Misspelled 2

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The late morning sun rays reached the soft porcelain skin on Windham Broadleaf, and the wizard finally gathered enough strength to open his hazel almond shaped eyes. Although he had simply faded out right after cumming for his first time, just a few minutes later, the elf was “gently” awaken by his augmented Halfling lover, because Tingol was already hard and desperately in the need for another round of dripping wet hot sex, which turned out to last for another three extra rounds, and eventually the blond elf had to beg his very excited bigger friend to let him rest for at least a few hours…

Windham looked around, but the now huge bulking body of his latest spell was no longer in bedroom, the still tired elf stretched his delicate limbs and got out of his sumptuous bed, feeling the magical fabric of his silky arcane robes gently caressing his sore muscles as the ties were magically done, automatically dressing the elven mage.

Soon, the sensitive big ears and the delicate smelling of the elven mage soon detected the most possible location of the augmented Halfling. Judging by the noise of pots clanking and the smell of frying food, Tingol should be at the kitchen making something to sustain that now impressive muscular body.

“Don’t you ever go to sleep?” Windham asked from the corridor, but when he actually entered the kitchen, he was surely unprepared for that scene: Tingol’s naked muscular butt sticking out of the smoking room, probably after the meat pieces which were hanging inside it, the room looked like it had been attacked by the wildest horde, all the cabinets and cupboards were opened and the contents which once were inside them, now were tossed at the ground; several greasy pots and plates all over the tables and chairs, chicken bones and rests of food from the ground all the way to the ceilings, even a huge ham bone was hanging on the chandelier.

“In the name of Kevron, what is going on in here?” Windham asked, feeling suddenly dizzy, he had always been very neat and organized with his precious stuff, now Tingol had literally trashed his once spotless kitchen.

Tingol closed the smoking room door, carrying several pieces of meat, even though those weren’t still done yet. “Oh good morning sleepy head!” he said while carving his teeth in the nearly raw meat.

Windham suddenly forgot all about the mess in the kitchen, just a mere look at the glory of that naked muscular body and his senses already melted away. Tingol’s muscles looked even bigger than the previous night, Windham was almost sure. The elf walked closer to the massive bulk of his augmented lover and said nothing, he just touched the hardness of Tingol’s chest, which was covered by crumbs and still smelling at the juices of roast chicken, his fingers inserted between the massive crevice of the uncanny thickness of the spell affected being.

“Are you alright, mate?” Tingol asked, gently holding the back of Windham’s head while he held a massive pig leg on the other hand. Normally, the wizard would be disgusted with the sensation of greasy hands touching his daily washed hair, but somehow all these mundane things didn’t matter now.

“Tingol, you look you bigger?” Windham mouthed in a low voice tone.

“What is it? Some kind of joke? Of course I’m bigger, ‘cause you made me bigger, silly boy!” Tingol waved his head and took another ferocious bite on the raw ham.

“No, I mean, bigger than before… you sure look more muscular!” The elf finally said, still shocked with such unexpected results.

“Do you think so?” Tingol asked holding his food with his teeth as he flexed his mighty muscular guns and chest. “Now that you’ve mentioned I sure look a bit bigger but maybe my eyes aren’t used to see all this muscle in the morning…”

Despite the Halfling’s lack of self-perception, he was indeed bigger than his stats after the spell completion. He now stood at 6’2” 277 pounds of massive pounds, and his muscles got harder, thicker, more massive and veined everywhere, his muscles were the biggest among the human standards and now he surely looked like a big burly, massive muscular tall human.

Windham preferred to believe, at least for the time being, that it was just his imagination and the fact that he was not used to see Tingol so much taller and muscular as he looked now. The elf felt the friendly and warm hug of his massive lover engulfing his slender figure, and he surrendered to the charm of that augmented Halfling.

The host watched as his massive friend vanished with all the food stocked in his rich household, literally every single crumb had been devoured by the insatiable appetite of the once tiny little creature. Tingol ate until there was not one single piece of bread left, only then he was finally convinced that his breakfast was over.

