Lazarus 2

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Needless to say, I quickly got everything ready to give Angus a second dose of the treatment, I was anxious to see him getting even bigger, the massively built Salvatore stood in position and we closed the Chamber, and opened the ceiling which allowed the sun light to hit the Lazarus once again, but despite my eagerness something was not right; the machine wasn’t working like it did before.

No matter how many times I’ve repeated the procedure, it just didn’t trigger the machine. Unfortunately, Angus would have to wait until we had the Lazarus back into working. Unable to figure out the reason for such unexpected system shut down, I felt my heart sinking inside my chest when I told my massive muscle daddy that I couldn’t make it work, but Angus showed his understanding towards my own disappointment.

“Don’t worry, my little boy. I am sure you will make it work again, because the same brilliant mind who has put it back together surely will figure out any smaller problems that might be in the way towards our goal…” The monumental man lifted me like the toddler I was compared to his size and gave me a kiss that not only sent me through the most intense pleasure I’ve ever felt, it simply got me incredibly motivated to figure out the mysteries of that wicked ancient machine.

Mr. Salvatore kindly let me to my very important job and summoned more of his muscular men to follow him back into the mansion, where he would “attend to mundane issues”. I felt suddenly cold once I saw that marvelous tanned muscle father figure leave the room, but once I fixed that minor obstacle Angus would have me in highest regards again!

It took me several hours to dissemble such highly complicated machine, each singular part was an undecipherable puzzle for modern science, yet I have seen the wonders it could realize, so the faith in my capability to make it work again was immovably serious.

The keystone to make Lazarus work again rested in the truncated way that its main parts functioned: The Carriage of Apollo, the Staff of Brahma and the Eye of Ra. I had noticed the diamonds which formed the last were not as clear as they had once been. This fact isolated was quite understandable because although diamond is one of the hardest materials in the world it is possible to be burnt in the presence of a sufficient heat source, since it is basically carbon atoms rearranged in different spatial structure. However, the system couldn’t have reached a temperature high enough to decompose those diamonds, not even my humongous Salvatore could have survived such heat, could he?

Since my scientific knowledge wouldn’t be much of help in this case, I’ve considered the religious implications of the riddle.

Contrary to common belief, Apollo was not really the God of Sun (which was Helios), he is the Patron God of Medicine, granting cure for sicknesses. However, he also played an equally important role for he was the one to bring the bright of Solar Crown over darkness, completing the circle of days and nights.

At the same time, Brahma was the mightiest of the Hindu pantheon, but many believe that such god shared his existence in three different aspects: Brahma would remain as the Superior God of Wisdom and Judgment but he would also be Vishnu, God of Creation and Shiva, God of Destruction but also the responsible for the Recreation.

Finally, Ra was the God of Sun, which came to his earthly domains in the form of the Pharaohs, and once his mortal body deceased, it would need to cross a series of dangerous challenges to regain its divine aspects, it was a god-made-man-made-god-again saga, and the Sun was its ultimate goal.

Then it hit me: the heat didn’t damage the diamonds; they had absorbed Angus’ body decay into their own structure! Of course, each part of the Lazarus was responsible for imbuing the immortal energy of the Mighty Father Sun into the subject’s body, but at the same time it would collect the mortality of the subject, which would be transferred to the Lazarus itself, hence the fast deterioration of the diamonds, they worked like some sort “battery”. The deterioration of such parts meant that they needed to be replaced if the machine was to function again!

I knew my theory implied at least two problems: not only I had to replace the diamonds in the Eye of Ra, it would also be necessary to find a way to extend the useful life of such highly expensive components, because I really knew that Angus would still have lots of plans for such revolutionary system.

At the same time, I had to be practical, for my humongous muscle daddy needed his new treatment right away, so I would have to replace the batteries of the rejuvenation system. Looking through Durkheim’s journal over and over again, I could actually figure that he had also faced such problem, although in his case that was blessing in disguise because it made the Nazis’ plans much harder.

