The elven wizard Windham Broadleaf was suddenly regarded among the mage social circles as “the lucky bastard”, all because of his master, the Great Kevron, the World’s most powerful arcane, who had never accepted one single pupil in all his glorious career, suddenly and unexplainably decided to take that elf under his wings to share all the uncanny mysteries he had uncovered over the years. Although Kevron died a few years after Windham became his apprentice, the mysterious Master Wizard legated his elven pupil all the unearthed treasures and mystical artifacts he had gathered over the many years. Spells and potions that were worth several kings ransom, wonders that challenged the imagination and the greediness of wizards all over the world.

Unfortunately, for them, those treasures were locked up into the deadly walls of the Arcane Tower of Selentia, the Living Building; as such fortress was better known by those who dared to challenge the rumor of its impenetrable security. Even the most expert and stealthiest rogues reported they were just lucky enough to get out of there in one piece, rumor had it that Selentia actually had a will of its own, like the very rocky walls were breathing, eternally watching over the safety of its master, ready strike those who were stupid enough to dare invading its rocky guts.

This “lucky bastard” blond elf stood at 5’10” which was a rather impressive height for his people, built with the usual grace of his lean muscles and ethereal beauty, enhanced by his pointy ears and almond shaped hazel eyes. Since he was permanently protected by the legendary living building, the new Master of Selentia could carelessly spend most of his days and nights dedicating to the development of his magic, which was actually a necessary deed, because even the very beginners knew about Windham’s reputation: he was famous for being incredibly clumsy about his spells, several storytellers claim to have witnessed the misfortunes provoked by his mixed up spells…

In that particular night, for instance, Windham was working on some experiments when he heard something on the window of his Arcane Tower, but the wizard calmly kept mixing ingredients, despite the fact of the small crouching figure on the porch. Windham knew that anyone evil intended would never be able to climb all the way up to his studio window, in fact only one guy would be crazy enough to defy the walls of Selentia…

"How is it going mate?” This loud, almost boyish squeaking voice belonged to Tingol, a 4'3" 98 pounds Halfling with dark brown hair and pale complexion, his intense blue eyes reminded the ones on a very bright, active human boy.

"Tingol, Good to see you, little guy!" Windham replied in his usual cheerful, graceful tone, unlike most of wizards but following the behavior of most of elves when surrounded by magic and mystical objects. His hair was tied in a pony tail and his hazel eyes glowed with the joy of his studies. "What brings you up to my tower?"

Although very short, Tingol was actually very strong bodied, something very uncommon among the little race of halflings. Considered “very strapping and robust” Tingol followed the traditions of the sword, to use his petite frame as a weapon instead of a mere cloaking device, as most of his siblings seemed to prefer. Tingol was fighter, a small sized but nonetheless lethal combatant. Although his facial features strongly resembled those of a pre-pubescent human boy, Tingol was much older than he looked, especially if his big hands and huge feet were to be considered.

The Halfling fighter had been living among "tall people" for quite sometime now, but he still truly hated the fact that everybody in that town looked down on him, when it came to physical prowess or bodily strength. The shorty being knew he could easily take down the greatest foes, which was indeed his specialty, but still he grew tired of having to prove his value on a daily basis.

Tingol just jumped in the air, landing perfectly in the middle of the room.

"Actually I’ve come to collect something. You still owe me 4000 gold pieces from the little service you hired me, remember that? I had to get the feather of the Harpy Queen just so you could use it in one of your spells?” The strong muscular arms crossed on his robust chest in a sign of impatience.

"Oh, yes that's right. I forgot all about that. Hmmm... well.... I don't exactly have the money right now." Windham had learnt pretty well with his people, when it came to wealth and power, it was only reasonable to be cheap.

“You wizards are always like that. Look at you, dressed in silk robes and wearing expensive jewelry around your neck, your room has the most precious treasures I could ever see, and you dare to claim that you have no way to pay me, mate?” The short figure stretched his vigorous arms spinning around his ankles to emphasize his point, and once again, Windham noticed that Tingol was really strong bodied for someone so short.

The very sensitive vision on the elven wizards noticed right away that even the crotch was a bit too big for one that allegedly resembled a muscular human child. Tingol couldn’t help but notice Windham staring at him. The short sized fighter had always suspected that the elf harbored feelings for him. After an awkward moment, Windham tried to take his gaze of the halfling’s bulging crotch and to focus on their primary talk.