“Ahhhhhh, that was a nice breakfast, can barely wait for lunch!” The newly augmented fighter rested on the chair, rubbing his slightly distended, but yet incredibly packed and muscular stomach. Windham grinned, walking around his kitchen, checking that absolutely all food was gone. Meanwhile, Tingol closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of a good meal. The two of them never realized that Tingol’s moaning wasn’t provoked by his recently satisfied hunger, but actually by the continuing expansion of his muscles. Although the same glowing aura was much paler because of daylight, the muscles and the body of the incredibly muscular Halfling just slowly grew bigger, rounder, thicker and denser.

“I’d better buy more food at the town market, otherwise you’re gonna eat the ingredients of my magical formulas!” Windham teased his much bigger friend, but he feared for one moment that Tingol would take his advice, so he decided that they should very hasty go groceries shopping.

Tingol heard those words and felt suddenly renewed, jumping out of the chair filled with unexplainable new energy.

“All right, I’ll just put on my clothes and….” Suddenly the both remembered that what had once been Tingol’s clothing now could barely cover his enormous bulging crotch. A few moments later, Windham sounded really disappointed because his best pants were just ruined once they had tried to dress the enormous Halfling into them. The ripping sound of the delicate fabric once again felt like a stab on Windham’s heart, but he tried to look cool about this, because at least they were able to cover the former tiny fighter’s impressive legs, especially his oversized shames, even though the result turned out more obvious than if he wet buck naked to the market.

“Why can’t you just let me make you some new clothes with my magic?” The elf insisted but Tingol surely didn’t want to risk his good fortune again.

“Taking the chances that they will suddenly disappear? I might just go naked and provoke collective commotion at once!” Tingol laughed, looking for the next thing on the wizard’s wardrobe that he could try to squeeze his much bigger and muscular self in.

“The growth spell I cast on you is permanent, just so you know that I can make things last forever if I want…” Windham once again protested, although he intimately prayed once again that nothing wrong had occurred with that spell.

“You know I trust you, mate, I was just teasing you, besides, I don’t think I look that bad do you?”

“In the name of the Sacred Trunks of the Mighty Oaks of the Elven Forests!” the elf gasped as he finally noticed that, despite all the trouble he had to finally squeeze his engorged muscles into these mage clothes, Tingol surely made them look much sexier. Windham’s baggy robes at least worked as a very tight vest to cover Tingol’s humongous muscular chest, the shoulders looked like two massive veined boulders attached to ham sized biceps that had just ripped off the long sleeved robe as soon as those meaty arms were inserted. Tingol just ripped the useless shreds of fabric, designing a very practical and sexy outfit for his massive new frame.

Thanks to his cultural traditions, the augmented Halfling didn’t bother so much for mundane things like shoes or sandals, he preferred going barefoot most of the time, and now that his feet looked much bigger than the biggest feet on humans, it was just impossible to find anything for him to wear in Selentia.

Tingol chuckled when he put his hat on his thumb, noticing the metallic shine of his sword among his former belongings. He took his precious weapon and looked at it with a tasteful disdain.

“I can still use it as cheese knife…” The blond huge man-sized Halfling held the short sword, noticing how his big paws suddenly engulfed it like a mere toy.

Windham grinned and they finally left the accommodations of the living tower of Selentia.

They could have taken two horses but Tingol deliberately asked Windham teach him how to ride a full sized horse because up until now, the Halfling had only tried ponies or wolves. In fact, the massive fighter now felt proud of looking so huge when compared to Windham’s slender figure, especially about how cozy it felt to ride a horse pressing his massive bulge against the back of his adored elven wizard.

Despite a few troubles provoked by Tingol’s lack of experience in horseback riding, it didn’t take that long for the couple to get to the outskirts of Kevronia, formerly known as Threcia, but since the death of Windham’s master, the proud town changed its name in homage to the Legendary Wizard that built the Living Tower of Selentia among many other epic feats.

The elven wizard and the giantized Halfling decided to let their horse under the surveillance of the local inn, which would cause the chances of the horse to be stolen much lower.

“Only now I’m realizing that I don’t fit in my house anymore!” Tingol said while he easily took Windham down of the horse, ignoring the mage’s claims that he could get down by himself. As he tied the horse to the pole, the recently augmented Halfling amused himself with the fact that he used to sleep in a little storage room next to the armor shop, that was a lousy place but at least he got it for free since the owner already paid him to look after the place.

