Lazarus 3

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These goals I wanted to accomplish were epic to say the least. I had this powerful ancient artifact performing daily miracles thousands of years ahead of our current technology, yet I promised to my über muscle daddy and myself that it could get even perfected. Currently, at each new time we used Lazarus to create a new fellow brother, the mysterious Eye of Ra, the very core of its uncanny system, decayed a bit more – which resulted in lesser effective results.

Fortunately, Angus was a very practical man. Until I could fix the problem of Lazarus’ decreasing potency, the profile of the candidates simply changed: instead of nearly dead rich old men willing to pay fortunes for miraculous muscular augmentation and life extending procedure, my beloved leader looked for strong muscular men who wanted to recover the glory of their prime days, still with noticeable enhancements – such cunning maneuver allowed us not only to spare the Eye of Ra, but also brought a much broader audience for the Fellowship.

In the next days, all sorts of new pleads were brought to meet with Salvatore. Although they wouldn’t have to pay fortunes worth in diamonds, their acceptance was not easy to be granted. The candidate not only had to attest he had once been an extraordinarily athletic man, he would still have to be in top physical condition (which would be proved in a series of extremely hard endurance tests and physical examinations). Finally, he should have to prove his worth to the Fellowship, which in practice meant enduring lots of rough, dripping wet, steaming hot sex with our Bright Leader Angus Salvatore in order to swear total submission to his amazing glory.

At the end of this first round of new pledges, two candidates truly shone much brighter than the rest: Darrell Jackson and Gunther Krause. I was very happy when Daddy told me they would be the ones to benefit from Lazarus because they were the top two results of the physical examination, each one displayed remarkable physical endurance regardless their age, which would not only spare the Eye of Ra, but also produce impressive results since the “raw material” was much better.

Even someone who knew squat of Sports would recognize these two: Jackson was the very first and the only athlete to win the Gold Medal at the100, 200, 400 and 800 finals in two successive Olympic Games (1972 and 1976).

Although most specialists credit such phenomenal performances to drug usage which was not capable of being detected at the time, Darrell became a true sport legend because his life story. A poor boy born in sunny Jamaica, he immigrated to Canada with his parents at the tender age of 6 years old. Soon, he would be amazing much more than his PE teachers and coaches, he was also the youngest male Track and Field gold medalist in history at 17 years old.

At 6’4” tall and 218 pounds of very solid muscles, Darrell was considered a favorite for the 100 and 200 sprints, but when he won four medals and still closed each performance for Team Canada in the relay finals, granting even more Gold Medals for his country, the world was just fascinated by “The Monster”. His flawless athletic physique endorsed lots of products all over the world, and such heroic image was forever associated with glory and excellence.

Even now, thirty eight years after Munich Olympics, Jackson was simply breathtaking. Firstly because no one would ever believe the onyx icon of male beauty was 55 year old, his face was just so vigorous, and his hazel eyes sparkled with the same energy of the teenager joyous athlete smiling after crossing the finish line.

Darrell’s muscular frame only got better in time. He actually improved his hulking physique at 250 pounds of very respectable muscle and only 6 percent of bodily fat. The famous dreadlocks adorned with green, yellow and red bits which once showed the world his pride for the Jamaican inheritance were replaced for a smooth clean shaved head.

Gunther Krause was equally remarkable; starting as a bodybuilder in the late sixties he soon was being called “the other German dude”, and given the impact Schwarzenegger had in the media, people would always preferred to believe Gunther would never surpass Arnold, no matter how hard he worked for it. For such reason, the 20 years old Krause returned his dedication to his first and true passion, which was the Strength Competitions.

It actually proved to be a very correct decision, because Gunther simply dominated the Strength Sports scenario for nearly three decades. Powerlifting, arm-wrestling, Strength Competitions, no matter which kind of Strength Game he disputed, Gunther just excelled. Not only he won the World’s Strongest Man Title 8 times in a row, Krause collected hundreds of medals and trophies for many different Strength Sports, he became a professional athlete sponsored by many different companies, and an American University even started a study in his genetic code to search for the “Strength Gene”.

As an unexpected yet triumphant return to Bodybuilding, Gunther had won the Masters Olympia last year, going upstage at 318 pounds of uncanny massive form. At 6’6” His form was just so monstrously massive that the judges quickly recognized his undisputed victory. The fact that The Governator himself handled the trophy to Krause was just the cherry on top the cake. Everybody could see that Gunther, at the age of 59 years old was just as incredible as he had been in his early days.

