dark haired Mark showed some sort of weird looking outfit while Eric, the 5’7” Asian guy with gymnastics build carried this weird silver statue of an Ox. Finally, Weston held a golden cup in his hands.

“You will be wearing these at the Initiation by your Erastes. You must understand the meaning of the Three Gifts. The war attire is the symbol of your acquired nobility, you will be a part of Graham’s Sacred Band and shall respect him above all things.” Darius showed Aidan the amazingly crafted leather armor and helped him to dress.

Aidan looked at his reflection and couldn’t help to think that it actually looked more like a kinky S&M leather outfit than an actual war attire, especially with the big gap right on his anus to facilitate fucking access.

“The second gift is the Silver Ox. This is the Mark of Zeus, and it shall grant your Master Strength, this is the physical link to the bond you two will share.” The older Eromenos placed the small statue on Aidan’s left hand.

Aidan noticed the Ox was actually a very well crafter special kind of box, and there was something inside, he would probably be asked to give it to John.

“Finally, this is the Cup that will belong to your Master. It will carry the very essence of his initiation. He will drink the gift after you kiss the brim. The stronger the bond, the more powerful he will become.” Darius placed the cup on Aidan’s right hand.

Aidan now understood the meaning of those gifts. They would actually indicate that he would be Graham’s official sex toy, but he would also be helping John to grow and for that he felt really honored. He should do everything to provide the greatest initiation for his amazing master.

Meanwhile, John Graham waited patiently in the room, when the enormous Pledgemaster returned.

“Well, little brother. It is time for you to meet the Anointed Masters.” The hulking Karl Bishop grinned as he looked down at John Graham. He now stood completely naked revealing a cock which stood over a foot in length and completely flaccid.

“It is much more comfortable to dress like a real man, nothing but muscle and fur!” Bishop’s grey body hair was really dense and deliciously long, which only made his powerful look seem even more fantastic. He just chuckled and bounced his humongous pectorals, creating a heavy muffled sound as he flexed them.

“You should cease your time to call me little while you can, my yet bigger brother.” John smiled as he shook the immense paw of the Erastes.

“Take your time, tiny one. It took me 15 years to get this big. You will see that time only makes us bigger and better!” Bishop flexed his 32” biceps and laughed out loud as he escorted John out of the room.

They have walked through a series of enormous corridors until finally arriving at this immense hexagonal room with cathedral high ceilings. The place was rich and sumptuous, with 6 enormous stone thrones sculpted on each of the six corners. It was then Graham smiled mischievously. Along the walls, several murals picturing scenes of legendary stories of the glorious Olympians: Zeus, Hercules, Poseidon, Apollo, Hades and Hephaestus.

But the most impressive feature of that immense Chamber was the painting of an enormous Eagle carrying a handsome boy amidst stormy weather. Graham knew exactly what it meant, and he felt excited about the upcoming moment.

“Welcome to the Andreion, John Graham. You have been selected to become a Philetor. We shall now discuss the details of your allegiance.” Bishop said as he sat on his throne, which was the closest to Graham’s location.

“Six Corners, which means six Thrones for Six Masters. The Inner Circle stands hidden inside the hexagon. That is so simple and powerful.” Graham considered as he felt someone entering the place he had been dreaming for so many years of his life.

“So, this is the new little brother who cleaned the floor with you huh Bishop?” A thundering voice echoed and this hulking black colossus of 7’6” tall and immensely huge muscles wearing nothing but golden bracers appeared in the room. His smooth bald head was covered in thick veins just like the rest of his enormous muscles; his skin was so perfectly and richly dark that it only made his muscles look even harder.

“John Graham, meet Earl Stone, one of the Anointed Masters.” Bishop said as he rolled his eyes. It was patent these two didn’t get along so well, and Graham noticed he could use such feud in his advantage.

“It is a pleasure to finally know another huge Elder. I was beginning to think Karl was truly the biggest man I’d ever seen.” Graham shook the enormous hand and Earl’s laughter shook the room.