Gently pulling down the masculine jaw of his new lover, Windham winked at his much bigger buddy.

“Don’t you think Selentia is a much more acceptable place for such big fellow to live?”

Tingol blushed. “A-are you asking me to move in with you?” His blue eyes blinked repeatedly in signs of shock, surprise and excitement.

The elf smiled back at the taller man “Well, I thought it was already implicit, after all you spent the night over there and vanished with my food, you’re pretty messy guest, that I just think it’s better to make you a roommate, so you’ll have to clean after your next mess…”

Tingol hugged Windham and swept the gentle elf from his feet, carrying the light bodied creature in his massive new arms, while they headed to Market district, down at the central streets of Kevronia.

“Come on Tin, this is embarrassing, people are looking at us!” Windham whispered but it only increased the pleasure of his vigorous lover.

“Let they look all they want, we are just a couple in love, I just happen to be an uncanny muscular stud and you a dazzling beautiful elven lad…” Tingol replied.

“Still, I have a reputation to keep, and don’t want to be carried like this in the market, can you please put me down? I really need to run my errands!” Windham insisted.

“Fine, I’ll let you down, but I’ll be at your side all the time! I want people to know that the new Master of Selentia and I are a couple now!” He spoke out loud, making sure that all the surrounding citizens listened to his announcement. Windham waved his head, internally he was just as happy as his partner but he was a strictly methodic mage, sometimes changes are harder to deal with.

Tingol had known the market for all his time in Kevronia, but now it proved to be a completely different experience. He was used to look everything from a much lower stance, mostly he squeezed his once tiny body between the legs of the taller beings, making sure no one walked over him or something like that, because that was really embarrassing.

Thanks to the augmentation he had gone through, now everything looked so different, he was actually enjoying the view from up there, far from the stinking smell of the streets. He could see people’s faces and even the merchandise was now easily accessible. For the first time since he left his Halfling hometown Tingol actually felt that he fitted into the places, better than that, he could he actually stood out in the middle of the crowd.

Only a few ones were taller than him, and most of these were actually orcs or related to them, but no one among these Tingol could spot, neither pure blood humans nor monster-hybrids ones, were nearly as muscular as the augmented Halfling, and that clearly filled his engorged muscular chest with an even bigger proud. Tingol stumbled across the “little guys” on purpose, just to make sure he was not only taller but much more muscular. Several of his “victims” were big brawny fellows, some of them were even dangerous mercenaries, but given Tingol’s current massiveness, even the robust ones preferred to believe at the noticeably fake tone of Tingol’s voice when he casually said, “Sorry, mate, didn’t see you down there!” This practical joke actually left a sweet taste of revenge in the mouth of the little fighter who knew better than anyone the embarrassment and the humiliation of being too small for being noticed for uncaring brutes. And so, the much bigger version of the fighter named Tingol paraded his enormity and his muscular massiveness with a tremendous gusto at the central market of Kevronia, almost forgetting about the original intent which had brought them over there in the first place.

Windham, on the other hand, kept running his errands unaware of Tingol’s tricking, the elf, however, was not nearly as pleased as his engorged friend; even though the wizard was willing to spend a really fantastic amount of money on groceries, the merchant tried to explain him that he just couldn’t sell all the food Windham wanted to purchase. A very disturbed, shaky, man once again told the new master of Selentia Tower that he was nearly out of supplements because the caravan from the Easter Lands, which was supposed to come two weeks ago, so far, still hasn’t appeared.

“Sir, I must remind you that I’m your best customer, if you refuse to sell to me I’ll be forced to buy in another supplier! I just need this food to be delivered at my Tower” Broadleaf replied, noticeably angry to the refusal of this stupid merchant.

“I’m very sorry, your honor, but you won’t have better luck with them as well. All the merchants are suffering with the lack of supplies from the Easter Lands, the caravans have disappeared and we are powerless until the Trade routes are reestablished.”

The elf sighed, scratching his head nervously, barely noticing that Tingol still weren’t at his side like he imagined.