In fact, he looked even better now. The twenty five pounds he recovered from the hard competition dieting made Gunther a 343 pounds of manly hairy muscle beef covered in Golden fur. His balding head even increased the effect of the full neatly groomed blond beard with just a few graying areas.

Both Darrell and Gunther would be a delight for sore eyes even fully dressed in the formal clothes in which they arrived, what to say about their current attires, which consisted in their very birthday suits. Since their final test was to prove Angus they were good “acquisitions” for his very special kind of harem, those delicious muscle daddies had to undergo their hardest test of them all, because Angus totally overpowered their incredible bodies in every single and possible way.

The group of final 6 pledges had been “proving their value” to my daddy ever since last night and it was almost noon, most of them simply gave up or collapsed trying to keep up with Salvatore’s unceasing sex-drive. No one would imagine seeing Jackson and Krause in that condition: they were thrilled, extremely happy and excited, but at the same time they were simply exhausted. The humongous bulk of my daddy emerged from the mansion complex carrying their combined nearly 600 pounds of muscle like they were mere boys who had fallen asleep while trying to watch a late movie.

“Doctor Seymour, I’d like to introduce the soon to be Fellowship members” Salvatore gently placed the totally exhausted marvelous men in the beds. I helped to make them comfortable as they fell instantly asleep. As much excited as they were, their organisms needed to sleep until they recovered a bit from such intense experience.

Under any other circumstances, the mere view of these two panting men drenched in sweat after many rounds of indescribably intense musky sex would just make anyone overwhelmed with such display of masculinity. However, even their powerful physiques paled in comparison with the monstrous hulk of manly muscle that literally carried them to my presence.

By the time Darrell and Gunther got to meet the new and improved Mr. Salvatore, he had already grown much bigger than when he emerged from Lazarus. Even if I had not been able to deliver the second exposition in the following weeks, my humongous leader never stopped thanking me for giving him such a powerful new life, and his way of thanking me was making me another of his faithful servants, just one among the several men who gladly obliged to his very needs and desires.

Angus grew bigger and more muscular each day; the blessings of the Fatherly Sun seemed to favor him in more ways than I could have anticipated. The mere exposition to the sunbeams made him look even more gargantuan, and since daddy is always working out so hard for over 7 hours a day, from sunrise until one in the afternoon, after the Sun reached its pinnacle, his humongous physique is developing much faster as he grows used to such uncanny abilities.

I looked back and Daddy Salvatore and felt myself still totally intimidated by the hulking figure which filled my view: the 6’10” 857 pounds ultra-strong manly muscles distributed in his marvelous frame.

Over the days, the Sun worked its miracles over my daddy’s amazing body: Angus grew much more handsome and slightly younger over the days, his hair had now acquired a permanent silvery white tone, which I think just went perfect with growingly bronze tan. It was like his skin changed into an even more perfect shade each day.

The Leader of the Fellowship wore his silvery white manly mane almost at shoulder length which only emphasized the marvelous width of his gargantuan boulders. I couldn’t get used to the fact that no matter how humongous he was, Salvatore was always dressed impeccably chic, even now after fucking those hot muscle daddies for so long, he wore black satin pajama pants that seemed to be painted over those monstrous pillars of his legs and the glorious size of his crotch.

Angus seemed to be reading my thoughts.

“I have my body measured every morning and a few hours later the new shipment of clothes is being delivered. I know I’m even bigger by the time they arrive, but they are getting very good at guessing my new size. Although I really expect to grow much bigger soon, I have to say that wearing design clothes custom sized for my humongous body proves my power over the little men.”

I nodded with a grin and looked at the sleeping huge men. “You were absolutely right, daddy. These men will grow massive with minimum expense of the Eye of Ra. We’ll be able to induce new changes faster and more effectively, at least until I get to finish my current works.”

Salvatore opened his marvelous arms and hugged me, I simply used my feet to hug his tiny waist and kissed his enormous cleavage, while he picked me up and got me sat on the shelf of his immense muscular pectoral plates.

“Did you have any progresses with the Mark II?”

I nodded “Yes, the early simulations went really well. I still am not able to fabricate the design modifications, but I am pretty happy with the fact that we will able to have a much better control over the system.”

“You make me more proud of you each time, my favorite boy.” Angus kissed me so intensely. I still didn’t know if I truly was his favorite, because he fucked so many different and dazzling handsome guys. But he surely made me feel special, and I worked harder and harder because of his flattering compliments.