“Oh, don’t worry; Karl’s just happy because he won’t be the little brother for much longer!”

Unlike Karl Bishop’s fur, Earl Stone’s body was incredibly smooth, perfectly sculpted and masterfully ripped. The glorious black man had an even bigger cock, which seemed to be 15 inches long and still completely flaccid. He had five Eromenoi surrounding him, and these guys were simply infatuated by their humongous master.

“If I can do something about it, he will have to get used to the idea…” Graham whispered and Earl just nodded along with a big grin. But before he could say something, Earl’s stance changed.

“Careful now, these two were the ones who strongly opposed to your acceptance.”

Even Bishop assumed a more serious position at his throne. “Greetings, Elders Xavier Kunthal and Enrico Fachin!”

Two colossal beings dwarfed the gargantuan Masters already in the room. The first, Xavier Kunthal was a 7’8” tall mountain Indian man of cinnamon skin and salt and pepper long mane. His regal look amplified by the neatly trimmed goatee and handlebar joined by a handlebar mustache. He was so broad shouldered and impressively thick that his arms seemed to be equally thicker around than his waist.

“John Graham, this is the sacred Andreion also known as The Inner Circle, the place where the most powerful men in the world gather with their peers. Along the years we have been chosen among mortals to become Elders of Strength and Power!” Xavier explained in a very polite tone, which showed how formal he was.

“It was a very long debate over your acceptance, John Graham, and I still don’t think it was the wisest of the choices, because you are the kind of man who loves to be at the spotlight.” Enrico Fachin, who stood as tall as the mighty Kunthal was an amazingly handsome Mediterranean colossus of muscle. His tanned skin, dark brown hair and intensely black eyes demanded obedience, and John Graham knew this guy was indeed very territorial, a true alpha monster, who was truly not happy with his admittance.

“A man who is so fond of attention is not indicated to have the Power of Zeus bestowed upon him. Especially when you have refused to join the Inner Circle three times before” Enrico gnarled.

Graham held his urge to chuckle. He had been procured before d by The Inner Circle, not to join them as an Elder, but to become part of their helpers, and he refused apologetically, still making sure that he would only accept a full fledge invitation to join them as Elder. Although all members of The Inner Circle were called Philetors and had great physical male excellence, there were simply no comparison between a regular Philetor and an Erastes.

Graham refused previous chance to become a regular Philetor, because he knew the Five Elders had complete dominance over Philetors, keeping them under their control with the promise of choosing one of them to become an Erastes. John knew quite well that only Elders were true Erastes, given the power to have Eromenos. Only the 5 immensely muscular Erastai and their beloved Eromenoi were capable of creating the kind of Power after which John hungered.

In fact, the Sixth spot has never been filled, at least not in memorable times. John could retrace the rebuild of the Inner Circle back to some point at the 16th Century, and five men were supposed to be Erastai. Many reports point that Cesare Borgia could have become the Sixth Elder, but since he died at a young age, it was considered bad omen. Graham actually suspected that an even number of Elders could jeopardize decision making system within the Order.

But these were menial details, what really intrigued John was not the name of the Former Elders, but what have become of them ever since The Inner Circle has been restored. What happens to an immortal monster as he gets too old? This was Power beyond Power and that was John Graham’s ultimate quest.

“I take you as most valuable noble Masters, because you uphold Andreion’s collective decision despite your personal opinion about me. I can only guarantee that I’ll do everything to bring honor and prosperity to the Inner Circle.” John knew it was time to suck up and play the role of the hopeful new lamb.

“And you will receive the opportunity to prove your worth, John Graham.” The voice was so deep, so thunderous and so powerful that made all the other Masters hard, their cocks twitched as the humongous figure entered the noble area.

“I am Heraklides Andronikos, Leader of the Andreion and I’ve always favored your acceptance as the new Sixth Member of Our Inner Circle.”

