No Strings Attached 3

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Next morning, Donny Grogan couldn�t be any happier, he had spent the most sensual and the most orgasmic night of his young life, he had been fucked and pleased in so many different ways that in the next morning, his whole lingered, drenched in that undeniably comfortable post coitus laziness.

On top of that, the blond diver woke up lying in Sebastian�s bed which was something that had never happened before; because of Seb�s strict �no commitments� policy, the huge hunk always made clear that Grogan should leave and get back to his own bed as soon as he could walk. In that particular morning, Donny would have the awaited blessing of waking up close to the hottest man in the world, the object of his most intense fantasies, the man he secretly fell in love with, even though he promised he wouldn�t.

However, Grogan soon noticed that all that extra room in the bed could only mean that Seb had already woken up, and judging by the temperature of the rest of the king sized mattress, he was up a long time ago. Gulping down his own disappointment, the blond college lad stood up and tried to find something to cover his parts until he could sneak back into his room to get a proper clothes change.

Donny realized the house was awfully quiet, and since the door for the twins� room was opened and there were still no signs of the wonderfully massive teenagers, the guest concluded that his very hospitable horny hosts must have been downstairs waffling down on whatever food might have escaped from their frantic nocturnal hunger.

�Seb? Are you there man?� Grogan barely whispered, feeling very lonely in that humongous household.

�Right down here, pal. Just finishing cooking breakfast, come and get it while it�s hot�� Judging by the same deep, manly tone it was definitely Sebastian. Although it all seemed a bit weird because the huge guy would rarely cook by himself, what to say about sharing food with someone, Donny knew it from the many times he had to fix something for himself after feeding the needy jock.

�Oh�okay�just a sec�� Donny was surprised by such unexpected kindness of his roommate, but when he got downstairs the smell of eggs and bacon awoke his own appetite, all that extra activity surely built a mighty hunger inside Donny�s tight muscular body.

�Hello there boy�Come and help yourself!� The handsome hunk in that kitchen welcomed Donny but the lad�s heart skipped a beat, because for one moment it felt like he was looking at shrunken version of his beloved Sebastian, something stripped the marvelous jock of denizens of his hunky massive pounds, that gorgeous man was still in tremendously great shape, but those big, hard, bulging muscles still were very far from the mind blowing state of the youthful powerhouse that assaulted Donny�s all night long.

�You are not Seb�� Donny�s comment never left his lips, because the blond diver concluded that was not his Sebastian, but a man who looked just like him, with the exception of the obvious lack of size, the resemblance was indeed strikingly amazing!

�Sorry if I disappointed you, lad, it was not my original intention but you asked for Seb, and the last time I checked, it was indeed my name!� The man smiled openly as he served a hefty plate for his blond guest.

�Oh�so you must be Mr. Kincaid, right? Wow�I'm so sorry for abusing of your hospitality, sir. I guess I overslept��Donny noticed that smaller Seb�s skin was almost as fresh and vigorous, there were almost no aging signs were visible, except for maybe around his incredibly handsome green eyes which only looked wiser. The bare-chested man had a neater hairdo, with some graying areas and a well styled goatee and side-burns that framed his incredibly handsome features.

The Kincaid father only was about 6�2� tall, at 275 pounds his muscles looked incredibly huge, even though his son now was almost 100 pounds heavier. The hunk wore skin tight jeans pants, accentuating the rugged muscular thighs and his amazingly bubble butt that flexed as his sculptural body moved around the kitchen. Like his sons, that man had naturally wide shoulders, thick ample lats and tiny waist line that made his huge muscles look even more impressive, the man truly had a road map carved on his the muscles of his back. Meanwhile, his naked torso revealed the perfect tanned slabs of his pectoral muscles, displaying a very manly fuzzy coverage over them, the muscles on his arms looked so hard.

�Nonsense, I should be one apologizing to you, after all you�ve been here since yesterday and we have never been introduced, although it�s also partially my sons� fault. They are excellent boys, but I�ve failed to put some etiquette inside those hard skulls.� His laughter sounded very pleasing to Donny�s ears.

Seb�s dad offered his masculine hand to the guest. �Sebastian Kincaid Senior at your service lad; I�ve been working so very hard on my projects that I forgot to eat�so I decided to take a morning break.� His handshake was strong and very powerful, the same self-confidence and determination of his son, noticing the undeniable similarities, Donny couldn�t help but chuckling while he shook hands with the father of his beloved Sebastian.

�Donald Grogan�I'm pleased to meet you, Seb�I'm mean Mr. Kincaid. I'm sorry sir�I didn�t mean to disrespect it�s just��

�Oh I totally get it. I know how much Junior hates being called that way, he even forbade Chad and Brad to call him the same way I do, but he can�t do anything when I remember him that I am the original Sebastian Kincaid.� The man said as he motioned his guest to eat his food �Come on, dig in!�

Donny was more than happy to oblige, savoring a warm meal after an orgy night was definitely a great rejoicing experience �Wow�these are the best scrambled eggs I�ve ever tasted! They�re so soft and delicate!�

Seb senior grinned and nodded his head �A pinch of cream, black pepper and nutmeg, but most important you can�t let it directly over the flame, hold it over the burner and stir the eggs softly in the heated pan until it gets creamy and spongy but without actually frying��

Donny was indeed very impressed, the lad enjoyed cooking, especially experimenting new recipes and spices, but it wasn�t much effective when his audience consisted of a massive human food vacuum, who pretty much waffled down everything offered to him with an insatiable hunger. Donny felt very proud of the way his massive roommate enjoyed his cooking, but it wouldn�t harm to hear some opinions or comments on how to improve his skills.

The Kincaid father watched as his guest devoured the food he prepared, his handsome face also had that deviant smirk that Donny loved so much about his massive Sebastian.

�Eat up, lad, after being fucked by my three ultra-horny boys your body needs to replenish its reserves.� The man joked as Donny almost gasped with the food, quickly reaching for the OJ Seb Senior had strategically placed right aside him.

�Oh�could you�hear us?� Donny clearly didn�t expect Sebastian�s father to be so bluntly open like that.

�You got that right, Donny boy �I could hear my kids fucking you over and over all the way from my lab during the whole night, but it�s cool, you don�t need to be ashamed because I know all about you and Junior�� Senior smiled smartly as he continued eating on his food. �Besides, without your help we would never been able to get so far. We are all in debt with you Donny!� The beautiful man said as he gently took the plates into the sink.

�So�you realized me and Seb weren�t alone?� Grogan asked afraid of Senior�s reaction to the fact he had taken any advantages over his underage sons.

�Come on, Donny boy, you know Chad and Brad would pretty much rape you. Ever since those lads started their treatment they�ve turned into horny dogs. It was actually funny noticing how they poorly tried to hide all the sex they were having from me.� Senior laughed as he turned back to his shocked guest. �Did you know the twins came to me this morning and asked for some money to get rubbers? Seems the guys ran over Junior�s stash on you�� The impressively handsome father chuckled.

Donny didn�t know how to react. There they were discussing the intensely sensual previous night with an uncommon openness. �I just couldn�t help sir�your sons�they are so manly�so powerful�I just�� Suddenly, Grogan felt Senior�s big warm hands on his muscular shoulders.

�That�s alright, Donny boy, you actually had no choice. Because of their incredibly high pheromonal level secreted by their skin, any person that interacts with Junior or the twins will feel compelled to give into their will; I have originally targeted this to give them advantage on competitive confrontations, but it turns out nothing is actually more competitive than sex huh?�

The diver gulped, for a while he even forgot that such incredibly cool and handsome man was indeed the same �mad scientist� who deliberately changed his own children into massive powerful freaks, challenging the very rules of nature. Donny never thought Seb�s dad would be indeed so�interestingly ambiguous.

�You�re saying your formula has made it to them�so are you also a victim of their overwhelmingly manliness?� Grogan asked at once, noticing that the subject was far to fascinating to be uncovered.

�You think I�d be so stupid to make my sons capable of dominating me? Come on Donny boy, you know Junior very well to know that guy would have me around his little finger if I wasn�t immune to his pheromonal arsenal!� Senior laughed, suddenly checking his own musky bodily odor. �Although you might be suffering quite a bit from my own b.o. Gee�I meant to take a bath before eating, but I was so fucking famished.�

Donny grinned �It�s okay sir, you go take a shower and I will look for Seb�I mean Junior.�

Then, the father just turned around and grinned �Actually� you don�t need to go at all, because I am in the mood for a bath� and the company of an athletic lad like yourself would be very much appreciated, so�care to join me?� Senior said as he caressed the cheeks of the blond college guy.

�A-are you sure sir? I don�t want to cause any trouble among your sons� Donny hesitated, although he clearly felt tempted the diver feared he was crossing an even more dangerous zone, because he would soon have intimate moments with every member of the handsome Kincaid family.

�That�s nonsense�the boys are out in the woods, probably fucking themselves over again, why can�t we enjoy some quality time in modern accommodations? Come on Donny boy�let me teach you how real men have sex�� The sensation of his facial hair tingled but it also ignited Grogan�s libido.

There were no more words from Donny. He just smiled and allowed Senior to take him in his muscular arms all the way to the master bedroom of the household. It was sumptuous, equipped with all commodities of the modern life. Seb Senior grinned as he placed his company in the enormous king sized bed.

The college guy moaned as he watched Senior undressing, his jeans were so tight, and he looked so perfect, like a Greek God made into flesh. He wasn�t nearly as massive as his own sons, but he sure had the body of a superheavyweight professional bodybuilder, with the right amount of body hair to increase the look on those impressive muscles and the thick veins covering them.

�HOLLY SHIT!� The boy gasped as he noticed the size of Senior�s cock; even still in a semi-flaccid state it already put Seb�s new cock size into shame, Donny knew it would harden to become bigger than his roommate�s cobra-sized shaft.

Senior chuckled �Why thank you�my boys are surely very big everywhere, but I always make sure my cock is bigger�it assures my status as the leader of the clan�� The man said as he went to the bathroom and turned the water on his ultra modern bathtub, the water actually fell from the roof in a gentle string, while the gorgeous man just joined Donny in the bed.

Grogan moaned as he quickly yanked his clothes of his body, which only made Senior to chuckle �Relax dude, we have plenty of time�you don�t need to rush�that�s the problem with this youth...� Senior said as he hugged Donny�s body so comfortably, making him feel every crevice of his rugged muscles, the ultra huge cock hardening between them, their bodies felt so warm and so deliciously close.

�I bet those boys only care for sticking their puny cocks into you and pounding that beautiful butt of yours without even taking time to appreciate the fine specimen they were lucky to find.� The muscle daddy just grinned as he rolled Donny�s lean muscular body around and started licking from the back of the neck to the end of the spine, very slowly and very gently.

�Ohhh�sir�� The blond diver moaned as he felt his entire body shivering, it was like a thousand needles have pierced his body, there was an electrifying sensation that spread through his body while Senior gently ran his harsh, experienced tongue down the surface of his smooth muscular body. The daddy made his way around Donny�s butt and the stopped.

�Oh yeah�the smell of a good butt in the morning�there�s nothing better!� Senior said as he rimmed the powerful long tongue of his down the crack of such bubble ass, inserting it slowly and sensually, savoring the flavors and the smell of Grogan�s body, who just moaned even louder.

�Shit�this is so�good� Donny whispered as he felt the tongue rimming his butt. Senior took his time and teased his blond lad for a great deal of time, increasing the sensation to the point where Donny reached for his own cock and started jerking it, but the strong hands of Seb�s dad suddenly squeezed Grogan�s cock, which was achingly hard.

�You�ll only cum when I tell you to�� Senior grinned as he let go of the manhood. Donny gasped as he felt the pressure increasing on his already aching member. Suddenly the pleasure became some sort of burden which was too good to carry, the more Senior teased his body, the more he ached to cum, but for some reason, no matter how hard he stroke his cock his pleasure only grew stronger but without the precious release of orgasm.

�Oh, please sir�let me cum�� Donny hissed as he tried to milk his hard cock, but the daddy had other plans.

�You boys are always in a hurry�now just let me teach you a thing or two about sex� The man murmured into Grogan�s ears before he kissed his lips. Suddenly, Danny couldn�t even remember his cock was so engorged and aching to be released, that kiss�it wasn�t just a kiss�it was like�a word which hasn�t been yet invented to describe some kind of pleasure that boy never felt before.

Senior took his time, his tongue was slow, but steady, he explored the twirling and the moving of their bodies. Grogan was avid for more, he loved kissing, he just wanted Seb to kiss him more often, he loved making out, but with Sebastian Kincaid Junior kissing was just a waste of time, an opinion that his own father didn�t seem to share at all. Donny didn�t care if he would run out of air, he just wanted that kiss to last forever, but eventually Seb Senior gently broke their osculation.

�Yeah�you�re a hot little kisser�� The daddy told as he pinned the boy�s back against the mattress and supported the much heavier of his figure on his massive arms.

�Thank, but you�re the master�� Donny blushed.

�You bet your ass I am, boy�� Senior said as he stood up and carried his shocked lad in his massive arms and lifted him from the bed. �The tub is almost filled now, come on, let us enjoy a nice bath�� The daddy said as he took Donny inside the roomy bathroom.

The man placed Donny gently in the warm water, grabbed a bottle of minty liquid soap and applied on his hands. Then, Senior sat behind Donny his cock still so hard and so gigantic, the huge body of him engulfed Donny�s figure, embracing him and sharing its warmth, which kept him comfortable even if the water didn�t cover his whole body. The muscle daddy just started massaging the hard lean muscles on Grogan, who just moaned.

�Sir�you�re cock is so huge�so hard�I would love�to have it��

�Shhhh�don�t rush your daddy boy�he knows what is best for you. I am gonna stay this hard for as much time as I need�there�s nothing you can do to make me cum unless I want to�so we are gonna fuck all day long�� Senior instructed as he applied pressure on Donny�s deltoids, which sent the little guy into heaven.

