No Strings Attached

The door was locked, but he couldn’t move all those things faster than his roommate entered “Hey, dude, ready for another great season…what the fuck!?”

There was no use in denying or trying to fool the 5’9” blond pool diver, who had been suspicious for some time now.

“Look, Donny…I know it looks weird, but you gotta believe me, man…I ain’t doing anything illegal!” Despite the cool low tone of his manly voice tone the lad was indeed pretty nervous about being “caught” by his roommate.

All over the place, Donny saw a lot of syringes, vials, pills and a whole bunch of other medical equipment; it just looked like someone had turned that regular college dorm room into a freaking mad scientist lab.

Sebastian Kincaid, the 6’1” tall brown haired, green eyed tight end, weighing around 180 pounds of greatly tanned muscle was the rising star of the their university’s team. Right off the bat, at his freshman season, his remarkable stamina, outstanding strength and endurance not to mention the innate talent expressed in many of his marvelous plays have impressed the specialized media, Seb was once considered a promising athlete, but right now he was much closer of being a fraud.

“Really? Then why was the door locked? And what’s with all those stuff? Shit Seb, are you on the juice dude?” The stocky young man asked, letting his own 155 pounds of strong muscular frame fall over the couch, unable to hide his own disappointment.

Although Don knew many of the players were doing steroids, the confirmation that his own roommate Sebastian Kincaid were among of them certainly was unpleasant, on the other hand, however, it explained the “phenomenal” growth spurt on his roommate who gained over 25 pounds of hard muscle during the season.

“No, Archie, you gotta trust me, these are not steroids…they won’t be detected.” Seb tried to start, but the other athlete just crossed his own muscular arms.

“So, you’re just trying another kind of drugs?” Dude you know those things are gonna be discovered sooner or later, and what about the side-effects?”

“There are no side-effects for that stuff, Donny” Seb rolled his eyes as he tried to resume the important work in front of him, but it was too late for that because the nosy diver already noticed how expensive and modern that equipment was.

“Man, look at all that stuff? You can hurt yourself if you are not prepared! Seb they can get you in jail for that!” The spike haired diver was not unfamiliar to enhancement drugs, but after that time of almost being caught, Archie seemed to learn his lesson.

The football player sighed. “Don’t worry, little guy, I know what I am doing, I’ve been training this for longer than you might wonder… I just was getting everything checked and ready for my next cycle…but you told me that you get back only tomorrow...”

Donald Grogan waved his head. “Don’t change the subject; I am glad the dorms are still empty, but soon people will be back for the beginning of the year, shit anyone could have caught you, Seb.”

“I know dude, but you have to trust me, I ain’t doing anything illegal, my dad is sending me all of this, he’s a fucking scientist and we have finally started my own growth treatment!” Kincaid’s eyes were suddenly shining with some weird happiness.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Donny had now even more reasons to suspect of such weird facts, although some parents encourage steroid abuse, he never heard of a father who produced these drugs for his own son.

“I…can’t tell you anything else; you gotta just trust me okay?” The handsome, popular jock appealed for the friendship they have developed over the past school year.

“I don’t know man…this whole shit is way too weird for me…maybe…I should move out…” Donny pondered the idea, even though he really liked that dorm.

“No…Donny you can’t! I…think it’s better now that you found out, at least…you can cover up for me!” Seb placed the stuff back at the table and approached his scared roommate.

“Oh no…you can’t ask me that, Seb, you know I depend on this scholarship, if they catch me with that shit, it would ruin my whole life!” Donny suddenly stepped back, trying to keep himself out of all the issue.

“Don…just hear me okay? I gotta focus on my treatment dude, you gotta help me with those little details…I promise it’s gonna pay off” Seb smiled trying to charm his roommate, who he knew was openly gay.

“I ain’t one of those bitches you screw, Seb. You’re asking for too much, I won’t risk my whole education just because you wanna do some cycles.”

