No Strings Attached 2

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Although the distance between the university and the Kincaid Family household could be covered within a six hour drive, Donny and Seb took much longer because of many reasons.

The first of them was Seb’s insatiable first hunger; because of his treatment, Sebastian needed to eat at each 90 minutes, and those weren’t simple snacks that he could chew while driving, but a series of highly energetic, protein packed meals that Donny had carefully prepared, which also meant they were forced to stop regularly.

Even with those “feeding stops”, since Kincaid ate with extreme voracity and at an incredible speed, they would still be able to get to their destination in a reasonable time, if it weren’t for Sebastian’s insatiable second hunger.

The bigger his body grew, the hornier the massive jock became, Donny got used to be text messaged by his enormous roommate for “nooners” or “quickies” in a regular basis, but he also knew Seb still kept several guys and girls on hold, in the rare case the spike haired diver wasn’t available. Kincaid now needed to fuck from 9 to 12 times a day, and the more he trained or the longer periods of time he spent at the gym, the more intense his sexual drive increased.

Consequentially, Sebastian was still chewing on the last mouthful when he fired his over sexy gaze at his closest “victim”, not that Donny wasn’t already expecting for such conditioned behavior on the humongous topper.

For that reason, it was not only convenient but mostly necessary for them to stop over the road motels, not that Sebastian cared about fucking Donny outdoors, which he actually enjoyed, but the smaller guy still preferred the comforts of civilization, something that Kincaid actually respected, so he didn’t care about paying for the entire fee when they only needed an hour or so, they had packed an entire box of condoms for the trip, but judging by their pace so far, there was no way for that box to last the whole weekend.

There was still a third hunger that Sebastian needed to satisfy, which was the hunger of his booming ego, so he just drove into the cities looking for decent gyms, the huge lad would then pay for a workout for the only purpose of shocking the local guys with his enormous physique, many of them already recognized him from the league and asked for autographs and or taking pictures; Seb really enjoyed these early stages of his upcoming world-wide fame.

But Grogan didn’t complain at all, he just felt incredibly lucky for joining the sexiest motherfucker on the planet in such sexy adventure, he actually noticed he not only loved being fucked by his roommate, he especially adored being the guy responsible for his nutrition, the one who knew how he liked his steak or which was his favorite toothpaste, those small things lovers knew about each other.

Although Seb still kept his “no strings attached” policy about their relationship, it was undeniable that he trusted Donny above all the other fucking buddies he had; Grogan not only was the one who knew about the secret about his enhancement training, he became an important part of it, and for an incorrigible romantic like the hunky diver, that kind of complicity that had been established between them was more than enough reason for him to fantasy about the day Sebastian would just recognize Donny was the man of his life.

“Heh… You have that look again; I bet you’re thinking on how good it feels fucking with me, huh?” Sebastian asked, his bulging frame filled the driver’s seat and invaded the passenger’s seat, fortunately for Donny his own body was not really big, so he could still share the best ride of his life.

“Oh…yeah…it is amazing…” Donny tried to disguise the real reason for the silly look on his face; the blond young man blushed as felt the big callous hand of the muscular athlete tapping his thighs.

“We could fuck again if you want, although we already spent like…shit…almost 10 hours fooling around.” Sebastian cursed as he glanced at the time.

Donny giggled. “Time does fly when we are having fun, but I guess we can hang on until getting to your house…” Grogan leaned his head over the rocky hard shoulder of the driver and enjoyed that rare moment of intimacy.

“Yeah…that would be better, besides, we’ve also ran out of food and I am fucking starving, that is all the motivation I need to get there as soon as possible!” Kincaid replied as he stepped on the gas pedal.

The blond guy looked over the road, when he suddenly snapped his head. “Damn…I forgot to bring my books, I had to prepare a series of exercises for my Calculus assignment…”

Sebastian tapped his thighs. “Hey don’t worry skinny, I’ll teach you that stuff in like three seconds, it’s really easy. If you want I can do them for you, because you pretty much know I ace anything they throw at me huh?”

“Yeah…I still remember the look on Prof. Delaware’s face when you proved that his calculations were wrong, the man was just humiliated in front of the class!” Donny said with his big puppy blue eyes.

“He fucking deserved that, he spent the first year torturing me, but now that I am smarter than the old mummy, I ain’t losing any opportunity to let him know I am bigger, younger, more muscular, stronger and now…much more intelligent than he’ll never be!”

“Seb…you can’t exactly say you’re more intelligent than him. The man’s an award winning mathematician, you just caught one error, which is really impressive, but…”

“Shut the fuck up, shorty. You know better than anyone how fucking genius I am, and believe me, I could just walk up to Dean Morrison and demand him to give me a PhD degree.” Kincaid replied in his usual mocking tone, but there was something on his look that got Donny to believe he actually deserved such thing.

Of course, realizing the huge musclebound hunk was also a genius only got the blond diver horny, and it was then he realized they were spending the weekend at Sebastian’s.

“Seb…how are we gonna manage the whole weekend with your folks?” Donny asked, noticing he never had thought this through.

“What do you mean, shorty?” The driver asked with a puzzled face.

“Well…you know…if you feel like fucking me…how are we supposed to act?” Donny asked feeling quite embarrassed.

Sebastian laughed out loud, which only aggravated Donny’s embarrassment. “Dude…my father knows you’re my fucking buddy.”