�All�day�long? Wow�I don�t think I can keep up with you sir�� Donny said between breaths.

�Like I said before, you have no choice boy. You are a virgin, because until you�ve been fucked by the original Sebastian Kincaid, you will not know what true sex is�I am going to stimulate all points of your body, boy. You are gonna do things that you�ve never thought you were capable. We are gonna have so much pleasure, you will be laughing for a month for no reason. My sons are just horny fuckers, but they lack the competence and the experience to be truly stallions, it comes with time!� The original Seb said as he gently rinsed the body of his over excited boy.

Donny considered how lucky he was to have such a master topper; he wanted to experiment and to learn all he had to teach about all these secrets. Maybe if he could learn and master them, he would become such a great bottom that Seb would have no choice but�

�Don�t drift away boy�I need you focused for an amazing blowjob!� The muscle daddy gently held Donny�s chin to get his attention. The boy just blushed and tried to move into a position where he could show Senior his expertise, it was then the blond guy noticed his incredible daddy gently lifting him.

�I didn�t mean you, Danny boy; you might have some talent because all my boys have told me that, but I'm gonna show you how a real man sucks a cock!� Senior grinned as his beautiful lips engulfed the diver�s hard member with gusto, the awesomely handsome daddy savored the hardness on Donny�s cock, who could only moan and hiss while the longue tongue caressed the sensitive surface of the circumcised cock.

Senior enjoyed sucking cock just as much he loved to rim Donny�s ass, he just lifted him higher, easily supporting the lad, who rested his legs on each boulder-like shoulder of the amazing sex master. �Damn�sir�you�re too fucking good�I�want to cum so badly��

No matter how stimulated Donny was he couldn�t cum; although his cock was aching hard, the cockhead now throbbed in a deep purple tone, the veins were all puffed, the whole cock looked it would explode, still he just felt the pleasure accumulating inside him without any signs of upcoming relief.

Senior carried on his wonderful job, inserting his fingers inside Donny�s ass and toying with them; Grogan had much bigger things inside him, including Seb Junior�s monster cock and the twins at once, yet none of those excellent phallus had the same expertise, it felt like Donald was a violin and Senior was the ultimate master violinist, revealing secrets that produced incomparable effects, his skills were unmatchable, and Donny knew now that whatever Senior wanted to do to him, he eagerly needed it.

After a few more excruciatingly pleasing moments, Senior finally removed his unbelievably hot mouth from Donny�s cock, although he continued fingering the tight muscle butt of the lad. �You are feeling really hard right now huh lad?�

�Yes�yes sir�I'm so hard�please let me cum�please I beg you!� Donny whispered as he felt like his body entered in fever seizure so intense that experience was.

�Oh�relax we have time�you�re just in the right point for your next lesson�. Senior stood up carrying the lad in his arms and carried him back to the bed, their dripping wet bodies smelled so deliciously good. The daddy gently laid his overwhelmed boy back in the mattress and sat right next to him, caressing the unbelievably hard member.

�Yeah�boy, you�re ready to go inside me now�� Senior grinned as he kissed the lips of his puzzled lad.

�What? Sir�no I am no topper�� Donny said as he was kissed by the huge muscle daddy.

�You�ll do what I tell you to do, boy. I want you to fuck me�your young cock is harder than it will never be, I wanna feel that inside me, but don�t worry, because I am also gonna fuck you. True men are not bottoms or toppers they are fucking machines that bring pleasure to their partners and themselves, they�re versatile and experts in everything they do�� Senior explained laying on his back and hoisted his massively muscular thighs.

�Now� stop worrying and get inside me�NOW!� The original Seb demanded and Donny just realized he stood up and assumed the position to insert his cock inside the impressively muscular butt of his unique daddy. When Grogan pressed the head inside he just gasped, it felt so tight and yet so amazingly HOT!
�Damn�sir�your butt�it is so�HARD!� The diver said as he pushed the rest of his cock inside the Kincaid�s father and the man purred like a huge tiger.

�You�re damn right kid�muscle makes sex even better, both at fucking and being fucked, you just have to know when to FLEX!� Senior laughed as his butt clamped around Donny�s cock and the lad just screamed as he tried to get out, the pain was so intense but at the same it converted almost instantly into more pleasure that accumulated inside Grogan�s dam.

�Oh�shit�I can�t�it�s too tight�too fucking tight!� the lad slapped Senior�s thighs trying to make him understand he was far too strong. Eventually, the daddy relaxed his grip which provoked another rush wave inside the young man, Donny screamed once again for his release.

�Yeah�Donny boy, you feel now I can still be an alpha and be fucked, I'm just as manly as it gets, so my position doesn�t count, now you can continue fucking me�release your stress�use me�plunge that cock and fuck me HARD!� The man ordered once again and Grogan didn�t take a millisecond to oblige, his cock went inside again and this time he plunged with all his strength.

The loud sounds of Donny�s sac hitting against the hard surface of Senior�s muscular butt was rhythmical and whimsical, the gentle, kind twinkle Donny became a really savage predator, his body moving and fucking the most amazing butt he ever seen, meanwhile Senior laughed harder and louder, noticing how well Grogan assimilated his lessons. �That�s it, Donny boy�give it to me�yeah what a great topper you are boy!�

�T-th-than-thanks- s-s-s-irr�� Donny smiled; he was proud for pleasing his daddy, even though he pretty much knew he still couldn�t cum the blond lad wanted so much to please the humongous man and his ultimate muscle butt.

Donny continued slamming that granite hard butt with all his strength, even when his stamina faded, the boy continued in his duty to pound his daddy�s butt, which only caused Senior to tap his lad�s head. �You were great, Donny boy, now just let me release you from all the stress��

The huge man hugged the exhausted Donald and kissed him carefully, their warm sweaty bodies felt so close, their hearts beating very fast. Senior took his time and caressed the tried lad as he laid Donny back in mattress.

�You�ve got talent inside you, Donny boy, with the right training and practice you will be almost as good as I am�� Senior teased as he kissed the cheeks of the pacing lad.

�It will be my honor to be taught by you sir�� Grogan replied, still not sure what he truly meant, but really excited to find out. Meanwhile, Donny�s cock was harder than ever, it was indeed much bigger than the lad could remember. �Shit�I'm gonna explode!�

Senior chuckled �Yes you are boy, but you still need a last lesson for now�� The man grinned as he showed the reason of his proud �You�re about to make a 2 feet long cock disappear inside you!� The humongous python was just amazing, the most beautiful and uncut super huge cock, the head was completely exposed with the exact mushroom shape, the veins covering all over the impossible thick body, pumping even more blood into the manhood obelisk. The young lad noticed that while he fucked Senior�s butt, the massive daddy had been produced gallons of brilliant precum, the head poured it like a fountain, the enormous cock was totally lubed and ready to penetrate another victim.

Donny wanted to scream, it was too big, too thick, too long�too monstrous, but the only words that came out of his mouth were �Make me yours, master!�

Senior licked his lips �Damn, boy you�re a fast learner.� The daddy said as he inserted his hand under Grogan�s butt and lifted his entire body. Then, he just kissed the cheeks of the boy about to be impaled alive.

�I�ll be hoisting your tiny weight, so just relax and enjoy the ride.� Senior said as he inserted the giant head inside Donny�s ass cheeks and the boy simply let go a primal growl of pain, lust and pleasure. The monster between his butt cheeks went deeper inside his own body, meanwhile Kincaid Senior just supported the whole ride, making sure Donny didn�t get down too fast, it was painful but at the same time incredibly orgasmic, if only he could reach orgasm.

�Atta boy�you�re doing really fine�the first half is almost all in�let�s take it up a notch!� Seb Senior said as he gently pressed Donny down his cock and the lad screamed once again as his butt opened even wider to engulf the monstrous 2 foot long, nearly 9 inches around super wide python.

�Oh shiiiiiiiiiit!� Donny cursed as he endured the most intense combination of pain and pleasure he ever felt, his body felt so feverish, his senses were crazy, his heart beating ever so much faster. All the time Senior cheered him and kissed his lips to make sure he wasn�t alone in such wonderful and torturing experience, because the daddy screamed and grunted very loud as their bodies became one, his ultra huge cock being engulfed by Donny�s nice hard muscle bubble butt.

�Oh�I can�t take it�it�s too much�ARGHHH!� Senior grabbed Donny�s chin with his hand �Look at me boy, you can do it�you gotta do it because I'm telling you, I want to fuck you so you will have the BEST time of your life, now be a real man and take in all your mega sized stud!� Senior ordered as he let go of Grogan�s butt and they both screamed as the impaling was finally released. Donny thought he was gonna pass out, but in the end the pain changed into a comfortable warm feeling and he noticed he had indeed survived.

�See, Donny boy? You�ve done it! How does it feel?� Kincaid Senior explained as he flexed his cock and Grogan�s body moved along, the super huge cock was indeed to big to enter completely inside Donny, but it went deep enough to change the lad into some kind of puppet, responding to the movements of the huge python inside him.

�Damn�it feel like�you owe me sir�� Donny smiled, he was facing the most sensual, the most amazing, the most incredible man in the world, a man who could be a tough master, a caring buddy and even a lovely muscle daddy.

Senior grinned �Good, because now I get to fuck you like a real man!� The daddy said as he gently moved Donny�s body up and down with his big hands on his butt, twisting his hips every now and then to make sure the boy was being fucked by the ultimate master. The pace changed, the rhythm was never the same for more than a few seconds, and the positions also changed. Senior used Grogan�s body in almost every possible way, as he demonstrated how real men should fuck their partners.

After almost twenty minutes of incredibly valuable sessions, Donny felt his master�s cock even harder than when it first entered his body.

�Sir�I am loving this�I don�t want it to stop�but�I can�t take it any more�my cock�I need to cum�I need you to make me cum while you�re still inside me�Master Kincaid.�

The handsome daddy grinned as he kissed the lips of his pupil �You are right, kid, there�s no reason to keep this for any longer, you might just pass out so much pleasure I am building inside you�� Senior said as he adjusted their positions and whispered in Grogan�s ear.

�We are gonna cum in synchrony, when you feel me blasting your prick with hot cum you will release all this pleasure all this cum inside you, all this power inside you will give you the ultimate orgasm and you will never cum like this with anyone else, not even with my pretty boys, you will only know true pleasure with me!� The daddy said as he moved sinuously and very sensually inside his bottom.

�Ready, Donny boy? You�re cumming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!� Senior growled, he roared like a caged beast recently released. Donny felt his guts being gushed from inside, the jets of Senior�s emissions pressing his butt, the warmth of the unimaginable amount of cum running down his legs, and Senior continued fucking him, the most bareback fucking of the history.

Meanwhile, Donny continued screaming as he felt his own orgasm finally released, the hot pressure from his balls finally released, his head dilated from the urge of releasing the load, he just continued cumming as Senior fucked him harder and harder, lubricated by the impressive amount of cum, no matter how much he poured that giant cock never got soft, they both fucked in the up-tempo pace.

Their bodies flamed by the ecstasy of manly power, they never stopped fucking for one second because when their cocks were finally dry (Senior actually took over 15 minutes to completely drain), they were already engaged into another round of super hot sex, this time Donny knew he could last longer, he could learn longer, he could make his master proud of him, and he wanted to be impaled again, he noticed no other cock would ever make him that happy.

Almost four hours later, Donny was still being fucked by his daddy�s cock, his body was almost depleted of forces, yet he just wanted to continue in such unmatchable experience, although it was getting each time harder to keep up with the Great Sex Master Kincaid Senior. The daddy just kissed the lips of his pupil and caressed him.

�It�s okay, Donny boy, you�ve made me go 7 times, and you must have cum at least twice that, you are still not able to last much longer�Like I said there�s no rush�you�re only gonna get better with practice.� The impressive man kissed him again and caressed the lad�s muscular chest.

�Oh� sir�you�re so kind to me�so good�Thank you for teaching me�I just wanted you didn�t have to pull it out.� Donny replied as he hugged the muscles of his daddy, feeling so nice that he was still being impaled by that humongous cock.

Senior grinned �It�s alright, kid, I am too hard to pull out now, it might hurt you, let�s just stay here and enjoy the moment�� The daddy hugged his pupil and they kissed once again, suddenly Grogan moaned once again, being hugged and supported by such a tremendous lover.

�Thank you, Seb�� Donny moaned as he fell asleep, and the massive daddy only nursed him into a deep and comfortable position where he would keep his cock warm and hard inside that little lad.

Donny woke up so relaxed, so energized and so famished, he tried to stand up but he noticed there was something still so very hard inside him, and then he was lying on the muscular surface of Father Kincaid, who was by far the most impressive human being of that amazing family group.

Senior was indeed relaxing, reading a thick book while Donny gathered his strength �Oh, you�re back boy�so how did you sleep?� Senior just kissed the top of his forehead and rested the book on the night stand.

�I�never slept better in my whole life�but are you still hard inside me sir?� Donny asked feeling his own cock coming back to life.

�I sure am, Donny boy, you�re so comfy and warm, I would fuck you again, but you must be starving and I have other things to do on my research. Besides, the boys must be back any moment now. I gotta fix them something to eat, and you could help me with that huh?�

�Erm�okay, but how are we exactly gonna do it?� Donny said as his legs were now totally sore of being stretched like that for such a long time.

Senior didn�t even pronounced a word, he just held Donny by his armpits and pulled him out of his humongous cock which made the guy to scream in the exact sudden orgasmic moment his cock spewed all over them again.

�Heh, I make them cum when I enter them and I make them cum when I get out, I'm a real mean fucking machine!� Senior teased as he showed the huge throbbing monstrous cock which was about to cum again. The master looked at Donny for a second and scratched his chin.

�Do me a favor, Donny boy and suck my cock will ya?� Senior told his boy but Grogan looked puzzled.

�I�d love to sir, but�it will take an eternity to make you cum�don�t you have other matters to attend?� It was incredible how fast Grogan adapted to such submissive position around the Kincaids.