The hulking 8’ tall impervious figure of impossibly huge muscles entered the scared room and John Graham felt immediately drawn and intimidated by his immense size. He was so muscular that he made all the other Elders look almost average sized, the density of his muscles, the angles of his hulking muscle bellies were so harsh, so sharp they actually held little resemblance to human anatomy, it was the most amazing bestial form of overdeveloped muscles covered by manly grey hair.

Heraklides truly showed the best of legendary Grecian manliness, his wide square jaw, impressively wide shoulders, a literal bull sized neck with immense pectorals, boulder sized shoulders, uncanny mounds of hard rocks for traps and deltoids, beach ball sized biceps and matching triceps so hard and rugged they seemed to have muscles on top of their muscles.

“It is truly an honor to meet you, sire. I will prove that your choice was truly the wisest.” Graham added solemnly.

“You are indeed worthy to become my brother!” Heraklides engulfed John’s hand with his enormous paw, and the CEO felt the tiny vial that he handled him. That should be the trigger for the growth. The simplicity of that moment was not disappointing at all, because John knew that he had conquered the key for his ultimate dreams.

Graham looked at Andronikos’ inhumanly sized limbs showed so much power, strength and capability, an undefeatable argument in favor of his leadership. The glorious 2 foot long semi-hard monster of cock bobbed slightly as he stood at the center of the Inner Circle. His long grey hair and the tanned skin matched the turquoise eyes of sheer intensity. John Graham quickly figured out that the only reason for his acceptance was that Heraklides decided to support his nomination.

“Dear brothers, I now call you to join us at the Inner Circle!” Heraklides motioned and other men joined the room. There were several Eromenoi but these were a minor part of the strong muscular men who joined the room. There were many smaller, yet quite impressive versions of the inhumanly muscular Elders.

“So, these were the ones they bribe to do their menial jobs…Poor little fellows think they will also have those blessings, they just got an infinite part of the true gift and already consider themselves above everything. They’re pathetic but very usefully dangerous.” John thought as he looked at the men entering the place.

“This is Andreion, my friend John. There are many other Philetors who have been working hard under our leadership to get the same opportunity you were given, but this is unimportant right now. We have chosen you to become the Sixth Elder.” The mighty Earl Stone announced.

Graham understood quite immediately that he had done the right choice not to join the Inner Circle by the lower rankings when he had the chance.

The seats inside the Inner Circle were taken by impressive muscular men, but who still lacked the glory of the Elders’ size. Through them, the Elders have powerful tools for spreading their influence, and it changed the lives of those who served them. If some were made Eromenoi, that gift was only for those who were still young and gracious by the time they were recruited by Andreion.

Those who lacked such traits could still benefit from much milder forms of male enhancement, becoming less shocking forms of phenomenal muscle daddies, which still was considered well above average men, but light years distant from the Elders’ size and power.

Graham quickly recognized some faces; these impressive men had been in and out of his life in different manners. Some were business partners, others were sports adversaries, and some even had been one night stands. The Inner circle had many ways to make sure John Graham was under surveillance, and he smiled because he still managed to keep his ambitions under their radar.

Clearly, the nomination of Stone as one of the Anointed Masters was strategic because it got the ebony muscle monster sided with Heraklides’ plans, while Bishop was a valuable asset in this theater since he became Pledgemaster and could guarantee more influence over the Eromenoi vote.

Heraklides felt that his ruling could be risked if such design was altered, especially because he knew Xavier and Enrico were very influent with the lower ranked Philetors, so if the Leader wanted even more leverage against the growing alliance between those two, the only way to insure that was choosing the 6th from outside the Andreion, a member who would be already in his debt.

Having noticed that he was a precious tool for the Elder Leader, the soon-to-be Elder felt excited, he imagined there would be political intrigues in the Inner Circle, but it was so much more than he anticipated. He meant to kneel in front of the immense Leader and showed his respects, but Heraklides stopped him.