“Why do you still doubt of my love for you, little man?”

“Daddy…I…” There was no way he could just have guessed that. I looked back at his manly face and just kissed his cheekbones so tenderly.

“I thought you were supposed to let me know if other improvements manifested, daddy.”

“You’re actually saying you can read other people’s minds? But that’s just amazing!” I gasped in excitement, but Angus simply grinned.

“I didn’t say that, I said I can read your mind and your mind only. Believe-me, I have tried with all guys in the complex, but it only seemed to work with you.”

My inquiring mind immediately looked for possible reasons for such impressive circumstance – among all his servants Daddy Salvatore could only read my mind specifically, which could only mean that he might be frustrated at such limited advantage…

“Why do you keep doing this, boy? I just told you I am able to read your brilliant mind, and you simply overlooked the fact that we are connected deeper than any other two people in this fucking world!” Angus’ smirk showed his noticeable discomfort about my reaction, and it actually broke my heart.

“It’s not that I don’t want to believe we are deeply connected, daddy. It’s just…” The images of the hot men he fucked flooded my mind and Salvatore seemed to understand the reasons for my lack of self-esteem.

“Damn, boy…even after all the times I’ve said you were special…how dare you still doubt me? You think that just because you are not as muscular as my other boys, you’re not special to me? That’s it…you are going into the Lazarus right now.” He said carrying me into the marvelous machine. The thoughts rushed inside my mind, as much as I would love to be stronger and more muscular for Angus, there was this feeling of failure I couldn’t deny.

I was shocked. “No, daddy…please! The machine will waste precious resources if used on someone like me.”

Angus just shook his head. “You are young, healthy and in shape. You’re not an old sack of bones like I have been. Lazarus will do a fine in the machine and stop worrying about my staff…they’re just helpful so I won’t be consuming your little body with my endless need for sex.”

“Yes, but…it’s not just that. I wanted you could grow bigger and I can’t make it happen! I don’t deserve to grow myself until then.”

Angus opened his eyes in shock “Damn boy…these aren’t just words you’re saying…you really became totally submissive to me, huh little dude?”

I just blushed “I know it seems weird, but it’s true…but ever since you changed…I feel different towards you. It’s not just horniness…it’s…something different!”

The enormous muscle daddy really seemed to understand my situation. “I know how you feel boy…Before this change I used to think you were just one arrogant asshole, but once I got out that chamber…”

That moment when Angus stepped out of the Lazarus I felt a powerful heat wave that forced me to throw myself at the ground, it was an intense feeling, something that caught me totally unprepared.

“I…think there’s more to that moment that we first anticipated.” I blushed intensely and Angus just kissed me once again, to make sure he completely dominated me in each and every single aspect.

“You can say that again, little man. Until the Lazarus changed me, the only way I could any loyalty from you was through money, but now it seems like you became not only my most submissive boy, I have to recognize that you have also become the closest to me.” The amazingly huge muscle daddy kissed me with such manly rough passion that I lost track of things – for those incredibly hot moments all I wanted was to be devoured by his ever growing monstrosity.

Angus seemed amused to notice that even after several moments he broke the kiss, I still kept that silly face, lost in such deep fantasies. He actually needed to gently pull me back into reality.

“You are such a cute little guy, it’s so fucking hot to know that you are so deep into all this muscle, knowing that you worship me every single moment of that day makes so fucking proud my little boy, it just…oh damn...”

Salvatore threw his head back, producing a wild sound like the huge predator he became, I instinctively wanted to check on him to see if there was something wrong, but it was then my face was covered in something warm.

I first thought it was cum, because Angus certainly seemed to be enjoying such moment, but when the second squirt hit me in the lips I was caught by surprise, because that warm thick liquid was not coming from my daddy’s massive cock.

The long, fat, thick nipples on my humongous muscle daddy were so hard and engorged; the thick veins on his chest were now all connected to the huge cock-like nipples. The thick, long, creamy volleys of a translucent liquid continued to squirt from those manly hairy muscular udders.

I was so charmed by that incredible moment that I simply engulfed the thick nipple and sucked hard, savoring the creamy warm liquid whose taste was quite pungent and musky, something that wouldn’t clearly be tasty in any other circumstance but that bonding moment.

I was immediately involved in this warm rush, something so powerful and overwhelming, my mind spiraled into different sensations, a slight burning sensation all over my skin and especially on my face. However, I could only keep sucking on such marvelous manly essence.