Senior grinned �You�re so cute, now shut up and suck your daddy!� The boy didn�t need to be told twice, he just wrapped his mouth around the humongous cockhead and tried to take as much of he could, his tongue inserting in the humongous slit.

�Good, now, just hold tight and drink as much as you can, that�s an order!� Senior said as he threw his head back and the torrent of cum blasted Donny with full force, the boy gasped, there was cum going through his nose, he kept drinking as his hair was all greased just like the rest of the room, Seb Senior continued cumming like the usual and Donny drank a lot of his man juice until his firm stomach became slightly stretched so much liquid protein he had ingested.

Grogan was in another world, Senior�s cum was so good, he never considered himself to be a cum pig before, but now, he would love to live in a puddle of his daddy�s man juice, he just savored his fingers, his lips and licked all the splats over his body. It was Senior�s laughter that actually brought Donny back into the world.

�Yeah that�s a good puppy, but you are very messy�look at this room!� Senior said as he picked Danny in his arms and carried him onto the bathtub. �Gotta bathe you all over again, then you will cook me and the boys something delicious while I take care of the room, only after that I�ll head to the lab.�

�Alright, sir, I�ll make lots of food for those huge teenagers�� Donny blushed as he felt the huge hands of Father Kincaid washing his body.

�Well, make sure you cook plenty for you too, gotta feed this body, especially after...� Senior stopped for a while and looked into the hardening member of his boy �Damn�puppy, if you keep boning on me, I will never get my work done!� The father laughed as he kissed the forehead of the bathing boy.

�It�s not really my fault sir�� Donny said in a naughty tone as he saw Senior�s pretty head going down to suck on his hard member.

Although cooking was one of Donny�s best features, he really struggled to prepare that meal, not quite because of the impressive amount of food he needed to ready, but for the inconvenient hunger that stroke him, which kept the poor blond diver from focusing, Donald was constantly nibbling and stuffing food down his mouth most of the time, which was very uncommon for him.

Despite such unexpected adversity, the meal eventually got ready, and it turned out to be a real feast. there was enough food to feed a platoon; lots of rich protein sources like beef, chicken breasts and tuna fish, not to mention excellent carbohydrate options like mashed potatoes and pasta, not to mention several different kinds of vegetables and salads to keep their nutrition balanced.

Donny took a moment to appreciate the heroic accomplishment, which he actually ceased to calm down his everlasting hunger. Even though he tasted much more than he usually ate, his stomach still growled as he looked at the delicious dishes he prepared.

The blond lad actually wondered if it wouldn�t be too disrespectful to make a plate for him so he could last until dinner was officially served, just then he heard Seb Junior and his twin brothers coming into the living room with their enthusiastic attitude, the massive twins horsing around and trying to overpower one another, yet they were still very careful to avoid getting the immense Seb junior upset.

�Hey, Donny!� the marvelous lad waved as he got into the kitchen �Damn�it smells so fucking good shrimp! You�ve really outdone yourself!� Junior announced as he got himself an enormous plate and served an impressive amount of food.

�Come on, Seb; leave something for the rest of us!� Chad protested as he noticed the increasing food pile.

�Yeah, that�s not fair! We all need protein here!� Brad supported his twin brother.

�Shut the fuck up, twerps, or I'm gonna feed you my fist!� Seb threatened and the twins automatically winced, but then someone else voiced out his concern about Seb�s attitude, and it was Donny himself. �Yeah, pal, I didn�t cook it just for you!� The blond diver said as he started serving his own hefty plate.

Seb�s eyebrows arched, the hugest lad was about to set things straight when someone else spoke. �Boys, how many times I have told you that it�s not polite to argue during meals. You can come back for seconds, Junior, there�s plenty food for all of us.� The deep and yet cool voice tone of the Kincaid patriarch immediately wiped the usual cockiness from Seb�s expression.

�Yeah, leave something for us Junior!� The twins said in chorus, daring to call their elder brother by his forbidden name. The hulking lad flared his brothers, but he knew they would get away with it, at least for the time being.

�I am sorry, father.� The powerful lad took his plate and went sitting at the table, while the twins just chuckled for their momentary victory.

Father Kincaid came down the stairs dressed in his denim pants and a delicious white muscle T-shirt. That man was so gorgeous he eclipsed even those amazingly handsome lads, who looked pretty much exactly like him, but there was something else in Senior�s expression, maybe it�s the maturity, the sureness he is the manliest and the leader among them, even if junior was now much physically bigger than his father, the last moments only emphasized the youthful colossus still revered his parental authority.

Donny was simply blown away, he couldn�t help but feeling hard again. Seeing how easily Senior controlled Junior�s selfish attitude only reassured his unmatchable masculinity, he was indeed the kind of father a powerful muscle monster like Seb junior needed.

�Congratulations, Donny boy, this food smells delicious!� Senior said as he slightly slapped their guest�s butt and poured himself a very big plate. Donny blushed in all shades of red, but apparently the rest of the family didn�t seem to notice what just happened, they were just too entertained with their eating to notice anything else.

The father sat at the head of the table, from where he stared directly into Grogan�s eyes, and the diver felt butterflies in his stomach, he wished Senior wasn�t so flirty, he didn�t want to get in trouble with Seb junior, not many guys would be cool about finding out that his roommate fucked his own father?

�Come on boys, where are your manners? Donny cooked this amazing meal for us and you didn�t thank him? That�s just rude.� Kincaid senior barely arched his left eyebrow and the twins washed their mouths with OJ before they spoke.

�Thanks for the food, Donny, it is very good!� Brad was the first but his twin brother spoke right that. �Yeah, sorry we were so hungry and it smelled so good�but it�s very good.�

�Hey, no problem, you don�t have to thank me dudes.� Donny gently accepted the compliments from the teenagers, while Seb junior continued chewing. A few awkward moments passed until Senior looked at his elder son. The immensely muscular lad rolled his eyes and took a deep breath.

�Thanks for cooking this food, Donny.� Grogan could tell Seb was very upset about being forced to do something, which only made Senior seem even more amazing.

The five of them actually finished with the entire feast, there was plenty for about 50 people, but those hulking muscular men were really hungry, but Grogan didn�t get very far behind, he ate much more than he ever did, which actually drew the attention of his roommate.

�What�s with you tonight? You usually just eat so little��

Grogan didn�t want to tell the real reason for his sudden appetite so he just stood up and picked the plates �Oh, it must be the country fresh air�but I'm good now. Someone needs to take care of the kitchen mess��

Chad and Brad quickly stood up, but their father was way smarter. �Hold on a sec, boys. You�ve been out all day long, and Donny already cooked everything, it�s only fair that you now do the dishes and clean everything up.�

The twins were visibly frustrated, but Chad wouldn�t give up without bringing his big brother along with him. �Junior also spent the whole day out, he should help us too!�

�I ain�t doing no cleaning.� The elder son announced as he continued eating calmly. Donny looked at Seb Junior�s expression, it was clear the immense lad was not in the mood for playing the obedient son anymore; in order to avoid more confrontation the guest appealed for his charm.

�Please, mister Kincaid, I insist, it�s the least I can do�� Grogan was indeed adorable but the clash already took place, father and soon faced each other silently. Their cool expression, the rugged manly features were almost the same, though Senior still looked more relaxed and sure, he just finished his food and took a sip of his glass.

�Well, Junior, if you don�t feel like helping your brothers in their task, I might have an alternative�� Senior gently cleaned his mouth, moved the plates to the side and placed his muscular arm at the table.

Donny noticed the twins were indeed excited, Junior grinned with the usual cockiness.

�Are you sure about that dad? I'm not the boy I used to be�� The 6�6� tall, nearly 370 pounds muscle man flexed his 35� mind blowing gun, but his father didn�t seem that impressed at all.

�You are always gonna be that same boy for me, son; that�s why we are settling this with an arm wrestling match, if you beat me, I�ll clean the whole thing by myself. � The father said as their hands clamped together.

Although Junior was visibly much bigger than his father, Sebastian Senior was a 6�2� and weighed over 275 pounds, a truly and impressive muscle daddy with an incredible physique and strength imbued into it.

Chad and Brad whispered �You think this time he can beat him?�

�Don�t know bro, Seb is bigger, but you know dad��

Donny still didn�t understand how come Junior couldn�t take on his father, it was clearly Seb Senior was much lighter and his muscles were visibly smaller, even the twins had now thicker frames than their father, but for some reason Seb junior still looked unsure about his capability to win that unexpected match.

�Ready when you are, Junior!� The father announced as they prepared. The son took a deep breath and nodded, so his father just looked at Grogan and smiled. �Hey, Donny boy, would you do the honors?�

The diver just shook his head and approached the improvised arm wrestling scenario, he held their hands together for a few moments, noticing how focused and determined Junior looked in contrast to Senior�s relaxed stance.

�Ready? 1, 2, 3 GO!� Donny expected Sebastian Junior to smash his dad�s arm against the table, but it just didn�t happen. Grogan�s roommate moaned and grunted, he flexed the giant muscles of his, trying to apply an even greater amount of strength to move Senior�s arm but it just remained there.

�Come on, son, you�re not even trying! I�ve given you so much extra muscle and you still can�t even start arm wrestling me?� Senior rolled his eyes. His impressive 25� biceps were amazingly huge and hard, but they looked so much smaller than Junior�s monstrosities, yet, it was clear who was the strongest in that household.

Junior�s face went red, the veins thickened around his muscles, Donny could even hear the sound of his fibers flexing and trying to break the resistance offered by his father�s ultra powerful muscles. Donny had seen Sebastian drag five grown men along the football camp, he had seen his roommate breaking all the strength records in the university, so he simply couldn�t imagine how strong Senior should be.

The father rolled his eyes �Okay, I�ll give you a chance�� The man said as he moved his arm closer to the table, hoisting it just under an inch from the wood surface. �Now, you try to finish this, son. Don�t you want me to wash the dishes?� Senior teased.

Seb Junior was literally boiling, he drooled and cursed, trying to find the momentum to beat his father, but even having all circumstances on his side, the lad simply couldn�t finish the job.

Meanwhile, Senior just laughed �You know son, it�s not all about size and you should know better. I thought all that training in the football team would give your more strength�well at least some real strength.� The father resisted to the enormous pressure, challenging all the laws of Physics.

�Alright�you can use the two hands.� Senior said in a patronizing tone, but Junior promptly used his both arms, although it proved useless. The father laughed even louder and looked at his younger sons �What about you two lads? You�re also a few pounds heavier than me now, why don�t you come here and help your brother? You can try together if you want.�

The twins shrugged, they didn�t have anything to lose, since Sebastian was pretty much beaten, the three sons combined their impressive strength but it was still not enough to win the amazing daddy, and Senior just whistled while holding his hands less than an inch from the wood.

�What about you Donny boy? Wanna help these weaklings to beat a real man?� The almighty dad asked to the shocked guest. Grogan didn�t exactly know why, but the last thing he noticed he was pushing along Junior, Brad and Chad. Four competitors was just far too little against that inhuman strength, Grogan noticed how hard that arm felt, it was the same than trying to break a steel sculpture of unbelievable strength!

�Okay, that was pathetic; I guess proved once and for all who call the shots in this house. In fact I could hold on like this for the whole night, but if you guys want to finish it that desperately�� Senior chuckled as he finally applied a sudden godly amount of strength that immediately reversed the situation, it was just impossible for the four guys to resist, so they just collapsed over the table, which broke in half. Grogan was lucky to be picked by Senior�s uncanny lighting reflexes before the ultra heavy lads smashed his petite frame.

The Kincaid sons had been humiliated by their own father, but Senior�s cocky expression just vanished from his face. �I hope you guys have learned your lesson, when someone makes such a kind gesture the least we can do is thanking him and helping with anything he needs, after all it is your house too! Now you guys stand up and take care of this mess�

Senior stood there carrying Donny�s shaking body. The father grinned as he placed the lad back in the ground, Grogan watched as the defeated sons stood up and faced their unquestionably winner, but instead of sadness, the diver noticed they were actually thrilled.

�That was great, dad!� The twins said at once as they jumped to hug their impressive father. Senior also laughed very loud. �You kids still have a long way until you can beat me!�

The Kincaid�s guest was suddenly very confused. In one moment Junior openly confronted his father, then he is totally humiliated by Senior�s uncanny strength and all of a sudden Junior is just happy about such crashing defeat? The manly sound of their laughter was indeed contagious so Donny only noticed when he too had engaged the group laughing.

�Damn, dad�you are just so fucking amazing!� Junior said as he hugged his father vigorously �I thought I could at least begin to move that arm, but it�shit�it was amazing dad!� Donny couldn�t believe the same man who so blatantly challenged Senior now verbally worshipped the inhuman strength of his father.

Father Kincaid seemed very used to the situation; he just flexed for the joy of his physically bigger sons, although the reality was quite curious, since he was by far the strongest man of the household. Brad, Chad and even Seb Junior continuously squeezed the hardness of those super strong muscles, and the father just held still, supporting the weight of his twin sons hanging from his flexed arm like it was just a little boy testing the strength of his father. Donny observed their routine, trying to understand what just happened.

Senior noticed how puzzled their guest was. �Well, boys, I guess you�ve got a mess to clean huh? Since little Donny boy had no guilty because you�re such pussies, he�s gonna join me at the TV room while you boys take care of the job.� The father announced as he gently conducted the blond diver into the fancy TV room built in arena style with a very comfortable leather couch to accommodate the owners� huge muscles.

The father comfortably sat and grinned at his guest �Come on here, Donny boy�� Senior pulled him closer, his muscular naked torso engulfed the smaller man�s frame, the very feeling of that manliest man breathing in the back of his neck gave Donny the chills; his cock went full mast and Senior�s hand just managed to reach for it inside his pants.

�Yeah, that�s a nice horny boy�you got off seeing me showing Junior who�s the honcho around here huh?� The man whispered so sensually that Donny could only nod his head in submissive manner.