“Very well, then, you just make sure to deliver the fruits, fresh meat, breads and milk to Selentia right away…” The elf instructed as he handled the money to the hesitating stall vendor. “What is it now?” Windham asked noticing the worry heaving over the man’s little eyes.

“I’m so very sorry, your honor, but the amount you just bought is still enormous, I don’t have any carriers now, all the employees of my crew had been assembled by the town militia to join the expedition to locate the caravan whereabouts…” The merchant explained making a strategic pause. “All that is left is this fat handicapped servant of yours and my 10 year old son. I don’t think we are able to carry it all…”

Windham waved his head, he was about to yell at the inconvenient market salesman but Tingol’s huge hand gently covered the thin right shoulder of the wizard, the hugefied being appeared to rescue the usually very patient elf.

“Its okay, mate, if everything you bought is in that cart, I’ll take it for you”

“What are you talking about? You can’t take all that food, it’s too heavy!” Windham said without realizing that Tingol was no longer the tiny friend hopping around him. Tingol raised an eyebrow and casually walked to the cart the merchant had prepared and without taking his big blue eyes from the clueless elf; he hugged the side of the heavy cart and easily lifted it from the ground, returning to Windham’s side.

“Shall we go now, mate?” Tingol said in a casual tone, but even the distracted elf could notice the teasing tone on his new deeper voice tone, another unexpected effect of the spell Windham cast the previous night. There were so many details he needed to check, his guts were telling him something went wrong, but he couldn’t even think about disappointing the augmented Halfling.

“Are you coming, Windham?” Tingol asked, several feet away from the daydreaming elven wizard. The blond elf hurried his gracious steps and soon he reached Tingol’s pace, which was certainly a lot faster, considering that he was carrying close to 300 pounds in groceries, a cargo that the elven wizard guessed to be much heavier than its carrier, although he couldn’t be more wrong.

“Isn’t it too heavy for you?” Windham asked fearing for the sake of his carrier.

“Nonsense, I can take it easily all the way to Selentia and come back for all day long!” Tingol didn’t even look at the elf. “Why were you yelling at the poor man, anyway?”

“He said he couldn’t sell me the amount I wanted to purchase because of the lack of supplements” Windham commented, still not sure that Tingol could carry all that weight by himself.

“You could just have gone to another vendor, you know that?” Tingol considered the idea, but knowing how methodic and afraid of changes Windham really was, that would be a rather improbable scenario.

“He said it wouldn’t be much effective, according to him all the merchants are running out of supplies because the unexplained disappearance of the Eastern Caravans.” Windham casually commented, noticeably more worried about the fact that his once tiny buddy now lifted a huge cart off the ground.

“Wait, you said the Eastern Caravans haven’t showed up?” Tingol stopped abruptly, still carrying the heavy cart, he might have grown huge but there was still a Halfling inside all that massively ripped muscle.

“Well yeah, the town militia even gathered an expedition to find more about this mysterious situation…” Windham continued walking towards their horse, but Tingol loud whistle clearly called his attention.

“Are you in any pain?” The worried elf hurried back to his lover, ready to magically help the newly musclebound to carry the weight, but then he noticed the grin on Tingol’s corky lips.

“Do you want to find more about this Caravan missing?” He asked in a lower tone, clearly there was a hidden agenda behind that unexplainable curiosity.

“Why do you care about that, Tin? We already have plenty of food, I’m sure they’ll have solved the problem by the time we need to go shopping again…” Windham tried to dissuade the greedy look on the gorgeous face of the enlarged Halfling.

“Well, if the merchants are that desperate, and the militia hired an expedition, I’m sure there’s a beast involved somewhere. You know that the only two things keep caravans from reaching their destinations: they’re either assaulted or devoured by beasts or monsters.” Tingol summarized his respectable experience in his business.

“Even so, that’s not our problem, better stay out of trouble…” The elf whispered, holding his delicate nose bone, but something was telling him that Tingol already had other plans for them.

“Come on, Wind! I’m sure there’s a very profitable reward involved, it might even be an unforgettable adventure!” Tingol’s voice sounded more excited at each word he pronounced.