Meanwhile, Angus roared savagely, like the times I sucked his giant cock with such fierce determination that no one seemed to reach the level of pleasure I gave him. I exchanged between those two fat thick cock sized nipples sucking more of that liquid at each time.

Finally, Angus just held me even closer to his mega sized muscular chest and squeezed me ever so gently that my whole body seemed to merge with his superior hairy muscle fortress. I was so deeply buried into his muscle there was so much brawn around my ears that his primal roar of ecstasy was hear as a distant muffled predator cry.

The next moment I was covered in his manly warm juices. At that point I noticed my cock had erupted inside my pants for at least twice, but sucking on my dad’s nipples was a fully-fledged orgasmic experience so I really didn’t tell any difference throughout the whole thing.

Angus lifted me higher so I was looking into his manly face, for a few moments we just stood there, I could tell he was reading my mind; his wide grin displayed his pride for making me have the best orgasm of my life, again.

“And you still doubted that you were special for me. I had never been able to do such thing, this feeling was so powerful…so fantastic!” He kissed me again, savoring his own seed, sweat and whatever other fluids he dumped over my body. I just felt so valued and estimated.

“Now that’s more how I like it…” Angus said as he nested me in his arms.

“That’s not… fair, sir. If you can read my mind, then I will have no privacy…how will I able to focus, knowing you can just hear me thinking?”

“Heh, don’t worry boy. I can’t do it when we are apart, it only happens when I can see you, it’s more like some kind of empathy than telepathy, I’m not turning into a muscle monster psychic, yet. But…this thing was pretty intense, it felt like I had three cocks, my nipples are just so sensitive as my bigger python, they can give me different orgasms but just as intense as my cock pleasure.”

I took mental notes about these delicious details, but Angus just chuckled as he heard the moans and gasps of our guests.

“I am sorry if we disturbed you sir, but seeing you in action with someone else only seconds being fucked by you…” Jiro said back from the room, at 6’1” and 624 pounds of hugely developed muscles, his own augmented form now looked much bigger than when he first exited the system.

I looked back at them. Jiro was being worshipped by Darrel and Gunther, the muscle daddies were actually already hard and hugged to my daddy’s second in command, since his amazing were indeed the next best thing after my daddy’s physique.

“Damn…sir do you ever stop?” Darrell was simply overwhelmed by our leader’s stamina, Angus chuckled and gently approaching his soon to be brothers in power.

“If your body had the power to literally fuck through the whole day wouldn’t you just keep going? But don’t worry, we’ll be ready for your initiation in just a few minutes, my first boy was just showing me yet another development of my tremendous physique.” Salvatore gently petted the black muscle daddy and his blond fellow.

I had been fucked by Angus so many times that it was common to feel so drained and overpowered after such intense sessions, but for my own surprise I actually felt pretty well, which was just marvelous because I simply rushed to the machine and got it ready for work in less than one minute.

“It’s ready, sir. We can just use the Sun’s pinnacle for optimized performance!” I proudly announced to my impressive audience.

Angus chose Darrel to go first and the former Olympic athlete was thrilled. Jackson entered the chamber and gently caressed my cheeks.

“Make me huge, doc…” Those beautiful eyes blinked at me so charmingly that for one moment I felt like returning the flirting, but a not really discrete cough from my daddy reminded me that I was already taken.

“Alright gentlemen, safety goggles on!” I instructed before opening the ceiling to start Lazarus, knowing that only Gunther would follow my advice. The moment the first sunbeam hit the Eye of Ra, Lazarus functioned perfectly.

At that point, it didn’t matter how many times I’d witness it the transformation would still be a miracle even for my skeptical being. If a weak decayed man emerged as muscle god, the powerful athletes we chose didn’t disappoint us, even with the decreased effectiveness of our millenary machine.

Since I no longer feared to be sending someone to a death penalty, the mere fact of watching as Darrell and Gunther turned into even more amazingly powerful muscle daddies got me all boned up. Their glorious frames engorged and thickened because of the “magic” imbued in the machine, they blossomed into new and improved versions of their former less impressive selves.

Both of them emerged at the exact same height they have entered (which proved that using the right specimen would indeed spare the Eye of Ra and still result in uncanny results), but their bodies had indeed suffered tremendous transformations: Jackson had changed into a 585 pounds of rugged onyx muscles and Gunther stepped out at 630 pounds of highly developed bulk.