“R-really? A…and he’s cool about it?” Donny really didn’t picture Seb’s father as the kind of accepting, open minded parent, he actually doubted the guy was a scientist, perhaps he was just the buying Seb the ways for his enhancement treatment.

“Fuck yeah, man, he’s cool about it.” Seb replied casually.

“And what about your mom?” Donny asked, noticing that although he’s known Seb for over a year now, the enormous guy still had a lot of unveiled details about his background.

“Dad’s been mister mom ever since I can remember, shorty. The Kincaid are a male only family, just me, dad and my two twin little brothers.” Sebastian replied keeping his eyes at the road, and for that reason Donny realized that would be the only answer he needed to get.

“You have twin brothers? That’s so cool!” Grogan replied trying to change the subject to something less uncomfortable.

Seb just nodded and looked back at his passenger. “Yeah, Chad and Brad, they’re almost 15 now, I’ve spent my whole life kicking their sorry asses but they ain’t that bad, you know? Just a little overbearing, they fucking idolize me, but still want to beat me in everything I try, which is kinda cool, because keeps me always very competitive.”

Donny chuckled. “Well, I guess now you have to take easier on them huh? You’re so fucking massive and powerful; they’re just teenagers after all…”

Sebastian laughed back at him. “Hell no! I'm gonna teach those punks what a massive guy like me made of!” The evil grin on the quarterback’s eyes suddenly scared Donny, but considering how much Seb loved teasing and mocking, he was probably trying to make fun of his fucking buddy.

Kincaid looked at Donny and just laughed even louder. “You should see your face now, man it’s fucking hilarious!”

Grogan just blushed even deeper. “Well…it’s just you are so strong and powerful, no one can actually tell what to do huh?”

Sebastian frowned. “Nah, that ain’t the case, I am a huge guy, but I'm also focused, so I won’t do anything to screw my plans, I’ll become everything my dad and I dreamt, and much more!”

“That’s nice to see your dad shares your enthusiasm about your potential, he must be proud of your achievements!” Donny commented, curious to see if he could find out more about Sebastian’s family.

“Yeah, the old man wants me to succeed, but then again, it’s kind of his duty as my father…I just hope someday I can look him up in the eyes and tell him he did a good job…” Kincaid commented in a low tone which got Grogan totally confused.

“Erm…so your dad is taller than you? Even after your growth spurt?”

Seb snapped of his thoughts, waving his head “Enough questions, shorty. I have something to keep your mouth shut until we get there”. The huge musclebound jock just reached for the back of Donny’s head and pulled it towards his bugling crotch.

“Yeah, since you’re already down there, glove me up and get to the job, you’re gonna suck me over and over, until I fucking tell you to stop, so focus on being my fucking buddy and drop the whole boyfriend talk…shit you make me sick sometimes you know?”

Donny usually would get hurt with such words, but he wasn’t exactly paying attention to what Sebastian was telling him, after all he was focused on pleasing the nearly 14 inches cock of his roommate, it was incredible that even Seb’s cock would benefit from the amazing transformation going on the rest of his uncanny body.

“Damn…Grogan, you give the best blowjob on the entire campus!” That statement only made Donny fantasize even more about becoming Sebastian’s lover.

It didn’t take more than an hour and a half for them to get at their destination, but Sebastian was faithful to his word and kept Donny to suck him all the way there, which actually felt really good for the little guy, because he could get to please his enormous roommate and still hear the compliments Kincaid made about his blowjob skills, and so they ran out of condoms before even getting to the actual place.

The Kincaid lived at a very large property at the outskirts of the town, it was indeed a medium sized farm, but there were really no crops, just the humongous beautiful manor, built in colonial style.

Sebastian entered the place and drove through the little road that conducted to the main house at the top of a green hill, from up there Donny could see the estate was indeed much bigger, which only proved that despite all the things he said, Sebastian’s family was loaded.

They parked in front of the enormous three stored house, Sebastian honked loudly for several times, but there was no response.

“Where the fuck are these guys? They knew I’d come today…” Sebastian slammed the car door, seeming impatient. Donny got out of the vehicle and calmly admired the beautiful landscapes.

It didn’t take long until the pool diver noticed two young guys coming out of the nearby woods; they were young, brown haired and looked exactly the same, so Grogan assumed they should be Sebastian’s twin brothers. Donny poked Sebastian and the huge guy just grinned.

“Look at this…Hey you little fuckers, come here NOW!” Sebastian laughed as the guys just ran towards them.

They both used matching grey sweatshirts and sweatpants, which only made them to look like exact replicas, but as they approached, Donny was each time more impressed to the fact those two were indeed very similar, but not just with each other, they looked exactly like Sebastian, well at least before he became such a huge muscle beast.

“Seb!” The two guys jumped at the massive arms of their much bigger brother, not that Sebastian wasn’t more than capable of holding the both lads. They looked indeed pretty thick.

“Hey there skinny fuckers, where have you been?” Seb asked as he placed the guys back in the ground.

“Erm…we were just fishing at the river.” One of them started and the other just followed the lead.

“Yeah…we were just fishing…” They both had the same dark brown hair, the beautiful skin tone and the green eyes that made Sebastian look so hunky.

Sebastian just laughed “The hell you were…I bet you two freaks were jerking your cocks in the woods. Jeez…if you are half as horny as I was at your age, those woods must be filled with cum!”