It was then I realized I had spent the last 17 hours locked up in the lab, without eating or sleeping, my body was aching all over. The only thing that kept me going was my lust, it was just unexplainable how I had been able to sustain an almost permanent boner, an everlasting need to please Mr. Salvatore, the mere idea of his presence made me moan under my highly complex thoughts.

I needed a break, no matter how disappointing it felt not being able to provide an instant solution for my humongous muscle daddy. I gathered my notes and took them back to the mansion, but it was then I noticed Angus had been busy as well.

There were several new guys working at the complex, the security had been highly reinforced, I made my way back to my own room, but a couple of huge (though not truly huge if compared to our amazing employer) men intercepted me with strict instructions to go meet the splendid Salvatore, which was quite unnecessary because any wish from him was mandatory to me now.

Seeing Angus in all his glory just made my boner even more painful. He was dressed in a huge custom made light silver gray suit, an impeccably white shirt that was opened down to the third button and still seemed to be about to burst, his hair was neatly combed and tied in a classic pony tail. Instead of the classic Italian leather shoes I would expect him to be using, daddy Salvatore stood barefoot, those enormous manly feet were so huge and so powerful, for one moment I imagined he would need sandals like those Goliath might have used.

I was in trance with his unearthed tan, it was like he was now made of pure bronze, the size of his manly muscles, the silver hair on his enormous chest, his size and stance looked so perfectly and so naturally unreachable for human standards, just like his new powerful manly meat bulging through the expensive fabric of his pants.

“I am glad you are back with us, Wesley. I was getting worried about you, I know you’re giving everything to make the second time available, but let’s not forget that you mean much more to me than Lazarus.”

Judging by the smile in his face, he quite knew he made my heart melt inside my thin chest, because I just threw myself into those humongous arms and kissed his manly lips, feeling his neat mustache brushing against my naked lips. I just needed his very touch to feel refreshed, the hunger, the exhaustion, the ache; everything felt better now, even my headed seemed clearer now. I smiled rubberized, looking at the face of my humongous muscle daddy.

“It seems like you have something to tell me huh? What is it, little boy?” I loved how direct Angus acted towards his goals. He carried me to his enormous couch and gently let me sat in lap while I explained the whole situation.

I came clean with my muscle daddy, explaining my conclusions and the problems we would have to face in order to realize his intent. Angus carefully considered the details and once I finally stopped for some air, the humongous daddy kissed my forehead and brought me closer to his manly massive chest, I simply laid my head over the ultra-hard surface, and my tongue gently touched the big fat nipple of my patron.

“I am actually very happy with you, Wesley. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me! You are decoding the wonders of Lazarus faster than I expected, and don’t worry about getting diamonds. I can have a ton of them to be delivered to you within the next hours, so you can start working again, after a proper rest of course. Now…I only have a question to you. Have you considered the possibility that Lazarus isn’t actually out of work?”

“What do you mean, sir? You were there too, we have tried to start the machine but it just didn’t work.”

Salvatore grinned and comforted me “I am not saying you were incompetent my son. We both were so anxious that we didn’t consider the idea that maybe Lazarus isn’t ready to work on me, because of the same reasons you’ve presented. The degrading of the Eye of Ra is undeniable, but I think we are not thinking through the situation.”

“I…don’t quite understand it, daddy.” It was incredible how a man of my IQ felt so comfortable about treating my employer/lover like the manliest father figure ever.

“What if this was a method to keep the acolytes under control? For each man, a lifetime opportunity, one and only because that machine wouldn’t work again until the Eye of Ra was replaced, and since we know diamonds aren’t that easy to find and given the complexity of reassembling the new pieces onto the delicate piece, that would establish a nice hierarchy system among the faithful. The more the system were used, the less benefits it would provide, creating less marvelous beings, still making miracles though.”

I looked at Angus and gasped. “That makes absolute sense! The higher ranked devoted would go first, and they would get bigger than the lower ranked ones…if the Lazarus worked at all, that is…”

Angus just grinned and kissed my forehead “There’s just one way to find it out, huh?” He stood up and carried me in his mighty arms through his house and I could feel the jealousy of every other man in the house, I could be smaller and not nearly as handsome but I was the most precious his boys and they should never forget it.