"These are all very valuable talismans which aid in my magic. I couldn't just give them away for a harpy feather, even if I wanted too. You do know very well that Selentia wouldn’t let you get away carrying one of its treasures…”

“Yeah, I know that, you’re stuck in here surrounded by fortunes and treasures that you cannot spend; an infinite richness that is watched by the best keeper of them all… Poor you!” The halfling commented in a teasing tone, mocking of his elven friend and his unfortunate fortune.

“Well, perhaps... there would be another way I could repay you?" Windham asked, raising an eyebrow.

Tingol grinned as he scratched his crotch noticing that his elven friend was blatantly following his every gesture. "Forgive me for being rude, Windham, but you're not the smoothest spellcaster I've known. You've put us into more trouble with your magic than actually saving our asses..."

“Now you’re just being nonsense, I am not all that dangerous, my magic just, sometimes, slips out of my control, but that is totally comprehensive, after all I’m still in the learning process! Kevron said more than once that I would soon accomplish enormous deeds!” Windham said in his defense pretending to be offended by Tingol’s teasing.

“So, what next enormous deed would you try on me?” Tingol asked with a mischievous grin in his big blue eyes

"Well, I’m always inclined to make my friends’ lives better. So, tell me, my little friend; is there anything I could help you with?” Windham asked, returning the same grin the halfling gave him.

“Life’s good, most of the times I just don’t like when people automatically downsize me because of my short height! I may be a little man, but I’m not half a man!” Tingol replied with noticeable anger in his tone.

“So, you claim that you can size it up to any human in any department?” Windham dared to ask, fearing that he might have crossed a line too soon.

“Are you talking about those town stories about halflings? You do know humans are very likely to make fun of the enchanted races, but despite their undeniable numeric superiority, they’re not the best neither the biggest in everything…” Tingol winked to the mage, expecting for his next move

“Oh, I’ve heard the rumors about halflings’ “smallness” but I hardly think they’re true… Look you for instance; you all have such big feet, and you also have very large... ahem... equipment. I can't help but notice that your feet are exceptionally large, even for a halfling."

Tingol grinned widely at Windham’s compliments on his endowment. The halfling came closer so he could give the tall elf a better view of his package, the crotch was really tight, the cock a decent size for a human, which means that it was indeed gigantic for a halfling. Windham was in trance over the sheer size of his cock. The short creature came even closer, gently pulling the elf’s head down so their gazes would meet.

"Is this big enough for your taste, Master Windham?” Suddenly, the voice tone on the fighter became husky and lower, incredibly sexier than it had been up to the previous moments.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are, my little friend?" Windham asked, reaching a hand down to grab at the huge package, shocked at its impressive cock size, but suddenly, Tingol seemed frustrated out of nowhere. He let go of the gracious elven wizard and simply jumped back to the window porch.

"I’ll come back later to collect my payment another time." He said, angrily.

"Wait, I didn’t mean that, please forgive me Tingol!" Windham slapped his forehead, cursing his bad choice of words to address someone who was so sensitive about his height. The elf rushed to the porch, clearly frustrated at losing out something he had been wanting for years.

Tingol looked back at his companion with tears in his eyes

"Who are we kidding, huh Wind? It'll be always like this, I'm nothing but your little buddy, the same pathetic tiny little man that follows you in your adventures. You can say that I’m beautiful and compliment me on my endowment, but I know how you act when we get near a big human or even those hideous orcs, you totally lust after their muscles and their huge size!"

"No. It's not like that Tin, really…” Windham tried to deny, but he was indeed fascinated by the strong, vigorous bodies of humans, he even overlooked the hideous racial traits of orcs and their hybrids just to focus on their monumental muscular robustness. Suddenly, Windham noticed there was a way he could make up with his friend and still fulfill his lust.

“Please come back in. I think I can do something for you. There’s this spell I've been working on." The elven gently held Tingol by his strapping arm, putting all his charm on his very pleasant voice tone.

"Don't you dare patronize me, Windham." Tingol said, a little calmer. He got back into the room, pretending that he wasn’t interested. "What is it now?" he asked, not able to resist to the lure of Windham’s unearthed artifacts and spellbooks.

"I know you're frustrated about people looking down on you because of your size, and I think I can help, but regardless your answer, have you seen yourself lately, though, Tin? You're packed with muscle... for a halfling. You must be one of the most solidly built halflings I've ever seen. That's why I have wanted to be with you since our first adventure. Do you remember fighting the Minotaur? The whole time we were in battle, I couldn't take my eyes off you." Windham blushed as he searched for some magical components.

