Misspelled 3

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Windham was still trying to process all the horrible things Lord Nantes and Captain Bullhorn had uncovered about the missing caravans. He could still barely understand how one recent war rising between such primitive races like the Swamp Cyclops and the Mountain Giants could achieve such dangerous proportions.

Lord Nantes seemed to have read the mage’s thoughts, his thin lips corked as he grinned. “The Master of Selentia should take in his consideration that, despite the early stages of their social development, Cyclops and Giants are very ancient people dedicated to the Art of War; let’s not forget that both these races are incredibly strong and powerful besides the fact of their solid priesthood tradition, which is dedicated to Barbarian Gods of War, Strength and Destruction.”

Serge grunted. “Anyway, while these huge imbeciles are fighting for dominance over the Spring Valley, not one single caravan will be able to cross it. But the REAL problem is that all alternative routes to Kevronia have been sabotaged, even the sea trade is jeopardized by constant pirate attacks!” His scarred lips showed his true anger.

“That’s not a big deal, someone just have to teach those weaklings a lesson! That’s not really that hard!” Tingol pronounced the words with clear disdain; Windham guessed that the engorging spell must have affected his logical thinking.

“Don’t you think we have tried that before, big guy?” Captain Bullhorn was usually a tempered man, but he couldn’t help amusing himself with the nerve of that huge Halfling. “Our forces were just crushed under their huge feet, but the worst part is that we are almost sure those goons are getting magical help…”

“What do you mean, captain?” Windham asked suddenly more interested in that entire story because fighting with Cyclops and Giants was really not his most favorite hobby.

Lord Nantes jumped in. “Captain Bullhorn reported that both kinds wielded sophisticated magical weaponry, which is completely unusual for such primitive cultures.”

The captain nodded. “Yes, they usually throw rocks and threes at each other, but now we saw legions of those humongous creatures fighting with giant versions of the best swords and axes, they were incredibly powerful…” The bald man ordered and a few soldiers brought this double headed War Hammer, over five times bigger than the biggest common version of that heavily crafted weaponry.

“That must weigh a ton!” Serge commented as he examined the beautiful craving and the craftwork on the piece. “This is definitely magical equipment, probably enchanted mythrill and we all know this stuff is very hard to get…”

Tingol approached the huge weapon and easily lifted it from the table, his muscles flexed and bulged, even though that was supposed to be used with two hands, the new sized Halfling liked the way that huge weapon felt on his equally huge hand.

“Can I keep this as a souvenir?” He asked the Captain, and the bald man waved his head energetically.

“It’s the Town Chamber not a gift shop you moron! Besides this is war spoils not just a mere toy!” Edwin said harshly, trying to take the hammer from Tingol’s hand.

Windham suddenly noticed an overlooked fact. “Cyclops and Giants wielding enchanted mythrill weaponry in a sudden war, all the alternative routes to Kevronia sabotaged… It is almost like someone had been architecting this whole thing…” The elf considered this for a second, before it hit him like a ton of bricks.

“Wait, they’re not at war… They’re just playing with their new toys!” Windham could be clumsy when it came to spellcasting but he was still a very educated and intelligent, his radiant cleverness threw a light over the mystery.

Even Lord Nantes seemed surprised. “Someone gave the weapons for them, and such imbecile creatures just started this war out of no reason. It is so twisted and sick that it is actually a brilliant plan.”

Serge intervened “Only if that person also conjured the sabotage on the other routes, which seems much likely to happen.” The sinister leader of the Rogue Guild pondered.

“This is a direct attack at Kevronia! Someone is trying to dry us out before they attack!” Edwin said, finally giving up on his attempts to remove the Hammer from Tingol’s massive hands.

“If so, there’s only one way to find out more; we have to interrogate those creatures!’ Lord Nantes scratched his delicate chin.

Serge seemed to share the Chancellor’s idea “And only a few guys would happen to know about the person who gave such powerful weaponry to them…”

Windham gasped. “You want to interrogate the leader of the Giants?”

“Of course not, dear Windham, but I do need them to be captured and brought into our headquarters, where our specialists will take care if such task…” Leland couldn’t wipe that grin of his lips.

Edwin gazed upon Tingol’s face “So giant little one, are you up for the task? If you pull that right, you can keep this hammer!” The captain said knowing that Tingol’s pride and greediness would be put to test.