“Wesley I’d like you to meet my dear friend and long- time associated, Mr. Takahashi.” Angus placed me in the ground where I saw this old Japanese man standing quite proud and serenely.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Takahashi.” I said noticing his firm handshake – At 64 years old, standing at 5’5” and 115 pounds, Jiro Takahashi was the owner of several important economic groups in Japan and in the whole world. I’ve learned that he was associated with several of Angus’ endeavors around the world, so I quite figured where this was going, since I could notice in his weary eyes the glint of hope of becoming at least nearly as powerful as his associated.

“You have accomplished what has been considered impossible for the last 60 years, Mr. Seymour.” Although Jiro needed a walking crane, he was actually in much better shape than my massive daddy, which actually made me very excited because even in a lower intensity, Lazarus could do wonders for that old man.

“Yes, he did. I am actually happy to inform that we are ready to move ahead in our plans, my friend. The Lazarus will be ready for you tomorrow morning” Angus informed in such a decisive tone that I got my cue instantly. My smart daddy wouldn’t tell about the whole hierarchy linked to the usage of Lazarus, he would keep a fresh new battery for himself and spread a whole new chain of contacts and associates, milking as much power as possible from his marvelous machine.

Jiro nodded “That is more than wonderful, old friend. Now I will get back to my room and enjoy the hospitality of your fine muscular men.” Takahashi grinned and he walked out of the room escorted by one muscular helper. I looked up at my daddy and smiled proudly because he had trusted me to be part of his plans.

“So you were indeed looking forward to share this with your friends huh daddy?” I said laughing for one moment, but a crisp look from Angus set me back into my rightful place.

“This is not a joke, my boy. I am establishing a chain of power here, Jiro has been supporting my plans for a long time and he is indeed a good friend. Therefore, we should give him the rightful place his name estates, Jiro means “Second man” and that’s what we will make him, since the machine is now working at a less intense rate we can safely induce his change without having to give me a second dose.”

I was amazed at Angus’ cleverness. I nodded quite excitedly and hugged his enormous figures “Please, forgive me, sir.”

Salvatore caressed my head “You are already are forgiven my boy. Now, go to your room and get some rest. I’ll have your meal served in a couple of hours, and by the morning you will ready Lazarus for our guests.”


Angus grinned “Of course, I’ll schedule different sessions along the week so my other associates can enjoy the blessings of our machine. This Fellowship we are establishing is very crucial for my future plans, Wesley.”

I felt a cold shiver down my spine, but right then he picked me in his arms and kissed me so intensely that all thoughts vanished from my lustful mind.

“In a second thought…you could sleep in my room tonight. I wouldn’t quite actually sleep, but spend the whole night fucking you and the rest of my tiny skinny boys; making you guys scream for my name and worship my muscles all night long.” He purred like a true tiger and it just made me forget about my hunger and lack of sleep.

“Nothing in the world would make me happier, sir.” I said promptly.

Angus seemed pleased with my answer. “Still, you do need some rest. Go take care of your hungry skinny tired body and later I’ll go to your room after fucking my other boys, so you can just enjoy my immense muscles just for yourself, you are my favorite after all, none of them seems to enjoy my enormity like you, Wesley.”

The man played me like a masterful violinist, knowing exactly which of my buttons to press in order to bring me around his pinky finger. I simply rushed to my room, got a decent bath, gulped down the meal he had sent me and got in bed to have a good night of sleep, knowing in advance I’d have a night of fantasies with my delicious über muscle daddy.

In my dreams, I was in a haven of enormous men fucking each other. Their muscles were enormous, their cocks were monstrous, and their passion inhuman, the kind of warmth that spread in the air brought sex into new heights of pleasure. I was sure I had came several times during the visions of powerful muscle mature men looking down at me, their bodies and their muscles were so delicious. I just wanted to be taken by them, however, a thunderous voice suddenly said.