�You�re so strong�stronger than Junior and he�s a fucking buffalo!�

Senior chuckled �Nah, you�re just impressed because Junior can beat all those weaklings at your university. His strength was not meant to be compared to such low standards�� The father said as he licked Donny�s ear lobes and it immediately caused Donny to lose his train of thought.
�Sir�what if one of the guys come in here?� Donny finally gathered the courage to ask, but Senior gently closed the boy�s lips with a delicate kiss.

�Hey guys, Donny and I are making out in here; if any one of you fuckers dare to peek in here, I'm gonna have to think on a very creative way to punish you!� The father announced with an amazing authority in his tone.

�Oh shit��Donny gulped, he suddenly got afraid about Junior�s reaction, he wanted to explain everything to his roommate, suddenly Grogan felt the comfort of Senior�s muscles hugging him.

�You worry too much, boy, don�t you just like to be here, hugging the strongest motherfucker in the world, watching a nice movie, without worrying about anything else? When Sebastian Kincaid is around, you just don�t have to enjoy�� The voice was so intense and yet so soothing, Donny could only moan and oblige.

�That�s it�now give daddy some sugar.� Seb ordered and Donny simply started kissing his cheekbones, his lips, the rugged surface of his impressive muscles, worshipping the sculpture of the amazing man. Grogan felt silly but yet so proud of the attention Senior dispensed at him, the man caressed his head, massaged the lad�s tight muscles, which actually felt very sore after such intense sexual marathon.

�You�re looking a little bigger, Donny boy, maybe all this exercise is paying off huh?� Father Kincaid grinned, gently squeezing the butt of his overwhelmed guess, who grunted in return.

�I think it�s all the food I ate today�I'm gonna have to train a lot to burn the excess food, but I was starving!�

Senior chuckled and hugged the lad once again. �Don�t be silly, little guy, you�re just packing the right kind of weight, because we need to keep you healthy, having all the Kincaid guys fucking your ass is an epic feat, you have to be proud of yourself!�

Grogan just nodded his head and started kissing his massive muscle daddy again, taking his time to worship the marvelous muscles who just put Seb junior into shame. Their making out session was so amazingly hot, their cocks were hard, but their attention was indeed in displaying affection towards each other.

Donny had always been romantic but he couldn�t believe how tremendously hot it felt to just stay there and kissing that guy, they just smiled and hugged, got even more comfortable and kissed again, enjoyed their shared warmth and then started another incredible round of mind blowing kisses. Donny couldn�t even catch the title of the movie they were supposed to be watching, and since Senior had been totally frank about their actual activities, it really didn�t matter to keep the fa�ade.

Senior kissed Donny�s lips once again and then caressed the sides of his cheekbones. �You�re feeling better now? Stopped worrying about the boys catching us?�

Donny nodded. �I think so�are we gonna fuck again?� The diver asked very anxious.

The daddy chuckled �I would just love it, Donny boy, but I gotta fix some last details in the lab, which will take pretty much till the next morning, so I�d recommend you to have a nice evening with the boys, but don�t go overboard, because I still need some more of this fine lad you are�� Senior kissed him again as he stood up and headed to the lab.

�Sir�you think I�ll get to know more about the secret of yours?� Grogan finally asked what really bugged him, and the daddy just turned around with his charming smile.

�You already know more than you imagine, but don�t worry, when the time is right you will be told everything you should know about my very special family.� Father Kincaid announced as he got out of the TV room.

Donny hesitated, he didn�t want to face those boys, but at the same time he knew it was just a waste of time, because Senior had already got the �secret� out, so he just took a deep breath and went back into the living room, but there were no signs of Seb junior or his twin brothers. Grogan went upstairs and noticed Chad and Brad were locked inside their room, and judging by the loud sounds of iron plates clinking and the heavy grunting, they were just entertained with another round of mutual muscle worship in front of their mirror.

The blond diver also noticed Junior�s bedroom was empty, so he just concluded the guy wasn�t at home, which just would be the perfect excuse for him to sneak into his guest room and lock himself there until the next morning, where he would have Senior�s protection again, and it made the lad all excited.

When Donny opened the door of his room he found no one but Seb Junior lying on his bed, the immense muscles of his roommate filled the entire mattress. Junior was there in his jocks, very comfortable, his hand underneath his head, creating a humongous rocky pillow from his marvelous 35� guns.

�Hey, there, roomie�� Junior chuckled as he noticed how uncomfortable Donny got.

�Oh�hey J�� Donny gulped, he knew how upset he got about being called that way �I'm sorry, Seb, I just�� However, the enormous hunk just grinned.

�It�s okay, dude, you just remember that only my father can call me that way without being punished!� Junior said as he quickly took Donny in his huge arms and lifted turned him upside down, shaking him easily like a little twig. �Oh come on Seb�I'm sorry man�let me out�we just ate�I�don�t wanna throw up!� Grogan laughed as he begged for the huge guy to put him down.

Suddenly, Donny was lifted to be kissed very passionately by Seb Junior, the rush provoked by his blood retuning from his brains to the rest of the diver�s body felt increased the surprise. For one moment, Grogan felt like he was in heaven, he loved when Seb kissed him passionately; although for some reason the kiss didn�t feel quite as good as the previous times.

�Wow�t-thanks�� Donny said feeling very surprised by such sudden change of behavior.
�So�how did you like this kiss, was it better than my dad�s? � The objectivity on Seb�s question was somewhat disturbing, especially because Donny also had a very objective readied answer, which he would never tell the huge lad.

�Oh�yeah�like they say, the apple never falls�� Before the blond lad could finish the sentence, Seb totally lost the interest, he just rolled his eyes and squeezed Donny�s body very tightly, leaning forward so he could breath in the neck of his college roommate.

�Oh, who gives a fuck for kisses anyway? I know I make you crazy just by being close like this huh little guy?�

Donny was indeed in his particular heaven, he always loved when Seb talked dirty to him like that, but for some reason, Grogan just felt a bit uncomfortable, maybe Seb�s grip was not right, or he was talking too close, it just gave him the tingling. Suddenly, the lad figured the real reason for Junior�s unusual behavior, Donny quickly managed to get rid of Sebastian�s massive embrace.

�Why are you asking me those things, Seb? You know I like the way we fuck�� Donny tried to change the subject, he truly didn�t want to compare between the two of them who was the best, probably because he was afraid his true answer wouldn�t be the one his roommate was expecting.

�All I know is that you used to be at my feet begging for me to fuck you, and now you�re acting like�like you didn�t need it anymore!� Junior said at once, and for one second Donny thought the youthful colossus could finally be feeling something for him, but before jumping into wrong conclusions, the diver realized that Junior was trying to prove himself he could outdo his dad in anything, even if it was pleasing twinks like Brandon.

�What is going on you? Since when do you care for the stuff I like? You�ve always told me I'm too snuggly and talk too much! Most of the times you just muffle my mouth so I don�t �disturb� you!� Grogan didn�t actually know why his temper was flaring like that.

Junior looked down at Donny and sighed �Man, are you telling me he likes all those girly things you do? Oh come on, my dad can�t be such a twink!�

�Your father is ten times the man you are, he just happens to respect and pay attention to the partner�s needs, he is not a selfish lov��

Junior laughed out loud �Come on Donny, if you are not my lover, you�re never gonna be his lover, my dad is just like me, he hates that tender stuff, he was just stalling you!�

Donny felt somehow offended, but he understood Seb�s anger �That�s not true, your dad is a gentleman, he treated me like a prince, he cared for my needs, he taught me things about myself I�ve never realized. You two are not that different, it�s just��

�So you�re saying he�s better than me, huh? He�s better than me even in sex? Shit, how can that be, he�s old!� Seb looked very surprised, but Donny tried to comfort him.

�It�s not about being better; he just knows more stuff than you, me or anyone our age� Damn Seb he played with my body better than myself, he did stuff to me that you never thought was possible, he got me fucking for so many hours in a row��

�I�ve done that to you as well!� Junior defended himself.

�Yeah, I know, but it was different, he was doing all those things for me�he wanted to take me further, to show me I don�t have to be just your boy on hold, the booty call, I can be a complete lover. He told me that bottom or toper doesn�t really mind when it�s about giving and receiving pleasure!�

Seb arched his brows �Are you telling me he let you fuck him? Damn�I didn�t know my dad�� Donny just interrupted the roommate before he jumped into different conclusions.

�Your dad is THE BEST at sex, topping or bottoming, he masters it all, he taught me how to top him, he showed me tricks and moves, and he personally guided me to give pleasure while his butt clamped around my hard cock, I was never that hard.

Donny realized he was just describing his roommate how well his dad fucked, if it sounded so shocking in theory, it actually felt very exciting, because Seb seemed more interested in talking with Donny than ever.

�So�he told you to be a better topper? So you�re now a better topper than me?� Sebastian crossed his massive arms in a very challenging gesture but Grogan didn�t feel intimidated.

�I'm not saying that I'm better than you, but I know now that if I pleased a man like your father, I wouldn�t let you down!� Donny said at once, which lead into a very unusual scene.

The 375 pounds hulking muscle got on his fours and yelled �Alright, let�s see that newly found talent of yours, show me how a real topper fucks a man!� Junior demanded.

�Seb, it�s not like that, you�re just angry it�s not the best way to release��

�Fuck my ass NOW, Donny!� The behemoth yelled and Donny chuckled; a few days ago he would never imagine to have Sebastian Kincaid demanding to be fucked, and for his own surprise all that teasing and arguing was getting him hard, so fucking Seb for the first time was a surprise, and a very good one.

�Come on Donny, are you doing this or not?� The aggressive tone on Junior�s voice showed how upset he was, but instead of a hard cock pushing against his virgin anus, he actually felt the warm hands of the diver caressing his manly parts.

�What are you doing? Just fuck me at once!� The massive lad was impatient, but Donny knew better.

�Will you just relax? If you want me to do it, then you must enjoy it as well�� The blond lad continued caressing the amazing angles of Seb�s rugged physique and for the first time he noticed the humongous roommate wasn�t in control of their fucking.

Donny made Seb�s organ hard in no time, but he actually didn�t rush things, he worshipped his roommate, because he knew that was their thing, but at the same time he assumed a more active role, attacking the sensitive nipples and kissing Junior whenever he wanted, teasing him and building the mood.

Although Seb was not impressed in the beginning, that quickly changed in the next few minutes, because Donny was not afraid of exploring his own fantasies, he no longer tried to hold back in his need for attention and tender touching, he just showed Seb the difference about hot fucking and sensual love making. He wanted to show the guy they could still be very intense and sensual and keeping things intimate and personal at the same time.

Donny worked his magic into Seb�s huge body, he verbally expressed his admiration towards the massive muscles, and how much he wanted to please the huge lad. Then, he used his hard cock and tease Seb�s growing interest, he even taught the big guy how to give a hot blowjob, then he rimmed Seb�s butt and worked his fingers to stretch the tight muscular prick.

Meanwhile, Sex just transformed during the whole thing. If he first seemed awkward and embarrassed for being topped, he now just enjoyed himself intensely, flexing and playing with Donny. He truly enjoyed when Donny finally fucked him, he felt somehow special because Donny was so respectful, so�tender.

They moved along very sensually as Donny�s cock went fully inside Seb�s anus, the huge guy immediately knew Donny was indeed a better topper than him, not because his skills, which were still beginning, but that was just because he lacked of experience, at the same time he compensated his early stage with enthusiasm and determination to please his bottom, Seb noticed for the first time he had been fucking just by instinct, he was a horny animal satisfying his urges, while Donny was a man trying to give pleasure to his partner.

Donny couldn�t keep the same endurance he had with Senior, his cock was already too close from the orgasm, but he didn�t care if he would not prove his point. �Oooooooooooh�� Grogan moaned as his cock filled Seb�s butt with his cum, he kept pounding for a few more moments, but then he finally pulled out, so pleased and amazed.

�So that�s how you top huh? Well, it was pretty hot, but I thought you forgot something�� Seb said as he turned around and showed his humongous cock so hard and throbbing.

Donny blushed �Sorry�I just couldn�t take it any longer, fucking you is an old fantasy of mine�� It was then Seb kissed Donny�s lips very tenderly.

�Don�t be sorry, I�ve never been fucked before, and you totally rocked dude, I�ve never been this hard before�feeling you cumming inside me was just as good as when I do it to you, so I guess you had a point.� Junior�s smile was very sincere.

�Thanks�so you want to finish it the old way?� Donny grinned but Seb waved his head.

�Well, yeah, but I think this cock deserves the best blowjob you can give right?� He whispered in Donny�s ears.

Grogan looked at the huge cock and felt hungry, for some reason the hungry stroke harder than ever, he just wrapped his mouth around the amazingly hard surface and began sucking, using his tongue to increase the suction, he felt his own body claimed Seb�s body to cum for him.

�Whoa�little guy, you�re�oh shit�better than never!� Seb said as he threw his head back and enjoyed the assault on his huge cock, Donny gathered his strength and worked that cock with increasing intensity, Seb was already so hard and so ready, he just couldn�t take much longer.

�FUUUUUCK!� The Kincaid eldest son creamed inside Grogan�s mouth and the blond guy kept sucking and sucking, feeling that he was hungrier than ever, the mouthfuls of cum he drank tasted so deliciously rich and powerful, he just needed more.

It was then Seb noticed that Grogan was doing something different to him, even the monstrous lad had never came for so long, the way Donny inserted his tongue into the slit and the way the guy toyed with his immense nuts, everything worked in a very powerful result, Seb was cumming like a fountain, he just didn�t stop, each new second a new jet of cum exited his balls and filled Donny�s gut.

Seb couldn�t talk he just moaned deeper and louder, he punched the walls as another wave of pleasure assaulted him, producing even more cum than the previous time, Seb screamed in his low basso profundo voice tone, he was by far stronger than Donny but he would never do anything to break whatever magic that little guy was doing, all the power within his orgasms were just making his brain addicted to the rush and demanded more.

All the noise drew the attention of the horny teenager twins and soon they were in the guest room, very interested in whatever Donny was doing to get Seb to scream, curse and howl like that.

