Misspelled 4

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“What the hell is the matter with you? Can’t you at least keep a day without making that twerp bigger?” Serge’s voice tone showed his surprise when he noticed right away that the former Halfling was now even bigger than when they parted. The hooded man had been waiting for these two at the outskirts of Kevronia for almost an hour now, and his usual bad temper was now very worse because of their delay.

“It is kind of complicated…” Windham was about to explain the reason for they were so late, after all they had to come by foot because Tingol’s horse simply couldn’t hold on the new weight on that augmented creature. However, as the blond elf tried to speak, he felt his lover’s massive paw gently covering his shoulder.

“Listen here you little shit, what happens between us is not of your business. I’m bigger now and I’ll be probably even bigger the next time you see me, so deal with that, meanwhile we have a mission to accomplish for the Chancellor!” Tingol announced in a deep powerful voice, which matched his new sized look, Windham’s lover wore a hefty and very comfortable loincloth made out of mutton flock, a very tight vest made out of Chimera’s enchanted skin and an enormous pair of boots made out of the finest dragon’s leather.

The wizard spent quite some time looking on Selentia’s uncanny resources to finally put together the massive blond fighter’s new wardrobe. For starters the elven mage didn’t want to hind Tingol’s movements, given that despite his ongoing enlargement, the augmented little guy only seemed to get even more agile and flexible, plus Windham would never dare to cover much of that splendorous fortress of muscle. In sum, Tingol was covered in magical items that would help his muscles to overcome any possible combatant, and that was probably Windham’s attempt to get a bit calmer about that dangerous mission. Serge didn’t need his skills to estimate that the enormous fighter wore a real fortune over his enhanced body, not to mention the massive Enchanted Mythrill War Hammer he now wielded with unexpected nimbleness.

The Head of Severed Hand spat loudly after he heard the harsh response from the former little being, Serge still couldn’t get used to the fact of Tingol’s new size and strength, but he wouldn’t challenge the facts after the tavern episode.

“You said something right for the first time. We are on a mission under Kevronia’s services, so you can’t get caught. That’s why I am in charge now, you will do exactly what I say, understand?” Serge managed to speak such words barely whispering, so Tingol and his mage lover noticed he was not kidding about the secrecy of their mission.

“Fine, fine, just tell us what to do then, shorty…” Tingol said, his massive hand gently pulling Windham close to his humongous muscular body.

Serge pointed to a huge chariot pulled by six bulls. “We are undercover, so Windham and I will ride in the front, while you’re gonna wait inside big fellow…” The sinister man ordered and soon they were leaving Kevronia, heading to the now very dangerous roads of Spring Valley.

During their ride, it soon became noticeable that transporting a massive cargo like the augmented Halfling was a great effort even for six bulls, his massive body filled the interior of the cargo area and he had to lay down to avoid his bulky physique to be spotted from the outside.

“How are we supposed to know who’s their leader?” Windham suddenly pondered which caused Serge to smile for the first time since they met.

“That’s an interesting question but I guess we’ll just have to take them down first, and only then ask them about that!” Tingol said in excitement and the chariot actually moved a bit because of his tremendous weight. The rogue agent waved his head in clear disapproval.

“The Giant leader is usually their eldest, but no matter who that actually is, he’ll be wielding the banner of the Clan painted on his chest so it’s hard to miss him. These retarded three pullers are not very fondled to strategy, so we’ll have to beat them with mind not just with muscles…”

“Well, Serge, my little man, I don’t know about your brains, but my Windham is cleverest man around, besides, I have muscle enough to take down these boulder throwers who’s the strongest after all!” Tingol took his massive hands behind his head and “danced” with his giant sized biceps in order to emphasize his point. Windham felt both embarrassed and aroused by that display of self confidence and muscularity.

A couple of hours later, the trio were now very far from their hometown following down the Trade Route, they already had seen the earlier sights of the destruction provoked by the war between Giants and Cyclops. Serge suddenly halted the bulls, and then he focused his senses in order to capture the slightest details at the darkness of the landscape around them. Windham watched carefully as Serge seemed to reach things that weren’t there for anyone else’s senses.