I woke up at once, feeling cold and scared. That voice was so real, so vivid! I looked around and noticed my door being opened to reveal the humongous presence of my muscle daddy maneuvering his uncanny body to pass through the narrowness of my doorframe.

“I hope you had the chance to gather your energies, boy. Because after fucking those other skinny guys, I only harder and in the mood of fucking you deeper, to make you feel a real man inside you.” Angus said with his hands on his narrow hips.

That monstrous muscle daddy now looked so powerful, his hard cock throbbed and hit the tip of his left nipple, it was so huge and so thick…I knew I would never been able to take it all, but the mere idea of trying made me so lustful.

The bed creaked and actually was destroyed as Angus laid on it; he just grinned and held me tight as we both fell in the ground. Then, he gently kissed me and I did my best to throw myself into kissing him back, but Angus noticed my unsettling.

“Is there anything wrong, boy? You’re shaking like a weed, and I can tell it is not because of me.”

I took a deep breath, knowing it was just pointless to hide anything from a man like Salvatore. “I guess I had a nightmare or something…I don’t know why but I felt really scared, like something was trying to…warn me about your intentions.”

The humongous muscle daddy looked serious for one moment, then he just smiled and kissed my forehead and simply said. “That is the reason why I fell in love with you, Wesley, you’re so passionate and sincere; you don’t fear not even a monster like me, who could break you like a twig!”

I gasped “Sir… did you just say that…that…”

He gently kissed my lips again. “I love you Wesley boy…I want us to be together, you know for proper reasons that you are not enough for a man like me. But please understand that you are not only my favorite but the same one I make love to when I am fucking my other boys…”

I guess I knew it all sounded too convenient, but I was sold in the moment he told me he loved me. I was never supposed to fall in love with someone, especially someone so unexpected like Angus, but for some reason I was being drawn towards him in an increasing pace.

“Please, daddy…I don’t want you to tell me this if you don’t mean it…” I said feeling so disgustingly romantic, in a single second Angus had demolished the image I had built for myself!

He just grinned and said “You really think a man like me, who lied to all kind of people, a man who had done the most despicable things to get what he wanted wouldn’t lie to you? Let’s not be so innocent boy. I could have you fooled so easily, I didn’t even need to try that hard, but we have both gone through a life changing experience…didn’t you realize? The moment you opened that chamber, that single second made me see you through a whole new angle, you cared about me more than anyone ever did, and from that moment I am growing each time more in love with you…I can’t explain it, and I don’t need to do so, because I want you.”

That was a display of honesty that caught me off-guard, I desperately wanted to believe in his words and kissed him with such angst that I felt like he actually kissed me back with such truth that for one split second, it was like Angus regretted something, for one single moment, it was like I could see through his shelter of manly muscles.

And then, it was gone. Angus was back in charge, I couldn’t think, I just reacted to my urges and my needs, I wanted him inside me, I needed my daddy and Salvatore would have anything he wanted from me at that moment.

“Just let daddy take care of you, boy.” He said, snapping his fingers and summoning more guys to come into the room and join us. I must confess I wasn’t jealous, I actually felt relieved, being with Angus was just amazing, but I knew he would never be truly satisfied with just one man. At least we could take turns into pleasing our enormous muscle daddy, because that’s our purpose on his life, anyway.

The rest of the time I spent serving my enormous muscle daddy I couldn’t help but feeling excited again about the mere idea of making him even bigger. He would count on me to make it happen and I would do it.

By dawn, Angus was already gone; he went to work out at the garden. His body needed just a few minutes of rest before it was fully ready again, and I actually noticed that with the actual sunrise Salvatore was fully energized and readier than never.

As I tried to gather my senses back, I looked at the scattered room and noticed several guys were already taking care of everything, they kindly got me clean clothes and prepared my bath, letting me know that Angus himself ordered that my stuff should be moved to the master bedroom, which actually made me blush.