“I don’t care for rewards, I’m already rich…” The wizard would brag about his several treasures, but he knew that Tingol would always remember him about the many strings attached to his legacy. All the richness and the treasures inside Selentia’s walls were his by legitimate right, but it also meant that he could not spend it at his will. The Living building actually controlled how much money or treasures he could have access to, and most of the times it felt like Windham lived on some kind of mystical allowance.

“You know this money would be yours to do whatever you want! Besides, that would be an opportunity for you to prove your worth as a wizard! Your powers are growing and I trust that, after all you turned me into THIS!” Tingol bounced his massive pectoral muscles, emphasizing his transformation and appealing to Windham’s wizard vanity to lure him into his intents.

“Even if I accepted, how would he know more about this caravan?” Windham asked genuinely unaware of the basic rules of a professional adventurer; his master had gave him all the things a mage would spend a lifetime to achieve, so the elven had to study really hard and that’s why he spent most of his days locked into his labs, trying to become a better spellcaster, since he no longer had to worry about earn a living to sponsor his very expensive studies.

Tingol sighed. “I have so much to teach you, little guy! The first rule about adventuring is going to the one place where adventure awaits.

“And where is it?” Windham asked, suddenly feeling silly for being outsmarted by such a tremendously huge muscle bound smart ass.

“The Tavern, little elf, always go to the Tavern and you may get yourself either into a enriching venture or a dreadful experience!” Tingol said in a fake prophetical tone as he gently rested the heavy cargo on the ground next to the entrance of the local tavern. Although it might seem a bit naïve to leave all that precious cargo apparently unprotected, not even the most starving person would dare to steal from the Master of Selentia, mostly because of the rumors of the terrible fate of those who dared to do such thing, besides, Windham had magically sealed the contents inside the cart, so it would be necessary a very huge effort to take it from there.

“The Lumping Mule” was the biggest tavern in all Kevronia, and it was daily packed with all kinds of creatures and adventurers one could imagine. Most of them looked were actually deadly criminals, whose heads were worth incredibly fortunes. The interior was dark and it reeked at rotten beer and vomit, the chaotic scenario suddenly overwhelmed Windham’s senses, and the elf was not very pleased with that.

The previous times Tingol had been to that place he was more worried about being stomped by some drunken brute, but now he could tell all eyes in the room were focused on his magnificent figure. The augmented fighter escorted his slender partner inside that fascinating and yet deadly place.

Windham noticed that when the Master of Selentia entered the room, everybody suddenly looked worried, and very, unpleased about his presence, but when the massive arm of his lover hugged his shoulder, gently guiding that thin elf, most of the menacing gazes moved from him. Meanwhile, Tingol’s grin showed that he was pretty aware of everything going on inside that tavern, and he assured to that sinister audience that he was there to make sure no one would mess with that guy.

They finally reached the counter top, where the corpulent owner polished his dirty mugs with his putrid spit. The one eyed, red haired bearded man barely grunted, because he didn’t want to sound any friendly, but Tingol carefully cleared a seat for Windham while he stared at the unpleasant view of the bartender.

“Greetings, Throg! Fetch me two mugs of your disgusting beer!” The powerful fist of the blond muscle bound punched the wooden top, demanding to be attended right away. Windham motioned that he didn’t want to have a drink, especially at such filthy hole, but Tingol didn’t even waited for his comment.

“Don’t worry, pal. They’re both for me! This new body can take much more beer now! Just sit here and watch” Tingol whispered at Windham’s big ears, before the clumsy elf could ruin his plan.

The bartender threw the big mugs and some of the beer sprinkled over Windham, who tried to get rid of those stinking drips before his robes would smell like that disgraceful place. Tingol grabbed one and gulped at once, burping loudly.

“Oh yeah, that still is the worst beer ever made!” He laughed as he carried the second mug along with him. Tingol walked randomly around the room, until he deliberately approached a table placed at the right corner of the tavern, away from windows and protected by the natural shadows of the poorly lit environment. The table was actually occupied by six burly individuals, most of them several inches taller than Tingol’s current size, those guys also had brawn on their vigorous figures, but the mere look at their nasty faces and most of sensible creatures would just walk away, but the spell might have inflicted the halfling’s better judgment, because he actually used his powerful arm to remove a sleeping wino from his chair, dropping the poor guy at the feculent floor; next, he sipped his beer while spreading his muscular legs to sit at the chair with its back facing the unwelcome occupants of the table.