“Of course I am up for the task! Consider that weakling giant arrested!” Tingol said bravely hoisting his giant hammer in the air, which caused his insanely huge muscles to flex even harder and bigger.

“Wait, you can’t be serious! Sending one guy to capture the Giant’s elder? It’s just crazy!” Windham protested.

“Well, he’s not gonna be alone in this venture, noble wizard, I will be joining this amplified twerp, after all, we have to make sure this will be a successful mission…” Serge whispered on Windham’s ears, which gave him shivers of fear.

“Don’t worry, Wind, it’ll a piece of cake!” Tingol flexed his arm and chest muscles which caused the vest he had improvised with the mage’s robes to finally explode in a million shreds, leaving his naked massive torso exposed. “Oops!” the Halfling grinned, tightening his eyes and showing the two slightly oversized frontal teeth, another character of his race.

Windham sighed. “I’ll go with them!” The Master of Selentia announced.

“Are you sure to leave your Tower unprotected, milord?” Nantes teased.

“Selentia is always under surveillance, Chancellor, no one can enter there without my permission …” Windham replied in a condescending tone.

Leland and Edwin quickly exchanged looks of approval.

“Farewell, we’ll leave tonight, it’ll be better if travel reach those boulder throwers under the cloak of night! You have eleven hours to get ready!” Serge ordered as he left the room with Tingol and Windham following right behind.

“Eleven hours? I need more time to prepare my spells, you obnoxious criminal!” Windham protested but Tingol seemed worried about something else.

“You wouldn’t have another robe to spare huh?” He asked the shorter elf who suddenly reminded that one hour was far too little time to find a solution for his growing problems.

Watching that colorful display, Edwin excused and let the Chancellor on his private office.

The undeniably charming beauty of Leland Nantes was actually commented all over the County. With dark brown bowl styled hair and tanned skin, intense onyx eyes and stunningly facial features, his body slim, tight and very fit and Leland was just as thin as any elf, his polite manner and tender gestures always smoothed people, that was indeed a nice quality when you were a politician, the least frightening you look, the more people will underestimate your actions and intentions.

Kevronia’s Chancellor sat on his desk, reaching for a key around his neck to open a secret drawer; from there he retrieved a small black box which he opened with a great pleasure.

“You were a fool to leave Selentia for that pathetic fool! Kevron, you may have turned me out as your apprentice but I still have ways to get what I need from you…” Leland held in his hand a very unusual and enormous black pearl which shone with intense glow.

“I still can’t understand how come you stay so cool about this…” Windham said in a low tone. After many times he had explained his recent testimonies about the spell he cast upon Tingol, the augmented being still remained cheerful and unworried.

“And I can’t still understand what’s so bad about getting even more muscular!” Tingol said looking at his reflection on the magical mirror of Windham’s bedroom in Selentia, that special piece enlarged according to the person reflected. Tingol delighted himself with the fact that he now stood at 6’4” and 334 pounds of extremely ripped and massive muscles, definitely towering over any human male.

The mage realized it was like talking to a wall “I just don’t want you to get hurt…” He whispered to himself and then his musclebound partner caught the slim elf in his arms.

“I promise that if I feel anything weird at all, you’ll be the first to know!” Tingol said playfully as he carried the incredibly light wizard around his lab.

“Tingol, I’m serious, you have to let me at least check what’s going on with you!” The blond mage protested as the humongous former halfling tickled his very sensitive ribcage underneath his toned slender muscles.

“Come on it’s just an excuse to know how much bigger I’ve gotten…” Tingol insisted, sliding his huge fingers in Windham’s ribcage just to see how fast that elf could twist and spin in his arms. After a few extra moments of giggling and chuckling torture the massive Tingol decided to play by his lover’s rules. Windham gathered his breath, dried his laughing tears and prepared his measuring tape, to run an overall check on that still enlarging Halfling’s body.

“You’re still growing taller, 6’5” now…” The even mage commented as he needed the help of his lover to get an accurate measurement of his height. Then he proceeded to measure Tingol’s body stats.

“Smoking Fireballs!” Windham said as he took note of Tingol’s chest circumference. “71 inches? That cannot be possible!”

“Wait…” Tingol inhaled and the tape slipped between the gentle long elven fingers.

Windham gulped. “That’s 78 inches now…Why did you do that?”

“So you can see how big it can really gets!” Tingol said as he exhaled.

“You’re not taking this seriously, Tingol…” The mage protested.