“Yep, we are getting closer alright! Those giants are camping nearby; I can almost smell their reek from here. They must be standing down to defend their recent conquests. Soon we’re gonna have to act quickly.” He whispered without turning to face the mage at his side. The bond wizard gulped and made sure he had all his spells and magical items ready for any possible situation.

“It’s okay, Serge, little man. Just leave me here and I’ll show those bastards a thing or two about fighting!” Tingol prepared to get off the chariot, wielding the enormous hammer, but Windham practically hugged his entire arm.

“Have you lost your mind? This is their camp, in the name of the High Spirits! There are lots of giants ready to crush us before you have any chance to react!” Windham said in a very angry tone, which suddenly got Tingol to reconsider his action.

“Calm down, Wind. You don’t have to worry about me, okay? I can handle these guys!” Tingol easily maneuvered his massive arm and nested the slender elf in his massive arms, noticing that he was indeed very shaky and nervous.

“Windham, even before you made me this big, I was never afraid of giants, you do know that halflings are experts in fighting much bigger enemies, using our little size as a weapon against their lack of agility. Now I feel that I not only don’t fear their size but I also know that I can be stronger and still even faster than those round bellied oafs!” Tingol messed with Windham’s silky blond hair trying to make him feel a bit more secure.

“I know that, and I also want to believe its true, but I’m still so worried about you fighting those monsters” Tingol lowered the tone of his voice “You know what might happen and I’m afraid about things running out of our control…” Windham said resting his long pointy ears on Tingol’s ample muscular chest.

Tingol smirked “Don’t worry about me getting bigger, buddy. You know I will never regret having you casting that spell on me, and I don’t want you to feel guilty anymore okay?” Finally, the elven arcane seemed comforted enough to let go of his lover’s embrace, mostly because Serge was sure to get their attention.

“If the lovey-dovey couple is through with this shit, we have serious business to attend!” The Head of Severed Hand groaned as he conducted the chariot through the each time narrower roads of the Spring Valley.

On their right side the Rocky Hills sheltered an entire civilization of the Mountain Giants, on their left side, the Tar Swamps hosted innumerous families of hideous Cyclops. Both of these races were now fighting a mysterious war that had been depleting Kevronia from its precious supplies, and somehow they were granted powerful magical weaponry, something that instantly turned a ridiculous tribal brawl into a serious logistical problem that would soon result in the economical annihilation of one of the mightiest cities of the Free Realms.

Windham felt his bowels moving in violent spasms, that explained why he wasn’t much of an adventurer but rather a studious of magical tradition, the excitement and the anxiety of an upcoming battle always had that effect over him, he wasn’t much sure about his value in the battlefield, after all his clumsy spells could indeed cause much more trouble than aid. However, Tingol’s huge paw covered his shaky slenderer one and the massive fighter hugged him, nesting the graceful elven body closer to his own muscular fortress, trying to pass a little of the enormous confidence he had.

“Don’t worry little buddy, I know you’re gonna cast amazing spells against those idiots, they won’t stand a chance against your brain and my brawn!” Tingol said much louder than Serge would have liked.

“Enough with the pep talk, and let’s get down to business. Tingol you’ll get down there and stay quiet until I tell you to attack; Windham do you think you can cast some illusionary effects upon us?” The rogue asked with a smirk on his scarred lips.

A few moments later, the narrow road underneath the Rocky Hills revealed an advanced watch post of the Giants, which truly meant that a couple of these enormous brawny beings lazily walked around the area, ready to smash anything that looked remotely suspicious, and the sudden appearance of dozens of flaming chariots coming against them with a tremendous speed was something highly alarming.

The giant sentinels grunted in their primitive languages, but instead of assuming defensive position they just launched their humongous bodies against the flaming menace that grew each time closer of them. The tribal roars of those primitive fighters echoed at the narrowness of that ravine, the silence of that night was broken by the hysterical battle cry of two immense beings suddenly hitting against the solidness of the rocky Hills.

The imbecile monsters needed a few seconds to recover from the little trick Windham had put together thanks to Serge’s suggestions; the illusionary spell had them believe a dozen of flaming chariots attacked them, so the idiots just attacked them as well, but as they passed through thin air it was already too late to avoid hitting the massive solid walls.