As I suspected, Darrell’s transformation was a bit more efficient than Gunther’s but it only in details, because since Gunther was much heavier and bulkier than the Canadian former Olympic champion his results ended up just as impressive. The other interesting detail was that Gunther lowered his body fat percentage considerably. Nonetheless, his overall look still seemed like he was the biggest “off-season” bodybuilder in the history, his muscles retained that extra bulk which was composed not of fat but even more muscular fibers.

On the other hand, Darrel became so massively ripped it felt like he had no fat in that humongous physique, his muscles were rugged and so veined. His smoothness contrasted with Gunther’s golden fur. It was then I realized they just evolved into the next step of their previous condition: Gunther looked like an augmented Strength competitor while Jackson became the most amazing sprint athlete; his muscles were built for speed despite the tremendous weight on his frame.

Jackson and Krause couldn’t be more different before they entered Lazarus, but as they emerged it suddenly felt like they were twin brothers. Albeit the strikingly noticeable differences, their amazing bodies now irradiated the same kind of aura that made them look so similar, especially their huge cocks – Ivory Tower and Ebony Obelisk seemed to be in such sync, they acted like the same bulging, hard, throbbing, veined cock in two different versions.

After Gunther emerged from Lazarus in all his glory, he just grinned down at me, picking my body in his massive furry arms and kissing my cheeks so thrilled by his amazing new body and especially his newborn blond mane which only complimented his hot grizzly bearish look.

Even Angus seemed impressed with his new disciples, although they still couldn’t hold a candle to my daddy’s supernatural superiority, these two new members of the Fellowship only proved the power we had in our hands. Salvatore was hungry for power, so he just brought me closer to his amazing figure and whispered in my ears.

“You make me happy in all possible ways, boy. Get ready for me when I finish with these little guys, I’ll come back for your tiny ass, and you will milk my cock and my nipples, you brilliant bastard!” Salvatore pinched my ass in a way that I felt a sharp pain, but also an intense pleasure.

Over the next days, we were initiated new rounds of pledges from all over the world; Daddy Salvatore was making the necessary adjustments in the profile of the candidates as Lazarus efficiency decreased, the candidates were getting younger and stronger to start the process, but they turned out almost as amazing as the previous ones. At the end of 3 weeks we were able to have 8 new brothers for the Fellowship. The members were selected according to our needs, but each and every one of them was now totally submissive to Angus Salvatore and sworn loyalty to the uncanny daddy of them all.

Since the Sun continued to bless all members of that muscular society, their bodies continued developing and growing more muscular with daily routines of exercising outdoors, uncanny amounts of nutritional intake and, of course, intense hours pleasing each other.

However, the new brothers also had their responsibilities; they not only had to perform all kinds of tasks Angus assigned for them (which I never got to know to be honest), they also had one fundamental duty which was pleasing our tanned Grandmaster.

Although over the weeks each member had significantly increased their Lazarus gains, no one could even match the same results of Angus Salvatore, our humongous leader. The monumental handsome muscle daddy never ceased to amaze me: at each day he looked bigger and more massive, his frame already expanded so much that he now made even his closest brothers like Jiro, Darrell and Gunther to look like unchanged pledges when compared to him.

Angus’ muscles increased so much that his own anatomy was adapting faster and faster to house all the muscle he was packing. His bones strength and density increased tremendously, his very physique was much thicker and wider, the shoulders widened to accommodate new layers of muscle.

The increased bulk was also making Salvatore manlier to the extreme. His silver mane was joined by a neatly trimmed goatee that only accentuated his authority over his acolytes. Angus’ physiology was also changing dramatically, his organism was just perfectly set for muscle growth, but he also developed mentally – it was like his mind reached new heights of potency as his muscles grew stronger and bigger.

Not even Jiro had demonstrated such ongoing further developments, and Angus particularly enjoyed the fact that he was evolving instead of just growing bigger like the rest of his brothers. At that morning, my staff had measured Angus at whopping 7’2” tall and he weighed nothing less than 1,325 pounds.

His expanded frame now over twice heavier than when he emerged from Lazarus, the monumental muscles he possessed displayed a new kind of anatomic configuration, his shoulders enlarged to the point that his traps and deltoids jumped so much higher than his head, his chest became overwhelmingly massive with those cock sized nipples hanging.