�Damn�the little guy is GOOD!� Brad said as he caressed his twin�s cock, Chad just grinned and repaid the favor.

�Yeah�we should have some of that as well!�

�YEAAAAAAH!�Seb exploded as he came again inside Donny�s mouth, the massive jock was so addicted to the most amazing blow job ever that he simply couldn�t bear the idea of sharing it with anyone.

The twins just chuckled �Come on, Seb be a good brother, let us have some of this sucking action too! You can�t cum for ever man!� Chad had a good point, because even though Seb had came for longer than he could ever imagine, Donny had sucked him totally dry, in a last excruciatingly pleasuring orgasm, the huge lad noticed he had no more cum in his body.

Seb felt like he had been ran over by an eighteen wheeler, he just rolled over and tried to gather his bearings. Meanwhile, Donny stood up with a mean grin in his face.

�Hello, boys�� The diver said to the teenagers, who were a bit shocked.

�Damn�Donny, look at your belly man, it�s all round�how much cum did you take from Seb?� Chad chuckled.

�Oh, that�s alright, in fact I'm hungry for more!� The blond diver quickly went to his knees and started sucking Brad�s cock with the same uncanny power that literally knocked out the amazing Sebastian Kincaid Junior.

Chad and Brad were in for a major treat, they were just surprised to see how much stronger and more skilled little Donny Grogan seemed, the way he handled their two 14� inches dick was just impressive, his hands were stroking and keeping the both cocks hard as he divided his attention in equal amounts of time, taking care to juggle between the amazing twins, who only could moan and scream like their elder brother.

Although he had completely lost the track of time, Junior actually needed a few minutes to fully recover from whatever Donny had done to him. In fact, he only woke up because of the screaming of his two teenager brothers as they went into the same amazingly painfully and pleasingly routine.

Grogan had them both laid on the floor, his head went up and down their huge shafts at the uncanny pace, the suction movements were so intense it felt like Donny would suck their balls out of their bodies, and the more he sucked, the more cum he seemed to get from them, meanwhile Sebastian watched as his little brothers were just as overwhelmed as himself.

�Shit, Donny are you possessed or something?� Seb just shook his head and prepared to get out of the room when he noticed Brad grabbing his ankle �Please�Seb�make him stop�we don�t have anything left�please! ARGHHHHH!� The teenager screamed as his agonizing orgasm indicated that Donny had them under his complete control.

�Come on, Donny leave them alone!� Sebastian tried to pull Grogan out of Chad�s cock but the blond guy simply didn�t move, the football player needed to use a much stronger pull to succeed after many failed attempts.

�Fuck, are you crazy Donny? What�s going on with you�� Seb gently shook his roommate, perplexed about his latest deeds, but Grogan didn�t seem to care, he just moaned and grunted.

�Damn�look at you, it�s like you�re high or something!� Junior looked at the silly grin in Donny�s expression, the way he licked the cum from his fingers, the purring sounds he produced inside his own orgasmic moments. Although Seb always bragged that after his treatment he was by far smarter than any Professor, it actually took a few seconds for the musclebound lad to connect the dots.

�Holly fuck! Donny, did my dad give you any growth serum?� That question was so shocking that it managed to make Donny snap out of his weird trance like state.

�What? No, he didn�t!� Donny exclaimed but when Grogan doubled over holding his stomach, Sebastian Junior�s suspicious were confirmed by the unmistakable sound of ongoing muscle growth.

Donny�s body bulged, his limbs felt heavier and harder to move, his skin felt tighter, a lot tighter. His breathing was deeper, the sweat poured copiously, the lad felt a little tingling sensation spreading from his joints could feel through his organism. The diver involuntarily flexed which resulted in huge mounds of newly muscular fibers packing on top of his preexistent muscles.

�Shit it feels like a truck ran over me!� Chad said as he woke up his twin and the both slowly got up, noticing the commotion by the blond lad right in front of them.

�What is going on here? I�thought dad only shared his serum with us!� Bradley asked in a tone that clearly showed his disappointment.

�But he didn�t give me any serum! I swear to you!� Donny felt suddenly very angry, the bed headboard snapped in his hands, which only destroyed not just the piece of furniture, but Grogan�s allegations as well.

The blond diver gulped �Seb, you gotta believe me man, your dad never gave me the serum, he had no reason for that, we only spent a few hours fucking��

The twins chuckled �So, dad�s nailing you huh? Damn, you�re one lucky S.O.B. to have all these studs to fuck your pretty tight butt� Brad poked Grogan with his elbow, which just made the blond lad blush deeper, but then he remembered Seb Junior was not taking it just as easy as his brothers.

�Please, Seb, you have to understand, I don�t know what is going ohhh�fuck!� Donny doubled over as his back muscles started growing larger, wider and much thicker, suddenly joined by the increasing masculine width of his athletic shoulders, it was a good thing Donny was naked, because it would be very hard to take any clothes from that growing physique.

Seb Junior quickly picked Donny in his arms, noticing that his roommate�s stomach, which looked so stretched until only moments ago, already looked the same ripped and cut six-pack washboard abdomen, with the difference that each knot bulged and grew thicker, it suddenly looked like someone was playing piano with Donny�s packs.

�How much did he give to you?� Seb asked as he got downstairs.

�He�didn�t�give me�anything�� Donny�s body temperature got warmer by the seconds, his mind was being flooded by the most sensual images of these last days, especially the uncanny time he spent with Seb Senior and everything he taught him.

Junior let his roommate sitting at the table and just grabbed the interphone to call his dad at the laboratory.

�What is it, kid?� Grogan could hear the deep voice tone over the phone, but judging by the way his roommate reacted, Donny concluded that Senior wasn�t shocked to hear what was happening to him, which only increased his suspicions. Sebastian Junior, on his turn was visibly less worried than before, but still concerned about something else.

�Well, he gave you something alright, your muscles are fucking ballooning, and we need to feed you right away, I�ve never seen such thing before!� Seth said as he opened the fridge door and started fixing a plate for Donny, despite the fact they had dinner less than three hours ago.

�How can this be? I mean�.� Donny forgot what he was saying and moaned as his hunger stroke him very strongly. The blond lad stuffed his mouth when he looked at his arms and almost fainted, the fibers were moving at different paces, each muscle felt weirdly different, like they didn�t belong to him, and yet they looked so different and powerful, just like one of the Kincaid guys.

�Don�t worry, finish this and I�ll make you more as it develops.� Seb Junior replied with a nice smile.

�So what was it daddy gave him, and why he is growing like that? I thought the first part of the treatment was the slowest, with only slightly noticeable results� Chad commented watching Donny eating like his life actually depended on that.

�He didn�t give any serum�� Grogan repeated again, when he suddenly remembered the intense experience of having all the cum from Senior�s cock and how delicious it felt, how powerful it made him feel, and the weird advice that came afterwards.

Donny�s jaw dropped �I�only drank his�spunk�

The Kincaid brothers exchanged looks and seemed equally intrigued. �Oh come on, you�ve drank our jism too and you didn�t started growing like that. He might have spiked your drink or something, daddy is full of tricks.� Bradley suggested.

�No�it wasn�t like that� The guest explained in detail to his muscular hosts what happened while they went fishing. At first, Grogan didn�t seem to notice that his muscles continued growing, but eventually he stopped and checked the new size of his engorging muscles and the augmentation of his entire body.

�Damn�I�ve never seen anyone growing like that with just the first dose�� Chad was the one who cut Donny�s report to attest the incredible transformation which was taking place.

From his already very lean and athletic 5�9�155 pounds, Donny�s body was unfolding into a muscular fortress right before their eyes, and what was more shocking was the way Donny didn�t seem to notice he just continued telling on his sex adventures with Father Kincaid. Chad rushed to the bathroom and brought the scale, Donny obliged automatically as he was told to hop the scale, totally unaware that his physique now surpassed the 220 pounds mark, all the brothers were just impressed with the humongous mark, which was only continuing to expand further and further.

�Damn�this guy is getting very huge, very fast!� Seb commented noticing how much sensual and hotter Grogan became, his body increased with newly grown muscles, each limb so powerful and hard, bulging and flexing, the shoulders widened and thickened, the deltoids grew more massive, the biceps pumping with new layers of the hard muscular tissue, peaking higher and thicker while Donny casually moved them, which provoked the soaring muscles to flex with impressive and rugged hardness.

�Shit�this is so fucking weird�� Donny said as he took a chance to look at his own growing muscles, his bulging physique changing so fast and so dramatically bigger, it all felt like a very hot dream

Donny felt ashamed of himself �But I didn�t want this, you gotta believe me Seb, you know I would never want to grow myself�I am not like that�I prefer being with huge massive men instead of being one of them.�

�Well�I guess you don�t have any choice now but becoming a huge muscle man yourself, buddy.� Bradley commented as the impressive Kincaid brothers watched the growth of their blond guest into marvelous proportions.

Grogan felt confused, for one side he was very ashamed of being under the spotlight, having those massive hunks ogling the way his body developed, but on the other he was actually enjoying all the attention he got from the twins and even from Sebastian, who never seemed to really pay attention at his caring roommate.

�Guys, you�re not upset for my growth, huh? I mean�I never asked for it!� Grogan restated the circumstance of his innocence when Father Kincaid administrated his mysterious growth formula. The diver got really used to be the one who admired the manly size and strength of thick, hard, veined muscles, admiring the way they felt in his warm worshipping hands, but now there were more warm worshipping hands groping the hard, rugged, veined muscles on Donny�s physique.

�I gotta tell you Donny, I never thought one could grow so fast, geez, look at you�those muscles are pulsing and bulging all over your body! That�s so fucking hot!� Chad whispered in Grogan�s left ear.

�Yeah�it�s like�shit you look so much better now, so much�manlier!� Brad added as his wondrous hands explored the hardness of the right pectoral plate of growing muscle, then he groped the surface of the right arm and felt the bulging mounds of Donny�s rising biceps.

�Gee�thanks guys, but I'm not nearly as huge as you are, you�re so much bigger�� Even Donny noticed that such comment carried a certain tone of disappointment, something inside him actually enjoyed the growth and wanted it to last longer so he could actually say he was bigger than those very hunky muscular teenager twins.

Chad looked at Brad and they both chuckled, although their muscles were indeed bigger, there was something else in seeing the blond diver growing, maybe it was the fact that Grogan felt so ashamed to be growing, or maybe it was just because he was growing so fast and so intensely. Whichever reason, the twins simply started licking the hard, veined and rugged surface of Donny�s growing muscles, which ruffled up his thinning skin, the growing muscles seemed to intensify their development.

�Who�guys�that feels�that�oh�feels so good�� Grogan�s eyes rolled inside their orbits, his mind suddenly focused in the size of the guys worshipping the growth and it only wanted to give the twins more to worship.

Seb watched in awe as his roommate grew even faster, his muscles unfolded and inflated, but not like any silly balloon, quite the opposite, the muscles grew hard and very harshly, pushing their way through the skin in a sexy rough way, stretching the limits of Grogan�s body as it expanded from inside. The blond diver gained several pounds of hard new muscle by the moments, but unlike Sebastian and his twin brothers, the growth had a different pace, it clearly looked like that Donny was not given the same stuff as them.

Junior returned to the phone and called his father again.

�What is it now, Junior?� Senior�s voice displayed that he didn�t like being disturbed constantly.

Seb took a deep breath to muster his courage �Dad, I think you should come here and take a look at Donny.� The massive hulking lad said as he glanced at the growing blond lad being worshipped by his twin brothers.

�Junior, do you forget I was the one who developed the growth formula? I know exactly what is going on with Donny, just do as I told you and help him with food to fuel his growth.� The father replied a bit impatiently.

�But dad�it is not like our growth, he just gained over 70 pounds and there�s not sign of stopping, he didn�t even grew taller!� Seb said apprehensively.

�Then it shows that everything is going according to my calculations.� Senior said coldly.

�What is this new version of the formula, dad? I know you developed drinkable vials, but Donny claims you didn�t give him anything to drink.� The elder son tried to understand how his father could manage to stealth the formula, maybe spicing up a glass of juice of something.

Senior chuckled. �Oh, it wasn�t necessary son, I gave him a full and undiluted dose of my formula, right from the pot!�

Sebastian Junior gulped as he connected the dots. �You mean it�s your cum that is making him grow?�

�Well, not just mine, I'm sure that Donny has been very busy in the last hour or so, you must have furnished him with a sample of your own spunk huh?�

Seb nodded �Yeah�me and the boys too, but Dad, it was different he just� sucked me dry, I even passed out!�

�He did, didn�t he? Well I am very proud of Donny boy, he surely is a natural. You�d better watch him closely son, his change will be very amazing!� The father recommended with an excited tone.

�But dad�why did you give it to him instead of me?�

Senior took a deep breath. �I am simply testing the effects of my own sperm in other men without my genetic makeup and judging by what you describe, maybe I didn�t need to give him such powerful version, something diluted like the stuff I gave to you and your brothers would work as well.�

The massive quarterback froze �Wait�are you telling me that you�ve given us diluted versions of the formula?�

Senior chuckled �Heh, you have no idea. About 10 times the concentration of your latest treatment, plus the very honorable��

�But what about our plans, dad?� Seb couldn�t help the whining tone in his manly voice.

�Kid, you�re not getting the big picture. Our plan stays the same, you and your brothers will be the most remarkable athletes of the world, fame and fortune is your destiny. It�s just something I am doing for my own.�

Kincaid Junior was about to ask the reason for his father�s mysterious works, when a deep moan suddenly made him look back at his side.

�Oh yeah�.that�s so much better!� the new improved deeper voice tone of Donald Grogan filled the room, forcing Seb Junior to drop the phone.

Donny raised his arms from the ground, lifting a nearly 300 pounds muscle teenager on each, because Brad and Chad would never let go of such powerful and still growing muscles. Donny had grown so much more massive in the few moments Seb was talking to his father that it almost seemed impossible, if the newborn muscle hunk wasn�t there breathing and growing incredibly hot right in front of his eyes.