Meanwhile, the only real chariot could then freely pass through the fallen guards; Serge ordered the horses to go as fast as they could, while the shrieking sounds provoked by the sentinels that not only alerted the rudimentary troops of the Hill Giants, but their hatred enemies as well. The sound of the War Horns of the Swamp Cyclops soon filled the ravine, just in time as the Giants reinforcement came down the hills, already swinging their enormous magical weaponry. Soon, Giants and Cyclops were fighting each other again, never realizing that single vehicle had just broken their so called security.

Serge stopped the chariot near the cliff and they sneaked out, reaching for the shadows cast by the moonlight against the rocky walls.

“I still think we should have let me kick their sorry asses!” Tingol whispered on Windham’s big ears as they begun their climb up to the village.

“That would be useless you big oaf! They would just realize we were the real invaders and the mission would be ruined!” Serge intervened, immediately trying to shoosh the augmented little being.

The animalistic sounds of the beasts which irrationally fight each other got behind them, but it still didn’t mean they were safe, the Giant village was just ahead that rocky wall, and that’s the place of their mission goal after all.

The giant village was a rather simplistic scenario: the inhabitants had literally dug their homes into the solid rock, creating huge series of tunnels and caves that interconnected inside the mountain, almost like a much bigger and less designed dwarven tradition. The few buildings are destined for storage room and a very primitive kind of trade exchange. Because the alarm, most of the warriors were down the hill fighting the Cyclops menace, only a few selected sentinels are still mounting guard on the most crucial points.

“That’s the village temple and right over there is the Chieftain’s cave…” Serge pointed with his long fingers the two greatest cave entrances on that primitive rocky village.

Windham pondered the situation for a while. “So what is the plan?”

The rogue agent smiled nastily back at the noble Master of Selentia. “The idea is that we’ll get the chief while the others are distracted…”

Windham gulped; he didn’t really like the simplicity of that plan, not just because he would have to find a way to overpower a real life giant, but mostly because of Tingol’s grin once Serge suggested someone had to distract the remaining guards.

“I’ll get the guards and you two stall that little chief until I’m ready to knock him out!” Tingol said flexing his now incredibly huge muscles, and Windham noticed that no matter how many times he watched that muscle flex he would always go incredibly horny and excited about the mere idea of that massive muscle growing even bigger.

Windham was about to ask Tingol to be careful, when Serge just pulled him away as they headed inside the Chieftain’s hut.

Tingol smiled as he casually walked to what could be called as the main square of that ridiculous imitation for a town. The former Halfling grinned as he lifted his enormous battle hammer.

“Come on you weakling boulder throwers! Let me see what you capable of are!” His now booming deep voice echoed through the silence of the night, but the brave former Halfling he would get company very soon. Just as he thought, several giant guards appeared from the caves, running right towards them.

“I’m Tingol the giant butt kicker; and I’m here to teach you not to mess with my town!” The blond muscle behemoth taunted his adversaries as the remaining guards roared towards him, carrying giant versions of deadly sharp halberds.

Tingol just nodded his head as every guard was out to attack him; although they were at least three heads taller than the blond fighter, those burly bearded men were comparatively out of shape when compared to Tingol’s glorious muscles.

On top of their lack of muscular quality, those rudimentary fighters had no style on them, just sheer brute force that was not just easily defeated with Tingol’s fighting finesse; the augmented halfling noticed in several occasions that he was actually much stronger than those bearded bullies. No matter how hard they tried to beat him, they simply were not a match for Tingol’s uncanny strength.

One by one, the giant guards were tossed to the side as Tingol cleared the way for combating the rest of the enormous foes. Apparently, it didn’t matter if Tingol was practically the same size of his enemies, he just continued fighting with same expertise his tiny people had when they were facing large creatures, the difference was the incredibly amount of power Tingol’s augmented muscles now contained, with a single blow the blond behemoth could knock down a 13’ tall giant.

However, the true reason for the apparent easiness of each combat was not due the lack of ability of his enemies, but in fact, Tingol was growing more muscular at each opponent he knocked down, his already massive muscles, flexed and bulged bigger as Tingol fluidly passed by each guard, using not just his weapons, but mostly his uncanny strength to overpower the so far taller, but not even nearly as strong as the growing behemoth. Tingol felt power rushing through his thick veins, feeding his muscles with renewed energies for the next fight, and giving him even more strength because his muscles increased, enhanced and augmented themselves, which caused his body to look each time wider, thicker and taller, easily dwarfing the taller giants, but when it came to muscle mass, no one could defeat the newly grown and still growing bigger Tingol.