“Come on, I’m cooperating aren’t I? Now check out these babies!” Tingol held his arms, in a semi relaxed position, and Windham seemed unaware of his intents.

“34 inches around…” The mage said as his shocked mind still had trouble to process that impressive number.

“Check them out once again!” Tingol asked really excited.

“Why? They won’t grow any bigger in a few seconds.” Windham replied harshly.

“Wanna bet on that?” Tingol teased.

“Can’t you just shut up and do what I tell you to do?”

“Come on, just this time pleeeeeeeease?” The blond massive creature begged and finally he broke the fragile resistance Windham offered, because although he denied he truly wanted to see what his augmented lover was up to.

Tingol flexed his guns with all his strength and the rocks peaked like mountains rising from the soil, the veins engorged and thickened, the hardness of these muscles echoed all around his impressive figure. Windham felt his shaky hands gently touching the warm hardness, and he finally got the reading.

“46” inches, you just added a whole FOOT in circumference just by flexing those monsters!” The tone on that impressed arcane was nearly whispering.

“Neat, now check these pillars, mate!”

“Check what?” Windham asked in a high voice tone, still trying to comprehend what had he caused to his dear friend, who had already grown much bigger than the spellcaster had originally designed.

“Just pass the tape around my thighs!” Tingol chuckled as he already flexed his monstrous thighs.

“Those were my best pants…” Windham considered as he saw the destruction of the expensive fabric, ripped by the sheer massiveness of Tingol’s legs, flexing in sensual waves of hugely developed muscle. The arcane was so spellbound by that display of manly muscularity that he didn’t know where would be better place to measure it, so he just followed his lustful imagination to find a very suitable spot, the incredible definition and the clean cut lines of his muscles made Tingol look even bigger, especially when Windham was looking at his glorious body from the bottom.

“55 inches around…” Windham felt dizzier of lust and desire, but he fought his inner lust to focus on his wizardry lessons, he had to figure out what could be possibly cause such ever lasting effects on the spell he casted the night before.

Tingol grabbed Windham and kissed his lips with a ferocious tenderness.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to thank you enough in my life time! I love you my great powerful wizard” Both the arcane and the behemoth blushed because of that spontaneous love declaration, but the elf quickly waved his head.

“Let’s lose the focus let me see the space between…” The clumsy Windham brought the tape closer so he could actually believe his reading.

“This can’t be real… your shoulders cannot be 51 inches apart. That’s just thee inches over four feet!”

“Really? That’s awesome huh? I’m just as wide now as I used to be tall!” Tingol said exulting seeing how much his boulder looking shoulders stood massively apart of each other, which made his slender waist look even tinier, so Windham had to check this impressive detail “25 inches? Your shoulders are over twice wider than your waist!”

Tingol smiled timidly “I guess I have what they call “nymph’s waist!”

“Not even a starving nymph would have that waist measuring, and even if she existed, the poor thing wouldn’t weigh a tenth of your 366 pounds…” Windham said out loud as he decided to read the weight once again.

“Stop that, you’re embarrassing me!” Tingol said in a very fake tone just to tease hi lover.

“I still have to figure out what to do about all this information” Windham still tried to process so many details and to figure out how they are linked with the spell continuous effects.

“Wind, there’s still one detail you haven’t checked!” The elf gazed upon Tingol’s who smiled from ear to ear and their heads dropped together to the oversized manhood of the amplified being inside that flimsy confinement of Windham’s borrowed pants.

“Erm… I don’t think it’ll be necessary…” Windham tried to slip into his working table, but Tingol engulfed him in his monstrous trunk sized arms.

“Why not? I’d love to know if that had grown bigger too…” the massive lover blowing a warm breath on that big eared arcane, which he knew always got him in the mood for sex.

Windham managed to get a hold of himself, slipped from the fortress of Tingol’s arms and finally regained his composure. “Farewell, everything in the name of science.”

As Windham got his tape ready, Tingol raised his left eyebrow and reclined over the wall “Riiiiiiiiiight…”

The agile elven hands easily freed the heavy semi-limp body of that incredible big cock from the remains of the shredded pants that once belonged to Windham, meanwhile the apparently focused elf was encouraged by the loud moaning sounds the huge halfling produced. Windham gently held that epitome of manhood, nursing its powerful girth, while it quickly reached its unbelievable proportions.