Seb approached and noticed that Donny was still shorter than him but not by much, maybe he was 6�2� or 6�3� tall but his muscles were just�magnificent, because of the slight height difference, Donny looked even more massive than his enormous roomate. The 6�6� hulking lad gulped as Grogan�s grin blossomed in those lips.

�So, what did your father tell you?� The look on those eyes was slightly different, Donny felt more self-confident, his massive hand laid on Seb�s right shoulder, while Brad and Chad were still attached to his growing arms, the thick green veins pumping more blood and size into the humongous muscles.

�Erm� Donny, how can I put this? I guess the simplest explanation is that Dad�s spunk is the raw stuff for his growth treatment, or at least, he started a new kind of supercharged muscle growth method, because not even my last growth treatment seemed to be so intense.�

Grogan chuckled �Well, Seb, this is the understatement of the year!� The humongous lad flexed his guns, which peaked ferociously hard and veined, the muscle build higher and higher as Donny easily toyed with his uncanny manly limb.

Sebastian gulped as he noticed the obvious challenge �Come on, Junior, let�s see those beefy guns of yours�I wanna see if I'm already bigger than you!�

Junior obliged, he was just as curious as the blond growing lad, they both compared their massive arms, the thick veins and the rugged surface of the mountainous super huge biceps. They both flexed as hard as they could, competing and grinning as their arms engorged with blood and power, at the same time, Donny�s newly huge member throbbed harder and longer, thicker and more veined, his cock had doubled in size from a respectable 8 inches to a whooping 16 inches, the blond diver now had a python that surpassed those incredible lads.

Chad and Brad quickly noticed what their task was, each twin measured one colossal college man and for their own amazement they had reached an unexpected tie.

�Shit�each one is exactly 36 inches!� Brad commented as they checked the readings of his twin for the second time.

Seb was impressed, he had been growing for so many months, and Donny just had his very first does, this growth was clearly the most amazing thing he�d ever seen. Grogan, on the other hand arched his eyebrows.

�Not bad�maybe I just need to keep growing.� Donny said as he walked towards Seb and planted a kiss on his lips.

�I love you, Junior.� Donny said out loud, feeling so relieved for finally telling it to his roommate with all the letters.

Seb was in shock, not just because of the hot kiss, but the way Donny managed to break all the rules applied to their particular relationship.

�Donny�shit�come on man�you know.� Seb was about to continue when Donny held his lips with his strong fingers.

�Shut the fuck up, will you Junior? I don�t give a damn if you don�t love me back, if you still want that stupid �No string attached� policy, I am just telling that I fucking love you, I�ve loved you even before you got me into all this.� Grogan said as he flexed his pectoral plates, creating a fortress of striated, manly, smooth and super cut, ultra developed rugged muscles.

The twins choked, they didn�t know if they could actually moan of the growing guy in front of them, his features changed only a little, but the way they were perceived certainly improved because Donny had grown from the quintessential twink an absolutely powerful hunk.

Seb Junior, on the other hand, felt really torn apart, his cock was just as hard as Donny�s, he clearly felt something for the impressive growing diver, but at the same time, he noticed that his plans would be seriously jeopardized.

�Donny, listen dude�it�s hard for me�I know how you feel but�it might be not a good idea, I mean�� Once again Donny simply silenced Kincaid.

�Let�s clear things once and for all, bro. I don�t want you to drop things for me, you have a bright future ahead of yours, and I know the pressure on football players, so it�s cool for me, we�re not becoming lovers or boyfriends. Especially now that I am growing so huge, it might just eclipse your own muscles and I'm not stealing your thunder, Seb.� Donny said as he caressed the cheeks of the lad.

Junior was mesmerized, he never realized someone could actually be so huge, so powerfully muscular, so manly and yet so tender and caring. He suddenly looked at Donny and didn�t see the same twink who licked the floor in which Sebastian stepped. The lad in front of him was a man who actually liked to help those around him; he was a nice, trustable friend.

�Are we cool?�

�Yeah, dude, we�re totally cool.� Seb didn�t know what else to say or do. Although he really wanted to kiss Donny, at the same time it could make him misinterpret the signs, it was then Grogan simply planted a kiss on his lips, a kiss which tasted slightly different from the previous one. The wonderful growing diver grinned and looked at all the Kincaid brothers.

�So, you guys REALLY don�t care about me outgrowing you huh? Because I really don�t know if it can be stopped, and even if it could, well�shit this growth is so fucking good��

Chad grinned �Yeah, dude, it�s really fucking hot to see you growing so fast�it�s kinda scary but very hot as well�You�re just getting so powerful, so manly!� The teenager said as he pointed to the enormous cock on Grogan and the blond lad chuckled, but this time he was indeed proud.

Brad and Seb Junior chuckled as they circled the growing guest.

�Don�t worry about it, bro. If the old man decided you should be one of the new muscle hunks, well I guess we just have to make room for another super hunk huh?� Brad felt the incredible growing hardness on Donny�s physique.

Seb hugged Donny and they both laughed. �We�re here for you, bro. And I guess you�re not done growing yet huh?�

The blond diver nodded. �Well, I'm glad you feel that way, because there�s something inside me�I can�t tell exactly what it is��

The Kincaid brothers grinned. �We know exactly how you feel, bro, it�s the growth kicking in, it is a great rush, and since you�re actually capable of talking and thinking during it, I�d say your actual growth hasn�t started yet!� Chad concluded.

Grogan nodded �So, I guess I�ll be bigger than you in the end huh Junior?�

Seb just chuckled. �You heard the old guy; it�s not always about the size�although in your case, I must say that you�re even hotter now!�

�Thanks guys it�s�ooooooooooh SHIT! IT�S SO FUCKING HOT!� Donny doubled over and then he threw his head back when a huge growth spasm hit his muscles and sent powerful pleasure waves right into Grogan�s brain. The three brothers suddenly hugged Donny�s growing muscles, although Seb was still the tallest, he could feel it would soon change because Grogan�s body started growing even faster and the spasms were getting more violent too.

The grueling sound of Donny�s hunger indicated that Father Kincaid�s advice was right once again.

�Well, it doesn�t need to be a genius like me to notice that all you need is more food to keep this amazing growth fueled! Come on, shrimps, let�s help this guy with his growth!� Seb Junior showed his twin brothers to help their growing friend with more food, so they just kept feeding Donny�s massive body as he grew bigger.

They gently made Donny seat on the couch, as the wonderful body expanded even further, each brother took his turn in the kitchen to fix something quick for their growing guest, while the remaining two would just feed it to the huge guy and watch the food being literally absorbed directly into the muscle tissue, sponsoring the massive physique to grow even bigger, the bulging fibers of unfolding muscles just stacked atop of the preexistent layers, packing into the most amazing growth they�ve ever witnessed.

Grogan just focused on one thing, he wanted to grow humongously huge, bigger than anyone, he needed it so badly, each mouthful of food that was carefully fed into his body only restated that Grogan was surpassing everything that had been done in the impressive Kincaid household.

�Shit, Donny, the food is just vanishing into your muscles man! Look at the size on you! You�re so fucking amazing, so massive!� Chad said as he poured a full blender cup of protein shake down the throat of the blond growing lad.

�Don�t worry, dude we�re here for you, just sit here and eat, let those muscles grow for us!� Brad said as Donny felt the weird sensation of his own figure enlarging, the couch squeaked and the fabric rubbed against his skin while the muscles packed in size and strength, the naked perfection of his smooth and veined freaking huge muscles.

Seb placed one entire ham on each hand of the growing behemoth �Eat it up, bro, eat everything and grow, you gotta grow, I demand to see you massive, grow for me roomie!� The quarterback said as Danny easily sucked the meat and just churned down the bones with the voracious appetite for growth.

The Kincaid brothers took turns feeding the growing lad, watching as the young man continued expanding, his muscles thickening and spreading wider, the shoulders and deltoids developing into amazingly hard mounds of muscle that peaked much higher than his ears.

The long muscular fibers of Donny�s thighs simply continued growing, filling with new size and strength, making those pillars to seem like sculptures dedicated to the Gods of Strength, and the amazing cock that kept harder and throbbing through the whole ordeal just amazed the boys, but they couldn�t take their time to worship that humongous obelisk because Donny demanded more and more food.

Donny was still groggy from all the growth, but he could feel Sebastian taking his time to admire the peaking guns. The blond lad just grinned and he flexed the arms which soon built over 45 amazing inches, which just made Sebastian hug it with his both huge arms and kiss the warm rock of manly muscle.

�I want more�gimme more, Seb�gotta grow bigger!� Donny�s new voice purred like a massive tiger, and Junior obliged more than happy.

Donny�s growth then carried other kinds of transformations as well, besides the most amazing muscle growth ever, the Kincaid brothers noticed that Donny�s smoothness was changing along with his augmentation, the bodily hair which he shaved and even treated with laser to keep his skin as soft as possible suddenly became hairier than ever.

The rich lust natural blond hair grew longer in his head and all over his massive body, the chest was covered in golden fur, the color of the wheat, which only gave Grogan a divine aspect. He suddenly went from a massive muscle hunk to something totally beyond human standards, from the width of his jaw to the incredible white color of his teeth, Grogan changed into a new person. His massive muscles framed the most powerful and impressive male being ever born.

�Shit, all that hair is so hot! You think I should grow a beard like that?� Seb Junior asked his brothers as they fed the changing hulk.

�Well, you could, but I doubt it will grow like that in just a few minutes!� Brad joked as he caressed the surface from Donny�s strikingly gorgeous chin, where a full blond beard grew entirely in a matter of minutes, under the admiring looks of the other muscular lads.
The hosts just continued on feeding that impressive ongoing transformation, which lasted for another entire hour, until Donny finally felt that his flooding hunger and excitement had decreased sensibly to a manageable condition.

Meanwhile, to Grogan it seemed like an out-of-body experience, although he could feel every single inch of his body growing and packing on even more muscle, it was just like he was watching the hottest guy in the world growing even more massive. But that guy was indeed his very own body!

�Ooooh�fuck�that was so good!� Grogan said in his new voice, noticing the three Kincaid brothers quickly rushed to attend him.

�How are you feeling Donny? You want another protein shake?� Chad asked.

Brad looked very excited as he took several pictures in his machine �Welcome back, monster!�

�You look amazing, dude! I hope you didn�t mind but I took the liberty of shaving your face, that whole hermit beard thing was manly, but it was just too wild and untamed, needed some grooming!� Seb said as he held the mirror in his hands. �You wanna take a look?�

Donny was still somewhat dizzy from his growth �Erm sure�� Donny said as he tried to focus his face image �Erm�I can only see my pecs!� Grogan grinned as he checked the golden furry cleavage of the amazing chest filling the entire reflection.

�Oops, my fault�� Junior took a few steps back, but it was useless Donny could only see parts of his marvelous body, but the tiny size of the mirror only reflected pieces of some kind of uncanny sculpture that didn�t actually resemble parts of a human body.

Seb chuckled �Maybe you should take it yourself!� Grogan�s roommate said as he handled him the mirror, but the moment in which a giant hand simply held the mirror like it was some kind miniature, Donny noticed that he was indeed MUCH BIGGER!

The diver watched in awe as his face looked so much different, broader and manlier especially with the new look Seb Junior gave him. The luscious golden hair now reached down his incredibly massive muscular neck, Donny would never consider using side burns and a thick mustache before, but now it just felt�right, instead of making him look older, Donny felt it just reassured that manly, authoritarian new look that his newly massive muscles gave him.

�WOW�it is really Junior, thanks dude, thanks all of you for helping me dudes! I don�t know how to thank you enough� Donny said as he blushed once again.

�Well, how about paying for the haircut, all the food you ate and the couch you broke!� Chad chuckled said as he pointed to the ruined piece of furniture over which the newly massive Donny Grogan butt sat.

�Shit, when did it break?� Donny asked kind of scared of how intense his growth had been.
Seb just shove his little brother �Pay no attention to him, dude. You just grew so massive the little couch didn�t take it, but it�s not like we can�t replace it, especially now that you fit it entirely!� The eldest Kincaid grinned as he grabbed the mirror back from Donny�s hand.

Grogan noticed the entire house looked a lot different, even the lads he knew so much looked somehow different, but Donny couldn�t tell why, until he decided to stand up, as he motioned to do so, the three lads quickly stepped back and gave Donny some room.

The blond mustached muscle lad suddenly noticed why they looked different, they were smaller! Everything looked smaller; as Donny stood up he noticed how Seb junior and his twin brothers changed from huge muscle hunks to very hot guys to�cute little lads!

When the new and improved Donald Grogan stood naked and powerful in the middle of the Kincaid family room, the guests just cranked their necks up to keep track of the newest and biggest youthful behemoth that emerged, Donny felt a bit disoriented as he looked at Sub Junior and noticed he was so much shorter, but not just that, Junior looked so much thinner.

�WHOA!� the brothers said in one voice as their hard cocks displayed how impacting was that whole process.

�You look�so handsome.� Seb complimented and the twins whistled noticing that both Junior and Donny blushed with that comment. Seb approached the hairy muscle tower of strength with a huge smile.

�Would you give us the honor to know your stats?� The older brother asked showing an electronic gadget they had especially assigned for such delicious task.

�Heh, sure, everything in the name of science!� Grogan said as the rest of the lads just grabbed their equipment and started making measurements.

�103 inches tall, which is�oh fuck 8�7� tall � that makes the NBA guys look short!� Seb said as the electronic measuring device displayed the results.

�Just a bit less than you, little guy!� Donald tapped Seb�s head.

�I don�t know if we are doing this right, 1327 pounds seems� TOO MUCH! � Brad concluded as he summed the results of the industrial scale they had brought to weigh the colossus.

Donny laughed �Well, little guy, maybe it might be too much for your tiny standards, but to me it just feels so fucking HOT!� The amazing Donny said as he hit a most muscular pose that blew all the lads away, making them all hug their immense guest, their cocks so hard and humping him like three very horny Chihuahua dogs.