Meanwhile, Serge and Windham sneaked into the Chieftain’s cave, using their much smaller bodies to hide in the shadows created by such immense objects of the giant sized rustic furniture. That place was filled with a pungent smell of some kind of brew that almost got Windham to puke, but to Serge’s expertise, it pointed out that someone was still inside that place.

The scarred man looked at Windham’s nervous expression and pointed him to go inside the room on his right. The rough lighting only permitted partial view of its interior, the wizard gulped before he actually obeyed the order. That room seemed to be some kind of food storage room, lots of salted parts of huge mammals were hanging on the ceiling, several huge sacks of cereal had been tore, filling the floor with seeds and grains. Windham was about to go away when he noticed a huge bulk coming towards him.

“I’LL CRUSH YOU TINY MAN!” The deep voice suddenly filled the elven big sized ears of the wizard, but before he could actually cast a protection spell, Windham just had time to turn to his left side, squeezing his lean body against the wall to let the massive bulk fall heavily on the ground. Serge mounted on the man’s thick neck and held his rope against the huge neck of that creature. No matter how strongly it struggled to break free, the agile man had the much bigger creature under his domain.

“This is enchanted silk, you baboon! Try as you might, but it’s just gonna get tighter, big guy! I would cooperate before you are dead!” Serge threatened, looking down at Windham’s face. Though the elf was incredibly pissed for being used as bait, he also couldn’t help but feeling sorry for the asphyxiating giant.

“Now, are you gonna work with me?” Serge asked before he released some of the tension on his suffocating weapon, and the bearded big bodied cook just nodded nervously.

“Great, now where’s the Elder Lamar?” Serge made the question, but all the time he kept his prey under complete control, pulling his sharp sword and placing it at the exactly lethal point of the giant’s neck.

“Lamar...dead…” The giant managed to whisper as he tried to recover his breath, but right after he answered, Serge cut his throat mercilessly, the giant man died horribly as he tried to scream. Windham was just shocked to the cruelty of that man, who just cleaned the blood of his blade on the spotless fabric of the mage’s robes.

“Come on, we need to go to the Temple!” Serge pulled the horrified elf along with him.

“Why? He told us the leader is dead!” Windham dumbly asked.

“If the king is dead, long live the king!” Serge sneered behind his scarred lips, as they got closer to the entrance of the village temple, the biggest cave in that primitive civilization.

Windham noticed right away that such building was not as rudimentary as the rest of that poor town, the detailed carving on the entrance adorned with powerful mystical inscriptions indicated this giant people was very fond of magic craft, which is not very good for those trying to kidnap their leader.

“Oh come on, you big wussies! Is that the best you have to give?” Tingol said as he tossed the last defeated guard to his side. The blond massive warrior just looked at the big bodied enemies he had beaten; like Windham had asked, he had not killed the poor guys, just made sure they were out of combat for a long time; Tingol also took care to pile their magical weaponry so Windham could take it out of their irrational hands.

Seeking for any weakling giant guard that he might had overlooked, Tingol accidentally gazed upon the upper area of the village just when his slender lover and the despicable Serge entered the cavernous temple of the giant town, after the new leader of that burly people, but just then he spotted Windham’s clumsy legs tripping on each other, which almost caused the thin elf to fall on his face. The massive fighter corked his relatively small head and adjusted his humongous weapon on his shoulder and calmly marched towards the same place where his beloved little elf had just entered.

Meanwhile, the mage and the thief had already entered into the huge cavernous temple of the giant village. Inside the humongous place, there was just a massive altar carved on the rugged rock wall and a few ceremonial relics displayed according to their priesthood tradition. Serge and his elven partner peeked at four giants standing just in front of the altar; three of them looked really old, their massive wrinkled muscles and their silver long hair attested their advanced age, these elders held their big paws chanting incomprehensible words, reciting some kind of magical phrase, while the fourth one whose red hair stood out in the middle of that grey sea, remained respectfully quiet at the center of that burly circle.

Serge grinned as he whispered into Windham’s big ears.