“You no longer shall bow to anyone, brother. You’re a Philetor, and soon to become one of the Six Elders of the Andreion. The power we are going to share with you is going to change your perspectives in this world.” Heraklides’ voice seemed much soothing now, almost like he knew all about Graham’s ambition.

“I thank you brothers. I have waited so long for this day. I want to prove my worth to the Andreion.” Graham said apologetically.

Heraklides smiled. “So, you shall wait just a little longer. We need to discuss the terms of your acceptance.” Each Elder assumed his godly seat and looked down at the much smaller John Graham.

“I, Heraklides Andronikos, Leader of the Inner Circle, come from the noble bloodline of Hercules, Son of Zeus, and the one who now leads tradition of the King of Thunder and Father of Strength, call you forth, John Graham , to name the terms of your allegiance according to our tradition.”

“As you already know Hercules’ Father, The Mighty Zeus, once fell in love for Prince Ganymede, son of Toros, ruler of Troy. And he kidnapped the lad in the form a giant Eagle, spearing the young man’s body with his divine weapon!”

John knew exactly what it meant; he took a deep breath and felt his cock hardening even further as he considered the very idea of the mythological rape of a virgin Prince by a Horny GOD in the form of a giant Bird of Prey.

“But even the Mighty Zeus took pity of noble Toros, Father of Ganymede and Ruler of Troy. He sent the God Hermes with the best gift he could devise for a man of his standard, a pair of Stallions who could ride over the Ocean and even assured the noble King that his most beautiful son Ganymede would be made an Olympian, Bearer of Zeus Cup.” Xavier Kunthal explained with a grin in his face.

“This is truly the most beautiful of traditions, my noble liege.” Graham agreed, ceasing the opportunity to see the faces of the men that once tried to keep him away from Andreion. Now, the apprehension was so vivid in their faces that it amused John beyond description.

“So, what is the gift you offer to us, Philetor?” Enrico Fachin asked bluntly.

“I, John Graham, hereby place my mundane wealth, all my fortune and those of my enterprises and my very humble self to the Service of the Inner Circle!” John said at once, knowing these were the words they wanted to hear.

Xavier, Enrico and Stone as Anointed Masters looked at Heraklides nodding their heads in acceptance and the humongous Heraklides smiled as he stood up from his throne.

“Farewell, the Gift of Zeus shall be yours then!” Heraklides announced while the Three Elders circled John Graham, towering over him with their magnificent manly aura. There was so much muscle musk that Graham felt literally intoxicated, but still he remained calm and focused on his task.

The monstrously muscular elders hugged each other, creating a mighty pillar of unearthed muscle. Their cocks were growing harder and longer, and it was quite clear now what their meaning was. The monumental muscle daddies kissed each other and moaned, their own desire spreading like fire while John felt their immense cocks hardening and dripping tons of precum on top of him.

At that moment, the Andreion was totally distracted with the living Tower of Manly Muscle that conveniently kept John Graham from the view of the Eromenoi and the low leveled Philetors, and that gave the recently pointed Erastes the chance to break the vial Andronikos had slipped into his hand and quickly drank its tasteless content.

That clear liquid actually tasted like victory, and John rejoiced as he felt his muscles already pumping with the effects of the preparation that would soon make him an Erastes. He knew that was the first stage of becoming an Elder.

“Behold my smaller brothers; The Anointed Masters have already begun the initiation of our new Elder John Graham!”

Heraklides quickly noticed the moaning coming from Graham’s changing body and acted on cue, leading the rest of Andreion to believe that Graham was actually growing from supernatural effects of the words chanted words by the Masters while they continued to kiss and fondle with each other, a collective bond of muscle admiration that filled the air of manliness and seduction.

John gasped as his muscles hurt like they were being forged in the fire. His body convulsed as he grew harder, wider, taller and more powerful. Whatever the secret potion that would make him an Elder it surely started with a great kick, and now felt even more potent.