�Oh I think you three found something else to measure huh?� Donny was loving the sound of his new attitude, so manly, so cocky but not like a jerk, he was just a teasing, ultra manly massive young muscle hairy giant enjoying his time with smaller friends.

It was then Seb moaned. �Damn�that cock makes my dad�s dick look respectable!� Junior said as their six hands grabbed the 38� inches long 16� around massive shaft, they wanted to worship the ultimate throbbing cock, when someone made his presence in the room noticeable.

�Well, boys, I think it�s already past your bedtime huh?� Sebastian Senior announced as all heads turned to face him. The Kincaid brothers suddenly looked different, their excited expressions vanished as they let go of the ultra hard cock.

�Yes, dad�Good night!� they said in unison, what sounded really creepy this time. Donny noticed they walked towards their father.

�Goodnight, my sons, now say goodnight to Donny too!� Senior had his meaty arms crossed over the muscular hairy chest, seeming very used at such robotic attitude.

�Goodnight, Donny!� Again the three lads repeated in the same emotionless tone that scared the hell out of the behemoth guest.

�Are you joking me? Come on guys you won�t leave me like this huh?� Grogan asked shocked with that weird behavior especially when those horny lads were about to suck on his new giant cock, but before he could reach them, the massive diver noticed they already went upstairs directly into their rooms.

�What the fuck is going on here?� Donny exploded with his new massive body towering over Seb Senior, who didn�t seem nearly as impressed as his sons.

Senior laughed as he walked around the living room and took a seat on the leather father�s chair.

�Come here Donny boy, have a sit; just be careful, I don�t have another couch in case you break that one too.� The daddy grinned mischievously, but Grogan decided to stand stood, using his enormous size to intimidate the mysterious father, although it didn�t seem to be working so far.

�I'm sure you have a lot to ask me, huh? Junior said you were quite the curious kid, now that�s your opportunity to get as many answers as you want, the boys are sleeping heavily and they won�t wake up unless I tell them to do so. Now you sit.� The father invited Grogan to sit at the couch in front of him, which the diver quickly obliged, albeit the impressive maneuver he needed to fit into the two feet couch.

�W-what do you mean, they went to bed? But we were about to�� Grogan noticed that his words suddenly seem silly.

Senior chuckled �Oh, Donny boy, don�t be na�ve. I know you think you are mister Wonder right now, but you didn�t imagine that your single growth episode would actually make you rule my boys the same way as I do huh?�

Donny felt like someone sucker-punched him in the throat. �So�you just�control them? That�doesn�t make sense, they�re not fucking robots�� Grogan couldn�t disguise his own disappointment. For a few moments he felt he was finally in control.

Senior just nodded his head. �You�re not having any hidden hopes that Junior will suddenly find out that you�re the love of his life or something like that huh boy?�

The diver felt that Seb�s father bluntness doubled as feelings hurter. �No�it�s not that�we usually are very frank with each other��

�And by frank you mean that you take any offensive crap Junior tells you, hoping that one day he will wake up and call you �sweetie�?� Senior clearly enjoyed torturing the romantic guest.

�No�it�s not like that�Junior�I mean�Seb cares about me�he really does.�

�Oh, I know he does, he cares about a lot of stuff, just not as much as you wanted him to care. For instance, did he tell you that he will play for another school next season?�

�He WHAT?� Donny tried to stand up, his heart beating so fast like the ground opened underneath his feet and his body was about to fall into the abysm, yet his fantastic massive muscular body didn�t move one inch.

Senior just crossed his legs. �Shut up and pay attention, boy. You�ve just experienced the biggest honor that could be bestowed upon you. You�ve sampled my power and how much it can change the world as you�ve once known it!� The man looked even more handsome and his presence grew in power, Donny simply obliged, forgetting his own boiling temper.

�That�s better, now you listen. Junior received a great offer from another university, sure the rest of the players are not as good as the ones on his current team, but it doesn�t actually matter, we both know Seb will win even he plays alone, and taking a modest team and bringing it all the way into victory is the next step on our plans, Junior will be soon playing for the NFL and this little thing you guys have won�t work anymore. I know my son won�t have any romantic interest on you, at least not for many years.�

The immense Donny felt his anger building up again. �H-how come you are so sure? Seb�s not a machine you can�t control his emotions�unless�oh my god�you are controlling your sons with these formulas aren�t you? Shit�you�re a fucking maniac, piling all those chemicals inside your very children to turn them into your slaves!�

Senior laughed out loud, without ever losing his charming presence, and to Donny�s utmost surprise, no matter how much bigger he had gotten, no matter how mad he felt, he was still sat and looking at the face of his host, it was like his marvelous ultra muscular body couldn�t control his own movements.

�Boy, you sure are imaginative, I�ll give you that. But you couldn�t be more wrong, my formulas have different purposes. I am not making my sons my slaves; they�re in fact the perfect guinea pigs for my ultimate plans.� Senior confessed to Donny�s shock.

�How can you say that? You�re using your own children like that? They�re human beings, your own children�you�re a�monster!� Donny yelled, although his body shook and he wanted to get the hell out of that place, he remained sat, his limbs didn�t move at all.

�Don�t be a drama queen, Donny boy. Science needs experimentation and those boys are the perfect candidates to figure out the patterns for my ultimate goals, that�s why I made them. Well�that�s why I made Junior in the first place; Chad and Brad were just for obtaining faster results.�

Donny felt his spin freezing. �What do you mean, you fucking lunatic?�

Senior waved his head. �Think about it for a moment, Donny boy. The man you love so desperately looks just like his father and his twin brothers. We ain�t talking about family resemblances, it�s like we are all identical twin brothers, only with many years between our births��

�You can�t be serious! You�re a fucking liar! It can�t be true�Seb is your son�he has to be a real man!� Donny�s eyes filled with angry tears.

�He�s just as real as you and me both, Donny boy. They�re all real men, with feelings, personalities and the same characters of a human being. The only difference is that they came exclusively from my genetic code. They are my clones, developed under my zealous surveillance to keep the same level of genetic excellence displayed on my unique matrix.�

�Oh�so you�re so fucking perfect that you had to make sure your precious genetic code wouldn�t be maculated by another human being? What makes you think you�re so fucking special anyway?� Donny couldn�t believe how come he felt so irritated and disgusted about that man and at the same time so attracted about his coolness, the teasing tone on his voice, the corky smile, and the impressive muscular shape. Senior�s formidable physique irradiated such a powerful aura, Donny knew he was so much taller and bigger than Seb Senior but it didn�t matter, he could still feel powerless against that man.

Seb Senior stood up and walked out of the living room �Walk along with me, Donny boy. It�s time for you to understand the whole thing, I know you will have a bit of difficulty to move through the doorframes, but just be as kind we you can.�

All of a sudden, the diver felt his heroically muscular limbs moving, he was free from that tight couch, which was just attached to his huge muscle butt, but in any case the behemoth just stood up to follow the impressive man like a trained dog, even though he wanted to get the hell out that place, there was something inside him that pulled him towards Senior and his charming glorious presence.

�How come I can�t move? Have you slipped something into your own cum to make me a robot like your own clones?� Grogan asked at once, feeling disgusted for the mere idea that his beloved Sebastian was just an experiment of a mad man.

�Don�t be ridiculous, that�s simple hypnotic suggestion, Donny boy; even though I allowed your conscious mind to remain awake while establishing control of your voluntary physical actions. I'm sorry for resourcing to such compelling methods, but so far you�ve not cooperated in the process. I'm hopeful to release you from such restrain in a while, now let�s get to my lab where you will understand it all.� Senior said as he gently laid his arms around Donny�s waist and led him all the way to his lab.

�Why are you doing this to me? I'm just a regular guy�� Donny wanted to cry but he felt too furious for that.

�Oh, I beg to differ, my boy. You�re not a regular guy, you�re in fact the most massive and amazing man in the world, your beauty is just astonishing, your muscles are enormous and your strength only seconds to mine.� The dad said as he suddenly picked Donny�s butt and easily lifted him, which made the hypnotized guy instantly hard again.

Grogan�s anger boiled inside him, what good was it to be so humongous if he couldn�t stand for himself, it only made him angrier and his tears rolled down his face.

�I�really liked you Senior. That time we had�it really meant a lot to me!�

�You will understand it in a few moments, please be patient, Donny boy.� The creepy scientist commented as they reached for the so-called lab, but it was not a fast trip since Grogan now had to duck, turn around and maneuver his immensely wide and thick muscular body in order to pass by the doorframes and corridors.

Grogan�s super massive new frame felt much better in the outdoors, not even the chilly night seemed to bother his ultra had muscles. He followed Seb�s maniac father all over their farm.

Albeit the external looks of a simple farm barn, Donny soon learned that it was only but a fa�ade for a whole scientific complex whose facilities were built at underground level with state-of-the-art equipment. They walked through the series of alleys and corridors, there were robots and computers everywhere, it was like Grogan was suddenly transported to a sci-fi B-movie scenario.

They have finally arrived to the main room, where a big screen displayed several numbers, charts and graphics. There were several machines working and beeping, with a lot of beakers and tubes all over the place. There were several ones marked as Junior, Brad and Chad.

�Oh my god, you�re just using us like guinea pigs!� Donny said in shock, but then he felt Senior�s warm hand touching his hard butt.

�Will you promise to give me a chance to explain it? I�ll let go of my hypnotic control over you, but I don�t want to resource to violence against you, it doesn�t matter that you�re so much bigger than me, you�ve seen me and know I would never give you more power than I can control.� Senior said firmly but his tone was not so maniac as it has been before.

�You get a deal, just let me move by myself!� The humongous behemoth said as he felt the control being suddenly bestowed over his huge new muscle limbs. Although his first thought was to punch that guy in the face, Grogan felt that the scientist was not bluffing.

Senior grinned �You�re a clever guy, Donny boy. Now, let me start by telling you that I am not a mad scientist. I'm actually the good guy here��

The hulking muscular lad heard as Senior explained him that he was born a very lucky man, wealthy and healthy, he has always been a brilliant student, an awesome athlete, a gifted child who grew to become a very powerful and promising young man. He graduated from college in Harvard before he turned 20 and then got into John Hopkins School of Medicine, graduating with the highest grades in the history of that institution in just 30 months.

Sebastian would sure to become a famous surgeon, teaching at the main schools of the world, but he also felt that it was not challenging enough for him, it was then he met someone who changed his life forever, his name was Henri, a 6�6� tall, muscular young Algerian doctor who worked for the Red Cross.

Henri and Sebastian soon grew very intimate, and the rich white heir actually envied the passion of his African colleague who had a very hard and risky life story and yet decided to dedicate his life in saving those who needed. Feeling that he should give something back to society, the young doctor decided to join the Red Cross to help in humanitarian causes all over the world like civil wars in Africa, which actually his parents even prouder but also very worried about their gifted only child.

Sebastian actually spent two years working in the heart of the African continent, where he found out true richness and happiness among people who suffered from starvation and the worst diseases ever catalogued in medical reports. Sebastian used his own skills and superior condition to keep his patients safe, even fighting with his bare hands against armed militia troopers.

In time, Kincaid�s confidence grew bigger and less cautious, because most of governments made it very hard to open the air space for the Red Cross helicopters to furnish the refugee camps, Kincaid requested one truck and decided to buy supplies for the refugee settlement in the capital with his own money. It was then that Henri, who by that time had became his life partner, insisted in joining him, because the riot and military confronts exploded everywhere, and Sebastian didn�t know the safest routes.

Thanks for Henri�s knowledge, they have successfully reached the capital city and bought the necessary supplies but in their way back, unfortunately, the truck triggered a land mine buried in the road, by local rebellions.

Sebastian woke in a bed hospital for war victims in Luanda, several months later. There he discovered his beloved Henri had perished and, according to the doctors, so should he because Sebastian had lethal wounds and concussions, not to mention that his skin had been completely burnt in the accident. Such recovery could not be realized by anything less than a miracle, so when they showed him the records, the young man realized that the only reason for his surviving should be hidden inside his own organism.

His uncanny intellectual and physical conditions always amazed everybody else, especially Henri, who firmly believed Sebastian was a wonder of nature, so when he got back to the US, he used his enormous trust fund to foster a very personal research, one which would allow him to find out why he was so much better and stronger than the rest of guys.

His studies revealed that his genetic material had a peculiar mark � his Y chromosome contained a mutant genetic instruction, which he later found out that would actually control his entire organism, keeping it under constant development and refinement. The hormones produced by his glands were much more efficient than any other living creature, and no matter how much stronger and powerful Sebastian got, he would be constantly improving.

After a few months into his research, Sebastian had already isolated the protein chains that composed what he called �The Kincaid Compost�, a very special hormone that allowed his cells to undergo subsequent evolutionary cycles that usually took hundreds of generations, improving and evolving furthermore.

At some point, Sebastian concluded that his body�s uniqueness permitted him to continue evolving and developing almost indefinitely, his cells were constantly rejuvenating themselves, his muscles grew stronger and denser, the �Kincaid compost� just undergo several cycles of self improving, which made his entire body to keep refining itself, it was then he decided that such power was his legacy to mankind, a way to make all humans to prevail over their challenges.

�So you just decided to clone yourself? That�s very noble of yours, huh? I don�t even want to imagine what low methods you�ve used to make it possible, but it still doesn�t change the fact that Junior, Bradley and Chad are your sons for life!� The immense Donny said at once, choosing to believe the words of that impressive man, who actually made possible for him to grow so humongous in such short time.