The twin blushed instantly. Those lads were indeed impressive for their age, they were around Donny’s height, but much stockier than the pool diver, although those sweatshirts didn’t allow a pretty evaluation of their built, but judging by their family background those lads were on their way to become other marvelous specimen of unearthed manhood, muscularity and power.

“What’s with the matching clothes? I thought you hated dressing the same.” Seb asked intrigued by the fact his brothers wore matching sets of sweatshirts and sweatpants, even if the weather was not really that cold.

The twins briefly exchanged looks, they seemed more worried about answering to such simple question.

“Damn…Seb…you’re fucking massive man!” One of them suddenly exclaimed and reached to grab his big brother’s massive right arm.

“Yeah…fucking huge…how much you’re weighing now?” The other asked as groped the left arm of his humongous big brother.

“Oh…289 pounds now, I guess I’ll break the 300 mark in the next couple of weeks!” Sebastian’s flared ego made him forget his question about the matching clothes, he just rose his arms higher, lifting the twins from the ground, the twins now were trying to do chin-ups but obviously the sheer size of Seb’s gun was impossible to overcome.

Donny smirked at the scene, although his cock was really hard inside his pants. Sebastian just lifted his twin brothers of the ground a couple of extra times, then he just set them on the ground, turning his ample back around.

“So, Donny these are the horny dogs I’ve told you, Brad and Chad Kincaid, my fucking baby brothers…” The jock said hugging each brother with one of his powerful arms.

“Oh come on, bro, we ain’t babies anymore!” The one nominated as Brad protested.

“Besides, our turn with the enhancement treatment is closer than you think…” Chad grinned, Donny saw right away that his twin brother signaled for him to cut the comment although Sebastian didn’t seem to notice anything at all.

Apparently, the real reasons for Sebastian’s amazing growth were not a secret on his household, which only multiplied Donny’s suspicions.

“Come on you fuckers, show some politeness, will ya? Say hello to my roommate Donny Grogan!” The elder Kincaid brother said pushing the smaller lads forward, so they barely bumped into Donny.

The twin brothers were a bit embarrassed, but they just overcame that to greet Grogan with the same gorgeous winning smile that Donny thought to be Seb’s trademark.

“Hey there, Donny, I am Brad Kincaid.” The first one said as he shook hands with brother’s guest.

“And I'm Chad, welcome to our house, dude!” The other twin added as they both hugged their guest, suddenly Grogan felt bad for having his boner even more evident inside his pants.

“So, little dweebs, where’s the old man?” Sebastian asked, pretending he didn’t notice Donny’s boner while his twin brothers were hugging the blond man whore.

“He’s down the storehouse for almost two days now…” Brad replied like that was a normal thing on their daily routine.

“Yeah, he said he was working on something for you, we can call on the intercom but he told us he didn’t want to be disturbed.” Chad added, but Sebastian laughed.

“That’s for babies like you, I'm the other man of the house, remember, now you two show the guest room to the skinny guy, while I’ll go see the old man.” Sebastian said, but before he waddled down the road, he just turned his head back.

“And don’t you little fuckers try anything with him, he’s my fucking guest here and I want you to treat him well.”

Donny blushed because of the kind way Sebastian treated him, the teenagers just chuckled and poked each other.

“Yeah…Seb must like you a lot, because he never brought anyone to the house.” Chad giggled, although it could have been Brad, because by that moment the twins have mixed their original positions, so Donny couldn’t really tell one from the other.

The interior of Seb’s house was really nice and organized, especially for a “men only” home, since there was no help to be seen; Danny assumed the guys had to do a lot of chores around. They went upstairs, and showed the guest room to Donny who gladly thanked their hosts.

“You guys have a lovely house, thanks for having me…” Grogan replied, noticing the teenagers entered the room along with him.

“Hey, no problem, any friend of Seb is our friend too” twin #1 replied as he placed Donny’s bags on the bad.

“Besides, Seb talks so much about you, it’s like we’ve known you already.” Twin #2 added.

“Why thank you …Chad?” Donny risked and they both started laughing.

“I'm not Chad, I am Brad” The green eyed gorgeous lad said, probably used of being mistaken with his twin brother.

“Sorry about that, you guys look so exactly the same; I don’t know how Seb can tell you guys apart.” Grogan apologized.

“It’s no big deal, you just need to know us a little bit to tell us apart, after all I'm much more good looking than this guy!” Chad teased.

“Are not!” Brad replied and they soon started horsing around, which only made Donny more astounded to see how similar to Sebastian their behavior was, suddenly it felt like Grogan could see his roommate at such age, although there were two of him now, making a big mess in the guest room.

“Guys…guys…remember what Sebastian told you huh? I don’t want him to be mad at you…” Donny tried to make them stop, which he had apparently succeeded.

“Nah, chill out Sebastian is not bad, he just likes to boss us around, right Chad?”

“Stop messing around with the guy, Brad!” the other twin replied and they both started laughing and horsing again.

“So, are you two gonna do this to me? Come on, I thought you were my friends.” Donny appealed for their mercy again, but this time the twins just stopped and sat on the bed.

“So…is Sebastian fucking you?” One of the lads asked out of the blue, which made Donny go beet red.