The dazzling attractive hunk grinned “Shit, dude, you have no idea what this stuff will do to me, I ain’t aiming at college football, I am preparing for the NFL, my man, that stuff is state of the art, hundreds of years ahead of any technology they have now!”

“Seb, are you fucking crazy? Those are just steroids, you just have to keep taking them otherwise they’ll wear off” Donny tried to laugh at such absurd speculation, but Sebastian’s face seemed just too serious about the whole thing.

“For the last time, they are not steroids, it is highly customized protein receptors that will rearrange my organism functions in order to enhance their performance, the formula components will only react to my precise genetic makeup, therefore you have nothing to worry about, no chemical analysis will detect it as illegal enhancement drugs;.” Suddenly the words used by that impressive lad did not sound like those a jock would normally choose.

“Whoa…since when do you understand so much about that shit? Your grades aren’t that great…If it weren’t by the Coach pressing the Professors you would not keep your spot on the team.” Don was getting more freaked out about the whole situation.

Seb just giggled and assumed a somewhat condescending tone “Dude, focus on the big picture okay? Thanks to that stuff I’ll be unstoppable, the next great college sports star, I’ll get all kind of prizes, the fame, the glory, and you will be there to join that wild ride with me, we’ll be on the coolest parties, it will be awesome!”

“I don’t know, Seb, it all sounds really good and all, but I don’t actually get anything for my part in this deal until you are all famous, I think you’re just trying to fool me around without a real offer.” Donny replied as he looked back at his roommate with a clever grin.

“Oh…I see, you want something more immediate huh? That’s cool; at least we can discuss the terms, what is it you want?” Sebastian felt a bit more relieved now.

“Gimme two gran and I’ll keep shut about it all.” Donny announced, although he knew that his charming friend would just try to bargain.

“Donny, Donny…you know I don’t have that kind of money on me! We’re a bunch of broken college guys, bud!”

“B.S. You’ve got a PS3, a brand new ultra modern computer, you drive a fucking Mustang not to mention all that stuff here, if it is all that modern and advanced, I bet it is worth a fortune!” The greedy diver argued, knowing Seb really had an expensive life style.

“Come on, you know the car belongs to my dad, and all the other crap here is not really paid, you know how these things work, the moment you are accepted in college the credit card companies throw themselves at you, I just used them to get all these things, but I really don’t know I’ll have the money to pay for them.” Kincaid’s smile was definitely sexy, and he really sounded honest, which only made Donny more nervous.

“So…just ask your dad for more money or better yet, buy me stuff with your credit card like you said yourself.”

Sebastian took a deep breath “Look, I ain’t spending my money with you, but I can regally reward your cooperation…” The hunky football player laid his hand on the right shoulder of the shorter roommate.

“What do you mean?” Donny blushed deeply, noticing the true meaning behind those vague words.

“Simple…you help me along and I can give you a ride on my own amusement park...”Sebastian suggested as he gently massaged Donny’s shoulder. Truth to be told, Seb knew quite well Donny had a major crush on him, but then the whole fucking campus was sexually attracted to him, and the jock pretty much knew the reason, although the innocent people were not aware of it.

Donny had taken many glances over the legendary 8 inches long soft huge cock, which was alleged to be over one foot long when hard, not to mention the huge pair of balls, and those quick glances always rendered amazing jerk off sessions, and the original is much better than the images he had on his mind.

“I…didn’t know you did guys…” Donny he loved how jacked and ripped Kincaid’s body was, and his face was just marvelous, not to mention the huge cock he had.

Officially, the tight end was known as a womanizer, fucking with almost every hot girl in the campus, even those who dated guys of his own team. Rumor has it, however, that he might had a thing for hot muscle guys too, and those rumors were the naked truth.

“Hell yeah, I do guys, I love doing them, just like I love doing girls, I even had both at the same time, I don’t care much about if I am getting pussy or tail, man, I just want to fuck them pretty hard and make them all exhausted.” Sebastian Kincaid was a sex freak, he fucked anything and everything that moved, his libido was amazing, and he loved that he could keep both guys and girls under his spell, his sex appeal really helped so far, and it might just save his ass once again.