I took my breakfast and proceeded to the outdoor gym my humongous lover had quickly assembled for his new needs. Angus stood there in his white speedos tanned like the most perfect ultra-muscular daddy lifting weights that were humanly impossible to be lifted like a kid picking a bird feather in his hands, he was actually being too careful not to harm the extra weights he decided to use that morning, which was a dozen of his well muscular servants, he had 5 of them sat on the bar and three on each side to reinforce the 2000 pounds weight he carried, which made a 3,200 pound mark that was just unheard!

“So as you can see, Jiro. Once you are exposed to the Mighty Father’s Power you will gain much more than your strength, but a power which is unparalleled in this world.” Angus explained as he curled the humongous weight with just one hand very slowly so he didn’t knock the guys hanging onto the thing.

Takahashi just grinned, watching how the muscular hunks gawked and gasped for Angus. “I can see you are truly enjoying this such awaited dream, my friend.”
Angus laughed out loud, throwing his head back in satisfaction. “You might say that again, old friend. Watching how wimpy these boys are compared to a real man makes me hard…just this night I have made each and every one of them pass out of exhaustion as I fucked their tiny sorry asses, and each time it feels easier to overpower their ridiculous attempts, but you will feel the same in a while. I mean, if you have already provided the little token of trust I asked.”

Jiro nodded once again. “I must say it was an unexpected request, but I have learned how to ask questions later when it comes to your methods.” The old man looked at his own assistants and they produced two metallic cases. At that moment, I realized they were aware of my presence, because the assistants opened the boxes right in front of me, showing a myriad of diamonds of all shapes, forms and sizes.

“I hope they’re the kind of diamonds you were looking to get my treatment ready, Dr. Seymour. That’s 50 million dollar worth in diamonds.” Jiro turned his head to his side in order to face me, and I just realized how cunning Angus had been, because Takahashi was convinced that such diamonds were needed for his treatment, when in fact they would help me to make my muscle daddy even bigger in a short while.

“They are just perfect for the proceedings, sir. I will take care of everything now, if you excuse me.”

I played my role as the designated scientist down to the letter, hoping that it would make my muscle daddy happy with me. This time I knew that my worries were pointless and the Lazarus should work as it was intended to work, so I went back to the lab to set the Lazarus back to work at the right time.

I’ve positioned the Eye of Ra at its place and checked the systems once again, hoping that placing a new subject at the chamber would actually trigger the Lazarus to work once more. I took the precaution to make it look like I had been using the diamonds he gave us, so when my massive muscle master and his Japanese friend arrived at the lab, it was looking a bit messy in purpose.

“We are ready for you, sir. Just let me help you into the chamber and we will start the exposition.” I gently helped the man to walk inside Lazarus and he kindly held my hand, looking at me with a happy expression for the first time since we’ve met.

“I won’t ever forget what you have done for me, Wesley. Once I am empowered, I will make sure you will be properly thanked.” He grinned as I closed the doors for the chamber.

“Don’t worry, Jiro. I’ll let you play with my toys once you’re big enough, but remember that Wesley is my favorite one, so you take care with him or I’ll be forced to crush you!” Angus laughed from the place where he stood and I couldn’t feel more proud to be disputed like that, although much more handsome guys stood in the very room.

Angus looked at me with a very powerful expression in his tower figure, and I simply hoped he was right and everything went according to his plans. I offered the special goggles to the staff but my massive daddy simply refused.

“The Fatherly Sun’s light won’t hurt me, boy. Just let me behold this change in all its glory!” He gently patted me in the head and I obliged, knowing he was right. I took a deep breath and gave the last warning before opening the ceiling to allow the sunbeam to trigger the whole process.

Just like the first time, the moment when Lazarus was hit by the first ray, the light beam triggered the unknown processes inside the ancient system. I was fascinated with the sharpness of Angus’ mind, the machine worked as it was supposed to do, but having witnessed the first time it performed the unearthed changes, I could tell it wasn’t nearly as powerful as it had once been.

Angus moaned as he noticed the dark figure inside the light chamber “This is mostly magnificent, my boy.” He said groping my butt with his hand and patting my head. I was relieved to realize this time the whole changing process was much smoother than the first time, or at least I was so much calmer that I could actually pay attention to the transformation.