Graham’s chest inflated thicker with the new layers of muscle that instantly grew on his already shredded physique, his legs thickened so fast, the new layers of manly cable corded muscles pushing further as they became much thicker and denser, gaining incredible volume but without ever losing the impressive definition that the developing Erastes had achieved over so many years of strict discipline.

John felt his hard shoulders increasing their volume, becoming rounder, wider and growing so much bigger. The pressure of his expanding shoulders made him feel uneasy at first, but then as he realized how much manlier his figure became with broader, thicker, rounder, thicker, denser, shoulders followed by impressively huge trapezoids that augmented faster while the rest of his ribcage joined the enhancement process that overtook his body.
Graham gasped as his abdominal knots hurt for a second; their growth was so fast, so blunt, quickly splitting into new and expanding walls of rugged muscles that defied the very concept of human anatomy. Eight knots quickly becoming 10, spreading to the oblique muscular greatness, which made him look even more impressive by the seconds.

Graham’s felt the tingling sensation of his body hair sprouting thicker and denser as his muscles expanded, but unlike some bestial cavemen, his hair grew in the exact areas that only increased his masculinity. Meanwhile, the silver shaded grey tone of his head now spread onto his chest, under his armpits, around his love trail and down his crotch, but even with such dense silver cover those muscles were getting so much thicker and bigger they could be perfectly seen.

In fact, they actually framed the aura of massiveness of his uncanny physique, like some immense beast running through the thickness of that hair jungle, still totally visible, pulsing and growing even harder and bigger underneath the soft velvety cover of the manliest of muscle beasts.

The uncanny muscle daddy felt the favorite part of his body, his impressively hard 17 inches biceps getting even bigger and sharper. The size of his amazing arm, the symbol of masculinity and strength, His most preferred muscle to work and the vessel for most of his sexual fantasies only grew harder and bigger. His impressive triceps soon joined the glorious expansion of Graham’s biceps.

“I’m growing so much faster than I have ever dreamt. Look at my muscles expanding, and their strength intensifying as I just flex them. I bet those other fuckers were just pudgy and weaklings like Bishop has been before he became an Erastes after years of kissing up to the Elders.”

The calves pumped thicker and denser, forging their new and enhanced shape as they pumped the blood back to Graham’s upper body, which only made his muscles grow even harder and thicker. The impressive hardness of Graham’s gluteus increased with the new fibers that only added new layers of perfection into that sculpted hard ass, making it look so huge, so much more amazing than it already was.

Watching the expansion of their newly elected brother, the Anointed Masters felt their bodies pouring out the unearthed manliness of their supernatural humongous size. Their monstrously huge cocks getting harder as they felt each other’s immense muscles, sharing their combined strength, increasing their lust for each other increased by their leadership of the Andreion.

At that moment, John Graham understood there was more into his transformation than simply drinking from a vial. After all, it was a rite of passage, a symbol for collective muscle adulation and he should be no stranger to the hottest muscle men he had ever seen. Graham grinned as he took Xavier Kunthal’s massive cock inside his mouth, skillfully adjusting his jaw to accommodate the enormous mushroom head into his oral cavity.

At that exact moment, the huge Anointed Master let out a powerful growl of pleasure, he was shocked and taken aback with the best blowjob he ever got, much better than his most talented Eromenos and much more powerful that he was used to get. Graham made sure he showed Kunthal the honor of being sucked by an Erastes.

“The boy is hungry for power…” Kunthal kissed Fachin as he felt his own massively huge cock pouring its hefty load down Graham’s throat, which only made the new Erastes growth increase considerably. The muscles grew even faster fueled by the amazing gifts of the humongous Master.

Graham sucked Kunthal dry, he just grinned, feeling his muscles packing size with such easiness, the growing Philetor moaned in pleasure noticing the remaining two humongous cocks ready to feed him with their powerful essence to augment the pace of his increasing physique.