The huge penis grew even longer, wider and especially thicker, the golden fuzz on Tingol’s crotch emphasized the thickness of its base. The humongous testicles on the former little fighter were now nearly orange sized and feeling so heavy to the touch, which also proved to provoke enthusiastic reaction on the behemoth blond.

“Whoa… 20 inches and ½ , this monster is just growing even bigger!” Windham commented completely flabbergasted.

“Yeah this is a really beautiful cock…” Tingol said as he watched Windham’s mouth gently enveloping the tip of his cockhead. “I thought you were only doing this for the sake of science…” The massive halfling wouldn’t miss the opportunity to mess with his lover.

“Shut up and let me suck this cock, you oversized muscle freak!” Windham grunted as he reached with his tongue the sensitive balls of his engorged lover, which immediately sent Tingol on fire, so the gargantuan stud just surrounded to his sudden change of mind.

About hour and half later, after intense rounds of marvelous sex, Tingol and Windham were resting on the now tight space of the elf’s bed, the slender mage didn’t mind the fact that now he practically had to sleep atop the mountainous chest of his lover. Tingol had his huge arm around Windham’s naked body while the other was serving him as a pillow, although the hardness of his muscle was not really comfortable.

“This growth is amazing huh? I’ve packed over 150 pounds of pure muscle and all I did was fucking, sleeping and eating!” Tingol nodded his head absolutely marveled. Windham grinned, already feeling the exhaustion of serving to the lust of his partner. The bigger Tingol got, the more sex drive he had, the longer he lasted before he could finally orgasm, and the more demanding he was getting about “bonus rounds”

“Well, you did bring that cart all the way back into Selentia too!” Windham said biting Tingol’s oversized nipple.

The elf was suddenly shaken by the muscle quake caused by the vibration Tingol’s laughter.

“Yeah, let’s not forget that I also kicked the butt of the Hurook Brothers! I’ve always dreamt about this. They never stood a chance against the bigger and improved Tingol!” The former little guy suddenly laughed alone, because something had triggered Windham’s powerful intellect.

“Is something wrong, Windham?” Tingol suddenly noticed the elf had gone quiet all of a sudden.

The elf just jumped on the floor. “You’ve ate, fucked, slept lifted and fought…” He repeated these words walking around the room, while Tingol tilted his head. “I just told you that…”

Windham stopped for one moment and then he rushed to his lab, searching for the drafts he had done for Tingol’s spell and thanks to his sickly organization, it wasn’t hard to find the notes. The enormous bulk of the augmented halfling maneuvered to enter the narrow doors of that room.

“Windham, what is going on?” Tingol asked now clearly worried.

“But of course… I have accidentally conjured an empathic Spell!” The elf snapped his head over and over. “How could I be so stupid?”

Tingol looked a bit sad “So you figured out what happened with the spell you cast?”

The wizard sighed “Kind of, but it still doesn’t explain much. The growth spell I used on you was influenced by our particular emotional state, somehow it was transferred and stocked into the magical patterns that changed your body, so now every time you undergo that particular emotional state, the spell is automatically renewed, which causes you to grow bigger.

“WHAT?” Tingol asked suddenly feeling his head dizzy with so many details.

Windham sighed; he forgot that laymen are not aware of the spellcraft.

“How do you think we were feeling when I cast the spell upon you?”

Tingol blushed. “We were both horny as hell…”

Windham grinned “Exactly, and because of that now every time you undergo that same emotion, it is like I’m recasting the spell over you…”

Tingol’s face showed he wasn’t convinced. “But you saw me growing when I was fighting the Brothers, and I wasn’t fucking them…”

“It’s not the act of sex per se, Tingol, but everything that brings you into a very excited state. You were excited that you now could eat so much more, that you were bigger than most people on the village, you were overwhelmed when you could lift that huge cart, and even when you overpowered the Hurook Brothers it also felt very pleasing for you…” Windham explained.

“So, you’re saying that, whenever I feel something that excites me really bad, then I’ll just grow bigger?” Tingol summarized his idea and Windham nodded his head.

“We just have sex, does it mean…” Before Tingol finished the sentence, Windham had his magical instruments to measure his stats.

“Holly cow, Tingol! You’re 6’6 and ¾ inches tall and your weight now reads 412 pounds!” Windham exclaimed as the other lover just nodded along.