“Angus…it works! IT REALLY WORKS!” Takahashi said from inside the chamber, his voice almost muffled by the sound of the Lazarus, the energy captured into the Eye of Ra was being infused into Jiro’s body and just like Salvatore, his once frail figure was filling up quite fast (although not quite fast as my daddy’s).

I watched as Jiro short, skinny figure filled with extra mass, his moaning and the way Angus grinned made me wonder how powerful it must feel to be imbued with the Strength of the Sun. It was then Angus pointed at the symbols and markings at the Lazarus, in one second it came to me – those symbols were actually ancient forms to follow up the whole process.

I could tell that Lazarus wasn’t working on its full capacity, it should be something around 5/8ths of such power, which was actually much more than I anticipated. The readings also indicated the level of development of the process; I guess I was too distracted by my concerns and my lack of faith in the whole system that I didn’t realize how precise that machinery was.

Meanwhile, Jiro’s growth continued beautifully as the sun irradiated its power into Lazarus, the Japanese executive simply blossomed inside the chamber, receiving the blessings of the Fatherly Solar Crown, his body engorged and thickened, the intensity of his moaning increased, and judging from my previous experience I could tell exactly why.

Meanwhile, I heard Angus hissing and his muscles were visible growing! I looked up at him and we both concluded that even from the distance, he was benefiting from Lazarus’ functioning, which only made my massive daddy even happier, he bent down and whispered in my ears as he groped my hard cock.

“I can feel my power increasing and my own muscles growing, with each new member we bring into the Fellowship we can make me even more powerful, and that only means more muscle for when my next time comes!” Angus said as he flexed his humongous arms in front of my shaky hands, I grabbed the mountainous muscle with my both arms and hugged it with my passion, making out with my daddy’s muscle and he laughed out loud as he brought his arm higher, lifting me along.

I would rather continue worshipping muscle master, but we were both interrupted by Lazarus itself, the system suddenly indicated that it was done for the time being. Daddy Salvatore and I exchanged looks while I rushed to close the ceiling. The room went back to its normal lit, while the interior of the Lazarus Chamber still held quite some luminosity.

Angus walked proudly towards the machinery, he hit a tremendously powerful most muscular pose standing in front of the door as it opened, revealing the new and improved Jiro Takahashi stepped out of the Lazarus.

“Welcome to the rest of your life, brother!” Angus said as he changed poses to show his enhanced muscular development to his fellow blessed man looked at the world around his new figure.

The once meek Japanese old man had become another towering figure of herculean proportions. Although still not truly impressive like my daddy Salvatore, he had definitely grown into impressive muscular standards. Jiro stood proud and massive in front of my daddy, his ripped manly tanned physique still looked way bigger than any puny Mister Olympia contestant.

The serene face of Mr. Takahashi now inhabited a muscular body that oozed manhood and authority, his once spotted pale aging skin now looked much more tanned and fresher, the signs of aging had been tremendously reverted, he actually seemed to be a man in his early forties.

The balding head was now filled with long dark brown mane with grey locks that fell onto the thick shoulders, the smooth muscles looked so pumped and veined, his broad shoulders, the thick deltoids and the amazingly developed neck muscles simply gave the man a very powerful stance.

“Thanks, Angus. We sure will have a great time together!” The Japanese muscle daddy said as he joined my own muscular master in his rather manly muscular display, the both of them showed how much muscle it could be created thanks to the uncanny power I have helped to unearth from the past.

The remains of Jiro’s suit were clinging to his hulking physique as he posed over and over along with my daddy. Then, noticing his newly engorged manhood, Takahashi laughed out loud, throwing his head back and taking his hands to the narrow waist. His column sized trunks flexed in truly waves of muscular fibers twitching and thickening under his command.

Jiro finally grabbed his engorged manhood; the heavenly gift of the Sun augmented his small endowment and changed to a tanned obelisk to the solar power. I looked at this new Muscular Shogun and it felt like he was eating my very soul, and at that same moment, his enormous physique filled my entire view.