“Come on Brad, that was a stupid question, of course Seb is fucking him, he fucks everything that moves! You think he would come all the way here if Seb wasn’t fucking him?” Chad replied, the teenager suddenly started talking about Grogan like the guy wasn’t even right there in front of them.

“To answer your question, yes, your brother and I are lovers.” Donny felt the need to shut the teenager, but he only made the twins laugh even harder.

“Are you shitting us? Seb is not the guy who has “lovers” You are fucking lying!” Brad had actually tears rolling from his eyes so hard he was laughing.

Donny was suddenly mute, he just felt too stupid, and why did he say those things.

“No…we are lovers…he fucks me all the time…he says I'm his favorite.” Grogan tried one last time.

“Which only means he’s got a lot of others to compare!” Chad mocked of Donny’s poor attempt, but suddenly the lads noticed that Grogan indeed was hurt, coming to the conclusion that his fantasies indeed were motive for the twins mockery, believing he could make Sebastian change into something he clearly wasn’t.

“Shit…look what you’ve done Brad!” The first twin said as he stood up and tried to comfort their guest.

“Me? You were the one who made the guy cry!” The other brother replied.

“No…it’s not really your fault…it’s just me…you guys are right, Seb told me we would be only fuck buddies, I am the one who wants something more, even if it is so damn great!”

Chad grinned. “Well, if you are only his fuck buddy, which means that you are free to see other guys right?”

Donny shrugged “I guess…but after hooking up with Seb, no guy really seems to hold a candle to his fucking skills.”

Brad chuckled “Well, one guy might not, but two may do the trick.” He said gently putting his arm around Donny’s shoulders.

Chad’s eyes widened “Yeah…we could be your fucking buddies too couldn’t we? I mean…you’re here, you got a boner when we hugged you, and we are always horny, what is there to lose?”

Donny frowned “I…can’t do this to you, guys, you’re still underage…”

The teenager exchanged looks and blinked, then looked back at Grogan and they both took their sweatshirts off, and Donny suddenly felt really uncomfortable.

“Look, I…don’t think it’s a good idea...”

“Shut up and help us getting out of those…they’re so tight now!” Chad asked with his back turned to Donny. Brad also had his sweatshirt over his head. Donny concluded he needed to help them because they seemed really stuck, and the slender diver noticed those clothes seemed very big although they indeed looked pretty tight around.

After some considerable effort, Donny finally took off Chad’s sweatshirt off at the same time Brad managed to get out of his. The blond diver fell over the bed, so shocked he was.

Seb’s twin baby brothers were massively muscular. Their physiques totally jacked and hugely developed, and because of their shorter frame they only looked apparently more shocking than their humongous bigger brother. Their bulging chest totally striated, the cable corded muscles so veined ripped like they were chiseled directly from the hardest stone.

They weren’t exactly as tall we Grogan, probably around 5’8 and ½ inches tall, but the width and the rugged aspect of their shoulder was amazing, they looked almost as wide as they were tall, the boulder shaped form of their huge biceps, the thickness of their deltoids jutting out of their necks, those were still teenagers with the bodies of professional heavyweight bodybuilders. Their juvenile look, the boyish grin, the naughtiness on their expressions, everything made those twin brothers to look awesomely marvelous.

“So…do we still look underage for you, Donny?” Chad said as he bounced his pectoral muscles to tease the blond guy.

“Yeah…look at those huge muscles! We are much bigger than you, college boy!” Brad said as he flexed his 22” guns with the pleasure to show Donny how massive and manly they were despite such tender age.

“You guys…are fucking HUGE!” Donny said still laid at the mattress. “H-how much do you weigh?”

Chad grinned “Each one weighs 257 pounds, and we are only growing!”

Grogan sat up “So you guys are bigger than Seb was at your age?”

The twins laughed “Of course, but Seb is not the only one in the treatment, dad thought we should start growing too, he said we now have to give Seb a run for his money” Brad commented as he approached the shocked diver.

“Your father already started the treatment? But why did Seb to wait until he was in college?” Donny asked, suddenly trying to defend the interests of his roommate.

They twins shrugged “We don’t know and we don’t fucking care, now we are growing huge and super strong too…” Chad started “and a lot smarter too…dad said we are gonna be home schooled so we can finish high school in one year, so we can look for a college…” Brad completed.

“That’s amazing, for how long you guys have been on the treatment to be so huge?” Donny asked still impressed by the massive stats on the teenager twins.

“It’s our second week on the stuff, but dad’s been given us the latest version, which is supposed to be more efficient and faster than the stuff Sebastian has been taking…” Chad said with a big grin.

“Only two weeks? And..shit…how big you guys were until two weeks ago?” Donny gulped before he completed the question.

“According to dad’s measurements we were both 5’6” and 135 pounds, we fucking gained 122 pounds in 11 days!” Brad bragged as they twin flexed their huge bodies to get Donny even harder.

“Shit…that’s 40 pounds more than Seb’s gains…why does your dad is giving you such strong shit?”

Chad grinned “Yeah the old man said that we could become bodybuilders, and start right off the teenager category, but already weighing like heavyweights, so we have to start pretty young to have a long career wowing the audiences.”

Brad seemed equally excited “He also said that this way, when we get to college we’ll be already looking massive so we don’t bring suspicious about our gains, especially because everybody will know we are Seb’s brothers so we have to impress right off the bat.”