His mid-section developed a 12-pack abdominal wall of sheer bulging knots of impressive muscle, his flimsy skin and the thick dark fur coat covered the hardest wall of them all. The unfathomable thick pillars of legs were thicker than a professional bodybuilder’s torso, the striations and mounds of unearthed muscle simply made them look grotesquely overdeveloped.

Angus also was the only one who continued rejuvenating – he now looked even younger than Darrell, and combined to the fact that his features increased in masculinity and handsomeness in a daily basis it was like the impossibly perfect sculpture had gained life in the body of the most powerful man ever – a mixture of Zeus with David, a modern day Hercules watching over the rest of mortals.

Meanwhile, I continued working hard on the Mark II, dedicating my efforts to accomplish the promise I had made to my humongous daddy.

The Eye of Ra was totally consumed after the last usage: changing a pretty decayed rock star back into a beautiful stud that would have a whole new carrier ahead of him.

His name shall remain a secret under my daddy’s orders; he will soon take on a new carrier as a young star who will take the world by assault. Although his profile could never pass the initial listing, Angus decided to use his famous star as his spokesperson.

Changing a middle aged man who had abused of all kinds of drugs into a 6’ tall 240 pounds of prime beef would certainly made this newborn a perfectly gifted man. The talent, the experience and the rejuvenated new body would certainly be put to a good use (after Angus had his own private show, of course).

I realized that simply remounting the Eye of Ra might not be the best alternative, so I studied the complexity of the mysterious technology and instead of breaking it down to rebuilt something else, I could actually build around it to make it even more efficient. It would be a slight “cheat” but I really didn’t care – whoever created that machine certainly was thousands of years ahead of me, I had to make things even.

It was about 2 in the morning when I closed everything at the lab and rushed down to the mansion. Even after working so hard for many days and nights in a row, I didn’t feel any exhaustion at all, so I rushed to my daddy’s room and tell him the great news. I knew my daddy no longer spent every single night fucking his brothers and servants; he simply had other goals to achieve, so he fucked them whenever he wanted, but his focus and determination actually allowed him to command several meetings and assemblies all over the world while we simply feasted onto his ever growing muscles.

He could break his brilliant mind in several different parts which meant he could be talking to someone over the phone while his massive godly cock erupted inside a lucky servant’s ass and yet his voice deep manly voice would not even register anything at all, which didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying his orgasms with full intensity, he simply was above the mundane comprehension of pleasure – Angus was hungry for power and savoring all these new capabilities actually became a 24 hour long orgasm.


“It seems you have something to tell me, my Little Prince.” I heard his deep voice all over the hallway, and gulped. Salvatore grew bigger and more powerful each day, but his tenderness towards me only increased, and the reason for that was equally developing faster each day.

I guess I’d better explain it already. The liquid I daily drank from Angus’ nipples was actually much more powerful than we could have anticipated, yet just a token of my daddy’s unearthed capabilities.

It turned out that the “burning” sensation on my skin was just the first of many changes that would happen to me during these days. No matter how many men Angus fucked, he only produced that viscous liquid from his huge nipples when I was there with him, sometimes he just looked at me and the thick udders started oozing that manly cream which I proudly drank.

At first, it was the noticeable rejuvenation on my own face, it became smoother and softer, my expression lines simply faded, my own gray hairs just regained the lost color. Then, my muscles grew bigger, it was very slow at first, maybe a pound every day, but it just built from there – I couldn’t work out because I was working on Lazarus II, yet my body developed more muscular and I grew stronger as well.

It was soon noticeable that my body was changing and even the other brothers wandered if that could be a substitute for the Lazarus, but it actually proved wrong because the liquid had no effects over the other servants whatsoever. It just changed me, and me only, which actually made my daddy even more proud of our connection.

Still, my body changed beyond just growing younger and more muscular. Within the next weeks, I looked like a 18 year old, I mean not like most 18 year old lads you will find. I turned into a 6’6” 470 pounds of muscular teenager perfection. You might have realized that I didn’t actually just rejuvenated; my current features clearly don’t match those I had back when I have been a teenager.

I looked like someone else, well someone very, very close to me. After analyzing my own DNA samples it clearly showed I was no longer the same Wesley Seymour, in fact I was genetically a different man because my genes no longer matched those I had when I was born.

The next step was much obvious, a quick comparison to Angus’s samples indicated a 50% rate of compatibility. Biologically, I had become Angus’ son – actually I was the son of his current body, because he also didn’t look like me back in his teenage years.