“My dear Jiro, I think my little Wesley is just crazy to measure your amazing transformation to attest the quality of our Lazarus System.” Angus placed his hand onto the enormous shoulder of his rejuvenated friend and Jiro grinned.

“It will be my pleasure to satisfy your…scientific curiosity Wesley boy.” The dazzling handsome rejuvenated Takahashi replied as I took his measurements.

“Alright, from your original height, you’ve grown to 5’10”, which is a really significant gain…”

Jiro grinned as he flexed his massive chest. “It is not just the height that makes a mountain, little boy!” The man was absolutely right, although he was still around 4 inches shorter than me, his muscles more than compensated such fact, he was powerful, enormous and truly massive for all that mattered.

I checked his weight and just gasped – even at a reduced capacity Lazarus could turn
A 115 pounds old skinny man and turn him into a 457 pounds muscle behemoth! He was quite the double of the superheavyweight bodybuilder, and his muscles surely showed that he deserved such amazing size. Jiro’s body was ripped and so veined, his smooth physique contrasted with my daddy’s hairy monstrosity, but I actually enjoyed the fact that Lazarus reacted differently on such aspect.

“That’s quite impressive, huh little boy?" Jiro flexed his incredibly huge 30” biceps right in my face and I quickly groped it with my both hands.

“You can say that again sir. You are much more than impressive; you’re a fortress of muscle: 66” chest; thighs at 46” and you have an amazing 26” waist, your body fat is just under 4 percent!” I’ve told his measurement in such excitement that the new muscle daddy just chuckled as he looked up at Angus.

“You were right, my friend. These puppies get all excited with figures…” Jiro looked at me with a mischievous grin. “So what about the manly muscle little boy?”

I carefully measured the enormity of that phallus, it was just so massively long at 13 whole inches and incredibly thick at 6” it was comparatively thicker than my daddy’s own obelisk, the heavy balls were the size of large eggs and judging by the way Jiro moaned, he was ready to put his new equipment to the test.

“So, are you sure you can handle this cock, little boy?” Takahashi lifted me in his arms and I just hugged his enormous physique with transfixed admiration.

“I promise I’ll try very hard sir!” I giggled as he noticed my bodyweight felt to his incredible new strength.

“Damn…Angus, are you sure you’ve got enough boys? I think I’ll fuck them into exhaustion before noon!” Takahashi said while I gently reached for the huge cock and started licking the impressive head.

My daddy just nodded as three other guys approached him. “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of them, besides…you still have the biggest man in the area to give you a real treatment!”

At that moment, I truly understood the expression “When Worlds Collide!” Angus simply hugged Jiro so passionately, their inhumanly large muscles pressing against each other, like two tectonic plates they forced each other to see who would give in and although Takahashi proved to be a worthy opponent, my daddy was far too strong for his newly muscles – the muscular Shogun was swept by his feet, carrying me along his monstrous physique.

“You can play with Wesley later Jiro, because I’ll be fucking your ass in this inauguration ride. You are the only one who can truly keep up with me, and I’m in the need of a real fuck! A man like me needs to fuck a real man like you my friend, those boys are just kid meals, and I am hunger for the big beef!”

“Bring it on, my brother! I’ll give you a run for your money!” Salvatore and Takahashi kissed so passionately and so energetically that I found myself captured between two Muscle Lords fighting to establish dominance. Humongous hairy pecs versus humongous smooth pec, monstrous biceps and glorious triceps crushing monstrous biceps and glorious triceps, ultra developed abdominal muscle knots pressing against their counterparts, those insanely huge cocks rubbing against each other, leaking lots of precum.

And there I was caught between two monsters I have created in such a short time span, a full grown man being treated like a boy, a skinny weakling impotent little boy who needed those muscular daddies more than I needed the very air I breathed. I’ve managed to squeeze my body between their sweaty colossal frames and emerged between their fight of their huge muscles.

At some point, Angus noticed they had trapped me in their muscles and he just laughed, kissing my lips while Jiro took gentle bites on my ear lobes, sending me into a state that could only be described as near-orgasmic.