“You get the elders and I’ll take care of the red head.” Serge announced as he seemed to melt with the darkness of that place. Windham never had the time to question the sanity of that idea, because the elders already seemed to notice someone had invaded their sacred hideout.

Surprisingly, the giants assumed defensive formation, their long beards and mustaches covered roaring mouths, but Windham already sensed the putrid smell of their toothless gums. The older men held their weapons and chanted united, which produced a strong glow around them.

“They’re calling upon their holly might! Oh wise Kevron they’re warpriests!” Windham fears built up as he readied his most effective attack spells. The recitation produced an incredible effect over these giant elders; their muscles flexed harder and their bodies regained some of their lost youth, their figures seemed more imponent and powerful.

Windham that being on the ground was not a good idea, because even the lightheaded arcane knew that a giant loves to crush his smaller adversaries under their huge feet. So, as soon as he noticed the giants coming in his direction, the flying spell took him off the ground, the elf flew higher the reach of these dangerous feet and their humongous arms.

The fourth giant, noticeably younger than the priests seemed hesitant, for one side he wanted to join his elders to fight the menace, Windham strangely represented, but the clerics shouted something at him, forcing the younger to lower his weapons and to remain in the center of the formation the priests had established. The elven squeezed his magically trained eyes and noticed the reason that unusual warning to the younger giant, each giant priest had created a magical barrier of invisible force blades, which rotated at an incredible speed, cutting everything that approached the formation, and only those with magically imbued senses would be able to notice that powerful menace.

Windham couldn’t risk giving out Serge’s location, so he just hoped the thief’s uncanny dexterity would get him out of that dangerous place, at the same time, the mage noticed the giants wouldn’t just stare at his floating figure. The humongous priests threw boulders and everything they could find inside the temple and it actually needed some great maneuvering skills to escape unharmed from the lethal objects thrown at Windham’s delicate physique.

Suddenly, a yell of agonizing pain erupted from nowhere, from between the bodies of two elders Serge’s bleeding body just appeared out of nowhere a few inches from the red haired young giant, who quickly grabbed his tiny thin body. The blade barrier spell is really useful when applied against such kind of enemies.

“Behold tiny mage! Your friend is in my hands, now you’ll surrender to us!” the voice was actually shaky and unsure, but it successfully convinced Windham that Serge’s life would be at stake.

“If you hurt him, then you’ll be dooming all of you!” Windham’s hands glowed in a red ball of energy, and although the green eyes of the red haired giant actually widened, the elven wizard’s poor bluffing would never pass through such experienced priests.

“Don’t let yourself be fooled by his empty threats, this elven scum is lying, young Garth!” One of the elders alerted him about Windham’s bluff. Unlike Serge would probably be faithful to his promise, the wizard would never actually do anything that might endanger his mission partner’s life.

Windham looked at the grinning priest who called his bluff, the elf knew the giants now had leverage against them, but he hoped he could still drag that whole negotiation until something changed. Unfortunately, the three priests were really smart; the elven noticed they were reading dispelling incantations to fire against him, so if he wanted to avoid falling on his ass from over 30 feet, he needed to think fast.

“I AM THE MASTER OF SELENTIA! And I came to you to stop this ridiculous war with the Cyclops of the Tar Swamps! Your foolish brawling is keeping the caravans from reaching Kevronia!” Windham used all his concentration to sound as determined and threatening as he could.

The elders held their spells for a moment. “The war against the Cyclops is a designation of our beloved Gods; we serve as divine retribution for their sins!” Windham sensed some twisted, yet, undeniable truth in that devoted speech.

“This war has already caused a great deal of destruction! Cease the war, and give up your weaponry, then I shall consider your forgiveness!” Broadleaf couldn’t believe in his own gutsy attitude, he knew those giants were capable of knocking him down if they wanted, but something about fighting against the all powerful master of Selentia forced the priests to reconsider their actions.

“These are gifts from the Heavens! We shall oblige to the designs of the Gods!” One of the priests protested very loudly, but the other two were reluctant.

“If we stop fighting, the Cyclops shall destroy what is left of our village!” the younger one, apparently named Garth, said, still holding Serge’s body firmly in his huge hands. Windham suddenly realized that the red haired giant had a good point. Whatever triggered this war, had acted in both sides of the dispute.