Senior grinned �Boy, you are one spirited you man. I guess you must be impressed and all, but you don�t realize I am not talking about something that happened like 15 years ago, I'm telling that I�ve been improving and evolving for the past 47 years!�

Donny gasped. �You�re fucking shitting me!�

Senior grinned �Yeah, the fact that the world situation changed so little in this time only proves the worth of my work, I am actually talking about the African Decolonization Rebellions, kid. I joined the Red Cross in 1962, a few months after my graduation. The accident in which Henri died happened in 1965, and since then I�ve been studying and working on my projects.�

�Even if you�re right, it doesn�t change the fact you�ve experimented with your own sons, and that�s just wrong!�

�No it isn�t, the Kincaid Compost is just theirs as it is mine, I am only helping to develop it a bit further, guiding them through the correct path to reach their full potential. If those boys carry the Kincaid compost inside them, the matrix is likely to pass onto their next generations.�

�Then why didn�t you have normal kids? You could pass this power onto them the natural way!�

�I wasn�t ready yet, my own condition was very particular, I actually took quite of time improving my own hormonal production until I get to this point, and now I am actually too powerful to breed with a woman without bringing problems for her own health, I needed to have the exact same genetic standards of mine to carry on the Kincaid compost, so I had Sebastian Junior, but after him I felt like I deserved the family me and Henri never had.�

Donny was clearly puzzled. �So you love those boys, then why are you being so dictatorial about their futures?�

Father Kincaid laughed. �I�ve never hidden their origins from them, they know they�re my clones, but I�ve raised them as my sons, and they know their future is to help mankind to evolve from diseases and weakness.�

�Yeah, like making your kids into sports hero for fame and glory, that�s a really noble cause!� Donny grunted.

�Once again you�re wrong, Donny boy. My sons will be heroes, role models for entire generations of young minds, plus their strikingly handsome features and the genetic conditions make them the perfect breeders!�

�But they�re gay, aren�t they?� Grogan asked suddenly surprised.

�Well, yes, I guess it might be a genetic condition, or perhaps they�ve picked it up from my own behavior, but Junior has indeed fucked women and he actually enjoyed it, but in any case, they will help the entire mankind. Their offspring will carry out the Kincaid compost, the key for their evolution. Sport stars are popular among almost all society circles, since they�re hot and sexy nature will just follow its course�

Donny made a huge fist. �So you want a bunch of super strong grandchildren, fine. But what do I have to do with it?�

Senior chuckled. �When Junior told me you�ve found out the secret I feared we would have to pull back, but you�ve revealed quite the loyal guy, and it surely deserved a reward. Of course, Junior never knew I intended to make you grow too, but there are certain things that go better when kept secret until the right time comes.�

The hulking lad didn�t feel so angry about the man as he previously. �Still, you�re using that formula to control them, just like you�re controlling me!�

Kincaid Senior just grinned �I told you, it�s not something in my formula, when your brain reaches a certain level of development, like mine which is over 78% active and still developing, you will realize that you can tune up the mind of others according to your will, but it�s not meant for enslaving, it�s just to strengthen parental authority� soon they will be able to resist it, and so will you.�

�What do you mean?� Donny asked as he kneeled in front of the man by his own volition.

The man gently caressed the cheekbones of the immense lad.

�You�re just the very first of the men that are about to be changed, growing bigger and stronger, free from diseases, we will extinguish the problems by making sure all men are strong enough to fight any disease, the Kincaid compost will correct genetic failures before or after they�re triggered, and through men, we will reach new generations of individuals.�

�That can�t be possible! I mean�shit�this growth�it made me one of you?�

Senior chuckled. �Isn�t obvious? I�ve been developing so much in these years that the Kincaid compost evolved into something so powerful that it can simply copycat the genetic conditions for the evolution matrix into any human individual with the Y-chromosome, so any man who drinks my cum will develop just like me. The reason why you�ve grew so much faster that my kids is because you�ve drunk the thing �au natural� while they are being treated with very gentle doses after all they have the same condition, which just needs some tweaking before they are ready to launch the next step.�

Donny waved his head �But�you�re still much smaller than I am, I know you can be stronger, but it still doesn�t explain.�

Senior held his huge chin. �Let�s deal with it later, first things, first, Donny boy. I just want you to understand that you�re not in love with Sebastian, you were actually just charmed by all the pheromones and the size of his muscles and strength.�

This time it was Grogan the one chuckling. �You�re just saying this because you�re jealousy of him.�

�What?� Senior gasped.

The immense lad stood up and took his hands at his waist. �You think I can�t read between lines? You fuck me all afternoon and then give me a mega dose of growth stuff before letting me loose to go after Junior and the twins, then I eat like a maniac and grow into his massive size, you just wanted me to be so huge and manly enough to think Seb wasn�t big or strong enough for me, because�you want me only for yourself!�

Senior arched his eyebrows and smiled �So, was I that easy to read?�

Grogan smiled actually �Well not really but Junior was indeed very jealousy of you, and I can understand why, after all you�re genetically his big brother, he just wanted to prove he�s your equal, but you can�t tell me I don�t love him, I really love him, but I know now he will never get out the route you�ve guys decided because of me. I guess I'm not that important for him � at least not as the possibility to become the one who took mankind a step further in evolutionary scale!�

Father Kincaid grinned as he caressed the huge pecs on the blond hairy muscle god. �You know, like I�ve said earlier, we might have the same genetic code, but we�re not totally alike. Lifetime is what molds our characters in the end, genes are the foundations but it�s what you do with them that define you as a person. I'm 67 years old have lived long enough to see and feel much stuff��

Donny gulped �What do you mean by that, sir.�

�Kid, I know I�ve been the best man you�ve ever been with, I�ve lived and learned so much to ignore such fact, but the fact is�since I lost Henri, I�ve closed my heart to anyone, fucking and pleasing was allowed, but never let anyone get close enough so I wouldn�t fall in love again.�

�So you�re saying the reason Seb invented that stupid �No strings attached�?

The muscle daddy shrugged �Maybe, all I know is that when Junior told me about you, and the things he did to keep you at bay, I felt really bad for you. At the same time, Sebastian is like me when I was younger, an adventurer, someone who wanted to embrace the whole world, Brad and Chad are probably the same. I know better now that keeping yourself closed for love won�t make sure it won�t happen again. In fact, as hard and painful it can be, it�s also the best thing in the world��

Donny watched as the man bamboozled him once can, a few moments he was the creepiest mad scientist ever, and now he just sounded so, sincere and so right. Grogan gulped as the daddy approached his humongous body and whispered.

�I just wanted you to know that what happened between us meant a lot for me too. I�ve been around long enough to appreciate a boy like you, a guy who just made me feel like silly boyfriend all over again, a brave lad who is eager to learn everything I have to teach, who is loyal enough to risk his own future for the sake of his friend. I know better than Junior, this is the man you can�t let escape, and I'm not letting you go��

Donny gasped �B-but we�ve just met��

�I have all time to know you better, I don�t want to rush things, I just want to have a nice time with you here�� Senior teased as he groped the huge muscles with his enormous strength

The mammoth sized lad blushed, he was looking into Sebastian�s eyes and trying to find an excuse why they couldn�t be together, maybe it was because Junior, maybe because he still two other sons with whom he also slept, but then when he analyzed everything and the circumstances of their affair, Donny Grogan just moaned.

�Okay, but I have my conditions, and I want your word you will play by them.�

Kincaid liked the strong spirit of his now huge cub. �Alright, let�s hear them.�

Donny stood up. �First of all, you will let the boys wake up and you will never hypnotize them again, the only when you can control a guy�s mind is during sex�because that was the hottest thing I�ve ever felt!� The gargantuan lad grinned.

�That seems reasonable�what else?�

Donny looked around �this whole plan of yours�I am not saying it won�t work, but maybe we can try other approaches, have you ever thought in marketing your secret?�

Senior chuckled �You mean selling my cum over the internet? Well I will have think about it, but the FDA will certainly give me a hard time because of it!�

�Well we can come up with better plans, if Junior and the boys are to be superstars we can create a supplement line they will sponsor and the marketing will be easier than selling cold water in the desert.�

The muscle daddy hugged the massive body of his immense lad �So, does it mean you are jumping into this with us?�

�Of course, daddy! Wouldn�t miss it for the world!� The huge boy flexed his arms �I know not all guys will grow like me, but it was just amazing!� They both kissed in a passionate kiss and explored their mutual passion.

Sebastian Senior grinned as he grabbed his boy�s huge cock.

�What about taking this to the room huh? We could have our own party��

Donny chuckled �Don�t be offended, daddy but shouldn�t you have more of your own treatment? I mean�shit I'm nearly 9 feet tall and weigh over a thousand pounds, I don�t want to hurt you.�

�I know you would never want to hurt me, son.� Kincaid Senior smiled as he started flexing and posing, in the most powerful display of manhood and sensuality ever. Then, Donny heard the ripping sounds, noticing that Sebastian Kincaid�s clothes were actually falling in the floor, the powerful rugged muscles of that huge muscle daddy fell in the floor, revealing the ultimate secret of that marvelous man.

�Do you really think I would be giving my sons all that size if I already didn�t have it? They�re not ready to hulk out like this, maybe in 15 years they can start pulling that trick, until then, they will just have to get used to the fact I am able to shift my own size depending on my mood.�

�Damn daddy�you�re full of surprises huh?� Donny gulped as he watched his already muscular daddy growing bigger, his muscles pumping with size and power at each new pose, the veins thickening and expanding, the shoulders augmented, the biceps packed, the thighs developed and grew longer, the pecs grew and unfolded as he continued flexing and growing bigger.

Grogan stepped back as Senior just grew from his impressive size to something just phenomenal, a truly human juggernaut at 10 feet tall and weighing over 2500 pounds of humongous muscles. The unbelievable size of his arms made Donny�s chest pale in comparison, and the nearly 6 feet long ultra hard cock was just begging to be sucked.

�You have no idea, son, but we have lots of time to find out all of them together.� Kincaid said as the humongous monsters hugged so strongly, producing an aftershock wave that carried their passion until miles away.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____

Everybody was just dying to see the new player for the Titans, Sebastian Kincaid, who had just left College Football to join the NFL. Of course, he had just destroyed all previous records for a college player, his future at professional league was sure to be exciting.

At 20 years old, the 7�2� 470 pounds massive quarterback was indeed a one-man entire team, every single play was a touchdown, he had an arm that could reach the whole field with uncanny precision, his speed was uncanny, and his strength was incomparable, there are footages of Kincaid scoring touchdowns with the whole adversary team trying to tackle him.

The debut match was indeed an onslaught: 78-0 for the Titans and it was only halftime, and of course all the touchdowns were scored by no one but Sebastian �The Behemoth� Kincaid. During the break, all the reporters tried to get a quote from the new sports sensation.

�Seb, do you think the game is being too easy for you?�

The massive young man took off his helmet, which he used only because it was mandatory, since nothing would actually harm him, then he flashed the winning smile.

�Of course not, each match has to be played like the Final! A winning campaign starts at the first second of the first match!� The young man answered very kindly.

�What do you think about the motion for the other teams to boycott the championship in case you keep playing?�Another report tried to stick his microphone closer to the huge lad�s mouth.

Seth looked to the camera very intensely �I don�t want to be a trouble for the other teams, if they think I am just that invincible, I�d purpose that I�d play one round for each and every team according to a pre-established schedule, so they would have nothing to complain about fair opportunities. I just want to exercise my rights to be everything I can be, isn�t it what freedom is all about?�

One older reporter comes closer �Sebastian, you always say that you�ve got so far because of your family, how exactly do they support you?�

The stunningly gorgeous stud chuckled �Well, I am lucky to have the most amazing parents ever! They�ve told me how to be focused and disciplined, to chase after my goals but also respecting my fellow players and compatriots. My family is the source of my strength and success, and I owe them everything!�

Back at the Kincaid ranch, Brad just laughed out loud. �You�re so full of crap, Junior!� The 6�1� 330 pounds massive 16 year old laughed as the rest of the family watched the interview with their elder son.

�If I didn�t know him personally, I�d buy that perfect hero crap. �My family is the source of my strength and success�� Chad said in a phony impersonation of his old brother.

Father Kincaid just grinned �Give him a rest boys; you know Junior is just playing according to the plan. Soon, we will be able to market the stuff with his endorsement and it will be the new phase of our goals.�

�Dad, you�re already selling the compost thanks to us huh? There was never a tie in the story of Mister Olympia between two adolescent teenager brothers! The broadcast beat all records!� Chad said as he showed their recently won medals, which they never took out of the humongous chest.

�They�re right, Sebastian, you should praise all our kids the same way!� The 9�4� tall 2670 pounds massive hairy blond muscle man said as he brought a giant bucket of popcorn back from the kitchen. Their new couch was not very comfortable, but the titanium reinforced new league was the only one that could support the weight of the newest family member. Then, he just pinched the cheeks of the twin teenagers.

�I just wished I was there in persons to see you guys winning, but until your father finds out a way to speed up my own development so I can also control my size shifting, I guess I�ll be stuck at the farm.� Donny Kincaid looked at his husband with a teasing grin.

�Heh, you�re the one who doesn�t leave the house, I loved our wedding day�� The muscle daddy said as he looked at the picture in the wall showing the most amazing muscular men in the face of the planet. They had to make the wedding inside the farm and Judge Fleming, Sebastian�s old college friend presided the ceremony.

�Nah�it would just ruin their night, they are supposed to be the most muscular men in the world!� Donny said as he continued eating the popcorn.

Seb Senior just grinned. �Don�t worry, a few more cycles and I guess you�re gonna be able to size shift like me. Then even the boys might do it as well��

The twins sat in the lap of their massive new dad �That will be handy, we�re leaving for college next year and it will be easier if we�re not 8 feet tall�� Brad commented as he hugged his blond daddy�s chest.

�Yeah, like you two won�t be shifting all the time to fuck�� Donny said in a teasing tone and they all laughed.

�The game is about to start, let�s shut up.� Senior said and they all obliged, but the massive Donny still managed to whisper in the left ear of his husband.

�So, after Junior kicks all those butts, wouldn�t you be willing to shift again? I love when you get all super huge for me�

Kincaid Senior grinned �Oh the things I gotta do to keep my hubby pleased!� He said and kissed his beloved blond muscle monster.
The end.