Donny wanted to understand how come Seb didn’t notice that his brothers were so much bigger, and the guy actually lifted over 500 pounds on his arms, a weight that once had been nearly half a couple of weeks ago, probably because of his enhanced strength and height Seb didn’t notice such drastic change on his siblings.

“But don’t worry, little buddy, dad is probably gonna upgrade Seb’s stuff as well. He just used us to see the results of the new batch…so our brother will continue to be the biggest of us, he will only grow faster and more powerful.” Brad petted Donny’s back and grinned. “Meanwhile…I bet you would like to know more of our own changes huh?”

Donny blushed as he noticed the bulging crotches on the twins “Shit…you guys look like donkeys!”

Brad and Chad just stripped out of their sweatpants revealing their uncut footlong cocks. “Yeah…we were only 7 inches when the enhancement started, now look at us…we are fucking horses!” Brad grinned as he groped his own hard manhood.

Donny was dizzy “B-but you guys are still teens…”

“Oh, come on…Seb lost his virginity at 13!” Chad protested.

“Besides, we have learned a lot over these weeks…” Brad approached his twin brother and grabbed the massive mounds of muscle with a real lust. The twins faced each other and kissed passionately, feeling their hard muscles and groping each other butts. Grogan groaned as he felt their overwhelming lust taking over him.

“Damn…you guys are hot…but if you have each other why do you need me?” Donny was horny as never, but he also felt he had to keep “loyal” to Sebastian.

Chad grinned “Why? Shit look at you Donny! You’re a fucking hot guy, and Seb told us you give the best blowjobs on campus…besides…we have fucked each other over a hundred times in these days since the treatment started, it’s nice to have fresh meat”

“I…don’t know guys…it still feels kinda creepy…” Donny still resisted, but then Brad just bear hugged him and lifted him from the bed

“Think it this way, you’re not fucking two teenagers, you are being fucked by two teenagers, two teenagers that are stronger, bigger and much more powerful than you will never be, skinny. In my view you’re the one in distress here, we are gonna have our way with you, and there’s not much you can do about it, just chill out and enjoy the ride you hear little guy?”

Donny was suddenly dropped to the ground; he looked up and saw two massively muscular lads, bigger than most of professional heavyweight bodybuilders, their uncut footlong cocks throbbing with their teenager libido, the huge balls making loud noises as the brothers looked down at their horny blond guest.

“So, buddy what do you say? You want to have some double fun?” Chad asked, flexing his massive arms while Brad just hit a most muscular pose. Donny realized that whether he wanted or not, he was in for a very sensual treat.

“Oh..fuck…you kids are fucking awesome!” Donny moaned as he saw the strongest teenagers in the world grabbing his slender body from the ground.

The very next moment, Grogan was being sandwiched by two massively muscular teenagers, who were just half an inch shorter than his own 5’9”, although each one of the twin muscle hunks had over one hundred pounds of rock hard, ultra ripped and testosterone overloaded muscle.

“Damn…you’re all so huge…those muscles are fucking awesome…” These were the only words that Grogan could moan while the musclebound teenagers attacked his much smaller frame with their typical Kincaid voracity.

Chad just lifted Donny from the ground and the blond guy instinctively wrapped his legs around the thin waist on the miraculously augmented teenager, meanwhile Brad kissed the back of Grogan’s neck while he also reached for the eager tongue of his twin brother, the three of them engaged into a hot making out session, their tongues explored each other mouths, Donny was passed from twin to twin, as they flexed for him, the blond guy’s worshipful tongue savored the rugged edges of their hard bodies.

Donny also realized the boys were really into kissing, probably because they have practiced a lot with each other, and they kind of tried to keep kissing for longer periods of time, overlapping tongues and twisting their heads to get a better position, their natural enthusiasm added to the excitement of having sex with another guy besides a twin brother only made the guys more avid to kiss Grogan repeatedly, and it actually felt overwhelmingly good, because although Seb was a really hot kisser, he usually didn’t kiss many times during the fuck, probably because of his policy.

“hmmm…guys…guys…do you have protection with you?” Donny felt kinda silly about asking for condom where their huge cocks already knocked the door of his butt, he still felt weird about doing it with such young guys, it didn’t matter they were stronger than many powerlifters or bigger than most adults would ever be.

Brad grinned. “Well…I think Seb still keeps a good fresh stash in his bedroom, we really don’t have use for them…since Chad and I were virgins until the beginning of the treatment and you’re the first outsider guy we do…”

“Oh…but still I think we should start the right way…I mean so you guys will be fucking a lot of guys like your big brother, and he’s always very careful about that…” Donny said while he squeezed the massive pectoral of Chad Kincaid, who just smiled totally convinced. “Here, bro hold that skinny guy while I go grab the gloves for us.”

Brad promptly grabbed Donny while his brother left “Damn…two weeks ago I would never be able to do it, but now...shit you’re so fucking light, Donny.”

“Yeah…Seb keeps telling me that, but it’s not my fault you guys are strong like fucking superheroes.” Grogan giggled as Brad lifted him higher and flexed his free arm to emphasize how much stronger he had gotten with the treatment.

“I got them, bro…” Chad said as he brought a metal box filled with all kinds of condoms “But I guess we’ll have to squeeze into those little things because Seb wasn’t really all that big when he used these…”

Donny giggled, although he knew Seb now needed really huge condom sizes the ones he got in there were already decent enough for those sexy teenagers, so he just picked one and sensually rolled Brad’s hard cock in a very enjoyable blowjob movement.