“You have been a terrific little boy, Wesley. My brother and I will show you our sincere appreciation in the proper…your ass will be properly stretched by his cock, and later I will take his place and teach you how to truly serve your muscle master…”

“Yeah, he’s a keeper, Angus my friend…but you have ruined him for life, he’ll never want to fuck with boys, if he had tasted true men.”

I just nodded and felt my face rubberizing, I loved the way they talked down to me, something that I would never accept in my highly competitive former life now felt like the best compliment I could get.

Angus chuckled “He’ll get used to it, besides we will have more daddies soon enough. All those boys will have their hands and asses occupied for most of the day as our fellow brothers satisfy their so deserved urges.

Jiro seemed to agree with that statement. “I bet their entry fee won’t be as modest as mine huh?”

Salvatore nodded “Worry not brother, your initial investment will be fully paid sooner than you think. Each new paying member will have to contribute with 75 million worth in diamonds, from which you will receive 25 in cash, since the rocks are what really matters for our society. But we also will have non-paying brothers because our growing group needs very special men, not just rich ones.”

Jiro smirked “That seems fair enough, but what about further expositions. I’ve noticed you still haven’t used the diamonds I gave you…what is the catch?”

Angus then kissed the Japanese muscle daddy so hard and so intensely that I couldn’t help but creaming my pants, my boyish moaning didn’t even bother their incredible passion.

“There’s no catch, little brother. You are what your name states, the second man. Second in command, therefore you owe me total respect and loyalty, and if you behave within such standards you will be rewarded with a second treatment, but when and IF I say so, but don’t worry…it might be possible for you to have a second ride in the future.”

That was a struggle for power that Takahashi had lost ever since the beginning, because even being such a phenomenal muscle daddy himself, Jiro realized that he couldn’t resist the overwhelming manly presence of Angus Salvatore – he was just another boy toy in his massive hands.

“Yes, master…” Jiro was eager to please Angus, just like myself and it only made me hornier.

However, Angus had other plans for me. He gently broke his powerful embrace from Jiro’s immense physique and picked me back in his monstrous arms, he just flexed the true mountainous arm in front of Jiro’s face and the new muscle daddy simply started worshipping that amazing brawny rock.

I also felt the need to worship that gorgeous arm, but my daddy whispered in my ears. “We’ll have plenty of time for that later, boy. Make sure to ready Lazarus for two other sessions in the next hours, we have to discharge the current battery and use all daylight period. Tonight, you will sleep with me, and tomorrow you will be ready for my second exposition.”

I nodded and Angus kissed me in the forehead, he placed me back in the ground and the two muscle monsters looked down at me as they exited the room, their humongous cocks so hard and pumping tons of precum all over the floor. The rest of the muscle escorts followed the enormous daddies and I was left alone with that miracle machine.

I looked back at the Eye of Ra, the amazing artifact was definitely more corrupted, but for my own surprise the system indicated that it would operate at ½ of the full capacity, which meant Angus change took 3/8ths and Jiro’s transformation consumed only an eighth of the remaining power. Therefore, the next sessions would consume less of the system capability, producing lesser muscle beings, which still would be far beyond human standards.

I ran some theoretical calculations and realized that if we kept the same patterns, we would be able to use the rest of the current battery to create more Fellowship members each one a bit smaller than the previous one, which meant they would establish their new hierarchy status as they were initiated.

A few moments later, one of Salvatore’s staff entered the lab to let me know the guests would arrive within the next hours, so I made sure everything would be ready for their own changes, Angus would collect their fee and afterwards introduce the rules of the Fellowship before leading them into Lazarus, which would give me some time to consider the other task he gave me.

I did have the diamonds and knew their purpose within the Eye of Ra, my main concern was how to dismantle such complex artifact without risking to lose the precious treasure? I didn’t have the craftsmanship to reproduce the same delicate structure of diamonds.

I felt the voice of my daddy speaking to me, he urged me to make him bigger, and I needed to make it happen. The Eye of Ra was a timeless marvel and I certainly would be able to make another one like that.

There was only one way then.

I had to come up with something BETTER.

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