“I did feel something really nice after all those times…” Tingol said looking at his even bigger hands, each one could easily cover Windham’s chest. Then his smile once again shone. “That’s even cooler than your original spell!” Tingol said walking out of the laboratory.

Windham needed a moment to realize that his massive lover was not there with him anymore. Right then, the mage followed the waddling bulk of that augmented halfling, noticing that his uncanny shoulders barely fit inside the, up to so far, wide corridors of the Selentia Tower.

“Where are you going? We are still not finished with the tests…”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m gonna put your theory into test!” Tingol grinned without looking back at his lover. The massively augmented figure reached the kitchen, where the new groceries deliver rested.

“I’m STARVING!” Tingol exclaimed as he practically dove into the thing, returning with a huge piece of meat stuffed on his mouth, while his hands carried as much food as they could.

Windham had figured what that unpredictable being wanted to do, although he thought it was better being cautious, he couldn’t deny that he was really curious to see if eating, and lifting also caused his growth to repeat itself. For over an hour Tingol ate insatiably, like he had no bottom, vanishing with more than half of the food Windham had bought earlier that day. His appetite didn’t slow down for a long time, until it simply stopped at once. Tingol suddenly felt really satisfied and really pleased, which soon would prove to be effective as well.

“Look, I’m glowing now…” Tingol said as he noticed his body warming up with a great feeling of comfort and excitement.

“It’s the magical patterns repeating themselves, the growth spell is acting again!”

“Hey this feels soooooooooo good!” Tingol felt so nice that he even tried to hug himself, but his muscles were fat too big to accomplish such mundane thing.

The former halfling just kept adding pounds and pounds of massive muscle over his already impressive frame of uncanny muscles, his width and thickness engorged just at the same pace of the veins that covered his muscles. The body glowed in the same powerful aura, reacting to the uttering pleasure it casted over Tingol’s muscles.

“Are you feeling alright love?” Windham approached and Tingol just opened his eyes.

“I’m more than alright, Wind, I’m in Cloud 9!” Tingol yelled as he spread his arms, which have actually destroyed the rock shelves above them.

Tingol continued his growth, perhaps the fact that he was aware during his growth actually increased that incredible transformation, because the muscles grew not only ion a faster pace, but they also grew for a much longer period of time.

“WOW! I loved this feeling; it’s just as good as fucking you, Windham!” Tingol said looking down at the stupefied elf that now had to take a few steps back because Tingol’s chest was incredibly thick now. Tingol didn’t care if his muscles were actually making damages to the walls, he just ran back to the lab “Hurry up, Wind, we have to measure my new stats!”

“Have I thank you again?” Tingol said gently, and Windham acknowledged that the blond behemoth still carried the same boyish face which once conquered Windham’s heart, but now it was incredibly massive! Standing at 7’2” and weighing 537 pounds of insanely huge muscles, with 103” chest, 74” biceps and 82” thighs, that colossal creature paraded a 28” cock wit great proud of his monstrous stats.

“Well, not in the last three minutes, but there’s one thing you could do for me, you’re gonna have to let me conjure you some clothing!” Windham said holding the warm heavy enormous piece of cock of his beloved. “Soon, Serge will be looking for us!”

“Oh shit! I have completely forgotten about the mission!” Tingol said suddenly feeling very excited. “If I had growth spurt fighting those weakling Hurroks can you imagine what the fight with Cyclops and Giants will do to me?”

Windham moaned “I can just sit back and watch huh?” He now surrendered to the massiveness of his lover, Windham felt that his partner was very happy and the pleasure was mutual, because he also enjoyed watching that incredible hunk of muscle growing even bigger.

Meanwhile, back at his office, Lord Leland Nantes watched the interior of Selentia Tower thanks to the mystical pearl he had gotten for a very high price. With that instrument, he just needed to think in one place and the pear would give him the possibility to telepathically see what was happening there. The Chancellor smiled as he noticed the new size of the humongous Tingol.

Leland was sure that, if he wanted to get his hands on the treasure of Selentia, he didn’t need to eliminate its new Master, he just needed to make sure Windham was at his side, preferably under his complete charm.

“So, the miserably lucky elf likes the big muscles. I think two can play this augmentation game!” He muttered as he kept the black pearl back on its secret place.

“After all, if that hideous little worm became that huge, I'll just put him into a shame, Windham, your Treasures will soon be mine because you won't stand a chance against my chamr and the muscles you're soon gonna give me!” Lord Nantes laughed maniacally.

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