The small warrior smiled. "Well, I don't get easily intimidated by the bigger creatures; although it sucks to be seen as a child! I’m sick with people being worried about me just because I’m smaller! I am the toughest fighter around, but still every single human rookie thinks he's got something on me. It is frustrating, you know? But the worst par really is being manhandled; I just HATE being tossed like a toy!” Tingol finally confessed, exorcising his inner ghosts.

"Well. I think I've got a growth spell in the works. If it works, you can be as tall any man, probably even taller than me. What do you think about that?" The mage asked with his hazel eyes glowing in a mix of lust and excitement.

Tingol nodded his head. "You made a spell, by yourself?" His eyes filled with hope but suddenly... "Erm... wait, have you ever tested it?" Tingol's normally fearless face showered undeniable fright about testing any spell cast by his good clumsy friend.

"Well of course I have tested it! I tried it on my cat.” Windham replied outraged, but then his own speech betrayed his emotions. “It worked perfectly, for a little while, my cat became the size of a very big mastiff, but then... well... then it just turned into parakeet and flew away…” The blond mage confessed, hearing the small sized body of his halfling companion quickly running back to the porch.

Tingol sighed "I knew it was too good to be true..."

“But I've worked out the kinks, I'm almost positive." Windham resourced to his unearthed beauty and charming charisma to convince his little friend to give him a chance.

"I promise nothing will go wrong," Wind said, his green eyes showing his belief in the spell. "How can I convince you?"

The short man pulled his friend’s head down. "I’m sold! Come here you hot shot..." Tingol kissed the elf passionately, with the skills the elf never expected such a puerile looking creature to possess. Then, the little fighter let Wind go, the taste of the hot little Halfling making the mage all warm and dizzy of horniness.

"So what are you waiting for? Make me grow or turn me into a parrot, anything for you, Windham." Tingol laughed with his hands at his narrow hips, which only accentuated the width of his muscular torso.

"Well... Just in case you do turn into a parrot, will you make love to me before I cast the spell?. I've wanted to see you naked for ages. I just can’t help but daydreaming about that halfling dick,” the tall elf finally confessed, with a huge smile in his delicate lips. Tingol approached Windham once again and hugged him tightly "You know I want this too Windham, but I don't want to be just another guy you fuck. I want to make sure I’m your true fantasy, and we both know that you like big strong men to hold you after you cum, I don't want to feel short next to you when we are making love... Please let me grow to be your ideal lover." He begged again in that husky tone.

"Okay…." the elf said, bending down to kiss his friend on the mouth.

"But you need to take off your clothes! You need to be nude for the spell to work properly." He began to gather ingredients and books as Tingol slowly removed his clothing.

“Wouldn’t it be funnier if I just outgrew my own clothes?” Tingol protested but Windham insisted.

“They might interfere with the spell settings; I want to make sure it’s you who grows not just your boots!” The elf explained with his back turned to the halfling, but as he heard a loud whistle, Windham turned to see Tingol’s muscular stocky body, packed with thick muscle. The elf was amazed by the display of Tin’s golden hairy crotch and his eyes grew wide. The very size of his cock was impressive even when soft, because it was definitely bigger than most humans were hard.

"Just a preview of what you should aim with your spell. I want to be really muscular even if I’m taller. I love my body size. I just want people to notice how strong and muscular I am...” Tingol whispered almost like he could reach Windham’s pointy ears.

“You are beautiful!" Wind said, looking his friend up and down. "That cock is bigger than most of the humans I've seen, Tin. You truly are an impressive specimen."

"Then, for the love of the Forest Dames, make me even bigger at once Windham!" Tingol’s magnificent cock getting harder as he imagined himself taller.

"Alright, are you ready for it? Are you ready to grow, Tin? Ready to be everything you've dreamed of being?" The smile on the halfling’s nodding face was just priceless.

Windham began casting the spell. Tingol could smell ozone in the air as the elven wizard chanted. A ball of blue energy began to form in the center of the room. Tingol moaned as the ball grew bigger, the energy flowing into his body...

However, Windham suddenly felt a bit nervous, the energy capsule was growing larger, and larger, the flux was slipping out of his control. The orb became blindly brighter and turning into a strong massive sphere of solid light. Wind tried to back off on the power, but it was out of control. He watched in awe as Tin’s body was actually dragged towards the sphere. The halfling screamed as the pain suddenly filled his body. He could feel the immense power flowing through him.

Windham looked over and could see his halfling friend inside the brilliant sphere, the features of his short, muscular body enlarging - growing bigger and getting taller. Windham could see that his muscles were growing. The spell worked out after all!