The Fellowship was just shocked with such news – suddenly I had become a teenager version of that mountainous man who we called leader. I had this long bushy dark brown mane, my muscles were so huge and veined and also covered in deep layers of manly fur, and my cock now reached fully 20 inches when it got hard, which simply meant whenever my literally speaking daddy approached.

I looked up at my humongous leader and blushed intensely.

“Sir…I still don’t feel comfortable with this new situation.”
Angus towered over my muscular frame and hugged me with those humongous tree trunk sized arms.

“You know I’ve taken all legal measures to adopt you. From now on you are Wesley Salvatore. All my life I wanted to have children, but it seemed that my swimmers weren’t that strong. Now, I not only have the most brilliant and beautiful boy in the whole world, I can also get to breastfeed and fuck his delicious little ass and drink from his huge little cock.” Angus explained as he brought me into his personal reformed bedroom to accommodate the huge bodies who visited him.

“Th-thanks…father…but…I don’t really deserve it…”


I felt it being shouted directly into my mind and went immediately quiet when Angus expression went rigid for a millisecond. Then a sweet smile preceded another delicious kiss that overcame my own thoughts. The mental link between us increased as my biologic patterns changed – now Angus could not only hear my thoughts, he could even call me from the other side of the mansion through his powerful mind.

“You have become my son and now you don’t even have the right to question my unconditional love towards you, boy. You deserve my dedication – in fact when my plans are concluded you will see that I’ve worked hard to give you a better world.”

I have to confess that my spine froze whenever daddy spoke like that. Whatever his plans were he only discussed it with the other Fellowship members, and I actually felt relieved to ignore it, but they still sounded creepy.

“Worry not, little Prince. My gift for you will be marvelous, I promise.”

I blushed once again, feeling Angus’ nearly three footer cock pressing against the crack of my butt. I did have the same effect over daddy that he had over me – we were just meant for fucking each other, although even my enlarged body couldn’t take his manhood without some serious stretching, yet only the first half would fully enter me, but as I grew stronger, I was learning with the other brothers how to fully please my father.

I simply projected a mental image of my subject and my father kissed regally for that.

“You have finished it!”

I nodded “It got easier when my mind increased to match your potential, father” Which was actually right since Angus’ IQ was actually out of any possible measurement, at least not by the current standards contemporary medicine has.

Angus licked his lips, perfectly framed by the silvery goatee. “Your timing couldn’t be better, my son. We are moving to the new complex this morning.”

“What? Where are we moving to?”

“This place no longer suits our needs, the rest of the Fellowship took care of finding a new location for our facilities, and they have bested my most optimistic expectations!” Angus explained as he laid me on top of his humongous naked body.

“Oh, I see…I wish I had time to get prepared, but I’ll be ready in time, father.”

“I know you will son. My only question for you is: Do you want me to change before or after we move?”

I grinned immensely at his questions “Both…we should have you enlarged for an initial experimentation and then have you augmented yet again when we get to our location. The Mark II will work on you as many times you need – but only your genetic patterns will be accepted by the new system I have developed.”

I felt the pressure of daddy’s cock eruptions soaking my own clothes, he just grinned at me, the full force of his orgasm while he pushed the immense head of his cock against the fabric of my pants, he didn’t have any trouble of ripping them, the sheer force of his flood filled my butt so warmly.

“I love you son.”

“I love you too daddy…and I want you bigger and more powerful. I want it more than I need your passion.”

The immense Angus grinned and threw me in the air and picked me like a feather. We hurried to the laboratory where his body would be increased even further.

When we get there I showed my daddy the improvements of the machine.

“The Mark II will not suffer from the decomposition of the Eye of Ra, simply because I’ve designed a new weave for the diamonds, the rays won’t overheat the system like they did before.” I proudly said and ran several simulations to demonstrate it.

“That is fantastic my Prince! Now, what about those improvements you have been considering?”

I grinned. “Yes, with this new design I will control everything from my computer, and your body will be changed within the exact parameters I have previously set. It will be also possible to adjust it even while the change occurs. 100% fail proof!”

Angus’s immense body throbbed with excitement. “I wish it was noon already!”

“There’s no need to, daddy. I have connected the Lazarus with a series of satellites that will get us enough sunlight to make you the walking Midnight Sun!” I said with a growing pride and confidence in my own capability.

“But what can you tell me about the chamber limitations? We have figured I might get too big and damage Lazarus.

“Don’t worry about it. The new system is not limited by the chamber, I have actually designed a refraction chamber that will work even better than the mirrored chamber of the previous mark. You will have lots of room to grow, daddy!”