“So…what is exactly the offer here? Is it just a one night stand or you mean something else” Donny’s cock already fought with his brains for the command of his decision.

Sebastian grinned “Okay…let’s be practical okay? It will be my pleasure to fuck you on a regular basis; once a day, five times a week, or you can also let it on my discretionary power, then I’ll fuck you whenever I feel horny, and don’t worry, at any scenario you will be constantly fucked by the hottest guy on campus.”

Donny felt his own mind getting dizzy, drenched in his lust. “Erm…I…don’t know…I guess we can discuss this subject when one of us wants to get laid…”

Sebastian nodded. “Yeah, that’s also possible, but under one condition.”

“I know…don’t worry I’ll keep your secret safe and help you with everything you need to cover that stuff up.” Suddenly it felt like Donny was the one begging to help Seb and not the other around.

“Not just that dude, I need you to listen carefully. I don’t mind including you on my fucking list, the reason why I didn’t pick you was because…well Donny you’re one of those clinging guys.” Sebastian spat it out, and before Donny could reply he just closed the lips on the shorter guy.

“No use to argue about that, I know you are some kind of romantic guy and I even think it’s kinda good for you, but I ain’t looking for boyfriends or girlfriends, I wanna enjoy my life, especially after I get all the fame and fortune, so you can’t think we are gonna become lovers or anything like that. I’ll fuck you as many times we want, but then I might just get up and go to gym, study, or even get ready to fuck another person. I really am not into spooning and I won’t buy you little gifts, so don’t start seeing me like your boyfriend. We’ll be just friends, roommates that fuck a lot, but that’s it, no strings attached.”

Donny heard the whole speech; he had to acknowledge that Kincaid was a guy that really paid close attention to details. It was true, Donny was an incorrigible romantic, the books he read, the music he liked, even those cheesy gay anime he collected. His last boyfriends had ended their relationship because they felt like Donny was “smuggling them”. Although it was harder to teach new tricks to an old romantic dog, Donny would try anything to get laid with the hottest guy on campus.

“Alright…I’ll take your conditions, but you understand that we’ll have to use protection all the time”.

“You are a wise guy…I can assure you we’ll be protected all the time, I’ve got enough condoms to fuck you and the whole campus!” Kincaid announced.

“Okay…so it’s a deal, no strings attached.” The blond lad announced, offering his hand to the taller guy, although he carried the excitement feeling inside his chest.

“And you’d better not be thinking that it can change in time, I am not changing my mind, and we’ll be fucking buddies and nothing more than that.” Kincaid wanted to make sure that Donny was alerted before he closed the deal.

“I am aware of this, Seb, we are not gonna become boyfriends.” Grogan repeated it once again, before they shook hands. Like everything else about him, Kincaid’s handshake was just amazing; it was incredibly strong but still affable, and the way those green eyes focused into the other person certainly eased even the hardest guys.

“Great, now let’s get naughty!” The stronger athlete pulled Donny’s body closer to his, embracing it avidly, the warmth of Sebastian’s body involved the smaller frame of the pool diver, as his big hands explored the toned slender and agile body of that blond lad.

Donny moaned feeling like the innocent prey abated by the hungry predator, he didn’t feel the need to do anything, and just let the legendary Kincaid do his magic. The football jock smiled as he noticed the effect of that sensual embrace over his newest fucking buddy.

“Yeah…this is gonna be a nice deal for both of us…” but before Donny could reply he just felt the delicious attack of Seb’s kiss muffling his lips, his strong experienced tongue entangled around Donny’s and they soon started wrestling, savoring the pleasure and the excitement of such avid kiss.

Kincaid had a perfect timing, he knew exactly how to kiss and how to break the kiss in the same hungry manner, that only made Donny moan in excitement.