Even from afar, Windham could tell that all of them were wearing heavy armory and blatantly displaying their shiny long swords and axes. Three of them were actually the Hurook Brothers, the hideous triplets who happened to be the sons of a burly lumberjack named Sid Hurook who sadly fell in the traps of Bertha, the female orc chieftain of Red Claw Clan when she was hunting for suitable domestic slaves. From that painful mating sprawled those three menacing creatures: Gorth, Grecklor and Johnny.

They were unfriendly huge fellows, packed on brute force and violent manners. Each one stood at 7 feet tall weighing close to 400 pounds of dangerous brawn, carrying enormous two-handed axes, weapons that required a tremendous strength to be wielded. Their hideous faces contorted as Tingol approached, but Windham’s new partner acted like he wasn’t paying attention to the burly guards, he actually was focusing directly to the much shorter, yet much more dangerous individual sat between the henchmen.

“Serge, you miserable son of a drunken whore, how are things going with you?” Tingol lifted his mug saluting the menacing face hidden under that dark hood. When the man actually lifted his mug in reply to Tingol’s unusual greeting, Windham noticed that he should be no one else but the alleged chief of the Severed Hand, one of the most dangerous criminal organizations.

“Greetings, stranger, would you give me the honor to know your name, so I can have it written on your tombstone, oh bold friend?” the scarred lips of that dark skinned man were frightening, but Tingol seemed very comfortable with such threatening behavior.

“Oh come on, Serge, don’t you say that you don’t remember the last time you’ve treated me like shit, your coward dog…” Tingol finished his beer, without worrying about the Hurook Brothers standing up, assuming offensive position. But the monstrous siblings actually stopped at the mere gesture of Serge’s hand, who, by his turn, suddenly seemed surprised.

The short slender man leaned over the table and took a better view of Tingol’s handsome look. “Well, well, well, if that’s not the little worm Tingol. I guess someone finally decided to grow inside his pants…” the nasty grin returned to his scarred lips once again.

“I’ve always been bigger than you in there, I’m just bigger everywhere now!” Tingol said pretending he was yawning, just to stretch his muscular limbs, flexing hard his muscles to intimidate the near irrational guards of that dangerous man.

Serge looked directly at Windham, who immediately went red and tried to disguise his own shame. “So, the New Master of Selentia finally got one right, huh?” The man teased, and then the whole tavern laughed with him.

Tingol suddenly stood up, his agility seemed unaltered, despite the increase of his overall bodily size, his muscles and his height simply looked natural and innate, like he had always been that incredibly strong and studly musclebound who dared to face the Severed Hand’s leader and personal guard completely unarmed . Windham tried to help his friend but the smelly big hand of the bartender drew his attention. The monosyllabic grunt just pointed to a sign hanging on the wall which read. “NO SPELLCASTING” but in tiny letters the penalty for transgressing that rule “Transgressors won’t be spared”. Suddenly, Windham noticed why taverns were such a dangerous place for lab rats like him.

Meanwhile, skillfully dodging from slow yet very dangerous assaults of the Triplet henchmen, Tingol easily overpowered them, showing a spectacular domain of his newly augmented strength. Grecklor’s axe actually slipped from the huge paws of the attacker when the blond augmented Halfling easily grabbed his thick arms and immobilized them behind the hairy back of the barbarian for hire.

Gorth roared as he tried to help his brother, launching his incredibly heavy figure against Tingol, but the fighter showed that his strength was only increasing. The blond musclebound easily lifted the heavy body of Grecklor over his head and threw him against Gorth, who fell backwards over a table. Meanwhile, Johnny swung his dangerous axe next to Tingol’s face, and the former Halfling just had time to clap his hands on the blade, flexing his chest and bicep muscles, he forced the attacker to drop his weapon.