“Damn boy…you are making me so horny. I guess you will have covered all areas then huh?”

“As much as a mind almost as brilliant as yours can do, my father.” I teased him, standing next to my leader and showing him our reflection. The wall sized mirror displayed a huge man next to a behemoth, and they both seemed like the most handsome and muscular Father-Son duo of all times.

Even if it was not exactly true.

“Alright, junior, if you’re saying we have clearance let’s get this baby a run!” Salvatore said as he headed for the Lazarus.

“Not quite yet!” A voice said out of nowhere, we both looked back and saw this IMMENSE figure, in fact he was much bigger than my lovely father, which made me instantly angry.

This guy had to be 9 feet tall and he weighed at least a fucking thousand pounds than Salvatore, he was actually just as tanned and handsome as my dad. In fact, they both looked so similar…

“Who are you, and how have you managed to bypass security?” The question was actually very silly once you took a single glimpse at the humongous behemoth in front of us.

The immense man wore some kind of special clothes to contain the inhuman bulk. Behind him, suddenly a series of smaller behemoths at least the size of my daddy were entered the lab carrying the unconscious bodies of the Fellow brothers. They all surrounded my powerful daddy, in a clear threat to finish them in case Angus reacted and for that reason, he didn’t fight them right away.

“I won’t resist if you spare Wesley.”

The enormous man shrugged “I don’t care for that freak you have produced! Whatever happened between you is just a proof that you should never tried to steal the prototype, foolish little man!”

“Daddy…who is he?” I whispered when suddenly a series of images flooded my mind.

I fought my emotions to keep the act my dad wanted me to play, it depended on me now.

“I am the keeper of the Order, little man. I have tried to alert you about giving this precious power to a man like this, but not only you’ve ignored me, this little toy of yours had threatened my plans far too much to remain ignored. This Fellowship is already nullified you pathetic little men. The true Followers of the Fatherly Sun will make sure that your attempts will never succeed.

Angus’ voice thundered. “Leave the boy off this, Durkheim. It’s between you and me!” The several behemoths surrounding us suddenly fell to their knees.

“You really think you can face me, little boy? I’ve had these powers for over 60 years now, I’ve been developing them far more than you can comprehend! I have brought peace over the World and you can’t destroy it now!”

“The world is not in peace and you simply don’t care for it anymore! It’s time for a new Leader, and you know it has to be me!”

“You are just thirsty for power. The same power I’ve denied to you 40 years ago right? And you thought that recovering the broken prototype would actually make you my equal? I have unearthed Lazarus from all parts of the world thanks to the Nazi’s ambition. Fooling them was easier than it was to lure this ridiculous boy to do your hard work.”

Angus roared and rushed toward the immense Ezekiel. I had to fight my own instinct to go help him, but my father’s life depended on my actions.

Ezekiel remained still, he took a full punch of my father, the aftershock of that blow shook the very foundations of the building, yet Ezekiel laughed. His huge hands grabbed Angus by his throat and lifted him off the ground.

Daddy was no fool, attacking with a powerful blow in the head striking exactly in the middle ear, which forced the guy lose his balance and the massive guy fell heavily on his back. Angus looked at me and I knew he was counting on me.

In the next fraction of second Ezekiel was back on his feet, he punched Salvatore so strongly that his blow sent the enormous body through the reinforced concrete wall.

“When you will ever learn, little man?” Ezekiel said as he walked outside to finish with my beloved father.

I had to act quickly.

The Mark II would only fully function with Salvatore’s DNA, and I had no time to reset the patterns. However, I was once again cheating.

There was a reason why I felt uncomfortable when daddy called me his son. If once I have been Salvatore’s biological son, the process didn’t end there at all.

The more of that weird liquid I drank, the deeper the change continued. Over the days my DNA became exactly like Angus’. We weren’t father and son anymore. I’ve become his very clone – his younger twin brother.

I closed my eyes and ignited the system. Lazarus II was about to work again with full force and with a whole bunch of new improvements. Although I had planned it for my daddy, he truly proved his love towards me.

He gave me the honor to take his revenge against Ezekiel Durkheim.

In just a second, a huge cone of pure sunlight lit the night sky like it was a summer morning, I was surrounded by light and couldn’t see anything in that bright power.

“Oh, daddy I can see it…it’s so beautiful!” I shouted it as my body begun its transformation.

To be concluded