“Oh shit, Sebastian…I…” Don suddenly felt his lips being shut with another quick yet incredibly intense kiss.

“Don’t speak okay? You’re not the kind of dirty talker and I don’t want to hear romance crap!” It was incredible how sharp and incisive Sebastian behaved, he pretty much anticipated that Donny would just moan “I love you…” like he usually did whenever he had sex. Donny just nodded and indulged to such amazing experience.

Meanwhile, Seb took his time to take off the clothes on his new fucking buddy, revealing the slender, yet muscular tonus thanks of years of his diving practice, Kincaid licked the smooth surface of Donny’s body. “Yeah…hot stuff…definitely hot stuff! I guess I’ll be fucking you a lot more, Grogan…”

The muscular jock lifted the smaller guy and took him to the bed; he was gentle enough to lay him on the mattress. Then, Kincaid grinned as he took off his muscle T-shirt, exposing the perfection of his body. Sebastian was a dazzling handsome jock, at his 6’1” height with hard 205 pounds of muscle perfectly distributed on the wide shouldered, narrow wasted frame, his pectoral plates were just amazingly sculpted, measuring 45”, not to mention his 18 inches biceps and the uncanny 8 pack stomach, the thighs read 26” inches and even his glorious bubble butt always so tight inside his uniform.

Donny groped mounds of the hard muscles, daring to speak between his teeth, knowing that Seb would only approve such a compliment on his naturally inflated ego. “Shit…you’re the hottest guy in the whole world…those muscles are so big and hard”

“Yeah, little buddy, and now that you’re helping me, I’ll be able to focus on my treatment, you’ll see how fast it will change me, how marvelous I’ll be in a very short time.” Kincaid bounced his chest, laughing out loud. “Yeah…little buddy, you and everybody else will be amazed to see my new size, they will make me their hero, but don’t worry I’ll keep my word, you’ll be there…and I’ll be fucking you a LOT!”

Saying those words, Seb just unzipped his tight jeans pants, revealing the dark wet tone of his poor jockstrap, forced to contain the humongous cock. Kincaid laughed as the eyes on Donny grew wider. “Yeah, little buddy it’s THAT huge and it will only grow bigger with my treatment…”

“But…aren’t steroids supposed to make your balls shrink?” Donny felt Seb’s lips pressing his again, the kiss was a great way to keep the nosy diver distracted.

“For the last fucking time, I ain’t doing steroids, Donny, one day, if you behave, I’ll tell you more about it, but until then, we gotta be smart because they’ll try to frame me, and that’s when your help will be crucial!” The bigger jock grinned as he looked at his puny jockstrap. “Meanwhile… I’ve got another good use for your hot little mouth.”

“Okay…do you have a condom large enough?” There was a mix of excitement and worrying in Donny’s tone.

“Sure I do little buddy, just over that nightstand, pick a couple of them, there’s a bottle of lube there, too…” Kincaid just flashed a dazzling smile at his bottom and Donny didn’t need to be told twice, he loved giving blowjobs and that gigantic phallus surely deserved to be worshipped.

Grogan carefully rolled the custom sized condom over the humongous cock, noticing how beautiful it looked all swollen and pressed inside the latex.

Despite the sheer size which was very close to the 13 inches mark, Grogan couldn’t believe how thick that thing was, his both hands were needed to encompass the monstrous cock, and Kincaid just laughed as the blond guy tried to come with a plan to mouth such challenging endowment.

Donny closed his eyes and just engulfed as much as he could, sure the first attempts he gasped and almost puked, but then, he got the better position, and suddenly it was Kincaid the one moaning.

“Oh fuck…you’re good…shit…no one ever sucked me so deep!” Kincaid whispered as he felt Donny going down on his shaft, using his hands to stimulate the base and the balls, the guy was making out with his giant cock and it felt so damn good.