“Holy shit!” Earl Stone gasped as he felt his cock attacked by the growing Erastes. He just threw his head back, rolled his eyes and locked his teeth, feeling the incredible suction ability on Graham. The Ebony Muscle Master just looked at Fachin and grinned.

Those Masters were very experienced alpha tops, they could hold for long periods of time without cumming, feeling the powerful control over their organisms, but for some reason, being sucked by another Erastes was something that couldn’t resist, it didn’t take long until Graham managed to retrieve the precious man juice from Earl Stone’s delicious humongous monster cock.

“Dude…you gotta try this!” He said in his deep basso –profundo voice tone, as his own gigantic cock easily poured thick volleys of his manly essence down Graham’s throat.
Graham lost no precious second, he sucked the black huge cock dry and attacked his next victim, a very impressive Mediterranean phallus that looked so defenseless against the increasing strength on Graham’s growing physique.

The growing Erastes used his enhanced body strength to suck Enrico’s cock even harder, deep throating him with the same ease as he handled Aidan’s much smaller cock. Fachin was no match for his skills, and the Italian behemoth hissed out loud as his cock paid his tribute to the growing muscle Elder.

With the addition of Enrico Fachin’s copious amount of freshly squeezed man juice, Graham’s body developed even further, increasing the previous augmentation and taking his muscular condition several degrees further into his desired monstrousness. The expanding new Erastes groaned deeply as he felt each and every muscle fiber in his body getting bigger, thicker and much more potent that he could ever imagine.

Graham rubbed the juices against the immense limbs of the muscle masters and just let them feel his own expanding muscles slowly pushing their way into the hottest Muscle Tower. The Philetors watched as the immense Elders increased their Anointing embrace, pressing harder against John Graham’s body and letting their engorged phalluses increase the flow of their supernatural precum over their subject.

Xavier, Earl and Enrico had a truly privileged view of their humongous bodies pressed together, feeling the expanding size of Graham’s body quickly pushing them apart as he opened his way among the monsters of muscle. When Graham stood tall once he finished sucking the last drop of cum from Enrico’s cock, all of the Masters gasped as they noticed that from the original much shorter height, John Graham now stood just one head shorter than the tallest Anointed Masters, but the girth of his physique already matched their impressive condition.

“Well, brothers, I thank you so much for your cooperation. My body is eager for size and strength and as you have seen, it still needs much, much more. I hope my fellow Elders would love to contribute to my growth as well.” John Graham’s voice was now much deeper and more powerful, and his soothing tone carried a languid, torrid, lustful desire for more manly muscle growth.

The Anointed Masters took a step back, allowing the audience to take a better view of the amazing growth that changed John Graham from an impressively built man to a hulking brute of unearthed muscle power, a walking and throbbing wall of shredded, hairy, veined, cable corded muscle, bulging and still growing all over, despite the immensity of his already achieved proportions.

Karl Bishop nearly fell from his throne as Graham looked directly at him. The monstrous new size of Graham was vastly intimidating, even for another Erastes.

“So, my dear brother Karl, would you care to help a fellow Erastes in the need of more size?” Graham chuckled, hitting a most muscular pose that made the entire Andreion moan in approval.

Bishop grunted, he didn’t want to give into the temptation of making Graham even bigger, he was just as big as he was, maybe even bigger he couldn’t tell from the distance, but Graham wouldn’t take no for an answer. He just grinned and rushed towards Bishop, easily reaching his throne and grabbing his next target, pinning him at the impressive seat while he attached his cock.

Karl gasped, although he could at least try to push Graham away from him, he actually pulled the back of his immensely muscular neck deeper, to have more of his cock engulfed by the huge muscle master. Bishop cussed and rolled his eyes, feeling his cock totally dominated by such impressive sucker. It didn’t take long until the smallest Erastes dumped his own load down to Graham’s mouth, and that only increased the size of the newcomer.