"It's working!" Windham yelled, relieved, although he couldn’t dismiss the feeling that something had indeed gone very wrong with the preparations.

What had started as a childish looking figure grew bigger and more muscular by the seconds, Tingol’s body absorbed the unearthed energies channeled by the spell, and his muscles grew bigger, as well the rest of his body parts, he was enlarging faster than Windham would ever expect. The spell settings were much delicate and slower, but even so, the elf mage couldn’t care less, he watched as Tingol’s uncanny muscles became even bigger and more powerful, thickening and widening, the veins growing as they spread all over the glorious physique of the former halfling.

His strong chest filled the sphere, pressing against the invisible force that surrounded Tingol’s body, the huge nipples seemed even bigger pressed against the energy wall, the hemispheres of pectoral power grew thicker and manlier as Tingol’s body augmented inside the sphere. The shoulders assumed the aspect of powerful boulders of manly strength, and his biceps were engulfed by a sensual net of thick veins, such extreme definition and hardness would never be naturally achieved, the peaks of his arms seemed to grow bigger faster than the rest of his body. Tingol assumed such extreme growth pace, that it was actually worrying the clumsy spellcaster.

The abdominal muscles popped out even thicker, becoming much stronger and pronounced than their previous state, Tingol’s neck got surrounded by sheer layers of massive new muscle that melted with his shoulders and deltoids, suddenly causing his head to look a lot smaller. The legs thickened beyond imagination, filling the new muscle fibers with unheard prowess, incredibly hardness and incomparable size. The pillars of that growing muscle temple soon would become too big for the tight space in which Tingol’s growing body was confined.

The immense bulging crotch grew bigger, as the massive endowment lengthened and thickened at such delicious state, that the elven mage almost fainted, the huge testicles grew heavier and lower thanks to such augmentation, the sock increased its size even deeper, and the golden pubes grew thicker, turning Tingol’s uttering manly crotch into a display of legendary and heroic proportions.

Drowning in all that pleasure Tingol could only moan loudly, and Windham noticed that his friend’s voice grew deeper, the already uncannily muscular body filling the sphere as his muscles expanded. The wizard wondered for how long would the energy sphere endure such growing pressure, but right then, with a mighty explosion, Tingol’s body suddenly broke free, causing Windham hit the ground because of the impact of the magical explosion. The elven caster looked up and noticed a huge figure standing next to him.

"Windham... Are you okay?' A deep, unfamiliar voice tenderly asked the mage.

Windham gathered his wits and stood up.

"Are you okay, Tingol? Did it work?" The elf asked still unsure if all the delightful scenes he witnessed were just hallucinations of his own lustful imagination. However, the mighty figure that looked back at him was rejoicing

Windham stared at the former Halfling acknowledging that now he actually needed to look up at Tingol, because he was now standing at perhaps 6 feet tall, and over 250 pounds of burly, strong, heroically manly muscle.

"Tin, it worked! Well, sort of…" Windham said, noticing how huge Tingol’s muscles had gotten. "I could swear it was just supposed to make you proportionately taller, because you said you liked the size of your muscles but... I have to say, in any case, I can’t say I’m sad with those bigger muscles, because they make you look good." Windham confessed almost drooling over his bigger friend’s mighty smooth muscular chest. After taking a closer look to the augmentation his body suffered, Tingol’s smartass grin rose on his beautiful lips.

"What do you sort of worked? Wind this is perfect!" the overgrown Halfling hugged the elf tight. "Look at these muscles of mine! They are huge, they feel so hard... Come on Windham, feel them..." Tingol invited, flexing his arms next to the elf’s shocked face.

Windham reached out and felt the huge arm. "Wow. I didn't think I could get any hornier after you, Tin." The elf grabbed one of Tingol’s hugely augmented pecs, covered in thin layer of precious golden hair. It was so round and strong, that Windham knew he could support his weight on top of those plates of manly strength.

"I know... and you feel so nice worshipping them, my beautiful elf..." Tingol moaned as he reached for the tie of his friend’s robe, quickly undressing him to his underwear, revealing the gracious lean muscles of his elven beauty. Tingol looked down at the elf with his big puppy dog eyes before kissing him and taking him in a big embrace. "I wanna make you mine forever, Windham..."

"Oh Tin, I've wanted this for so long. Take me, you giant halfling." Tingol grinned as he kissed Windham again, carrying him through the corridors of the tower back into the bedroom, where he gently tossed the elf on the large bed.