Donny felt his own 8 inches cock so achingly hard, but he could only care about pleasing the obelisk between Sebastian’s thick thighs, but his topper was a good hearted man, he just inserted his fingers inside Donny’s butt and massaged that tight muscular anus with such experience.

The humongous cockhead was now so slippery it went down his throat with great ease, Donny could increase his pace and he eventually got to deep throat the biggest cock he ever had, using his flexibility to increase Kincaid’s pleasure, to the point the topper only cursed and moaned.

Sebastian suddenly pulled the cock out of Donny’s mouth “I know it is going great dude, but I have to try that tight butt of yours, you’re making me crazy…”

Donny was a bit disoriented about such amazing cock he sucked. “Erm…sure…we can…oh…shit…” Sebastian simply lifted Donny’s body and pinned it against the mattress, then he slapped the butt and forced the diver to be on his fours.

“Don’t worry buddy we’ll take it easy today, but in time you’ll be more used about having that giant cock inside yours.” Sebastian caressed the side of Donny’s cheekbones, as he pressed the enormous cockhead inside his twitching anus.

Grogan screamed, he moaned, he cursed, for a couple of times his ass even managed to expel the humongous intruder, but Kincaid was not gonna give up, he just held Donny’s body in the perfect way, sustaining most of his weight so the veined huge cock finally pushed inside him, the pain was sharp, but Sebastian just muffled the screams as he took bites on Donny’s ears.

“Yeah, that’s it little dude, you’re taking it like a real man…taking the huge cock inside you…felling so good to fuck you Donny…tight and firm little butt for my huge dong!”

Donny didn’t care for being complimented, he just felt a cock horse pushing through his guts and it felt like his bowels were on fire, until the pushing finally stopped and the pulling begun, Grogan moaned out of pleasure, the pain eased enough so he could endure when Kincaid’s cock pushed inside once again.

“You gotta get used to it, buddy, because I am only growing bigger all over, and you will love it, becoming my little boy toy…we’re gonna have so much fun, Donny!”
Sebastian now ceased the dirty talk and focused on turning his pounding machine on, faster and faster he pounded Donny’s butt and the little guy no longer moaned or cried out pain, he just produced erratic sounds because his mind was being flooded with pleasure.

Seeing Donny cumming without even touching himself, his eyes rolling inside their orbits, the bottom didn’t even scream; he just produced a long relief sound as his cock spewed his cum over the mattress. Meanwhile, Kincaid smiled.

“Yeah, little buddy, I prefer you quiet like that…” He said before kissing the back of Donny’s head with the eager of a guy whose cock is hard inside a hot man. Sebastian reduced to a slower pace until he felt Donny was suddenly back to his senses.

“shit…Seb…you’re such a powerhouse…” Donny moaned.

“Great to see you’re not passed out, time to close the deal!” Kincaid announced as he stood up and supported Grogan’s body as he lay down on the mattress. Donny knew that it was his turn to work the enormous shaft, so he used his legs to slide up and down the humongous cock, which made Seb scream of pleasure.

Donny used all his might to keep sliding the cock and making Sebastian scream out of pleasure, it was a good thing the dorm was empty, otherwise they might have problems. The jock suddenly rolled Donny to the side, and they mutually reached to kiss while Kincaid only turned his pounding machine into full force, sending Grogan back into the land of orgasm.

This time, Donny screamed in a low tone while Seb just roared and took a full bite on Grogan’s ear lobe. They had both came, Donny’s spunk all over the mattress and reaching his face, but it was nothing compared to the power he felt inside his butt. If Sebastian weren’t rubbed he would have flooded his bows, it didn’t feel possible for a simple condom to contain such fierce eruption.

“Damn…it was…it was…” Grogan simply stammered, he just couldn’t find a word for that kind of feeling.

“Yeah, I know, thanks for running out of words” Sebastian said as he rolled back in the position to have Donny on top of his body, his cock still inside the blond guy.

“So…it is always like that with you?” Donny asked still between breaths.