“If you promise to hold your weapons for a while, I shall personally mediate the terms for a peace treaty with the Cyclops of the Swamps.” Windham tried to sound confident enough in his own diplomacy skills, so he would convince the burly giants.

“There’s nothing to discuss with the hound of hell! They’ve poisoned our hunting fields and killed our beloved leader” The priests yelled back at the scared figure of the slender blond elf.

“We shall get our revenge! We will crush the bastards and everything on our way, even tiny people’s cities!” The eldest priest suddenly spoke, lifting his weapon higher, he cast the dispelling effect directly against Windham, who just had the time to quickly counter attack the spell, creating a huge ball of energy that busted into brilliant magical flames, cancelling both spells.

Windham knew that if the other two attacked him at the same time, there would be no way he could block two spells at the same time, he tried to fly higher, but the ceilings on the cave were not high enough for the spell range of such massive casters.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!” The powerful yell shook the entire cave, in a mighty explosion of power and velocity, Tingol busted through the cave entrance, using his incredibly muscular figure to protect him as he charged against the giant opponents.

Those were indeed skilled opponents who knew pretty much how to use their size and strength in their advantage, they quickly held their shields and prepared for the attack, but nothing in the world would have prepared them for what followed next. Tingol’s strength combined with the uncanny speed he had developed had created such a powerful force that not even three giant and their powerful magical shields were able to resist.

The sound of the impact was not just deafening, it contained some unearthed power that stunned everybody in the room for exception of Tingol. The sheer weight of three elder giant priests was simply not enough to hold the strength possessed by Tingol’s muscles; the former Halfling just dragged the heavy bodies of the priests across the ceremonial place, his speed had not diminished at all after the impact, and whatever resistance the despaired clerical giants helplessly attempted to establish, simply was not working at all, because Tingol’s enormously huge legs flexed and bulged even bigger with each new step, getting closer and closer to the opposite wall.

As Tingol hit the rugged rocky wall of that cavernous temple, it felt like the whole place would collapse over their heads. Windham had never seen such uncanny display of strength before, his lover had just shaken an entire mountain. The dusty cloud filled the place, and the mage noticed when Garth tossed Serge’s unconscious body to the side and launched against his beloved protector.

Tingol’s powerful attack was just devastating. Not only had the priests crashed against a solid wall of granite, but they had been instantly knocked out by the sandwich effect of being caught by the impact between the sheer hardness of Tingol’s muscles and the solid granite mountain.

Tingol, on the other hand, was harmless. After the ground stopped shaking and the dust provoked by the crash subsided, Windham gasped as he saw his lover picking up the passed out bodies of the three giant elders, piling them atop of his massive shoulder. Their combined weight still didn’t represent a challenge for Tingol’s strength, and his muscles now looked so big, that the elven wizard had to focus really strongly not to cum right there. Tingol’s whimsical smirk, the teasing look of his massive lover, shifting the unconscious bodies of the elders as they were mere little beings was just too much for Windham’s lust.

“These guys should learn how to treat the Master of Selentia with the proper respect!” Tingol commented, addressing to his lover, already reading the lustful signs on his slender beautiful body. Both of them had completely forgotten about Garth, who stood there speechless, watching as his elders had been so easily defeated by that creature that wasn’t nearly as tall as a giant, but had the strength of dozens of Titans.

Garth was probably a youngster among his people, and not just that, he should be very inexperienced in the battlefield as well, because he was literally spellbound by all the latest events. Noticing that Tingol had defeated his mentors, the red haired giant held his massive bastard sward and yelled like a maniac, his huge body was considerably taller than Tingol’s, but all the brawn and the muscles he carried were just too little when compared to those displayed by the former Halfling’s physique.

Acting out of pure instinct, Windham cast a stunning orb to halt the giant’s attack, but he noticed right in time that it was not necessary. As the young giant launched towards Tingol, the massive blond warrior just looked at him with a disdain look.

“Listen here, stretch, I don’t wanna hurt your pretty face, but if you take one more step, you’re gonna follow your geezers in dreamland you hear me?” Tingol warned the advancing enemy, completely unafraid of the booming giant coming against him.

Garth stopped, perhaps he might have finally noticed that no matter how much taller he was compared to his adversary; he was just too weak to face such a powerful combatant.