The sound of his ripping clothes were muffled by the immediate havoc provoked inside the tavern, yet, no one seemed to notice the mystical glow that emanated from Tingol’s body as he fought the mercenary fighters that worked for Serge. Not to mention the subsequent growth spurts that assaulted his already muscular figure, augmenting and increasing its muscularity, the sheer strength and the amazing power of that now, nearly too-big-to-human-standards body.

No one noticed Tingol’s growth, except for Windham. His trained eyes finally confirmed what he’s been suspecting ever since that morning. The heart raced inside his chest, the elf shook his head several times in disbelief, but when Tingol lifted the bodies of the three Hurook brothers, his body was definitely growing bigger, the spell was still working, triggered by an unknown factor, it renewed and increased the effects over Tingol’s body, who apparently was also unaware of this side effect.

Serge looked at the three knocked body guards and then he gazed upon Tingol’s exulting figure. The massive body and his enormous muscles seemed to glow in his moment of glory, although Windham knew they were actually growing bigger.

“Farewell, you have my attention now, what can I do for you, litt… I mean Big Tingol?” Serge tilted his head and sat back on the table where two other men remained, they were also hooded, but not even the trouble Tingol caused seemed enough to be enough to provoke their reaction.

“I’d like to talk to all of you…” The massive fingers of the increased figure of Windham’s partner pointed to the even more mysterious strangers. Tingol approached the table while Serge reassumed his original place

. “I’m sorry for the mess, Your Honors, but there was no way to deal with such a stubborn dog like Serge…” The bigger Halfling bowed and paid his respects to the hooded figures.

“Farewell, Tingol the Halfling, you’ve earned our attention, what do you want from us?” Captain Edwin Bullhorn said, revealing his alabaster bald head, eagle shaped nose, green eyes and noble features, a fact that shocked all the other customers in the tavern, after all, no one would imagine that the Chief of the Kevronian Militia be likely to meet with the Head of Severed Hand.

Tingol grinned. “Well, humor has it that the Eastern Caravans are not coming to our town, and we all know that Serge is the responsible for its security guard, which means that if the captain of the Militia and the Chancellor himself are meeting with the Severed Hand, I can only imagine that something really grave has happened to the Caravans huh?”

“You are right, Tingol, something really grave has happened, and apparently you think you size up for the job am I wrong?” The deep, dry voice tone belonged to Leland Nantes, a very thin young man with a dubious look, the one and only 12th Chancellor of Kevronia, the highest authority of the town.

“Well, your honor I’m just offering this beloved town my services in exchange of a modest reward…” Tingol said at once, knowing that his strategy had indeed worked just like he had planned out.

“I assume the honorable Windham Broadleaf is gonna join you in this dangerous venture, of course!” Captain Edwin asked, and the elf suddenly felt that he needed to join them at that table.

“Forgive me for the indiscretion, your honors, but my partner was convinced that this caravans issues are indeed worth of worry. Perhaps I can help the hometown of my Master with my arcane knowledge.

“The Master of Selentia is always welcome to help this peaceful town, even if he is not Kevron himself, I’m sure you’ll be a great acquisition for the mission…” Lord Nantes said bitterly.

Captain Edwin stood up. “Obviously, we can no longer discuss this matter here, please let’s go to the Town Chamber…” He announced and then Windham suddenly found himself following an official troop back to the Town Chamber, although he was more worried about the unexplainable continuing hypertrophy. Perhaps the worst had happened; Windham would better try to dispel everything before he harmed Tingol

“Tingol, I need to talk to you…” He tried to talk to the engorged Halfling but Tingol just had this huge grin in his face.

“Did you notice? They now acknowledge they need me! I’m no longer overlooked!” Tingol hugged Windham enthusiastically not paying attention to the impression on the town authorities.

“Yeah, that was a great moment…” The else timidly.

“I’ll finally go after something HUGE, thanks to you my love!” Tingol kissed the hands of his “benefactor” and, with that act, Tingol had unadvisedly dissuaded Broadleaf from trying to undo the spell effects. Windham decided to wait a little longer, maybe the side effects weren’t dangerous. He was just sure that whatever spell malfunction that was happening to Tingol’s body, it was far from being over.

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