Sebastian laughed “Well, dude, I didn’t have many times that felt better than this, but of course we are only beginning to know how we like sex, soon you will find out that I have a lot of kinks…”

“Yeah…I’ll be glad to learn them…but erm…do you mind pulling out?”

“Gee sorry, dude, it will take a while…my cock is still hard inside you, it might be too painful.” Sebastian said as he tried to lay down there and relax.

“But you came right? I mean you felt like Old Faithful inside me!” Donny commented totally impressed.

“Yeah, I came, but it doesn’t work like that for me, I am still hard, but it’s cool, my dick will soon be softer, I’ll pull it off you, we change the condom and continue where we left off, it is good because you can recover your breath.” Kincaid said casually not paying attention for the shock on Donny’s face.

“Do you want to go again?” Grogan certainly didn’t expect for that.

Kincaid blinked “You said we could fuck whenever one of felt like it right? Let’s just take it if the first time was for you…all the others we do tonight are on my tab okay?”

“Erm…sure” Donny said as he had the exact impression he wasn’t exactly prepared for what Sebastian Kincaid had planned for him.

And he sure didn’t have the slightest clue.

The school year started and Seb proceeded on his mysterious “enhancement treatment” and soon Donny and the whole campus realized how serious it was. Seb was gaining over 10 pounds per week, and his muscles not just bloated, they packed on size, and it wasn’t the off-season kind of weight, Kincaid was packing some serious high quality, ripped, ultra jacked muscle.

Each new week he needed to indulge to the series of vials, pills, syringes and ointments that allegedly his father sent him. The roommate soon realized that Sebastian needed to take samples of his blood to quantify his next cycle; Donny was just startled to see how skilled Kincaid was around all those chemicals.

Meanwhile, the season was about to start and Kincaid was now a 6’3” 245 pounds massive tight end, but it was not just his size that impressed because Sebastian was the strongest guy on the team, he actually beat every record for bench press or dead lifts, and he just continued packing on serious muscle.

Soon, the coach and the other university authorities were intrigued, they wanted Kincaid to take series of tests, and they even wanted to check their dorm room. Sebastian kindly agreed, knowing his roommate already cared about every detail; Donny used his connections as part of the laboratory staff to get a great place for Seb to perform his enhancement treatment.

In fact, his system was so developed and smart, that Seb’s “father” begun sending the material for the Laboratory, knowing that Donny would just take care of the special material before it fell in wrong hands.

Just like the growing jock had anticipated, the results of the tests were negative, Sebastian was not only clean, he was an example of good health, so everybody had to credit the unheard development of his physique to a spectacular genetic condition.

The media now only commented the amazing transformation of the 200 pound freshman tight end of the Barbarians who gained over 60 pounds of solid and powerful muscular mass, becoming the start athlete of the entire competition.

The Barbarians were still undefeated at 5th round when their quarterback was injured right at the beginning of the 2nd half, instead of putting the backup player, the Coach listened to Sebastian’s request and he played as their new quarterback, and he never lost that position again, because Kincaid not only had the strongest arm and did uncanny assistances, he also was so fast and strong he was never sacked or allowed turnovers.

Not to mention that when the situation required, Kincaid himself dealt with the defense players, ignoring the tackles and breaking through the adversaries, his increasing frame and muscularity only made his task easier, for several times he literally dragged the players through the field before they finally gave up trying tackling on the phenomenal player.

The season had barely reached its half but the Barbarians were sure to win it, because they were still undefeated and had scored vertiginously high marks on each game, Sebastian was the sensation of the team, the now 285 pounds powerhouse had remarkable stats, much better than any player at NFL including the legendary players, all of them were not match for the college player of the Barbarians.

Even being so involved with his games and training, Sebastian’s grades increased so much, his absence were minimum and all his papers were graded with the highest grades, the Professors were indeed proud of their muscular prodigious pupil, who even volunteered for several different study groups.