“Shiiiiiiit…Chad that guy has talent…fuck I almost came and he just rolled the thing on me!” Brad said through his teeth as he noticed how tight the condom felt on his humongous footlong cock.

“Do me now…” Chad didn’t have to ask because Donny already moved sensually over his cock and carefully adjusted the slightly too tiny condom over the equally huge cock, proud of his safe sex skills, Grogan just smiled.

“So guys, now that you are fully dressed for the occasion, why don’t we start this orgy at once?” Donny said as he picked the bottle of lube that was inside the metal box and applied some on the guy’s cocks and his own twitching anus.

“I call shotgun!” Brad yelled and picked Donny roughly and laid him on the bed, hoisting his legs up and getting the huge cock to go inside him.

Chad slapped the back of his brother’s neck. “Stupid, calling shotgun is for riding on the front part of dad’s car, you’re actually going on his behind!”

Brad shrugged his humongous shoulders “Who cares? I get to fuck that prick before you!” The other twin just hoisted Donny’s legs up and inserted his cock at once, which caused them both to scream.

“Calm down, moron, you might break him, the guy is skinny he is not used with our strength!” Chad protested as Brad pounded their guest’s ass heavily.

“The hell he isn’t! Seb fucks him constantly remember? And he’s even stronger than both of us…he’s gonna take it like a good man huh, Donny?”

Grogan just moaned, he was having a real great time while Brad fucked his butt. Chad seemed to feel left out so he just stuck his huge cock down Donny’s mouth. “Come on little guy, give me some of that blowjob Seb always comments about.”

Donny closed his eyes, he was getting fucked on the ass and in his mouth by two of the hottest guys in the world, and they both were identical to the man that he so desperately wanted. Grogan moaned as the twins continued their sexual assault over his body.
Brad really got a nice swing in his pounding movements, stopping every now and then to shake his precious muscle butt, which only made the whole experience even more intense, meanwhile Chad showed he was a great learner, picking another condom and sensually rolling it over Donny’s organ, the he displayed an incredible flexibility to 69 the blond diver while his twin brother fucked Donny, whenever Brad stopped for that sensual shake, Chad would stand up and kiss his twin brother passionately.

Donny came for the first time; he wanted to scream out of ecstasy, but he couldn’t because of Chad’s cock down his throat.

“Gee, already? The little guy has not good stamina…” Brad commented as he noticed the big glob of cum stored inside the condom, so he just yanked the protection from Donny’s cock, letting the globs of his milky emissions fall over his lean muscular abdomen .

“Great…so now it’s my turn to fuck him…” Chad said while still thrusting his cock down Donny’s throat.

“No way…I still haven’t cum!” Brad protested pounding Grogan’s ass even harder.

“Come on Brad, be a good brother, share the little guy a bit okay?” Chad appealed.

Brad considered it for a moment, then he grinned “Okay, we can share…come here with me, let’s fuck this guy together…”

Chad grinned as well “You think he can handle the both of us?”

“Sure he can, the guy’s been having Seb’s cock for a long time, and it’ll be a nice challenges huh Donny?” Brad asked, but Donny was in fact too dizzy to answer the question, he only noticed that Chad’s cock was suddenly out of his mouth.

“Whaaaa…” Grogan suddenly felt Brad’s cock was unplugged from his butt and he felt the typical cold sensation, but instead of a simple inversion, Donny noticed the two brothers grinning down at him.

“That’s it skinny guy we are going in together this time…” Chad announced while Grogan just gulped, he knew he couldn’t deny their will.

Brad suddenly poked Chad “Look at the time, bro…” the other twin gazed upon the clock and grinned “Yeah…it’s time for another vial…oh shit brother…you know what this means?”

“Fuck yeah, it’s time for more growth, and this time we can enjoy it while fucking this little guy…” Brad left the room a while, but not his neither Chad’s erection wore off, their cocks still hard and throbbing inside the condom. Soon, Brad returned carrying two vials of some transparent liquid.

Instead of Sebastian’s several injections pills and solutions, the twins seemed to have a much more efficient and easier to take version of the growth treatment. Brad gave Chad the other vial and they both downed in synch.

“H-how much bigger will you guys get?” Donny asked, the barely thought of those hunky guys growing even bigger, made him cum again without even touching himself.

“Well, we can’t tell for sure, dad’s giving out each time stronger versions, but I can tell you we might end up just as big as Seb is…” Chad teased.

“Yeah little guy… can you handle two massive Sebastian Kincaid riding your skinny butt? Yeah we are gonna give you a very hard time…” Brad laughed, as his hands explored his body.

“Fuck, Brad…it started…” Chad hissed as he felt his own muscles tightening.

“Yeah…I can feel it already making me bigger, the muscles growing, the fibers thickening and tightening around the bones, so fucking hot!” Brad added as he also flexed his pectorals and his ripped stomach.

“What are you guys talking about?” Donny thought the brothers were just fantasizing, until he actually notice their muscles bulging and growing thicker, they were indeed augmenting just like that.

“Yeah…it’s so good…this new shit is much faster too, dad says it is possible to make us much bigger and stronger each day with each application…” Chad said as he flexed his approaching 23” biceps, Brad joined his flexing position, and they kissed again, their expanding bodies grew bigger and more muscular, they were blossoming into two enormous muscle jocks just like their older brother.