“Well, you had your chance to call me little brother. I hope you enjoyed that!” John said triumphantly as he rose back on his feet, showing to a very disturbed Karl Bishop that he remained as the smallest Elder, now that John Graham surpassed his impressive height and had much, much more muscle to his figure than Bishop could ever dream of having.

The smaller enhanced men even looked at the beautiful Eromenoi with incredible lust, but they knew these young looking gorgeous men were totally out of boundaries. They were allowed to have sex with a pupil if the Eromenos took the initiative and it rarely happened since they were constantly serving the much bigger, stronger and powerful Erastai, so the only way left for the Philetors were to enjoy their own slightly enhanced bodies and that usually started a raunchy orgy that lasted for many hours.

“I suppose you want me to join the festivities.” Heraklides grinned, noticing how fast John Graham was growing, he knew that man was determined and very focused, he had been looking forward to become an Erastes for a long time, and he did everything to ensure he would get his wish fulfilled. The Leader of the Andreion admired such dedication and discipline, he had been looking for the right kind of men to join him in the Inner Circle for a long time, and one day, when he grew too massive and powerful, he’d join his fellow Leaders and Forefathers at New Olympus.

Graham smiled and bowed to the still bigger Erastes. “Brother, nothing would make me more honored than having the manly essence of Hercules’ bloodline.”

Heraklides grinned, his royal monstrous cock eager for pleasure, a pleasure that not even his most experienced Eromenos could give him, the honor to be sucked by a fellow monster muscle. He just stood up and flexed his enormous biceps.

“It will my honor and pleasure to share my seed with you! John Graham, are you ready for the next stage of your change?”

“What is he talking about?” Enrico and Xavier gasped as they noticed that Graham was at least as muscular as both of them.

“You know, Heraklides knew all along the two of you were planning on overcoming Andreion so he made sure he found someone who lusted after power and size even more than the two of you. Graham is going to be the new Leader of the Inner Circle.”

“That can’t be possible! He’s not even fully initiated yet! We gotta stop him…” Xavier motioned to stand up, but he suddenly felt so tired and dizzy. The same happened to Enrico and Stone just chuckled, feeling the same kind of warmth that made his body not respond correctly to his orders.

“Heraklides made sure that once we donate our power to Graham we would not interfere…Don’t worry pals, it is going to be over soon. I mean, we can just enjoy the view!” Earl moaned as his cock shoot yet another load.

“Why have you betrayed us? What are you going to get with this?” Enrico asked still in awe with such revelations.

“Dude, I already am massive, hung like a freaking horse and stronger than a hundred bulls together, I don’t care who runs Andreion, I just want more muscle and pleasure. Heraklides knows that as well? Being an Erastes means to worry about becoming a better fortress for your boys, and those dudes are much better than you tow. So I chose my side.” Earl flexed his own cock and enjoyed as Graham approached Heraklides solemnly.

Graham’s eyes opened wider. He could tell he would love to get as big as Andronikos, possibly bigger even before Aidan could complete his transformation.

“So, you knew all along…I wonder why it has been so easy.” Graham chuckled.

Heraklides was serious. “I am the Keeper of Olympus, the men chosen for the Andreion need to be hungry for Power as Zeus has once defeated his own Father and conquered the Universe. I come from Hercules’ blood, and just like him, I seek nothing but Zeus’ blessings.”

John Graham’s jaw dropped. He finally understood Heraklides’ plans for him. “You have been looking for too long, my friend, but it was worth the wait. Make room for the Father of Strength and King of Muscle!” John said as he kissed Heraklides passionately, their bodies were still not the same, but he knew better than anyone that it should not last long.

At the Inner Circle there were 6 thrones for 6 legendary Erastes, and five of them were taken, the ones belonging to Hercules, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo and Hephaestus. It meant they were in need for Zeus, and Graham could think of no one better for that spot than himself.

To be continued