Tingol inched his muscular bulk close to the smaller elf, leaning at his side... "You said something about sucking me before huh? You think this cock is too big for you now...”

Windham looked down at the huge halfling’s cock, now clearly over a foot long. The elf took it in his delicate hands, stroking the thick shaft, feeling the heat of it.

"I don’t think I can take it all, but I definitely want to try," he said, licking his lips.

Tin slowly thrust his cock into Wind’s mouth, as he managed to take most part of the whole footlong cock, groaning as he felt proud at his accomplishment. Tingol smiled, closing his eyes and throwing his head back as he flexed his huge thighs around the elf’s face. Wind could feel the thickness of the muscular pillars as he sucked happily, reaching up to feel the massive halfling’s huge pecs and abs. Tin took the elven hands and covered them with his huge paws.

"Windham, it's time for us to make love for the first time, my sweet little elf." Tingol took immense pleasure calling Windham little, and the elf never felt so right in his whole life.

The now massive halfling laid the much smaller elf down and gently hoisted his legs, inserting a finger lubed with his copious amount of precum.

“Yes my big man, take me. Make me yours forever," Wind repeated lustfully. The pleasure coursed through his thin body. Tin smiled as the elf felt so warm and tight inside, his cock getting harder and even bigger with the mere thought of taking the elf.

The augmented Tingol now stood not only taller but incredibly more muscular, savoring the view of his own massive physique, the former halfling inserted his also enhanced cock slowly, but steadily, into the body of his elven lover, feeling Windham screaming voiceless in a mix of agony and pleasure.

The ultra sized halfling muffled the elven scream with his hand and he kissed the long, graceful neck of Windham.

"It's alright, little buddy, I know it's too big but you can take it, if you’ve turned a tiny halfling into a huge man, you can do anything...."

Windham moaned and writhed in pleasure under the big Halfling’s body. Tingol entered the elf for completely and when the whole monster was finally inside, he began pumping, feeling Wind’s body attached to his massive organ. He alternated between soft slow movements with powerful pounding actions that sent the elf into new realms of pleasure.

"Ohhhhh... fuck me Tin! Fuck me. You feel so good, Tingol I love you," Windham moaned, which made Tingol to continue on humping Wind like a huge beast of muscle, he kissed his lover passionately, holding his head close to his massive chest. He fucked Wind slower as the elf succumbed, Tin’s massive tool inside him demanding to be released. The giant grinned mischievously

"Are you ready my love? Here I cum..." Tingol warned

Windham pressed himself against Tin’s massive body, feeling as much of his muscular body as possible. "Yes, Tin, do it," he moaned deliriously.

Both of them were so lost in their own pleasure, that neither of the lovers actually noticed that Tingol’s body actually glowed in the dim light of the room, his muscles actually grew tighter and even bigger for just a few seconds, which anticipated his copious ejaculation inside Windham’s slender interior.

Tin erupted inside his lover with all his fearsome power. The mere pressure inside Windham’s body sent him into another unexpected orgasm. He hugged Tin tight and bit his massive biceps, not even marking the muscles by his teeth.

Tingol kissed the side of Windham’s neck. "It feels so right being inside you, Windham..."

"It was everything I dreamed it would be, Tin." Windham said in a fading voice, that orgasm had not only taken him into the most elevated realms of pleasure, but also depleted his magical body from most of his energy, elves were especially weak after they cum, mostly because their innate mystical grace are used to increase the sexual experience, which explained the natural attraction those graceful beings had over most of the other races.

Tingol looked at his sleeping friend and felt a bit sad for warning him out after just one single round, but he was sure that casting a spell actually drained quite energy from the wizard, no wonder the poor guy felt so tired. He would be coming around for more after a well deserved rest. The augmented halfling looked at his new body, and he loved the way his muscles towered over the slender sleeping figure of the elf.

“I think I’m gonna like being this big…” Tingol said to himself as he closed his gentle boyish eyes. Tingol felt that he could stay that hard all night long, but he managed to take his immense cock out of Windham’s warm interior for the comfort of his lover. The lovers spooned over Windham’s king size bed which suddenly too small for accommodating the new proportions.

As both lovers surrendered to the comfort of their post orgasm spooning, once again Tingol’s body glowed in the strange aura, mimicking the very moment of his amazing transformation, in the darkness of the room, only the muscles on that former tiny halfling glowed in this brilliant light field. Tingol smile still on his lips, his mind drifting on the experiences of his magical growth. The muscles, the body, and the cock of the subject of Windham’s spell still growing bigger, unlike anything the clumsy caster had planned.

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