“Oh shit…oh fuck me… you two stop making out and fuck my ass…oh damn…!” Donny screamed as he watched the hottest scene ever, two teenager muscle monsters growing even bigger, making out in such a tender, passionate way.

Chad grinned “You asked for it, little dude, but first, let’s get that tight thing around my growing cock!” Chad yanked the condom and released his hard cock and the enormous amount of precum it produced. The first twin grinned as he went inside Donny’s smooth ass, which was already stretched by Brad.

“Oh…yeah…nice ass…almost as good as yours bro…”

Brad blushed “Yeah…I know what you mean, brother…” The other twin said as they kissed once again, their growing masses of muscle expanding, it was then Donny noticed that Brad and Chad were more than just two lads exploring their sexuality.

“Come on get inside this little guy before we are too big to do this together…”

Brad grinned as he adjusted to penetrate Donny’s stuffed ass, the diver screamed once again as he felt the twins trying to adjust their two massive organs inside his slim muscular butt, then with a bit of effort and accommodation, Grogan never felt this full in his life, he’s got two massive cocks which grew bigger by the moment, just like their owners.

“Damn…he’s so fucking tight…I don’t think he’s gonna handle much longer, Brad…”

“Don’t worry…we are giving this little guy the best fuck of his life!” The other twin replied with an evil grin. Their muscles have grown so ripped and so hardly thick, their bulging masses of new muscular fibers provided them with dozens of freshly created pounds of ultra masculine muscular power.

Donny was just dizzy, so much overwhelmingly pleasing sensations sent into his brain, the power of those guys, the undeniable fact they were growing bigger, they were becoming even stronger and more powerful than Sebastian, and as much as Donny loved the size of his enormous roommate, he couldn’t help but feeling extremely horny about these two teenager muscle freaks.

Chad and Brad grew bigger and more muscular, and their cocks pushed deeper inside Grogan’s butt, they enjoyed fucking a guy at the same time, feeling their cocks rubbing against each other while they both fucked Donny mercilessly. Finally as their growth reached its peak and their both bodies became two mind blowing sculptures of super massive and strong muscle, Chad and Brad combined their efforts in the last thrusts which sent Donny over the edge once again, and this time the little guy was joined by the twins, filling his ass with unimaginable amount of man juice.

The twins screamed and kept pouring their thick hot jism inside Donny’s butt. Brad and Chad roared out of pleasure, they laughed so hard and deliciously loud.

“Are you still cumming inside this guy?”

“You bet I am bro!” Chad replied as they high fived. Underneath their winning bodies, an exhausted yet beyond description sexually realized Donny laid, his butt completely numb now, the feeling of cum rolling down his legs so strongly, the view of the humongous twins kissing each other after another round of steaming hot sex was indeed amazing.

Donny felt Chad and Brad combining the way to pull out of his butt, although it was tricky because they were indeed still hard, and each time they pulled Donny felt like they would pull his bowels along. Eventually, they were soft enough to get the first cock out, and the other pulled out much easier.

Grogan was just overwhelmed “You guys…are so fucking massive…how much bigger have you gotten?”

Chad looked at his brother “Carry the little guy over our room, Brad, he wants to see us taking measurements”

Brad obliged and swept the blond guy in his massive arms so easily, they headed to the twins room, which looked exactly how Sebastian’s room back in the campus, those guys were freakishly similar. The desk was filled with measuring instruments, and they even had a pretty precise scale ready to take their measurements.

Suddenly, Chad and Brad no longer seemed the same easy going kind of jock and dumb teenagers, they were suddenly making all kinds of notes and discussing theories about the kind of enhancements their father could try for the next batch, they talked about highly complicated chemical formulas with the same easy they commented how hot it felt fucking a little guy like Donny.

The twins have changed into prime men, they were now so massive and so ripped, their muscles still had that alabaster tone, which actually worked for their looks, their shaggy brown hair and the green eyes now only made them look deviant and angelical at the same time. Their muscles were not only beyond huge, they were so thick and massive, the green veins crossed over them only augmented the perception of their uncanny power.

“So…how much bigger you’ve gotten?” Donny asked, still sat in the beds that had been pushed together.

Brad and Chad exchanged looks once again and started laughing “Damn, you’re indeed a size queen Donny?” Brad started, but then he just started posing for his guest.

“We are now 5’11” and weighing 290 pounds…only 10 pounds shy of the 300 mark, but I guess it is enough to make you cum again huh little guy?”

Chad laughed “Yeah…we are even heavier than Seb now, I bet the poor guy will just freak out, when he sees that we have surpassed him in such short time!” The twin flexed his 28 inches biceps with the same proud his twin brother hit a most muscular pose, and Donny couldn’t resist but cumming another time.

“The HELL you are!” A deep voice boomed inside the room, they all looked to the enormous frame of Sebastian, still taller and slightly lighter than his twin brothers.

“SEB?” Brad jumped, still not used to his amazing new frame. The big brother just stood there in his powerful attitude of the big brother who caught his siblings messing around his stuff.

“Yeah, it’s me alright, you little fuckers…I get out for a couple of minutes and you just drag my buddy into your fucking frenzy? And what about you Donny? I knew they were perverts but you couldn’t resist their tiny muscles huh?”