Sebastian’s workouts became some kind of attraction at the campus, everybody would pass by the gym to see the most handsome man ever, unlike rumors that told he was going heavily on steroids, Kincaid’s skin was flawless and his temper was marvelous, he not only was very popular, despite his frightening size, the huge jock was indeed polite and not even shared the twisted pleasure of bullying the nerds of many guys in his position.

Meanwhile, Seb was indeed loyal to his word, he surely provided Donny with more drenching wet, steaming hot sex than the diver could ever handle. They were fucking every day now, and even if Seb had to travel for a game he would make up for the absence or just make sure that Donny could hit the road with them as Sebastian’s “good luck charm”.

Grogan’s life sure changed a lot, he now dedicated much of his own day making sure Sebastian’s enhancement products were safe and hidden from anyone, not to mention he also prepared most of his many meals, and made sure all his supplements were ready to be consumed as the massive athlete needed them.

Even though Donny was completely in love by Sebastian, he tried his best to keep loyal to the “no strings attached” policy, partially because he knew he couldn’t handle Sebastian’s libido alone, and partially because he noticed they had a strong complicity feeling going on between them, he would never confront the super massive quarterback about his feelings, but he sure loved to fantasize about the day Kincaid would announce the whole campus and even the media that they were a happy couple.

“Damn it, Seb, you are literally on fire! The ESPN channel doesn’t stop talking about last week game, no other quarterback had scored 24 touchdowns in one single game!” Donny greeted his friend as he entered their dorm room.

“Yeah, little buddy, I know that…but don’t worry next game I’ll score 25 and then 26 until the season ends…” Kincaid replied with a mean grin.

“Don’t you think they’ll do anything to stop that?” Grogan asked with a certain hesitation, but the massive athlete just laughed even harder.

“I want them to try…after all they have been a bunch of sissies so far.”

Donny moaned “Damn…big guy, you know I love…”

“Watch it, little man!” Kincaid said as he lifted his finger “I still don’t care about that romance crap.”

“Geesh, I just meant to say I love when you act all cocky like that…” Donny tried to disguise his own embarrassment.

“Yeah…I’ll pretend I bought it…meanwhile, where’s my food?” Seb demanded and Donny rushed to give him the enormous bowl of pasta and tuna he cooked earlier.

“Here you are, Seb, lots of spices just the way you like!” Donny smiled.

“Yeah…you’re great cook, when I'm fucking millionaire I’ll open a restaurant for you!” The massive man with bulging 27 inches gun just devoured the food as his massive 56” chest bounced, his tank top barely holding all that massive muscle pressing the flimsy fabric.

“Thanks…so you want me to cook something in advance for when you come back from your dad’s?” Donny was now more than used that from time Sebastian would visit his mysterious father to check on their develops.

“Yeah… about that…my dad phoned me earlier today, and he wants to meet you. I guess you could join me this weekend if you want.”

Donny couldn’t but smiling. “Sure, I’d love too, but what about the no strings attached policy?”

Kincaid laughed. “Yeah, don’t think it’s something serious, my dad just wants to thank you for your help, it was indeed very important for our projects.”

Grogan nodded. “Well, in any case, I'm honored to meet your family, you never talk much about them, except your dad.”

Sebastian finished the bowl and burped. “Damn…it…I feel so fucking huge right now, Donny. Don’t you fucking looooooooooooooooove the size of my guns, little buddy?” The jock teased his roommate who just rushed at his lap and hugged the humongous ball of muscle.

“Damn…you know I love all your muscles, Seb…they’re so massive and so huge!” Grogan simply forgot all he was saying, he just kissed and caressed the rugged sculpture of manly muscle.

“Yeah…I know you do, so less talk and more worshipping, I still wanna fuck you a few times before we hit the road in the morning.”

“Yes…Seb…anything you say.” Donny replied embracing the rocky formation of his roommates powerful right arm.

Kincaid just grinned “You’re a good buddy, Donny, I'm sure dad is gonna enjoy your visit.”

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