“That’s nice kid, now drop your weapon and kick it away from you…” Tingol ordered, he was actually carrying his elders on the left shoulder, but he had his massive hammer ready in his other hand just in case Garth hadn’t stopped. The young giant obeyed, kicking the sword closer to the spot Windham was.

“Who are you, and why do you betray your people?” Garth asked Tingol in a mix of disgust and surprise. The giant youngster was actually much taller than Tingol, who should be just well over eight feet tall, but their masses were just out of comparison. Tingol was visually nearly twice heavier than Garth, and Next to the blond behemoth, Garth looked like a lanky weakling kid, his legs were much thinner than Tingol’s massive arms, his chest looked completely flat when compared to Windham lover’s; as a giant, Garth couldn’t feel more humiliated, he had been dwarfed by that “mini-giant”.

“Betraying my people? I am not a giant, you moron!” Tingol’s laughter once again shook the entire cavern once again.

“You’re lying, I’ve never seen a human so tall, neither so muscular!” Garth retorted feeling each time more frustrated.

“Of course you haven’t! I’m much stronger and more muscular than all those losers, but I am not a human, and before you jump into conclusions, I am not related to orcs or trolls either!” Tingol added in a mocking tone.

“Then how come you are so big?” Garth asked in a much lower voice, almost like he was trying to answer that question, but his little knowledge was just not enough…

“I am actually a Halfling, but thanks to my friend Windham Broadleaf I could get this big, and I still aspire to grow a lot bigger yet!” Tingol said pointing at his wizard lover.

“You made a Halfling grow into this size?”Garth asked, suddenly impressed with the power of the thin blond elf.

“Well, I wasn’t kidding when I told you, I’m the Master of Selentia Tower, my magical powers are legendary!” Windham posed as he said such things, and Tingol had to focus not to laugh at his lover, not that he wasn’t a great wizard, but he sure wasn’t as powerful as someone would expect from “The master of Selentia”.

“Now that you know my little secret, we also have some questions to make…” the massive Halfling announced approaching the much taller but yet completely intimidated giant youngster.

“What are you talking about?” Garth said stepping away from Tingol’s approaching figure.

“Relax, we are just taking you for a walk, now THINK FAST!” Tingol said as he quickly tossed the unconscious bodies of the elders at Garth’s unprepared shocked figure.

Serge’s head felt really heavy. The blade barrier spell can be pretty dangerous, and it’s especially effective against those who dare to cross the invisible blades of magical power. “Ohhhh, where am I?” the rogue asked still feeling his limbs aching.

“Hey, hey, look who’s back!” Tingol’s voice boomed in Serge’s ears.

“What happened? Where did the giants go?” Serge asked suddenly afraid but Tingol just grinned pointing at behind his massive back.

Windham conducted the chariot in which they had came to the village, meanwhile, Tingol walked just a few feet behind, leading the line of “souvenir gifts for Lord Nantes”. The giants followed after them, everyone had been tied and properly imprisoned by powerful spells, so there would be no surprises on their way back to Kevronia.

“I guess we didn’t need you to capture the giants at all…” Tingol teased as he made sure the prisoners were following at the proper pace, no matter how hard it was for him, Serge had to swallow his pride and acknowledge that without the massive strength of that huge Halfling, they would never be able to accomplish that goal.

“Well, at least I’ll get my share of the reward…”Serge whispered to himself as he reached for the horses’ reins from Windham’s hands.

“What are we exactly gonna do with these guys? The giants won’t be happy once they noticed we kidnapped their leaders…” Windham pondered as he assumed the passenger’s seat.

“I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care…”Serge said in his usual street smart tone.
“Besides, we should be careful from now on, we just kidnapped the leaders of the giant tribe, I don’t think they’ll be happy with the latest events…” the mage considered, sinking in his own chair as he imagined the possibilities.

“I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you, your boyfriend had the strongest among them totally overpowered, and I don’t think the rest will be any less easy.” Serge grinned as he devised the city of Kevronia not far from their current position.

Lord Nantes wasn’t fondled of long periods of sleep, he preferred to spend most of his nights studying and planning for the future, so when the guards came looking for him, Nantes already guessed what have brought them into his presence.