Donny wanted to reply, he wanted to explain Seb how he was literally dragged into all that story, but before he could open his mouth Chad already teased Seb.

“Oh come on, bro… you know that guy would be all over us…it’s not his fault, we are pretty hot ourselves, even bigger than you…”

“And growing bigger each day!” Brad completed as the twins stood in front of Sebastian. Suddenly they seemed about to start fighting, but then the elder brother just busted into laughter.

“So…doesn’t he give the best blowjobs ever?” Sebastian said as petting Donny’s confused head.

“He sure does, he’s also very worried about safe sex.” Brad asked.

“Yeah, but he’s right, I fuck so many people I gotta take care of myself, at least I had to…” Sebastian added as he took a vial of his pocket and the both twins jumped.
“So…dad gave you the same stuff we took?” Chad asked excited.

“No…it’s much stronger than the kid tonic you guys took…the old man is getting serious about our growth bros. This vial is gonna work on my entire organism, making me not only better, it will make me nearly perfect, I will be immune to all diseases, so I’ll never have to worry about wearing condoms again…” The Kincaid elder brother replied as he looked at Donny, he just broke the vial and downed the content.

Sebastian’s body started bulging, he just moaned as the fibers of his clothes simply stretched along with his expanding muscles, the guys ripped his shirt, exposing the augmenting muscles of his body.

His muscles engaged into waves of growth, swelling and hardening, the thickness on his already impressive forms only expanded and gave place for even more amazing muscle growth.

The shoulders became humongous boulders of grotesque power, the rugged edges of the biceps only packed with extra size as the veins entangled around the reining peaks, the forearms thickened and displayed the huge thick veins underneath the flimsy skin.

Seb’s breath was heavy as his body grew bigger, he enjoyed the pleasure of his muscles, he knew they were growing now much faster than ever before, he could look and make them grow, he flexed and they responded by ripping all the remains of his denim pants, the jockstrap was hanging by just on thread, his massive thick legs flexed and relaxed as the fibers engorged, his butt became even more muscular.

The cock grew furiously bigger, the head was purple, expanding at each second, the python reached over 17 inches long and continued expanding, and the girth on the manhood obelisk only augmented as the blood reached the new areas inside the bugling phallus.

Sebastian’s chest inflated, creating two humongous plates of muscle that jutted out of his body, his nipples flared and expanded, the huge pecs were so thick and heavy yet the muscular perfection allowed the most amazing look, the nipples growing longer and thicker, the perfect set of 8 pack stomach only grew harder and more defined, extra knots popped from the quarry of his stomach as Seb flexed and exchanged the positions like he was indeed a professional bodybuilder.

Both of the twins were impressed “Shit…we gotta get our hands on that is amazing!” Chad said as he watched his older brother growing so much more massive than he already was.

“Heh, good luck, dad said it was his way to make up for not starting my enhancement at your age, so I’ll get to grow faster and much bigger…” Sebastian laughed as his body continued expanding, at the same time, his chest hair, that once had been scarce, now seemed much thicker and longer spreading all over the right places.

Sebastian continued growing for a few extra moments, but despite the time elapsed, the intensity of that process was unimaginable the man just ballooned into something that would make his previous size pale in comparison.

“Come on you little fuckers, measure this huge body of mine!” Sebastian barked and the twins gladly obliged, they soon found out that Sebastian just added a couple of inches to his height, reaching 6’6” but his weight increased to whooping 367 pounds, a total gain of 78 pounds in less than three fucking minutes! The biceps ballooned to 35” around, the chest went to 83” and each leg now tapped at 48”, the cock was 18 and half inches long. Sebastian had became a true force of nature.

“Damn…brother, you’re huuuuuge!” Brad said as he stood at the side of the behemoth.

“Yeah…you’d better not forget who’s the big brother anyway, but that’s cool, I guess you warmed my buddy for some serious fuck…” Seb groaned as he picked Donny in his arms and kissed him with wild hunger for sex

Grogan gulped, Sebastian had that look again “So, Donny now that you had their “Happy Meal” it’s more than time for some serious beef huh?”

“Yes…Seb…oh GOD yes…” Donny felt so incredibly happy because Seb was the biggest among them again, his physique now shadowed even the amazing size of the teenager twins, but for Donny there was only one Kincaid wonder, and his name was Sebastian.

“Farewell…I’ll give you a ride you’ll never forgot, I just hope you don’t choke to death!” Sebastian laughed as he carried Donny out of the twins’ room. “Hey you little fuckers…you two come to my room now… I gotta teach you little shits how to top a nice good guy like this.”

The twins followed their huge brother like two puppies eager to learn more about the sensual art of being hyper muscular topper.

“Brace yourself, Donny, you’re in for a Kincaid overload!” Brad laughed as their giant cocks were at full mast.

Truth to be told, Donny didn’t mind being used as sexual entertainment for the Kincaid brothers, in fact loved it all, he just wanted Sebastian to notice he would never leave his side, he was more than in love by the ultra humongous lad, he was just…just.

Whatever he was…he only knew that there were no men like Sebastian, although there were some pretty similar ones. It was only then Donny had a last thought.

“What kind of man would consciously change his kids into monstrous muscular young lads?” However, Donny had not the time to ponder upon that question because he had to please two horny teenager muscle bounds and a young colossus.

To be continued