“Milord, we came to report that the expedition had returned…

“Tell Edwin that I’m on my way, I’ll personally handle the inquisition!” Nantes announced looking harshly at his guards, who just greeted him and parted right away. Leland calmly retraced the steps on his plan. He might have been caught by surprise by the immense size of Windham’s lover, but in a way it actually helped his plan.

“Besides, with the elder giant Lamar already dead, there’s no way those imbecile creatures will link me to the magical weaponry, and soon, I’ll have Windham wrapped around my little finger. I’ll have Selentia and his master at my will, the strength and the power to crush all my enemies…” Nantes grinned as he got out of his office.

Captain Edwin watched as the huge giants were locked in massive cells in Kevronia’s dungeon, the size on his prisoners were indeed incredible, but no one seemed to pay attention to the prisoners, but rather to their capturer. Tingol stood proudly towering over the rest of the guard, with a smirk on his corky lips.

“Hey Captain, is everything okay in here? Have you and your men lost any weight?” Tingol asked looking down at the Kevronia Guard members.

“What are you talking about?” Captain Bullhorn seemed worried all of a sudden.

“Well you all seem to be shrinking. Oh wait, is it me who is getting bigger?” Tingol teased looking down at the dwarfed human’s figure. “YOU BET YOUR ASS I AM GETTING BIGGER EDWIN!” Tingol laughed flexing his huge muscles.

“Soon, I’ll be bigger than those skinny giants!” Tingol pointed at his humiliated prisoners, not one of them dared to say a thing; they all knew that this magically augmented Halfling had completely overpowered them. Even Bullhorn was visibly disturbed by the obnoxious behavior of that mammoth sized creature.

From the distance, Windham chuckled as Tingol teased the smaller captain of Kevronian guard. Tingol was indeed getting even with all those who used to make little of his short size, and due to his latest growth spurts, his body had grown so massive, the elven wizard was just anxious to run his measuring tape all over the massive muscles of his beloved.

“That was indeed a very interesting spell you casted on that former little one…” Nantes commented appearing right next to Windham’s side, which actually scared the distracted mage.

“Oh, yeah, well, it made him so happy. I’m glad I could help a friend in the need.” Windham said noticeably uncomfortable for such unexpected commented.

Nantes grinned “It is always comforting to know that the Master of Selentia Tower is always willing to help those in the need…” Nantes said smiling toothily to the suspicious wizard as he got even closer to him.

“Do you intend to reduce this guy when you go to bed with him?” The Chancellor asked in a very discrete tone, but it sounded like he was actually mocking of Windham and his massive companion.

“Erm… no… I mean, I don’t know, his growth is just …”

“Out of your control right?” Nantes grinned as noticed that Windham nodded his head nervously, he didn’t want to confess such embarrassing detail, but something compelled him to do so, the Chancellor then showed a glowing crystal in his hand.

“Don’t worry, Master, I was just testing this Crystal of Truth, if managed to work against your sheer willpower, I’m sure those giants won’t stand a chance against it.”

Windham felt outraged, but he also couldn’t deny that Tingol’s growth was indeed out of his control, but what bugged him the most was the fact that Nantes was toying around with a crystal of truth, what other kinds of cruel truth extracting methods would be willing resource to get what he wanted from those giants?

“You and your companion might leave now, Master Windham, we will take care of the inquisition from now on…” Edwin announced as Lord Nantes approached him with the same smile that sent the elven wizard in shivers.

Tingol easily picked Windham’s worried body from the ground and hefted him to his shoulder, where the lean elf had more than enough space to sit;

“Let’s get going Wind, let them with easiest job, we already softened these guy for them…” Tingol said as he carried his lover out of the dungeon, but Windham couldn’t forget the feeling something wrong was still to happen.

As soon as Windham and Tingol left, Nantes dismissed his loyal captain Bullhorn, who clearly protested at this idea…

“But milord, these are cleric on top of being giants, you might be in danger…”

“Just leave me alone, Edwin.” Nantes said without taking his eyes of the crystal he had brought with him. The captain and the guards left the dungeon and finally Leland was alone with his giant prisoners.

“You’ll waste your time, little man; I know nothing of your sortileges!” One of the elders bravely said.

“Oh, but you will, my big gests, you will do all kind of things I want you to …” Nantes said toying with the crystal in his hands.

To be continued